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@ form of therapy fans

Ej0ZIeCXYAYkWUo.jpg (68.5KiB, 750x704) save_alt

tried posting this in shared files but it didnt work so im making a thread

yo i noticed im not the only one requesting updates for form of therapy.
so if you guys wanna make a groupchat on twitter/join a discord server i made or smthn we should,
just so if one of us gets access to their content so we can share it ?? idk

(also in case this site goes down permanently, because nothing gets updated on kemono.party either)

9719029b3193ab351f8fe42a7e10b5e6.jpg (9.4KiB, 235x238) save_alt

waits ...........

good idea........... now where is this gc........

i'm in. honestly the only reason why i don't pay for their content is bc i'm still 17 and i can't have a paypal account/credit card yet

when y'all decide let me know so i can share my @

same i really would support them if i could but am a minor who doesn’t have a paypal.
also i didn’t need expect people to reply lol would y’all prefer a groupchat on twt or discord server?

both are fine for me. my twt acc is @woongyibo

(im op)
my twt is @szndracore btw and ill dm you now !

hey guys so u h where??

my twt is @hacuuves

i couldn’t find your user, you may have typed it wrong? trying dming me tho

my bad its @hachuuves

ohh mkay

whos posting contents?

we don’t know so far

you guys have to find someone


How is it going the gc and twt thing? Does anybody has any new content to share so far?
I would love to support him but I mostly only go for the seventeen reactions. $10 a month is a lot in my currency for only 2-4 videos a month.
Been waiting for going seventeen updates for months.

we havent gotten any recent content but i only managed to get their going seventeen ep 3 and 4 reactions from someone on twitter, and i dont think they would send me any more links but here:

gose 3 reaction - https://player.vimeo.com/video/462872443
gose 4 reaction - https://player.vimeo.com/video/460442504

but same im mainly here for seventeen and ateez :/

Add me too

thanks alot. means alot.
been waiting for sth for a while.