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Anime Reaction Channels Request Update

OnePiece_Ep390_patreon.jpg (746.4KiB, 1920x1080) save_alt

Please update Double Dragon Broz !
9 Missing Posts - Tier 10$
Last Update 7 Days Ago

That’s really sick bro just watching some random dude watching one piece is very entertaining ok sure I’ll update it for you

who the fuck records themselves watching a cartoon and puts the footage behind a paywall, and who the fuck are the absolute retards that are just eating this shit up?

>110773 I Mean people are paying tons of money on ethots like belle dalphine and are literally buying bath water for fucks sake, even though there are thousands of "influencers"( lol influencers) on instagram almost posing nude for free The whole Twitch channel is thriving on tons of people literally paying to watch/react to video games, Hell the highest earning youtuber pewdiepie earns millions of dollars just by people watching him play/react to video games. So what are we talking about? Ha retards riight.

>110773 So you feel weird when a dude records watching a show but when a dude records himself playing a video game why doesnt it wierd you out.

The whole concept of reaction videos is some people love some shows which their family/friends dont like. So when they watch reaction videos they share the hype moments. Its like watching a hype move alone vs watching in theatre where people cheer n makes the movie watching experience better.

Yeah, those reaction nobodies really are a bunch of retards.

>"""reaction""" videos

>110805 people watching people play video games - cool
people paying to see ethots pics nd buying bath water and stuff - Nice
people watching reaction videos - eww gahhhd retards
I think people who are insulting reaction videos are just butthurt because of the donation price hike, they are just venting their butthurt anger on other people because they cant do anything about it lol.

Please Update!
Double Dragon Broz

Reaction bro people intend to watch there fav shows enjoyed by other creators which gives a lil satisfavtion

Stay mad, retard.


>>111204 Enjoy beating to your dog's asshole you disgusting piece of shit



She started reacting to Re:Zero!!!!!!! Just the $1 tier, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pls update aaronfreeman 💜

Anna Kotova has 23 missing post

$1.00 - 12 posts$3.00 - 11 posts

Please update jakeretake
$10.00 tier - 176 missing posts
Last updated 2 months ago

Ok retard

If someone could update allonashareetv that would be swell.
can u please update this, thank you

^ Seriously, what happened? They used to get updated every 2nd day

Please Update Double Dragon Broz!
10$ Tier, 2 Missing Posts

Please Update Double Dragon Broz!


>Seriously, what happened? They used to get updated every 2nd day

Importers got sick of requesters like you

Please Update Double Dragon Broz!

Please update reanimated (specifically movies)!

Please Update: Struckbybelz

8x 10$
(if someone could do the 5$ for now it would be awesome! Really thankful for that)

Please update Double Dragon Broz!
12 Missing Posts: $5.00 - 1 post, $10.00 - 11 posts

Last time updated was 09/11/2020
Thank you!

if someone criticize you for your addiction to gay porn or furry porn, will you get mad? you shouldn't be and mind your own business dumbass coz not everyone have the same interest

please update heatah and hustla reacts one piece

Please update heatah and hustla reacts one piece

gabridecarvalho-04-12-2019-15547651-.jpg (419.3KiB, 1620x2160) save_alt