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Yagami Yato

Screenshot (1232).png (560.9KiB, 1366x768) save_alt


It's funny we r waiting for the audios to be updated.. but the real question is... After the sf bs... Are there any importers even left???

Idk actually

imagine if we made yagami's yp dead and we the more mature ones migrate to kemono while the ✨immature babies✨ continue spamming the sf, leading to their own site ban

I’m listening to hawks comfort rn while my parents are arguing and yelling 😀

hey, im pretty sure someone has already asked this but i never saw the answer to it...

in the newest Miruko audio, is the audio itself corrupted, or did yiff do that? bc there's some parts where it sounds like Hawks and not Miruko? 😅

ah well i missed the first post

speaking of miss what did i miss on the other thread

previous thread forgot to link

Oh believe me they're gonna fill even Kemono with their bs... ain't no stopping them idiots
Guess we shudnt share the other site, cuz this all started after Yiff got a bit too "famous"
The problem is however, that importers have stopped uploading, so who's to say they will import to Kemono :/

actually i think we might still have people uploading,remember,we got Hawks a day ago,the only post missing is Aizawa which just came out today

i hate that people are saying to shut up,not realizing they themselves are talking also...

I think most of the uploaders left, but we may still have like one or two, which I’m kinda surprised seeing as how chaotic it’s been.

The Kemono admin is a lot nicer and more reasonable than the yp admin, so they’d just ban their ips probably. And the Files is in a separate section than the audios.

The Kemono admin is a lot nicer and more reasonable than the yp admin, so they’d just ban their ips probably. And the Files is in a separate section than the audios.

I do feel like kemono would be a better place to upload audios but even if we do ‘migrate’ there, how are we gonna get importers back to uploading the audios there without the sf idiots knowing too??

Since the sf guys don't care about actually coming here in the thread someone could just send one thing in the sf and maybe ask the importers to look here, cuz' they seem like reasonable people and perhaps would read this (maybe that's an naive idea, but it's the best I got) (btw sorry for any english mistakes)

Kemono doesnt have a shared files like yiff does i dont think so theres no way for people to troll, you just import audios

You might be listening to the Mirko/Hawks audio.

745265BD-D0E8-4848-8BB0-4AB46748D2A3.jpg (135.4KiB, 1000x1060) save_alt

yo!! just a reminder that we’re gonna be posting the yagami yato yiff party discord at 8 pm est!!

to make sure that everyone reads the rules, there is a password hidden in it to access the rest of the server. please do not put the password on the thread!! if ur having trouble w it, don’t hesitate to contact any of the admins/mods!!

the server is 14+ and we do have all of the audios in a google drive and get new audios faster but you must make an intro and be age verified (by pming the admins/mods) to have access to it. please do not spread these around links around, the owner will delete them if they get spread.

Just a quick question for the "yagami yato yp discord": How are we supposed to do this intro? (Question made by someone who really doesn't have an idea of how to do it haha)

lolol ur good!! we have an intro channel where you can introduce yourself!

Thanks s2

I literally made a discord so I'd be able to talk with y'all and I've never been more NErvOus
Like the level of anxious is like presenting in class

e79c5ae4dcd08ec5cbe140f6f6ec6d47.jpg (8.3KiB, 236x212) save_alt

Hey everyone, this is the owner for the NSFW Yagami Yato Yiff Party.

The server is now officially live for people to join. Remember that age-verification is required to access any Yagami Yato channels, and that reading the rules is mandatory with a password to access the rest of the server hidden. If the password is leaked to the thread, we will automatically close the server.

https://discord.gg/WJZS9Gp --> Use this link to hop on!!

If you have any questions, contact me at azo ;)#6344, or one of the admins on the server. Enjoy.

dwdw we’re all chill here 😎😎

Hi ppl, imma import the aizawa audio and tbh I don't rlly pay attention to the sf because im unbothered and that's how all of u should be. I'm not gonna torture the ones who actually shut up and wait patiently for the audios so I might as well upload the audios. Btw sorry I wish I was able to afford the 25 tier but i only got the 5 tier :( Anywhoo I hope it works for you!

Uploaded the Aizawa audio:D tell me if it works X)

Thank you dearest importer for feeding us horny heathens. I fucking love you😭💖

I love u all too!!❤️

990859a1f77da5a1a0e53ae075eb71e8.jpg (9.6KiB, 236x236) save_alt

For the individuals who just came on the server and left, we stated multiple times that there will be a password needed. You would also need to make an intro and age-verify to get complete access to the entire server.

To incoming new membes, remember: if you need assistance, please don't be afraid to ask! We will gladly help you all join with your cooperation.

Currently, the link is still active, and we are continuing to accept new users! We welcome you all to join.


I did the password and everything but I'm also very uncomfortable with sharing any of the things you asked for to verify our age. I get that ages can be edited, changed, or lied about on sites. Sharing myself like that is highly anxiety inducing and uncomfortable though. I like to keep my public and internet selves separate too. Also the ways to verify wouldn't work for me even if I wasn't like this. I don't have a state or drivers ID because I fear going to get them. College ID's don't provide the info. I don't have anything remaining from high school and before. So I was really screwed in joining the server. Just felt like sharing this experience 'cause others might have felt it too when trying to join and I wanted to let you know. Thanks for offering your server to us though!

ah, the Love Drunk one? no, im talking about Miruko's newest solo audio, "Like Bunnies" idk if its just me but the audio seems corrupted.

Thanks for sharing that. I was also sceptical about the age verification... I'm a final year college student... Which means I'm well past 16, but to share the documents for verification to strangers... Seems a bit unsafe ..no offense to the mods or the owner

If it seems corrupted then thats on yagamis end, yiff imports straight from patreon

You can blurr/scribble out any info besides name and age if you feel uncomfortable. But im sure mods need age verification for safety reasons since its a NSFW discord. But its understandable that you feel unsafe sharing

Someone in shared files also has a google drive with audios so you can try that server instead, doesn’t seem like they have an importer but they’ll have most the audios


for the people who have concerns about sharing info, you can blur out any other info but your birth date! you can also use school id’s w just ur grade on it

a780c13d4e7c3ecbdb2a501d5c894ff4.jpg (17.1KiB, 236x236) save_alt


Hey everyone, it's the owner once again.

To be fair, we did mention multiple times that age-verification is required in the server to access any Yagami Yato channels. As we all may know, there were 11, 12 year old kids on Shared Files and reposting audios on TikTok. I did not want to risk a child coming onto the server and accessing Cece's audios. Please understand that it is a NSFW discord, and that was our main reason for deciding this.

I completely understand that you all may feel uncomfortable in sharing information online. Allow me to reiterate this:

When you send in your verification evidence, please censor any identifying information that isn't your first name and age/birthdate. That is the only information we need.

Finally, to the users, Bloop and the other Anon. I apologize if we made you uncomfortable. Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to do, and I've instructed our mods/admins to be more clear about the censorship to avoid future issues. I don't take offense to the statements, but I'm glad you both shared how you felt. I appreciate honesty.

8683F4CD-CEE2-4D5A-90DE-8F2B7E76935C.jpg (96.9KiB, 636x644) save_alt

to anyone in here imports files, ily. i’m sorry about all the annoying ppl in the sf who won’t stop requesting. take all the time u need and don’t feel like u need to upload just bc ppl won’t stop requesting :)

LMFAO the people in sf acting surprised that people were going to be creepy about them sending pics........

Holy fuck, will these people stop using shared files to talk? There's over 1,200 posts!

aw 😿 y’all sf bitches getting scared now that someone’s saving ur selfies on their phones mmm.. 💔 so sad. maybe u shouldn’t have posted selfies on an illegal site for furry porn,, i mean, what were u expecting u dumb stupid fuck❤️ common sense? they dont know her 😌✨

F2CC283A-5033-418B-9128-8D9419219BD8.jpg (355.8KiB, 1000x964) save_alt

To the person in the screenshot: If you say that, then don’t post shit in the sf.

It's bcoz of these a**holes that people who silently wait for audios have to suffer. We only have 1 or 2 importers left as it. It's seriously frustrating.
And to the importers who r still uploading and importing audios... seriously thanks a lot. U guys have the patience level of a saint.

If this site is taken down, someone knows another place to listen to the audio, there aren't many on SoundCloud and I don't know anything about discord.

Soundcloud and kemono.party are the only other places i know of

i looked on kemono.party and they’re a little behind for audios i think, idk about soundcloud. but YES thank you to the importers we really appreciate you

just a random question, does anyone know where i can find the yandere denki one? i came to yiff.party before the burying but now it’s surely lost in the sf

I'm a little out of loop.

Recently, I've just taken to avoiding the Shared Files altogether since the situation never seems to improve but now there seem to be even more drama. Apparently she was speaking to minors on Omegle and voiced a NSFW animation by Greatm8SFM feauturing the characters as students, what?

I withdrew my support for Yato a while ago but this is genuinely concerning. Could someone please shine a light on this? Don't want to feed into false drama or baseless accusations.

401962F9-F71A-4B1E-A41D-ECC094BB6506.jpg (85.8KiB, 809x659) save_alt

just a reminder for the people who joined the server!!

if you haven’t made an intro or age verified with an admin or mod then your membership will be temporary! please do so soon, age verification is the only way you’ll be able to access the yagami yato channels with the google drive, we also have an importer who uploads quicker than yiff does. again, this is server is 14+

if u dont know how to get access:
1) read rules and find the password (its in bold)
2) make an intro once the server is opened
3) age verify w an admin or mod to gain access to the yagami yato channels

-server admin

From what I know, I think it is just an accusation at this point.

Correction to my last post:
It is true that she did voice Kirishima in the animation. Although, as someone pointed out, there was no evidence on what age he would be other than that he was wearing his uniform. That doesn't excuse it, I just wanted to make a point. Also, about the Omegle accusation, there is no solid evidence. The tiktok someone made on it just said that she did that but provided no evidence to back it up. There are no videos or, from what I know, victim testimonies out about the situation.

I havent seen any proof of the omegle accusations so its most likely false. Dont bother feeding into it also if she did voice acting for greatm then thats on them. I dont care for that artist

Another day, another drama. Let's talk about it after we've gotten solid proofs. Until then, people can just shut up and enjoy life a little. And honestly, don't bring the drama on the threads. Go make ur own threads for this shit. Keep the threads for requests and interacting with the importers.

just a random question, does anyone know where i can find the yandere denki one? i came to yiff.party before the burying but now it’s surely lost in the sf

Theres not a patreon version

It's literally in posts

The site admin needs to get his fucking shit together. The shared files section is a dumpster fire FULL of spam. trolling, and unnecessary comments being posted (not to mention some fucking pedophile saving selfies of girls). The last thing we need is some asshole posting kiddy porn or other illegal shit in there.

DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR FUCKING SITE! You know you fucked up when there are people using other platforms to pirate with (and i don't blame them at all).

Pretty sure there is only one admin and he doesn’t care about this site or actively gets on it unless its once every month

i’ve tried emailing staff but he doesn’t respond, he purged it last time when i (and i think a couple others) did tho

lmao why were girls posting selfies in the sf cant they just go to insta or smth

It happens to someone else that one moment the page is fine and after a while it appears "it's that time again" one day it is normal and it says that they reached the goal and another day I cannot enter because "the donations started" I don't understand Is it just me? The page has been a bit slow these weeks.

Omg noya proposal 👁👄👁 im excited to listen also thank u to our importers 🥺

F51BFA8A-4A01-49A5-8358-6407EBC155D7.jpg (46.6KiB, 512x505) save_alt

Thank you dear importers!

Donations are every month and the website goes down if its not met by the end of each month

Wait what’s this about a Noya proposal?? I don’t see an audio or file I can access

there’s a noya audio that was posted on yt, they usually take a bit of time to get imported i heard

Ahh ok then

hey, the exorcism Kageyama audio doesn’t seem to be working, does anyone know how to fix it?

Check here

To the people constantly requesting old audios, if you are on PC or iphone there is a search function so you can search for certain audios in the shared files no matter how burried they are



It’s ok tho we can wait

Where exactly can i find the search bar?

1DE93651-A73F-452A-904F-250D0A9DDDD0.jpg (665.2KiB, 1242x2205) save_alt

I think this is what they meant-

No what i mean is on PC you press ctrl + f and it brings up a search bar. On iphone you press square box with an up arrow in it and go to “find on page” and you type what you want to look for

Oh yea i see what you mean. So iphone users, it's the share button and then you scroll to the options and it says "find on page" its pretty convenient ngl 👍


I know this is the wrong place but is anyone here using discord history tracker

me 2

If yiff down again? No one has been posting in the sf, and the last time that happened no updates for the audios came. And kemono hasn’t had an update in a while? So I’m kinda sad.

Yiff isnt down i just think you cant post on shared files. Also it seems like there is only one importer left who is a $5-$10 tier patreon so people will have to wait

SOME ONE HAVE “WINGS” eokeiwidnsknq?2?/!2?

86B2EBFB-C674-41F0-8163-C1E59F96BF99.jpg (684.0KiB, 826x1791) save_alt

Its been imported so just click the hawks tag and scroll down a few its there

the audio is broken, you'll have to search for it on shared files. Just scroll down til you find it.

It works just fine for me

Does anyone have a fixed version of the switch Miruko audio? It doesnt work for me



okay the searching sf trick is spectacular, i wish we had more people that helped like this instead of people constantly arguing


anyone have the new discord link? they're all invalid and i wanna join

Screenshot (1287).png (732.7KiB, 985x643) save_alt

Hello everyone. I really hope you guys are having a great day/night. Remember to rest every once in a while, and remember to eat and shit, yeah you know the deal. Anyways, i'll see you later :)

Glad i could help with the SF trick, i use it frequently on other sites so i thought people here definitely needed it.

6CF3A7F8-6929-4A57-BCC2-F4DDDBAC824B.jpg (43.4KiB, 750x735) save_alt

anyone know what the missing $5 post is? also heres uh. hinata!

pretty sure it’s the incubus hawks part 2, it just got up on her yt so it’s most likely on patreon too

does anybody have the incubus pt 2? :((

Be patient, jesus. It has only been up for half a day and there only seems to be one importer left, if you want it so bad buy her patreon :)


i'm sorry i was just asking :(

i'm sorry i was just asking :(

i'm sorry i was just asking :(

i’m so sorry but i was trying to get i the discord server and it says "Invite Invalid" Ik that I'm a week late to this but if anyone has a new link that would be awsome!

The owner will probably do another timed discord invite link but for now you’re too late and i dont think they want people spreading the link sorry

thank you for telling

Is there really only one importer left? I haven't checked in for a while and it looks like a ghost town now...

do yall have the new audio?

I'm not sure how many are left. Nobody knows

c8535cdf3737a78e51f3daa60110b669.jpg (31.6KiB, 563x530) save_alt

The importers have left, the thread has gone quiet. Rest in peace. Twas fun while it lasted.

The discord link isn’t working anymore

Discord links only last a day

Last time i checked there were two. One was our SoundCloud importer, and one more person. Both have $10 tier i think. Someone is surely importing new videos...just the incubus one remains... We can wait a little ig

Oh yeah. The really nice soundcloud person. I adore that they went through so much effort to try and share those 3 audios with us. Did you read this Verooz? I appreciate what you did!!!! :D

I’m really crap with navigating and finding specific audios uploaded sound cloud, I don’t suppose there’s a trick or am I just slow? It wouldn’t be the first time so sorry if this seems like a dumb question.

what do i search to find the soundcloud importer

imma post the new audios tonight hopefully they work :D


We have an angel among us :')

So the incubus hawks pt 2 (and kuroo comfort audio) wont play on yiff so imma upload it on soundcloud! apologies for the inconvenience i hope the admin would fix this but they wont pay attention to us :( this is also might be the last soundcloud audio i upload cuz its limited D: bruh

505b27f6f82f7dace3a79d6c807e2f99.jpg (44.0KiB, 564x552) save_alt

*squeals* You really do spoil us Verooz!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Is the discord link going to be posted again?

Thats up to the owner if they wanna do another timed discord link so just keep looking out for it

If navigating sound cloud is hard to find certain audios try making your own google drive and sort the audios. I did it and its much easier to find what i want

9DF6DD0E-F136-4DCB-B0F8-C0E44D881AF2.jpg (83.7KiB, 844x473) save_alt

hey guys!!

for the people who’ve been asking for another server link, we might be doing posting a timed one again soon but most of the admins and mods are currently busy to have an influx of people coming in.

when we post a link, we do ask that you interact w the server, please don’t just come there for the links. this is a community for yy fans. inactive users will be purged monthly. you don’t have to be active every day but we have a mee6 bot to keep track of user activity w in the server and if you don’t reach level 5 w in your first month, you will be kicked.

also just a reminder for the age verification process!! you need to do this to get access to the yy channels
1) enter the password hidden in the rules to get access to the server
2) pm an admin/mod to age verify. this is a 14+ server but you need to be 16 for NSFW channels (show something that will prove ur age but note that u can blur out any other personal info)
3) make an intro
once u do these steps, the “yagami pass” role will be added and you will gain access.

last time we dropped the link, a bunch of people left before even entering a password and we didn’t know if it was bc they were confused, please feel free to pm any admins/mods any time if you ever need help!!

we also have an importer there btw so we get audios much quicker than yiff does. we only ask that you guys don’t spread them w out permission as the importer will take down the drives and new links!!

How do we make an intro

P2 incubus hawks on soundcloud if anyone needs it :) https://soundcloud.com/rox-santos-61851581/incubus_hawks_p2?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=0

we have an intro channel in the server where you can introduce yourself!

waiting for the new discord invite link, so excited to join! thank you so much for the hard work 🥺

^ same i am super excited to join too !! thank you admins and mods !!


is that the discord link?

It's not but this server has some audios in it as well. The discord link for the one with the age verification hasn't been posted it. I'm assuming it'll be posted once the admins aren't that busy anymore so we jus gotta wait a bit :)



It’s been so quiet on here

46E5AB5D-01E6-46E3-AE7D-254AB679FB3E.jpg (94.2KiB, 1124x1121) save_alt


tysm for being patient! the discord link (for the server w the age verification and password) should be up on saturday 10/24 at 5pm pst. it’ll be limited to 25 people and will expire in 1 day!

just a reminder that we do ask that you interact with the rest of the server, at least a little bit, and that inactivity will result in a kick. you don’t have to be active everyday but don’t just take the audios and go. we will start having monthly purges for inactive members

if you need help or clarification for the verification process please feel free to pm the admins/mods or you can leave a question here! the server does have a password, it’s hidden in the rules and regulations channel so please make sure you read through it! (again, if u can’t find it pm us and we’ll give you a hint!)

see post >>125500 for details concerning the age verification process

>>122397 >>122281
direct link/shortcut for those who have screenshot ready (or looking for drama)
https://yiff.party/patreon/11851014#shared_files (warning very laggy for Android chrome load at your own risk)

EB0775E7-5DB8-49AB-BF8D-EB0C9C0B02CC.jpg (77.1KiB, 933x708) save_alt

Hey uh the newest oikawa audio is messed up if anyone could fix that or help that would be great

Can someone send or fix the new oikawa audio?.it looks like the file is corrupted

Hi sorry but does someone have a fixed link of the Oikawa audio?

Tbh I wish that the shared files kinda worked you know? But like only for people who are ACTUALLY importing the files that don't work if that could be added the yagami yato page would be safe and not spammed

Theres no way to fix it unless they upload it to kemono or soundcloud


They couldn’t post a new file here?>>127043

No the file would be too big

They said that they wudnt be able to upload to soundcloud. Drive wud be a good option i think, and kemono ofc ...

maybe they could just delete the older audios that they have on their soundcloud account because they have been reposted by other people like completely different people have posted them idk tho

UMMM THE LATEST OIKAWA AUDIO "OH NYAA NYAA" doesnt work for me on the patreon posts section and um I was just gonna ask if any of you have a fixed copy?

A google drive is way better than soundcloud cause you can have them organized and have more space for audios.

Literally everyone has said it doesn’t work. So if there was a fixed version it would have been posted already

Hello everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful day <3. I want to ask about the Neko Oikawa audio, I was able to download it but the issue is, I don't know why but the audio is like this. Does anyone know why is it's like that?

Sadly, the audio that i share the link is not (maybe) the actual audio of the Neko Oikawa( Patreon Ver.). The audio is 45 sec and the voice is kinda like robot i think.
I don't know if the audio I shared is by the importer was on purpose or not, but hopefully the audio is fixed soon. Have a nice day <3.

I got something special. ;)


ayay the newest oikawa file is corrupted anyone know where i could get it?

Does the oikawa audio still not work?

Hey guys, I've been trying to find a working version and unfortunately i haven't ;-; i hope to find one soon

Every time I find the audio,it's either the YouTube version or corrupted.

I think this is it


Lmao of course

Does anyone have the Kuroo 20 minute sleep audio? It doesn't work

F21D57F5-A4E5-41C0-9207-6A4DB94A79BD.jpg (33.8KiB, 350x490) save_alt

hey guys!

here’s the invite link to the server:

after joining,
1) make sure to read through the rules and regulations
2) enter the password (its hidden in rules)
3) pm an admin or mod to verify your age (note that we just need some sort of identification that shows your birthday, please blur out any other information)
4) make an intro

once you’ve done these steps, you will be given the “yagami pass” role which gives you access to the channels containing the google drive and new audio links!

also note that interaction with the server is necessary to keep your membership. inactivity after a month of joining will result in a kick.

(we have the new oikawa audio btw ;) )



CONVERTED TO AUDIO FILE!! If it don’t work idk what to tell u

thank you so much, we appreciate you!! 💖💖

I'm such an idiot, I literally don't know ANYTHING about discord and still I thought I could enter the server, I couldn't even find the damn password, admin I'm sorry if I caused any inconvenience (sorry for the bad English, it's not my first language)

hi!! that’s ok, u can rejoin and contact an admin/mod and ask for a hint! we’re all happy to help :3

hey hey!!

just a reminder that if u have any questions when u join the server, you can pm an admin/mod or even drop a question here!

the file still didn’t work for me, can anyone try re-uploading it or something :(

Someone posted a soundcloud link for it. Theres no way to fix it

What’s the Soundcloud account that posts?

I was wondering if anyone could post the audio onto shared files or something?

Shared files are blocked now I think (if we’re talking about the same place)

Oh alright, sorry for some reason im having a hard time with SoundCloud so I just wanted to ask. Thank you.

Ok idk if it’s just me but I got a 25$ missing post and I checked on yagami’s patreon and she hasn’t posted anything for $25 tier so idk if it’s a glitch or something

is the new oikawa audio not working for you guys too? anyone know where to get it? drop a link here if you can pls 👉🏼👈🏼

oh wait! soundcloud does have it nevermind!!

What happened was that someone tried to import the 3 missing 25$ posts; uploaded two of them, and then the third post sometime later. Ps: to whoever did it, thank you so much!!

What were the missing posts out of curiosity?

can i please have the soundcloud link? i've been searching but i cant find it :<

The missing post were a denki x kirishima audio for nb female and male


For the discord, how long before you remove people who haven’t verified age/don’t talk?

Is the person who uploaded the other $100 post still around? Can we hope to get the next 100 tier post?

we usually give people a couple weeks before we start purging inactives (we’re doing monthly purges starting at the end of nov)! we don’t kick those with no age verification but you wouldn’t get the role that lets u into the channels that contain the audio links.

There is no $100 tier audio its just poll right now so no need to import

Yagami said she'll be uploading a $100 audio tonight... hope they're still around to import 😳

Hello I have a question for the discord server!

I was wondering if we guess the password right we are automatically let into the server or does someone have to review it and let us in?

Its automatic but to gain access to the yagami channel you need to verify your age

Very doubtful since there seems to only be a $10 tier importer left


Someone imported the $25 audios...so no

Yeah after it being uploaded weeks ago but I’m pretty sure the $100 tier importer left

Let's just hope not..

What will the 100 one be? If we do get it 😰

Its a kiri audio but very unlikely that we get it

Anybody's oikawa and incubus hawks audio not working-

Anybody's oikawa and incubus hawks audio not working-

hi, so i dont really know how yp or discord work, but ive joined the server and verified my age, but i still havent got access to the audios :( is it normal for it to take some time or is something wrong?

I really do hope the person with the $100 tier is still here... though it seems unlikely...

With the discord, how many people are uploading there?

Why does it say that they're are 18 missing posts, when there are 18 missing $1 posts and 5 missing $100 posts. Is this an error? Does this mean the $100 audios are being imported?

I think it only counts the $1 posts for some reason.

If you verified age with an admin it would be immediate and you would get the yagami pass role

1 person with $25 tier

All the $1 missing post are post that will not import no matter what you do. And the $100 post are the most recent post she made (an audio an poll and a text post)

>>127614 that can't be right bc before the electric shark audios were added it said 20+ posts were missing and that was Counting the $100 audios.

>>127608 its actually 3 gendered audios, a poll, and text that's missing from the $100 posts

The cat boy Oikawa audio isn’t working for me, is this the same for everyone else? If so, is anyone able to fix it? Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, the cat boy Oikawa can’t be fixed but it is on SoundCloud! So you can listen to it there

did someone already import the recent 100 tier audio?

No, I don’t think there’s any 100 tier importers

Wait weren’t there a lot of imposters? What happened to them?

*Importers omg

Someone please take one for the team and spend a spare $100 so we can get the audios D:

With all the drama going on in sf alot of the importers left, but please if any of the importers that are left sees this message if you are able to please import the the newest kirishima audios we understand that may not be possible bc $100 is a bit of a stretch, but if you are able to we would be so thankful. We greatly appreciate all that you do for us.

heres the link to the neko oikawa audio on soundcloud for anyone who wants it :D https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/uZyQyeYF4QNFhNWd9

Also I’m not an importer I’m just good at finding stuff

have you messaged an admin or did you only click on the age roles? to be verified, you’ll have to message and admin or a mod

we have one importer w us who uploads audios from the $1-$25 tier. we get them much earlier than yp does

if u get the password right it will automatically open up part of the server. to open up all of the server (ex yagami channels 14+, nsfw channel 16+) you will have to verify your age w an admin or a mod


Omg thank you Soap you're a blessing

I gotta question abt the discord server (Idk if this has been said before so I'm really sorry if it has)
If someone was currently a minor, but is turning 18 in a few months, will they be able to join the NSFW channels or will they have to stay in SFW? I haven't joined yet so I was just curious. Thanks!

Soap Omg hand in marriage 😭 tysm ✨

If anyone could get the male version I would seriously love you forever but if not it’s totally ok


>>127673 the NSFW channels are 16+ for the discord server

Probably not gonna happen since no one has $100 tier


>>127721 I dont think there is any 100 tier importers left so dont get your hopes up

I think she turned off charge up front so someone could pledge 100 and then unpledge.

hi! yes, the discord is 14+ and 16+ for all nsfw channels but im afraid that the invite link to join has expired

>>127822 Thats such a shitty thing to do. Plus I’m pretty sure she stills has pay up front on for that reason

imagine thinking you have any kind of moral high horse when pirating anime asmr porn