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Exhentai scrapper?

1.png (627.4KiB, 713x671) save_alt

I'm curious why there isn't a decent scrapper for Exhentai? Would anyone make one, perhaps in Python or even Bash or Powershell?

you mean download full galleries from the page? no torrents for that?

Is this a joke?

Not torrents. Directly from the site.

Is there any point? Cant you just download whole galleries as torrents on that site?

Torrents on exhentai are shit. They are made by random people and not by the site or the uploader. Most torrents have outdated or tampered files and more than half of the torrents on the site aren't seeded anymore. Only an idiot would use torrents on exhentai.

Honestly, you could probably kitbash one in python in like 20 minutes with the requests and beautiful soup modules, as long as all the galleries use the same HTML around the images. I've done similar with other sites. Doing it in an elegant and flexible way would be harder, but bruteforcing it for a single site isn't much hassle.

Ah, right, you need to do some fuckery to access exhentai. That'll make it harder.

I see. I've used ExH for years but I guess I've never had a need to DL entire galleries cos even with my all time fave artists & themes, theres usually more than a handful of pics I don't like. I just bookmark my fave galleries & download the specific pics I want; over time if the gallery is too huge to comb thru in one go.

It uses the same HTML.

A Python script with all the functionalities of https://github.com/ccloli/E-Hentai-Downloader would be a godsend. The problem with that browser script is that it'll crash your browser, and sometimes other programs after you run out of memory. It's a real annoyance with that browser script, especially when you're trying to grab galleries with a large file size.

Having looked into it a little more, you'd need to use cookies for ehentai to access it I think? I dunno, I usually just use boorus for my porn.

But if that's the case, you'd have to use those cookies in the script. Something I know the requests module supports, but I'm not familiar with how to do so, being but a code scrub as I am. Once you've got that sorted though, what I said should work.

Just gotta make a function that takes the gallery URL, downloads the page, finds all the links to the jpegs/pngs/whatever, then shoves them in a list. Then just split the list up between multiple threads and have each one download some images.

Jank as hell but it'd work. Not that I'm willing to expend more effort than writing this half-assed reply to actually make it.

That's dumb imo. You should grab everything that you see because you never know when the site will permanently close down.
Exhentai is also caving in to DMCAs. Pic related, a greedy newfag who is new to the doujinshi scene stole a "doujinshi translation company" from someone, and rebranded it into "Irodori Comics", and he's tricking artists into getting their copyright. Once he gets their copyright, he uses it to for the sole purpose of nuking galleries off of Exhentai. Rumors say that the creep has nuked more than 2000+ galleries in only one year, and he refreshes the front page of Exhentai every 5-10 minute (you can confirm this by uploading something and seeing how quickly it gets removed).

Alright so trying to upload a picture will give me a "500 error". Fucking trash site lmao. Here's a mirror then. https://files.catbox.moe/sabkzk.png

Yes, you'll need to use cookies to access exhentai.

>Not that I'm willing to expend more effort than writing this half-assed reply to actually make it.
What would convince you?

Nothing lol. I'm too busy playing JRPGs and jacking off to furry porn to make free jank.

That said, this is pretty entry level stuff, so if you or anyone else wants to learn enough Python to do most of this, try a book called Automate The Boring Stuff With Python. Then just read the Requests documentation. Shouldn't take more than a few weeks to get through it if you focus up. Cookies will be the hardest part.

What will you say when the site permanently shuts off for good and there's no proper backup available?

Exhentai or Yiff.party? Because either way, I'll just use boorus as usual.

So let me get this straight. You use "boorus" to get pictures of scans and digital rips of comics, and you don't understand why that is dumb and you don't understand where those boorus are getting those pictures from. Oh well.

You're making the huge presumption that I have any interest in any of those things, or indeed exhentai itself, rather than simply using this thread as a thought exercise of how to make a scraper for the site, out of boredom.

All I ever said was
>I usually just use boorus for my porn.
What form that porn takes was never mentioned. There's easily enough digital porn being made every hour of every day to keep me satisfied for life.

tl;dr you're a dumbfuck making a lot of assumptions.

On top of that, the vast majority of scans are done by private scanlation groups or individuals unaffiliated with exhentai who will just find another place to upload their work if one is shut down. Not the first time, not the last time.

and on top of THAT, you think acting like you're hot shit is going to make me MORE likely to make your precious script?

Go and sperg somewhere else, kid. Everything you said is wrong.

I want to see a tool like this.

Exhentai is going down in August 2021, hope everyone got a backup :^)


Source? I'm not even seeing any proof of that on the official forums.

inner circle, you'll hear about it in July 2021 on the forums

>inner circle
Riiiiight, okay

Don't come crying and begging for a backup in one year from now on when you never helped anyone.

LOL, okay.

fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i dont want exhentai to die, ive got too much to download

Its not going to die. If as this guy said, it was going down definitely at a certain date, then they'd literally have no reason to keep it a secret, known only to some "inner circle" until a month prior. Don't believe everything you read or hear from random people. Especially when they're unable even to provide any evidence, let alone proof.

>Its not going to die
it is quite literally dying right now (many of the actual contributors have given up on uploading new stuff because they don't want to bother with dmca anymore)

>they'd literally have no reason to keep it a secret
are you stupid? it was kept a secret for months last year, and then the cunt closed it off until somebody offered to host the site in moldova

>they're unable even to provide any evidence
why the fuck should anyone prove anything to you when you're full of shit

>it is quite literally dying right now
And yet you can offer no evidence let alone proof of that.

>are you stupid?
Not stupid enough to just believe what some random internet person says "because they said so". Are YOU stupid to assume people would be so gullible?

>why the fuck should anyone prove anything
What was it you said? "Are you stupid?", wasn't that what you said? Ironic.

>you're full of shit
Says the one making utterly baseless claims. Come out with a load of shit then accuse people of being full of shit. What kind of joker are you!?!? Deliberate or just incidental???

Until you can actually give some weight to what you're saying, then YOU'RE the one who's full of shit.

>And yet you can offer no evidence let alone proof of that
It's been posted in this thread. Not our fault that you can't read, retard. You're also so retarded that you can't access a public site and compare recently uploaded galleries with older uploaded galleries.

You act like a shill. Slit your own throat, you fucking piece of shit.

The "people" who are feigning ignorance and pretending that Exhentai is fine are genuine shills who work for Fakku and so on, because Exhentai is the only gateway for drawn Japanese porn and the site caters to DMCA takedowns and is a very nuke friendly site.

Independently of exhentai dying date, where should the DMCA stuff be uploaded to ? It seems like any site on the clear web is on the reach of copyright claims, but there doesn't seem to be any hentai sites on the tor network or ISP, the closest thing being the hidden booru, but that one doesn't seem to have an api, so posting stuff there would take a long time, there's also torrents, but they need to be constantly seeded by someone, so I don't think they are a reliable archive, I fear we may be running out of options, I hope I'm wrong


Seems promising but I don't know much about it, so can't say for sure

>the closest thing being the hidden booru
Yes, that is the only option to avoid DMCAs and other crap.

But if you think anyone from Exhentai is going to make anything on the Tor network or anything near it, then you're a fool. All of them are lazy as fuck.
Exhentai's community is pure cancer and it's mostly Tenboro's (the admin) fault for cultivating them. You can count the number of decent contributors on Exhentai with only two hands. That's how fucking bad it is. Pretty ironic because the site has millions of visitors per week. The site is so cancerous that all of those million people believe everything uploaded to the site was obtained for free. Yes, those leechers are that fucking stupid.

Exhentai's community can only do three things. Begging, bitching and whining every goddamn fucking day until somebody gives them what they want for free.

Look at any non-English gallery on Exhentai and you'll usually find a lot of upvoted comments saying "wow i hope this gets a translation right now" or "SOMEONE TRANSLATE THIS NOW" or "when is the translation coming out ffs???" and those comments are always massively upvoted because these shitcunt leechers represent 98% of Exhentai's userbase
These leechers are so fucking stupid that they haven't realized that over 90% of the fantranslations are COMMISSIONED.
They're so fucking dumb and entitled to free shit that they refuse to pay someone to do it, and to make things worse, they also refuse to learn the language and translate it for other people.

Ever seen someone upload a gallery in low-res or with sample pictures? Look at the comment field for it. These whiny shitcunt leechers will scream "OMG THIS IS LOW RES" or "FUCK OFF". This is so fucking dumb because you can get rid of those galleries if you scan it in higher quality or upload the digital rip. But nah, those leechers don't want to do that, they will never share anything. They want OTHERS to do it for free for them.

That site is ok for what it's trying to do, but most of the images on that site aren't the same as the original files from Exhentai. The files on that site usually have a different checksum than the files from Exhentai.

What really blows my mind away is that no one has a proper backup of Exhentai. When somebody tells me that they are backing the site up, it always turns out to be a big whopping lie because they always run away when you ask them to retrieve a gallery that was removed on Exhentai. It's so pathetic to see people lie about it. I guess people are really that desperate for a few minutes of attention.

Does anyone remember last year when Tenboro closed Exhentai and he later said it was going to be down forever because of a bullshit law in The Netherlands (Exhentai's previous hosting provider was Dutch) and he didn't want to find a new hosting provider because he claimed that his "tendon injury" is making it very difficult for him to manage a computer? Lol, that is literally what he said after closing Exhentai.
All of that turned out to be a big hoax because no such law was passed. He also said he'll let people back the site up but he never offered any ways to do it. Again, the shitfaced cunt lied about EVERYTHING.
What actually happened is that Tenboro's hosting provider told him that they can't host the site anymore and he had 6 months to prepare for the shutdown. Tenboro told all of his dicksucking friends on IRC about it which gave them plenty of time.
Anywayyyyyyy after he closed Exhentai, someone contacted him and offered to host the site in Moldova for 2 years for free and Tenboro agreed to do it because people were pissed at him and he knew he fucked up big time for lying about it, so he accepted the generous offer to host it in Moldova which led to him re-opening Exhentai. But this is only temporarily. Who knows if another such generous offer will be made next year?

Wanker.gif (501.3KiB, 220x251) save_alt

What is wrong with your attitude lol? Having just read through this topic, its like you literally can't reply to anyone without insulting or condescending them in some way. Do you talk like that to everyone IRL or is it only online like you have some "virtual superiority complex"? Its almost funny to read some of your shit. Jeez!

Untitled.png (594.1KiB, 657x422) save_alt

That was my first post ITT. How about you take your meds, you paranoid aspie?

Bullshit. Your speech/writing/language patterns are obvious across the whole thread.

holyfukkkkk.png (426.1KiB, 465x699) save_alt

>everyone speaking in English on this site is one person

Take your meds dude

It's true that Exhentai's community is trash and full of entitled manchildren.

One of them took someone's scans without permission, claimed it as their own scans, and sold it for money. This pissed off the original scanner so much that he's been scanning it in very low quality and he's adding watermarks to it too. And what does Exhentai's beloved community do? They sperg the fuck out and attack the uploader.



I mean, most people on any piracy are probably leechers, there is far more users then content, and contributing to the site takes away from one's free time, also, on the case of exhentai, a lot of the content shared comes from scanning physical media, making it hard from people outside of Japan to contribute with that kind of content.
You remind of a guy who made a thread saying the site would die because we were all leeches,, this whole "Leechers vs Contributors" argument has been popping up all over the site recently, and it makes me think if this is some strategy to discourage people from contributing to the site conceived by trolls or some creator who wants this site dead

People are just sick of leechers in general. Have you seen the first page on this site? There are almost 20 request threads. Most leechers are entitled and demands to be treated like a king. People who don't contribute don't deserve to have an opinion at all.

>making it hard from people outside of Japan to contribute with that kind of content.
Not true. There are plenty of Japanese proxies who will get it for you.

>People are just sick of leechers in general. Have you seen the first page on this site? There are almost 20 request threads

Yes, those request threads are out of hand, I hope admin returns soon to stop them, I just sometimes worry that trolls or creator's white knight are trying to turn the users against each other to kill the site, and the anonymity on the site doesn't help either

>Not true. There are plenty of Japanese proxies who will get it for you.
I don't know much about those, are they reliable ?

>I don't know much about those, are they reliable
Many of the scanned comics from Japan are usually bought and/or scanned by Japanese proxies

Interesting, I always thought it was some japanese dude who would buy the comics, scan them and upload the scanned content to the internet

Some of those Japanese proxies are Japanese or foreigners living in Japan (usually the latter because what's the point of being a proxy if you can't communicate in English).. And they didn't do it for free. People paid them to purchase and scan stuff for them.

>Because the only way to tell 1 person from another is if they write in a different language.

DENSE or what.

take meds schizo

>Clearly doesn't know what schizo means.



Who are you quoting, schizo?

downloading from exhentai is so fucking tedious, this is 100% needed

How is it tedious? Don't you just right click the picture you want to DL and press "Save Image As" like any other image site?

I use Jdownloader to batch download exhentai galleries, it works well. Except for the fucking download limit exhentai puts when you download too much, but it's still better than torrents. Only use torrents for huge 1GB galleries.

Or just use a client that does all this shit already, and just needs to be told what to do. You know. Hydrus.

Not that guy, but slowly downloading pics one-at-a-time for a whole gallery is pretty damn slow, let alone if you're trying to copy multiple.

What's it like being an idiot?

Hydrus is a piece of shit written by an idiot who tells people to not use Hydrus because it's such a broken piece of shit and the fact you or the other 4 idiots who are always shilling Hydrus on the internet can't grasp this really shows how fucking dumb you are.

>doesn't save metadata
>doesn't switch proxies/VPNs
>doesn't reset image limit
>doesn't always say full res pictures
>skips pictures or hangs up
>doesn't use numbered filenames
Jdownloader doesn't work well at all. Stop being an autist.

Hydrus is a great concept but it's a real pain in the ass to set up and use.

I uninstalled Hydrus when I saw what it did to my pictures (moved all of it to a single folder and renamed everything).

Why don't YOU tell me.

I remember when the site went down in 2019 and everyone had a mental breakdown

it's just a white page for me

That's because you don't have access to the site yet, make a e-hentai account, wait a week, delete exhentai's cookies and try again

>wait a week
my account is 1 year old

Something similar happened to my old account, I not sure how I recovered it, but try clearing your ex cookies and wait week, I would also recommend creating a new account account, so in case you can't recover your old account you can use the new one

>try clearing your ex cookies and wait week
i've done this too many times, exhentai is a shit site

? It's instant for me, maybe try different browser?

Are you sure you are clearing your cookies properly?
Try clicking on the https icon on the url bar (lock on chrome) and from there clear the site data, that worked for me

Did it ever occur to your low IQ brain that Exhentai has a whitelist?

Did it ever occur to your low tact brain, that to others, you sound like a fucking prick? What an asshole lol.

Nah, let me tell you what an asshole or a prick is. An asshole or a prick is somebody who lies to people, just like what you're doing by saying "j-just delete your cookies". Shove your disinformation in your fucking ass, you idiot.


No, you subhuman autist. Your entire worthless existence is bait.

It's funny how Nhentai or any other comic porn site doesn't need a super autistic "secret club".

I'm not even the person you were talking to you fucking idiot lol, so try again. I just saw the way you talk to everyone ITT like you're a complete shit-head, so I told you about it. Thats what generally happens when you're a cunt with a cunt attitude, people tell you about it.

And nHentai is full of whiny redditors and moralfags. Do I need to remind you of the ShindoL shitstorm? Every "other comic porn site" is even worse, being a simple pump-and-dump with no real community.
Gatekeeping is a simple form of quality control that keeps dedicated users invested in the ecosystem and keeps low effort users out. The people that cry about the existence of the gate are usually too lazy to figure out how to cross it.

Filenames and folders are meaningless to a tag based archive.
That said, you could have saved the filenames as tags.

>I just saw the way you talk to everyone
All i did was reply to your post, schizo.

looks you're off the meds again kek

Another idiot who has no idea what he's talking about. You've no idea what a community is or what gatekeeping is.

The only thing that matters are those who contribute, and you sure as fuck ain't one of them. You're just another subhuman leech who likes to throw a fit in the comment field whenever you get triggered or when you want to beg for paywall'd content. Swallow the barrel of your dad's tiny cock and pull the trigger, faggot.

>That said, you could have saved the filenames as tags.
There's a limit to path names in non-shit filesystems, retard.
>Filenames and folders are meaningless to a tag based archive.
No, Hydrus is just a piece of shit. Stop finding excuses for your trash software, imbecile.

Please stop projecting and take your medication. Make a response in clear non-schizo english when you come back.

You'll get into Sadpanda eventually, kid.


people who scrape and export with hydrus: [creator] [title] [page] {hash}

I would steer clear from Hydrus.

This lol. If you want to browse your Booru pictures with tags, just use LocalBooru.
Hydrus is shitware.

Your entire rambling is pure retardation and a projection of yourself onto what you want other people to believe, you schizophrenic autist. No one with a functional brain is going to waste their time to explain why you're literally retarded because it shouldn't have to be done in the first place.

disgusting.jpg (33.5KiB, 500x447) save_alt

>Do I need to remind you of the ShindoL shitstorm
Oh no, what happened? Did someone write a comment and it triggered you and you had to take your autism pills because of it?

>And nHentai is full of whiny redditors and moralfags
They're probably contributing to the scene unlike you. I can already tell from your insane post that you've never uploaded anything from a paywall.

>keeps dedicated users invested in the ecosystem
You're not one of these so called "dedicated users", and you're not going pull in any dedicated users with your retarded "gatekeeping". Do you even know what gatekeeping is, you fucking idiot? It's literally meant to keep people like you AWAY.

>keeps low effort users out
I wonder who these "low effort users" could be. It certainly is you, you fucking idiot. What the fuck have you ever contributed in your life? Even your parents and teachers hated you and you want to sit here and pretend you're anything of value, JUST FUCKING WOW LMAO. I know who you are, kid. You're the type of little shit who goes to the comment section on Exhentai or Nhentai, and sperg the fuck out because you think your worthless opinion is worth more than a pile of shit. Shit, you most likely beg for people to invite you to private trackers and you never seed and get everyone banned from their invite tree because you're such a pathetic leech.

>Gatekeeping is a simple form of quality control
Your form of gatekeeping is going to drop contributions from whatever it is today to practically zero because it'll just be you remaining, you retarded autismo. You're literally the cancer because nobody wants you around.

Kill yourself. I actually mean it. Take your mom's knife and stab your throat with it. Your death will literally make ZERO difference because that's how useless you are.

>the special snowflake is so self-absorbed that he believes he's the only one with access to https://exhentai.org
>the special snowflake believes he's also very special for being put on a whitelist to a porn site
>the special snowflake probably has zero uploads to exhentai because he's nothing but a leech
>the special snowflake is so schizophrenic that he believes anyone criticizing https://exhentai.org is doing it because they can't access it
Start taking your meds. Now.

You got mad.

>throws the "no argument" card when people called you retarded
>an anon explained why you're retarded
>you got blown the fuck out
>your best response "u mad XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"

12 year old autist detected, hope you get the Chinese Virus and your lungs collapse.

lol calm down

>an anon explained why you're retarded
No, you just cried various projections in incoherent English and told me to kill myself. I didn't pretend like you posted an actual argument, so I just noted how unnecessarily angry you were.
>i-i blew him out by posting a bunch of angry words, r-right guys?
I beg of you, take your Abilify. Or is it Seroquel?

Are you always seething and samefagging? Just curious.

>buhu i saw mean comments about my favorite shit porn and i'm not a low effort user because i say so
kill yourself delusional sperg

Take meds, take meds now schizo, nuh-UH this was my 1st post ITT.

take meds

take 2 meds

Continuing from >>122735, does anyone know of hentai sites that are safe from DMCAs ? We need a place to share the scrapped content

ipfs, but don't expect any of the exhentai drones to put in any effort to use ipfs because they're all a bunch of entitled normalfags who can only stream data

Lmao, kill yourself if you think there's only one person who thinks you're being a retarded sperg.

If anyone is a retarded sperg, it'd be you because you fail at basic English, you believe "gatekeeping" people from uploading stuff is a good idea and say extremely retarded shit that no sane person would ever do. You legit belong in a mental asylum and this isn't an insult. You're like, the dumbest fucking leech that I've ever seen. Unironically kill yourself.


Take meds take meds take meds take meds take meds take meds. BTW I'm not the "take meds" guy.

>reads comments
>complains about it
>keeps reading it
Why are you mentally ill and so fucking stupid?

Again, not them. Keep seething though, he's living rent-free in your mind, and soon I shall as well.

i can't tell if you're retarded or esl or both

willconcert a/Adderall workfine tooi haveADH D

wat is ESL

aaand bump also can you guess which postbelongs tome (i forgot w7-890 in the name)

ellabor8 da shibsturm pleaze

on a serious note though how can you tell if someone is from an open sewer (4chan) or a basic bitch (reddit) tumblrina (SJW) based on their posting style
someone gave me moderator access to [redacted] imageboard (i will get b& if it give link)