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Okay, 400?

91-915168_grunge-question-mark-png-transparent-onlygfxm-question-mark.png (53.7KiB, 900x1066) save_alt

Why? That's double the cost, again.

Yea WTF is that about? And... Again? They've doubled the asking price before?? This is only about a 100 quid short of a whole months wage packet after tax for fucks sake!

Is there a page on Cloudflare showing that the actual hosting price has doubled????

Doesn't make it a manageable price

Probably from uploads from non hentai creators like that 100 gigs latex cosplayer.

Stuff like this is unsustainable.

Pablo Almansa? Pls

See >>107648

When you're younger and played games like Rollercoaster Tycoon. It costs £25 for a ticket to get into the theme park. People are coming in like crazy everyday... Then you suddenly change the price to £50 to make up for the running cost of all those extra rides you just added...

"Why is the theme park so empty these days!? How TF am I supposed to pay the upkeep costs now!?"

This is a far tangent, but this reminds me of a pizzeria I liked, until they hiked the prices up an extra 4 bucks across the board, for the same quantities. Eg 10 bucks for 6 mozzarella sticks, or 11 for a calzone, that basically fits in your hand.

It seemed like they closed for a while, but the prices dropped back to what they were, prior.

You get the idea.

>but the prices dropped back to what they were, prior.

You get the idea.

Here here. I just hope this is the way it goes.

Fingers crossed.

Not gonna happen, admin says 400 is to stay.

I suppose that's true, since when they said 250 was one time, it stayed that way. +150 now.

The admin never said the 250 was one time.

He should have just gotten like 45 gigs instead of 63.

This month we'll see was it good idea to add those anime-asmr-reaction_channel patreons to the or it will kill this site for good.

Already read it before I came here. I think the point he was making is that hopefully the admin will eventually be forced into lowering the storage, thus lowering the price again (if he wants his site to stay online). As in "out of necessity" not "out of choice".

When are you morons going to realise that this guy is literally trying to make a living out of you people through the illegal acquisition of other peoples patreon content? News flash, the economy is not doing so great, and by all metrics its about to go ultra shit in the worst crash since 2008. So this person is probably out of work, and out of cash for even the bare essentials. What better way is there to generate quick and easy money, than to lazily jack other peoples work, re-sell (COUGH) I mean "donate" then post it on a shitty website?

The operational donations have been failing to meet their expected monthly goals, much as the administrator would like to hide that fact by sneakily announcing the goals have been reached despite only making half of what he expected each month. In order to get more of you absolute twits to stay invested in the sites survival, he needs to develop a false sense of financial urgency by heightening the asking operations price to imply that the cost associated with running this shitshow is worthy of a premium.

So congratulations denizens of yiffparty for being the stupidest people on earth...


Nope, truth
You’re all dumb fucks, like someone who gets scammed but keeps on paying because they think they’re too smart to be scammed

More bait


Yeah he did. >>54591

Was that for the 250? I thought that was an different amount. That was 8 months ago so i cant remember.

What the actual fuck. First we hear the price increase was a one time thing for the start of the year, and then it becomes the new normal. Now you're telling us its 400? That's fucking bullshit.

Yes, the very same.

I started mass saving the creators I care about, which isn't many, but 400 is quite damning.

At least some of the creators I have listed, post zip files and then there's that yiff downloader, someone created to batch download pages.

The site was barely able to get $250 a month, and now the deadline is $150 more? This isn't possible to meet.


>>107890 reaction channels are just links from vimeo or other video sharing sites dumbass they are not hosted on the server

I'm starting to believe the admin somehow gets 50% of the donation for himself.

I think this is the admin trying to kill off the site. Think it'll work this time.

What do you think are our chances of making it this month?

Dude asmr is like what? 5% of this whole page? get over it. There are problably e-thots that take up way more space here, and those aren't even allowed.

So what? Theese fanboys should not donate then? And now we will see how well they will donate.

I've been pulling through Hydrus. Looks like I need to hurry up and dump every creator I can find in there, in prep for the inevitable shutdown.

On a related note, people sharing to when?

>being this new

>implying they donated before
Always on paper, but never in practice, has that logic worked.

>reaction channels are just links from vimeo or other video sharing sites
And oversized thumbnails for posts containing said links (nevermind bandwidth).

Business in Pompeii continued till the day of the eruption because it was still profitable.

He's trying to make a living out of you. If you understand how scams work this operation is a textbook definition of one, "I provide all this work for "free" on the grounds you somehow all manage to pull together and give me 400 hundred fuckin quid every month" Most of you people are only interested on average of two to three creators here. So essentially the unluckiest sod to have donated 150, 250 or more squid each month is basically spending double, or triple the amount they would normally pay if they just donated to the artist instead.

Get your heads out of your ASS, and start saving your money for something other than access to pornography. Hell make sure your financially secure before the economy melts at least Jesus Christ.


Maybe its bait if you "want" to look at it that way, but is it not mostly true what he's saying? Yes on the one hand I think a few people forking together a pretty ridiculous sum of money (nearly 2 weeks wages after tax) to alllow everyone access to paywalled shit IS better IMO than EVERYONE having to pay £5-15 a month just to see shit from 1 person. But, on the other hand, that doesn't mean I agree with this borderline extortionate new donation goal though. Does it REALLY cost $400 for a month of hosting from Cloudflare (can we get proof of this? That would settle the IMO VERY reasonable scepticism). No I'm not the same person lol (just incase "samefag accusations" are incoming).

Not a complaint, just ass out of nowhere.

It should actually be "ASSES", and even then, I'd prefer it say "ARSES". Sons of bitch I am not impress.

Nope. External servers dont cost this much to rent at all, infact its way cheaper. Especially with special subscription packets various service providers offer. It does not even cost this much to run a setup like this at home as some people have home cloud servers far in excess of a measly 65TB... You need only buy a home 100TB raid setup and pay a tiny amount for maintenance every now and then.

You are simply being lied to. You have been lied to since the very beginning, and the price he has been asking for has only increased more and more in relation to current economic trends, and what the he feels he can personally get away with using plausible deniability. Ill admit this is a clever way to put food on your table for doing fuck all thats for sure.

Then someone needs to do the obvious thing and upload a screenshot of the price listings on Cloudflare showing how much this data plan really costs, proving that the admin has been lying to us from the start (IE skimming 50% off the top for personal spending yet replying with sarcasm & malice (when he replies at all) when anyone questions it). Is it not possible to get a price list? Do they have a "get in touch to negotiate" or "we'll give you a quote" policy? If not, then this should be an easy thing to prove or disprove once and for all.

For a more legitimate service, yes, things are pretty damned cheap. 400 would get you at least a year or so of half-decent hosting on a virtual machine in a datacenter. But as you get less, and less legitimate, your options dwindle, while the price shoots up. It would be nice if the admin offered some sort of tangible itemization of the cost. But on the down-side, transparancy might make it easier for the company hosting the actual server to be found, and complained to until they shut YP down.

You knew this site literally bypasses patreon pay wall so you can watch shitty asmr videos right? And it needs a server to keep all those stuff up

admin is lying about the price, a server that cost $400 per month won't be shitty like what is happening here from time to time, random downtime and crash

might as well believe that he host this site himself to keep most of the money

Screenshot_20200902-115204.jpg (579.5KiB, 1080x1855) save_alt

Well there's these people. Though I'm guessing you mean cloudflare, which I'm not sure aside from...

Screenshot_20200902-115952.jpg (95.2KiB, 1080x449) save_alt

So I'm guessing admin is on enterprise, since I couldn't really find a solid price roster.

To be perfectly fair, the servers the admin can rent that are immune to takedowns probably aren't as cheap as the ones you could get hosted in America.

He could either A) Get them hosted cheapter in America and have the site immediately shut down for copyright infringement. Or B) Have it hosted in Russia or whatever and pay OUT THE ASS for the bits of the server.

People are still dumb enough to buy houses around Mount Kiloueaoueauoea (or however you spell it), knowing full well their houses will likely be destroyed anywhere between tomorror and a decade from now, just like the last houses that were destroyed in eruptions. Actually this comment was more about volcano's and stupid people than what we're ACTUALLY discussing, but still.

The thing is, basically, admin IS the site, he's the one that receives the donations, so if people turn against him, this site is almost certainly going down. Anyone throwing accusations against admin is also inevitably contributing to take down, even if you are 100% point with your claims.
When I see someone claiming the admin is stealing money without any proof while also calling people idiots, I cannot take it as anything but bait, if you can prove admin is profiting out of the site, please do, but bring some good evidence and don't insult people in your post

It's most definitely spreading FUD, whether intentional by whiteknights/assmad cratorfags or some literal retard, the effect is the same.


Fudge Under Dirigible.

Does anyone here think that we can make it this month?

We regularly struggle to make 250. No way we're gonna make 400 now.

All I know is that there was a donation of 1 BTC around two and a half years ago:

That was worth like 10+ thousand USD.

That was a fear years back, it's been used up already

1356031201944.gif (878.3KiB, 275x310) save_alt

Pay Oinkers gonna pay.

Okay, but what was the donation for all those months? Let's math this out.

Maybe you should ask the admin even if he doesn’t reply as often as he used to.

The maths don't seem to work out. Over 10 grand a few years ago and its already long used up???

someone donated 1 bitcoin last jan 2018 it's around $10000 during that time

but I think those 10 grand were already spent for personal use

after someone donated that money, he is still asking after the month ended

and that was around january 2018 so if he really did save those up until now, he still have around $2000-$3000 up until now but hey like I said, he is still asking for donation every month

from what I see, he seems to spend money from his pockets then invest those bitcoins that were donated


To be fair, I shouldn't have said "few years", I'm not certain about the date that the bitcoin was donated, I only know that when I found the site in early 2018 the site was running on the last of the bitcoin, I found mentions on old posts of the site being up on July 2015(>>1996), so the coin may have donated, much, much earlier. Admin may have used some of the 10000$ on physical storage, or may have hosted the site on more expensive servers, but that's just my speculation, it could be something used for something completely different

I hope there are enough people here willing to donate because with 63 TB of storage we won’t have to upgrade for a long time

Where Billy Gates, Elon Musk, Rickhard Branson and all the rich drug dealers into furry porn at?

There are a few people here that I have seen donate $100-200 at a time so I hope they can keep the site Alive

So its 400$ now? Its been fun while it lasted but if this is the new norm I honestly don't see this place lasting more than a few months if we're LUCKY. We barely made the deadline when it was 250$, but to ask for 400 monthly? unless things change for the site fast, or there's some secret stash of rich donators hiding somewhere here its gonna be real tough to pull through.

Some people donate $200+ at once so I say we have a small chance of making it.

Well not sure if it's because;
"Meh! It's only 180!"
"Meh! It's only 250!"
"...Meh! It's only my whole paycheque!"
>several increases later
Skeleton: "Meh! It's only 125,000!"

Basically I'm saying the first two were less doubtful to support*, but now, as it's in their face, not so sure.

*(generally since the donations are much later now, probably due to just waiting until the very end of the month)

If lets say around 10 people were to donate $30 to $50 a month it would be enough to keep this site up and running. But that would depend on how many people use this site and how many are willing to donate.

At least spell paycheck right, eurocuck.

As a "denizen" (yea) of the country that invented English, I can excuse his spelling hiccup because the cynical satire is on point, like the end of a centrepunch.

Screenshot_20200904-110154~01.png (356.9KiB, 1080x1560) save_alt


>get dictionaried

Check is used in the context of "I went to check outside." Cheque is the document used to transfer money via a bank. Unless you're a retarded Ameri-fag, who uses a bastardized version of english that has inbuilt misuse of homonyms. And you're literally the only english speaking country that does it that way too.

I would feel sorry for these people who donate 200 squid for a fuckin porn site... But its a fuckin porn website.

Jesus Christ that is like 2 months worth of food, and necessities straight down the drain. Also the idea that this admin is spending all this ludicrous donation expense on fancy airtight servers with top tier privacy measures is just insulting to anyone's intelligence. This place regularly breaks down, and goes offline not to mention that the services used are so easily discovered.

Public domain information regarding the location of this clients server says it is based in the USA.

Fuckin hell you got me there LOL, I'm >>108857. British, and usually take pride in my ability to spell shit properly or use the right words in the lingua franca of the whole planet... I guess thats what happens when I come here before I've fully woke up in the bloody morning. Yes America is the only English speaking country in the world who turned their misuse of English into a completely different version of English because "its easier than spelling and saying things properly". Having said that, I ain't got owt against the Yanks. A lot of em I've spoke to are cool; decent people (even some of the young'uns you get on games, but thats a bit rarer).

The misuse is certainly going down the route of "extreme slang butchery". Sometimes, I've not a clue what some people say*. @_@

* (disclaimer) not everyone, obviously. Not throwing shade either.

Lol AWOL munny

Can both of you just shut up

That just makes me want to keep talking. You know how this works, you're supposed to say don't shut up FFS!

Quit acting like a child

Better start backing up everything boys

Yah I don’t think this site will be around much longer.

MEME3.png (767.8KiB, 566x560) save_alt

Well, now the donation is 400% per month, this site will die soon... I will backup some stuff before.

I always found it ironic in the first place that there are people who come here and donate multiple hundreds at a time occasionally, so they could continue to avoid donating money

Most patreonfags charge at least 10 bux just to get HR stuff. You'd already be dropping 100 just for 10 of those. Put that 100 into yiff and you get access to hundreds of them. People still have to pledge to import, thanks to the CUF model, it's called sharing the monetary burden, you chimp. Instead of everyone paying 100's for seeing patreons, combined everyone only spends a bit, and gets access to everything ever ripped from patreon.

They have a point ^


That reminds me of an equation someone made, where;

-cash could be indefinitely dumped into patreon.

-Or a fixed amount, here.

To add to above, you have to pay each patreon every month for continued access to old posts, whereas YP is an open archive for everything properly imported.

Precisely. Then the shills try to complain about "muh low revenue because piracy!"

Like, no. They're in it for the wrong reasons.

I think it's hilarious the admin wants fucking $400 when this site works maybe one week total each month.

I dont expect people to donate if the website barely works half of the time. . .

Anyone that believes the content of the page takes 27 TB is just naive. Even If that would be proven true, the admin doesnt do anything to lower the size of the content.

These days we do have compressions methods that can lower picture size 5/10/20 times without any noticable loss of the quality This page doesn't use them.

Not to mentioned the Shared Files spam

Admin could either get bunch of janitors or create some collective system to clean old shit.

Insists on doing everything alone.

I know thats an exaggeration about how much the site is really fucking up, but it DOES happen a lot, so yea, to casually expect $400 for it is just insane. And to think he's had the cheek to insult the userbase when they've asked why the site consistently isn't working properly; the site this same userbase is paying so much for. Gladly he's eased off a bit on the insults and hostile attitude lately though, and I'm guessing its because he's realised how financially dangerous it is to risk biting the hands that feed you. For all we know he's already killed off atleast 1 of his investors that way, and I doubt theres a whole army of them lined up.

Yep, its like I've said before, if you keep expanding the "factory (site) & the amount of machines (artist pages)", then the WORKLOAD increases in turn. So naturally, as the SOLE worker in the ENTIRE factory, if you don't follow this by expanding the WORKFORCE; all you're doing is ensuring the site becomes more unmanageable the further you go, until... SURPRISE!!! You're completely inundated with 1000 machines all going wrong because how does 1 person service an entire factory of machines multiple times per day? IMO its impossible to NOT see where this is going...

Watching this place burn to the ground in a self destructive blaze of entitlement, and blatant false advertising... It is the perfect ending to a site like this.

The admin is fun to watch act like a teenage dirtbag. Probably has zero professional skills, and if he did they are most likely really bad lol.

I especially love seeing how people beg in the threads to preserve their free porn (Like that is the most important thing in the world to them) These pasty guys would probably be completely oblivious to a national disaster because they are so obsessed with this content. (Oh wait they are doing that already)

>Can't in the DRM thread, came here to bitch.

Two solutions for a place that is dying, to anybody here that wants to care, JUST HELP KEMONO PARTY ALREADY!

I'm worried about a possible migration, I don't think is ready yet for the great amount of users and content that will come to the site

Could go back to manual review to control the spam, at the cost of delayed approvals.

>seething assmad creatorfag

What is even more funny is watching the leeches get really angry about the fact they get called out in any way, shape or form. Then they try to demoralise, or destroy the people who make the content they so happily use to spray their pissy mixed bodily fluids into every gap of their keyboard while they furiously type that trash.

You people are pathetic and before any of you say "How rude" Take a good long read of all the wonderful communications this userbase has engaged in with both critic and creator alike. You shall witness quite a shit stained mess of a "community" who in-fight constantly, and most of which are probably 15 to 18 years old based on observed writing ability. Racism, sexism, you name it! This wonderful collection of human beings has spouted it.

So play the worst of this userbase at their own games, insult and take the piss out of these idiots endlessly because its the only language they unfortunately understand honestly.

You're being a massive fucking faggot about it, and the racism/sexism rant is really gay, but you kind of bring up a good point.

If you use this site, you've resigned the right to have an artist care about your opinion, especilly if you spend most of your time shitting on them. They have no incentive to improve their content or behavior because the people criticizing them are no longer potential customers.

Go back to your twitter hugbox, no one here cares.
Artists who come here to bitch and act like they have authority resign their right not to be laughed at and mocked. Same for faggots who constantly spread FUD.

>Then they try to demoralise, or destroy the people who make the content they so happily use to spray their pissy mixed bodily fluids into every gap of their keyboard while they furiously type that trash.

>criticism is bad

Nothing wrong with criticism, but when you pirate an artist's stuff and then shit on not only their work but them as people in an aggressive manner, it sends the message that you're never going to pay them no matter what they do and that you aren't worth trying to please. It's akin to turboweebs thining their opinion matters to crunchyroll. You've made it clear that you hate both them and the product they offer, why should they change everything for someone who isn't a potential customer and never will be.

I'm not saying you need to suck creator cock or anything. At the end of the day most of them are whiny-ass faggots who should get their dicks punched in every time they use Twitter. You just shouldn't expect them to listen to people who they know won't pay.

Look at all the whiners complaining unironically about other people whining. Ill gladly be called a faggot, or any other high school insult you formulate in your tiny mind. Call me whatever you wish! :D Write a poem, a song, hell make a movie about it! (assuming you can PFfffffffffFF). We artists and creators hate you leeches all the same. But atleast the most skilled, and honest among us have something to be proud of when we eventually grow old and bite the dust despite all the hardship (A body of work and accomplishments). While most of you will barely mature and with regret, utter those final words "Atleast I got my free porn".

Thats a legacy to be proud of. Did you know that we are living during a pandemic and the greatest economic/ecological crisis in human history? I hope you are prepared friends!

Anyway I have had my fun here, I wish you all a very fine day indeed. Peace out! Oh and please wear a mask.

I'm 99.999% sure you're a troll at this point. If not, you're sabotaging yourself.

You are a good case study for human euthanasia. You, as anyone else, will be quickly forgotten after you die. Thinking some mediocre porn will get your remembered in the long run is pretty hilarious. All things considered, I'd wager you're one of those really, really shitty creators; the sort with 3-4 patrons, who's seething their below mediocre work got put on here, and thinks they can make some sort of tangible difference with shitty trolling, and a holier than thou attitude. News flash, no one cares, all we do is laugh at your unwarranted self importance.

And yet TBH, in quite an ironic sense, from an outside perspective, YOU'RE exemplifying a similarly immature, purile & cringey "grade school" metaility yourself with your pseudo intellectual BS rant about people ranting. You sound like some smarmy snot-nosed teenage student with that poncy attitude lol. You probably couldn't have come across as cheesier if you spent a week in planning lol.

Meanwhile in the prestigious yiffparty mansion. The users become distressed and feel insulted by the outsider that intrude on their messy business.

Unfortunately due to current trends it was only inevitable as the pricing on the estate increased, that the threat of foreclosure increased along with it. There was a small emotional catharsis to be had in responding to those that laughed at them digitally, as they frantically stockpiled their supplies of very poorly made furry pornography. But in the end it was impossible to ignore the Apocalypse that would soon ensue and devour their reality, how would they handle the Covid19 lockdowns to come?!. As money troubles became worse the estate had to cut funding on key infrastructure, as the power regularly went out causing all manner of upsets... The land owner simply cackled like a vulture as he accumulated money from the poor souls that dare shell out the 400 pennies to their master, in a fruitless attempt to save their semen stained home. Who would save them?! Who would comfort them during this time of need, who would pay the troll toll?! WHY!!! The Neo Nazis came in, the paedophiles, the idiots... But it was not enough, nothing would halt the storm.

>when you pirate an artist's stuff
>shit on not only their work but them as people in an aggressive manner
>You've made it clear that you hate both them and the product they offer

>why should they change everything for someone who isn't a potential customer and never will be.
Argumentative: If their complaints are grounded in actual faults, then those are things that the artist could possibly change to get them to become "customers".

>trying THIS hard

>imagine, being this fucking desperate for attention
Guy, you need a girlfriend, or at least to go outside more. It's not healthy to sit around obsessing like this.

Sweet victory.

You're welcome, by the way.

What makes me happy is the fact this website is now getting less and less relevant after subscribestar and onlyfans being a thing. So much for "justice" lol.

For spelling his name wrong (it doesn't even SOUND like it would contain 2 L's you GOD DAMN IDIOOOOOTE), you and your entire family will be eliminated, followed by efforts to remove your entire bloodline from history itself because thats what happens when you piss off Stalin, and you couldn't really piss him off more than spelling his name wrong.


Someone just donated $100 so we have $300 to go

I guess the page counter has yet to update, regarding that?
(At the moment of posting this comment)

unnamed.jpg (26.6KiB, 320x240) save_alt


Sometimes it takes a while for the admin to update it

Sometimes I bet he likes to miss report on the actual donations to create the illusion of having received, or not received funding. Its the best way to gaslight the users into a false sense of urgency while increasing the profits gained for personal monthly paychecks.

This site is barely updating its rips too which means the investments are not only fruitless, they also dont yield new material until much later once the content is no longer new lol. God people here are suckers.

"Guys guys, I update the donation counter manually becau-"


>they also dont yield new material until much later once the content is no longer new lol.

All that does is make this place double as an archive.

That's how I felt.