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I want the content of my Patreon OUT OF THIS WEB.

thief-robber-png-clip-art.png (22.2KiB, 910x837) save_alt

I have not given permission for anyone to move the content that is exclusive to my Patreon for my Patrons out of it, I have read how their algorithm works or whatever to subtract the content of the creators and I will inform every creator who sees on this page about this mass theft.

The algorithm!?
How did you know about the algorithm! If you can show the working algorithm, we will remove your content.

I said "algorithm or whatever", the "Post importer" o whatever you want called, The name or the way is irrelevant, the point is that there is content here of mine that I have not given permission for there (in addition to not a few creators that I know).

Oh, so you don't have the algorithm. I suppose you'll just have to talk to your local senator then, like all the other plebs.

Dumb bitch forgot that this website is literally hosted in bumfuck nowhere, so he can't do shit and should just suck it up. And MAYBE give us some free advertisement.

I am already informing and talking with other creators to make the content go directly to their Patrons and the only thing that this website publishes is a sign that says " content stolen by professional thieves " or anything similar more creative.

If any of the creators come up with a legal way to close this (among so many injured creators like those here, I imagine some of they will know a good lawyer) they will surely help with this.


Don't worry, I have solved things that seemed more impossible than this, I will temporarily get scum like you to only masturbate by looking at trees, but take note, I will only speak to the creators, (warning them not to advertise this site) and to Patreon and the people needed so that know about the existence of this place where so many thieves gather, Surely among so many we can cut off the tap from which the garbage people of this place drinks.

Don't cry

Do the world a favor and die, you asshole.

The people you're gonna warn? Chances are, they already know, isn't exactly some super secret club. Understandably you're upset but like
you're not gonna be the one person to get rid of piracy on internet dude.
Now i'm not gonna pretend that everyone here uses this website because they have no way to pledge, because that is nnnnot what the majority of people here are there to do... But chances are anyone here would not have paid for content even if this website wasn't a thing.
Your fans aren't gonna stop supporting you just because this exists. Don't waste your time, effort, and sanity with this, it's frankly not worth it.

>I will temporarily get scum like you to only masturbate by looking at trees

I ALREADY masturbate by looking at trees motherFUCKER! I even masturbated once by looking at Stonehenge.

Whatever you say,, but it is a very fat and inadmissible shit that I make content only for those people who support me financially, and a shit website arrives and does a practice as dirty as this, and it does not seem logical to do nothing about.

Anyway it doesn't matter anymore, I have found a way to make this shitty site not steal anything else from me and to be able to follow my activity on Patreon, it is a more annoying way, but it will be worth it as long I avoid you taking advantage of my work.

Perfect, now die you big piece of shit, whatever space you occupy in the universe is an irreparable universal waste.

No, you ;)

BTW, good luck stopping us from taking your shitty low quality porn without paying for it. I'm gonna go steal some more, just to piss you off HAHAHAAAAA. Does that annoy you? It does doesn't it! Yea I THOUGHT it would! Stop me if you can you little bitch! Oh wait you can't!

>it is a very fat and inadmissible shit that I make

We don't give a fuck about your fat turds you dirty, smelly arsed bastard! Keep your scat fantasies to yourself while we pirate your "art".

>I have found a way to make this shitty site not steal anything else
Piracy is an endless game of cat & mouse, so your "way" will inevitably fail; that is, if it isn't already a "way" that has been thwarted by pirates. You're just going to have to accept this 1 reality: We're going to take your art for free, and theres nothing you can do about it.

"No, you ;)", yeah, Super answer, how does your great intellectual capacity show (Sarcasm Off)

Well, it will be the last thing you steal from me, because from now on you are not going to steal anything else, and at least, of my "low-quality shit porn" someone values it and likes it, not like you, that your mother wasn't want you not even in the first microsecond when your father gave her his sperm, and since then, you haven't done anything that anyone likes, that includes existing, but hey, continue with your pathetic toxic existence, I pass of you and your assface, I'm not going to read any more of this shitty site; I will continue to grow and improve in my life, unlike garbage like you, who stagnates in mediocrity, The good thing about all this is that I will learn to shield my work a little more, in short, you and this shitty site have already fulfilled their ephemeral role in existence, you can disintegrate without anything or anyone missing you.

Bye bye, sad people who are unable to do anything creative or useful in life.

>Bye bye, sad people who are unable to do anything creative or useful in life.
At least I'm not the one wholly dependent on hipster welfare just to get by in life. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

cat5chimpout.gif (584.2KiB, 320x180) save_alt

Every drawfag/simp who comes here to assblast all over the place has the same, scripted reaction you would expect from someone suffering from a massive inferiority complex.

are u serious dude? ur such a piece of shit. You still getting paid no matter what this is basically like how u share ur Netflix account with ya friends. im just poor and I cant afford shit. I wouldn't be caught masterbating to still pictures of feet. And this really didn't have to involve his mother or father your so toxic as a person.

From the mind of your average entitled patrefag:
poor = worthless piece of shit with no redeeming qualities whatsoever
someone who simply refuses to throw perfectly good money away on viewing pictures online = the exact same as being poor
simp = slightly better than the poorfag in terms of value

>now die you big piece of shit, whatever space you occupy in the universe is an irreparable universal waste.

yeah, Super answer, how does YOUR great intellectual capacity show (Sarcasm Off).

>Well, it will be the last thing you steal from me, because from now on you are not going to steal anything else

Wishful thinking, at best ;)

NEWS FLASH, RETARD! (that's you, CuadrupleF)
Your monstrous attitude and demanding we purchase the artificial scarcity of paywalled art makes us not want to do business with you in any way, shape, or form and the fact you want us to remove your crap is reason enough why it should stay here forever.

Now go sperg on Twittard to your raging simp army, I'm sure they feel sorry for you.

my dude i saw your works aaaand i think u have to be thankful for that this garbage got here...rlly. Btw you even know how HUMAN body looks like?

bigfurrykek.png (192.8KiB, 600x400) save_alt

That must have been your grade point average in school with your mongoloid vocabulary and why you need for someone to always be there on Patreon, holding your hand indefinitely because you cannot succeed in the free market as a competent artist.

After reading that I had to have a look... Basic, low detailed cartoony shite with giant weird looking clown feet. I take back what I said before about stealing his art! I'd have to be paid to DL this crap!


LOL yea, they should've given him a quadruple "U" for "ungraded".

>giant weird looking clown feet
Just looked at it myself and holy shit, now I wish that I hadn’t. 🦶🏻🤢🤮

Type more in caps. That out to do that job.

cuadruplefail.png (218.3KiB, 373x1595) save_alt

LMFAO, look how mad this fuckboy is

You have my sympathies :(

OMFG what a butthurt pussy!
After checking his mediocre at best works I still fail to understand how much someone had to be dropped on their head to believe to make money out of such lack of talent.
I just love for giving us the chance to look at works before wasting money on arrogant ungifted artfags.

Your art is shit. Just be glad someone paid you to leak your stuff.

tumblr_oo4xe4p5341smaam3o1_r1_500.gif (632.1KiB, 500x332) save_alt

*this thread is curbstomping you my poor poor boi*

>I just love for giving us the chance to look at works before wasting money on arrogant ungifted artfags.
Feel like this could be the exact reason why so many artfags can't stand this site, because they know it prevents them from just locking away their shit and fooling just about anyone into buying access to it, no matter how horrendous it might be.

I tought this guy was a troll, but he just posted a update on patreon complaning about the site, I guess we won't be seeing their foot fetish content for while now

I'd actually be quite happy if his art was removed; it's actually atrocious.

Listen dude. Patreon has known about this website for years. We can complain to whomever we deem necessary but there have been many before us and there will be many after us who will do the same. We need to work smarter than just "complaining".

I am personally working on setting up a legal fund to combat this site and take it to court. Countless others have donated to this cause and you can as well (you can check the wallets transaction history to verify this).

Please pledge any amount of money to this addresses and I will get in contact with you so we can work on fundraising and organizing the community to fight back. Spread this court fund donation address far and wide.
Bitcoin - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

oh for the love of christ ya annoy me

>setting up a legal fund to combat this site and take it to court
>court fund donation

I wish you luck in finding a courtroom anywhere on the planet willing to take a pornography pirating suit seriously, let alone trying to apply DMCA law to a server hosted in an undisclosed location outside the United States.

Not only that, but all the stolen IP's the artists use.

Exactly, and we all know by now how certain IP holders feel about their IP's being used even for free porn, but trying to make money by pimping their IP's? Haha thats probably not gonna work out too well!

A829BE1E-2A04-4498-93BD-515B2D9CAB5D.png (141.0KiB, 500x713) save_alt

No artist could afford a lawyer anyways since they “lose out on paytreon money due to”, it’s what they all say, not to mention nobody is going to donate since they have better things to do with their money than support someone else’s legal battles. Keep crying, we’ve heard the excuses dozens of times before. If the issue was that bad and the OP truly wanted his shit off of here, he should have taken it up with the admin instead of whining about it in a thread, lmao. Since it’s clear he hasn’t contacted the admin, then the issue isn’t as bad as it seems, sorry pal.

Sorry pal, this legal fund donation project is going strong and getting stronger everyday. It has only been making its rounds in private artist circles but has already accumulated thousands of dollars. We plan on going public very soon.

CuadrupleF, if you could publish this donation address onto your Patreon and Deviantart with a short explanation talking about how we intend to use the acquired funds to combat piracy it would be greatly appreciated! I will get in contact with you after the announcement is made so that I can verify that it is indeed you who is in this thread and not some random stranger.

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy- 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Together we can combat piracy and shut down sites like for good!

The obvious solution is to encourage Patreons to support you in creating additional art. Not by walling up the content you've created. There would be no need for this site. Instead you throw a tantrum every time your walled up garden doesn't work due to the inherent nature of the internet and blame everyone but yourself.

Your art fucking sucks anyway lmao

Sounds like you and a bunch of other suckers are really pissing in the wind full force with this “legal fund” nonsense. Chances are there’s art being pirated right this very moment (without your knowledge) on a site that isn’t this one. Yiff just happens to be the obvious target for you clowns to openly rage at.

For the record, you don’t know who is doing it, where else it’s being done, who any of us are, and where in the world this site is even hosted, which was your ulterior motive all along. The other poster said you don’t know how the inherent nature of the internet works. Plus, all the money in the world won’t ensure this little ghost hunt of yours is in any way successful.

What is the deal with the stereotypical robber clipart? So strange.

It's an allegory for themselves.

0EA0CE5A-F49A-4F11-B44F-BE57923EDEFA.jpg (97.2KiB, 1242x947) save_alt

Thanks for the summary my dude. Even if they somehow managed to afford an entire team of lawyers, which they won’t, it wouldn’t do any good. The admin who runs this site is completely anonymous like you said, there would be no one to go after. It’s a witch hunt with no witch.

Good luck trying to track down and sue 1 person who could be located anywhere across the globe, you know, the one made up of billions of people? Ever heard of VPN’s or even jurisdiction? It’s gonna be next to impossible to find out who the owner is, and even more impossible to sue them, sorry pal. Have fun stealing people’s money though, since no lawyer is going to accept the money and will instead laugh in your face. Both the OP and lolsuit 2.0 can put on their fucking clown costumes, lmao. Have fun with your “legal battle”.

get off vent or I'll have you bent

BE0D3C8A-315C-434F-94D2-F72CF113CBEC.jpg (31.0KiB, 218x231) save_alt

I’ve got balls of steel

Gracias por vuestra atención payasos, este sitio web no se nutrirá más de mi trabajo, ¿Que a vosotros os parece una mierda, de baja calidad o lo que sea? No me importa lo más minimo, sería estúpido preocuparme por lo que unos cobardes amparados en el anonimato piensen de mí, por no mencionar la evidente mediocridad de vuestras ideas, valores y personalidades, pero bueno, incluso si mi trabajo es malo (Y los hay peores que el mío en multiples sentidos) yo, al menos, valoro mi trabajo y mis habilidades y sobretodo, a diferencia de lo que vuestras mentes tan escasas de conexiones neuronales os permiite, yo no creo que los artistas vivan del aire y ello me impide estancarme en la mediocridad como vosotros, pero bueno, ¿Como vais a entender el valor del trabajo a través de la habilidad, la creatividad o la inteligencia? si eso son cosas que ninguno de vosotros tenéis, por que sois unos inutiles desde que nacisteis, y eso, a diferencia de esto de intentar impedir que continueis robándome, si que no tiene remedio.

En fin, no puedo luchar contra vuestra pesima calidad como humanos, y tal vez sea verdad que legalmente no pueda hacer nada (lo dudo), pero si puedo cortaros fácilmente el grifo, y con un poco de suerte, otros creadores os haran lo mismo.

Contact me off this site, via Patreon or other networks, and we talk about it.

Mira, te digo la verdad. No tengo ni la mas pálida idea de quien sos ni tampoco veo tu pagina, pero lo que sí se, es que sitios pirata como este siempre van a existir, te guste o no. No hay nada que puedas hacer al respecto. No digo que esté bien su existencia, pero te la tenés que bancar xq si algo hace bien el internet es hacer casi IMPOSIBLE eliminar algo por completo.

Luchar de esta manera no te va a traer nada, y lo sabés. Es inútil.

Yeaaaah no, that BTC addr is an intermediary money laundering funnel- no single lawyer would touch any funds that are sourced via Bitcoin. People who pay anything into this address are throwing money away.
As >>102909 also said, good luck.

Even if the the 7.6 grand you've managed to suck up from chumps [ ] could be used for a 'legal battle' [lol], an attorney fees for $350 to $450 an hour ['or part thereof']. I worked as a copyright lawyer for over two years when starting out, and I can guarantee you, you'll be $20k deep before you even have the name of a defendant to take to court, if one can be found at all. Cloudflare and other whois protection services need actual papers filed to an actual court [not a DMCA / threat] to disclose names of owners, and if that owner is in another state? Double your costs. Another country? Double it again. Some countries don't have copyright laws, and in that instance you have literally no leg to stand on. It's frustrating, but you can literally not do anything.

Suck it up, brother. No matter what 'other means' you will use to distribute your work, the leaker in your group can just collect the works, zip it up and upload it here as part of [Shared Files], a section under shared creators. The only way to stop your works being pirated, is to stop sharing your works at all.
I suggest you make peace with the fact that once it's out there, it's out there, and thank Y.P for the publicity, as many people who come here use the site to see what a creator is posting, and then convert into paying patrons if they like what they see [like me]; and others wouldn't be paying you anyway even if they couldn't pirate your works. The argument that you're losing revenue because of Y.P doesn't exist; in fact there's some evidence to the contrary, that it actually gains you income.

tl;dr: stop fighting, you won't win, let it go

>I want the content of my Patreon OUT OF THIS WEB.

Then delete your Patreon.

>t. paying donor

Literally who are you? Depending on what you do, it might be better to e-mail Admin using the site's exclusion policy in your favor.

How does this persons gross feet art get uploaded and my fav artist never gets updated smh

ah yes, get angry and shitty with people, that will surely make them want to comply with your demands

anonymous message boards: hosting rational discourse since 1978!

These reaction pics LMAO :P

Thats pretty good haha.

Your lifespan will be over before you overturn every rock on this planet with 7 billion people and 15.77 billion acres of habitable land, you might as well be chasing ghosts.

To reinforce what >>102937 said, no lawyer is going to accept bitcoin funds and since the site owner is far beyond your jurisdiction, the pre-filing stage is going to cost you way more than $7,600; that’s meager amount of money won’t put a dent in any of your fees.

Plus, the argument that yiff makes you “lose sales” is outdated at best; it’s time you step into the 21st century.

Trying to start a court case about people stealing my porn which in itself is all stolen IP's (because I have no imagination?) that I've been making money from without the copyright holders permission... HMMMM. Let us know how that works out for y'all!

"People have been pirating my unauthorised knockoff porn! Defend my case which has no ground to stand on!"

> my porn which in itself is all stolen IP's that I've been making money from without the copyright holders permission
> because I have no imagination

It’s absolutely mind-bending how many Paytreon gatekeepers do this bullshit without ever getting into legal trouble once themselves.

And that’s why I find it such a blessing this glorious website exists, because paying money to view unauthorized knockoff porn is not only absurd, but unrealistic to expect any wages from it.


Hey CuadrupleF, I am the legal donation fund guy. For a few privacy and security reasons it would be much safer for me to contact you after you have made the announcement. I sadly cannot verify that you are who you say you are and for all I know you are simply an anonymous user who recognized that there was someone on Patron ranting about this site and seized upon the opportunity to impersonate them. The last thing I want is for the people on this forum to get my contact information either through you leaking it (if you are a malicious troll) or through other means.

These users say our battle is a lost cause but quite frankly this group isn't the smartest bunch. Everyone's anonymity has cracks, nobody is perfect. I will detail who and how we intend to fight back when I get in contact with you after you make a quick announcement with the donation address.

Here is an example of an announcement you could make. (You can translate it into Spanish using

"Artists have had enough,
Patreon piracy is continuing to run rampant while Patreon simply sits on the sidelines content with the fact that artists funds are being drained away. Nobody is going to defend us except ourselves. Artists and Tech enthusiasts have teamed up with many already pledging thousands of dollars towards our legal fund. It is time that we ask you all for help as well. Together we can ensure that our favorite artists do not disappear.

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF"

Once you make the announcement post a link to it here and I will get in contact with you immediately. I will be watching this forum all day to ensure that I contact you quickly. Be the one to take a major step forward in our fight.


>These users say our battle is a LOST CAUSE but quite frankly this group isn't the smartest bunch.

> my porn which in itself is all STOLEN IP's that I've been making money from without the copyright holders permission.

>this group isn't the smartest bunch.

Something doesn't add up with your reasoning, does it lol, Mr. Legal Eagle. Do you think a prosecution lawyer is going to defend a thief iust because other thieves stole their stolen intellectual property? Get real.

> Mr. Legal Eagle

I really like this name. Thank you.

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

As far as I know bitcoin addresses are anonymous, if you are really trying to fund a law suit against the site, why not use PayPal, make a kickstarter, or use any other system that can hold you accountable in case it doesn't pan out ? I almost sure you are a scammer trying to get money out of artists

picardia.png (776.9KiB, 1278x981) save_alt

With all the IP theft happening on Patreon, would you even care to think that holds more legal ground for the owners of those characters to sue the users who are actively doing it (and Patreon themselves for hosting it) rather than what you advocate for (i.e. defending someone guilty of said IP theft)?

Can you also resolve the points raised in >>103004 & >>102876 out of curiosity?

Do you seriously think anyone in this thread is going to "donate" to your scam?

Hi CuadrupleF, if you report or do anything to effect this site, the remaining members will find your patreon and those of your friends, and see if you have any trademark characters on it. If so, we will report your patreon for copyright infringement, and it can be done without the original company. Just need the registration number here:
Most of your so called selfish artists commit copyright theft of characters they don't own, and when we find it, we will ensure you pay the price according to the law. And not just your patreon, oh no, your redbubble, etsy, gumroad, kofi anything. So sit down and shut up, unless you really want to see what it means to pay till you hurt.

I can't believe I'm the only one that noticed it.

Hey, donate to the campaign please!
I support it, and you should too!

el_kekerino.jpg (28.6KiB, 530x298) save_alt

>Patreon piracy is continuing to run rampant while Patreon simply sits on the sidelines content with the fact that artists funds are being drained away. Nobody is going to defend us except ourselves.
The fact you continue to do business with Paytreon despite the fact they never had any interest defending you really shows how desperate you are to make a quick buck (and how they cannot enforce simple copyright law, seeing that if they did, so few of you would be using their platform for monetary gain as it would have gotten you in trouble even attempting so).

>Together we can ensure that our favorite artists do not disappear.
Because you entitled Paytretards have this child-like mentality of "if nobody is paying me just for the false honor of VIEWING my 'artwork' then I will stop drawing forever."

Also, Anna you are the personification of how CuadrupleFail and Captain Kissass's plan royally backfired.

I'm loving this lol

Hey CuadrupleF, I suggest you donate to take action

Donate now to take action

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF"

myansweristhis.gif (91.5KiB, 500x294) save_alt


I love how nobody is noticing it lmao

As it turns out Patreon are 'fine' with this, they're very much aware after Kotaku 'exposed' this site and made it very much more well know to the public, you have them to thank for trying to take down this site and directing enormous amount of traffic to it.

Please expose it again with an inadequate court case, if you're going to take it down, you better have deeper pockets or connections than the MPAA

Oh, and I hope you paid for usage rights to that clip art

It DOES seem pretty suspicious... Hmmm.

That is the ultimate backfire, watching how the very clowns who thought they could destroy it did the exact opposite by putting it on the map and making it more of a juggernaut than it ever was before.

With the amount of "damage" that has been done, their pockets better be as deep as the Marianas Trench.

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Support us to help us do something against Patreon piracy


We are the official team against patreon piracy

Support us through the Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

My acquaintance and I would like anyone who sees this and has even a thread of a moral fiber in there body to donate so we can work towards shutting down sites like for good.

Just yesterday we teamed up with a very popular artist and they donated nearly 150 dollars to our cause.

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

>a thread of a moral fiber in their body

You mean the very same “moral fiber” that tricks fans into paying rent to the artist each month and/or monetizing characters they don’t own? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I'm retarded.


txwl5oensii01.jpg (47.4KiB, 794x742) save_alt

This bitcoin fund is gonna bomb haaaaaard

622D6243-19FB-49D8-BDDC-72F6C5A4DB1E.png (141.0KiB, 500x713) save_alt

Clown suit guy here, just thought I’d let you know that your cause is indeed lost. It’s quite funny how you refer to us as not the “the smartest bunch”, when funnily enough, I have a degree in criminal justice and I know how the law actually works. To put it bluntly, your case will never make it to court, let alone an actual lawyer. If anonymity had cracks, we would’ve known who the owner was by now. Once again, good luck with your “legal battle”. Keep scamming people out of their money though, once people find out where the money is actually going, which I highly doubt is an actual lawsuit fund, that will be a case in itself. If anonymity has cracks, you might want to be more careful before you get sued yourself buddy.

Oh no! They're onto us! Hey can you be my future prosecutor?

In all seriousness though, this is legit. Don't believe me? Check the wallets transaction history. You all truly are "not the smartest bunch".

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Anna + Clown Suit Guy = DREAM TEAM 🙌🏻

Oh no! They're onto us! Hey can you be my future prosecutor?

In all seriousness though, this is legit. Don't believe me? Check the wallets transaction history. You all truly are "not the smartest bunch".

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

50914D72-052E-40ED-AE25-C9943D9FB83E.jpg (49.8KiB, 574x601) save_alt

Never said it wasn’t real, I just called it out for what it is, a scam. I feel bad for the poor fuckers who donated to a lost cause, lol. Patreon themselves haven’t done anything about it in court because they know a case like that would never hold up, so maybe you should wisen up and follow their footsteps. Kind of seems like you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed to be honest since you still haven’t realized the reality of the situation. The truth is, no lawyer is ever going to accept your donation money, no sane human is going to accept your donation money, deal with it. Put on your clown costume and go spew your bullshit somewhere else.

armchair-lawyer.jpg (45.2KiB, 625x462) save_alt

And then someone just runs off with the money. Also, thousands of dollars is chump-change, and won't get you very far in terms of civil suits, lol.

>Put on your clown costume and go spew your bullshit somewhere else.
That's what Twatter is for.

04E0E805-D304-4587-A4B1-A34A0A3F90E1.jpg (56.6KiB, 1280x720) save_alt


Ha, thanks Anonymous. It feels good to put the artist in their place.

FB_IMG_1474781306965.jpg (10.8KiB, 301x167) save_alt

Thanks Quadruple F, for basically acting as free advertising for the site! We need more importers onto the site!

Alright Mr legal eagle, say you do sue this site based on stealing content. Lets say you get before the court, you have to have artists admit that they earn money from their art and this site effects their compensation, which you will have to prove. And if any one of your artists stands before court and says that they earn money from trademark content, well kiss your case goodbye, because they are essentially stealing and the companies can sue the artists and patreon for allowing infrigement of copywrite, Then say you do win, well, it becomes illegal to steal content from artists and host sets a legal precedent, because fanart is theft of content of trademark characters and patreon has to erase it all because you claimed it was art theft. You lose either way, you're a loser.

So I went to CuadrupleF page to see his account and what do I find, MY HERO ACADEMIA and Naruto, he is profiting off the trademark owned by vizmedia.
Dear golly ge, I certainly hope no one sends mail to patreon link here:
That highlights what is basically theft of trademark property. It would be so bad if patreon shut down his account when he is trying so hard to earn money. Certainly hope you guys are not meanies to do such a thing.

>Truly not the smartest bunch

>Thinks attempting to prosecute people for the theft of IP's stolen from the actual IP holders (IE Viz media as brought up by Anna) is a smart idea.

Do you realise that unauthorised copying and paid redistribution of copyrighted material is just another form of piracy? Therefore illegal? Or did that slip by you? Are you people trying to prosecute yourselves (that is, assuming your scam isn't a scam) or what? Can you explain that one to me because I don't have a law degree.

5E55BB13-5B56-43E7-96D1-127689CA8EF0.jpg (38.9KiB, 599x612) save_alt

As mentioned previously, I actually have a criminal justice degree, and you’re right on the money my guy. If the artist does not have the right, nor the given permission to use an intellectual property, they cannot use that property for monetary gain, plain and simple. If it’s “free fanart” or something along those lines, it’s okay, but using someone’s else’s IP for a profit does indeed violate copyright law. It’s literally called “IP infringement” and the charges can range anywhere from a paid fine to prison time, no joke. In the case someone does violate copyright law, the company or person who holds the rights to the IP can take the violator to court if they wanted to. This “legal battle” is indeed a lost cause as stated prior. Even if it did reach the courts, it would be dismissed fairly early on.

s p o t.jpg (67.0KiB, 828x828) save_alt

This whole thread is fucking gold

0A389130-FB3D-442E-AB04-825F84E40C88.jpg (425.5KiB, 1233x750) save_alt

Pretty much, I actually want to document the entire thing to be honest. This shit is like a several chapter chronicle or some shit, lmao.

1590856390487.png (176.3KiB, 502x502) save_alt

If it makes you feel better, CuckadrupleF, since you're images are mainly femdom just imagine that all the pirates and people taking the piss out of you in this thread are anime girls dominating you.

Looking forward to seeing your next submission being a pirate girl stepping on you.

A pirate girl with clown feet.

800px-EBay_logo.png (37.8KiB, 800x349) save_alt

Please Shut the Fuck Up

E6B79FB0-9F2D-4883-B565-AE893E3A0C33.jpg (27.3KiB, 425x312) save_alt

Specifically these.


I saved this thread with the wayback machine.

I wouldn't want the admin to delete the plans of our effort to take him down. That and the free advertising is a very nice bonus.

After all, it is my lifes goal to delete the yiff.partys admin first.

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Don't send your hard earned money to this shitty yiff hosting site! Send it to the BLFDACPP instead! (Can be abbreviated to "DA-PP" instead of "BLF-DAC-PP" if necessary)

9727C54A-A707-470B-8A43-64882F493614.png (118.5KiB, 428x237) save_alt

Thanks for backing up the thread, it’ll allow me to go back and laugh at your ignorance just in case the website goes down because our donation goal to keep it running isn’t met, which it always is by the way. It will also allow me to potentially collect evidence for a lawsuit against you and your scam if one were to happen, just in case you know ;) Anyways, haven’t we made it abundantly clear we don’t want you here? Can you please fuck off? Are you trolling? Go bother some other poor fucks before we collectively blow our brains out. Thanks.

trolldar.gif (114.3KiB, 420x300) save_alt


D22D7722-CFE6-457D-8638-6E802604502C.png (7.7KiB, 546x566) save_alt


You sound like you have some money. Plan on sending this site any Bitcoins any time soon to keep it up? Or would you like to make a tax deductible donation to our Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy instead?

Bitcoin - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Either one works out just fine for me.

thetrollmaster.jpg (46.0KiB, 573x639) save_alt

Troll of the century if we're being honest here.

186B5E41-A9A6-4441-B6F4-068325EFFEC5.jpg (28.7KiB, 300x204) save_alt

Nah, I’d rather support someone who isn’t as dense as you and isn’t trying to scam people who already know it’s a scam, thanks for the offer though. Once again, good luck with your “case”.

6767062C-FE4B-4FA7-99F9-C72A857AC950.jpg (73.3KiB, 1000x793) save_alt

It’s clear that he is a troll, but the problem is he’s already scammed people out of money apparently, which is fucking bullshit.

The flattery is greatly appreciated but unnecessary. Taking down sweaty yiff pirates is a personal pastime of mine. It's all in a days work really.

Thank you for putting in your good word and I will make sure to take it with me to court as we move forward with the "case". You sound like you feel as though your money would be put to better use donating to this site instead. Do it to spite me if you must. Lord knows admin will be needing as much as he can get when our "case" is going.

Let me help and point you in the right direction ----> Bitcoin - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Wow, you’ve made it abundantly clear that you are indeed a troll. I don’t even know why I keep responding to this shit. The only people who talk like you are fucking anime protagonists. Let’s just say you aren’t trolling, which I highly doubt you’re being serious, I put “case” in quotes because there won’t be a case. No sane lawyer will ever take a look at what you have and graciously accept it. You’ll be laughed out of the building. Even if a lawyer were to accept your case and it went to court, good luck managing the money, as civil cases like this are expensive as fuck, and what you have right now isn’t good enough. I don’t think the admin will be needing any luck either, as you’re never gonna figure out who he is. So yes, good luck with your “case”. If you wanna keep going, that’s fine, we’ll just keep reporting your bullshit. Have a great day.

My dude, YOU are the one who should be paying me to download that crap you call "art". My HDD space is precious.

He couldn’t pay me enough to even look at it.

I hope you have a good night/day (not sarcastic, I genuinely got a good laugh out of our exchange and I wish you the best). I may be a troll but who I am trolling is the question you should be asking yourself.

I guess I will explain this now so we can put an end to all of this. I originally started out trying to trick CuadrupleF into posting the Bitcoin address on their socials so that we could laugh at them. But seeing as they don't care about this thread anymore I no longer have a reason to keep the game up. I never started out with the intent to troll you but it kinda morphed into that. Rest easy knowing that nobody was scammed and nobodies funds were stolen.

Also I don't own that Bitcoin address. The admin does.

Donate to y'all. This site won't be around forever but we can keep it going strong for as long as we can IF WE FUCKING DONATE.

Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

12F8168C-D107-400B-9E17-05FBB52A9B21.jpg (193.5KiB, 487x750) save_alt

I fucking knew it, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that both bitcoin addresses were the same, you got me man. I didn’t mind the trolling, it was even occasionally funny, it was just the whole “scamming” side to it that pissed me off at first. It should have been clear to me that it was a troll, I took the bait even though it was obvious that the entire thing was a ploy. I am a certified clown, gg man.

mr legal himself.jpg (474.0KiB, 1312x1501) save_alt

Nah man you're not a clown, I'd be just as pissed as you were if I saw some asshole scamming artists for a lost cause. gg my dude. Take care, have a good day/night.

P.S. - Don't forget to leak CuadrupleFs feet art & donate to

Bitcoin HOBO Fund Donation Address to SUPPORT Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

wtf u really fooled me. I honestly just hate this stupid shit though he got me fucked up complaining about big goofy footfetish dude. He does realize that the more he complains the more people will realize that there is a way to see shit for free right and lose viewers and shit?


Holy hell legal eagle that was awesome. Best troll game.

your art sucks dog shit lmao

0CB4DF4F-4B9E-4734-8233-47B668A5738A.jpg (135.4KiB, 335x341) save_alt

So what exactly does this thread become now? Besides the fact the biggest plot twist of all time happened here, what else is there?

Decided to look at their work to see what they got so pissed off over. Why the fuck they draw tumor feet?


Not much sadly unless we find something else to make this thread about.

A few options that come to mind -
1. Collect a bunch of IP infringing content that CuadrupleF has made, post it in this thread and report it to Patreon (Patreon prob won't do anything tho so may be waste of our time).
2. Use this as just another thread where we rant about artists and the increasing use of DRM platforms (we already have a thread for that tho).

Hmmm, I am actually not sure.

Wait what? Like actual cancerous tumors? Or do you just mean their style looks like tumors?

>Collect a bunch of IP infringing content that CuadrupleF has made, post it in this thread and report it to Patreon

I doubt Patreon care since 90% of artists on there do the same thing, just money grabbing porn made with other peoples licensed IP's.

I just want to see more clown, clown costume & clown feet based reaction pics or hell, even unrelated reaction pics because they've all tickled my funny bits but theres only so far you can go with that I guess haha. It was good to see Duke Nukem the old king again.

Fucked us all red raw I thought this guy was serious, and I'm proud to be the guy who gave him his new name LOL.

DA061CD0-9DC8-4798-B4DC-E0278EABC9D2.jpg (216.6KiB, 1200x1025) save_alt

My name, Douk Nouk Kem. I have got nuts of metal.

OP is right. needs to be taken down ASAP, it's causing nothing but trouble for artists and stealing their money

So I just looked at their content on here and I knew I saw the name before. I thought everyone here was just kidding but wow, those really are some huge soles.


FFFF_bunny_CLOWN_2_Brown_-_Hikari_Yagami.jpg (738.3KiB, 2480x3508) save_alt

Yeah, I think more clown stuff suits this thread. I have taken the liberty to edit one of CuadrupleF's pieces. I would say I have improved it quite a bit. What do you all think?

Ty for the name!

You sound like would be interested in making a tax dutiable donation to the Bitcoin Legal Fund Donation Address to Combat Patreon Piracy - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Together we can work to take down sites like for good!

My only question is, the artist who create this threads really think we'll retire their content from the site?

LMAO keep kickin ass and chewing gum even when you're all outta gum!

4B487541-848E-4F23-AC73-37C3E04B5BF9.jpg (207.0KiB, 1017x1439) save_alt

Fair play my dude. Here’s an edit I put together from another one of cuadruples pieces, lmao.

This shit is killing me haha! The feet certainly have improved! You're welcome for the name, now its time to come together and take down these criminal empires, once and for all!!

LOL this thread has come a long way since its small, small beginnings (albeit with big footprints).

Shit's hilarious, made my day. Thank you.

Jew Pizza.png (422.3KiB, 506x555) save_alt


Fucking beautiful masterpiece my dude! Soon we will have an entire deck of clown cards. Then, THE WORLD!

>its time to come together and take down these criminal empires, once and for all!!
Lets start by spreading the word for the BLFDACPP - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF! That will really show them pirates who's boss!

> LOL this thread has come a long way since its small, small beginnings (albeit with big footprints).

Glad you enjoyed it!

3047CE69-247F-471E-AA65-58A2C54B782D.jpg (562.5KiB, 1012x796) save_alt

So anyways how is your sex life?

I certainly know a list of creators that I just wish would get a DMCA slap to the face, just because of how greedy they've become... Too many to count.

>criminal justice degree

And for ONLY $10 (after the 50% discount)!? You can't really beat that kind of value.

Same there are these porn creators that make 15 bucks off pictures, I reported one of them to patreon but hes still on. The guy is an absolute greedy tosser.

See his patreon prices, he earns 330 from trademark infrigement.


>Making a killing off IP infringing (therefore "low to no imagination") art, usually acting beyond reproach. Meanwhile on the other side of Hypocrisy City, pirates are bad, BAAAD.

"What the FUCK do you MEAN us paytreshark artists are pirates too? How dumb can you get you criminal POS! I'm losing my illegally redirected royalties because of you assholes!"

The Discovery.gif (483.5KiB, 110x62) save_alt

I just looked at his stuff and its not even drawings/paintings, but just edited & "posed" 3D models! Atleast drawing/painting (even if ripping off IP's and expecting money for it) usually requires some talent & skill, but all he's doing is bending "3D action figures" into fancy poses!

D8AnMCNW4AIkXIG.jpg (146.8KiB, 725x1000) save_alt

As someone who also does 3D render work, I completely agree. It takes absolutely no skill and yet fags will throw mountains of money after you if you have a good GPU, a copy of DAZ, and access to a couple of paid models. The entire workflow is just import model -> move the bones around into position -> pan the camera into certain angles. It's really not that hard. Which is why I scoff at the term "3D artist", it's not art. It's the real world there's digital photography, in the 3D world, there's simulated photography. You pose models in an ideal environment and simulate a photographer taking photos. Sim photographers, I would call these people. I don't consider photography to be 'art' either since there's also no work or effort involved, you point a camera somewhere and press a button. "Click!" All the work is done for you. You get all the credit in the newspapers, despite the fact that you didn't play a role in setting up the scene, other people (or nature) did that for you, all you did was show up at the right time. In the 3D world, you also get all the credit, even though you didn't create the models, or the background, or the 3D effects. All you did was move models around so the right time could be set up for you. "Click!" Sim photographers do even less work than IRL photographers. Maybe if I really feel like it, I'll touch it up a bit in photoshop or lightroom, but it's still not drawing. I move a few bars and the brightness or the contrast adjusts in the pic. It's still not drawing. It's not art.

C4324CDD-757A-4256-AFF2-B43D7420C7D4.jpg (158.3KiB, 715x750) save_alt

The only real 3D render work I’d consider art is the animated stuff, or the ones who actually create the models, backgrounds, etc. Posing 3D models for an image is easy as fuck, but actually animating them in a 30 second to 1 minute video isn’t as easy imo.

>in the real world there's digital photography, in the 3D world, there's simulated photography. You pose models in an ideal environment and simulate a photographer taking photos. Sim photographers, I would call these people.

Good analogy, thats probably about as accurate as possible. I agree with your views on photography too. Very intelligent points; I just hope I didn't undermine your interest in 3D rendering if you're not leeching money off people for it, just doing it for the pure enjoyment of it. I realise it probably sounded quite insulting :/

2007120301.jpg (118.8KiB, 800x600) save_alt

Yea, the creation of the assetts likely takes a lot of time and practice.

862B21A3-781B-4269-BEAA-24C5B04C330A.jpg (63.2KiB, 749x741) save_alt

What the fuck is that image and why does it exist?

135518351654.jpg (146.2KiB, 1280x960) save_alt

Fuck knows lol, I don't even know who the guy up front is :P

Don't know what they thought they were gonna achieve!

Anon, I know what's going on, and it's probably not good for you, or any other artists to give them free publicity. You legally cannot do a thing here. You need to distribute your content through messages, or create a website at wordpress so no one can actually leak your stuff using the importer. It may cost you money and time, but think about it as an inversion for your workflow. You better forget about it and warn other artists about this place. They will leak your stuff no matter what, but if you can actually make it harder for them to do so.

I'm ordering pizza. Anyone?

3E01D286-CC66-4755-9AE0-62545F2C4F0A.jpg (180.4KiB, 819x460) save_alt

Ayy lemme get a wiener pizza! I better get it too

Agree, 3d rendering takes very little effort and the people just use it for patreon.

Comin' right up

I would like a slice please!

Boneless Pizza please.

Cause them muthafuckas down the street got bones in they shit.

Footfags have no right to complain about anything.

hoes mad

ss (2020-08-20 at 08.41.43).jpg (161.8KiB, 1130x858) save_alt

3D modeler here. I wholeheartedly agree that creating *any* assets whatsoever takes way more effort that anything these "3D artists" do with their simulated photography shit.
"Oh, lemme just take about 15-30 minutes importing these assets into an existing scene, do a pose, and BAM! That'll be ten bucks just to be able to see this screenshot, and fifteen if you want it not thumbnail sized.
Hell, even animation is basic bitch levels of effort considered to modeling of any kind. Look at TwitchyAnimation, that cocksucker pumps out a new loop every single day and he charges seven bucks just to see these things a week early, which are released publicly on completion anyway. And five dollars just to comment on things? Now you're just taking the piss.

Truth be told, if I were to make a model and release it publicly for free, only to find out that some cheeky scumbag took it and is making easy money off of my hard work, I'd be fucking furious.

The only real 3D artist I actually follow and enjoy is BlenderKnight, mainly because all of his current models are original, same for his animations. A lot of his shit is fully voice acted too, not to mention he actually does drawings along side his 3D stuff. He is one of the few 3D modelers that can actually be called an “artist” imo. It’s fairly likely that Twitchy is using stock animations and just repurposing them or slightly changing them for each project. The difference between the two are night and day, Twitchy pumps that shit out in like a day or two, while Blender puts out one or two animations a month with a few images sprinkled throughout. Why would I ever give money to someone like Twitchy who puts little effort into their work, while there are people like BlenderKnight who actually give people content that’s worth it? It’s fucking stupid.

Yeah, I'm an amateur who does render work for fun. I don't have a paytreon. Thank you for the encouragement <3

Do you list terms of what is and isn't allowed with your models? This is what Japanese model makers do, and pretty much everyone in Japan follows the rules unlike pretty much everyone overseas who behave like degenerate, low IQ animals.

If you don't have terms pertaining to commercial use, and someone gets rich off your free model, the issue isn't that someone exploited your skills, but rather they used their superior marketing to make themselves rich. There's plenty of genius-level creators who don't get anywhere financially with their skills, which is why they enlist the help of someone else with marketing skills.

You think you getting dough?
You think you getting sauce?
You think you getting cheese?

Think again fucker, you not getting shit!

(Part of a skit)

Yeah, BlenderKnight is pretty based. I've been following him for years, he's a cool guy.

I haven't released anything, at least not in regards to my personal models.
I've been doing lowpoly 3D stuff for the past five years now, and people treat that shit like it's low-skill work.
I did release one model, but it was kinda more of a collab, and a SFM to Blender port.
Granted, I still spent two to four weeks working on the conversion, in between other projects.
Was mildly upset that I released the model after the character lost their hype and nobody used it, except for one patreon animator, and another person that does 3D "art" commissions. At least the stuff the animator made was really nice.

Yeah, man. We'd be more than happy to take your kind of content out from here. This kind of content creator being imported here is already disappointing.

I would count someone that sculpts and even hand rigs their models for animation/vr compatibility, or the like, as a 3d artist.

Like sculptris or blender.

flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg (36.7KiB, 543x550) save_alt

‎‎‎ ‎

FuckOff.png (255.3KiB, 659x637) save_alt

Speaking of which, here's a fucking render I put together in around 30-40 minutes, keep in mind I've never done anything like this before. I used mmd and photoshop. Random model and random background. $20 please.

51d2s3uhneL._AC_SY200_.jpg (23.7KiB, 389x200) save_alt

Here you go.

This thread is going into my cringe compilation

Just the fact anyone would legitimately pay money for shit like this is insane. I literally slapped the entire thing together in half an hour and I’m pretty sure I could start a patreon now, because there are patreons out there that make money in the triple digits with content like this. Thanks for the monopoly money though!

32727764.jpg (140.2KiB, 400x400) save_alt

People have been distributing externally using private messages, discord, freehosts etc for a long time now. People have been leaking said content using Shared Files feature. Not as prolific as direct Patreon post leaks, but still leaking. So, its not a real solution anymore for Paytresharks.

Anyone who understands piracy (no matter which side you take) understands that there is NO SUCH THING as water-tight protection. "Uncrackable" is simply a marketting term, and a "propaganda" catchphrase. If pirates want what you have, then eventually they're simply going to get it.

Good luck with that.

ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.jpg (69.1KiB, 1023x580) save_alt

I have no money to offer but I can pay you with exposure!!!/s

Omg yes, if you do create a Patreon account name it FelpurdauC so CuadrupleFs contribution to your new found millions by creating this thread does not go unnoticed.

Be prepared for the *art* that you spent *years* slaving away on to get leaked onto this site tho. OOOOH I have an idea.

1- create patreon account
2- Post some pics of real humans for a week
3- Leak your own stuff onto this site
4- get added to the exclusion list
5- go back to posting shitty 3D models
6- profit

perfect plan, admin would never catch on.

941297A9-8FA9-40E8-91D7-33F941C3A5F4.jpg (23.1KiB, 311x239) save_alt

ngl, if I ever were to open a paytreon, which I won’t because that’s fucking stupid, that would actually be a clever thing to do in my opinion. Maybe I’m just fucking stupid lmao. I made that render to prove a point, that “3D art” requires little effort and yet people still give their money to these fuckers. I literally have no experience in 3D or CGI work and that is still passable enough to the point I could make money off of it if I wanted too. This isn’t to say all 3D modelers/renderers are bad, a lot of y’all are cool.

Lol I agree. I always felt it was weird to pay for screenshots. Honestly, some of those things are gross looking or just uncanny. (Cough daz cough)

You're welcome! Don't spend it all all in one place! Lol.

lol of course the greedy shitbag is the one making low-quality content and releasing it on his patreon, meanwhile actual artists are struggling to get by. Get fucked, CuadrupleF.

ss (2020-06-23 at 12.51.12).jpg (66.8KiB, 427x929) save_alt

Not bad. Here's a pose I whipped up in like five minutes while testing out the weight paints on a model/rig I was fixing up.
Gimme ten bucks if you want to see this thing in a 4K resolution.

Deadass, one of the people following me that took my finished model is doing "commissions" with posing 3D models, at like five bucks each.
Had a chat with them and they were giving feedback on the rig. They sent a pretty rough looking screenshot, and told me it took them the better part of a week to get that scene and pose set up.
Bitch, really? A week for that? I could have done that entire scene in half an hour for free, get out of my fucking face.

6bd2c354606576ded61167a12468c6ea.jpg (49.6KiB, 575x295) save_alt

That looks pretty good for a five minute screenshot. Here you go. *

*I figure is because people are paying for the fantasy appeal or something.

244FE3DA-9DAA-4AAA-8D42-CC81AF4D7B0C.jpg (31.5KiB, 310x373) save_alt

It’s official, this is the best fucking thread on this website

You could always do what faf did, burying under so much invasive DRM and rigamarole no one even bothers to buy it at all. :D

Oh wow really I didn't know. Some of 3d models are charging 15 bucks per month. Its awful. I tried sfm but it was a tad difficult.

Many of them say they have to do Photoshop and work on lighting so it justified 30 bucks for commisions.

output-Y6-PYA6.gif (222.0KiB, 600x446) save_alt

I've been just lurking on this thread, and my god this is amazing.

grabbing a name because the cool kids are doing it weee
not my real name though, because reasons

I find it both amusing and disturbing that a whole lot of "public" [AKA permanent patreon paywall release] models are really poorly made. They look like they're rushed, amateur products made by people who don't know what they're doing. They have triangle counts out the ass, have way too many 4K textures, use Rigify, and have shitty weight paints. Even if you have an above-average computer, you struggle to work with these models because of how bloated they are.
Hell, I even talked to Cumminham on twitter- I asked him how he did this one thing with his rigs and he told me he had no idea what he was doing, he was relying entirely on plugins that he didn't fully understand. His models were available for free, but he makes almost 500 a month. I've taken a look at Tenzide and WARFAREMACHINE's models as well- Tenzide's models look nice, but the rigs are downright bare-bones. WFM's models are just plain mediocre all-round. Don't fucking get me started on TwitchyAnimations. Anyone who models for SFM in general is low tier.

I'm sick of all these shitty modelers getting so much money for low-quality work. They've stagnated, because why should they bother improving if they're financially fine the way they are now? You look at their newest stuff compared to their oldest, and you can't even tell which came first. Fuck these guys.

Just now, I checked Magnaomega.
His models are in the $30 tier. I looked at each of the ones he had in shared-files, and they're all downright garbage in quality.
A month ago, they released a model that was 60 dollars. I didn't buy it, but from what I could see in the thumbnails, the rig was barebones as hell.
The kicker is that this guy has a fucking $60 tier where he "gives personal mentorship and tutoring"
I can't believe this ugly bastard has the audacity to think he's qualified to teach others how to do his thing and charge sixty fucking dollars for it.

This is the most based thread I've read since Stone Creek


51OggXkQy3L._AC_SY200_.jpg (20.9KiB, 389x200) save_alt

Hi Anna, sorry to hear that.
Here's 50 for your troubles.

monopoly-money-vector-13.jpg (52.8KiB, 575x295) save_alt

Here's a buck for lurk!

After taking a look at your artwork, I can honestly say I want your precious work of this site too, you disgusting footfag.

Thank you Monopoly Bank, I appreciate the 50. lol

I want my Monopoly DollarPounds OUT OFF THIS WEB! Do you THINK I don't KNOW THE ALGORYTHM?

53d0637436b554cb92f5b8a51a544d33.jpg (52.6KiB, 600x315) save_alt

Heh, no problem.

Sorry you feel that way. Here's a bribe to keep quiet.

Oh my fucking god.
I'm the attorney from >>102937
You got me so good. This is actually 10/10 trolling, well played mister Legal Eagle. You know where I'll stay from now on?
Quiet, that's where.

Thank you! Nah man you don't have to stay quiet. I am glad that we can all laugh about it in the end.

Oh and don't forget to leak CuadrupleFs feet pics and donate to YP!

90BEF4C3-5EBA-4C5E-B654-DE01945D6657.jpg (72.5KiB, 426x426) save_alt

I am so proud of this community

Screenshot 2020-08-22 21-22-30.jpg (212.2KiB, 1920x1080) save_alt

Stay mad.

are you mad bro?

Nigga do pirates ask you to sign a permission slip?

Twitchy is shitty?

The No Nonsense Crab.gif (586.4KiB, 250x170) save_alt

I just wanted to ask if I can rob some of your paywalled shit for free bro. Is that alright wiv you?


I can? OK mate nice one!

XD.png (13.9KiB, 752x622) save_alt

imo I wouldn't directly say he's shitty, but his work is uninspired and unimpressive. He's like the sim photographers but with animation/movies (Sim producers?); he gets all the credit despite the fact that he didn't make the models, backgrounds, or 3D effects. 3D animation actually isn't that hard, it might seem that way at first if you're just starting out using whatever program you decide to use to animate (SFM, Blender, etc.) but after you understand the fundamentals and what buttons to push, the rest is formulaic and therefore easy. It's basically sim photography, but with a few extra steps. Much like the sim photographers, the workflow is import model(s) -> move the bones around -> set keyframes -> pan the camera around. It's a little more repetitive with extra steps but essentially it's the same thing, only this time you're recording instead of taking screenshots.

Oh I wouldn't worry, no one is looking your pirated work or whatever because it's all fucking garbage anyway.

Cuad thanks for bringing more attention to yourself. I will be downloading all of your content to share to the world.

Is that a reference I don't get? If so, what to?

You don't want to know

photo_2020-02-14_12-15-43.jpg (26.6KiB, 409x545) save_alt

get fucked

"Is that a reference" LOL!

Soldiers! SOLDIERS!!


Doesn't mean they shouldn't do anything about it. If pirates can do workarounds to leak stuff, then I'm pretty sure artists should do the same. It's not going to stop the leak, but at least you can actually make the pirates work for it to get it. And believe it or not, that works (worked for me in the past) because pirates aren't going to bother without workarounds for them to do the job (and get exposed in the process).

Of all the c*nt*nt of Twitchy that I've seen I never got the impression that it was /that/ cheap. The gay ass shot videos are really great. And yeah so it's just rigging and boning(?) the models, but what Twitchy makes out of it looks great.

Yea of course, thats true. Both sides actively work to "outdo" the other, constantly, and without either side ever winning a "decided victory". I see it like an ongoing "arms race" or a game of "tit for tat"; whatever you wanna call it. Thats how most if not all digital piracy (with respect to both sides) has worked since the start AFAIK.

If you're the IP holder (and actually DO own the IP you're trying to sell) then you'll do whatever you can to ensure all potential profit & revenue goes to you. And if you're the pirate (you're hard on cash, or just don't agree with the price tag), then you'll do whatever you can to get it for free.

To CuadrupleF, and all people paywalling their content.

I'm not here to insult you. I can completely understand you wanting to get paid for the efforts you do.

However, please note that the internet is a different place from others, with how costless copying digital media is.
People made a utopia where anyone could access anything for free. That's one of the main spirit of the internet. Thus, personalized services and donations became the main business models.

This piracy you hate so much allowed you to not paid for most videos/musics you watch on Youtube, the Adobe Photoshop you are probably using, movies and much more. Open source codes is a prime example of how good sharing can be.

The sole reason you use the internet is because website aren't locked behind paywalls. Can you imagine having to pay just to see anything from wikipedia? Aren't you at the very least annoyed having nearly all articles from msm paywalled, stopping you from making research properly ?

Having a donation system or a "free-version vs premium (like 2k-4k resolution locked for example)" is beneficial for you in the long run. More would come to like you as a person and share to others.

If you really want to reward people following you closely, a discord + nearly exclusive access to requests do the job effectively.

By blocking people unwilling to pay you for a regular amount each month, you also remove your chances of getting punctual donations which can adds up very quickly. Also, you are enforcing a "VIP spirit only" within your community ; they won't share you work, they will want to keep it as secret as possible. Patreon is also a very shitty company that will have no chill ditching you.

Which internet do you want?. Somewhere where everything is free access and shared, this same somewhere which allowed you to get a 25$/per month editing/3D animating software for free ? Or do you want to have music, news, videos, etc...all locked behind paywalls?

As someone who's dabbled in 3D modelling on 3DS Max, I can say that rigging/skinning was, atleast to me, a massively confusing and mind boggling obstacle course of SAS training magnitude. I got pretty good at making props, setpieces and map building assets but when I started trying to do characters the difficulty shot up faster than a Central American cocaine smugglers dick after getting bitten by a Brazilian Wandering Spider.

Fair points, intelligently put. Hopefully some people (IE the intended recipient) actually read all of that and consider what has been said.

op has the iq of a fucking table. this nigger just singlehandedly guaranteed that 100% of their content will be leaked as soon as it comes out

Lol true but people'd need to have pretty bad taste in porn art to leak foot fetish drawings where the feet are the worst part of the drawing!

Twitchy doesn't even do rigging work, he imports models rigged by other people and animates those. May be somewhat hard to describe in words, but basically 3D animation works like this: First, we import a rigged character (character models need to be 'rigged' first before they can be manipulated, so it gives the model 'bones' so that the software can know what parts can moved around and how). Second, much like the sim photographers, we move the bones around (which makes the model move by extension) into a certain position, we'll call the starting position A. So anyway, after we establish A, we move the model into another position, we'll call this 2nd position B. This makes position B into what's called a keyframe, this is the important position which will make the model move following a set course, "A, B, C, D... etc." So anyway, after the keyframes are set, then you hit a button to 'launch' the animation, the software notices position A, and then moves the model according to the bones into position B, and then C, D, so on and so forth. Then all you do is move the camera into different positions while the animation is running and record those. Then you can edit the recorded footage, most of the footage by 'animators' such as Twitchy isn't edited, but just static, or have the camera shake a little, or jump cuts (which is one piece of recorded footage spliced suddenly with another piece of recorded footage.)

So like I said, it's sim photography but with a few extra steps and a little more work. It's really not that hard. More keyframes will make the animation go smoother but since that requires more positions to be made, it takes a bit more time. Twitchy isn't even close to a good animator, he does the bare minimum of what's required of him; to move models around and press a few buttons. Again, he didn't do any of the models himself, nor the backgrounds, nor the effects, nor the rigging.
Wanna make this entire scenario even cheaper than it already is? Most animation software gives you the ability to import scripts which animate the models for you; just import a model, then run an imported script which will make the model set certain keyframes on its own so you don't have to set them yousrself; like I could make a script that allows a rigged model to move its bones around into keyframes which gives the impression that it's jacking off, then all I have to do after running that script is record the animation (usually with in-house software) and boom. I've got a 5-second video of my imported model jacking off that I can lock behind a $10 paywall. Animators are making this whole thing out to be a lot harder than it really is.
Like this Anon, yeah, you could probably do it, too.

61A44F29-3927-4746-9745-4C1E7A4579DF.jpg (49.0KiB, 600x600) save_alt

I just love how this thread went from a guy wanting his shitty art removed, to a genuine discussion on whether or not 3D animations/stills are art. Pretty much everything you said is right on the money, one notable program that does the whole “lazy script animation” thing is MocuMocuDance. It literally runs off of MMD, and you can import models and motion scripts to do exactly what you just said. The only real work someone would need to do when using this program is to pick a model, a motion script, then simply position the model and camera, and boom, animation complete. Believe it or not, that’s the exact fucking program I used to make that image you pointed out, lmao.

What would be the opinion of those that take it further, by sculpting meshes and creating games?*

*not the mass produced indie baby's first game art-house shit selling for 6-10+ dollars on steaming toilet (steam) and I mean real passion projects from the ground, up.

Not trying to be pissy, but everyone and their grandma thinks they're a "creator" these days. '/

Thanks, I will try MocuMocu dance, I have been looking for something to play models on.

Not true, I play games at and some of them try, your first try will be bad, but some seem to genuinly improve.


The flavour on this thread is *french kiss* best thread lmao

tumblr_pepndnLcDO1x5my3po3_1280.png (572.9KiB, 806x724) save_alt

>>105235 >>105236 >>105245
Yes exactly, this shit right here.
Animators think they're the hottest shit, but at the end of the day, they're doing about an hour's worth of basic bitch lazy work to profit off of the modeler's days, weeks, maybe even months of backbreaking labor for a single model. Even more so for each unique model.

You've got guys like me busting our fucking chops, sometimes going full sweatshop mode with crunch for weeks or months on end, and sometimes we release the fruits of our labor for free on sites like smutbase.
"Bon apetit," we say, as dozens of animators proceed to download the model, whip up a quick and shitty loop over the course of an hour from importing assets to exporting the final render. And eh presto, you have all these people making hundreds of dollars for a subpar product that gets lost in a sea of similar content that's churned out on the daily, while you don't even make a single fucking penny.

I was in college for gamedev, and at the start of the semester, my Zbrush professor [year 3] said he hated everyone in the animation side of the gamedev course, and that animators are subhuman trash. At this point, I'm inclined to agree with him. Most popular SFM animators are bottom of the barrel trash, but people who settle for sim photography have dug themselves so deep that they broke through the bottom and have tunneled six feet into the ground. Animators are sonofabitches, but *posers* like CuadrupleF are filthy fuckasses.

4D4EEF85-32E6-4671-8256-A34BC9471D42.jpg (28.0KiB, 640x480) save_alt

“filthy fuckasses”.
I’m gonna use this in the next argument I get into, thanks man.

Agree, I hate how sfm modelers constantly ask for money and make hundreds in patreon money and if the person demand old pics, their fans go u gotta buy it. They act like they are so skilled and its hard work, when all they are doing is posing and some photoshop but think they deserve hundreds. They are disgusting. I reported one patreon repeatedly but nothing.

Those points have been said multiple times in multiple ways. They need to sink in.

72631_main.jpg (88.0KiB, 1100x950) save_alt

(Said in thespian) Oh Anna~ my internet wife! ~ so open minded! So rationally reasonable! Ah! ~ XP lol

33414512-wedding-setting.jpg (128.9KiB, 1300x867) save_alt

You married, girl?

Yeah, thanks for the offer. lol

AB4156EC-208A-44EE-B544-09EDCE813DE2.jpg (233.5KiB, 1062x564) save_alt

Anna is the internet wife everyone wants to have. Enough said.

5d9eaee53f502129da3ee2ea-large.jpg (91.7KiB, 600x600) save_alt

Congratulations, Anna, on your wedding.

Here's a 30k stack.
Don't celebrate it all in one place. ;)

You COULD pledge to 4 artists for 4 months with that $666,666,95

Aw thank you, Clown suit guy. Much appreciated. And thanks for your donation, Monopoly Bank.

No problem. ^^
You've become a board favourite, it seems.

Check'd and Kek'd

Hey everyone in this thread, thanks for giving me a good laugh. And don’t forget to donate to the legal fund!

batman06ol0.jpg (48.7KiB, 454x328) save_alt


We aim to please.

Hey, while we're here - is there any way to reply to a thread without bumping it? There's some faggot shit on the front page RN, and I wanna call OP a faggot without bumping him.


There is a sage button ya know

Here's a nice little challenge: Roll about 100 dice and guess the outcome. If you're within 5 numbers, you get a free bucket of elephant shit.

... What, you thought I'd promise your content gone? Fuck no!

I support this man, pls remove all the content from him, it's disgusting and a waste of space anyway.

But I don't have a dice :(

This comment was hilarious. Kek, forum goals.

If it's a waste of space, why support him? How does having his stuff here even ruin anything? Fellow donors are why his stuff is here to begin with.

Bumping this incredibly based thread to ask a question - I've seen a lot of people (can't remember if it was in this thread) talk shit on Patreon creators for acting like their work was their livelihood when the income from it was far too low to support a life, but I can't actually remember any artists that say that shit. Anyone got examples of artists claiming shit like that?


Why do people think that angrily creating a thread on this site would accomplish anything?

on two notes..never heart of the artist.. and if i had the funds id rather support an artist even with access to this site because art worth its weight and the creator are valueable

This reminds me, when I was working on that one SFM to Blender conversion and was periodically releasing on Smutbase, somebody popped up and said they already made a NSFW version. I checked it out, and the edit was indeed pretty nice. They then showed me the animations that they've "worked so hard on" and they were all just MMD animations set to shitty pop music.
I pointed this out, and they blocked me.

>equating digital piracy to stealing a physical item
yOu WoLnT dOwNlOaD a CaR wOuLd YoU?

3d stuff is really just screenshot uploads, at least when they don't do animations.

When downloading a page, I found how arbitrary the content is. There are so many angles and reuse of "different models" for "different sets with the same aforementioned angles", is just... Hm.

Like 3d stuff is alright to look at and stuff, but if you make an archive of any of them, it's gigs and gigs and gigs of screenshots.

>"Crime is okay as long as it's done over the internet"

>Implying the artist directly loses money every time we pirate their work, as opposed to just losing a potential customer

You're be one of those people who thinks drug possession deserves life in prison, aren't you?

The whole point of Patreon was for it to be a donation service, not a subscription paywall. Guarantee most of these bastards are getting away with not paying taxes when they should be.

Awman now I can’t do shit about this bull shit in clinically depressed now because I can’t do shit about this

Now I have to admit that shitty patreo can t do Shri about my porn being on here

Multiple country with different laws : exist

You mean like just about EVERY business?

You DO realise you were just talking to the el presidente of the Philippines right? Do you know his policy when it comes to drug possession? Its the same as a sharia law countries policy when it comes to being gay, or when it comes to apostasy! Its the same as the fuhrers policy when it came to being jewish! The same as Wesley Snipes policy when it came to being a neck sucker. Same as Samuel L Jacksons policy when it came to being a a punk ass bitch. Same as Rick Deckards policy when it came to being a robot, or a xenomorphs policy when it came to not being a xenomo- Okay u got the picture!

Different countries having different laws doesn't excuse abandoning "humanity" and human compassion. In the majority of the middle east, "the law" says gays and apostates must be executed, as well as adulterers, and there are many other "legally sanctioned atrocities against humanity" there, and other parts of the world such as South America, China, Philippines, North Korea, previously Spain, Bosnia, other parts of Eastern Europe and into Russia, East Germany before 1989 etc etc. Does that make it okay just because "their laws are/were different"? Personally I don't think so. I mean, as extreme examples: when the Nazis and the Soviets were in power; what they were doing within their own borders was "allowed by their countries laws".

Maybe you and you other artists should stop locking literally all of your decent content behind a paywall.
Some content I can understand, but when it’s as much as it is it’s ridiculous. Y’all have become greedy, we are the reckoning of that greed.

The policies of powers around the world and the morality of them are not the equivalent of stealing art on the internet. It's all perspective, the US at the end of the day still committed the greatest war crime in history of dropping and atomic weapon on civilians but justify it in their own nonsense. The best argument for this sight is simple and pretty hard to deny. Most artist on patreon are charging people to view art they don't have the intellectual rights to, so basically theft. If an artists wants their work taken down and it features Disney, WB, Nintendo, or Shonen characters; it's a hypocritical argument because those companies would shut down every patreon that features their characters if PR wasn't a thing. And they would certainly kill all the pages that sexualize their characters. Also people don't steal because of morality, people steal because of a lack of accessibility. Australia pirates more video games than any country, not because they don't want to pay, but because their games are censored and they want to see the real game.

You’re still literally racking in $156 per month from your Patreon, for a foot fetish artist that’s pretty fucking good

Pretty fucking good indeed, especially considering the feet are so disproportionate and weirdly shaped. Imagine paying for this, then when you actually SEE the art after having paid, you can't get a refund... I mean theres "100% free to view" artists (from back in the days before Patreon turned 80% of artists greedy AF) who can draw feet sooo much better.

These modern internet artists (and its NOT all of them, just most of them) like to try and excuse their behaviour, but as someone whose been following online art since LONG before Patreon, its as plain as a slap in the face, that artists HAVE become SO much greedier ever since Patreon came along.

Congrats on dubs, also shoutouts to MoikaLoop and Merunyaa for being based with their public release policies (deleted & reposted because i fucked up the reply)

And if your work is worth a fuck, it'll get shared anyway. Of course, I looked at your page, and I don't think you'll ever have to worry about that.

Also, have you ever heard of the fucking Streisand Effect? Basically, I had no idea who you were before you had to come around and make a big shit fit, and now you're on EVERYONE'S radar. You've gone from probably ten or fifteen people seeing your exclusive shit to an entire community looking it up, and it's because you had to draw attention to yourself.

For your consideration:

wanksig.jpg (72.2KiB, 625x500) save_alt

<< What? To THOSE feet!?

Hear, fucking, hear.
It amazes me how some people, really can't see that.

>Imagine paying for this, then when you actually SEE the art after having paid, you can't get a refund
What sort of idiot would do that? Typically when someone pays for a tier on some artists patreon page it's because they already know the kind of art that artist does.

>from back in the days before Patreon turned 80% of artists greedy AF
Not greed, people just need to make a living, period. I understand it sucks that this is the way things went ... but you all really need to understand what that word actually means. Greed is usually when you are looking to just make more and more money when you already have enough. If all an artist is trying to do is survive, to call that greed is just a very gross misuse of the word. Especially coming from people who quite literally steal something they don't actually need, which in a sense IS actually considered greedy. At least their excuse is they need to live, what is your excuse? That you wanna jack off?

>that artists HAVE become SO much greedier ever since Patreon came along.
Artists have always wanted a way to monetize their work, just as all creators do. Just because in the past you could get most of it free, that had more to do with there not really being better ways outside of commissions or spending a lot of money developing your own website to handle selling stuff. Now that there is actually a better way to do this, many artists are doing it. Not out of greed but because it allows them to do their artwork as their full time job which also allows them to release more content for those who want it. It's honestly a win win. It's just a select few people have a very sad view of the world and think anyone who wants to make a living is somehow greedy.

In other words, the reason patreon even works is because there was a demand for it and someone noticed that and decided to capitalize on it. It's very similar to how the whole paid mods thing came about. Many mod authors for Skyrim got into this huge drama over how youtubers showcasing their mod were getting paid, while they were not getting paid a dime despite those mods being their work. Now personally, I think it's a bit of a fallacy. A lot of the money those youtubers made was because of the entertainment value, not specifically due to the mod. Plus it also falls under fair use anyway. BGS saw this and realized there is profit to be made there.

Is it a bad idea? Ya, I suppose. But can you blame the mod authors for wanting to receive something in return for their creations? I really don't think so. Everyone, and I mean literally everyone who creates something if offered the choice would want to make money off of it compared to not. This is why even projects like Black Mesa Source and GMod originally were free and the claimed it always would be. The truth is, they only said that because they didn't have a choice. But when it actually became an option, they of course chose to get paid. You would be an idiot to not do that.

Sure some may get pissy about it, but those pissy people really make up a very small minority and are in most cases never seen as good people since they lack the ability to understand why it happened and just think everyone is the enemy. We typically call these people entitled or Karens.

If Patreon (as site patreon, not creators) does anything against this site, there is so much piracy on patreon alone that they are doing nothing against, but we know about it, and then as patreon hosts and distributs piracy, it would be very bad legaly for them, as they are not also hosted in whoknows where like this site. So gl with fight, patreon alone is half piracy, and worse they are earning money from it, this site does not earn money, its for people who without it wouldn't even sub to you coz they cant afford it, ppl are hardly losing anything coz of this site, be happy with your patreons and forget about this site, you can bring worse things to patreon if you start pocking things.

>If Patreon (as site patreon, not creators) does anything against this site
They can't anyway. Since Patreon has no permission to do so in place of the owner of the artwork based on their own ToS ... it means they legally can't do a thing. It's why they tried and just gave up. In order for anything to be done to this site, the artists themselves would have to do something about it, and as we all know ... most don't have that kind of money or resources.

I think the only way something could be done is if artists joined together along with their fans to go after Yiff. But such a large scale team up like that is rare and most just don't want to deal with it since in most cases, another site will just eventually pop up in it's place.

It's one of those cases where you might be able to win a battle, but there really is no way to win the war.

>missing the fact that many content creators get more than enough donations to stay afloat via patreon and similar services without ever actually paywalling anything

And ontop of that; plenty of artists (from "beginners" to "pros") from before "the paywall era", on various sites were getting regular comms without paywalling anything, evidenced by the regular opening & closing of comm slots. Some would charge ridiculous prices but others were reasonable, including "actual pro's" such as Arthur Adams. Knowing his skill & detail (although his feet aren't great IMO), he could easily justify charging over $100 per pic (like some lower skilled artists do), but IIRC he charged under $100 a pop, and even had some kind of "satsfaction guarantee" thing going on.

Yes, he was a pro, working on famous comics meaning he doesn't "truly" fit as an example, but the fact remains, artists weren't "all broke" before Patreon allowed them to charge us monthly "just to see". Look at artists like Silverad0; insanely skilled, yet no paywalling of any kind. Others like LiveForTheFunk (much less skilled but still very good) only use paysites as "tip jars" without blocking anything which IMO is fine. Fans who have enough disposable income to invest in artists will do so; but those who can't afford it wont be "kept out", because thats fucking stupid behaviour.

Does Chunie also paywall? He seems to post all of his work in public and they are good af, and i doubt he uses his patreon to paywall since most public pics have huge definitions

Remove the pics or I will hire anonymous to hack this site.

You can't hire me.

8786FD42-7C34-4D3D-9158-4DC45A12F2F7.png (13.5KiB, 256x192) save_alt

Please do, the state of this site has gone down so far to the point not that many people would care anyways. Fucking $400.

Update the mexinese family, please!!

Fuck off with this shit, retard.

2EA46DEF-EAA7-4BB6-97A9-33DB545E8D3A.png (152.5KiB, 491x325) save_alt

ayy thought I’d come back and share this image. I think it summarizes my current feelings towards this website, lmao.

5 months from now (assuming the $400 asking price is sustainable for anywhere near that long): "The donation goal has gone up to $520 because reasons".

Regular_Show.jpg (5.6KiB, 192x160) save_alt

man your content are trash
be glad that shit are here

Do your job and donate, retard

>missing the fact that many content creators get more than enough donations to stay afloat via patreon and similar services without ever actually paywalling anything
"many" ... I would be curious how many it actually is compared to those who paywall. The reason I am pointing this out is because I am willing to bet the "many" claim you just made is actually not that many. It would be the equivalent of comparing a small time singer to someone famous. Sure, there are people who are popular enough where locking content behind a paywall just simply isn't necessary because they make enough without doing that. But the world isn't so kind. It's easy to point to success and just assume everyone can have the same success. But the reality, the truth, is not like that.

And hey, if you want to prove me wrong, let's see some actual numbers. How many artists earn enough money to live through donations alone compared to those who do not? If you don't have such numbers, then I don't even understand how you even made your claim at all. At that point it sounds more like a guess than any sort of legitimate argument.

>And ontop of that; plenty of artists (from "beginners" to "pros") from before "the paywall era", on various sites were getting regular comms without paywalling anything, evidenced by the regular opening & closing of comm slots.
Making money through commissions is simple enough. It's how I started. But unless you charge a lot, you do not earn enough. That is just a simple truth. Remember, the average cost of living is around $2,000 per month (and that's just squeaking by). Try getting that on commissions alone. Some can do it, no doubt. But some have become movie stars. Some have become singers. Some have become world renowned artists. But it's unrealistic to expect that of everyone.

Don't even get me started with how unstable commissions can be. You might earn enough one month, but the next month you may not.

>but the fact remains, artists weren't "all broke" before Patreon allowed them to charge us monthly "just to see".
I would argue otherwise. You think the artist stereotype of being broke just came out of someone's ass? It's why there is that joke when a child says they want to be an artist their parents cry and why so many artists are depicted as dead beats with no money in media like shows and movies. Just cause you can point to successful artists doesn't mean shit. Anyone can point to a successful person and say "see". It's a fallacy.

Shut up artist fag nobody asked

119948282471.gif (650.5KiB, 200x150) save_alt


Just use Subscribestar, they dont have mental capacity to figure that one out.

If you don't want anyone to respond to you, then maybe don't post it on a forum where people can do that.

Just about every youtube channel I watch doesn't paywall anything, at most they give a week's early access. No locking everything behind a paywall, or months to wait for a shitty low-res version. How about you show your numbers, huh? Or are you just full of shit?

Are you one of those morons who thinks that people who pirate your stuff would have EVER payed for it? There's plenty of material showing most people who pirate never would pay for it, and would just do without.

Yet people put enough of effort to grab it and put it onto a website to bypass the payment system. Well at least on patreon that is cause anything else is too hard for them to figure out lol.

Question about the "numbers" dumbfuckistan's cash value is not the strongest one around thats known for couple years now, if person runs only from that, whats definition of making enough? is it enough for retardnation terms or is it enough for literally any other country on planet?

haha what a nigger