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namazu.png (504.7KiB, 1280x963) save_alt

Please try to consolidate all bugs and creator-specific issues you find to this thread.

The monthly donation goal has increased because the storage server has been upgraded. We have gone from 26TB to 63TB.

Can we just delete some content? Cuz $400 is insane

Why not upgrade to like 40 TB and not pay as much?

I don't think 400 every month will be met, that's a bit too much of an increase.

there's no way 400 will be met every month. that's just crazy. I guess its been fun while its lasted. GG guys.

It’s official this site is going to be dead in a month

Hey admin is this temporary? Will the costs go down to like $300 next month or something?

Most of the content that falls under exclusions has already been removed.

It's not economical to constantly upgrade servers. I have to do everything by hand including setting up the new drives, RAID, and then migrate everything over every time. When you're on a shoestring budget like, you don't have the luxury of getting to press a button to magically add more disk space to your server.

No, this is permanent.

but there is no way we will be able to get $400

He’s right there’s no way that this is sustainable anymore something needs to be done.

Yes! Delete Yiff.Party because cheapfags don't want to pay for art they claim is worth nothing!

Was upgrading the storage server really necessary?

I’ve been thinking, if we can make the $400 for a couple months in a row then I’d say we are pretty good because that proves that people are willing to pay. However if we don’t make it this month this site is fucked.

Why is there only one admin running this site (to the ground)?

Lol better start saving everything boys, the sky is falling.

I've got a feature request. Can you add a word search function? It would be convenient to search for a specific illustration.
The idea on my mind is like, you search for say, a certain character and the results page would list which creators made the said characters you have searched.

Don't act like the requests for begrove and the other haven't been spammed outside of the general request thread.

What about ads, can't we use those to help pay the site's monthly costs ?

Whoa there... 400 is kinda too much... might be last month for this site ya know...

Why not get rid of the fantia stuff, if it hasn't already been removed that is... plus even with the exclusions there are still cosplay, pootube, cam girl stuff, on here and honestly the biggest loophole is, that people can just turn around and re add them, or add different ones, all the same.

Site needs more than one person footing the responsibilities of the "party". Like mods and a Co admin. At the very least, it takes the strain off you, the sole proprietor of this repository.

I get that it's all pro bono (albeit the costs), but it's clearly becoming a bit out of hand. You need a team.

Part of why people may not be willing to support the site is partially due to absent PR, QA or viable solutions to problems that arise.

Though, perhaps it really does come down to real life occurrences for you, or as many incriminate, "not caring as much because cashies" (not my personal opinion).

You really could just have to delete something... Anything! It's your disk.

If it comes down to saving the site, would you do this? I would rather see the site continue with some loss of archived material than losing everything, past and future. I just don't know that $400 a month is attainable.

Never forget. Should have lasted years.

I don't see this amount being met at all. Site will most likely be shuttered by the end of the year, if not this month.
Can we still not report duplicate files? They're most likely taking up a hundred gbs or so.

>When you're on a shoestring budget

Sarcasm of the wider comment aside, I seriously doubt most people using this site are going to consider $400 a month a "shoestring budget" asking price, even if technically that may be true. As other people are saying, $400 a month is a lot to ask, and seems quite an unattainable and overly ambitious goal. Well, only time will tell, and I'm sure I speak for a good number of people when I say I can only hope the above is proven to not be the case...

There's quite a lot that can be removed, honestly.

As I said in >>107738 & >>107742 , it's going to take a reform. Dare I say, that the site may have to halt for a few weeks to properly implement changes, delete whole unusable chunks of data, gather trusted group of mods for QA and proper PR, as well as to keep pages from being spammed in the importer, or malware in shared files, from jaded, time-wasting, content creators, or fans.

This would be easier accomplished with a much more manageable assortment of content, than having reaction channels, costume enthusiasts, and wannabe "models" (loosely using the term).

Most successful sites have a team behind them. There's no I, but there is "me". "Me" will sink the ship, so I implore that the admin seek assistance; it doesn't have to be many. I've seen people here voluntarily creating things for the site.

Asking for help isn't a weakness. Ask your community, because I've seen coders and IT specialists in their own threads, bouncing ideas off each other.

Ask them, reach out to them to split the ordeal. They've a vested interest in the site already, however waning that may be, with the implementations recently. More complaints than praise has occurred lately. Something must change.

Screenshot_597.png (2.5KiB, 425x54) save_alt

On the home page it says it was updated 4 days ago, but when I enter the artist page there are no updated posts, can anyone fix?

Taking on moderators (EG users who have made regular donations) who can help fix the sites problems and manage the organisation of the site = A bad idea? If not, then why not take on moderators? If yes, then why is it a bad idea?

Its just like >>107800 said:-

>Most successful sites have a team behind them. There's no I, but there is "me". "Me" will sink the ship, so I implore that the admin >seek assistance; it doesn't have to be many. I've seen people here voluntarily creating things for the site.

Same anon from>>107800
>>107802 was a continuation of what I was saying in
>>107800 basically just telling them to reach out to their userbase to relieve the pressures of, well a multitude of things.

how much would it help to ditch Fantia shit?

Probably not much at all. Its support has been neglected since the beginning, so almost no new content is being imported, and there is not much in terms of pre-existing stuff

What is the point of the update button, it doesn't seem to do anything

Whats up with the Fantia creator page? Havent worked for ages now

It used update a creators page, but stopped working after patreon implemented cuf. Seeing how much this question gets asked, a long a few other, I thinking about making a frequent questions thread or something similar

Is there any hope that we can get $400 by the end of the month

*I'm thinking

Hey admin can you please give us the ability to update old posts?

Any possible way to reduce the cost by, I don't know, maybe remove some creators that are mostly Human-only content (i.e. react-channels/podcasts/photoshoots/etc.), in order to bring the costs down? Seriously, this site was originally for furry-related content/bara content and that's it.

BEgroveyiffpage.png (420.7KiB, 1920x1040) save_alt

Do you think you could add a "Request Update" button on begrove's page?
I think the lack of one is making it harder to let people know it's overdue for one.
someone messed up the import and it’s not updated can someone fix it

Thing is, more variety of content brings more people who can possibly donate. If it were furry content ONLY I don't think the monthly donation would be met at all and not as many people would know about this site.

I was wondering if the pages on yiff could have rss or atom so that I can put them in my feed reader and know if their have been additional posts added by somebody to a creator.

Could be possible to add some ads to the site to lower the burden to the donors?

Could this please be fixed. It's been saying an update is in progress for this creator for weeks.

How many of you guys here are really worried that we won’t make it this month because of the donation increase?

It was nice while it lasted boys. I am extremely doubtful about 400. Most people would probably prefer we axed more content like the reaction shit.

>being this new

The variety is why we apparently needed the upgrade.

If Admin doesn't want more than one request thread at a time, maybe he should delete the others on sight (if he isn't gonna attempt to recruit mods).

Unrelated, but maybe Admin can work out how much storage space is used by Shared Files, and consider going back to manual review.

some artist's contents stopped updating, some of them even discontinued for years.

Thot content removed, storage space doubled. Donation cost doubled.

So removing thots was pointless.

Thots were removed mostly because they kept sending DMCA claims to the site, making it hard to find a host for it

Shut up and mind your own GODDAMN BUSINESS!!!

hey admin do you still respond to emails?

Doing the same shit isn't gonna get you different results. Stay mad, if you wish, but don't complain that doing things your way doesn't get what you want.


I would love to see a site-wide search function. Either by tags the creators used or simply by words contained in their post/filenames. Typing a character's name for example would return every post from every creator that either contains it within the tags, description or filename.

add a night mode won't be a bad idea, maybe It's already, but I dindn't find anything

There's an unofficial night mode. Though, I'm not sure if what's you're looking for. Might take some finangling.

I think it would be beneficial to have a special reaction channel procedure, so that if there's a thumbnail it would either get entirely removed from the server/heavily compressed or modify the DOM so that the image isn't retrieved from the server. Could be even made optional. Save that bandwidth for something useful (some of these thumbnails are way too big; ~1MB).

Can someone please explain to me, ever since January I have been posting every single day in every request thread, and you can check them, for ONE fucking creator to be updated, I pressed that update button multiple times a day, I went back to every request thread over and over and over for 9 FUCKING MONTHS.

But then I checked other creators who have been requested as far back as late 2019 on older request threads who STILL haven't been filfilled, Request thread #38 and #39 have 0 people who are actually updated

Why is the request thread there if no one is not gonna do shit about it?


Will SOMEBODY shut them up!?

For containment, it helps keep the other threads clean

Hey twat. You're not entitled to any of your favourite creators getting updated. Be grateful that this site even exists for parasitic leeches like you who take and give nothing back.

Then isn't meant for you.
Also, that was pointlessly rude.

Screenshot_599.png (231.3KiB, 968x489) save_alt

Someone fix it, please!

The reason I personally do not donate. Others on here are looking for a good time and not only art and rubbish henti porn art, sorry to be truthful. Many of us can't simply afford the expense of £20 - £50 a month to gain access to the better tier things or wanting to pay so much and receive so little in ranked tier lists. I would love to help out with costs and donate to but simply can’t see any point to keep this site running as of recent changes which are outrageous in my opinion. I mainly used this site as a means of pornography as £20-£60 for a flash of the tits and some freaky 10 second videos which do not add up to the weight in gold. I would personally suggest a pay wall to see some of the creators and add logins So once we paid we can access potentially thousands of adulterated posts of real girls. I know this was not your choice more of patreons actions i believe but this is your site and why not change the url every so often and email the new url to registered users. I really want to see a reason to donate sorry for the heavy suggestions but please consider as before the changes i could not help but notice people donated more and now your hoping to reach the goal this month which i do not see personally happening as $400 is a lot to hope for when the content is just people’s fantasies they drew.

Im sorry for being truthful but i could not go unsaid for so long.

you increase the donation but there's like so many creators with posts missing... I don't understand

Be gone simp

>I suggest a paywall for this anti paywall site.

Basically you want to go to patreon, or a site akin to it.

I wanted to download Building our Futature v0.28.1 by Infidelisoft , it gave me the following message "You need an account to download. The link is the box above the title of this post." I created an account, nothing happens and there is no box above the post.

>Why is the request thread there if no one is not gonna do shit about it?
That's on the requesters that cannot keep to the general request thread, and insist on spamming their requests (and in irrelevant threads, on too many occasions).

Stop pestering _us_.

I sincerely hope this includes a backup space because RAID is not a backup solution.

I'm sorry for speaking for everyone when I say this but: GTFO. It could not go unsaid for long.

Both of these artists pages are broken because the person importing is doing it completely wrong. KasaiX3 ( and NinjArt1st ( Both pages contain 100's of posts that "SAY" "NSFW" but NONE of those posts actually CONTAIN NSFW versions. Can the person who is importing these posts (or anyone) please come back and fix this??? Thanks

Same goes for an artist called "Liang Xing" who is being updated virtually every week with "so called" NSFW posts, yet virtually ALL of those NSFW posts are cropped, censored SFW versions with no NSFW to be found ...

>Stop pestering _us_.


Still waiting for you people to get off your ass.

Would be a good thing to remove most of the reaction content, as well as those raunchy human content (nudity/non-furry), podcast content, and photography(ish) content. Maybe even urge them to delete such by using the "flag creator" button, so that the admins get going with purging useless shit out of here.

its not working for Fantia list please fix

Ok troll

What do we do when we notice creators using Primeleap?

Looked at Kircai’s page and the newest posts seem to be not appearing at all, even though somebody already posted them here. Can y’all fix this? Probably a bug or a glitch or something.




Fuck off you nonce.

Well, that confirms you’re a troll

I could use a request shared files button just to feel hopefull someday it gets updated.

Now that the ethots are basically out, we might as well bring back the Most Wanted Updates section and put the Request Update back to use. Might even help us purge the thots we've so far missed.

"An update is currently in progress."
It was not updated for more than a day.


I've been trying to flag a post from Freckles to get an update of a vore comic that has been around for around a month, but it's only coming back with an error, saying the post cannot be flagged. I'll just post it here in the hopes that maybe it gets noticed. (Post No.38665131 - "Double Date" Gallery 1 (Vore))

How does it make ME the troll if YOU'RE the one who keeps antagonizing me!?
Don't you have ANYTHING better to do in your life you fucking Stalker!?!?

FINALLY someone agrees with me!
I was beginning to think I was the only one who thinks this guy is spamming with troll comments.

There's somebody who keeps accusing me of "Spamming" for requesting some pages to be updated, and they won't leave me alone.
I don't know HOW they could tell if it was me specifically since I'm an Anonymous account, but they keep finding me and not only is it annoying, it is downright creepy.

This guy won't stop calling the kettle 'black' and they need to be stopped.

>How does it make ME the troll if-

>this guy

>This guy


Screenshot_600.png (230.8KiB, 990x482) save_alt

Someone fix it, please!

For some reason the links from Jay Marvel's dropbox aren't working, even the recent one uploaded in 9/4 is not working, what happened?




yeah can someone take a look at that. Links might be dead

I haven't looked at this specific case but from the sounds of it, I bet he found out the links had been leaked, and hes changed them so now they don't match up. This is a very common problem here on YP, and this is why its so annoying that 90% of the people importing externally hosted content don't use the SHARED FILES feature. This is EXACTLY what SHARED FILES is for, but still, NOBODY USES SHARED FILES because I guess its easier to just keep doing it wrong, "setting and forgetting" and never checking back to see what you're doing (oops looks like I did it wrong, I better fix this!). This is another reason why the site NEEDS mods.

Yeah like, why people don't use that? It would be so mucho easier, on Jay Marvel's page the last file that were upload is from 7/31

As it seems, sometimes people are uploading viruses and spam in Shared. So most of the time, everyone is going to default to reg posts.

As there isn't a team of people behind this site, there are no mods. A real "yandere Dev" situation.

BEgroveyiffpage.png (210.7KiB, 1321x191) save_alt

Whenever begrove is updated, they only update it with one (free) page at a time and ignore the ($6) Tier posts.
I keep asking for begrove to have all of its missing posts added and every time they DO add something I end up disappointed.

There are 9 $6 Tier Posts and NONE OF THEM have been added for what feels like a month.

Did I say '9' Missing posts? Make that '11' Missing posts.

please this error cannot be open of creators list of fantia

Images failing to load in full on this page rn. What is going on? is it me or am I the only one getting annoyed by this?


Why do you keep doing that?
I don't understand what you're trying to say.

Anyone else not able to look up any creators right now?

Front page isn’t loading

Same, take it as a temporary outtage.

Your 400 dollars at work boyz, aren't you glad you donated for a running website

So... how long do I have to wait for the Creators page to load?

(That's a rhetorical question btw)

Fix the site and I'll suck your dick. Don't fix the site and I'll bite your taint. Choose wisely.

oh no bros...
my free furshit porn isn't loading...
how will I ever recover?

By sucking big cock 'n balls

Why not export the creators and their ID in some text or CSV file for download since the creators page & search won't work, but you can still go to the creator directly with their ID. Seems like an easy fix for doodoo homepage.

The main page has been stuck loading all day.

hopefully by tomorrow it will be fixed

Remember that admin alone has to fix server issues and other problems, so don't expect it to he as fast as sites run by teams of people

*be as fast

Anyone still experiencing bits of slowdown?

Seems like the slowdown is back.

More than slowdown. SSL connections getting terminated early server-side, particularly previews and attachments at (the post dated 2020-08-26 15:38, for example. Can someone else test that as a benchmark?)

seems to load just fine for me

>>Stop pestering _us_.
>I don't understand what you're trying to say.

I think there's more than fucking slowdown going on, i opened the site in a private tab, watched some YouTube videos, came back and the site still hasn't loaded yet.
For reference, the video i watched was around 37 minutes long.

The majority of these cheap motherfuckers make me livid, 400$ isn't much you guys, just literally donate a dollar or five you fucking ingrates.

The main page still won't load.

How about some storage statistics, show us what content occupies the most space. start removing reaction channels with long ass videos uploaded on the shared tab. The "thots" you removed are still active if you know the direct link to their stuff, and all the files still taking up space.
Big jump in price when a lot of artists are already leaving patreon due to various reasons and customers too due to shady shit patreon has with virtually no support. This means we get less content, and also less updates. I understand the admin is getting a cut, but atleast be honest and come forward with the storage data and fix a part of the issue.
Also, for 400 bucks, this page always has issues, price keeps going up but the problems are always here, the website hasnt been loading for days.
If this shit goes down, I wont even be suprised since people are probably getting fed up. A new website will come anyway, there isnt anything proprietary here...

Sounds like a caching problem. Yeesh.

did you miss the other posts complaining about the same loading problem? People that spent time catching timeout errors from the page and posting here? Do you even know what cache problems are and what they look like? Thought so.

Can you tell me how's the admin's dick taste, I'd assume it spent a lot of time in your mouth to write such a thing

It's weird how the pages in this damn site won't load up but the donation portion of it loads JUST FINE, you see the admin's priority here

It's weird how the pages in this damn site won't load up but the donation portion of it loads JUST FINE, you see the admin's priority here

I think removing the text or description part of the shared files would help prevent spamming and also avoid hundreds of MB of comments. Just leave the option for uploading a file and that's it. Idk that's just a thought.

1599066408936.jpg (26.1KiB, 274x321) save_alt

admin should give me free pay-wall porn but admin should no be get money for hardware costs be do out of pocket

Hardware costs SHOULD be out of pocket. The whole goddamn point is to not have to pay you retard.

Error 404:

is the slowdown over already?

I get where you're coming from, but that should be text-only (and therefore less resource intensive).

No idea about the comments, but going back to manual review of Shared Files would control the spam, at the cost of delayed approvals.

Calm the hell down, who hurt you?

I was just saying that perhaps there's a ton of shit, that's unseen, taking up space (according to the admin). Don't take it so personally, god.

It's been known since it first went up that is run at a net loss and needs donations to break-even on it, totally out-of-pocket means no (see previous months where the donation-drive for the month was not met and the site was replaced with a "donate or we go down" message, likely to hit this month as well given the doubled donation cost from upgrades) and then everybody moves on to complaining about how there's no porn scalper for Patreon. The only retard is the one who doesn't (or won't) understand that out-of-pocket isn't affordable for the owner which is why he asks for donations, since scalping paywall content is a fucking colossal headache that nobody in their right mind would do out of the goodness of their own heart.

Then can you explain to me when the purge happened a couple of months ago and some creators were removed why did the price of donation go from 250 to 400 bucks????????

I did donate at first when I came here, but the adming jacking up the price each time for "server stuff" and then the servers we pay for break anyway it's not worth it

The space that the removed creators took was filled by other creators, and kept getting filled, leading to the price to increase to 250$, admin decided to upgrade storage to 63tb this month, increasing the cost to 400$

That was the problem I thought about and the biggest loophole, especially with patreon being absolutely brain dead, banning pages all around, could just reimport the content creator's new page (if they made a new one there).

However, the one >>111746 mentioned, is more feasible, but here is yet another example of NEEDING MODERATORS.

I think you may have referenced the wrong post, you mention >>111746 two times

The sonicether page ( has lately been getting a lot of unrelated files, spam, and fake shit uploaded to the shared files section.
For a while now, people had been uploading spam (such as "Sum good nigga") and files that were not made by sonicether (such as "Continuum RT Build 13").
Now someone has uploaded 2 fake files with a virus (some "Contiuum with easy installer" bullshit). And to make it worse, that one fake upload has triggered a lot of spamming of "DONT DWNLOD BCUZ VIRUS!!1!"
Despite flagging the files multiple times over the past few weeks, nothing has been done. I know it would be difficult, but getting some real moderators to check flagged files might not be a bad idea.

Oh, apologies if I was harsh. I believed you were blaming the users for the problems the website has/had. Cache wouldn't make a certain part of a website not respond, causing a timeout. That's a server side issue.. like most problem here are.
Theres plenty of content without a direct link, like not showing on search bar, but if you have the url, the pages still load fine and all files still work. It's kinda crazy to me how the admin didnt keep tabs on what content got "removed" so he could clear the disk space associated with those patreon users.

Wounded Man Engrish 11.jpg (43.1KiB, 810x615) save_alt

>but here is yet another example of NEEDING MODERATORS.



I accept the apology, but maybe I didn't choose the right word. I was referring to the fact that you could still load certain pages with the direct link, which kind of defeats the purpose of exclusions and deletions.

I mean the main problem the site holder is complaining about, is storage (a 400 dollar complaint), so that's where i got "caching" from. Like if, you didn't clear the cache from programs, it slows up operations. Very rudimentary, i know, but that's what it sounded like, to me.

Though if that were such an issue, wouldn't that be cleared automatically, over a fixed period of time? Regardless, needs mods, or, if there is a "team", they need overhaul.

>The space that the removed creators took was filled by other creators, and kept getting filled
Etc., >>111517

Tommy-Lee-Jones.jpg (671.6KiB, 1280x850) save_alt

If you retards didn't want to pay $400 a month for server upkeep, why do you keep filling the site with talentless simp queens and shit unrelated to furry? The Jimquisition page gets updated all the time, and there's this one other brainlet in every other forum thread asking for people to update "The Mexinese Family" for whatever reason. Even if the content lifted from Patreon to this site were ALL furry content, this would have been inevitable anyway, because we're lifting a ton of content from one site and putting it on another permanently. This requires the use of a very large data store, which is obviously something that Patreon, and the paypigs can afford, but we can't.

How about we look for other methods of distributing content instead of bitching about it to admin on the forums? I think if there was a .torrent tracker it might help cut some of the cost down, since the content won't have to be stored on the main server - it'll be on other peoples computers.


Use a VPN nigga, lmao.

Not everyone's fault that there is a loophole.
They don't own/design the site.

So uh, idk how to go about this but I figure this is the place to drop this, there's this one creator that I've found has 10 missing posts but every time I try to update it the posts don't go through, and it's always the same 10 posts. Should I drop the creator here? Or debug logs from the importer?

A question, if a shared file is flagged, will that file ever be deleted or that person banned? Because a lot of spamming is occurring and it's honestly really annoying.

Yall are just a bunch of simps to this admin you barely know, he pockets the 400 dollars while you fucks simp for him for free.

Now I know why, you're afraid if you don't simp for the admin your free dose of porn is gone and now what are you gonna do.

I understand, go ahead, simp for the admin who runs a website that's slow, crashes a lot, doesn't update creators other than camwhores and glorified strippers and collects 400 dollars for "Server upkeep" the same server that barely loads 10 lines on the front page before crashing and barely loads images in other pages.

Keep Simping that's all you know

6ee.jpg (40.5KiB, 491x491) save_alt

okay retard

>can't write a single sentence without simp
How analpained are you right now?

So you pointed out that every sentence he wrote contained "simp" or "simping", but really, so what? Why would that make his arse sore lol? Also; he has MUCH more of a point than you do lol.

Imagine deleting camwhores and still having to pay more.

Ah yes. This other guy. The one who is not me but who is right about everything and also handsome and has a really nice cock.

Wheres the logic behind your implication that referencing someone else in a way that doesn't stroke your own ego, automatically makes me the same person? So many "samefag samefag, I call samefag" clowns on this site lol. "Someone said something negative about my comment, so it MUST be a samefag!". GTFO with that 12 YO mentality lol.

>Even if the content lifted from Patreon to this site were ALL furry content, this would have been inevitable anyway, because we're lifting a ton of content from one site and putting it on another permanently. This requires the use of a very large data store, which is obviously something that Patreon, and the paypigs can afford, but we can't.
>what is Shared Files spam

Shared files spam is when people start chating and spamming in the shared files for the only purpose of slowing the page down or getting it deleted.

Which of course wouldn't work, because if it did, half of this site's pages would've been deleted already.

Nonetheless, it has the potential to eat up out storage space. Best figure out how much data Shared Files takes up.

Sounds like a stupid thing to do lol. People got way too much time on their hands.

Creator is excluded, so why are the files still here?

I did not report to remove it

Is the admin ever going to ban the trolls who keep spamming shared files?? Because I just want to enjoy the content here like everyone else but these people are arguing over stupid shit in SF making the whole page lag. Seriously, it's annoying, and I bet it is for the admin too, to delete useless +500 files a month because of this.

I'm no expert in programming, but I think the best solution should be either ban those people (the one's who are spamming), or delete the text option in shared files, so that only files can be shared and that's it.

400 Dollars a month would definitely be a deal if admin adds support for fanbox, subscribestar adult, gumroad & possibly dlsite siterip on, just like did.
I'm not confident on this site's longevity, especially when i see more my favourite artists switching to subscribestar.

Examples of the subscribestar emigration messages found from posts:

That's not what I asked.


The text can have valuable information. The reason the trolls can do that is because Admin stopped manually reviewing Shared Files uploads.


Screenshot (4).png (24.8KiB, 992x549) save_alt

Anyone else getting SSL errors on most posts?

1. creator upload "A" post.
2. updated at yiff
3. creator modify "A" post. and upload "B" post.
4. updated at yiff

Then "A" post are not apply
It seems to be a common bug, so there is nothing to upload files.

Capture.PNG (17.1KiB, 887x525) save_alt

this error on every post, how do i fix this?

>>113199 >>113223
just disable shared files or add read only mode FFS
if you wanna go one step further make an AI to censor out "bad" stuff most platforms are already doing the same

>>114299 >>114074
BBS and images load fine here m8

well i always noticed this ever since june (but i never told anybody lol) if the page isn't visible then there will be no takedowns

so umm what did i miss aside from the 400 sheckel upgrade (i was out for 2 months)

That's actually a very good idea for the shared files... I hope the admin reads this.

Admin originally reviewed the files manually, but stopped after complaints about the amount of time it took to get files approved.

But maybe if they programmed or made a filter of sorts for the files, the spamming wouldn't be such a problem.

Update "Dreiker" pls
Post tier:
3 post $2.00
1 post $5.00
3post $15.00

And patreon:

Perhaps some kind of consistency checking to make sure a file is actually of the state filetype, at the very least.

I keep getting network errors when downloading, it then restarts the download I can't get past 50mb

Downloading shared files isn't working also the dropbox links on JayMarvels page are scuffed again

Infinite loading screen is back! -_-

Front page broke for the second time this month WTF is wrong with you?

data-deduplication.png (8.9KiB, 681x416) save_alt

Deduplicate files in posts (It's the copypaste from >>115172)

Some posts may contain the same content in "POST FILE", "Media" and "Attachments".

For example [NSFW] in one post (with ID 15609900):
All three images are duplicates: the same size (18_669_587 bytes) and hash (md5:a6892835c2e1c7d2b5e9c39eaa106ef3).

Here is only 2nd and 3rd images are duplicates:

data-deduplication.png (8.9KiB, 681x416) save_alt

It looks like you store the same file in the server up to three times, that consumes the additional unnecessary memory space.

Also it increases the load on the server (the server need to handle the request and transmit the data) when people open/download such files, because it's not possible for a browser to use the cached data.

You should deduplicate the files (in a post, or even in all posts for each creator) if you currently do not do it. And use the same URL for the same file (at least when the file names (in the URL) are equals ("Mercy_Tracer_Bike_4K_1.png" and "Ashe_Wip.jpg" from the examples above)).

This is site is dying my dudes. No funds in the donations and the month is about to be over and the site keeps fucking up. Twice in the same month the main page fails to load. This place was fun while it lasted. I'll see you dudes at the next site

I just wish there was another way to donate. I get the whole reason behind why paypal and that shit can't happen, but Canadian funds hardly go very far. Plus, I'm spending $42/month on the Patreon accounts I seed to the site. I can't afford to buy bitcoin. (CAD exchange rate is brutal)

I think someone donated 100$ in bitcoin, so maybe there is still some hope

Main page not loading for anyone else? The rest of the site works, but the main page just refuses to load.

Yea its not loading for me either.

Admin, can't you just look up how google adsense integration works and put it in maximum gears? that has got to make the situation more manageable, people can opt-out with an adblocker if they wish.

I'm having the same problem.

The Vimeo proxy isn't working. When I try to watch the videos it says "Private video. Login to watch (if you have permission)".

Shared files are failing to download.

Do you think the admin actually reads this thread? I'm not so sure :(

Did anybody else notice any infinite loading times lately?

Yeah, what the fuck?! Fix this asap.

Or maybe if fucking admin went to fucking work, that could fucking help. Who opens up a site without funds?!

yiff.PNG (14.1KiB, 1073x324) save_alt

No load

Have seen lots of people using the site as a storage for random 3D game models recently, maybe clearing such things out will free up space to drop the price?

you can't put google ads on a piracy porn site.

Fuck nothings loading mate

I agree, I think the exclusions should be more strict to keep things lower. Many people are taking advantage of the website and upload things that should be excluded. assholes.

oops, um, crud. Then imma give the torch to the guy who proposed de-duplicating data and being more efficient with storing data.

having a private torrent tracker like this could work

Just put ads already, it would cover the expenses more easily and then some. Better than having a 400$ donation goal every month.

Is the admin ever going to ban the people who spam shared files or the flagged comments??

JFC, updating posts STILL DOESN'T WORK?!!

so is this board just for complaining or reporting bugs also? anyway, the fantia importer just reloads the page instead of starting the import, and the debug mode button is greyed out

He can't ban anyone without implementing honey pot

Whats 'honey pot'?

What's that?

"Honey pot" in this context means bassicaly trap, something made to attract and catch

What do you mean by that in terms of the admin not being able to ban people until its been implemented? What is the honey pot trap here that needs to be implemented first? A "set user account" system?

Admin needs a trap to catch spammers,

Else it would be hard to find exactly who is spamming the shared files

Ooh. Still, There's this 1 (or maybe more) person that keeps starting an arguement in shared files just to annoy people, and the other end is stupid enough to answer to their bullshit and so on and so on. I just want to enjoy that creator's content in peace like everyone else, but shit like this keeps happening 2 o 3 times a week, burying the fixed files and making the whole page lag. The admin clearly states before uploading a file that "inappropriate use will result in permanent site ban", and after 3 months of this shit nobody has been banned.

No, he just needs the logs associated with offending file uploads. We need to be able to flag such files for review.

We've been flagging so many comments and nothing happens. Eventually the shared files gets purged, but the spammers return soon after to start all over again.

How do you search the forums? I'm an idiot.

There doesn't to be any new creators updates in 3 hours, the uploader may be facing issues

You're telling ME.
I've been reporting people who've been giving me SHIT for making requests.
They're so insufferable that not only am I FORCED to respond to them, it's also surprising how long they're getting away with it.
They have nothing better to do with their lives than harass others for asking for updates, I doubt they even WANT any content, they just want to be nuisances 24/7.

We gotta do something to stop these trolls because they're doing nothing but start fights and they're making the threads they're in feel off-topic.

I don't think you're an idiot for asking.
I want a search bar for the forums (if not the site in general) too.

>Ooh. Still, There's this 1 (or maybe more) person that keeps starting an arguement in shared files just to annoy people, and the other end is stupid enough to answer to their bullshit and so on and so on.

Are you sure you're not talking about forums? Because that's where I'VE been experiencing somebody starting an argument. In fact I'm a trolling VICTIM!

Maybe too! I don't relly keep up with forum arguements tho... I'm refering to the people wanting to start fights in the shared files acting as if it's a comment section.

I know!! it sucks ass. I don't know which is worse, the people picking fights, the ones who repsond to them, or the ones requesting when it HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED.

Really* respond*. I tend to write too fast sorry

>I've been reporting people who've been giving me SHIT for making requests.

Where have you been making those requests? In the official/general request thread as per the rules, or in your own "request thread" or other unrelated threads? From what I've seen, a lot of trolling seems to be aimed at people who blatantly ignore rules, such as Rule 4, or the big red warning that you'll have seen before making a thread.

>Rule 4: Do not create threads requesting updates/additions of specific creators. Use a general request thread to request updates in.

And, taken from the big red warning you'll likely have noticed

>Only one, general request thread is permitted to be on the board at a time. Creating a request thread when one already exists will get you banned.

>Post all requests in the existing update thread.

If you're one of the people who keep ignoring those rules, that'll be why people are trolling you.

>Where have you been making those requests? In the official/general request thread as per the rules, or in your own "request thread" or other unrelated threads?

>And, taken from the big red warning you'll likely have noticed
I haven't gotten any notice from the "big red" (which I'm guessing is the admin) so I don't see why I'm being talked to like I'M the one in trouble.

>Only one, general request thread is permitted to be on the board at a time. Creating a request thread when one already exists will get you banned.
Tell that to Request Thread #42, even though Request Thread #41 is still active.
Aside from that, I haven't been making any duplicate threads if that's what you're asking.
So far I've seen threads where the topic is "Is [Name] Broken?" or "[Name] needs a Request Update Button", but I don't make any threads that are the same title as others (at least not intentionally).

>I FORCED to respond to them


>So far I've seen threads where the topic is "Is [Name] Broken?" or "[Name] needs a Request Update Button"
Where you happen to needlessly shoehorn your request. You're so transparent.

The point is that he is equipped to ban Shared Files spammers, and that no traps are necessary.

>I FORCED to respond to them
>So far I've seen threads where the topic is "Is [Name] Broken?" or "[Name] needs a Request Update Button"
>Where you happen to needlessly shoehorn your request. You're so transparent.

You see what I mean!? This guy keeps finding me and he won't shut up!

>You're so transparent.

But still, nothing happens. A page went from having 300 files to 800 in a span of 4 days. It's ridiculous

Excellent point.
It's almost the end of the month and the donation didn't get so much as $1.
I know the $400 goal was controversial, but everyone deciding NOT to donate because of the spike MIGHT be an overreaction.
Like the new goal or not, don't they WANT to keep this site going?

This is how it is virtually every single month. Theres nothing to suggest this months late $0 is any different from all the previous months late $0. Infact, one month, the donations were still $0 2-3 days AFTER the site "shut down". A donation of around $100 was apparently already made around 2 weeks ago but for some reason the admin isn't updating the counter, which for some reason is ticked manually rather than automatically (???).

>Where have you been making those requests? In the official/general request thread as per the rules, or in your own "request thread" or other unrelated threads?

I just realized I wasn't being specific, I've been making my requests in "Request Threads". The only (two) threads I've MADE so far were asking for recommendations to other patreon sites, and responding to some site errors.

Is there anything that makes them sound like "rule breakers"? If 'yes' (as long as it's NOT for the sake of trolling OR being an asshole) then I apologize.

>I've been making my requests in "Request Threads"

So do you want nothing happening while spammers get to run free, or nothing happening and spammers lost the opportunity? Either way, the tools are available to him (if he cared to actually use them).

Idk man. The page I follow is really fucking close to reaching 1000 files FOR THE SECOND TIME. I'm really afraid it'll get banned or something just because of the stupidity of a few people who can't keep their comments to themselves. I know it must be annoying to the admin as well, so why doesn't he take action against them?

Hey, so The Crazy Duck's page was updated, yet the $0 posts didn't get imported. Here's the page -

IDK how you can import $5 posts successfully, yet the $0 posts don't make it.

I think people stop updating free posts since you can go see them on the original patreon.

Well, I think they made it free temporarily, but you still have to pledge to them to see it? IDK.

And you don't need to make a Paytreon account to see it?

You have to it seems.


Show us your drawings then and we'll give you some!!!

Guys this thread is for issues with yiff. Please take your beef elsewhere 🥰


THANK YOU!!! :')
He's been driving me insane!
To be honest I want this to end as much as you do, but that bastard keeps it going!

But with those kind of remarks, you're basically "asking" for people to "bite back". In other words you're keeping it going as much as they are... Can't you see that???

This thread is a real Petri dish of humanity. Just trying to imagine what kind of existences you saddos on here have. Move on with life ffs.

Basically, yeah.

Hey... but... um...👉👈.... aren't you doing the same by posting a comment too?

Does the importer stall for anyone else at the "checking cookies" stage?

yeah, wtf is this shite?

I need not repeat myself. >>116464

Probably because he has a lot on his plate. Even if he didn't, I don't see how Shared Files spam would get a creator excluded. Care to show us the afflicted page?


Is anyone else having problems with the request update button?
It says Unable to process request.

Don't worry about because the "Request Update" button literally does nothing at all. Even when it changes to "update requested", nobody gets notified, nothing happens except the button changes colour and the text changes. I don't know why TF the button even exists. Its been like this for probably almost a year too.

Don't worry about *it :p

Maybe admin still thinks he can do something with it, but I'm not sure

KikoVanity's page has been stuck 'updating' for days now. Someone uploaded new content to her page but I can't see it. Anyway to fix?

I know how you feel.
There's a page I'VE been following that's been stuck on "An update is currently in progress." for about 2 months too.

Stop treating this place like it's your playground.