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3011F55C-8BC8-4CDC-99CC-C3442768D423.jpg (238.3KiB, 1088x1550) save_alt

Thought of one my favorite artist here got update but it was just a boring free post PAIN

F in the chat


The pain 😰

BEgroveyiffpage.png (210.7KiB, 1321x191) save_alt

Begrove has about 11 posts missing for over a month and the only times it DOES get updated is when a FREE post shows up.
And what's worse is it keeps saying "An update is currently in progress. Please check back in a few minutes"... FOR SEVERAL DAYS STRAIGHT!!!

SERIOUSLY, PLEASE update B.E.Grove (begrove)
$6 tier - 11 Missing posts for 5 days

Also I believe that there is this user that won't stop trolling me whenever I make a request for it.
Fuck that guy!

Just give up with it man lol. At this point if you want it that badly, you might aswell go thru the faff of creating a Paytreon account & just pay the $6 yourself cos its obvious no-one else is going to, so all you're doing is simply pissing yourself off, and creating bait for that "sage boy" troll in the thread you made. Not to mention, on this site, unless the artist you're requesting is ULTRA POPULAR, then you have more chance of winning a Jackpot. Look at the 3 main request threads; do you see how the same 10-15 artists are being requested 100 times everyday for months and months? That should give you an idea of your chances. Also, TBH 1 month mi ght SEEM like a long time, but theres artists here who haven't been updated in OVER a YEAR, so a month is like the blink of an eye. Yea I'd like to see one my artists updated too (no update in ~15 MONTHS!) but I don't want it SO badly that I'm willing to start paying the artists monthly wages, so I just move on. Theres 10's of 1000's of porn artists out there, just move on. You 're wasting your time requesting shit on this site, believe me, I've been there, done that.

Every damn time.

>this user
>that guy


How much of a fag are you!?

>you might aswell go thru the faff of creating a Paytreon account & just pay the $6 yourself

DON'T YOU THINK I'VE TRIED THAT!? I had a non-reloadable debit card I got SPECIFICALLY for that purpose, but it kept getting declined!

Also, nobody asked you to be a smartass!

SlowClap.gif (204.3KiB, 420x315) save_alt

I'm starting to like both of you lol.

Why do I get the feeling that I'm being laughed at?

You can kiss my ass I’m paying an artfag money they don’t deserve.

Well, thats one of the main points I was making lol; hence: "just give up & move on" and "but I don't want it SO badly that I'm willing to start paying the artists monthly wages, so I just move on".

Wait, there is an option to just move on?

Because you are. Quit being such a bitch and these "trolls" will go away.

>inb4 what is censorship

>Quit being such a bitch and these "trolls" will go away.

I hate you with every fiber of my being JUST for saying that.

Just press "circle" to cancel instead of "X" to try again.

That's not really my problem. >>113100

So what is your problem then? Someone stole your sweet roll?


How strong was the rottweiler that bit you in-between your legs to make you such a pussy?




You must be since you're such a cunt!


That's the best comeback you can come up with?
I bet your kid relatives came up with better nicknames than that!

I practically called you a "vagina" and the best you can come up with is a childish nickname that a third grader can come up with?
You're pathetic!

says the chigger who works in the 50 cent army

...What's the 50 cent army?

Y'all need to learn how to sage.


You're not worth calling more than a word that rhymes with cunt, since you're probably the dumbest fuck I've ever encountered on this site, and thats saying something. At 1st you were funny, with your apparently wilful stupidity, but now you're just annoying.

>with your apparently wilful stupidity, but now you're just annoying.

Says the very guy who has nothing to do but keeps telling people NOT to make requests ON FUCKING REQUEST THREADS!?!?!?!?
Seriously, LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!!! And don't go telling people what to do! You're not my boss!

>You're not my boss!

I AM your fucking boss. We've been thru this already FFS.

No you're not! You don't even have any proof! FFS!

Wow free post suck

Aboutta ask someone to update dicasty no other option

>the very guy

You want PROOF? Hahahahahahaaaaaa!!! Get back to your fucking grain wheel and toil like you've never toiled before, peasant!

You can't even come up with proof, you're nothing but talk.

You can't handle the proof!!

basically trolls for hire ive seen ZOOM raiding groups in my FB feed last month

also i wouldnt be surprised if the so called neckbeards are actually butthurt creatorfags in disguise larping for lulz
and these chimps are thotfags themselves seeking revenge since DMCA didn't work

on a side note the same trolls respond to other trolls using different IPs to make it appear as if theres a real argument
just to spark things even further because playing dumb is considered funny in some communities

Trolls for hire? Thats possibly among the stupidest shit I've ever heard lol, not that I'm disputing that it actually happens. It wouldn't fucking surprise me TBH LMAO.

big companies do all sorts of shady shit all the time from fake reviews to downright fraud so this shouldn't really be obvious.
hell some even do it for free
also its pretty cheap (PHP 100 Gcash) and they have lots of free time during quarantine (lol)
china has already been caught doing this to further spread their ideologies on social media (google it yourself i aint kidding guys this is serious)


Ikr? What an asshole!