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Sims sims and more sims.

Dq0t3-QVsAAhVoD.jpg large.jpg (99.0KiB, 639x761) save_alt

Why the massive influx of Sims content?
Are there people who specifically come here for this?

"Why the sudden influx?"; I'm not a Sims man myself, but I doubt theres any particular reason, or a need for one; its just something thats happening ATM I guess. "Are there people who specifically come here for this?". I reckon if people are uploading it en masse recently, then it would certainly suggest as much. If its pornographic mods I don't see owt wrong with it being here myself. If not then I'm sure it'll be flagged and excluded in time. Then again, it being here doesn't really bother me, and the more diverse the content here, the more people are likely to donate towards the insanely extortionate new asking rate...

why are butthurt?

Not butthurt, more curious than anything.
I just check the recently added creators list every so often and see what sort of things they make, and lately I've seen a lot of sims stuff. That's all.

everyday i check new creators since 3 year in this site and categorize them for hobby , last 3 month i see much sims creators it is so annoying

Yes, it's annoying because it's not a furry content, understandable

pls add

7620d81ee5c4b6dd4b64880fb676e38c.png (229.7KiB, 446x452) save_alt

all sims shit is gay and should be purged alongside with reaction channels and thots!

1292994971903.gif (168.1KiB, 95x95) save_alt

So theres no straight XXX mods for sims? Its all gay mods?

Always has been

Most of the furry content i've seen in the thread are lizardman with dick and no boobs tho, so by your logic, shouldn't they be purged too?

MTS_Menaceman44-1833518-Facepaint.jpg (632.7KiB, 1319x910) save_alt

seethe more simsfags.

I don't play the Sims, so I don't see how I could be a "Simsfag", you gay Spyro the Dragonfag.

cope more simnigger.

strain more furfag.

sims shit are for gay agy pedals boot

Garbage creators like this are the reason server cost are so fucking high

Why did you care? You still wouldn't donate even if the server cost only 100$ right?

>implying they do

People come here to get items for their Sims game that are paywalled. People like to make pretty pictures to look at, and the more detailed the in game items are, and the more you have of them, the nicer you can make a screenshot look. Base game is very limited, Sims would be almost unplayable without custom content. Check out some of the Sims 4 themed Tumblrs, some people make some really gorgeous things.

>can't find free mods