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Looking for developers

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I'm planning to rewrite the Kemono frontend from scratch to address performance issues that are coming from Node.js' (rather slow) event loop model. Of course, this is a large task that would take me forever to do alone. While a language has not yet been decided, it will likely be PHP. If you are interested, join the Telegram chat or shoot me an email.


C'mon people, send this guy some developers. Over the last few days KP's been going slower than Ghandi on ket wading through hardened treacle, but that sites got the 'potential' to be much better than even YP (anyone who's been there a while (despite the slowdowns) will know why) but it needs & deserves some help getting on its feet! Send in the cavalry!

probably has something to do with how the data is loaded, php developer here but sorry will be busy this year because of work, if you need assistance you could ask me

I’m make this post goes up so people can see it.

This person is kind enough to recreate a yiff.party and kemono.party website so theres only art and furry post only. Thanks a lot I hope you found a great dev to works with.

This person is kind enough to recreate a yiff.party and kemono.party website so theres only art and furry post only. Thanks a lot I hope you found a great dev to works with.

You should keep a backup of the old code, someone could abuse this code rewrite to sabotage the site, you should be careful with who you let touch the site's more important functions

Obligatory bumpage, for the cause (the bolstering of the Allied Forces against the Paywall Art Empire).

sorry but this won't work we still need other guys except for e-thots who keeps on sending dmca

say there are 20-50 reaction/asmr people who will donate $1-$2 each, it would be helpful because not all the time some rich guy will donate $500

>say there are 20-50 reaction/asmr people who will donate $1-$2 each

Reaction channels are just as much of a DMCA risk (if not moreso).



Kemonoboss, if Node seems slow to you, you're likely using it wrong.

As somebody who worked with both on distributed systems (and currently does), I'd strongly advise you not to switch back from Node to PHP.
Are you sure you are using asynchrony and child process spawning correctly? Most of the times "perceived slowness" of Node servers stem from some kind of error in planning up the way node handles the application business logic. It'll also be much faster to correct node rather than rewriting everything.

Personally, I'm not available to help a project like Kemono, since it's too exclusive when compared to my interests, but this simple advice I give willingly hoping you'll succeed.

Be You Empee

Developers, make your existence known!

nah dude they can't send dmca, reaction fags hides their video in order to avoid getting copyrighted by anime creators they even use pirate websites to watch anime

"All animes shown in the video weren't (were) illegally torrented from BakaBT".

>they can't send dmca
They're not the risk factor.

>reaction fags hides their video in order to avoid getting copyrighted by anime creators
Doesn't protect us from them.