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Cost went up, time to think of alternatives...

WORLD_MEME_DATABASE.jpg (16.4KiB, 511x507) save_alt

Welp, since admin decided to raise the price out of the blue to 400 dolons a month with no explanation (no im not counting the explanation in the thread he made as one, just because he said it doesn't mean its so. He doesn't have anything else to back up his word and thats a problem. Because their are ALOT of tools out their on the internet that help put proof in your words (or your pudding as they say.) So that brings me to my actual question to this thread. If goes down due to costs going up, and nobody paying them because we are literally paying for nothing more then storage space (no properly integrated fantia, no subscribestar, no gumroad, only shared files,) Which is complete ass since this site is outdated as fuck and needs updates. So question is, do you have a backup to this site if yiff party goes down? U-18chan is where i first heard of And where i'll go back to if ever decides to die or become unavailable. I also heard of Y-chan, but it seems to still be in the infantsy of resurrecting itself from whatever obscure shut down it had in the past. But other then that i don't know of much else. Feel free to leave your suggestions below. I feel like looking into the sites you guys suggest and giving them a review of how good they are :).

The alternative is looking at the vast amount of free yiff already available on e621 and furrybooru.

People here like to bitch about paywalling, but it's not really all that big of an issue because of the sheer quantity of people making furry smut these days.

You should check the permanent booru, it's a furry image site like e621, but it doesn't have any sort of dnp, link:
http://vsdfdtkr5mh6y33p.onion(needs tor browser to open)

There is such a thing as Patreon ++... It can possibly be a solution... but i never saw it in action... It needs manual human verification, so i can't try it out because of the things i need to do is out of my pay grade for one of them? i don't know...

Holy fuck you're cancerous. Listen here artist, if you're not here to participate and actually HELP, then you shouldn't be here in the first place. People like you are why we never get shit done. You exist only to derail threads bitching about "morality" and "lost profits" (that you didn't even know existed until you found this site) when in reality, you're one of the most immoral, most selfish people here. Fuck off. If I were admin, I would have already banned you from the site for starting shit. This shit gets old real fast. We don't need artist moral fag number 146 to come and tell us why we're wrong for what we do and why we should totally go and do the very thing against because mister hipster welfare needs to eat. Fuck outta here with that ass-backwards-cockblocking-shit.

Damn man... But yeah you're right, morals are usually THE LAST thing you see on THIS type of site anyway, this is generally a place where we're evading a paywall, while evading a wall of reality at the same time, but as you said, people like >>111781, only thinks about morals here when yeah, THERE AIN'T!...

Seriously, if anyone can make up the Verification code for Patreon ++ on i think that'll be the solution...

That's recommended for Mobile Devices, trust me...

I hate to be that guy (not really) but you got rickrolled my dude.

All I did was suggest places you could get smut for free. You're the ones derailing the thread and bringing morality into it, not me.

>People here like to bitch about paywalling, but it's not really all that big of an issue because of the sheer quantity of people making furry smut these days.

The fuck was this then?

A statement of fact? There's so much yiff out there that you can just ignore the people who paywall. That's what I do.

Not everyone is here for "animal people" hentai though (which IIRC is the only thing those sites host). Half of the hentai here is "people people hentai", and so I'd imagine half the people (such as myself) are here for that.


are you fucking serious? i am not that high to fall into this bait for children

Chill, It's fucking suggestion, not child molest!...

I have no purpose with even starting to do that anyway, so i don't know what the fuck you're thinking...

I ain't sure if it's shortchanging there, it looked legit... but at the same time, it ain't my judgement call to confirm...


Even though it's a viable suggestion (being the only other sir like this, but with more site options), kemono is still in its infancy.

I get that by suggesting, it would gain traction, but as said prior, not much support is there at this time. Lost I read there, ads were being considered for alt revenue.

Well Rome wasn't built in a day, as the saying goes. The way a younger site like that GETs bigger, is by more people using it and adding content. The fact that it supports MANY more sources than Yiff.Party (which only supports 1 site, or 2 sites in a " very pedantic" sense) means it has the real potential to become much better than YP. And besides: I think its better to have "atleast some alternative" than none at all; however there ARE other alternatives anyway, just in different forms, EG Ex-Hentai, F95-Zone, Hitomi etc. Hell, even R34 has paysite leaked content, dsspite it being "strictly DNP" there.

Damn ya'll say you wont fall for the bait yet here we are, with all you flaming homosexuals up in arms over some random fag's pretentious comment. Theirs a whole internet out there and i'd love to hear what more their is out there then just So how bout we stay on topic?

>>112150 Check the comment above yours. I don't see how bullshit comments have owt to do with what side a geezas bread is buttered though. Whether you like bros or hos, thats beside the point. Just because you're as camp as a row of tents, or bent as a butcher's hook, or you do your own sausage packing, doesn't mean you're somekind of "pirate morality" activist lol.

Whats the "permanent booru's" policy on automated uploads? I'd be up for hosting and writing a tool that syncs the content from here over automatically

I considered hosting a ipfs mirror but I run into the same issue of storage costs which I'm personally not willing to bear the cost of (and the whingers for a donation style system)

Even attempting an offline mirror is causing me grief with storage, there's just too much stuff here...

GNNNNH!!.jpg (13.8KiB, 215x184) save_alt

>"Even attempting an offline mirror is causing me grief with storage, there's just too much stuff here..."

Especially when you've got those silly billy's (amazingly skilled as I think they are) who insist on uploading all their pics at mind bogglingly hi-res so that each pic is literally between 7-27mb (yea you read that right: 27mb per pic).

Automated uploads are allowed on the permanent booru, as long as you have normal upload permissions

>'writing a tool that syncs the content from here over automatically'

The tpb has a scrapper, but having another one wouldn't hurt

> The tpb has a scrapper, but having another one wouldn't hurt

Interesting, looks like they have something but its strangely inconsistent at archiving stuff, and it intentionally seems to leave out WIPs/variations? I assume the scraper is run by their admin? I can't seem to find references to this on the site itself (on the "wall"?) but its clear there is a lot of Patreon content there

The lack of metadata/support for titles/descriptions is also a bit annoying, would be nice to know what they have scraped vs manually uploaded...

If you think that's bad, game devs are the 'worst' for storage, win,mac,linux versions of games, and they release every build, making each post a multi gig affair

As for 'artworks' many post .psd/.sai at about 150MB a pop, and average file size in my archive is 37MB

I have a fraction archived and I ingest at about 10GB a day currently from yiff, and about another 8GB/ day from external links :|

For a total of about 13TB in just 2 years

I need to find a cheaper hobby...

I take it TPB doesn't stand for "the pirate bay" in this case?

the permanent booru

(need tor browser or proxy)

Oh right thanks ;)

This isn't a perfect method, but generally, posts with little tags or just creator tags are scrapped from yiff, to be extra sure, check the tag history of the post, if the first tagger is "Kickglygar", them it probably came from yiff. If you have any doubts about the site or want to suggest something you can comment on the wall or go to the tpb github:
You may have to wait a while for a response, but kick does respond almost all posts

Do you think we have any chance of making it?

Update the mexinese family, please!!

Lets not turn this into a request thread man, you already have a thread called "UPDATE MEXICANESE FAMILY" and 2 major request threads... This thread has nothing to do with requesting, read the title & the comments...

imagine being salty about website cost which is literally about stealing other people content to cover their costs. Oh the irony and hypocrisy.

Nobody asked.

>stealing other people content

1294137143454.jpg (198.1KiB, 440x410) save_alt


GTFO of here with those Shakespearean sentence openers!

If thats fine im gonna start a website which is taking stuff from yiff party okay cool thanks baiiiiiii.

imagine being this new and retarded

50-cent-tattoos.jpg (34.2KiB, 400x383) save_alt

Imagine being this jealous of him because you can only imagine it but not BE it. Son you have failed in your aspirations & ambitions!

this aint a request thread you fucking cunt
go to hell with your fucking trash react channels

Speaking of Y chan yo whats up with that site?

Tried that... it has NONE of the stuff I'm looking for.

>This site can't be reached
HEY, what're you trying to pull!?

It's working fine for me, try using tor browser

True Peanut Butter

>tor browser

ngl, I thought you meant "THE browser" this whole time. I thought "tor" was a typo.

Now you know