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This place used to be fun.

bench-sunset-michael-poe.jpg (144.0KiB, 900x600) save_alt

We be wildin' on each other. Actual discussions, dumb artists, and plenty of roasting. The good old days.
Crackhead Chronicles: The Wrath of Miss Phase/other highlights:
>>32245 >>34437 >>36245 >>37823 >>31799 >>36720 >>35483 >>32858 >>36111 >>34710 >>45863 >>43139 >>50577
The debut of smiley face:
The last good thread:

Those were the days.

how fat is your moms ass though

Flat as a block of wood my guy.

If you just wanted drama and trolling, then the "DRM Artists" and "QuadrupleF" threads were pretty live too. DRM Artists drama went on for months, with all but the 1st 11 days or less being endless circular arguments, nuh-uh VS uh-uh, insane pedantics, professional point missing etc. But that thread gave rise to the infamous "RMB Fedora Boy", and probably his left hand man, "The Essay Artist".

QuadrupleF thread saw the rise of "The Legal Eagle", one of the most convincing trolls since Ali-G, but doesn't have his own TV show. Also plenty of Clown Feet related trolling & reaction images, plus a free, made on request masterpiece portrait of the King: Duke Nukem.

hey what about me

and the Jane thread

wow ... someone so dumb that they need a guide to places their butt can cosplay the volcano of Pompeii? ;))))
ahahahah, damn cute!

is there a way to recover the deleted green quote numbers

can we get to the bottom of this already admin might be using btc mixer lets do this while the bitchBUI is asleep

you dropped this >>102643

remember folks
any place that gets its laughs from pretending to be morons will be eventually filed by actual morons
mark my words guys oh wait they're already here

And JUST like that! The RMB Fedora Boy appears LOL.

Ah, those were pretty good, those should count too. Only reason I didn't include them was that they were from this year.
When did you get started here? I started using the site after you did more than likely, so I'm not exactly sure when you first entered the scene. But you are one of the original trolls on this site.
I didn't include the jane thread because along with the hilarious insults, there were also a lot of pedos present, so I chose not to include it.
As you can see he showed up in a Blitzdrachin thread. Pretty sure he's either the artist themselves pretending to be someone else or a random babbling white knight.

have you stolen a mirror somewhere? kek

I don't understand - are you already trying to look smart or haven't started yet?

1602817468262.jpg (915.6KiB, 900x1200) save_alt

IKR, we should upload photos here to what are we currently doing. Here's me paying my respects to my grandma while showing her my shiny Gengar
>RIP in peace grandma

And he still can't make any actual arguments.

8B404F71-9CD6-4497-A26C-FE19624987B0.jpg (216.6KiB, 1200x1025) save_alt

Yeah I remember that too lmao, probably one of the best threads here. I was the guy who posted the duke picture, although I wasn’t the one who created that masterpiece, it’s from a comic called “douk nouk kem”. Eagle had me convinced for a long while. Afterwards we put clown hair and shit on some of cuad’s art, fun times.

Hahahaha :D


really? there are already several threads where you publicly signed your own stupidity and inability to operate with arguments in principle. At the cellular level, I would say. I think the arguments given there are more than enough, if you ever learn to think and perceive them. Up to this point, the only and main argument can be considered the disgusting sight that you can see in the mirror. If you have not yet thrown away this useful item in everyday life :)

>Inability to operate with arguments in principle, at the cellular level.
-RMB Fedora Boy 2020

Nice argument.

Sages because he had no good counter.

It isn't an argument. Its a quotation, but:-


What's there to counter?

this place was fun till they banned the tots to only have furry fags

>being this new

Stay mad