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I'm quitting Patreon. AMA

4444456.jpg (19.1KiB, 565x318) save_alt

I'm retiring from Patreon after it keeps leaking my artwork onto here, making me lose profit

1574457493687.png (138.3KiB, 311x279) save_alt

You and me both OP. I'm quitting as a Patreon artist, and gonna try join the army next week to earn more money

54623456.jpg (156.3KiB, 794x704) save_alt

I feel you OP. Yiff.party has caused too much damage as a freelance artist on patreon too

75463457.jpg (51.1KiB, 329x329) save_alt

You're doing the right thing, OP. I was doing so well on Patreon only to have my art leaked too to the public like this shithole yiff.party
>is dying from low income

0554749.jpg (42.7KiB, 1280x720) save_alt

Oh shit I'm sorry OP ;-;
I didn't mean to upload your awesome arts and making you quit </3

Samefag! Get the fuck out!!

LOOK AT THIS NIGGA.jpg (6.0KiB, 181x182) save_alt

>same fag get the fuck out
Look at this nigga

CZiq32pUUAA_6pg.jpg (32.0KiB, 632x595) save_alt

My god, I feel you OP
>be me
>runs Patreon account
>earns about 400 dollars monthly
>finds out yiff.party
>now profit goes down to 34 dollars a month

1482377679459s.jpg (7.8KiB, 218x250) save_alt

Oh my god these awesome porn artists are quitting patreon. Now we won't have naughty hot pics again ;w;
What have we yiff.party members done....?

1569007586229.jpg (6.5KiB, 273x185) save_alt

Hmm if yiff.party didn't exist in the first place, wouldn't artists hold more power to draw further awesome yiff artwork?

what the fuck does op mean

"Original Poster"

basically who made the first/main post

I swear I've seen this shit before... like literally same word and pic...

thx bro :D

>website provides free publicity to thousands of viewers who otherwise probably wouldn't notice you
>loss of profit
ok whatever you say buddy LUL

What does RMB mean? Other than "Right Mouse Button" lol.

Roll my balls

Get over it. Also get off the fucking internet

index.jpg (7.1KiB, 225x225) save_alt


must be hard talking to self

oh no! anyway...

>free publicity
It's not like people find them on this site without deliberately looking for them lul.

Its just a joke thread man, the guys just having a laugh, how can all you people be so gullible!? :P I mean think about it: If it were you, and you were being serious, would you REALLY use such comedy reaction images???

1582058903791.jpg (71.7KiB, 750x634) save_alt

OP is telling the truth guys
>source: is also a patreon artist, losing money recently from yiff.party

Mario don't cry, you're gonna make ME start getting emotional too :*0

I hear you OP, that shit sucks man.
>source: someone downloaded my house the other day, am now homeless

sorry anon, that was me
>source: I downloaded at my local hotel, I banged 3 hoes last night

why being schizophrenic here

resident mother basement
basically a stupid slur neckbeards use against other neckbeards move on folks
apologies for spreading negativity here

wait a minute.... that's me!

Dishonest business practices and relying on what is supposed to be a supportive mechanism is how you get fucked up. And you got fucked up. Begone, willy nilly con artist, no tears are available for you here.

>doesn't bang hoes at his local hotel
what. the. Fuck! have you been smoking, anon????

Do what the rest of us do then. GET. A. REAL. FUCKING. JOB.
A minimum wage job gets you way more than any patreon gig could give you. I'm telling you, I've got a pretty stable job (Even through Covid) and I'm raking in the big bucks. (Around $400 per week. I work as Software Dev)

LOOK AT THIS NIGGA.jpg (6.0KiB, 181x182) save_alt

>Around $400 per week. I work as Software Dev
>Real Job
>doesn't barely reach 3000 dollars a month like mine
>source: I live in Canada

>software dev, a grossly hypercompetitive job with no stability
>"""stable job"""

We've entered the era of instability in such a way that earning 400 buckaroos per week is seen as a accomplishment when it's painfully obvious that it's not enough in a first world country. K den

Some dumb artist tried to warn its patrons on not going to this site resulting him/her to lose patrons and profit are dumb enought

EASY SHIT YOU NEED TO DO IS BETTER SILENCE THAN WARN, BETTER NO KNOW THAN KNOW. Keep this rules to your self idiots. As long as you not warn them they not going to know this web. And as long as they never heard it they not going to browse it dumb dumb.

I already paid for those 3 hoes and YOU downloaded them from me for free while I was STILL using them, in the £700,000 RV I downloaded :(

Now it makes sense, given the same guys other insults lol!

Damn, sorry to hear that OP. Best of luck finding a job should you retire from freelance art and stuff

What the fuck is wrong with yiff.party? This place has no respect for freelance artists on patreon!
Sorry to hear what you're facing, OP.

find it funny how all these "different" patreon artists who are leaving don't even namedrop thier shit.
and this story is false af, yiff.party existed since 2018 so you'd be loosing cash since before now. at least attempt to come off as realistic.

Patreon is meant for donations first and foremost. The entire original point of patreon was so that people who liked someone's content could ->DONATE<- to support it, not PAY to get it. It was meant to encourage artists and creators already doing work they like to do it more. If you are legitimately quiting because you blame yiff.party for not having more money, then its not because of yiff.party, its because the people who view your work, dont care about it enough to support it.

3456457656.png (656.7KiB, 1541x1200) save_alt

actually the proper term you are looking for would be 'sponsor', which does show more support to freelance artists. In one examplem, companies sponsor race cars with big bucks from tires, to fuel, to replacement parts, to even paying drivers a huge salary. So sponsoring artists would be a better thing to say instead of donating.

>galactic brain moment

tumblr_inline_mn2rcguSvA1qbw5za.jpg (29.4KiB, 359x345) save_alt

Imagine being this sage fag who is actualy taking OP threads seriously. Holy fuck you need to learn what sarcasm is.

The number of people on this site (and a lot of sites TBH actually) who seem to fashionably miss obvious points and fail to spot obvious jokes or sarcasm is sometimes truly shocking. Some 1,000,000 volts level shit lol. Some people say "but you can't tell sarcasm with text" then they get defensive AF, but really, all it takes a bit of tact, thats all, just a bit of fucking tact FFS!

tumblr namefile, go back to tumblr you shill

ok redditor

oh fuck sorry OP to hear you have to quit :(

I mean, where is the lie?

Well doesn't matter anyway, since craptreon is banning droves of creators, or that they're leaving since patreon is screwing with everyone, disregarding yiff.

EiEfiyVX0AADZFD.jpg (16.3KiB, 443x346) save_alt

>mfw awesome artists are going away because yiff.party leeches them for free arts
oh my god

Ajit Pai?

alright, i'll bite. tell us what your patreon name was, what kinda porn were you peddling.

let's see if you're gving up because you really lost revenue or it's because no one wants vore / fatties / inflation / whatever done in crayons

well OP did say AMA... he didn't say anything about "he will respond back"

265546.jpg (46.7KiB, 625x415) save_alt

Man, fuck yiff.party. Now we don't have awesome horny pics to fap to

It's extremely unlikely anyone would lose enough due to yiff.party. As long as your art is good and you are active (releasing at least one drawing per week), there will always be individuals willing to support you. Sure, it might be slow to grow at first, but that has very little to do with yiff.party. The way I put it is this. The majority of people are not assholes like those here who think they are entitled to artwork. If you are not doing well, it's because you are doing something wrong, don't blame yiff.