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Bypassing the "fake lockdown" mode.

Hajime Sorayama - Vessel.jpg (45.8KiB, 693x900) save_alt

Does anyone know if theres a way to navigate the direct image URLs on YP? Like an "Index. of/" style thing? When the site goes into lockdown mode, the site APPEARS to be "actually suspended", but you CAN still access EVERYTHING so long as you have the URL to the image. So the site doesn't even HAVE to be IN that "lockdown state" (I used to think this was a "real" restriction imposed by Cloudflare or whoever); further suggesting that its nothing but a "panic ploy" invented by the admin.

He COULD leave the site open during this "alleged but unspecified" "grace period", but apparently wants us to think it isn't possible, IE by imposing an arbitrary barrier; which is likely just "the final week or so of the contract/tarrif period" , not an actual "server lockdown".

So, I wanted to know how can we navigate the sites URL structure/directory, bypassing the bogus lockdown screen?



Why would admin leave downloads intact if this 'lockdown' was intentional? He could easily break data.yiff.party if necessary, so why just the main site? It's a pretty fucking useless lockdown if you can still download whatever you want.

The point is that the "lockdown" is unnecessary and arbitrary. If the site was really suspended/offline during the "grace period" then you wouldn't be able to access anything, even if you had direct links. He ISN'T leaving the downloads intact (unless you already had "Data.Yiff" direct link tabs open). He apparently wants us to think everything is inaccesible, otherwise he'd leave the site open.

Isn't it obvious...Lockdown is there as incentive to donate for the greater good, without lockdown to remind how dire situation is, doubt ppl would donate and save site. Ofc I am not admin, so I should side with users but I see this from perspective of admin, he knows he needs money for server and thats one way to see if people can donate, if they can't even when it goes to lockdown then that's it...

You know the admin is allegedly keeping the funds for himself, right?

Yea, I remember reading about the whole 1BTC (around $10,000) "scandal". Donation money that should've been enough to last over 10 years but didn't even last 2 years.

that's literally a fact

someone donated last september that could last 3 months lets see if it will happen again

Lets hope this time history DOESN'T repeat itself :(

To answer OP's question, you simply use the 'save as' function in your browser and make sure the format is set to "web page, complete" or similar.

From there, you would be able to access any of the according "data.yiff.party" links - this is what I was doing back on Sept. 29 when the front-facing site was being extremely temperamental as all of the data.yiff.party stuff worked fine.

BTW, to save individual pages, the trick is to open the "Next" page button in a new tab - you'll then get a page with the same URL but with ?p=2 appended to the end.

lets face it if admin never got donations he would moderate this site 24/7 instead of getting a life

Thanks I'm gonna try this out when I get back. Do I need to do it from a specific level, like at the main page of an artists gallery?

I totally forgot to mention that I highly recommend zooming out each page until you can fit the entire page on-screen without scrolling. This is because yiff.party dynamically only loads content and thumbnails that are on-screen (or close to being on-screen), so the easiest way to make sure everything is loaded is to simply zoom the page out to the point that everything is on-screen when you save the complete web page.

Anyway, it works on these sort of artist pages:


From there you can also click on a given post and read the content and comments and stuff.

i can verify that im lazy and had a few tabs open for weeks of pages i was planning to download things off of
but during the "donation goal not met" thing every month, i could download files and images, but at the same time i couldnt view any other creator pages, and if i refreshed i got the "we need donations" page