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Yagami Yato

dbb77ec7db0dcbf45864b8c77dcb6dd6.png (120.6KiB, 408x415) save_alt

(New thread)

The old one reached it's limit

Maybe you should take the fact that it hit its limit when most other threads don't even hit 10 replies as a sign that you should all chill the fuck out.

We just use this thread to request and/or chat. Beats spamming SF

im debating on whether or bot to post this new thread on sf or not so they know to go here and not the other one ://

nono don't. The people that spam over there know very well that a thread already exists, so it'll only add more to the problem.

Thank you for your work, importers!

Not some dumbass purposely posting a YOUTUBE AUDIO in the sf😕😕😕a new irritation everyday with these dipshits

What- 👁👄👁

To the person in the other thread that asked what the missing post are- They are just text and old audios from 2018-2019. If you want to listen to them they are on they wont post here so dont ask

I think she forgot about the dom mirio ;( and i was excited about that one the most 😭

I think that was the Praise Kink audio but im not sure

post the missing audios yawl

which audios are missing? i have some that i could probably upload

Theyre text posts

after 2 days of downloading, i have finally downloaded every single one of her audios pat and yt. i do not regret

should i or should i not let other people access it? i just dont want it to get bombarded and ultimately have to shut the link off

Wait... why did you download youtube too?

Maybe you should post it if this site (before of course) gets shut down or yagamis page gets deleted.

you see, the problem with sharing a drive or anything like that is that it can get easily, like this website was. im not sure if her audios being leaked is still a problem rn, but its probably best to not post it.

Oh finally I found the link to this. It was really something seeing like 1.2k shared files on the other page being automatically deleted after August’s donations were met

I was gonna make a discord but I didn’t know where to put the link lol.

you could pin it to a channel

i have this anxiety that all her stuff would go poof. plus its easier to listen to the audios as mp3s]

I feel the same way... I also started downloading all her Pt audios just in case. There's already a discord I think, in the other thread

779D5510-3F39-4CA9-A201-8B1CB50B66BB.jpg (388.8KiB, 793x1098) save_alt hey guys! im an admin on the discord server, here’s the link!! it expires in one day and has a 25 user limit!!

^^ feel free to link the drive in the server, its safe!!

I did the same with some YT audios (mostly for my fave chars tbh) so I could have the mp3s on my phone all organised in albums, etc :')

hai! I commented on the lat
st thread but for some reason I couldn't find my question... so I wanna post it here in case someone can help...

What exactly does the patreon section do? because whenever I click on one of them, it only shows me the comments from patrons and the link to the image it uses...I can only get audios from SF but I keep seeing people saying the audios can be taken from the PS...

I just dunno how it works so if someone could explain it to me it'd be really helpful! Thanks!

to get the audios, all you have to do is click on the post file. it'll take you to the audio


Click the orange "POST FILE"

Screenshot (1045).png (139.6KiB, 415x670) save_alt

Chibi Karasuma for the soul

Heyo can someone upload the 100 dollar patreon posts if possible? We're off by four

they’re just text posts for monthly video calls the $100 tier gets

@pandabread who joined the server, i am so sorry that we actually kicked you from the server, that was an accident 😔 -admin

I’m not sure if we’re supposed to request here or not so I’m rlly sorry if I read smthn wrong, but does anyone have the back door shiggy audio? If u do, could u post it? I can’t seem to find it on the files nor the actual posts... 😅

It's on page 7 or 8 of the posts section, you just gotta search. And yes, if you want to request something you should do it here!

Heya! I normally don’t interact here but I’ve been dying to know if any of you guys know which audio is the aquarium date with Kirishima. (I’m not the person that asked this on the sf btw)

its the rock hard one. this:

oop theres a new shinso audio >.<

Ayo do y’all have the new Shinzo audio???

Aaaa thank you :)

Search through all the pages before requesting

Search through the tags before requesting

hey could someone maybe post the new shinsou audio. thanks in advance ❤️

Could someone post the new Shinsou audio👉🏼👈🏼

It's not been updated on the missing posts... So i don't think it'll be posted until then. Usually the importers don't take long to post, so let's be patient and grateful for what they're doing!

Thank you for all your work, importers! please remember to take care of yourself and have a nice day/night!

@ that person who keeps replying to the trolls telling them to use the board: STOP. They’re trolls, do you really think they’re gonna listen? You’re just adding to sf which is exactly what they want.

can you guys like fucking wait??? its only been a couple fucking hours, you can chill

some people need to learn to be patient when they wait for audios and stop requesting in the shared files tab. and thank you to the people who aren't doing that and are talking in here and thank you to the people who import the audios for all of us for free.

Screenshot_20200910-185923_Chrome.jpg (163.2KiB, 1080x965) save_alt

is this person dumb or dumb? why are they asking for more when they claim to have alr listened to all of them? isnt it common sense that that's all that is available??? i wonder what goes through their brain as they post it

Can someone please post the new Shinsou audio? Thank you

AED37CF5-D5FC-4CBE-B7BF-65179190CC9A.png (179.2KiB, 425x566) save_alt

Hey uh could someone upload the newest Hitoshi audio thanks!

Whoever is posting that long ass post about the “rules” stfu. You are making it worse one post is enough DONT REPLY AT ALL TO SHARE FILES. All audios (except new ones) are already posted on there so stop posting old ones or ones that already work.

i swear theyre a troll themselves idk

isn’t this like our 4th time having the shared files post purged from having a huge ass argument

Tbh im tired of the sf shit. At this point, idc if the site gets banned. I can work with yt till i get a decent paycheck for her patreon

It's not the site gets banned itself, it means the person themselves will. There is no way that a site can get banned just from people using the shared files wrong.

Her content is also on kemono so it doesn’t matter

yeah but i meant if the admins inevitably get pissed, idk man.

yo what’s kemono?

why do people keep requesting on the dang shared files for requests- can't they take a hint

DBC27B67-D899-496E-A9F4-8EFCC9251833.jpg (47.9KiB, 720x720) save_alt

kemono is another website like yiff. also stop spamming the thread!! they'll have to figure it things out themselves by scrolling. especially they would know to come here since the damn thread has been posted more than o n c e

ffs that person just reposted the yagami yato rules shit, they keep feeding into it and they end up blocking the page more.

The Shinso audio is not working!

I dont mean to be a bother... but for some reason the new shinso audio isn't downloading correctly. It just stops downloading at the same point and fails to continue. Can someone maybe re post one that works? No hurry, of course.

Also it stops at around 17 seconds or something

The Shinso audio links on both the patreon posts and shared files don’t seem to work. I was wondering if anyone could send a working link to the shared files.

ok so i made that post originally, i’ve only ever posted it twice, first was the og and then a second time for the new thread. idk who keeps reposting it but its def not me

Yo!i was just wondering if anyone had the mirko one,but without the hawks in between?please and thank you!

To the person who uploaded the new shinso audio you might have to upload it since it doesnt seem to work here

All mirko audios are posted (only 3 of them) already

Can someone send the link to yagami yatos kemono link thanks bye!!

Could someone please post an unbroken version of the shinsou audio? thank you so much if you do!


Just filter through the tags

I'm the one who rewrote the rules from the previous purge, I rewrote it bc the previous one was hard as fuck to read as someone with adhd. I've only posted it twice, both before the fucking second purge happened. Someone reposted it again after I did. One copy of it should be fine but someone keeps reposting it, those idiots apparently can't read,, but the people buying into the spam are clowning themselves. Reposting something is ALSO considered as spam, this includes both the rules and the previous audio. If you give them what they want they won't do any work. And will feel validated bc they are given what they want by asking in the thread. So they will continue to do that. :) I hate it here. And I sorta stopped giving a fuck if this goes down but if they keep acting stupid I will fucking combust. They look like idiots.

hi, um not to sound pushy or anything but can anyone perhaps upload a working version of the new shinsou audio? take your time with it of course, I’d just like someone to upload a working version. thank you!!

Hi so sorry I am sure that you all are really stress rn but I just wanted to let you know that the audio "Patreon Version: "Sensitive Ears.." A Hitoshi Shinso VeryNSFW x listener!" is not working. So sorry I do not want to come off a pushy as I have seen how other people are treating you guys. So sorry again. And thank you for all your hard work! <3

Who has the audio from hitoshi called "sensitive ears"?

if someone asks one more god damn time,, like do u not see the people who requested before you??? clearly its still not here u dumb fucks

Hey, I don’t mean to be a bother, but can someone fix the new Hitoshi audio? My dumb dependent ass needs him. 🥺🥺🥺

hey dumbfuck ❤️ read the post above you 🥺🥺🥺

^^To the people requesting, its been requested before so someone might fix it. Just hold tight and it should be up eventually.

Does anyone have the new "Sensitive Ears"? It stops playing after 14 seconds and I've searched the shared files. I'm okay with waiting for an uncorrupted version but if anyone could help now that would be very much appreciated.

Dude... everyone is saying the same thing. Someone will fix it eventually just be patient like-

I was thinking... maybe it has something to do with the site not working correctly right now... the front page doesn't load. Idk it's just a guess. Like, when they uploaded the audio it was corrupted or something

=3.jpg (15.8KiB, 250x242) save_alt

Read the posts above me if your here to ask about the Shinsou x Listener. Okay? Please for fucks sake?

i- okay i agree with the people who are annoyed by those who keep requesting for the same audios. tbh, i think you need to think about how the people uploading are kind enough to upload the audios. please do not take them for granted.

why are so many people asking about the shinso audio when several people have given an answer already? it takes two seconds out of your day to read responses from others asking the same thing you want to ask about. all your comments aren’t going to suddenly have someone fix the audio. those that deal with yagami’s audios are probably aware of the issue and it will most likely be fixed soon. stop acting this horny over a voice recording lmaooo
<3 ashley

Yeah. Thank you to everyone who uploads the audios. It makes me real happy especially with everything going on in the world

Thank you for your work, importers!

Could someone repost the shared files Shinzo audio because that one doesn’t work either or atleast it doesn’t work for me sorry I’m just bored

>>111053're clearly bored. So many people have already requested it. Just BE PATIENT the importers will eventually fix it.

istg some of y'all need to stop acting like entitled brats and just patiently wait for the audios like the rest of us. if y'all are so demanding and impatient then just purchase yagami's patreon membership for instant, problem-free access sheesh

Girl- we just said to be patient for the audios especially the shinsou one people are asking for. Either yall are doing this on purpose or can’t read because aint no way

Oof sorry damn didn’t mean to request I didn’t know that there was problems with requesting I’ll make sure not to do it next time again I’m sorry didn’t mean to 😓

GUYS THE AUDIO WORKS NOW. It started working just now. I think it was a problem with yiff.

^ its ok just try not to do it too often when you see others requesting the same thing. It can get annoying over time

It started working so stop requesting it pls

its ok to request but 10 other people already asked. check and see first, if there hasn’t been an update w in at least 6 hours then u can ask

Guys the audio works fine now.

Here's the link:

Bro it still don't work for me ;-;

Is it working for anyone else?

As far as I know.. yeah>>111078

Gotdamn it

The new audio link works for me. Thanks

It doesnt work for me

Well at least I'm not alone in this

I clicked on the file and the audio works for me- im 30 minutes in

it doesnt seem to be working for me

Hey!I posted the audio and seems to be working!
I hope you guys don't have issues with the audio ^-^

and please: don't talk or request on sf!!!

okay guys, how do we feel about drives with all the audios organized and stuff? i might be able to make it as long as no one posts the audios online :>(like seriously, please dont).

hey!! u should join our discord, u an pin it there and only the yy yiff party server will have access! it’s definitely better that sharing it here and possibly getting spread around too much

I think we should ignore those who are requesting audios because just after someone said not to request someone requested so i think they're trolls.

if u give me ur @ i can add u to the server!

oh and thank you for your hard work importerssssssssss

just wanted to give a quick shoutout to the importers!! i know shit's been weird with yp today (with the homepage not working, audios not working right, etc). y'all put in the work for us and i appreciate you guys sm. thank you for all your hard work <3

:00 i might already be a part of the discord maybe ??


hello, is someone else having trouble with yiff and kemono? like, it wont load. yiff loads but it takes a while and i can’t access sf. oh, and the shinsou audio isn’t working for me. thank you!!

uhh chileeee why is yiff slacking rn😭🤚


When people make discord servers are they just for audio information or are they like social? Basically I’m asking if they’re just for fun, because I wouldn’t mind joining one if it’s just for fun.

istg yiff is HIGHKEY slacking rn- chileeeeee im just tryna listen to the new hawks audio


^^^ yeah same, i think the servers are messed up again, like how they were yesterday

for me the homepage is just stuck at loading ;-;

try searching up yagami yato then it loads the homepage but that’s about it

yeah the servers are slackin rn lmfao

Discord is like a gc but better because you can organize the chats through channels and theres also roles

so the discord is for both info and interaction w other yy fans who use yiff!! we originally created it cause it was getting annoying talking on the thread! we’ll be posting the link again soon!!!

Resquest: can someone please post the two Hawks audios?


mommy please

lmao you sangwoo or smthn?

Newayssssss imma act like i aint see the sangwoo ting

can someone please post the new two hawks audios ily and thank you! <3

i just added u!! i dont wanna say my user on here but the 4 digit is #6086

ok im not sure if yall know this already and correct me if im wrong but aparently the importers connects their patreon account to and is the one who takes it from there and it only notifies/let the importer manage the importing of files so i think the reason for the delay of posts is because theres only one admin in so theres only one person who manages the whole site plus they do it manually so fixing and stuff related to the website is really slow aparently its normal for things like temporary shut downs and slowdowns (like whats happening right now) to happen so lets be patient and hope that it's all fixed by tomorrow

again thank you so much importers for your hard workkkk

-before anything, yes ik not much were bothered by this and stuff but i though i just might wanna let u know like

Uh I know this sounds rude but if anyone has the newest hawks audio if you could import it in it’s totally fine if you can’t lots of love bye!

girl fucking wait a couple hours,, it was uploaded at like 4 am just wait

I really didn’t know I’m sorry


that was mean but ok then

sorry miss girl 😔

oh no AHAHAH i wasnt them. i just thought how you worded your message was a bit harsh. im sorry

can I have the recent hawks audio please :<

I don't know why people here have the patience of a toddler...

Reading the shared files, It irks me that someone had the audacity of a bitch to come there and say shit like "I tRiEd ReQUestIng at tHe ThREAd buT IT Didn'T WoRk liKe MaGic so I'lL bE A BiTch ABOut it hEre" and someone argues about "entitlement" to the audios WE are all pirating here.

Like bitch, we are talking about how you act like you are ENTITLED to REQUEST and BOTHER the uploaders who actually pays for the audios when you are getting it for FREE. No one talks about who should get it or not. People calls you out and shuts you up when you REQUEST in the shared file because it is uncalled for and annoying.

Also... Don't assume that just because you requested an audio in this thread means that the audio will be automatically served in a silver platter for you to consume. This site has its own problems to deal with that causes delay. Don't be a brat and get sassy with people just because the audios got uploaded a day or so late.

Sure, you are allowed to listen to the patreon audios to your heart's content for free here but you are NEVER ENTITLED to REQUEST and BOTHER the patreon uploaders to upload as soon as possible. Pay for it then if you can't wait at all.

Love how people are cluttering Shared Files again. Just saying, I’m not salty, I promise

But ngl, I might have covid and Yagami’s audios are pulling me through this pandemic


damn dude that sucks fr i feel you though yagami's audios are the only way i can get to sleep lately

yo who’s posting that thick ass block post every time someone comments? ur being annoying like what don’t you get aldkakxksk

like is it 1 person doin it or multiple people? lol i thought that new approach post on the sf page was a funny version of those fat block posts. but fr like just stooopp posting. that person’s trying to be helpful i get it but they’ve blocked up the sf probably more than anyone else rn 💀💀

i think i understand why people keep spamming requests on sf, its bc they dont read previous posts before making one. it’s clearly happening here, after getting 6 requests in a row and a response saying its not there yet, people still kept requesting.

and >>111271 i wrote that post but im not the one reposting, i think i’ve maybe done it twice? but i can assure you there are more requests than yy thread posts 🙂 and the reason it’s probably getting reposted is to get it to the top and let people know that there’s a thread bc again, people probably dont read previous posts. especially not the ones that are buried 🙂

i know right ^^^
im pretty sure it might just be one person who checks back, maybe they're being petty and just want the last word or something, bc holy FUCK its annoying that they seem to be blocking more than the trolls at least they have shorter messages

Like the people in sf make me want to stop using this site. Are they actually 12 years old? It literally cost $0.00 to not be annoying. Honestly at this point I’m like fuck it I’ll just wait until I get a stable income.

i think a lot of people might be doing it for shits and giggles. or maybe they might be the people who keep asking for the audios like 2 seconds after they come out and they are just trying to get the patrons to upload them faster. but either way, we should just ignore them and report them for spam

Thank you importers, I hope you have a wonderful day!!

hello i just read something in the sf and what is this about people getting viruses due to opening links?

I read that too and it didn’t make sense to me. They’re literally all

Screenshot (1062).png (385.8KiB, 554x518) save_alt

Boku No Witch Death Naruto Punch Woman With The Wind X Hunter Classroom Psycho 100 Stone Ace Attorney Note!! came out just now! Just search for it, it's such a great anime! Only the first episode's out right now but it's very interesting and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do!

Just make sure that the format type or file extension of the file you are downloading is an mp3 and not .rar or .exe (or any other file format) and you will be fine.

To the person looking for the FIRST nishinoya and TWICE (jin bubaigawara) audios in the shared files:


If you had asked here instead, someone might have actually answered you properly and won't tell you to shut the fuck up but ofcourse, you have to be dumb.

Sorry being inconvenient
...but can one of the importers post the new audios?

Love y'all <3

oh my god they are working on it. Asking a million times is not going to speed anything up. Be patient and read above you. Its already been asked countless times. Be patient and be respectful to the importers and the rest of the listeners.

guys just mass report/flag all the unnecessary comments in shared files and hope they get removed to clear some space

i think you can only report a post one time tho?

Someone uploaded in shared files 2 of the 3 new audios! just letting everyone know.

so we still doing this arguing shit in sf

i dont think so. things have died down

Thank you for importing drunk hawks p2, and shiggy!

I was wondering if someone could upload the newest hawks comfort corner though please

also to the latest person that posted on the sf, i like you. you nice keep going

to the latest latest one that posted, we dont do that here. lets not post nonsense on the sf

ahhh.... someone requested the kiri vs simp bakugou and other guy again... it's not even corrupted.... It's either they're lazy or don't know how to use 🤡 but i hope nobody starts arguing again-

wait pls answer, does the front page of loads already or not for y'all? i just want to know pls?

It happens sometimes, but it eventually gets fixed

I don’t know why people keep posting cats and stuff on the sf when we keep saying not to!!!

Because they're trolls... they just want to piss people off

no it loads after around 20 seconds for me i just wanted to know it its the same for the others so that i'll know if the slowdown is over

let’s stop talking about the sf page. can we pls talk about how some audios from yy are so unintentionally funny? like in the new hawks audio, it sounds like he’s gagging after every sip he takes dkalckslkdkskdkd

Hello :) I am interested in joining the discord that was discussed on here, is there any way that I can join?

does anybody have the hawks comfort audio? i know the broken wings audio has been posted a couple times and someone here has already requested it, but i really need it rn

Screenshot (883).png (144.8KiB, 430x508) save_alt

I said what I said.

3E3FE449-2F60-47D3-9A96-0DC192649817.jpg (5.3KiB, 235x74) save_alt

someone legit said “what’s taking y’all so long” bitch, the AUDACITY. does she know how hard it is to manage a site? just go buy her patreon if you’re that impatiently thirsty.

Screenshot_2020-09-12-18-31-53-1.png (745.4KiB, 720x891) save_alt


People take time out of their day to give us free content and this is the thanks they give them?? This person should be more grateful instead of demanding something that isn't even in their right. Be patient, it's not that hard.

Screenshot (1061).png (76.5KiB, 417x150) save_alt

Yeah, honestly glad the person importing hasn't been doing so for a while. Maybe people will learn how to be patient if it carries on. Anyways, Karma :)

People fr be demanding for audios like they can’t just go to YouTube or just buy the patreon. Is it really that hard to wait???

IMG_20200807_094125_614.jpg (9.7KiB, 320x320) save_alt

Sorry to bother you guys but is there a Stowaway heart Shinso route Alt x Listener? if there is,, could someone please post one for me Thankss in Advance💖

I don't think there is... there's only a todoroki stowaway hearts. Go check, all her posts are up to date there! The only downfall is that it's very slow and laggy.

Screenshot (1089).png (418.8KiB, 726x766) save_alt

Daily dose of Gon being adorable :)

can someone please tell me if the front page of loads for y'all(mine does after like 20 seconds) because I wanted to know if the slowdown is over

Wasn't able to find the audio that i was looking for:(( but its finelol,, thanks for the help tho😤✨✨

Uploaded the newest bedtime audio. Sweet dreams everyone <3

Thank you 🥺💞

hey i was the one who requested comfort hawks here, i just wanted to let y’all know that i didn’t mean “i really need it rn” to sound demanding, i was just having a bad night/feeling sad. i know u guys weren’t talking about me with the demanding stuff on shared files, but i wanted to clear it up in case anybody thought that cuz i realized i kinda sounded pushy 😓

its fine they're just stressed that's why :) if they're in a good mood i doubt they would do that

We were talking about someone who posted in shared files! So don't worry :))

Screenshot (965).png (462.6KiB, 564x763) save_alt


just a question: why they not posted the new drunk hawks audio in the patreon posts?

the drunk hawks is in multiple posts in the shared files. Download it there


I'm not sure if someone already did try to post the drunk hawks audio to the patreon posts but from my understanding, once an audio was skipped chronologically during upload, trying to upload it the skipped audious later will probably give you an error message.

Like, in the past, an Anon tried to upload the "group hug" and "Cece trying other language" audio after another anon skipped the two audios. It gave them error messages when they tried to upload on the patreon posts so someone suggested and shared files and it worked there.

But then, maybe it's because it was already in the shared files that no one really bothered anymore. Plus, this site is getting slow too.

Speaking of can we update it? Its just nice to have a backup option.

I wish the admin would just ban the people who keep spamming sf. Honestly, soon there's going to be more files than posts.

Screenshot (887).png (223.0KiB, 443x478) save_alt

Daily dose of angry Mr. Leorio

To the person requesting for Bottom Aizawa. Its literally on page two called [Dom listener route].... jfc

Will be importing from the $10 tier now.

Updating the Kemono.Party now as well.

I saw word of a google drive link floating about in the other thread and was wondering if there actually was one?
If not, I have the free time to set one up. Or a dropbox. Been downloading and renaming (in the 'properties') all the audios (working my way through the char x listener ones from youtube, replacing the nsfw yt18+ tracks with the nsfw pat18+ to the best of my ability; the rest are organised by 'Album' (i.e. the character name, 'various characters', 'ocs', a certain series.)

So yeah, I have nothing better to do /shrug

The new Kenma and Kuroo audio had me actually laughing out loud, it's wonderful ahaha

Thank you so much!!!

me.jpg (51.2KiB, 715x703) save_alt

shiggy audio hh
shiggy everything
i want a s h i g g y b l anke t

give me now

also i want a shiggy breathing audio like someone in sf said

hey guys!! i saw someone asking for the discord so here it is again, it expires in 24 hours and has a max user limit! the google drive for ALL audios are pinned in the yagami yato channel but we do ask that you guys dont share it around. thanks!

Wait the second to last post on the shared files says that we can look up the audios On the Patreon posts and listen to them ourselves by looking them up and boom just listen and I did and it started playing. But I never paid for anything at all. How does her Patreon Work do I need to physically pay for them? I don’t want to accidentally buy anything can someone please help.

Nah hun, uh basically you go the the part of this site where it says patreon posts, theyre youll see most of her posts. then to access the files just click post file. Shared files is (supposedly) only for broken audios so yeah. or you could join the discord where yeah all the audios are in google drives pinned in the yy channel (im there too lmao) yeah hope this helps

whats the name of the discord? I think I might be on it, but it might also be another one

does anyone have the patreon version of kenma's new audio? :<

If a patreon member wants to post it it will be posted just be patient. Yiff has been slow lately so it can be a while

Importing as I type

in the meantime, here's the kenma audio on my google drive; the nya's absolutely sent me, ngl

thank u so much :(((((

No problem. I'm uploading them to my drive to post links (to the discord server, but I can here too) since I actually have to be at a computer to import which I cba doing that early in the morning (my import last night at 4am doesn't count lol)

Tysm Umbreon your a life saver <3
I only have $1 tier so ill try to help out as much as i can with keeping yiff updated

My pleasure! And thank you to you, too!

I have the $10 sub atm (because I'm too thirsty and impatient, it seems. I actually unsubbed from someone else to get it since I wasn't listening to their audios much anymore so I wouldn't feel so bad lmao) so I can definitely help out :)

Screenshot (1063).png (245.4KiB, 404x524) save_alt

Daily dose of chibi Itona

3C36B079-CE01-4C78-88A8-238D12C4CED5.jpg (136.1KiB, 460x639) save_alt

Does anyone know the game that Cece was playing during the Kenma audio, it sounds really familiar but I can’t but my finger on it.

Hey ;) could we please get the discord link again?

168BDAF2-C03C-4EC0-B1AC-E9068182A83C.png (893.2KiB, 1378x1378) save_alt

it was league if legends, I think she said that in the audio but idk
+ some eboy kageyama for the soul

>>112359 there’s a 5 user limit ;)

129F2715-ED93-4FF7-A0DE-1B0A091DD76C.jpg (580.0KiB, 750x1109) save_alt

you’re making it worse, just shut up. they aren’t gonna listen.

fr y’all need to stop taking the bait and responding, they’re looking for reactions, just ignore

Are there any Denki comfort audios? I’ve checked the main page on yiff and the shared files but I don’t see any. Just asking just in case someone has it

Not via patreon, no. I haven't gotten to Denki with my YT audio rips yet, so I'm not sure.
Can't see any for him in my Comfort album.

can whoever’s posting old audios stop? they work, and are already posted. the only thing ur doing is burying new audios that DONT work. and then some mf’s gonna ask for it. stop, seriously

i tried importing the new night story but it didnt work so im gonna try to import on kemono instead.

Didn't it happen with the broken wings audio too? Maybe it's just yiff being slow at the moment... I really don't know this is just me guessing.

You know why the uploads works better and faster at kemono?

It was because no one adds to the site traffick by uploading requests and spams of old working audios there. Yiff is now slow and it'll get slower the more you add requests and spams.

Anyway, the new nini audio is now at kemono! Thank you uploader anon!

I knew Yiff was slow, but damn. Didn't think the sf situation would affect this much. These people suck ass.

(By these people I mean the spammers)

Can we talk about the Kenna and Kuroo bedrime story thooo it's so cute

I heard something about a Mafia Sero. Is that an actual thing or just people being crotch goblins?

Screenshot (900).png (263.3KiB, 580x501) save_alt

Hi, terribly sorry that I posted on the shared files. There was no need to other than to say thank you. I will not be doing it again :) Anyways, wondering if I should get the £1 tier and import the ones that aren't there, or get the £10 tier? I don't really know :p

i say get the 10 because you’ll be able to import both £1 and £10 tier audios

Screenshot (919).png (146.3KiB, 422x374) save_alt

I'll look into it then, thank you :)

B87D4D5A-A8F6-4FAE-8FA6-BE5FC2287B9D.jpg (576.8KiB, 1239x992) save_alt

do people actually believe these? 😭 I thought people stopped believing these in middle school tf

I’m getting so tired of trolls in the sf... They’re just getting annoying now. Why do people wanna stir shit up so bad? What do they gain? I’m just trying to chill and wait for audios. That’s what most of us are trying to do anyway. I’m just tired of seeing such juvenile shit. That’s my take on it anyway. Sorry for the vent.

No worries! I am also with you but I'm keeping my patient from this trolls and to those who keep requesting in sf.

Do not believe something like that just flag it as a spam or something.

Ah-.jpg (56.2KiB, 600x800) save_alt

Yea. The trolls are annoying af. They want to get the site banned because they don't like Cece. This is why I hate people. :>

Take some Kuroo to make you feel better. :3

Screenshot (992).png (246.8KiB, 495x411) save_alt

Daily dose of chibi :)

You won't be able to import those. I've been importing for a while now and no success.
For some reason, they're not importing, but they're only text posts or things that aren't really that important.

importing the new Oikawa and Asashi audio (Night Night Story for Happy Feels)

ahh thank u!! sorry about the entitled ass bitches in sf btw!

I literally do not give a shit tbh, I don't even look on that tab :)

You're welcome, btw! <3

To the person for posted the first oikawa audio... it’s literally in the import section and works just fine. Please dont post older audios that clearly work. All broken audios are already posted

@ the person who replied to the comments in sf telling people to come to the thread, if you’re gonna contribute to the spamming, at least link the actual thread dip shit. yk,, so people know where to go. bc that whole ass paragraph isn’t helpful,

Flattykawa and Kuroo bb.jpg (83.2KiB, 670x720) save_alt

Exactly, I don't understand why people who are trying to "help" writeing long ass paragraphs. They don't seem to understand that no one is reading that shit.

This might be too much to ask but does anyone mind translating some of what sero is saying in the new audio? I know the basics like mi amor and mi cariño

6abb62460eda8e86a674b7e5679bebc0.jpg (87.4KiB, 800x566) save_alt

Just letting you loves know that that Yagami Yato page on both Yiff and Kemono are updated. And, I know this is technically OT for this thread, but I updated the Auralescence pages on both, too.

I'm - trash beann - on the server, btw, but just letting you know here that things are updates and stuffs :)

dunno if this is too early to ask, but does anyone have the new hawks audio? please, do take your time and don't feel pressured to do so. we appreciate what you're doing for the community!
also remember water and food. ty!💛

D1AA1D7C-90EE-4B87-9CB6-A6A25641DB48.jpg (125.1KiB, 750x529) save_alt

umm chileee who the fuck said this? 😀

What new Hawks audio? LOL

Nothing yet, the only audio released today has been the Mafia Sero one.


are we still having the same conversation? they’re about a month late 🙄 n e way, they can take that shit elsewhere bc what do u think complaining about it on an ILLEGAL pirating site that’s predominantly FURRY PORN gonna do? bye

If only they put that much care into ACTUAL pedophilia and child trafficking

Screenshot (1013).png (362.0KiB, 626x767) save_alt


Let's just focus on enjoying the audios guys, we've already been here last time this happened and it was kinda resolved. Let's just hope the admin doesn't get pissed and deletes the page O.o I dont think he will tho, since it's one of the most visited pages here on yiff

I like the Sero audios but sometimes when he says certain things in Spanish like 'chorizo' trying to sound seductive I just start cracking up aksdosodwk

Screenshot (1089).png (418.8KiB, 726x766) save_alt


Bruh i wanna know what seros saying during like the sexy stuff 👁👄👁 i know he called us his puta but thats it

SORRYYY ;-; spanish is my first language that's why, but I still like his audios. Stan tape boy

why yall so fucking retarded, quit spamming shared files, jesus fucking christ actually kill yourselves

As per fucking usual. WE WANT THEM TO STOP THE SPAMMING TOO. The people who are talking in this thread are not the ones spamming, we want the same thing as you. But the motherfuckers who can't keep their commments to themselves just HAVE to post it in SF.

I think telling them to kill themselves is going too far. Anyways stan tape boy seconded

Screenshot (1059).png (137.6KiB, 212x453) save_alt

I saw one of them growl- please I don't want that starting again

Peeps in the shared files calling us pedophiles again I wish other creators were on here cuz I’m tired of all of this shit 👺

Here we go again people that spamming in sf. Boi we are all tired of this kind of shit and until probably that person from before came back to make another arguement from last month. It has been resolve already but that person ain't gonna shut up until they make everyone annoyed and spam in sf with them too.

admin should just ban YagamiYato entirely and be done with it, yall clearly the worst kind of fanbase

i love how people think purging the files of some 18+ voice actor is advocating for the extinction of pedos like girl firstly go find an actual pedophile and secondly don’t just spam the shared files as a way of being “heroic” because it ain’t doing shit other than being unnecessary

He won't ban it unless there's a DMCA problem or something. It's one of the most visited pages in this site, it wouldn't be wise to do so.

The only thing the admin should ban are the people spamming shit in sf. Or shared files in it's interety (only in yagamis page)

Claim you're not pedos but you're going crazy over someone that makes shitty asmr of a lot of underaged characters, and thats besides the fact that asmr is banned under the exclusion policy anyways.

Ummm what? Don’t get antsy now, her audios aren’t even of real people. Before you come at me with the “Fiction effects reality” no where in her audios give off representation of pedophilia, and it’s also like saying video games make people violent. Besides complaining and name calling us isn’t changing a thing.

on our way to reach 1000 sf again! work hard guys!

Actually, asmr is permited as long as it is about a relevant subject or tendency here on yiff (furry stuff mostly, but also anime and hentai). And the admin himself said in the new yiff problems thread that he had removed every page that feel under the exclusion policy. So... yeah.

Why the hell are we arguing in shared files again,like i think people are just doing it to piss everyone off,could someone purge the sf again please because this happens every middle to end of the month

A question: is the person who purges shared files the admin himself? Or someone from here? I legitimately don't know.


Or maybe it's like an algorithm that deletes certain comments?

i think the person is an admin

7CEA550F-4075-4F2F-9D66-F88E23FD6DCA.jpg (46.7KiB, 612x489) save_alt

...I’m not even gonna come at you from a “they’re not real” perspective because even though they’re NOT FUCKING REAL I already know you’re just gonna ignore that fact. Y’all complain about Yagami being an adult and making nsfw content about fictional characters, but if she was a minor would that make it any better? Y’all are cool with literal children writing smut about fictional characters and not even aging them up. Y’all consume that shit like it’s nothing. But a grown ass woman makes the same shit FOR ADULTS but ages the characters up AND puts them in an entirely different universe and y’all are mad? If you actually feel so strongly about this topic DO NOT CONSUME ANY FANMADE MEDIA ABOUT THESE CHARACTERS. Stop using wattpad, and ao3. Stop supporting artists who draw these same characters shirtless, naked, or just straight up fucking each other. Stop listening to other anime asmr creators whether they make nsfw content or not. Or just shut up and being a hypocrite for woke points. I can’t speak for everybody else but I personally was a victim of pedophilia. I would in no way shape or form participate in pedophilic behavior. People like you who compare aging up fictional characters who don’t and will never exist, that can literally be whatever age you make them, and don’t have any emotions or thoughts, to actual victims of pedophillia is not only sick but invalidates the experiences of actual victims. If she was aging up or lending characters like Eri and Kota I’d would without a doubt have an issue with that but she’s not. But fun fucking fact there’s people in this fandom who are. Go fucking cancel them. Go call them pedophilles. Y’all worry about the wrong shit when actually fucked up things are happening right under your noses.

Wait there's more than one admin? I thought one guy was the one who managed this whole site (from what I've read).

I'm so sorry to hear that that happened to you... what these people are doing is taking away the weight of the problem that is pedophilia in real life. And even if you don't like yagami (which is totally okay if you don't) telling her she's a pedophile and ranting like crazy is taking away the attention from real pedophiles that hurt REAL people, who ruin lives.
But I know that nothing I say will ever get to them, as well as the other way around.

4C2B4B79-FB1F-467A-9684-593A8E4D1FAB.jpg (220.1KiB, 750x648) save_alt

you are part of the fucking problem just shut up

okay i have a question but i don’t want to spam the shared files like most have, so i’m hoping i’m doing this right, is there anyway someone can delete the shared files that don’t contain the audios? otherwise it’ll be a painful scroll, and harder to find, that’s all thank you!

okay i have a question but i don’t want to spam the shared files like most have, so i’m hoping i’m doing this right, is there anyway someone can delete the shared files that don’t contain the audios? otherwise it’ll be a painful scroll, and harder to find, that’s all thank you!

flatkawa.jpg (28.7KiB, 400x400) save_alt

Um- To the people in the sf. Stop writing long ass paragraphs no one is fucking reading it. Also, I just wanted to say, Thank you to our importers! Thank you for sharing with our/my broke ass. <3

There's supposed to be an admin that is in charge of doing that, but I'm not sure who they are or how they work. So I have no idea when or in what case they'll be doing a purge.

And, yes, you are doing right by asking here and not on shared files, bacause that's the whole point of this thread. Shared files is only, and exclusively for sharing a repared file of a broken one, or one that has issues in uploading and that's it.

C5532B67-B390-457D-8B85-1AC55814F730.jpg (149.0KiB, 621x622) save_alt

Ya’ll look at this smexy pic of best boy denki

btw there’s another creator on here called “fehforfun” and they actually draws the bnha boys nude and I’m pretty sure there’s some of are of them in their high school uniform, if you wany to get angry at us so called “pedophiles” go the the actual hentai

Aaand they're at it again with the fight. Seriously how bored are these people to come here every single day to JUST argue with people they don't know??

if only the admin could just remove yagami's sf altogether.. but then there wouldnt be anywhere to post broken audios.

Screenshot (1047).png (245.6KiB, 473x404) save_alt

Daily dose of chibi :)

Maybe they could post them on kemono idk. But people clearly don't respect the rules of SF, So there's no point in still having that section.

how does kemono work? I can’t figure it out

It's kinda like yiff. You search the artist and go to their profile. Then you click on the post you want to see and that's it.

hi! me again
still unsure if I request these too early, but does anyone have the new levi audio? please do take your time! you addition to the community is extremely greatful!!
also reminder to take care of yourself!! you're loved and appreciated!!!

It'll probably be posted in a few hours so don't worry! It was just released a little while ago, so let's not be too impatient.

y’all cannot be like “where’s the new audio???” and “please take ur time, no rush!” in the same fucking breath. wait a day and if its not here ask, y’all are some impatient, entitled ass mfs. ur getting it for free, the least u can do is not be annoying and request here the min a new audio comes. shut the fuck up and wait. the ‘request update’ button exists for a god damn reason.

There was a dabi hawks comfort that I had seen a while ago and if it's no bother can someone send a link? No links or anything else I've seen has worked and I checked the shared files (before and after it was cleared) and I didn't see anything. Please and thankyou^^


Here you gooo. It automatically downloads I don't know why..

Yeah that was the issue I had with the other files^^ thank you, I appreciate it

No prob!

Wtf with the person on sf who just HAD to "get it off their chest". Dude. Have some self control and STOP IIITTTT

Whoever is in charge of the site needs to clean up the shared files section because goddamn.

Screenshot (1054).png (419.8KiB, 781x766) save_alt

Gon :)

There's an Amino if you wanna join

Noah fence but I hope everybody that talks in sfs unnecessarily gets ip banned 😳
Seriously I actually looked at other pages to see if they had the same problem and they all have 0 files.

It's because she got really famous on tik tok, where there's a shit load of toxicity. Most creators here are not well known there or are not from a toxic fanbase. It really sucks, nobody can enjoy anything without having a hoard of dipshits trying to impose their opinion on you.

is it true that yagami actually made a Tanaka audio? I’m not asking for the audio itself I’m just curious

Maybe the mods should delete Yagami's page on y.p if they can't stop assholes from using file uploads as a comments section.

Or maybe the admin should find a way for everyone to enjoy content without having to resort to the last choice of deleting her. She is one of the most visited pages here on top after all.

ugh yiff is so slow for me now that there are so many fucking shared files wtf

i honestly hate tiktok for all the shit theyve done to cece and creating false rumors

if youre on a phone using chrome, you can download the website link and itll allow you to go through the site more quickly

[R] [D]
sorry if this has been asked recently but i figured its way better to ask here instead of the sf but i can’t find the link for the google drive with all the audios so i was wondering if anyone has it thanksss 🥰🤧

That link stopped working a long time ago, sorry. For now, there aren't any google drives with yagamis audios.

If the admins either can't or won't clean up the shared files section, deleting Yagami's y.p page is the only solution to stop this bullshit. I don't care if it's one of the most viewed pages on this site; hell, if anything, easing up on the traffic here by deleting that page might do the site some good.

fr at this point it's probably best since these people who think that FiCtiOn eFfECTs rEaLiTy keep coming to the site and just NEED to share their opinions when nobody is out here being a pedo after listening to yy like ugh

the people who keep arguing with them too like just STFU and enjoy the audios and ignore them

How do y’all add the audios on google drive?

Do I need a computer or?

Sorry, I’m very dumb :)

Oh give it a break. It's not like yiff was working perfectly fine before the spamming began. It's always had it's slow days. Besides, as of right now, there's no actual spamming besides the ocational comment and yiff is still working slow, not just with yagamis page.

You can do it in your phone, but it's easier on a computer. You just download the audio and upload it to drive.

Screenshot (1062).png (385.8KiB, 554x518) save_alt

Have a good day :)

284BF84B-D76B-4B09-B523-99AD9F2EE9F2.jpg (661.1KiB, 1061x1055) save_alt

Anyone else kinda disturbed by the drawing of hawks with his pp out?


leme-lemme.jpg (42.6KiB, 500x512) save_alt

lightskinned dabi

i was disturbed too. like i don't really want to see that to be honest. but the art is good lol

hi i just wanted to say whoever posted the sugawara comfort audio thank you so much i would never have been able to hear it otherwise, he is my comfort character that means so much to me. thank you so much to yagami too if you're reading this, thank you. i don't know how this works i'm sorry i hope this is the right place to say this

is there a male version of the new kuroo audio? i saw someone ask for the link and someone gave them the female one. thank u!

it’s not on kemono yet and that usually updates faster so I’d have a look on there every so often too

After looking through the sf for like an hour or so (and flagging useless comments) I realized that there’s a lot of audios I didn’t know were published. Is there a way you guys find out what’s being published on Cece’s patreon?
Also bless you, whoever posted the Sugawara comfort audio, literally made my day.


go to her patreon, scroll down and youll see her new posts

Hey umm... whenever there’s a gendered audio and you post it on the shared files can you please upload the male ones too? I know majority of you are women but I’d appreciate if you did :/

update the other 4 audios please 😼

Guys we've been over this. BE PATIENT. They were released a few hours ago, they'll eventually be imported over night or tomorrow.

fuck off u entitled piece of shit 😸

Okay, even though I’m a man and I listened to the only available new audio THE NEW AUDIO IS SHDJJWJDHDJ GOD TIER HOLY SHIT🤤🤤🤤🤤

EEA0487E-77A5-4CE6-BF1B-01C68215104A.jpg (287.8KiB, 750x402) save_alt

if someone requests in shared files just ignore them and don't answer their request. 🤷🏻‍♀️ they'll learn to stop. you all keep feeding into it. if someone requests just copy n paste the chat link w the audio post.


ok just uploaded the new kuroo aud nb and male ver since fem ver was already uploaded. gosh i hope there wont be anymore fighting i am sick of that sht

male is taking a bit longer to process but ok lmao

ok theyre both up now. have a nice day everyone

When will people realize that the shared files ISNT a fucking comment section

If we don’t reply to them hopefully they will stop and leave.

That’s the only thing we can do.

Idk why I still listen to the kuroo audios when he gets me so mad but 😜

No, you can ask the mods to delete all the comment spam - and keep asking them until they either do that or get so fed up with people asking that they finally delete Yagami's y.p page.

Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. The problem is like a dead body - it will still be there even if you don't look at it, so someone has to fucking clean up the mess.

Well, I think all of us in this thread can agree that we wouldn't want yagamis page deleted. So... yeah.

shouldn’t you be happy that i’m asking here and not i’m shared files. and that i’m ASKING not demanding. suck it<3

No, we can't.

Yes, we can!

Ow-.png (300.8KiB, 750x840) save_alt

Thank you for the people who imported the Kuroo x Listener!~

you can wait a couple hours dumbass, ur getting it for free already 😸✨

idk if i’m doing this right but i had a question, so is there anyway someone could delete all the shared files that aren’t for the audios since it’s kinda spammed? or is that not okay?

also, is there a way i could possibly communicate better? like a discord?

There's an admin who is in charge of doing that, but we have no way of contacting them, so I have no idea how that works. We, as in the people viewing her page, can't delete anything.

For your second comment, yeah, there's a discord server but I don't have the link. Either way, we can communicate with each other on this thread.

Screenshot (1043).png (45.9KiB, 259x306) save_alt

:) Have a good day.

A4A56CA4-8AA7-4C74-9C2E-14D5398C86BB.jpg (304.4KiB, 750x741) save_alt

say your thank yous here, not in shared files. if you know you’re not supposed to do something but still do it saying “sorry uwu” doesn’t fix it

Hey mods, hope y'all don't mind some mass flagging. :3

there’s only one person who runs this website and he really is only active during the first of the month

73AF9F94-9D94-449E-84AE-A8A8C8DAD41F.jpg (43.3KiB, 190x172) save_alt

to the person who said someone has to clean up the mess.. no. you're making the situation worse-

B2702769-84EA-4A2F-8B15-1145772C9604.png (361.2KiB, 1125x2001) save_alt

Are they for real right now??????????

This has to be a fuckin joke if not BrUh

they’re so retarded pls 🧎‍♀️

like stop fr that shit isn't a comments section im literally going to die because of their stupidity 😭

79c6ec70d9192e16865a56fffe92d57b.jpg (57.8KiB, 736x736) save_alt

daily dose of denki 😌

oy stop spreading this emoji and go back to reddit

>isn't somebody supposed to be beating the dead horse

>>114811 >>114827
just ignore the 50 cent army trolls

says the SaMeFaG

just use anonfiles bruh

Imported the newest audios on here and kemono. Enjoy :)

2F7733ED-83D8-4D65-B4C3-8374BCB9518B.jpg (70.0KiB, 933x933) save_alt

Thank you so much🥺

Screenshot (1016).png (547.8KiB, 1366x768) save_alt

Excuse mE, I WILL BE PROVIDING DAILY DOSES OF CHARACTERS, NO HELP IS NEEDED. Anyways, have a good day my friends. :)

I appreciate the thank yous and things like that(I uploaded the todobaku x listener)... But not on the shared files please?!~

they obviously do it ok purpose just don’t help them, make them figure it out or leave

16CD8909-E0E3-4EF2-88D6-0BB24F014D17.jpg (47.7KiB, 640x517) save_alt

Ok I made a server for ppl in shared files who won’t shut up so take it!!! I want y’all to be quiet on sf!! Period.

(There’s a use limit so come by fast)

Haikyuu!!.600.1364204.jpg (111.7KiB, 600x425) save_alt

I understand. I just felt bad that they couldn't find it.... Gomen(Sorry)! I wont do it again! I'm some times soft.

people in the shared files makes me want to pull my hair out w

question: who’s the admin for sf?

Hello! I recently made a google doc where you can find all the Yagami Yato audios that are currently available on this website in a more "organized" way! I try to update it as soon as new audios are uploaded so that they're available for everyone. I hope you guys enjoy it if you do decide to check it out, if not then no worries!! :)

Does anyone have the Sebastian audio? I’ve been wanting to hear it for a while.

7FA1EED2-4DB2-4ABF-B68E-EEE6191DF765.jpg (76.7KiB, 933x933) save_alt

Does anyone know about the Zeno situation? Ive seen tiktoks where people Vaguely talk about it and I was wondering if any of y’all knew. Hope y’all are having a great morning btw

there’s no pat ver

If you guys go to Yagamis patreon you can see all the audios she has made instead of asking for it, the YT ones older than 3 months most likely dont have a version on patreon

Lemme just sit back and wait for the new Giyuu audio. Anyway how are y'all doing today

I’m doing good and you? I am also waiting for the Giyuu audio

Wait, what’s the Zeno situation???


GUYS! has the patreon version of the Gigi audio out yet🙈 I’m in love with this man and could someone please post it-

ion know who that is but let's just be patient for now 😌✨

Updated what I could on here and Kemono

Someone told me that some underage yy fans were telling him to say things that Cece’s hawks says, and he looked her up and now he’s uncomfortable.


Well they weren’t really telling him it was more like harassing him

Wait, who's zeno? A tiktoker?




I, as an underaged myself,cannot believe they would do something like that...

what happened? who did they harrass?

Zeno, hawks’ dub voice actor. brats are harassing him to say things that Myu says in her video. this is why i hate everyone who didn’t use this site 1/2 years ago. most if you ruined the whole fanbase

wow. now I feel fucking ashamed wtf is wrong with them

omg.. i feel so bad for him. people seriously piss me off like how can you be SO rude.. 🙄

What I meant was The giyuu auido😂

It doesn't necessarily mean that those people viewed this site... they could've easely just watched yagamis youtube channel.

or seen the tik toks (mostly because of the pig sl*t audio that went viral)

90% of the people who did it aren’t paying for her patreon, and the youtube versions aren’t nsfw. i just want myu to be unpopular again like last year.

I’m happy she found success but everything was better when she wasn’t that known. But then again I feel like that can apply to any creator

It seems lately theres so much drama/weird fanbases in the erotic va community. Ive seen stuff with yy, professorcal and the matt guy all about weird fans

Yeah, everyone is talking about how bad she is, but they just want someone to harass.

Right! We already know the YY drama, but professorcal got multiple messages from minors in his DMs, and Matt I think had a picture of him spammed in Mangozut's (a tik toker) discord and he got super pissed off, understandably.

yagami yato tsuki.png (6.5KiB, 412x96) save_alt

Thank you so fucking much to the person who posted the Tsuki x Listener for self harm. I was about 2 or 3 months clean until today. I came home to the Tsuki audio and it made me really happy. Thank you so much. <3

In my opinion mangozut has voice actor drama around her constantly

I knooow. Like, I enjoy her vids cause they're funny and all, but she constantly starts (unintentionally) drama with voice actors... professorcal specifically said he didn't want his audios on tik tok and she was the one who brought him there. With HarukiVa tho, I'm totally on her side, that guy was a sicko.

Does anyone think yagami would make angtsy audios🤔 cause I’m actually a fan of angst and kinda want to cry😂

To the person who doesn't want us to support yagamis patreon. Um... thanks? Didn't know you controlled my wallet 😂 seriously tho, it's because of people that support her that we get the content you dimwit.

Does anyone have the new giyuu file

someone posted it in sf

5CB9DB8B-04D7-4940-A7C2-C90BB6066E94.png (98.0KiB, 360x450) save_alt

For real!
If people didn’t get her patreon and didn’t sub to her on YouTube, she wouldn’t have continued to make audios that you listen to, ya dum dum.

Like BrUh

People are here cuz they can’t pay.

If they could, they wouldn’t even know that this page existed cuz they’d be in her patreon.

hiiiii, just wanted to say that google doc is a great idea!! and will the doc update too with the audios? of course when they download fully which takes awhile i understand :)

So uh the person who uploaded the giyuu audio just got it from her YT after like 40 minutes there isn't anything else playing 🧍🏽‍♀️. May someone please upload the actual audio? Sorry lmao thank u

FD4E8D74-4AB6-4545-A543-F6D9F460CC1A.jpg (111.3KiB, 933x921) save_alt

Yeah I was just listening to the Giyuu audio and thought I was going crazy, that was cruel man😔

someone shared the fucking YouTube audio again omg

46DE8934-E687-48E8-AE7D-7BD28AF510D8.jpg (44.1KiB, 464x464) save_alt

aaa why do they keep doing that

honestly idk like wtf

F7D7050F-488A-4490-9E76-1A646FE763B4.jpg (257.0KiB, 766x763) save_alt

I’m guessing they thought that the other audio someone else posted was the pat version and reposted it bc people were arguing and it got burried. I’m kinda annoyed too but someone called them dipshit😀. Which was unnecessary🧍🏽‍♀️

lmaoo I guess we just gotta wait for the real pat ver

Is the new Giyuu audio not working for anyone else?

yea same it's corrupted for me

does anyone have the giyuu audio? :((

i uploaded the actual giyuu aud so it should work fine. its in sf

omg thank you so much :’((

hiiiii again, just wanted to say that google doc is a great idea!! and will the doc update too with the audios? of course when they download fully which takes awhile i understand :)

im interested too tell me more about the story/drama

Does anyone know if there is a Sebastian x lister auido?


yo my friend told me to listen to the new kuroo audio and i literally cannot stop listening. that shit is DELICIOUSLY ADDICTIVE but i have a bone to pick with yagami, that’s why i come here and don’t pay for her patreon anymore 😔

Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 1.09.23 PM.png (36.4KiB, 149x202) save_alt

when yato makes you SIMP so hard for a nonexistent BIRDMAN who probably smells like a whole bottle of axe body spray and fried chicken
anyways chile- i cant stop listening to the new female audio tho she rlly said hawks go brrrrrrrr

There isn't a patreon audio of that, but there might be a youtube one

7414AA9D-F8E7-402E-9C91-93F2E0CC83FE.jpg (484.8KiB, 1125x1122) save_alt


here’s the link for the yy yiff party discord server, we’re opening it up again! there is a 50 user link and will EXPIRE in 24 hours

some quick things to note:
- if you dont have an intro = no access to the rest of the channels
- age verification for nsfw channels (16+)
- please make sure to read the rules carefully
- if we find out that you post on shared files it will result in an auto-kick, ex. retaliating to trolls, responding to any requests by linking an audio, etc (this EXCLUDES those who post corrupted links that HAVE NOT been posted before)

some of the things that this server INCLUDES:
- info regarding yagami yago’s yiff party (ask any burning questions here to get a faster response)
- google drives w all pat audios (do not share/spread to anyone outside of the server, it will be deleted by the owners)
- yiff party importers
- audio listen-alongs and game nights starting this saturday
- and more!!

hawks has a new audio? :>

I’m getting so sick of the SF. Trolls are so fucking annoying 🤦🏾‍♂️

hey i don’t think the “crazy for your kiss” or the yandere denki is in the google doc, can someone help with that?

i actually find it a little more helpful, since most audios get lost in the shared files

the trolls annoying af LMFAO if you don't like cece then fucking leave lmg

a pedo is someone who is attracted to prepubescent kids. Myu isn’t attracted to the characters, stop throwing around serious words when you don’t even get the meanings right.

satorin.png (45.3KiB, 222x204) save_alt

oh I used to listen to yy stuff back in early 2019, glad she is getting a lot of support, need to listen to some of her stuff again
also learned she was a woman a while ago, that surprised me a lot, she can do some pretty amazing voices

D2266D24-EE11-4A7E-99C6-91A7FD1E980C.jpg (164.6KiB, 850x680) save_alt

Why are people so rude about others making mistakes and waiting for an audio-? I have a feeling they are just really horny and don’t have patience🧍🏽‍♀️. (also art it not mine😀)

Okay ya’ll I need to make a request and a question- I could’ve sworn there was a Incubus bakugo patreon and now it’s gone from the main board and the shared files are a hazard but I’m just making sure if there is please put it i. Shared files that would be appreciated!

Nope, there isn't one. I think there's just a yt ver and that's it.

tumblr_killua.jpg (94.4KiB, 640x639) save_alt

I don't understand people. Like, you're telling people not to respond but you're responding to the other people? You're part of the problem if you're posting in the SF. You're not helping. To the people who are just trying to chill and listen to Cece,(like me) have a great day and stay safe!

07922910-C274-4D97-A00C-6CDACC61C6FA.jpg (74.1KiB, 525x525) save_alt

The sf a whole fucking mess👁👄👁

thats the spirit
also the keep in mind that the trolls are probably butthurt creatorfags in diguise like as usual

where is this tiktok drama thing links (gib linkz plz)

Theres tiktok drama?

Bruh I can’t believe that ppl are actually harassing hawks va to listen to yy
Wtf is wrong w them, they literally have no shame

It sucks... people don't have any respect for others. They don't represent us yato nor MHA fans.

Hey, do y'all already know about the new drama on Tiktok? It's about the new Tsukki comfort audio.

Omg I had no idea
Pls do spilll

Guys. Can we just drop it? can't we just enjoy the audios without any drama? you know that whatever you say here, the trolls will spam it in shared files.

Hello, sorry for asking but is there anyone who has the hawks audio "like me"? Thank you everyone !

I have no idea which audio that is..

The “like me” is only for yt
There is no pat version

The “like me” is only for yt
There is no pat version

hiiii, does anyone have the patreon version of hawk's new audio? 👉👈

istg I'm getting so frustrated at the people at shared files that keep with the discussion on whether yagami is this or that
like is it so hard to leave it alone if you don't like it ??? I don't understand
anyways thank you for whoever uploads the audios on here, the comfort audios have been helping me a lot through these hard times, I never posted something but it's been getting on my nerves
stay safe everyone!

Yagami have been getting updated everyday countless times. this is just spam at this point. what the hell is happening? like isnt it wasting the space and increasing the money needed to keep this site up?

hey i don’t think the “crazy for your kiss” or the yandere denki is in the google doc, can someone help with that?

It doesn't have a patreon version

661C4828-61F9-47FB-AE93-4D9F30628728.jpg (563.7KiB, 1242x1148) save_alt

Honestly just don’t use the sf anymore. Just upload the audios here if they are broken or something. Just ignore the sf.

the new hawks audio has been uploaded to patreon so i was wondering if anybody wouldn’t mind uploading it here or to shared files? tyty <3

The people who upload said they will be pausing the audio uploads because of the behavior in the sf so let's just enjoy the ones we have now. And be better next time.

I swear the only ones arguing in sf are probably minors. Kids always think they’re invincible. A narcissistic adult is usually uncommon, but entitled crotch goblins will always lurk like maggots 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

LMAO YOUR RIGHT! like fr what's the point on arguing on SF? It isn't gonna change nothing it's just annoying

i don’t wanna sound selfish or anything, but why can’t yall just upload the audios here since the sf kids don’t wanna listen and don’t come here anyways?

Maybe can be updated instead. Its no sf there so no arguing.

the sf are going to reach 1000 again at this point
don't respond to them or tell them to stop, that just makes it worse and I think probably there are more people asking to stop than the people who spam but idk
let them be, I know it's really annoying but they're just testing our patience, because if they wanted to discuss something seriously they would talk through here
again, try your best to ignore and just enjoy the audios, we honestly just want to forget about the world out there sometimes
sorry if the english is bad, it is not my first language!
drink water and wash your hands

I saw a video of someone saying that the audio glorified s3lf harm and that It was manipulative.
People were because Tsukki said "If you harm yourself I will do it too" even tho then he said "It's a figurative speech".

At this point people only want to make more problems on Tiktok :/

Thank you everybody for answering me !

omg I swear people will find the smallest mistakes ever and use it to hate on yagami like ffs we've said it a million times already if you like her then that's cool but if you don't like her then that's your opinion don't go hating on ppl who do like her like omg I swear they all assume we're out there r@p!ng kids just because we listen to her audios lmao if we did then she would've stopped making content a long time ago

message to the other uploaders:
i’m so sorry that people are being hella ignorant and are spamming sf, but we gotta try to ignore them to the best of our ability. we’ve all tried everything to educate people on options beside spamming sf and i think we’ve all come to the realisation that some people are just fucken stubborn and they’re gonna continue to be dumbasses by spamming unnecessary shit. in the meantime, try to upload the files onto the patreon posts section and if you can’t figure out how, there’s a tutorial somewhere on the homepage for our safest way of uploading would be to only upload to sf if a file is corrupted on patreon posts, otherwise our file posts are just gonna be drowned out by white-knights and drama chasers

anyways, here’s a tip:
if you’re one of the people who white-knights on sf, please don’t. it’s gonna start an argument once that shit starts getting heated it’s gonna end up being rlly hard for you and others to resist replying which is just gonna spam the files even more and we don’t need that rn. who gives a fuck about those trollers, they’re literally there just to make y’all triggered and replying to them is feeding their ego so ignoring them would be so much better. resist that urge bb and DON’T REPLY, let them bask in dumbass juice bc you replying ain’t gonna change their mind ok? if you need to vent about it or let out ur frustration either do it here or if you rlly need some comfort you can talk to me on snap @infinite_jenine mkay? <33

omg ur so nice thank you I'm rlly happy I found someone else who's nice on yiff 😭

hi i’m platonically in love with you

people just want something to attack her, they grab one part of the audio and make a fuss over it, same thing happened with the shouto vs endeavor one

They are literally on this site 24/7 , writing poop that no one cares about in sf, refreshing the page and waiting to see if anyone responds.

How sad can their life be 😔

Hey, does anyone have YY link? I lost it cuz I accidentally clicked on an add. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Just write and search yagami in the searcher

0e2a082cb7bead29effb419c7c62ce15.jpg (36.4KiB, 500x500) save_alt

quick rant: we been arguing about fictional characters for 2 months. I guess? but the stupid thing is y'all keep bringing up the same argument over and over again at this point its getting ridiculous no ones gonna win this argument, you all failed ((mentioning this to some of you and the people hate cece)). I get it you don't like her, shes problematic to you, but quit talking shit about her in the shared files and try to change peoples mind some of y'all are hypocrites. that's all i have to say, i know i'm gonna regret this ((idc)) . now leave me alone i'm gonna listen to the new hawks audio

honestly the shared files is giving me very much toxicity , I seriously just ignore that general area , I only look at it to see what’s happening but most of the time I’m waiting patiently for the beautiful uploaders , they deserve a fucking medal , a reward — thanks you importers for being unbothered and unproblematic !

tumblr_killua.jpg (94.4KiB, 640x639) save_alt

Wait... People are starting drama over a self harm comfort audio? Something that can HELP people? It's not like she didn't say it was for self harm. I hate people. Like come one. Give her a break. --Thank you to our importers!

why cant we post under shared files, and does anyone
have the "ill let you cum when i say so" hawks audio? (preferably female)

3D61B1B5-5D3C-4D6E-970F-D9B65B8EB9B1.jpg (339.7KiB, 750x1334) save_alt

The SF isn't mental for talking at all and the Hawks audio your looking for is under the Hawks section

Um here's the link for the hawks audio you're looking for
and please dont post anything on the sf cuz it's just gonna make things worse than it is

There's two reasons why you can't: first off, it's a section specifically meant to upload files and nothing else. Second, when you comment, you bury the fixed files, thus making it harder for people to find them and also it makes the whole page slow and laggy.

The first time an arguement broke, the admin of yiff themselves said that they'd shut down the page if this kept happening, but I don't know if they'll actually do it.

And last, before you upload a file, it says in RED highlight: "do not post anything that isn't a file, because it'll result in permanent site ban". So, yeah, those are the reasons why.

B31AC5EF-418E-4BFA-B3EE-05DB58537967.jpg (577.2KiB, 649x1196) save_alt

who in the hell posted this shit? wtf is wrong with you??

ok that screenshot above me is actually making the community look bad then it already is

I really don’t understand how these idiots can argue everyday.

Don’t you have other things to do instead of being on this website all day?????

Just listen to the audios then leave.

god damn im one of the importers and i am tired of the same bs over and over and over again god. idk im gonna take a break from importing and just do it a private chat.

2C05AD13-471C-41D8-BC58-873867AFBFEC.png (692.7KiB, 1200x1600) save_alt

The only reason the people who hate/dislike yagami are on this website is because of tiktok. Ive seen so many people sharing this website. Yes, i understand people don’t have enough money to but her patreon but it’s not like they desperately need it. If your seeing this and you are spreading the website on tiktok, please please please delete your comments or tell others to stop sharing the website.

oopsies i meant buy ^^^ (i probably made other mistakes, sorry😪)

slurrrpie.jpg (40.9KiB, 373x357) save_alt

if there wasn't any tiktok on subway sufers and people who react to her patreon instead of her youtube, all of this mess wouldn't exist

am i right?

does anyone have the asahi and oikawa ni ni story? it got buried under the spam

tumblr_killua.jpg (94.4KiB, 640x639) save_alt

Here is the Asahi and Oikawa ni ni story!

thank you!

Screenshot (1046).png (151.2KiB, 418x766) save_alt

I'm starting one piece, wish me luck :) Anyways, chibi. Have a great day guys :)

tumblr_killua.jpg (94.4KiB, 640x639) save_alt

You're welcome!

Hey someone in the shared files said that they’ve started posting the audios on SoundCloud, is there anyone here that knows the name of their SoundCloud? Thank you!

You ca just search the name of the audio or yagami yato patreon and a lot of posta show up, along with the user uploading it.

B0D2460B-C05A-4F2B-8AA8-E993AECC9013.jpg (213.4KiB, 765x806) save_alt

Bro y’all are so much nicer than the people of the sf🧍🏽‍♀️

I can never find the page for some if you could post the link, that'd be a great help!

Oh and thanks to the one who helped me out with the Patreon Posts section :)). (I'm Cookie)

there you go, I think this is the right link :))

Listen, I would post it, but I'm afraid the people who spam yiff will go there too. Maybe search for the link in this thread? I'm really sorry, please don't take this the wrong way...

yeah but at kimono there isn't something like the shared files so I guess that would be better ??
but the people that spread yiffparty all over the internet really need to stop so I understand your concern

sorry kemono** my keyboard sucks

I really want more kiri, deku, levi, and shinsou pleaseeeee. oh or maybe just one audio where you can be any character, but you just hum the whole time. your humming is so peaceful.

Thanks for the help!
I'm sorry about asking, I just couldn't find it and I needed a bit of help...thank you for the concern though! I won't be the one to spread it to anyone hehe...

is the daichi audio not working for anyone else?

daichi audio isn't working for me either

Heya, so I just saw the Shinsou spicy cuddles audio on YouTube, but the Spicer version isn't uploaded in gift party, I checked the tabs and everything and it isn't there, can someone upload it or give me the link?

9ECA29C4-6001-41E9-9715-40D4E1B8509B.jpg (75.9KiB, 933x933) save_alt

Y’all daichi calls us dumpling and that’s my nickname😭

It's there, don't worry. It has another name though, just scroll down on the first post page and it's the latest shinsou audio.

c5546a1bf8bda7433ca8842625ccc436.gif (536.0KiB, 500x281) save_alt

Guys the 100 dollar posts arent on the missing files section? Does that mean it's been posted?

Probably, yeah. They weren't audios though, they're all just announcements.

the daichi audio isnt working for me what do i do
Try this :3

theres a working one in shared file. just scroll down a bit and you'll find it

Wow i was not expecting the 100 tier post to ever get imported but thank you to whoever Did <3
Ill also still try and help when i can with uploads

Wait I just found out about this thread and y’all are so much nicer and chill than the shared files people omg I love you guys 🥺


Can people put up the discord link? 🥺

tumblr_killua.jpg (94.4KiB, 640x639) save_alt

I'm fan girling so fucking hard for the Daichi one. I've always simped for him and a lot of people(Including me) wanted a Daichi x Listener. I reposted the audio in SF as a file for the people who when they copy the link doesn't work. Have a nice day!

tumblr_killua.jpg (94.4KiB, 640x639) save_alt
Here's the sin discord link!

The Diachi one made my heart go. ✨🌟💫💘

So uhm... if we could get a comfort audio with Hawks, and a panic attack struck reader whos crying and Hawks trying to calm us down, that would be nice ;w;

I agree, that'd definitely butter my biscuit
Or maybe one with Ushijima with listener that feels unloved/unwanted? He could like give them some reassurance and stuff because with his stern nature, they might feel like their annoying him sometimes (Idk if you get it T~T)
I feel like that'd be adorable asffff
Oh OH! Or one with Asahi!!! Idc what he's helping with, I just wanna have the lil cinnabun comfort usss, I'd probably roll over and die tbh

guys this has been in my head for some time
but tomorrow is tsukki's bday right y'all think there will be a special? 👀👀

also I'm kinda worried, cece has been posting a lot and, even though that's good, I worry about her voice too

Probably yeah...And I'm worried too, I get that she loves us and wants to give the most and best she can but sometimes she needs to relax. We're not animals (well the majority anyway), we'll be just fine if she takes some time off...
I just hope she's doing okay and taking care of herself.

Honestly I hope!!! But like- She did that poll on YouTube so I expect to be one of them. Also, I am worried about Cece too. She should take, like, a week off at some point. I hope she is okay, she deserves a break.

Anyone else feel like cece is neglecting some characters? Like lately it’s a lot of hawks (like A LOT) and bakugou which I enjoy but i miss a lot of the characters that only have like 3-4 audios :/ especially since everyone seems to love hawks its kind of dwindled my love for him down, i see him everywhere and it’s repetitive

She had thousands of people requesting different characters, she’s obviously gonna do characters that have most requests/she sees most people enjoy. It’s not her problem that your love for him has gone down.

Yeah, I mean, I have joked about liking Hawks so much that it kind of made me like him. It is kind of annoying to go like a week and only get two other audios and then, boom, Hawks again. Honestly, I kind of get pissed off when we get a Bakugou audio now. He has, what, 30+ on his playlist? That isn't counting the ones not on it. There are so many people that request just those two that it's unbearable. Is it mean to call them selfish? Idk, but, like, just let me get an Akaashi pt. 2 and not Bakugou again!

1535x1577_d84e5c0f6a5c95dbdbe72205eee203fb634112.jpg (267.0KiB, 1535x1577) save_alt

Bc its illegal to link content that is behind a paywall.
Legal actions gonna be taken in case yiff doesnt remove the content.
this is really a huge illegal thing tho, I dont mind taking legal actions here and I'm pretty good at that.
is Yiff ready for that as well? if so, pls let me know.

Screenshot (1016).png (547.8KiB, 1366x768) save_alt

Anyways i'm with that person talking about the audios. I've been thinking about it alot. There's literally over 30 Bakugou audios. I haven't counted the ones for Hawks because I hate everything about him, but there's probably alot too. And I get what you said, she's gonna do the character that gets most requested. But I wonder why people request those two when they have so much audios already. I think the one's I would want are another Senku one, I would say president Mike but no, because her voice would most likely hurt alot by doing that. A Kaneki one would be nice, maybe Tendou, I'd love to see Mr. Compress or another Twice, despite.. You know.. But I know we must be grateful that these audios even exist. We got to be happy we're getting some audios of characters we like, even though it's not alot, OR JUST O N E THAT YOU'VE DOWNLOADED AND LISTENED TO OVER AND OVER AHEM TWICE AND SENKU AHEM, It's fine. Hopefully one day she may do one of the characters that are underrated, or she'll do others that aren't mainly centered around HAWKS AND BAKUGOU. Have a nice day guys :) I'm on episode 18 of One Piece right now, really enjoying it :)

Um... people have tried already and it didn't work. Thus is a pirated site, you can't really so anything about it. Cece herself said she was fine with us using yiff! She even recommended it to someone who could no longer pay for her patreon! Search for proof.

This is a HUGE site. It has gone through many MANY legal issues and won. First, prove that you actually work with yato, then and only then you have a right to start shooting at us. But I think we all know, that yato works by herself and doesn't actually have a team.

She records, edits, and posts her content HERSELF and as far as we know, she handles social media on her own to (hence all the misspoken drama and misinterpretation she received that wouldn't occur if she had an admin).

um chile whats with that picture like ??????

There's no lejla in tech admins

20200926_234839.jpg (163.9KiB, 720x1292) save_alt

I posted this on the other thread too, but if anyone was concerned:

ugh lejla’s fucking boring, respond miss girl 🤸‍♀️✨

AECBF6D5-B9AF-4D42-B0F2-749734D20692.png (258.3KiB, 1125x2001) save_alt

Someone please tell these poopy heads if they wanna talk, they can do it in the thread 🧵 (hhhahah pun intended).

I’m about to go bald 👩‍🦲

And now people are gonna argue back and shit...

This is a never ending nightmare :(((

omfg and someone answered. Jesus christ can't people know when to shut the fuck up??

The Daichi audio isn't working :??? :< is it just me or-
if its just me pls tell me what to do

The Daichi audio isn't working :??? :< is it just me or-
if its just me pls tell me what to do

Here you go!

Is there a way to see the new audios people posted that were missing?

daichi omg thx

about the tsuki comfort audio:
I get that everyones experience is different, but only recently I’ve finally been able to break from those habits and I decided to give the audio a listen, it didn’t do anything to me and if anything it knocked more sense into me.
again, I understand people will have different experiences but honestly the “if you do I will” line made me realise that what I do hurts others as in people I care about get hurt, if that makes sense?
I enjoyed the audio and I don’t think people who doesn’t understand what it’s like being in the mentality of self harm would comment on it
sorry for the rant lol (279.0KiB, 720x1520) save_alt

Does anyone have the new comfort Deku audio? Sorry for requesting!

it's already posted. You just have to scroll down on the posts section. And, don't apologize for requesting here! As long as you do it in this thread it's ok!

Can't believe I woke up to almost 1k shared files again lmao I just wanted to listen to the new Kakashi audio

Hi sorry to add on to the wall of text but I really just wanted to first apologize to the people uploading for the ignorance of everyone complaining or demanding audios. Thank you for sharing the content with us. I personally cannot afford her Patreon at the moment but once I have a little extra income I will buy and help with uploading. Secondly I just wanted to say I don’t understand why some people keep complaining about her audios. I understand and agree completely Cece isn’t perfect and she makes mistakes but I know when she does something she does it out of love and to help. You guys know yourself better than Cece does and you can’t blame her if and audio upset you. That would be the same as blaming a Director if his movie upset you. You listened to it. You decided to consume that piece of media and thats on you. Please stop arguing with each other. It makes this community look really hateful when in actual fact it’s supposed to be acceptance and love. Once again thank you for everyone sharing content with us. We don’t thank you enough actually. You didn’t have to share but you did and I greatly appreciate that. Thats all. Love you all ♥️♥️

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You're an absolute sweetheart tbh...And I agree with everything you said.
I believe the reason for the toxicity is because so many minors are using the site and some of them haven't gotten that kick of maturity yet. I myself am a minor (17) but jeez the things some of the others say is kind of gross and horrifying...maybe it's because of the way I grew up but the things I see them saying and arguing about are things I'd have said when I was around 10-12. All we can do is hope they see the evil they're doing and change you know?
Anyhow...thank you to the up-loaders, you guys are absolutely amazing for doing what you do. You don't have to as you ave no obligations to us but you still do and in my opinion that speaks volumes about the type of people you are. I'm sorry the kids are being annoying but I hope you won't let it get to you because we appreciate you and love you guys for who you are and what you do for us..
Anyways, Imma go before I start to ramble haha<3
Also,for my demon slayer's a meme I really like >.<

Hey uh.. Can someone post the new kirishima and denki audio? I saw them on an edit and i wanna listen to them-

There's never been a kiri and denki audio. I think the edit just took to audios of them and mashed them up in one.

everyone worries about uploading when half of the staff of cece’s discord uses this site and one mod even uploads them herself sometimes and a admin uses this place too because patreon conversion rates are whack so there will always be someone uploading

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you’re part of the problem. shut up and don’t reply to trolls.

road to 1k SF again yikes

Purge, yes ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

No like 2 new audios 1 of kiri and 1 of denki-

Is there a beel (beelzebub from obey me) patreon audio? I believe I found it once but now I can’t find it.

No, there is no pat version. If this helps, the first pat version of an audio was Vil!Hawks. So, anyone before that won't have one.

Oh, ok. Sad, but thanks anyway at least I won’t be looking anymore.

You're welcome :)

I'm kinda confused on what are the "sin" audios are. I think they're her 100 tier audios but idk what those audios are? Can someone tell me what they are?

There's only 1 audio (I think) it's the daichi one. The rest are just text. I checked myself and didn't find any new audios when the 6 $100 posts were added.

Also, please don't write on shared files. Thanks :)

y'all. i just realised we have yet to peg shoto 👀 imagine the 'baby's that will escape from him 🦋 #pegshotodoroki2020


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did the perm site ban happen before? also is the mirio audio available?

Whoever said bottom shoot you’re a genius. I can’t get the potential moans outta my head now. Knowing how intimate shoot is; and if we mix overstimming and edging WHEEEEW!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

So do we just request things for Yagami here??


Not my imagination running rampant with fantasies of that🥴🤤🤤

Anybody have the newest comfort audio?

Yeah to people who were spamming

zkzjskskjskek pegshototodoroki2020 frfr.. whew chile.. p l e a s e 😩