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Giantess, Macro/Micro teaming

Capture - Copy.PNG (146.0B, 32x26) save_alt

sup, any giantess or macro/micro fans wanna help each other here? let's split up and try to cover different creators. currently, im pledging 1zumy at $15 and that's about all i can do, i got debt to pay. im looking for someone to cover https://www.patreon.com/doujinsak ($10 tier plz, 2B comic too good to ignore) and https://www.patreon.com/MartyZ (high-res). ill upload 1zumy's may's $15 rewards and june's $7 rewards (couldnt pay $15 in june for reasons) as soon as someone reply with intention to team up

Sounds good. I’ll see if I can pledge MartyZ this month.

Oh, I'd definitely want to chip in on this later. I have a bunch of Patreons I'd want to support but never did because I could only afford 1 at a time and I couldn't decide which to support, but i'd join in on this. Personally narrowed it down to either CG17, Mousticus or Tinysuits. I'l get back to this when I get money in august.

cg17 is cool too but i personally want either doujinsak or martyz. i'm not into mousticus and tinysuits so if u want to join please choose either cg17, doujinsak or martyz!
as promised, I uploaded june's $7 tier rewards to the shared files of 1zumy. enjoy. will post $15 of may next after more confirmation.

Dunno if you're into 3D, but I pledged $20 to Nyom87 (https://yiff.party/2447860) back at the end of June and got some comics. I usually pledge once every 6 months or so.
I was planning on uploading the comics to AnonGTS, but I can also put them here if there's interest.
I am also going to pledge to Berggie's Patreon and update his posts, but I'll wait a couple of days to do the update for August.

I'd like to see an update for Sheela & Cyanide (https://yiff.party/5298322). The $25 tier should have all of the Hot as Hell comics in high quality.

Hey so i have someone called extrime https://www.patreon.com/Extrime he post the covers of his comics but messages the links to to the Patreon’s https://yiff.party/6094046 if someone could share the links that would be great

Got some new comics from jstilton talk here if you want to trade

If someone wants, Preesoul is a very good artist in giantess (manga style) content. I highly recommend him.

https://www.patreon.com/giorunog Same guy as Doujinsak. He has some amazing comics on there as well.

are you pledging to him or doujinsak right now? if you can update their stuff on yiff, I'll upload 1zumy's $15 rewards for July


Why don't people just put in the shared files of these guys on yiffparty they mostly submit there work through messages on patreon

yeah that's something i ask myself often too, but right now i'm looking to get everyone to cover different giantess artists and what a disappointment that no one is offering to upload others' stuff or just link and doesn't say whether they are going to upload it or what their intention are. i really want to share 1zumy's stuff but seriously if no one else is willing to share then i don't think i should

I uploaded a few of Nyom's stories to his shared files, but it's taking a while to get approved.
Still hoping for an update for Sheela and Cyanide, now known as Monster Gang: https://yiff.party/5298322

>but right now i'm looking to get everyone to cover different giantess artists and what a disappointment that no one is offering to upload others' stuff or just link and doesn't say whether they are going to upload it or what their intention are.
Finding people who are willing to spend money from places dedicated to getting stuff for free is both ironic and difficult. It's especially difficult when you try to coordinate this stuff with users on an anonymous imageboard.

I've been uploading everything I buy onto AnonGTS, which I'm going to shamelessly advertise for a bit:
http://ocu3errhpxppmwpr.onion/ (it's a deepweb forum, so you'll need the Tor browser to access it)
I and others have been trying to archive anything we come across or buy ourselves to that forum. If you find something you've been looking for there, contributing something new would be really cool.

Update on my old post here. I got Doujinsaks stuff, but I cant get the page update due to how the importer work. I fucked up. If I dont get a fix for it by the end of the month I'l do a manual file upload.

FWFS's game got updated recently but didn't get updated here


First of all, I wanted to thank you for uploading his stuff. Really thanks!
I'm hoping you will succeed to import the new content, and if you have, can you also post the pages 10 and 11 of Giantess Fantasia 2? These pages are missing.

hey, op here, very happy to hear that. what's wrong with the importer for you? you should just manually update it asap starting from where yiff was last updated, i've been missing his stuff for a whole month and i cant hold myself anymore.
anyway, really happy to see some activity here. i will upload 1zumy's $15 rewards for july after you have doujinsak and also august's rewards around next weekend. hopefully we'll see more activity then.

I canceled the subscription so I wont get charged again in september. I still have access to all his stuff, but the importer dont realize it.

Yeah, those pages are missing from his patreon as well. Only thumbnails. Those 2 got sent out to people in comments the month they got released

ah i see, then just upload the pictures manually i suppose, you should do it soon because it takes some time for files to get approved :(
i have the 2 pages, but they're nothing special, just dialogue, and cloud's busted balls, i will upload them to the shared files

Whoever is the one updating https://www.patreon.com/ilovedrawings can you post the uncensored versions somewhere as well.

Sorry man i can't right now. After i get my career going however, i will if no one else will, because i like his work.

Yeah i agree.

Update to this. I uploaded all of Doujinsak's stuff yesterday as shared files. Waiting for mods to approve the files.

dude i uploaded the 2 missing pages 2 days ago but they still aren't approved. you may want to upload to anonfiles or uload or something

The Doujinsak's stuff is now updated! Look at "shared files".
Thank you two!

awesome! nice job guys! i'm uploading 1zumy's july rewards now, and even with the NSFW version! if anyone wants the PSD files tell me

ok so after looking at doujinsak's stuff i must say jesus he's really trying to mix some story and progression in not just doing purely the fetish part, it's going to take a while before the comics get to the good part. i suggest we just skip him for some months to let the comics progress and come back later. can you get giorunog? basically the same as doujinsak but his comics has had quite a while to progress. in the mean time ill continue covering 1zumy's stuff and possibly some other people if things go well next month.

also if anyone's looking to team up, now is a good time

Well, again, I'd love to see CG17, Mousticus or giorunog's stuff getting updates. ilovedraings is good as well. Seeing as I just updated all of dojinsaks stuff I'l wait a bit before updating something else. If its only like 2 of us updating stuff tho....eh. The reason I pledged was to motive others to pledge to one as well so we can share the cost and get a lot of different patreons together. There is no point in this site if its only a few of us carrying the load.
Thanks too those who have pitched in already.

well we can't expect much from a piracy website, but i'm happy there's even someone out there willing to help, tbh. thank you a lot. just because there's only 2 of us doesn't mean we can't continue helping each other, ill probably get giorunog's stuff next month, i don't really like cg17 cause of the upload schedule and not really vore-centrred and mousticus cause not into torture/feet stuff, sorry. i hope you will consider continuing helping, even if it's just pledging one person.

The shared files I added for Nyom were approved. I'm also in contact with someone who's going to pledge to Nyom again this month, so hopefully he delivers.
I updated berggie's posts as well. I would upload his paypacks too, but those are easily accessible on both AnonGTS and e-hentai: https://e-hentai.org/tag/artist%3Aberggie

Still holding out for a Sheela & Cyanide update (https://yiff.party/5298322). A Redfiredog update for anything released this year would be cool too: https://yiff.party/342435

thanks, they don't really fit my taste but thanks for your contribution nonetheless. still looking for someone to cover people like cg17, martyz and jora-bora, we can take care of 1zumy and giorunog/doujinsak for now

By any chance can someone post the link to Tinysuit (aka Agnitnurk) Microsoft OneDrive Folder?

If anyone's pledged to deadgravitygts he's got some great art and even a couple comics that need uploading

And Preesoul!

Anyone here who pledged to McProky and is willing to upload? About 23 1$ posts there.

Is the 1zumy August zip not working for anyone else? Looks like there's something wrong with its format?

anyone knows how Uru0000 and Fwfs pages will be updated here? Thx love you all :).

Any chance for tempuru update as well

And karbo.

hey if y'all gonna request stuff can yall maybe spend a bit less on ice cream to update some?

I wouldn't mind people actually requesting things if they also updated some bloody patreons while at it. So yeah, agreed. Contribute something, then request something ._.

well... im sad now, other major artists not of this fetish are implementing DRM shits while we have it easy with no DRM just yet, but we have no one actually wanting to spend money even if it's to receive ten times back

can someone please share stuff from extrime he has cuf enabled https://www.patreon.com/Extrime

Anonymous GianTesS
use anonGTS

someone plz help revive this thread ;_;

Well, I got both CG17 and Giorunog but seeing as no one else really bothers to contribute.....eh. Its like...3 of us added something a month ago and then nothing. I'm not gonna lie, I'l probably just upload these later but I'l probably not bother to keep it up seeing as I quite literally only get stuff from those I pay for myself. paying 20$ a month for only 2 artists is to steep for me. It the same with anonGTS, it barely get updated anymore. Used to be very active there but now, not so much. Guessing this fetish is getting less popular among fellow pirates ._.

Can we get an update for CG17?

Can we get an update for CG17?

op here, holy hell you got giorunog? dude i'm pledging $15 to 1zumy, it's not like im not uploading but i can't update when she literally hasnt updated anything new this month, not sure what's going on. i also got $10 for doujinsak but paused this month because his comics were entering a filler period (FF2 = including giant now which i dont like, Nier is still just the beginning with no sight of size yet). i also have tinysuit but i'd rather share with you privately because i admire what he's doing. please just update CG17 and giorunog and ill update both 1zumy and doujinsak next month (or whatever u like). i really need giorunog bro.
also if you're interested i have lots of premium giantess videos on phub (the private ones where u have to add friends to get). if you're interested i can also share them with you, i just want someone to help with this fetish ;_;

Yeah, dw I'l update. Its just that I am a bit frustrated of the lack of content recently and really wished we'd be like 10+ helping out with this instead of just us 3. I'l update them now. I'l see what I do next month, but probably only 1 patreon and probably 1 that havent been updated in a while. Depends on the activity here. I'd love access to tinysuits stuff, can share it through chat at phub. I got a lot of stuff there as well but I dont wanna share the username here as I was dumb enough to use the same username there as my patreon and some other places, so if you want to add me drop your name and I'l add you. You'll know its me by the fact that I have a 2y old acc, 14 private vids, 1 public and by the time of writing, 594 subs. That could go up or down by a few in the next 24h tho. its mostly feet stuff, some ass :x

Ok, CG17 updated quite fast but giorunog is gonna be a while its 227 posts...

thanks so much dude. yeah you can add me on phub, i'm AnoGuy, no public videos (all got DMCA'd lol) and my private videos are all exclusively vore.

plz send it here

I may not contribute here as much, but i do contribute a ton on Phub. my collection matches that of TinySuit. If you share me that link sir, i will add you on phub. I even left a message on your profile.

yeah saw you, i'm into vore though, and you don't have that many videos, what's the catch?

I was thinking to do CG17 and mousticus next month. Anyone else planning to contribute with anything?

op here, 1zumy for sure and 1 or 2 more vore artists. plz contribute guys im begging y'all

Can we make a list of relevant patreons? I'm willing but it's tricky to find someone not being pledged to atm.

I found this on patreon unlocked on yiff:


Do you also want the patreon blocked?

It is impossible to update the patreon of crisp2502, it is 2 months old.

There is this locked patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GFSM


If you guys love micro/macro growth animations you have to fix and update this user “Acheroth” https://yiff.party/1007450 also you might have seen is stuff like dragon growth and my little kaiju.

Kazo's profile hasn't been updated on yiff for two months, it says that there is an updater error

Karsinan, Monokarp, Mousticus, ilovedrawings, gsfcreator, karbo, uru0000, tinysuit, Martyz, Eskoz, Fooooly, LuckyB, 1zumy, Konokono, Doujinsak, Giorunog, CG17, DeadGravityGTS, Preesoul
These are some of the artists I know of in order "Longest since updated at yiff" -> "Recently updated"
You also got spokleart that is not even at yiff atm, but got some cool art.

We should see CG17, mousticus and 1zumy updated at some point this month according to our previous comments, me updating CG17 and mousticus. So I hope others can help out with more of either the ones mentioned on the list here or other GTS artists. And if you do update one, keep us updated here. Maybe you mentioned an artist we haven't heard about, check em out and like em as well.

updated ochiko and redfiredog's patreon

Importing DeadGravityGTS' posts now, just pledged $20 so we can have it all, including comics

op here, bless you guys, let's keep this going!!! im still undecided on who to pledge next, but certainly a vore-centered artist
plz upload redfiredog's rewards when they're sent out, and do you have the previous reward comics? plz upload them as well!

Does anyone know who creat macro furry arts on patreon? It's best to update frequently and have exclusive contents.
I just know Acheroth and corvidius
But Acheroth was slow to make it, and it hasn't been done for two years, Corvidius is good, except that his patreon videos are available on furaffinity, just exclusive 4K version at patreon

Please recommend more !!

Not much but what about entrecoxas?

Fuyuno mikan have opened a patreon. His art is great, and he does mainly gts (and a little furry).
If someone want, it's a good choice.

thanks for the suggestion fam.

Also, I hope everyone remember to import again before the end of the month and before they cancel their subscription. When you cancel the subscription the importer wont be able to fetch images, even if you have access until the end of the month.

I've pledged to uru's $5 tier just now, we had 66 posts missing but that's being fixed as I type this ;)

I also noticed that someone updated Foooly recently. Its worth paying attention to the "recent activity" page as well as "Favorite creator." If someone update a user in your fav tab, that might still be a 10 day old post, so the user will be placed all the way behind more recent posts. But recent activity will show them as they get updated. Just worth knowing, as I didn't realize foooly got updated before I checked "Recent Activity"

Any Chance for Lucky B?
Also Wiking2000 just put up a video yesterday on patreon....

AntArmor looks interesting too... https://www.patreon.com/AntArmor

looks like updater shat itself so no content for a couple of days

Preesoul profil have been updated.
Thank you to the generous one that shared this!
Also, there is few corrupted pictures, can you please upload them manually? (in the "shared files" part)
If yes, thank you again, and here is the titles:
- Touhou crush 2018-06-05
- No game no life 2018-07-11
- Nagatoro chan sketch (will be colored) 2018-07-22
- Raffle event for July 2018-07-26

There actually quite a lot of Preesoul picture that are corrupted and need to be updated.

Yes, but... many of the corrupted pictures are free works easily found on the author's DeviantArt and Pixiv account.
The titles I've listed are the only ones really unavailable, other than payed Patreon.

keep importing guys we can do this

alright guys... it looks like yiff.party is at risk of closing... again. 1zumy's files were finally accepted after a long ass time, you might want to download it asap. im sorry for not providing the $15 reward, but it simply wasn't worth it at all.
i had hoped for a lot more with this thread, but such is life. if yiff.party dies for real, i want to say thank you to the 2 or 3 guys that actually imported some stuff. lol

Acheroth has new rewards can someone please get the links or post them here https://t.co/iX9kYwG7ip

I meant here : https://u18chan.com/a/topic/1333470 He's the guy that made dragon growth and my little kaiju and pokemon grow.

I meant here : https://u18chan.com/a/topic/1333470 He's the guy that made dragon growth and my little kaiju and pokemon grow.

How about you import something first? Then maybe someone will happily update whatever you're asking?

Just want to tell people that if this page do go do shit one day (seeing as it was a close one this time,) we do have anongts. We can continue sharing there with manual uploads.

anon gts would most likely die (in terms of activity) before this page though

well, its been up for ages already and its not like its much less active than usual the last few years, so dont think its going anywhere any time soon

https://yiff.party/6094046 If someone could post this guys files that would be great he has CUF activated pledge of $7.00 is needed to get everything on his page

why dont you do it? :D
Already pledging to 3 creators myself

jesus this is a teaming thread not a begging thread

For those that only want to request stuff and not help as well, here is your thread :)
good luck!

Okay sorry my bad

Updated Mousticus, gsfcreator and polyphius. Dont forget to update here before the month end and before you cancel the pledge

whoever updated doujinsak, bless you

I suggest you NetralGD, he has some nice stuff

Updated mousticus, mspaintgts, cg17, polyphius and gsfcreator.

reason bad begging anons

uploaded 1zumy's oct rewards. wait for mod approval. jesus christ i want my money back so bad, I think I might switch to someone else

thx again

i hope one day i will see this thread rise again

100th post is a shit post

updated CG17, mspaintgts and mousticus. Anyone got plans to support anything this month?



im on doujinsak this month dude, will upload at end of month (hopefully yiff.party hasn't died by then)


I thank once again the one that have updated Preesoul. Thank you!
Also, please, can you share manually the corrupted posts? It would be really great!
- Touhou crush 2018-06-05
- No game no life 2018-07-11
- Nagatoro chan sketch (will be colored) 2018-07-22
- Raffle event for July 2018-07-26

Guys lets stop importing for a while and donate for now

fuck off

Tempuru have been updated.
Thank anon.

both of u

this site still ain't dead despite everything. this thread shouldn't either. will update doujinsak this month
anyone else?

updater = dead
site = alive

updated tpl8

Will update cg17, mousticus, deadgravitygts and mspaintgts this month.

I'm surprised no one have updated ekoz in a while considering he got 750 patreons

im quite suprised nobody has added oolay tiger yet

Can someone add him?

He/She has some art, but also does translations for video games from URU, Little Snatcher etc...
He/she is not added yet, so If someone want's to add her, I posted a patreon link above. Will do so too in "add" thread.

why didnt you post here as well
cuz why not

updated AntArmor

are u the pegasus KTV chick

updated giantwaifus

updated ilovedrawings

updated MyGiantess

ilovedrawings sends his patreons rewards for most stuff. There is nothing in shared files though.

If you got sent files from ilovedrawings it would be great if you could add them all to a zip file and upload them to shared files on his page

Updated Mousticus, mspaintgts and CG17

good job anonz

sure, if i get any

I swear CG17 is some kind of wizard.
As soon as he is updated, he posts new content. This is 3rd it's happening, I'm actually quite amazed by this!

really want to pledge martyz but $10 for HD resolution and like 4 pictures a month... it's a shame. i really like his art

Lumineko anyone?

If want to update something, please do it for Pressoul, Uru, Konokono or Nonoririn.

goattrain pls

and please, why don't you do it? share something, it's good for everybody

updated Nonoririn

Thank you!

Can someone update NetralGD? He wasn't updated for 4 months.
He creates awesome Giantess themed games IMO.

Vivian just made a patreon.

She will send links to whoever supports her for MEGA (probably to give sketches and high quality images). So if someone DOES import her, please remember to make a notepad (with links written inside it) or something, and import it into shared files.

Another artist worth looking into

Guys, there is already a request thread. If you want to contribute something and maybe coordinate with others to get some of the stuff you want between multiple people, go ahead and suggest what you can provide as well as what you want. But dont just leave empty requests here. Do that in the request thread

updated CGtsFILMS

damn yiff has been ded past few days, finally able to update:
Doujinsak, Emi
who told y'all to stop updating? keep going

I+support+independence+but+had+a+good+laugh+at+this+_6ba3a259b0e4368043945291b77ee9ed.jpg (93.8KiB, 912x905) save_alt

maybe contribute you cheap fuck
Happy new year btw

Pressoul fully updated and Uru partially.

CG17, deadgravitygts and mspaintgts up to date.

Everyone who updates stuff is a hero! Yiff really needs to implement badge system so everyone can achieve something!

updated Endlessrain0110

weekly call for contribution


Can someone please update CG17, he/she drew first person picture and that's kinda rare!

you do it

updated martyz and doujinsak (only this month though)

Ah 1P signifies 1 person, not first person, my bad :(
Thanks for the update though.

Wait a second. Dojuinsak and Giorunog are same person right?

Nah they are two different people similar art style though

Could someone Update Acheroth yiffparty it hasn’t been updated since more than a month https://yiff.party/1007450

Just because you asked so nicely in the wrong thread, no.

That's why I asked, their drawstyle is looks very, very similar, and I was confused why would one guy make 2 accounts. Thanks for the answer.

Yes it's the same person or the same group. A proof? 1)They have the same DeviantArt account. 2)They have identical picture's title system.
And why make 2 Patreons? Money, money, ♪...

Makes sense honestly, but why are people supporting the other account o.O

I found another above average GTS artist that's not on yiff. I already posted in request thread, but I also will post it here for double the effect!

This site survived another week, this thread should, too. UPDATE MORE!

team or no team
shall we?

Not the same people, but Giorung seems to get a lot of art done by Doujinsak. Super best friends was the impression I've always gotten.

So much confusion here. I always thought they were the same guy, but now they seem to be different people and this is like 50/50 on being the same person. Honestly, very confusing.

ILoveDrawings still doesn't have his Patreon rewards in "shared files". So I guess I'll post the one first to start, but it would be nice if people who were here before me getting rewards to post it too, what's the point of having him in here, if we can't see half of his pictures right?

so this guy just started a patreon as well. has been crazy active recently after being dead for years, might be worth checking out https://www.patreon.com/Guireyart10

maybe he was active a long time ago
he just quitted so we stop importing

His patreon has only been started yesterday though?

probably used it before

Believe it or not, I wanted to "promote" the guy too. You beat me to it.

I advice to update aikart. Look at his DeviantArt, he have some really good stuff.

Well....do it then

They are definitely not the same person. You can tell because Giorung also draws comics, and they look REMARKABLY worse than the stuff doujinsak does.

I feel like Guireyart is next Uru and Preesoul. That guy's a content machine, he literally made 3 pictures in 1 day.

remember they are human beings if u like them support them
unless they are jews

hmmmm i know this isn't a beg topic but how come tinysuit hasn't been update yet?

Could some kind soul update Fuyuno Mikan before the site goes down the drain next month?

because the uploader wont allow it for some reason
>> Processing creator: 1 of 5 (ID XXXXXXX, Tinysuit)
>> Found 31 accessible posts, 0 of which are missing from yiff.party.

You could

because he sends out the links via PMs

jesus christ this site is probably gonna die for real in Feb and we're still here with begging and shit. just band together one last time to update as many as possible so everyone here can stock up

updated doujinsak, martyz.
someone update giorunog plz

I know this isn't request thread, but yiff is gonna go down this month 99%.
So if someone pledged to https://www.patreon.com/Guireyart10 (Guireyart), can someone add him, and please someone update CG17.
I would have done one of the two, but I'm having problems with Patreon.

yo someone update something?

not until normal donations added instead of bitcoinshit

You want admin to open patreon so you can support him?

Then we can add admin to this website and scrape his content!

Actually it would be kinda cool if we could support Admin, and any additional funds go toward top voted patreon for updates, essentially creating one huge crowd funded patreon account rolling over unneeded funds to get more content on the site. Essentially if everyone pays a dollar, then everyone gets the content they want.

it would get banned immediately from patreon

and they can track down admins loaction

I doubt he would write *insert name here* is creating "copying content".
More like *insert name here* is creating "adult content".
007 style!

Nah, Simply put sharing Adult Content, and use it as an optional funding base and upload the wanted items manually, or send out drive links. Doesn't even have to be patreon, just someway to add funds to get more material for the site that can be voted on. Or put an option to give a dollar or more for a single patreon creator, and then a group can fund a single account, easy way to get all of SaintxTail's stuff from the archive.... It's like an Investment Club.

seriously tho dunno if thats a good idea guys

ok first, im very impressed by yiff.party surviving another month. this is more interesting than pewdiepie vs t series now.
second, please don't go off topic, there are plenty of threads, this one is for updating giantess stuff.
so this month i'm pledging to doujinsak only because everyone else is just fucking slow as fuck. doujinsak is the only consistent artist right now.
people, please post who you're pledging to and who you'll update

I was joking, but now that I think about it, this would be a good idea for people that can't or don't know how to use bitcoins. Admin creates a patreon, adds few random pictures, and accepts donations there monthly, to pay the monthly cost of yiff.party.

You are right.

Yo guys, I've noticed Kazo have been updated! He's really good in art so you can go look.Thank to the giver!
And if someone want to up Konokono, long-time he haven't been, I would enjoy.

Anyone following CG17? If they do, please update.

yo someone update something


It would be nice if someone can post VIVIAN patreon

updated doujinsak $10 tier
please, someone update something?

I'l get something this month. Had a month break after spending 40$ a month for a while. Was thinking maybe cg17, mousticus or ilovedrawings. Hopefully more people will be willing to pitch in this month because it been pretty dry lately

nice, i recommend cg17
i think im gonna go for jora bora and giorunog this month

Go for mousticus

My recommendation is also CG17 or Guireyart. Both of them are awesome.

Giants are gay and non-macro stuff should not be concern of this thread so...

I can recommend Fuyuno mikan, he has samples on his pixiv fanbox

Updated bryanlobdell, Mousticus and zetarok.
Anyone here can upload ilovedrawings' rewards abd uru?

I went for cg17 this month. Also updating saintxtail and mspaintgts. This is gonna take a while, over 100 posts to import. Hopefully someone else can contribute with ilovedrawings.

Is there a way to upload specific posts from SaintxTail? That way we can get to things like the archive, pin-ups, comics, and sketches?

>tfw no fooooly updates

nice, thank you!
you can post them as shared files

you know, i think this site will outlive most of us
but this is another month
update please!!! im gonna go for jorabora and probably giorunog this month

plz dont let this die

Giorunog have been updated.
Thank you very much Anon!

Updated mspaintgts and cg17

Does cg17 not draw gore anymore?

Barely. She lives in China and is scared of getting censored by their goverment or something like that. At some point she even made fake cover art for the patreon to look less "suspicious."

updated doujinsak, will update jorabora soon if i see the site doesnt die this month

Updated mspaintgts and cg17
Anyone got vorifax?

Yeah y'all should definitly check Vorifax patreon he is doing crazy thing

HEYYY we are approaching the donation deadline fast again, and we might die this time (again), so I've updated jora-bora. if you have anything, update NOW!!!

Please update Konokono, it's been 4 months

Please update https://yiff.party/345505 (Missing 78 posts) and add www.patreon.com/the_dt_depot, too please.

Woah, Jorabora have been uploaded​! Thank you anon!

Updated mspaintgts and cg17.
Found a few artists that are not yet on yiff, so I'l post em in case someone is interested. They got stuff outside of patreon as well, so maybe you'd want to follow em on deviantart or w/e.
Teniko, OurHandsH, SWGTSdrawing, Vorifax and OniOniOgre.

I'l probably pledge to 1 of em next month and if someone else desides to get one as well, that would be great.

Thanks for updating. I would also like to add another artist that's not on yiff.
Guireyart or patreon: "guillermo reyes jr. "

guys what happend to Lien's patreon? https://yiff.party/10323266 not every picture is loading. can someone get his stuff from enty?

If I had to guess, pictures not loading are related to artist removing them from patreon.
Even if he/she were to add them again, they would not load. That's a bad thing about this site :/

Here's some macro that could be updated

Teniko is named Tens on Patreon.
Also, for other gts artists with many and good quality content, that aren't present here or longtime not updated, there's:
Hollewdz, Fuyuno_mikan and Konokono.
Aikart have very good stuff, but not many, only a dozen of illustrations.

>>31637 Everything up to the beginning of april has been leaked in a mega, go find it.

>>31709 *for konokono

email plz i can't find it uzerZDK235@protonmail.com
will reupload if possible

ooh i want source too

If someone do find that Mega, could they upload it to the shared folder for konokono?


Seconding this.

Any chance that someone could update MartyZ?

plz update https://yiff.party/4111285

Megidna.png (523.8KiB, 600x407) save_alt

Yeah, this looks like it's be nice

plz update ://yiff.party/12271854

updated OurHandsH

Preesoul have been too.

To the one that updated JoraBora:
Can you please upload once more before the month's end? (There's new content.) And thank you.

roger, will update jorabora
please someone update martyz and giorunog!

Send me an email and i'll share it. spamapply@gmail.com

i updated jorabora, doujinsak
please, someone update martyz and giorunog...

Yes please! We need more big middy updates!

is no one gonna update martyz or giorunog for real? i don't know why i still bother updating for this site

I mean, I doubt anyone looks into what people request and go "oh, I'l support that patreon to update." They support whoever they want to and hope for the best. The only time I update a request is if I have already paid for that person but forgotten to update or if I already considered that person and the request made me make up my mind. I'd asume its about the same for most people. Currently I am updating mspaint and cg17, as I have for a while now.
You shouldnt consider this a place where you trade the content of your 2 favorite creators for the content of your 2 other favorite creators. You add something to the pool and dive into the pool to see if you find anything you like. As long as other people help support with something I get motivated to support as well because then I at least get something back. If you are to picky with what you want back you'll probably be dissepointed

you got it right, but there were people who updated those i wanted before, where are there now?

anyway can you update cg17?

I did as I wrote that post. CG17 has been super inactive lately, yiff is up to date

I did as I wrote that post. CG17 has been super inactive lately, yiff is up to date

Shame cg17 doesn't draw gore anymore. I was contributing to his patreon just for that.

Can someone please add guireyart? He is an amazing artist.

I'm evil and instead of just importing things i add an extra step so only the truly thirsty can aquire what i have

I would be thirsty, but I do not know what you have, maybe if you said what you are offering, I would probably be very thirsty.

you must not be thirsty, your mind's eye cannot fathom what i have, but only what i have provided.

are you serious right now?

By any chance can someone upload Frizzle's stuff?


But thou hast not provided anything!

Someone please add this guy, so peasants like me can enjoy some art!

Honestly best hint at anything with this would be the email link for 'sage'

That and the weird part after "!o6yWDVScuw", kinda looks like a mega link or something....

That's not a mega link.

It opens a mail on win 10 when I click the link, does nothing on Win 7 however.
If I had to guess, you have to send mail or something, hence SM. Though I might be wrong.

welcome to the BBS.

74639812_p0.png (336.1KiB, 607x850) save_alt

pls add OniOniOgre


IT's mega link, it's a Furry CG videos from FA

update martyz and giorunog bruh

wtf are any of you talking about

Right, because Mega links are so short...

Any chance that someone would be willing to update the F/m or F/f tier for volezor and update the $1 tier on GiantessHelen...?

Someone update Fooooly please :9

plz compare the link
this was intentionally cencored to block DMCAfag

its working the error button works

google is full of boogers and dmca complaints
ducks aren't really that smart (my birdie is smarter)
startpage? i don't think so
i really can't find it am i retarded plz be honest

giorunog or doujinsak plz

plz tell me it has to be one of them
and how did you actually send it to 4 people only one showed their address also i dont think this is on f95zone

only hollewdz is in the zip i cannot find konokono and the rest (hint : yuki.la)

if you are seeing this image that means i don't have the file yet
==[also no this post was clearly not made by a juicy spambot]==

>>33261 see, >>32136

I've sent a mail 2 weeks ago but don't get an answer. I've resent now. Maybe it's in your spam folder, please can you check?

Updateded mspaintgts, CG17 and added vorifax. Its a lot of files, so might take a little while before its updated to the site

Whoever was updating JoraBora, can you update again? Thanks a lot!

To the one that updated JoraBora, thank you. He's a really good artist and I can enjoy his work freely thank to you.

chrome_2019-05-21_05-17-58.png (2.0KiB, 337x59) save_alt

I don't believe you.

Ok, maybe there's a problem with this mail... I've resent from an other mail.

Does anybody have a link to Tinysuit's onedrive folder?

I'd love to see https://www.patreon.com/PerryBeans added.

Somebody update https://www.patreon.com/Maskray_gts he is really great with giantess content.


Anyone able to upload minmax3d's content?

anyone able to upload instead of begging for others to upload?

To those who wanted, GiantessHelen have been updated.

update on

For those that missed it, Ascmine has a Patreon now. (Some might know him by Andromeda, the guy that did thishttps://aryion.com/g4/view/202538) and their doing Oral vore now too.

bad shit might happen soon, so please update whoever you're pledging to now!

we live to see another day, now please update

Bless you whoever updated doujinsak, bless you.

updated MartyZ for $10, been pledging for months but no one else did it so why not.

About JoraBora, bad new, I heard he stoping to post on Patreon, because he afraid that Patreon will not accept his content.
From now he will share only in a discord for his Patreon members. So, to say, if someone will want to update him, you will need to do it manually, as "shared files".

https://www.patreon. com/resizeme

updates to cg17 and doujinsak?

They were updated not long ago! Stop exaggerating and be thankful there's nice contributors here.

anyone get the latest cakeinferno animation before the link died?

can anyone add http://www.patreon.com/ZillaStudio?

>>33638 http://www.text2image.com/user_images/text2image_F81171_20190610_133114.jpg PHISHING!! (full link is not cencored so don't try anything)
what the fuck is this also it says here the wetransfer file will be deleted (crap i rarely use my account)
[2 files, 138 MB in total. Will be deleted on 22 May, 2019] is this it plz tell me

>>35066 Thanks to whoever uploaded that shared file ;)

Can some kind soul update https://www.patreon.com/LBKazoku for a dollar?

Also shamelessly begging once again for Tinysuit's onedrive link.

Tinysuits onedrive is one of the tings I'd say you should really pay for, it's absolutely worth it. I know this is a site meant for sharing different patreons, but that is also pretty much what his onedrive is. Everyone pitch in to get as many commissions as possible.

Tinysuits onedrive is one of the tings I'd say you should really pay for, it's absolutely worth it. I know this is a site meant for sharing different patreons, but that is also pretty much what his onedrive is. Everyone pitch in to get as many commissions as possible.

Can you give deez links... for poor population!?

If only Tinysuit wasn't so obsessed with anal vore he'd be worth funding. It's boring when there's never any kind of variation. Would it kill him to throw in a little crush or vaginal action from time to time?

Someone able to post eskoz's new shit?

update cg17 and doujinsak plz

seconding eskoz

I dont care for other vore types but even then he uses the same 5 scenarios over and over and over

>>35600 seconded to the 600th power
>>35220 please m8 my hdd is very hungry also why does nobody respond
>>33638 error 412 now what

Anyone got giantesshelen besides the crops

If anyone has them. Could someone please upload readyart's newer animations, it would be greatly appreciated.

Informing that Tempuru have been​ updated.

SWGTS, Jk saratsu (has old content that has a several GTS pictures, but is locked behind 10$ sub), GuireyArt are some of the artist that are also good.

Can anybody please update Mousticus?

i updated martyz.
cg17 and doujinsak please?

Another awesome GTS artist
Insanely good drawings, and best of all the drawings are cruel most of the times!

Can anyone add

Can anyone add

There was an update for Uru inexpensive stuff.

where's the people pledging cg17 and doujinsak? i need you

add harafung‘s patreon,he created a lot of mini giantess arts.
and plz updated others, this hobby community needs everyone do what little one can to help

GiantessHelen integrally updated 3 days ago.

it's near that time again, please update whoever you're pledging, especially cg17 and doujinsak

pls update https://yiff.party/patreon/10089273 !!!!!
its been 4 months...

resizeme got a new update, would appreciate if someone uploaded it

we really can't let this die! i'm gonna update doujinsak soon, all i want to see is cg17 and jorabora and maybe a few other

Can anyone be a hero and post the Tinysuit onedrive link?

Updated mspaintgts and vorifax. I used to keep CG17 updated, but he barely make any art these days and when he do its not to my preference, which is a shame because he used to be one of my favorite gts artists. Last time he got updated is close to 2 months now, yet we are only missing 3 pictures ( a lot of progression updates) and 2 of em have the same name, just different character...so I wont support cg17 for a while. Maybe in a few months if no one else update.

as promised, doujinsak updated. not a lot, though
sad to hear that :( maybe jorabora is good? cheaper, too

Wow, thank you for updating Doujinsak! Can you also post the page 3 of Lara comic? (He gave the picture privately to his patreons, so it's not appearing​ in your update.)

hey, I dunno whats going on but the upload function isn't working (Unknown error occurred) so I'll try later. Can you upload JoraBora's stuff? Dunno if it's just me.

Is there a way to view doujinsak’s comic pictures fully. I can only see a cropped comic image

Click on the post file below it for the full version.

Any chance we can see Karbos stuff? Been a while since that was updated. Not sure which creator I should get on board for.

Unfortunately, I don't have JoraBora stuff and for the time being can't pledge. But I have others' stuff like Fuyuno-mikan that I can upload. But like you, I need the "shared files" fonction for this, so need to wait they repair it.

Can someone update AliceMagic please?

Anyone here can post ilovedrawings rewards?
Anyone here can post Tinysuit archives Link?

Admin announced the upload has been fixed.

Can someone update mousticus?

i uploaded lara page 3
tell me which creators you gonna update by uploading files


Guireyart10 patreon is really cool you should check it out !! (his drawing are mostly based on feet crush)

getting an "unkown error" whenever I try to use the updated now :c

Thank for your up.
Uploaded all the missing Fuyuno-mikan's gts stuff. On top of that it's no longer on Patreon. (Because of some Patreon's rules the author was forced to remove all his old posts.)
For who that wanted his furry stuff, sorry, but not saved it (cause I'm not into these things).

Ha, and if someone have some of his exclusive Pixiv fanbox content (gts stuff he's posted only on his fanbox), I would be glad if you can post it.

everything is unbirth though, and a bit on the illegal side...

Yes, I know. Ah, these Japanese with their crappy kinks...
His fixation is really a pity, because his art is great, and give precisely what I'm searching in this fetish. I've tried sometimes to edit his baddest images.

For any patron to OchikoTerada, he uploaded an english version of his latest post(miqo'te) to patreon but yiff.party is still coming up as no new posts. Would love an update https://yiff.party/patreon/5697786

Thanks, youre a godsend.

why hasnt anyone updated karbo? he's been updated consistently

Ehey, we're back in business! Updating mspaingts, preesoul Vorifax and Lien. Preesouls free stuff has been updated regularly, but I now also updated his 3$ stuff, so whats been updated is all the 3$ posts since around end of april I think.
Still updating as I am posting this, but they should be up any time now

Yeah, what happened to Karbo?

https://www.patreon.com/daichi777/posts anyone?

Hey, thanks for updating. But I have a favor to ask you. Lien's old posts are broken because he once (I think) deleted the patreon. So now they are just there but cannot be opened. They are not overwritten obviously for some reason. If you can please upload them in "shared files". They start to be broken from picture with chop-sticks and below until the end.

Its uploading now, so it will be up whenever it gets approved. They are all renamed cuz I like to organize my stuff

You are a true hero! Thank you!

hey can you upload cg17 next month? he started uploading again

Can anyone update eskoz, he just relesed a New video?

Do it yourself? I contribute some, you contribute some. Its a win win

lol dude im the one updating doujinsak's $10 tier. im gonna upload cheerleaders page 12 after he sends it out

Nice, keep it up! I most likely wont update CG17 next month tho. I don't want to spend more than what I'm already doing and I don't intend to prioritize him over any of the ones I am currently paying for. I'd probably do it later if he keeps updating regularly, but he didn't really draw anything I liked the last few months I subbed to him, so it didn't really feel worth it to pay every month to me. His content is super high quality, don't get me wrong, just wasn't feeling it. I'd probably update some other random patreons with art missing from this site first tho

uploaded cheerleaders page 12.
im happy as long as you're actually contributing something (this thread is among the most active with nearly 400 messages but it seems like we're the only ones doing work :\ ) but i just want to state my preferences

Yeah it does feel like that some times, doesn't it. I have quite a few favorites at this site now and I do see some of them getting updated here and there, so there are some others :P

Most of us serfs don't actually have money for whatever reason. People that update are doing some lords work.

P.S Just take into consideration (not trying to be rude or force you or anything, just consider) some of the artist for the next month
AliceMagic, GuireyArt, Jkisarazu (10$ tier for some old GTS stuff not much though), Fooooly, ReSize (game 1$).


Hello good people.... I'm just a random giantess-loving person who enjoys all your hard spend money on giantess stuff in yiff.party, and I really appreciate that.

Please forgive my shamelessness but can I request any of you to add and pledge to a certain creator called "Soryuu"? His illustrations and manga are top-notch and it's only for $6. Hope someone would give him a consideration as a fello giantess lover. :D Thanks!!!!


enjoy your no-content for a week again.

Charon2 made a patreon. Unfortunately, no one has put their art on here yet. Let's fix that.

yes, let's. you go first
this month has been bad, importer is still dead. this site might shut down for real... i'll never forget you the other frequent uploader

Yeah, it was great as long as it lasted. Been here since the start (3rd post where I mentioned cg17, mousticus and tinysuit.)
And with exhentai down the gutter as well this might be a very sad month for gts content :c

Can somebody import from this new creator?

don't say that, unless this site goes down and we see it with our own eyes, there's a good chance someone will swoop in to save it again now that the importer's up again. don't leave me alone :(

Oh, Importer is back, time to import before it goes to shitt again :P
mspaintgts, preesouls, vorifax and Lien getting updated

Wait, since it's 2019 and everything is retarded, I need a conclusion about preesoul. Is preesoul male or female? Biologically I mean?

He wrote he's a 32 years old man.

I dont care much if its a she or he doing the art, but if all his new art is now gonna be with his new character which is literately just him wearing a wig, I think I'l pass.

>>39431 so... that's a guy wearing a wig... dafuq.

if tomorrow I wake up and this site is gone... I will miss it a lot, boys
see y'all on the other side

let's get back to business

HUZZAA.....and the importer is down again ._.
Looks like patreon is trying hard to fight us this time

updated buggysplat

The sad panda is back up again as well :o

By any chance would anyone be willing to upload page 4 and 5 of the Lara anal vore comic by Doujinsak?

i got them, upload cg17 plz. ill upload the 2 pages later

updated mspaintgts and vorifax. Noticed that uru is actually missing quite a lot of the 5$ pictures even tho the yiff page says its only 6? Its the same with CG17 and mousticus. Claims all the missing pages is from the most expensive pledge tier even tho it isnt

added YuitaK

Huh, didnt know about this one and it is pretty good. Thanks for the upload

added onioniogre (183 posts)
would appriciate cg17, mousticus or giuronog update

Good stuff that is not furry, I respect that

we forgot to wish this thread a happy anniversary one month ago

greenmatcha has not been updated in a long time almost 200 posts in the 1$ tier

This creator will give you massive boners, please import: https://www.patreon.com/resizeme

Seconding, good choice.

i will add uschi3 if the importer comes back...

Is anyone able to update Mousticus? It’s been 4 months since the last update https://yiff.party/patreon/3764523

Even if someone wanted to, the updater is down. Unless it gets fixed in the next few days I doubt the site will stay alive for another donation cycle

GiantessHelen has only the free pics on here. Can someone update whenever the updater is back up?

i don't feel so good

Why the fuck would you want giantesshelen's garbage?

Hello good giantess-lovers,
The importer is back. So please update the contents for us plebs. ^^



Done. Updated mspaint, onioniogre, Lien and Vorifax

https://yiff.party/patreon/3764523 Update?

I'm going to be buying the 10$ tier for Guireyart10 and hitting the uploader soon since no one has and its been wanted for a long time,I want it too of course,if anyone wants to update Mousticus https://yiff.party/patreon/3764523 or jmgn https://yiff.party/patreon/910946 that would be cool

update pls

update pls

Can anyone with a $10 Eskoz update the missing posts? The Patreon-exclusive version of the last demo is among the missing posts.

I picked up a GiantessHelen file-dump ftom the Chinese forums a few months back that I'll drop in shared files tonight. Fair warning though, anon wasn't lying with the garbage descriptor.

Does anyone have the issue 15 of A Weekend Alone?

This isn't the place for download requests, take that shit outta here.

If it pisses you off, I guess I'll just let it there

Does anyone know how to view lien files it shows up as jpg download?

You download the file. After that you rename it with the name you want and a .jpg in the end

yo fams im gonna drop some martyz shit in shared files soon
cg17 please?

I'l do CG17 if someone do mousticus

ayami6 could also use an update

https://www.patreon.com/resizeme/overview needs an update. New version is out.

ReadyArt could use an update as well. Just released a 16min animation

Is someone interested in Giantess Fan Comics? We could make a deal to bring it here

Missing a lot of content behind the 10$
118 at the moment, look foward to help with pledges too

i thought this site was dead. so damn happy it's still kicking. as promised, about to drop martyz, cg17 plz

I'l update CG17 when someone updates mousticus

>Hollewdz still not added
How will gentlefags ever recover?

don't mind me, just making sure this thread doesn't die

If someone could update this post onto here, it would be greatly appreciated. https://www.patreon.com/posts/29592980.

martyz not good enough for you?

Would someone be willing to upload pages 4, 5, and 6 of the Lara comic by Doujinsak?

Dont care much for his content no

Uploaded page 4-6 of the Lara comic.

Seeing as no one is interested in Mousticus, I'l also be happy to update CG17's (with PSD's) content if anyone upload Giorunog T3 content instead. So, Giorunog or Mousticus, w/e works

Updated AliceMagic 5$ tier. Someone please update CG17.

Whoever updated resizeme, thank you!

updated martyz using shared files. cg17 please, or giorunog or mousticus so the guy can update cg17

You actually believe that he will update CG17 after someone updates mousticus? He's a serf, if he had money he would update Mousticus by himself.

So happy! Really, thanks for MartyZ and AliceMagic!

Why badmouthing? If he said that, until proven otherwise​, I think it's true.
And each people have his own circumstances/limitations, you can't know. Maybe he had pledged to CG17 and is ready share, but want a give and take interaction. Although it's not nice to request an exchange when all are free-sharing, it's his choice.

Because that's an asshole move and no circumstance can change that. If everyone is willing to free-share including me (kinda the point of the site), which I have done so, why can't he/she?

"Until proven otherwise" Oh and that's not how it works, otherwise I claim that I am a superman.

Can anyone update preesoul or kazozakazo. They both fire artists.

Yeah, I've been updating different artists here since the start of this thread now every month and constantly trying to pester this thread to try to keep people updating. Last month I saw people asking for both CG17 and mousticus which I dont mind getting either as I have updated both previously and know they are make alright content, so I thought fuckit, I'l pay for 1 if someone else pay for the other. But most people just want free shitt and not to provide anything themself so I guess that was to much to ask. If its an asshole move to make people chip in then I guess I'l just be an asshole and you can be the wonderful saint that pay for everyones porn.

Also, added Lara page 7 to doujinsak's shared files. Should be up soon enough

Guess what, everyone is an anon, so whatever you do here nobody knows that. I myself am updating stuff, and if nobody else is updating and you wrote "Update mousticus then I update CG17", that basically was a big "fuck you" pointed at me because I was pledging to another artist basically contributing to the site.

guys come on if you want to contribute just do it, i just want the good shit man not these fighting while the site is also dying

Also, why in the world are you only uploading the Scat content?

Eh, I wanted 2 for 1 on top of what I normally pledged this month. I cant fault you for getting frustrated, I do see you point, but try to see this from my perspective. I simply couldn't justify getting only CG17 for 10$ extra this month. I've paid and updated Patreons here since this thread started (same as you I would asume), but this month budget is tight and I wanted to see if I could get 2 of our request updated with the help of some other anon. Anyway, someone updated Mousticus (thanks a lot!) and as promised, CG17 is getting updated.
As well as mspaintgts as usual.

This is because I dont actually have access to that patreon but stumbled upon that comic. Page 7 is not actually released yet, but thought you guys could get it early

nice, but damn there's no vore from cg17 for months now, that's sad

giorunog or doujinsak anyone?

Big thank for the updates of Mousticus and CG17.

CG17 and mspaintgts updated again. Hopefully we will get 1 more art piece from cg17 before the month end ._.

If anyone is interested in feet stuff, "redscript" was updated recently. Main focus is smelly feet and foot torture, but a lot of the content also features size difference.

it's pretty fucking garbage m8

Its pretty fucking great

Or gore content.

Or gore content.

Or gore content.

Or gore content.

There is a wonderful giantess comic creator who hasn't been uploaded for 4 months
Love this site so much,
Please upload this creator
https://yiff.party/6094046 another link

Thanks alot.

Uploader is down again :/ If everyone who pledged to anything could manually upload whatever is missing by the end of the month that would be great, I know I will.

Hello. Don't know if you noticed, but a week or two ago, Preesoul's low tier payed content was uploaded.

anyone doing doujinsak or giorunog?

Giorunog has started another fucking tier now, so you gotta pay 15$ a month now if you want all the comics. so fucking lame <.<

003_patreon_reward..png (925.1KiB, 1200x800) save_alt

Last updated 8 months ago
Breakdown of missing post tiers:
azzai has 154 missing posts
$1.00 - 148 posts $6.00 - 6 posts

Last updated 2 months ago
tayarinne has 1145 missing posts
$1.00 - 308 posts $3.00 - 449 posts $5.00 - 346 posts $10.00 - 10 posts $15.00 - 32 posts

File is belong Azzai
break link over "lick" draw over this artist
Aerofishtashka could be add?

Wrong thread, not even gts. It surely was for the request thread.

guys!! if you are pledging someone and gonna stop pledging next month, please zip new stuff and upload as shared files as the importer is currently down!

If whoever pledged to mousticus could upload those last few pages of giantess detention, that would be fantastic.

looks like meat's back on the menu boys

FLBL anyone?

hey, updated some lesser known artists, 8silentwarrior8 and karsinan, along with giorunog (which felt like wiping my ass with money)
can someone up doujinsak or jorabora?
also pray for this site

Wow, thank you man!
I happen to have some of Doujinsak's recent stuff. Will upload what I have in "shared files".

man the nier comic is starting to feel unsexy, still thanks for uploading though, can u upload page 21 too?

I have no more.

Can someone upload extrime , he has 20 posts left

Can someone upload extrime , he has 20 posts left

We hope for an update

I'm surprised no one has added smushed boy, he has a shit ton of content

you do it

barely anything, deviantart has more stuff from him

generic update begging post

Holy shit what kind of faggot thread is this?


Have sex, incels. The world is laughing at you.

Please upload Extrime(21missing posts) thanks.

Is this where manlets thrive?
Fucking cringe. Too cringe go laugh at you.

uh oh we got some alpha males here

better hide beta boy

yo where my usual updaters at?


wether im alpha or beta i could care less now excuse me while i unbookmark my creators because aparently this site sucks (sorry 4 typo keyboard broken)

also FYI alphas are attention whoring bullies regardless of gender just to let you know

>>45525 >>45587 >>45609 >>45612 >>45997

Lmaoooooooooo+the+amerimutt+meme+is+true+_48093d95fac9ed36f7fefb470d0fdbf3.jpg 1571128925039.jpg (75.3KiB, 750x629) save_alt

>>46022 forgot pic whoops

>>45979 also forgot to add [you]

Amerigga is great you cukkkkk

guys, obvious bait is obvious :P Its obvious this is just some random looser, attention whoring. I mean, how pathetically sad are you if you dig up site just to kink-shame random peope...unless its your fetish of course, then you should be very ashamed. Just ignore it and lets go back to business

the positive thing is that they're bumping this thread for us, i don't have to do it anymore

Cuck me harder trump

Thinking 5 steps ahead! :D

Ashkiiwolf has a new vore giantess video. 10 minute long. Someone updating?

Upload Extrime please only 7 dollars to unlock all tiers

happy 500 posts

oh right, 7 dollars. if it's so cheap why won't you do it, instead of begging.


If someone actually want a request to get uploaded this is what you do.
You upload something yourself
Notify everyone that you have been a good boi/gurl and updated someone
Then you add a "pretty please" in a request for another artist. If someone is sitting here wondering what to upload, then see that you uploaded something they wanted AND requested something they where considering....Boom, you might get your request. Otherwise, you are honestly wasting time. No one looks at requests and go "Oh, this guy have asked for the same artist 3 times now without contributing, I sure am going to update this". I mean, when you spam the same request I am just going to assume you want it really badly and is probably going to give up and upload it yourself in a few days anyway.

unfortunately thats the downside to this being an Anonymous message board, you might upload something, but there is no way to prove that you did it, just that it happened.

Shame there isn't a way that we could group fund a patreon account. I mean, like everyone, like a crowdfund for it, for every person that contributes the monthly cost goes down for that account. So say 5 people put forth money for a $5 patreon, each person pays $1 for the content, but if you have 10 people, each person pays 50 cents, and so on.

Gay boy detected

Update GiantessHelen please

What the fuck is this fetish?

Basically, to fantasm about giantess women.
(Personnaly don't think it's so bad when I see the various weirdest kinds of fetishs, like the malformed or zoophilic​ one, popular on yiff.)

guys i made this thread to get free stuff not to get political. im gonna drop another update for martyz, karsinan amd 8silentwarrior8 soon, it'd be cool if someone can get doujinsak or giorunog

what happened to everyone here?

Negativity is what brought people here in the first place. No one's got anyone's back. You might have the same enemy but you are not friends.

We should create another page for creators with no patreon accounts also a free/hate speech wiki about them

keep being responsible for the doom of your race, fuckboi

>/pol/ hangs around furry porn sites
I can't even put in the effort to post surprised_pikachu.jpg.

Anyone got the new saxanas vid

i just wanna nut, not talk politics
seriously where are the usual updaters? i've got an update incoming and i want to see some other updates

Thanks m8 I'm nearly done gassing my race AND NOW UR NEXT

sohWhy9_d.jpg (13.5KiB, 640x557) save_alt

>>46741 >>46784
I know and it's hooorible [gasfags come out and sPURGE (sperg) yourselves already and be done with it (I mean kys) ]

FTFY pic related

this can't be over. please, anyone pledging?

wow you degenrates are into shit like this? get fucked

Oh yes :D

On a different note, waiting for month to be over at this point to pledge at the start of the month to something. Looked at both doujinsak and giorunog but I just dont feel like its anything new from any of them I want. Sorry. How they release content is so dumb in my opinion. If you only like 1 of their ongoing comic you will get like...0-2 pages for that comic you like a month, which is my current situation :P 0 new pages for the only comic I am slightly interested in from em


yeah i guess their comics progress slow as fuck, and I'm 99% sure they're the same person, quite greedy af. best to wait for a while for all their comics to finish. i'll wait until the end of this month to post martyz's stuff to see if there's anything new.
in the mean time may i suggest karbo or cg17 or uru instead?

Sixul.jpg (964.9KiB, 2893x4092) save_alt

Could a kind anon please consider adding Sixul (https://www.patreon.com/sixulworld) or Saxanas? (https://www.patreon.com/saxanas)

fuck yourself you degenerate manlet

He can do what he want here. Return to your turf animal fucker.

which one is sadder, some sad neckbeards trolling or some people actually biting the bait?

Brave boi behind the screen lmao. Get cucked by actual men.

i updated martyz using shared files, there's only 2 high res pics in the past 1.5 months and some sketches, sucks. i would appreciate if anyone can update whoever they're pledging

look at you weak faggot

Thinking of pledging to CG17 this month, but his updates have been super slow recently so I'll probably look for someone more active instead. Any suggestion?

Yes, eat a dick.

you are one of the creators we're updating, aren't you? too bad for you

Lmao yes, I'm a very mad thot that gets her pics leaked

I wonder what you're doing with your life constantly going to this thread if you aren't here to discuss trading? Whose life is sadder, mine or yours?

Only been here twice. What are you on about?

Advise you for a longtime not or never updated gts artist (=more content!). Like Hollewdz, Tempuru, Uru or Konokono.

Forget Tempuru, it was updated today! Thank to the uploader.

Angelthecatgirl has her stuff up here, except she's smart and posts thumbnails only, and posts actual full pics on her discord where you need to DM her on patreon personally verifying your discord account. Any way around this?

In this situation, if the uploader want to share these pictures, he can do it manually with "shared files".

Does anyone know who the uploader is--or is anyone on her patreon?

Yes, there are many new ways creators find out who uploads their content. They don't take a lot of effort either and not only will they block you but especially vindictive artists doxx your ass to their followers. We are running out of options at this rate.

oh boy...
change da world
my final message

Come on boys it's no nut November , behave.

Somehow this is happening a lot more lately

Damn, that sucks. :/ Angel is apparently a shitty person in general and it doesn't help that she almost exclusively posts to patreon now

are we dead yet

Maybe update uru art.

wow this site is gonna live longer than me at this point
aside from the usual looking at the latest pledger, they could put hidden stuff in their pictures or files but honestly you could just paste a pic into paint and save-as it (which removes hidden info from the file itself), some artists spend way too much time and could put for example very obscure identifying pixels which are harder to remove. my method is to use an AI enlarger which usually blends those pixels with surrounding ones, making them useless, but this method can take time

doxxing can easily be circumvented by just not using any real personal info when you're pledging, and patreon doesn't show your payment info to the creator/ the only real worry is your account being banned by patreon which also bans you from linking your paypal / credit card to another account. you can create multiple paypal accounts but that's not easy in itself

patreon should just establish itself as a marketplace at this point, complete with denuvo DRM and everything. but remember, even denuvo has fallen many times, don't lose hope

at this point i'll have to just donate myself, dammit

strikethrough--HAIL CORPORATE--strikethrough (i mean CPY) keep on fighting b0iz we can do this

i sorta know that guy remember the keemstar thread and the The Spammer in YP (admin needs to get his shit and RE-ban him)

> patreon doesn't show your payment info to the creator

Yes, it does if the creator knows where to look. The UI of Patreon is just really bad but it's all there. It's actually crazy how much information can be gathered.

>wow this site is gonna live longer than me at this point
was that a lowkey "haha I'm suicidal" announcement?

if anyone could post angel pics under shared files it'd be really appreciated, the best i can do in exchange is post the 2 missing ochiko pics

how do you know? gonna need proof here to warn everyone then

ppmax - Copy.PNG (50.2KiB, 1246x279) save_alt

According to pic and this: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034415031-Viewing-patron-payment-history they can't see your paypal email address or your credit card information (duh), but they can see your patreon account email address, which anyone with at least 1 IQ point will know to use a fake

ppmaximus - Copy.jpg (172.0KiB, 1405x1004) save_alt

This is what a creator sees. Chill out no one's gonna see your paypal email, just stick to common sense with your privacy and you'll be fine.

In case you didn't know some patrons have a plan they pay for. One of the benefits not listed is seeing your address clearly. However, since Patreon sucks it's also all viewable through digging the html of your supporter page.

what do you mean? they can see our paypal email address?

yes of course

i dunno man, you got any particular proof? you could be a creator trying to scare us into stepping away from yiff. if this is real though, then it's a big security breach from patreon and we should give them a message about that

inksGirls entirely updated (gts, but f>f only). Thanks to the contributor.


A creator wrote me an e-mail but not to the one I was registered with but that I had on my PayPal. Kinda found scary and left.

fuck me in my asshole tho

if that's true you should really report it to patreon, that's a pretty serious privacy breach

what do you mean if it's true? I wish I could prove it but I'm not giving out my PayPal mail address here. Guess you just gotta take my word for it.

I ended up unpledging to them because the way they flaunting having my PayPal address quite concerned me. It's not like I can report anything to Patreon when there is definite proof I've updated countless creator pages here.
It's like going to the police as a criminal because someone did you wrong.

meem.png (51.6KiB, 500x300) save_alt

>Guess you just gotta take my word for it
fucking lole

how tf are they supposed to prove it

Ok, ok, if it's true, lesson: Don't use Paypal to pay on Patreon.
Let's move on now.

if patreon leaks your paypal email, using credit card could be worse lol, keep an eye on the Game Over thread to see how things are going

Thank you, I wasn't aware it was about this.

are we gonna go back to the original thread topic or

https://yiff.party/patreon/14001937 Yilx one needs!

bunch of arts are not updated in here.

updated mspaintgts and uru

Be blessed man.

could someone update onioniogre?

Could someone update Kazo?
Its has been months since the last update

hey guys, just to be safe until there's concrete confirmation that either creators don't see your paypal or until i can create another fake paypal account, i will be updating stuff using the shared files so I can also clean up the files to be free of any potential tracking information, so i'll upload stuff at the end of the month. right now: still martyz and 2 other

Noticed someone uploaded Elu77, a rather new dev. artist, that focus on drawing ever gts or normal domination.
Thanks to the uploader.

were you referring to uploading angel?

It's not complicated, who want and can share, share. Don't be forceful. If no one responded, so anyone meanwhile interested.

this whole privacy-breach conversation on this thread spawned from asking about angel and i was curious if they were referring to them when talking about updating the shared files

Updated Uru, Tens and mspaintgts
Would love to see some more stuff updated

Thewiking2000 pls
11 months later last update

Thewiking2000 pls
11 months later last update

please update ochiko and kazo
ochiko: https://yiff.party/patreon/5697786
kazo: https://yiff.party/patreon/10089273

no u

Any more Eskoz?


Vorifax hasn't had an update in a while.

Update Karbo please, it has been 2 months

Nobody gives a fuck what you want updated

why are there so many edgelords on this site jesus christ

All Preesoul lower tiers were updated.


If this site survives to see tomorrow I'm gonna drop some hot shit

Plz donate

Doujinsak was entirely updated, thank you uploader!

if this site goes down, whoever updated doujinsak will forever be a legend to me. a saint at the end of times


Jetslasher been missing a updated for a long time

60 posts behind 1$
146 posts behind 10$

If someome updated him i would gladly help with other pledgings


>>51036 >>51178
user was blessed for this post

updated deviantkibate, not very well known but has pretty good stuff
i don't really know who else to upload, all the usual names have been pretty slow, and i only want to go after vore artists. cg17, doujinsak, giorunog, they all dont have lotsa vore nowadays. karbo is full of pov only recently, not my cup of tea. any suggestions?

I keep missing JoraBora's fucking archive link so if you could upload the one for December I'd appreciate it

Vore... It is not the speciality of Karbo and MartyZ? Kazo too have a fair amount of this I think.
And a big thank for the up of Kibate!

im not the one updating jorabora, i did download all the things so far though, but i dont have december link. updating here will just cause him to change the link though. do you want me to upload anything through shared files?
martyz is extremely slow and overpriced ($10 for 1 or 2 full hd pictures every month? no thanks) and karbo is only drawing pov nowadays which i dont like, i want actual visible tinies

Tempuru is releasing pages of 3 doujins at the same time and started drawing that olympics set of pics... Is anyone else interested in tempuru?

If someone uploads Extrime , I will upload Mousticus and Saiyan Slave

kazo pls
10 months later last update

and thanks you all guys

Fantia support has been added :D
Can't wait for DRE, RakiA and so on!

added https://yiff.party/fantia/3146
now that fantia is supported




GTS shizuka

Takai Werks

hey guys, updated martyz in shared files. there's literally no new high res pictures, so people who pledged for that tier like me just ate shit i guess. also, i had a stroke and fucked up the title, ignore that
i need some suggestions for good, not updated VORE artists.

check Fantia, i imported it just now

Some awesome Fantia creators:



Ochiko Terada

Can't wait for these updates!! <3

Could a kind anon update Resize Me?

Please RakiA :D

Eskoz 5$ posts are missing


Could someone update Mousticus and SaiyanSlave?


my god can anyone actually start their post with "just updated" instead of "can anyone"?

don't bother, all his content is on discord now

Any good furry artists who draw macro with gore? Need some recommendations plz.

Updated some Lien's Fantia stuff. Only current month a couple backnumbers.

plz upadte RakiA

update please

surprise! not an update request, just a reminder that i updated martyz and i hope people dont think this thread is a lost xause

Nobody has ever updated based on a beg without an update. You tards are just spamming the thread.

Man, whenever I want to update I just check what people are begging for, because they are probably so desperate that they will update it themself soon anyway, so I just avoid that. 60% of the time it works every time.


AyamiGT has 27 missing posts

If you're supporting AyamiGT on Patreon at one of the below tiers, or know someone who is, head on over to our post importer to help fellow yiff.party users out!

Breakdown of missing post tiers

$1.00 - 27 posts

this is not a request thread
let's go back to the point of this thread: backing each other.
i support one artist, you support another, we get both. so i just updated martyz, i would like to see someone update anyone else. and you can request for someone while you update someone else.

Someone update Soryuu's Fantia posts pls!


Updated Teniko and mspaintgts

Finally, an actual update. Thank you!

Kazo (Patreon) entirely updated! Thank you!

where's teniko? i cant find him/her on both the normal creator list and fantia list

pledged some parts of https://yiff.party/fantia/7451 (sayame)
hope somebody does more from fantia, hate how you have to buy back issues

Looks like their name on Patreon is just "Tens"

I would greatly appreciate if someone could please share GiantSoleCrusher’s content. I have been requesting updates for weeks now and I am pretty young and don’t have any money bc I spent it all paying for Christmas presents for my brothers and sisters and parents. I would be the happiest person alive. His link is https://yiff.party/patreon/26476272

Your mother needs to pay more attention to how you spend your time on the internet

it's funny you care a lot about your family but still gotta pay some thoughts to giant tiddies

Hello. Someone knows what there's in Preesoul's highest tier (10$)? Want to know if it's give new art or if it's only past art archives.

random club

usagi hut

Anyone got the smallest find comic? Can’t find the full image

Been looking around and cant find artist who have unbirth art or such, cant find anything new, any suggestions?

Doujinsak fully updated. Thank you very much uploader!

Could someone update ReadyArt?


please update
Ayami_GTS https://yiff.party/patreon/267312
Fuyuno Mikan https://yiff.party/patreon/4946257

coud some pls update The Normies https://yiff.party/patreon/2929435

Is anyone a supporter of freimgul? Hasn't been brought up in this thread before

9CEA39AF-D6EE-4D46-AD4B-9143EE33781E.jpg (751.4KiB, 1005x1300) save_alt

Does anyone have this comic? Mind sharing it pls

Don't suppose I could ask you to re-update the game post if it's not too much trouble? Abereon updated the game with a new version that fixes a bug I ran into late in the game.
It's the one in the beam-cave where the required reflector crystals are in the wrong spots.

Though from what I understand this is basically the last part of the game available anyway so waiting for the next update is also fine.
Thanks for uppping it in the first place regardless.

https://yiff.party/patreon/3764523 Mousticus

Can anyone update micromike10 the smallest find comic pls

Yea does anyone have the smallest find comic?Kinda hard to find

Can someone update BoobSlave?

Can someone update BoobSlave?

Updated MSpaintgts, Tens and fooooly. Now, if people could stop using this thread as a request thread and start updating shit instead that would be great ._.

I have all noneto's stuff but fanbox isn't implemented yet, so im gonna borrow uru's page to upload them. count that as an update. $10 not well spent cause of the amount of loli shit

Did you upload it in uru page?

Needs CG17 update!

apologies, it seems that the upload failed but i didnt notice. i have updated it now with some extra stuff since. i would love to see some other updates from other creators too

https://yiff.party/patreon/6094046 Extrime
Thanks a lot

Has not been updated in over a year.

just spent 10 bucks and already 2 people ask me to spend more with no reciprocation, epic

uh, anyone?

I pledged to redfiredog's Patreon this month, and I'm slowly uploading the comics to AnonGTS (you need the Tor browser to access the site):
Aiming to upload the newest comics this weekend.

Also planning on pledging to nyom87 at the end of this month to pick up some of the missing comics.

If someone wants me to upload some of the comics to yiff.party as well, let me know.

Whoever is updating Dinnerkun's page, would you be able to upload Project Izanami 10 and Fun Time with Amazon? Amazon is one of DK's first image packs, but the sta.sh link is dead and DK doesn't want to re-upload it for some reason.

Anyone have the smallest find comic?

upload the comics to yiff as well please

Which ones specifically?
RFD and Nyom both have about 7 GB worth of comics each. That's too much for my internet to handle.


Would be cool.


newest ones, but it's ok if u upload on anon, just don't upload duplicates

please update Vexorum https://yiff.party/patreon/3325348

Someone updated Mousticus, Thanks for that!

I don't know who updated LuckyB, but he just posted 3 comics on his Patreon on the $5 tier, is there any chance we can get those?

Does anyone have the English Version of Horoyoi-Nyanko

Anyone have micromike10 the smallest find comic?

so... you uploaded anything?

That website is basically dead barely anyone uses it anymore and the updates are not much.

A lot of people still use the website, but this thread is getting drowned in requests instead of people updating,

true, probably no one knows i uploaded noneto's stuff on uru0000's page in shared files

I uploaded RFD's newest stuff (up to December 2019) to AnonGTS.
Don't really like yiff.party's shared files system (no way to update, edit, or sort uploads), plus I'd rather keep as much as I can off the clearnet.
I'm okay with uploading a few comics, though. Which ones specifically did you want to see?

saw your uploads, thought they werent new. got them, no need to upload here, if anyone else wants some comics uploaded here maybe they can ask
i've spent 10 bucks this month already, be cool to see someone update doujinsak or karbo

You know, lastly Doujinsak was updated a lot. Right now there's only 2 posts (= 2 pictures!) not yet added.
So Giorunog is a best choice I think.

no, giorunog fucking sucks.
the new $15 tier takes away time working on rewards for the other tiers which barely get any pictures anyway, and the guy even uploads commission pics that were already uploaded publicly (the leon comic) as rewards. he's among the greediest. $15 for 6 posts or $10 for 3-4 posts and $5 for 1-2 posts? bruh
if doujinsak is updated, literally anyone else would be good

KenCougr hasn't been updated in over a year.

Gotta agree here. I updated him way back since no one had updated him for many months before that again, but even so. 5-6 months of his content is barely worth 1 months fee in my opinion. Like, even if there is a comic you like there he will only updated that 1 comic like what...once a month? So for that 1 comic you want, you might end up having to pay like 60-80$ is you subscribe to his Patreon and wait for its full release. Its fucking dumb. If you like EVERYTHING he makes, then sure. It might be worth it, but even then you are looking at 4-6 pages a month IF you pay 15$.
I feel like there are other cheaper options at that point. If no one update Giorunog for another 3-5 months I might update him then, but for now I'l get something that gives more for less

yeah it's only MAYBE worth it if you update him once every 6 months or something.
i suggest you go for karbo $5 to get all HD pics, then revert back to $1 or something. he doesnt have cuf

updated karbo and kazo

Has anyone ever updated smushedboy's page yet?

Ochiko's fantia page is lacking the actual pictures in some posts.

plz update RakiA

His monthly stuff is being shared on Discord in some places, someone was scared of the importer

We've got a Fantia thread btw.

Really? I couldn't find it.

There is another thread solely for Fantia. Keep scroll down until you find it. Keep this board for Patreon only to avoid future mishaps.

What's the name of that thread? To make the search easier.


https://y iff.party/bbs/read/53284

Thanks. Didn't notice it was that one.

Could anyone update it?


could someone upload it?


Plz Update: https://www.patreon.com/SadBag

https://www.patreon.com/Tian3d please update


Hey, can someone update ochiko's and tempuru's page?

someone update Inside page?

no one is gonna fucking wake up and say "oh boy let me check what the people on the giantess thread want and update them without expecting anything in return"
contribute some shit and maybe someone else will return the favor
this is not a request thread

I've updated uschi3! Would love to see Ochiko or tempuru

Ochiko Terada hasn't had an update in 20+ Days

Thank you so fucking much.
Y'all should definitly check Uschi3 patreon


don't let this thread die bois, im gonna update some people soon

Upload Extrime

i prefer uploading whoever i want

RIP Vivian

Karbo pls

is anyone already planning to update jorabora? so i can avoid duplicate

Are you uploading files or just updating the links, since he started posting those on patreon again.

Hi everyone. Will be glad if someone who pledged to Hollewdz could up her Patreon please. Her art isn't bad.

Thank you to whoever did Extrime

who? i havent pledged to jorabora yet, im asking if anyone's planing to update him so i can pledge someone else

gimme an answer

I think your probably good to go ahead and pledge and update

Ochiko Terada really needs an Update
He hasn't had an update in a Month

you do it


paying for words and some normal pictures that you have to pretend is remotely giantess-related? seriously?

how do i know whether someone plans to update jorabora or not? i think i'd just wait til next month, only 1 week left

You have no plans on updating Jorabora. This is just advanced begging.

oh cool, if u look in this thread u'll see ive routinely updated a ton of people, just wait til next month. i dont blame you for suspecting this though, lotsa beggars for sure

would be nice if someone can update guireyart10, thanks

Does anyone want to try the Fanbox shareing over on Kemono.party?

updated Tens (teniko) and mspaintgts


I've updated tier 5$ of uschi3. Doujinsak or Giorunog anyone?

no giorunog, he's literally the greediest, see >>57830
im gonna update 2 people soon

Oh I see... then Doujinsak or Tempuru would be cool.

Anyone got the smallest find comic by micromike10?

Pls update Marushamo's Fantia posts.


i aint lying u know, just wanted to wait a bit to cover my tracks. updated jorabora anyway. check and download soon, he might change the links
i added a bonus too (8silentwarrior8)

so can you update doujinsak or something?

Can someone update AliceMagic?

hey, gonna update someone or what?

Imagine hounding someone to do something they already did

gonna update Hollewds for ya plebs

Thank you man!

Can Someone Update Ochiko?

Can someone update colossal collages pls? I bet you all! Pls! ❤❤❤

Can someone update colossal collages pls? I beg you all! Pls!

Does this site support videos?

1 update followed by 4 requests
perfectly balanced

Any chance someone could update OsmiumOrchid and the $10 tier of TinyExperience?

so... anyone planning to update doujinsak? i might chip in next month or so if no one is doing it
in the mean time, any good artist under $10 that does oral vore? (except martyz)

also i see someone updated martyz $5 so i threw in the latest high res pic ("don't stare", and that's the only high res in like 3 months lol) in shared files

Can anyone update tempuru's page please?

Kazo, utopia,...

kazo doesnt do lots of oral vore, utopia is not active on patreon (where is he/she active?)


update photos please

Utopia is active on patreon, and twitter, its just that they hardly ever update patreon with anything. They had updated with an pic having something to do with the pumpkin pictures they posted on twitter, but recently took it down for some reason. Though I have noticed that trend with some of his images that contain scat.

yeah, that's what not being active means lol

Update Marusyamo's fantia posts please! (2 missing posts)


It's the most active they ever get. If you know somewhere besides twitter and patreon that they update on a regular basis, I would love to know.

Whoever updated Doujinsak last time, can you update his patreon again please?

Updated uschi3 again. Would like to see CG17 or Doujinsak.

updated mspaintgts

Can someone update swgtsdrawing?

Tempuru was updated. Thanks.

I didn't notice that, and yeah. Thanks to whoever did that.



Can someone update kazo?

Look at the Fantia section, it's up to date over there.

If anyone can add smushedboy please

Can someone please update eatmei patreon?

updated 8silentwarrior8

can someone update the uru000 file in either patreon or fantia

Can someone update Osmiumorchid for the Saint Miluina's Vore Academy Update?

Do you use Kemono.party for fanbox giantess stuff? If so, please share some links to those creators in Kemono.

Sad that almost everyone else here are choosing beggars. Thank you.

Someone please update MONSTER GANG (sheelaandcyanide) contents.
They have 100 $1 tier posts pending.

Can someone update Kojopi's contents? It's been 11 months. :/

I say, this thread has become too long. When we reach the 1000 messages, we need a new giantess thread!

Wow, sounds like a great price! Only 1$ for 100 posts that you actually want updated? Basically a steal if you ask me. If I found something for 1$ with that much content that I actually wanted I'd get it in a heartbeat

Someone please update GTortoise (DwindlingAway)

Could someone please update eatmei patron and also thewiking2000 ??

so anyone planning to update doujinsak this month?

Can someone update Mousticus ?

Can someone update Guireyart and CG17 please ?

Could someone just update every single gts patreon so I could leech everything and not contribute? k, thx :*

Can someone update Ochiko Terada?
It hasn't been updated in almost 3 weeks

Ochiko should also be posting the English Translation of his most recent post soon

Nobody has updated MicroMike yet? -.-
I tried to use my mom's credit card, but she found out and sent me to my neighbor's house so he could cough on me. The bitch stopped giving me an allowance just because I failed Algebra. It's not like I'll need it once Twitch bans the thots so my channel can finally take off.

at this point if this site goes down forever nothing of value will be lost

No. 2 years that he wasn't really updated. Frome this time he shares his stuff personally, by sending it to his subscribers. What's on Patreon is only low resolution & cropped images.
If someone really want to update him, he need to share his content in "shared files" on his yiff page. It's the only way.

7D02E34A-963A-4E9B-BA52-4FAB0409D792.jpg (25.3KiB, 200x209) save_alt

Could someone please update this

No fuck you, I asked first. It was bad enough that I was cucked out of going to homecoming just because I sniffed her seat. Don't cuck me on this, I don't have a lot going on in my life. Whoever is buying should update MicroMike. Thanks in advance :*

you’ve been asking since Friday?

Fuck you

why do you think people should just support you first?
What are you 7?

Could anyone update Takaisen?

Could someone update Giorunog, please? At least the Teacher Jennifer stuff.

Anyone up for updating Ochiko?

Someone update Mousticus. It's been 2 months.


pls update rakiA

All this crowd is really amusing! You're good!

This thread have turned into only fucking requests and no one providing so here is my contribution and I hope someone is willing to join in and contribute more as well otherwise this is my last contribution.
Updated Teniko (Tens), mspaintgts and Giorunog 4th tier, enjoy
If someone would be willing to update either Doujinsak, Mousticus, CG17 or to share any Viruslex tiers from 2019/2020 I'd be happy to provide more stuff in the future.
Or if you got something else you want updated but havent updated because you hope someone else do it...just please do it this month. If we just get some more activity I'd be thrilled
Someone else might pick up the mantle next time, but if everyone just sits on their ass asking for updates without updating anything, there wont be any next time.
We all need to contribute in these quarantine times

Thanks for updating.

You're generous man, thank you!

OniOniOgre please


DON'T LEAVE FAM I GOT YOU IM GONNA UPDATE DOUJINSAK (but give me a few days). also remember to update everyone again before the end of the month
thanks btw

and same message to this thread, if you retards can actually read then you can see no one is gonna take your request unless you actually contribute. that's literally in the title of the thread

Wondering if anyone could update eskoz. Its been more than 3 months and i have been updating other uploaders.

others such as?

Anyone know where to find giantess loryelle city rampage or city nightmare full clips?

I am more than willing to contribute in fact I’ll even do it today I’ll buy a prepaid visa. I’d just like for eatmei or maybe like someone else mentioned eskoz or thewiking2000 to be updated.

It’s cool if no one wants to hit these I guess I’ll do it myself by the end of today.

Anyone update Ochiko?

Someone update mousticus, its been 2 months


I just came back from checking giorunog's page, and it says he's been banned from Patreon. Anyone knows what happened?

He got my 15$ and then got banned they day after? FOR REAL? fuck off...
Good thing I updated when I did, because it looks like that was the last chance for us to get that content lol

Updated uschi3. Does somebody have rakiA's fantia?

Well, his yiff.party page says he's been banned. His Patreon page is under review by Patreon's Trust and Safety team.
His stuff can still be found in his pixiv Fanbox page though.

so i thought long and hard about this, and I think I'm not going to update doujinsak. he's been inactive lately (he's not very active usually either), so it's a waste of $10 for like 3 pictures
this makes me think doujinsak is gonna be banned too soon (i've always been certain that they're the same person, profiting off of 2 accounts), another reason not to go with doujinsak

i'll see who else i can get. maybe cg17 but he's also inactive. all the artists have been lazy recently...
any suggestion?

Monster Gang (sheelaandcyanide) is a good artist.You can get plenty of good stuff for $1 and can get her comics for $10.
Here's the link if you are interested:

She has over 100 missing posts of $1. Don't get deluded by his yiff.party contents though. Most of her works in yiff.party are free stuff from Twitter, so they are not that good. Her patreon-only stuff are the real deal.

No surprise, with the corrona.
Mousticus maybe, but only 10 posts to update.

There's also Alicemagic and Kojopi, with 30 and 17 posts to update, but don't​ know if their artstyle suit you.

Pls update mousticus, he's actively releasing a new comic and he has a new mini comic, alone with raven. Pls based anon.

can someone please update Uru0000

Please if you can add smushedboy, he is really active and often publishes

no mousticus or smushedboy, they mostly do feet and im not into that
tell me artists who focus on oral vore plz

does anyone know why posts from ochiko's fantia simply can't be seen? rakiA's recent posts have the same problem

Most gts artists do a fair number of oral, but if you just want the ones that mostly do it, there's only Karbo and MartyZ.

There's also 8SilentWarrior8, but almost nothing to update, so not recommended.

pls update mousticus. im dying here

That's because somebody needs to update the pictures. If not, you only get to see the preview image.

Can someone update NZ_patreon?

Update Marusyamo in fantia pls


There is a Fantia thread for it anon

File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

i said no feet
get the fuck out

doujinsak just released a $1 picture which is a frame from one of the previous pictures. seriously? im not wasting my money on that mofo lol
i think i'm gonna look into 3D stuff instead

Anyone Update Ochiko?

Will be great if Bubimun was added to yiff.

i still have no idea who to update. every option seems shitty
hell, i dont need oral vore only. i can deal with everything EXCEPT feet and ass. most importantly, the artist actually is active instead of farting out 3 pictures every month and charges $1000. give me some actually good suggestions please
maybe it's a good thing because many (that i care about at least) are being updated that i dont feel the need to pledge them

What about Uru0000 or CG17?

Almost every giantess artist I know do some form of feet and ass alongside vore. Why even ask when you could just do a google search "patreon giantess vore" and see what you get. Were giving you the most popular artists that need updating, so either save your money for the artists you care about or do some poor anons a favor.

google doesn't really do good here. karbo doesn't even appear when searching with that generic term
anyway i've decided on who, gonna update later.

I'm surprised I've never seen anyone mention Bryan Lobdell, his art is quite good and he uploads often enough. Problem is he asks for $10 for high resolution downloads. I think if anyone's looking for a good artist to update he's worth a look: https://yiff.party/patreon/356650
Please upload the high resolution images to shared files though.

To whoever who updated Guireyart10 : You're the best :)

Ochiko just released the English Translations of his new work, can someone update?

add pls

Please update
Artist: Mousticus (Mousticus)
Tiers: $1 and $7
Missing posts: $1 - 1 missing post, $7 - 11 missing posts
Last Updated: Over two months ago

No, you

No, you

Updated uschi3 and wtsnacks1. I know this is not the thread for Fantia stuff, but if someone have rakiA posts a share would be appreciated

updated unseenhabringer and eatmei whatever

Hollewdz totally updated. Thank you very much to the one that did it!

To whoever did it thank you for updating Ochiko Terada

Can someone update this guy?https://www.patreon.com/colossalcollages

someone update SadBag? https://yiff.party/patreon/13697900

and thanks to whoever updating Ochiko

Can someone update preesoul? And if you do could you add this all of this years packages? It would be great and very much appreciated. She makes very good manga giantess content, I recommend to everyone.

Can someone update preesoul? And if you do could you add this all of this years packages? It would be great and very much appreciated. She makes very good manga giantess content, I recommend to everyone. She is missing 26 $3 posts and 3 $10 posts.

If you recommend it that much, why not update it?

Update Kojopi please! Hasn't been update for over a year now. He/she posted tons of contents in April for just $5.


bitch it's $5, you update it since you want to kill a small time patreon artist

joke + point of poster ------------>>>>

Your head -> \o/

If youve got the internet there even if its a potato then buy a cheap card that works like one. hell use paypal. pretty sure they have there there instead of using chickens and sheep to buy shit

an update would be fantastic

>Don't know how fucking dumb you gotta be to even think it was satire in the first place from that post lmfao

Hey guys, can someone please add this guy?

As his name suggest he's mostly foot fetish guy, but also has a lot of giantess images, which are by the way, top quality. His drawing skills are amazing.

Is anyone here subscribed to Uru0000 $5 tier? Can you please update?

I can try to update VirtualGTS's content he does Macro/Micro for different fetishes for $5 (portal hub link is probably the most important) so I will try to cover that later when I get stable income.

An update on cg17's page would be fantastic

missing posts: https://yiff.party/patreon/10443134

Can anyone here update onioniogre or CG17?

Thanks to whoever updated Giorunug, there's a good bit of new stuff.

what do u mean? there's literally no new stuff since he got temporarily banned. imagine pledging to him and getting no reward at all for the month lol

yeah, that was me. And the activity here has mostly just been people asking for more stuff, so that was the worst pledge I've ever done. At least we got all his stuff updated here before his account got purged. a lot of the comics are gone from his Patreon now

Any chance for LuckyB's $5 tier?

F for you fam. dont worry im gonna spend some robux next month to make up for your sacrifice

Could someone please update mousticus?

Well, now he's back on Patreon.

praise! if some good stuff gets updated my wallet might loosen again

hey can any of you update Waifu Giantess?
72 post are missing


Update please

has 460 missing posts
$1.00 - 327 posts
$10.00 - 133 posts
last updated : 2019-12-03


Someone please add glaazius he writes amazing giantess stories.

Updated Foooooly and Ochiko. Would be appreciated if someone could update onioniogre or put some stuff in Angelthecatgirl's shared files.

Someone update Soryuu's Fantia posts pls! Thanks in advance


imagine spending money for fanfics

Can anyone uptade Swgtsdrawing, it's been 5 months since last update.

Can someone update mousticus or kojopi

I wonder if dudertron will ever get added here. Guy went from posting on FA all the time to suddenly disappearing, and then reappeared to mention he opened a Patreon and made his FA page mostly a teaser/advertising site for what he's doing on Patreon now.

Can anyone actually shut the fuck up with the requests?

Updated preesoul and mspaintgts earlier today if anyone fancy that. Preesoul had about 4 months worth of 3$ content that wasnt updated, so thats up to date now
If anyone could please update something instead of just requesting that would be great

CG17 Hasn't Been Updated In A Few Months

More out of curiosity of what they post, does anyone sub to Varustudios? I know they do an array of art, but is it focused toward the M/FM, or lean more toward the F/FM? Trying to get an idea of whether it's worth it or not.

updated CG17

only 1 vore picture :( very sad, guess im not gonna update him again for a while
hope to see more updates, particularly vore artists

Anyone have tian3d posts?

i just updated cg17 plz let me see some other updates

Will someone post GFsm and glaazius?

Whoever you are thank you for updating Uru0000

Uru0000 really does make me puke while having a boner at the same time.

Someone name some artist that do ass focused vore/gts stuff, pref dirty.
Got cash to spare and paywalls to break

Sorry, verified now, all the artists I know in the category that you search were uploaded (Kazo, Preesoul, Kojopi, Uru...)
I can recommend some gts artists, but not in your preferences.

Correction, there's one, you'll maybe enjoy Maskray.

GFsm definitely I don't know why he is not here yet. Please add him or just check him out.


can someone please update onioniogre

Harafung (5 months) https://yiff.party/patreon/11596366
And soryuu https://yiff.party/fantia/2006

do you think this site's (and this thread's) activity will increase or decrease after the quarantine?

I mean, its not like it has increased during the quarantine and I dont see why it would go up after. People are mostly just spamming their requests, cluttering this thread and I think people will keep doing exactly that in the future

Right now everyone is stuck at home, anything internet related is going to experience a massive increase in use, hence why some were concerned that the servers for the internet would not be able to keep up with the demand for internet. Then inferring on how people react in movies, and how server crashes for Fortnite was taken, they thought there would be riots and people going nuts. Post quarantine, there will probably be a massive drop in internet activity, at least for most things, exceptions being social media and the lot, because people have to document every iota of their lives to the internet for all to see...

Anyway, with the new policy for this site, does anyone know how this will affect our little piece of the site?

Someone update doujinsak and Mousticus please.

it wont affect us.
from the Exclusion Policy:
"3D computer generated porn is staying, except 3D computer generated porn of real, living people
All kinds of drawn art (including anime) are staying"

Someone update Soryuu's Fantia posts


Has anyone been using the Kemono.party for Giantess contents? If so, can you provide some links to some creators? I can't seem to use that site properly... :/

Can someone please add GFSM?

Can someone add CycloneRed

Truly sad to see cyclonered getting added right away on one request and i have been requesting GFsm for months now but no one bothers adding him.


do it yourfucking self, jeesus christ. This aint a request thread

U didn't tell this to other requests funny.

How fucking stupid do you have to be honestly. If your going to want stolen shit uploaded then use your brain and think the reason they were updated is because someone liked what the fuck theyre offering

People get free stuff and still complaining that they didn't get free stuff that they want....

I didn't complain i just ask the reason why no one is updating GFsm but u made it clear enough that no one likes his stuff and will you please reply without putting fucks between sentences.

Can anyone update onioniogre?

Wish I wasn't broke,time to time I import 5 and 10 dollar tiers but that's it my country's currency is 7 time less worthy than usd

>Truly sad to see cyclonered getting added right away on one request and i have been requesting GFsm for months now but no one bothers adding him.
>I didn't complain

What were you doing then? whining? grumbling? moaning? bitching? or groaning?

Sadly when you are already crazy in rage writing these funny things and acting like a 9 year old adult then there is no reasoning with you😂😂. You are dissatisfied i request something ok and regarding your question i was stating a fact and it forms a valid question but we are not here for arguments we are here for content so let's just move on.

Oh and the person above asked for update to onioniogre go shotgun on him too😂😂👍

Sadly when youve just been shown how stupid you look and had it explained back to you in plain english. It triggers a stupid response where the only thing that person can do is either own up and shut up or type a load of shit and try divert the attention else where.
You want a tissue too? Was going to update it for you if you had simply shut up but forget it after that shit post. consider onioniogre updated tomorrow

So many contradictions in your own statement but fine ok taste of revenge is sweet enjoy it.

Can anyone update Uschi3 pleaseee?
For real look at this !! :
(And guireyart10 too c: )

I would love to say this to every request, but then this thread would only be people going "plz upload" and "feck off"
Only reason I singled you out is because you have the fucking audacity to complain when someone actually bothers to update something

The only thing you look at is what you want to see if you read what i first typed then you will understand. I never complained not once but it's been months since 2019 all new requests are getting updates in days some even hours and my particular request is singled out left untouched for months. You are getting free stuff and you should not complain true but that's not the reason i messaged, my message was because I don't understand why my particular request was singled out ignored.

oh my god shut up before you turn this thread into neckbeard civil war

Ever see a beggar ask you for a coin with that attitude? What will you do? Will you just smile and do exactly what he ask?

It's just a request why is this kid so butthurt i don't understand it's like i steal his whole world these kind of idiots can't help but put their noses in everything.

Can someone update Mousticus please ?

Can anyone please update onioniogre there are over 50 missing posts

sounds like 50 missing posts you can update yourself

Doujinsak update anyone?

If he gets this entitled about paid porn on an anonymous board, I can't imagine how obnoxious he must to anybody he has a thing for. You know this guy is up until 3am spamming the one girl who'll talk to him, about how lonely he is, until she blocks him.

neck yourself ESL retard

If possible could sombody could update readyart's newer animations, it would be greatly appreciated


Update the GOAT KenCougr please 👏👏👏

Can someone please update colossal collages?

This thread and the giantess yp community is fucked.

Is there any good micro focused artists?

If you want to go all in with the "dirty", jimmys kinky stories has a few shrink and transformation stories that are toilet themed.

What's a good patreon for unaware art?

Here are some other artists if you would like to add them as well. Very good artists. Just a suggestion. https://www.patreon.com/Appy_Sama

Eskoz has his videos on discord and nothing new comes when updating his post. Could someone share his files or the discord link (That is if discord even lets you join without being a patreon).

Mousticus could use an update. Doujinsak and CG17 as well.

thanks ch/emo/

can anyone upload onionioge ?

anyone have the smallest find full MicroMike10?

anyone have thesmallest find MicroMike10 ?

Anyone know where to find or have micromike10 the smallest find?

Anyone know where to find or have the smallest find by micromike10?

Does anybody have the link to eskoz WIP gallery?

anyone here have a weekend alone 16 and impact zone?

Hey, if anyone does have MicroMike's the smallest find, don't post it just to spite the spamming fuck above.
Also, Weekend Alone 16 and Impact Zone aren't out yet. Even if they were, this is a patreon/fantia site, not your personal piracy request board.

updated CG17 (1 new fucking picture for the entire month, kinda waste of money)



i just updated cg17, so if you would ask for your mommy's credit card and update him yourself it'd be nice

CG17 is very much someone I'd wait like 3-4 months between pledges

well before i updated it was like 3 months without update, but yeah not gonna touch this crap again for a few months
i really dont know who to go for next, everyone is slow af, giorunog is straight up a scam (nothing for an entire month cause of review, nothing to make up for it lul), doujinsak is just giorunog's alt (or vice versa)

hey can any of you update Waifu Giantess?
72 post are missing



Any furry giantess/macro artist recommendations?


Lien's thing is updated but for some reason the images are not loading: https://yiff.party/fantia/3486
not sure what to do...

CG17 just got another picture, sadly it's feet shit and not continuation of the vore thing.

stop fucking begging, even when i update regularly i almost never get my request listened to

Can someone please add? https://www.patreon.com/vexedstories



Can someone update mousticus? The guy does great stuff
Last Updated: 4 Months Ago


Why not just update "The-sole-society"? He is mostly focused on feet, but he has quite a few GTS stuff which is honestly top quality.

Would love an update https://yiff.party/patreon/5697786

not interested in feet, also im not gonna spend money for "a few GTS stuff"

What are you interested in? Maybe I can give you a recommendation.

Gfsm amazing amount of top quality content

oral vore, i mostly want creators who are active tho. paying > $8 for 3 pictures a month is seriously just wack

Pfff, you already know the artists that do only or mostly oral. And new and so specific creators won't pop from nothing.
And you know very well that most of the gts artists aren't even focused on a specific subcategory and are working on all the spectrum.

yeah i know that's why i wasnt asking for any recommendation. the problem i have is finding an artist that doesnt make me feel like i paid my kidney for 1 png file a month compared to e.g. 1zumy who was worth every cent cause of the number of super high quality arts you get for $7. when you look at the total you spent on patreon in paypal vs the number of pictures you actually get, it makes you realize it's kinda shit. im not gonna quit, just gonna spend more time finding other creators and updating big names (a lot) less often

Someone updated mousticus. To whoever did, thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.

Yeah as other anon said, you mostly have same people creating that kind of art. There are few Fantia artists, but you can find them on sad panda updated regularly anyway.

You have that game creator Daichi777, who is mostly focused on vore, but has other kinds of GTS content. He's not artist (99%), but while playing his game you can find a lot of vore images and he is active in updating the game.

let's hope this site doesn't die first

Anyone want to archive the giantess/macro stuff here when this site inevitably gets taken down? Don’t see any image galleries for the stuff on e hentai.

Please update https://yiff.party/patreon/5697786

MartyZ should get an update. He has good art and quite a lot of missing posts.

can anyone update onioniogre?

Can someone update https://www.patreon.com/GFSM

To whoever updated onioniogre thank you

Good now can someone please update gfsm

Anyone got a link to eskozs stuff. He keeps it on discord.

I did Onioniogre, I'd appreciate it if somebody could finally do Doujinsak

Doujinsak being already inactive has recently even broken the 5 days per upload frequency. April only saw 2 pictures for $5 tier, and $10 tier got jack shit, same for May. 6 months since last update and only 19 missing posts. It's really not worth it.

Then update gfsm

Shut the fuck up and do it yourself

Ok now someone update gfsm please

after nearly 2 years, we're about to reach 1000 posts. time for a new home. im surprised this fetish on this site has survived til today

He might be slow, but that's still a lot of potentially good pics that aren't here.

www.patreon.com/teenytiny62 looks interesting

Can someone update nightmarexbx? The guy does great stuff
Last Updated: 4 Months Ago


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