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Please try to consolidate all bugs and creator-specific issues you find to this thread.

/3945163, newest post file has no name ("")

Fixed, thank you.

why can't you filter the recent activity section still, come on bui

Admin can we get selective import?
Some people would use that. It might go against your philosophy of sharing stuff, but currently it's either people go all in or fold and just don't import anything at all not wanting to import /that one creator/ they actually care about, out of spite for beggars or for whatever reason.


Inline media is not downloaded. The embeds that link to full images at their original URLs remain intact.
Example: most recent posts on

"Not properly scraping all content" is one thing, but the real problem is that the links look like this:

Patreon could look at this website, and use the token-time and token-hash to determine exactly what account scraped that information and when, and then take action against them.

Not only does this need to be fixed, it needs to be retroactively corrected for all posts with embedded media content.

Some people have requested this feature. I can certainly look into it.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The root issue was already fixed a few days ago, and was caused by a code regression from last week that failed to replace Patreon URLs with URLs when saving inlines. The inlines were downloaded without a problem, it was just a markup bug. I will work on fixing the affected posts ASAP and will post an update once it's done.

Hi there, I need the help of an admin, if possible. I've sent two emails already with a request, but haven't gotten any response yet.
I would really appreciate any reply.
Please check your emails, my name at the bottom is part of my email address; thanks.
kind regards,

>Thanks for bringing this to my attention
no problem, here's another less important bug

BUG: Posts on many patreons appear to be out of order. This same bug also results in incorrectly showing how long ago the "last post" was on the main page.


shown as: "patreon post order' , " post order" , "post title"
> 1 , 3 , "First post, enjoy!"
> 2 , 4 , "Second Post!"
> 3 , 2 , "Stay Classy"
> 4 , 5 , "Thanks for joining us!"
> 5 , 1 , "Having Fun with my BFF!"

patreon last post: today last post: 2 days ago

A possible cause would be if you are scraping the "created_at" attribute for the timestamp, instead of the "published_at". If patreons queue multiple posts at once and then assign varied publish times in advance, it would probably look like this.

And on a similar note,

FEATURE REQUEST: It would be nice to have a "Last import" column visible on the front page for "All creators" and "Favourite creators". there are a few benefits to this but the main one for me is seeing CUF imports.

Example use case:
> zonkpunch ( does not post frequently, and is CUF
> at time of this posting his last post (CUF that nobody has imported) was 1 day ago
> in 1 week somebody does CUF import for zonkpunch (and zonkpunch makes no additional posts in the meantime)
> shortly after, I visit to see new content

desired behavior:
> sort by "last import" and see that zonkpunch just had new content imported
> fap

actual behavior:
> only available time-based sort is "last post". zonkpunch will show up as "8 days ago" even though an import just happened and will be listed several pages back on my "Favourite creators"
> I will need to manually check zonkpunch for updates whenever I visit
> fap (tediously)

This should now be fixed for all creators. Please let me know if you find a creator that hasn't been fixed.

Our scraper checks for the edited_at and created_at values, in that order of preference. I believe the published_at key did not exist at the time we wrote the scraper, but we will look into using it for future posts.

We will consider adding this if there is enough demand. Thank you for your suggestion.

I've just sent another email to ""
Please don't ignore me... it's about copyright infringement and I do consider this an "issue" so i hope this is the right
forum-section for this, since it is called "issues & feedback".

Kind regards

Creators like sp3d use a dropbox link that's not put into posts, so it's never imported essentially giving us a... slower loading version of their patreon page here on

a feature request-
some way to unsubscribe from email updates for individual creators, like re clicking the subscribe button for example

creator-specific issue-
i am not sure what is wrong with fluffkevlar's page ( but recently [past 2 weeks] it has been lagging horribly and constantly says "checking creator status". Eventually the page just freezes.

In the recent activity page, why not detect if the user's already starred one of the creators and change the color

You can already unsubscribe using the links sent in every update email. You can also click the original subscription confirmation URL and it will allow you to unsubscribe.

Nothing is wrong with that creator; it is not unusual for creators with hundreds of posts to take a while to check since we need to query Patreon for every 100 posts in order to see what's new and if we missed anything.

Could be useful!

BUG: Some characters are replaced with "?" (U+003F:'QUESTION MARK') on


On patreon, post 15144797 has this title with a jack-o-lantern pictograph:
> Happy Halloween ?
> "title": "Happy Halloween \ud83c\udf83"

On, post 15144797 has this title:
> Happy Halloween ?

> In the recent activity page, why not detect if the user's already starred one of the creators and change the color
Here's a script to do that. You can run this with greasemonkey or tampermonkey browser extensions, or paste it in your web browser console.
// ==UserScript==
// @name highlight favorites in activity
// @match*
// ==/UserScript==
for(let creator_id of JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("faves"))){for(let activity_link of document.querySelectorAll(`a[href='/${creator_id}']`)){activity_link.firstElementChild.setAttribute("style","background-color:#EFD6E9!important")}}


>This should now be fixed for all creators. Please let me know if you find a creator that hasn't been fixed.

I found one:

I think that it might be from before you implemented inline scraping, but am not sure. I do not remember when you introduced that feature.

i like to acknowledge a issue i have noticed, it looks like if a creator closes his patreon and re-open it under the same name/url as before yiff can't seem to be able to get updates from it anymore, yiff will say "[creator] is no longer active on Patreon" but if you check the creator page not by yiff "go to creator's page" but by any other source, the creator still active.

Which creator? For now I need to handle naming conflicts on a case-by-case basis.

Please make creators in All creators and Favourite creators links so one can open them in a new tab in the background.
To open them up now I have to click one, it opens in a new tab and switches to it, go back to the other tab, click the next, go back to the other tab again etc. which is very tedious.
It already works for activity and recently added ones.

A "open all favourited" ones would be neat too, so one would have to avoid paging through the tiny list.

If you ctrl+click a creator it will open it in the background on Chrome. This is not possible on Firefox unless you set a configuration option which I can't remember off the top of my head.

>A "open all favourited" ones would be neat too, so one would have to avoid paging through the tiny list.
Would you prefer a combined post feed of your favourite creators (with the option of sorting by last posted/last imported) instead?

Different anon but a combined post feed of favourite creators sorted by last imported would be great.

Hello. Is there any way to search an artist by categories/tags? Like: human, furry, homo, hetero etc.

I third the "last imported" feature. Hell, there's probably a fuckton who would like this feature, but there's no easy way you've made to gauge interest. Link to a poll in thread maybe?
>>246 That could work too. Whichever is easier/quicker for you to implement for the same function.

the creator in question on >>240 is

Some posts in have inline images that are trying to load from patreon's servers instead of's. If I knew how to link directly to said posts, I would.

So, this creator:, has appeared in my Favourite Creators list, even though I never favourited them, I've never even clicked on them. I've tried to unfavourite, but they're not marked as favourite to begin with, and they're pretty much stuck on the Favourite Creators list. Do you have an idea of what just happened and what I can do to fix it?

can somebody add this person?

If creators upload a placeholder then replace it with the final image it remains the placeholder on here. Pony Academy's stuff's been updated but still uses the placeholder images in posts even from many months back.

Right now it looks like the yiff party scraper only grabs new posts and ignores posts that it already has. So it misses out on updates to existing posts like that, or things like creators fixing broken links or new comments on posts. This is the simplest and most efficient way to make a scraper.

It seems like the easy fix would be to scan all posts for changes when it does scraping to pick up those changes, but there are actually a few problems with that and it is more complicated than it might appear. For large patreons that can mean the scraper looking at 1000+ posts instead of just the newest one. That would take a lot longer to run. What if a creator edits a post to remove links or images instead of add them? Or what if they replace an image gallery with a censored version of it. We wouldn't want the new version of the post we'd want the old one. The best way to handle this would be to store a version history for every post and store all versions. But that makes the infrastructure and ui a lot more complicated.

That's a big time and resource investment to fix something that affects such a small overall percentage of posts so as nice as it would be I'm not sure if that'll ever get "fixed"

I'm having the same issue.
A (temporary) solution I found was unfavoriting this user:, but then I can't keep track of their work easily. Refavoriting them puts the other one back on my favorites so an actual solution would be appreciated


will accounts ever be coming back or is it unnecessary now that the site is public?

Hey, all the attachments past 2017-08-27 from this creator are inaccessible for some reason, it says access has been denied when I try to click on them. I checked his Patreon and the posts still seems to be up, so I'm not sure why this is happening.

so are all accounts gone? because i lost all my faved artists

Certainly interested in what >>203 has mentioned!

>>204 has at least two posts like that has been stuck on an update for more than 20 hours, cycling between "update queued" and "update in progress" without actually updating anything.
Might be an issue with the attachment importer.


Probably has been suggested before, but it doesn't hurt to say again.

I suggest a feature like a bounty board of sorts. YP is constantly checking creators for updates as users check their pages here, so the site already has information on missing posts and their respective donation tiers, and creates a table of that data, to be displayed on the YP front page as well its own page maybe. This will give people an incentive to take a little look at the list, notice they can help because they donate to a given creator at a given tier he noticed on the bounty board, and since uploading is so hassle-free (kudos on that by the way, very ingenious) they're quite likely to do it. The current page of CUF-pending creators is unwieldly and rather hidden.

This bounty board should have some backend flexibility tho, to allow any future admins or jannies or such to deal with exceptions, namely, to write on the table that a given creator sends his shit via e-mail, or PM, or Discord, or text links with or without passwords etc.

Speaking of posts with text links, it would be an IMMENSE help if YP could automatically detect said links on any newly-imported post and download the files before they get deleted by the creator. Some regex magic should be able to locate both the links and an eventual password, and maybe even the tier they're for, and put it in the creatos Shared Files tab. Also maybe create a link in the post with the text links pointing to the shared file.

Also about old deleted links and stuff sent via e-mail, PM etc., create a mechanism that, when a user imports something, it checks the date he registered (assuming such a thing is possible, obviously). If there's some admin or janny in charge of taking care of the bounty board, it could contain data about this content from outside posts (i.e. e-mail, PM, text links etc.), and the mechanism could check if the user was a patron when the offending non-post material was sent. If so, a pop-up would ask him to "pretty please upload this stuff to Shared Files"or somesuch.

I don't know the details of how YP's user identification works for anonymous users, but this should work for registered users. Simply keep track of what creators and tiers that user donates to, and automatically check it against the bounty board when the user logs on to see if he has anything YP is missing. If he does, a little pop-up message asks him to "pretty please import his stuff, it's a simple process" etc.

A simple feature that would incentivize people to import is to give them some e-peen reward for it, like some flair with the total value of stuff he imported and stuff, and his name displayed on a little "MVP column" on the side of the front page. Again, this should be doable for registered users, but I dunno about anonymous ones.

That's it, I hope this helps any.

We already have something similar to a "bounty board" at - what do you think?

External download link scraping is in the works

At the moment there is no user system, everyone is anonymous. If/when we bring back users, (optionally) allowing us to remember which creators you've imported from and give you reminders when they have new posts is a good idea. Not too sure about giving imports recognition though since I'd imagine the vast majority would want to stay anonymous, but if I'm off on that then I could definitely consider it

Suggestion: when you get around to refining the category/tagging/search stuff, you might want to just rip graphtreon's "general category" info.
category page:
api endpoint:

I think they have a script automatically determine the category for a patreon but who cares either way the work is already done and it's pretty accurate.

Three posts (all on Aug 25) don't work; 'Post File' link leads to a blank page on Chrome and Firefox says the images can't be displayed because they contain errors. Given that the rest of the posts seem fine, kinda hoping its just a bug.

Downloads seem to be slower right now, and I'm getting "size mismatch" errors when downloading pictures. What's going on?

Download archives seems to not work right now, it would be fixed?

I'm having the same issue here. It's actually quite frustrating.

I feel like there's no feasible way to find any good artists by browsing this site other than just randomly picking a name and hoping to god it's something I wanted. I'd think that having a way to be able to preview certain uploads that the artist has made (maybe even even have a sort filter for the preview, like most recent?), would help people navigate around the site a lot easier; and help people contribute and find artists they wouldn't have even thought they'd like.

last 3 posts from 19 nov have shitton of broken attachments, what happened there?

Front page seems to be loading at the speed of smell as well.

Site having problems with loading and downloading?

Network issues should be fixed now. Please let me know if they aren't

appear to be fixed. thanks admin

Any chance you'll ever add an option to update posts that are already imported?
Example: has a couple of entries where artist forgot to add the video.

>>342 is still a problem. Also, has multiple posts with embeds pointing to http:///.

Pagination for loading x amounts of posts, and being able to select how many are loaded per page (options of 10, 26, 50, and 100 should be enough) on the user's end. Useful for patreons that have 100+ posts.
Also, the ability to "sort by" imported date, both in the bookmark feed and on the pages themselves.

admin, please check email for a possible issue that I didn't feel should reported here. newest post is void of any contents, including post message if there was any.

It looks like it was because that was a poll.

I'm glad you liked some of the suggestions.

About the bounty board board, I'd say it could be an upgrade of the cheap CUFs feature. The difference, beyond listing all artists-tiers with missing stuff instead of just the cheapest, is that it would provide an element of engagement to users. This would also be the point of the flairs and badges and MVP box I mentioned. This is gameification, isn't it? Anyway, like you said, ditching anonymity for identified accounts may not be the best idea (or maybe the site can keep track of each anonymous users already and give them the appropriate flairs etc. even though they're anonymous?). I really keep trying to think of other possible incentives to contributors, but I can't think of any others, I'm afraid. Also, these incentives wouldn't amount to much, because this board is the only place where users interact, so the e-peen incentive to contribute would be tiny (heh). Any other incentives I can think of would involve taking features away them holding them for ransom if the user contributes, which you'll agree is complete and utter bullshit.

About the Cheap Post Finder, it's a great step in the right direction, but it's exactly what I was referring to when I talked of a page way too hidden. In fact, I'm yet to find the link in any page of this site but this thread. I'd guess the vast majority of users doesn't visit this board, and and of the ones that do, the vast majority won't visit this thread, so barely anyone knows that page exists. Simply putting a couple of lines in the front page saying something like "Want to help adding a lot of posts for very cheap? See this link". Or better yet, rejig the front page a bit and add that list of cheap CUFs as a new box. Bam, you just went from almost no one knowing that list exists to EVERYONE seeing it. Odds of people donating a few bucks (or simply being reminded they donate to one of those creators and can import their stuff already) would immensely increase.

Speaking of being reminded to import, here's a new idea that I think wouldn't require identified accounts. A simple warning when users visit the page during the current browser session or something, that asks them something like "Would you like to help the site grow? If you're already a patron to any artist on any tier, please import your cookie, and YF will automagically add to its growing collection whichever posts you can access that it doesn't already. It's a very simple process that hardly takes a minute, and can help a lot". Add a radio button nearby with the options "Please remind me with this warning whenever I visit for the first time in a browser session" and "Please don't show this message again [this can be reversed in the Settings window]". Now there's a good likelihood that every user who's a patron will import every once in a while. I just don't don't know what format this warning message should have. Text doesn't grab enough attention, banners would ruin the site's minimalistic design, and an overlay might be too annoying. But I think the overlay would be the best choice, because it's not like users will be seeing it often, especially if they dismiss it away. Alternatives to the radio button would be a number input box, preceded by "Bring this up again every X <days site="" visits=""> to remind me, or enter 0 to disable it. The value can be changed at any time in your Settings window."

That's it for now. Bang up job you're doing here, by the way. I'm particularly impressed by how you found out the ways to swindle all this Patreon content without compromising the users. The cookie thing in particular is ingenious. It seems so absurdly simple that you could access that information from users without them even knowing, is that true or am I exposing my ignorance? Tho I imagine that, if possible, it would be an invasion of privacy.

Regardless, thanks again.</days>

Its impossible to login off anon account and into your account after deleting your cookies - and that way i lost my whole favorit list...

Not sure that it's that big of a deal, but has multiple images with incomplete file extensions.

Hello, how does one remove their content from this site? Thank you.

I tried going to the links from this guy:
But some of them have 404 error.
When will that attachment refetcher be installed?

Go fuck yourselves, hyenas

Shut up, moron

There's a problem with viewing files. Every time I click a link, it will always show an error 404 screen. I hope there will be a fix later on.

Copy-pasting this from a different thread I made yesterday because this is probably a better place for it:

So when other crowdfunding sites inevitably pop up for all the creators who are gonna probably jump ship because of this, is YP going to begin supporting those archives as well? You're already doing that cool cookie thing so maybe that would also work elsewhere? Probably with radio buttons to specify which site you're sharing from

Would be useful for artists like melonleaf.

Can someone fix the broken shared files upload.
Can't upload anything


Using the importer to update CUF posts from a heavily stuffed artist (raizap), it looks like the process has unexpectedly interrupted itself, as show by debug :
[16-12-2017 01:08:19] >> Found 941 accessible posts, 320 of which are missing from
[16-12-2017 01:08:19] .. tfetch updated
[16-12-2017 01:08:19] .. (CU) updating comments 11872494
[16-12-2017 01:08:20] .. (CU) updating comments 11872346
[16-12-2017 01:08:23] .. (CU) updating comments 11837290
[16-12-2017 01:08:26] .. (CU) updating comments 11792565
[16-12-2017 01:12:37] .. (CU) updating comments 6012358
[16-12-2017 01:12:39] .. (CU) updating comments 6012316
[16-12-2017 01:12:43] .. (CU) start post 12342182
(And nothing else)

Once comments were updated, it started to reach post 12342182 without going any further. I've been waiting 25 minutes for a log input, seems to be definitely stuck from here.

It should be OK now? Some posts might take a while to import. You can see the post is imported successfully:

As debug wouldn't continue printing status, I've just left import page and can indeed note Raizap's content has now processed 150+ posts (10$ tiers) from this attempt. I know it will continue this way as mentioned inside import notes, but might take a look about why it suddenly dropped to respond at some point, it's a bit disturbing :3

What are these doing in my bookmarks, and why are they broken?:
PSD files have some sort of issue, getting "Could not complete your request because of a program error." Photoshop is up to date, this creator is the only one with this issue

They open fine in GIMP. We now have several integrity checks when fetching attachments, so I'm fairly certain this is an issue on your end.

Tried on a different computer, same issue. Seems like a Photoshop issue in general

When removing a pledge for a creator before the month ends, we still have access to creator's content until the 1st of next month. But the importer won't detect that since on Patreon's user page the pledge isn't mentioned anymore. Is there a way to still gather creator's content until the end of the month as we can do originally on Patreon?

it seems more creators are cottoning on to yp and are uploading temporary placeholders so yp gets those instead of the actual artwork. I know people have requested something similar in the past but there are problems of needing to rescan potentially hundreds of posts which would be time consuming, but what if a user could mark specific posts as "needs an update" or something and then yp just rechecks those flagged posts? so for example, with these two artists who are uploading dummy images, and, I would be able to flag those posts and it would only refresh the flagged posts without having to rescan potentially years worth of content updates

>>1194 checks your current pledge list to determine which creators to scrape. But I'll add an option to manually check certain creators sometime soon.

It's on the todo list.

Never heard about those two artists before, whatdoyouknow...

hey admin you may want to nuke some posts in that twitter thread

Hataraki will most likely never see your post here but if this update feature IS implemented, you just know he's going to catch on and will try a different plan, like password shenanigans. Honestly not sure what would work in this situation.

wat >>1350

2297438 > early inline images are broken

Creators list never loads since dec 23

Talking about front page? Works just fine. dump your cache.

@admin Can we get public service announcement just to remind people that everyone can see the mutual servers on discord? This can become an issue for someone who uses discord rewards, forgets/2lazy to change accounts and some autist decides to investigate.

Not all patrons who use decide to contribute. It would be very silly for a creator to start deleting patrons that might not be contributing to, so I don't anticipate it being a problem. If it does though, then I can work something out.

I requested the posts from
But, no one seems to have it.

There's not really anything for it. If no one around has it you either have to donate and grab it yourself or do without.

Is there a reason can't check for placeholder updates? >>1621

It's being worked on, soon they'll be able to re-scan specific posts and go under manual review to fix placeholders.

The last several updates at are simple "loading" gifs, no actual content.

The link "Join our Discord!" leads to an invalid or expired invitation code.

>>1665 < Can we do something to get rid of these faggot trolls?

It's a redirect link; you need to click it instead of pasting it into the Discord client.

Sounds good

Noticed a certain page has all its dummy images gone. Many thanks, admin~

Discord server poofed? Any reason why? has something like four broken embeds over three or so posts.

I keep getting "status 403" when attempting to use the importer. I tried both with and without debug mode turned on.

Might have been a temporary hiccup, the importer works fine here. Are you still having trouble?

Ah, yeah it works now. Good stuff~

is there any plans to make it so you can sort your favorite creators by update date rather than post date? because like if one has cuf on and gets updated but their last post was a week ago, I'm not going to see it because it's buried by the other creators who updated today

Getting Network errors or broken files while trying to download zip archives. One Example would be

Someone's spamming the boards, if you can ban them it wouldn't hurt

Yeah, someone searched for on whois and is now spamming the boards just to annoy us

The butthurt is real right now
Unless they're switching IP, maybe add a limit on thread/post creation

just seconding that this is a feature i would very much appreciate

click the flag and report it as not being up to date

This user is still largely affected

considering the spam from last night, would now be a good time to make specific logins, at least to comment on the boards? I'm sure some people would still want to be anon but it'd give a point to the name slot everyone has and give a barrier to entry. That said we could also just wait and see if it's anything to worry about, I imagine once you start your IRC or discord or whatever it'll be less of a worry anyway.

I added some spam protection last night after the "attack". It should no longer be a problem.

how long does it usually take to refresh a post after it's flagged? I flagged a few placeholder posts a few days ago and they haven't been updated

The thumbnails may be cached by one of our proxy servers for a while, but if you open the post file it should be a new one. If not, let me know which posts you're having trouble with and I'll look into it.

I went and double checked but the post file is still the temporary preview image for all the posts made by in the last month or so

You sure you got the right link? Or did you mean ? Because I just checked that too; and yeah, they're still missing.

That creator is CUF. The posts will be updated when a patron runs the importer.

oh yeah whoops I cut off a number, thanks

oh, easy enough then. so how come his page doesn't have the big MISSING X CUF POSTS banner like other cuf enabled artists?

Because the the posts are technically up to update - none are missing. What that specific creator does is make the posts free to view while placeholders, so that can fetch them. They then make it a paid post and update the post with the actual content.

I have an issue on which my starting screen stays stuck at "Loading" ... For some reason the website stopped working for me from 8th january to the 9th. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Please open the console (press F12) and tell me if you see any errors?

oh so the doesn't see it as cuf because they aren't put behind the cuf wall until after it's fetched them? that's interesting

Correct. can still fetch free-to-view posts from CUF creators.

Thing is, it is working on another browser... Just not a specific one I am using. So the 'loading' issue remains for one browser. Not a big deal, weren't it I lost the people I faved.

If you can tell us about any errors, we may be able to find out what the problem is.

You can still export your favourites manually using this code in the console:

I can't seem to find it myself. I could post the code if needed.

I found something...

SCRIPT1002: Syntaxiserror
DOM7011: Trying to go forward or backwards in cache has been disabled for this page
DOM7009: 3 images cannot be decoded for some reason.

Those are the things I found when travelling to the page.

What browser is it?

Internet Explorer for windows 10 ... Not Edge. The site does work on others. However this board does work on IE. Just not the main page to view, which just says 'loading'.

no offense but Internet Explorer has been a joke of a browser for years, i'd advise Firefox or Chrome personally though i'm sure there's more options that work well enough.

Should be working now.

Yea I know IE has isseus (not so much for me) works again also... But I prefer the layout way more. If any other had the layout, I would ditch it.

I can not understand, it's only I have such a thing? I do not know, well, can not be such so that for a few hours so quickly deactivate the link to mega.
It says 400 Bad Request

yea, the links are dead, I assume creator reposts them after post has been imported by yp
or someone reports them to mega or some shit
happened recently to 861641 as well, recent (3-6 days old) imgur/drive links going dead

Then you have to return the function to update the data.

Would love to have a site-wide search engine, so one could find more work of say, a specific character without knowing of the artist that did it.

Have been trying to update & Keeps saying "Update queued. Please check back soon." I've waited 5-10 minutes with no success. Please help :(

Isn't tagging a thing on Patreon?

This creator has been stuck for over 24 hours. It switches back and forth between "Update queued" and "Update in progress" but never gets the new posts.

Aware of updater issues. Hoping to fix them as soon as possible.

Feedback: The site is a little confusing to use, maybe add Help/About/FAQ pages explaining what's going on?

Assuming there's still in issue with updating creators. Been trying to update for a while with no success. :( appears to be stuck on an update for ~12 hours

Updater issues are being caused by new anti-piracy measures Patreon has implemented. It will take a little bit of time for me to investigate and find a solution, so please be patient.

I found an old archived post of a Patreon pirating my content and I don’t want people thinking that their Patreon was the creator of that content when it wasn’t. Is there way to get rid of that post? All of the content is still on my page.

any updates on this? Most creators are still at like 12 hours for me.

We know you'll pull thru in the end, good luck. Counting on you, Bui!
>Site is too confusing
...Fucking how? You search a creator, click on their page, and download posts. How is this complicated?

No updates over the past 24 hours. I'm starting to panic like shit.

Yeah it’s weird.

We are still researching the new Patreon security measures.

Keep up the good work

How bad is it? Obviously it's a challenge, but do you realistically believe you can surmount it?

What are their new measures?

I keep seeing "The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later."

No. This site is all about piracy. Why do you think anyone gives a shit if your content is stolen or posted wrong? Get over yourself lol.

You can still get the content if you subscribe to the patreons you want to see, I tested it and that still works.

When the security measures ARE finally bypassed, make sure that the automated subscription reminders all send out.

So, are the handful of creators still getting updates being updated by users or by the system? It's really hard to tell the difference from the captions in the recent activity feed.

there's a difference between this kind of piracy and plagiarism and content theft. This is getting stuff for free that is normally paid for, that's profiting off another person's free content

as far as I can tell the few updates we're getting right now are from user imports, it's the auto update stuff that's broken

No one gives a fuck. Read Stirner.

Feature Request: To view private messages that is sent by the creator to the account.

if there's new security measures in place, then how are some artists still getting updated when pretty much everyone i follow says "temporarily disabled"? what sets those accounts that are still able to update apart?

the users updating it themselves with their account
This shared file is constantly failing to download for me. I'm 100% sure it's not on my end (tried it on a few machines, downloads from other sites aren't being interrupted). Also the download doesn't resume where it left off despite the HTTP headers for download byte ranges being sent, so I also recommend enabling that on whatever server you're using.

the file is failing to download for me too
Same issue for the shared files here, they download for a few seconds and then cut out. Tried on multiple browsers and it's the same story. I've been trying for the last few hours, hasn't worked yet.

>>3569 Can relate, every time I resume the download it starts from scratch.

I just uploaded that, did i screw something up? I can't even download it myself either.

No, this is definitely a problem with the server. And since it was approved in the first place I'm assuming the archive is fine too, just the servers wonking out on us.

Network issues should be fixed

we believe in you

Thanks Bui!

Praise be to the admin, awesome job restoring scraper/circumventing patreon's anti-bot measures

>Waaaah Patreon doesn't want me to have free porn anymore!
Get fucked. :^)


Thank you for joining the PIDF. $0.03 in Paytreon Dollars™ has been deposited into your account!*

*No cash value

Don't lie, people like you don't care about people getting it for free, you just hate anyone who isn't paying you but that doesn't let you sound as self-righteous.

A few feature requests:

1. Human-readable URLs like instead of would be nice.
2. Please make rows in "All Creators" and "Fav creators" actual links so that opening in a separate tab and other operations become possible.
3. "All creators" search is very unreliable. The only way to actually find a creator is to use the "Add creator" page and receive an error message with a direct link to the creator, which is unintuitive. On top of being unreliable, it's freaking slow on low-powered devices. How about an actual server-side search with filtering by categories and sorting instead of this client-side 10000-row jQuery table monstrosity?

Fellas, who would win?
>A professional site with dedicated anti-piracy measures filled with people who think they're entitled to easy money just because they scribbled something
>A bunch of horny, blue-balled furries from a mongolian tapestry board who are 600% done with the paywall scamming meme

But yeah admin, you're doing god's work, fighting the good war against scummy practices

2. If they don't open in new tabs, that's your browser configuration's fault
3. Unreliable how...?

Could we get the date wrap under the title of a post once any portion of it reaches the edge of the post tile?
Since it just kind of just gets pushed out of view.

(2) I think he means enable middle-click behavior so they can be opened in new tabs en mass quickly and easily, right now you have to click it, which does open it in a new tab, but also moves tab focus to that newly created tab, which in this case is undesirable behavior.

Unfortunately that's a limitation of the materialize framework, it's not really good for long titles. I'm hoping to shift away from it when I get the time though

Ctrl-click keeps the current tab active

There seems to be some issue with the scraper again, jumps to and from 'update queued' to 'An update is currently in progress' for a few hours now

Looks like the update service is temporarily disabled again.

(1) Nice. But why redirect to the URL with id instead of using this human-readable URL?

(2) Oh, so your script forces a new tab? It's even worse then. I configured Firefox to ignore target=_blank, didn't know it would affect scripts too. Also didn't know Ctrl can affect how tabs are opened by JS.

Anyway, I still can't properly interact with a link unless it's an anchor tag. I can't access context menu, I can't middle-click, I can't use most keyboard shortcuts, I can't use mouse gestures. I may want to open a creator in the same window, in a different browser or in a different container/profile. None of this is possible if there's no anchor tag.

Basically, I need this:
<td><a href="URL" target=_blank>name</a></td>
instead of this:
<td onlick="openNewTab(URL)">name</td>

You can leave the script if you want to keep the whole row clickable, but please, add <a> tag to the first column.

(3) In many cases, I've had the site not finding creators that already exist. I don't know why and I can't reproduce it now, but if I can reproduce the bug again, I'll let you know.

Is creators2.json stored in a global variable (unserialized or not)? It would help to debug and compare.

Anyway, the search on the main page doesn't offer filtering by categories, which exist but aren't actually used in a meaningful way (does anybody use the site heavily enough to actually follow recently added creators?). I find it weird.

It's a case of weird padding. Here's user CSS which would allow one more row of title to be displayed for text-only posts, which should be enough to avoid hiding post time in most cases:

@-moz-document domain("") {
#patreon_posts .row .col .card {
padding: 0 24px;
display: table-cell;
vertical-align: middle;

You can add it using Stylus or Stylish.

Seems the update is down again; that or it is really slow.

Yeah the updated service seems to be unavailible again

Will there be a fix for the creators changing their imgur/drive URLs after rips the images?

The best fix is just users downloading the things beyond the links and putting them in Shared Files.

How long does it usually take for a creator we add to get approved by the staff?

Since we're talking about links, perhaps this is something that can be automated?

There's a chance, but trying to automate downloading mega links and imgur albums and whatnot, attaching them to the post (and later PMs) that held the link would be a lot more work. And either way, Patreon will (likely) at some point have the entire site be CUF, meaning the scaper bots won't work. So at some point it's going to be entirely run on people using the manual importer and Shared Files.


Right. Fortunately, it looks like there is a lot of manual uploading being done now. A good sign in our current situation.

It's been days with barely any new content, and only from a handful of creators. Is everyone experiencing that, or just me?

>>3654 The only tears more delicious than egotistical "professional artists" not getting the world when they demand it because they're pampered cunts, are the tears of autistic manchildren whining about the porn river not flowing into their mother's basements.

>>3683 I propose YP's Beggar's Fund go to building a gladiator arena so we can find out.

Someone manually upload stuff for SugarlessPaints please, the fucker caught on and changes his links to the pics

I'd appreciate an update from the admin, I know they're most likely working hard but I'm just curious why they're down again. Didn't the scanner just get fixed? Have Patreon put up new barriers already?

Yeah I too know they must be working hard to fix this but it would be great if they could just comment on the situation, a "we're working on it" message would be fine.

The admins need to at least acknowledge that they know about this problem.

You can still import posts, I think the "update service" is just for the thing that says how many posts are still paywalled

The admin's probably hanging out on the Telegram.

We are working on fixing the updater.

Considering you just fixed it, I hope this doesn't become a constant cat-and-mouse game with Patreon.


Thank you! everyone here appreciates all the work you're doing. This is surely one of the best sites I've come across :)

Rooting for you admin

Surely! I mean if it wasn't thanks to I would've missed on sooo many great stuff that were probably never going to be made available anywhere else.

Appreciate it very much and thank you for your hard work


Well, it doesn't help that most artists and/or their snitchy fans are likely spying on the site and reporting the updater's condition to Patreon. I still think going public was a huge mistake.

"Going public was a huge mistake"
No shit. I hate this site for what it's worth now because of no updates to my favorite artists. This site is officially fucked

"officially fucked"
Come on, it's not that bad. I can still see most of my favorite artists' new stuff, and most of them seems to either not know about this site or don't care enough to do something about it. You still have free access to thousands of Patreons' stuff so...
It could be worst if my favorite artists' Patreons weren't getting updated for months.

Also, just like the Admin said some months ago:

"Patreon has already said they will enable site-wide CUF at some point in the future. When that happens, will have to rely solely on user contributions. My hope is that opening the site up will bring more contributors in so that we're not stuck in the dark when that day comes."

So going public was probably going to be the best solution in the end.

bitsycosplay hasn't been updated and she posted a lewd photo help please?

Actually how long does it take to fix it? Is this first time happen?

If you are so impatient just import it yourself, otherwise wait like everybody does, the Admins are working hard to fix this issue and it will be done when it will be done, its kinda useless to ask anyway.

This is the 2nd time I think, last time it took ~1 week to fix IIRC

Huh i was wondering why it became so slow. Thank you for trying to fix the mess guys, we'll all wait patiently.

You do realize how easy it is for an artist who suspects his art to be leaked to find out who it is, right? The bot is much harder, but a user contributor can be found out really easy, and I've seen it happen too.

You couldn't be any more right. Seeing how hard they're going at it as if furry porn was their lifeline is more hilarious than seeing paywallers get their crap stolen. Sometimes weaponized autism is called autism for a reason.

So? that doesn't change what I said, in the future every Patreon will be CUF apparently, so the bots will be useless and everything will depend on the users making their own contributions. Also anything you contribute here is anonymous so an artist can't possible tell who uploaded them unless he/she sent the rewards to an specific user only. pls fix

the updater is being fixed dude just wait a bit, or have someone upload the images manually

ahah i didn't notice it was broken on everything else, sry!

Soo...i dont want to sound like im too desperate for porn...after this is all fixed...i have a request...can someone update or buy reward from 18plusplus? Its been a month nothing from him...

How about an updater feature that checks the comment section of past posts and updates it if there's been a change. For artists that post links to offsite images.

This might provide some insight:

I sent an email about this but I'm going to ask this here as well just in case: some days ago I uploaded a couple of art packs to DarkViperBara's Patreon and Nikkonator but they still haven't been published here, so I'm wondering if they didn't got approved or since you're busy fixing the updater that's why you haven't checked them yet? I'm not in a rush but I have other stuff here to share but first I want to make sure that the others didn't got disapproved.

In order to assist with updating the site, while the auto-updater’s being worked on. Is it possible to manually add creators (similar to how we can import/add CUF creators through the post importer) that do not have CUF pay-models?

Probably not, the auto updater is down because the bots probably aren't working at the moment.

that's precisely how they can find out.

I can't close the creator message popup on mobile safari on ios. I can see the x change color like I'm pressing it, but it doesn't go away, which is very unfortunate because it takes up like 75% of the screen

They'd need a pretty small userbase to do that. And if they do, just make sure your name isn't in the file or something stupid. And if it's in the metadata or something then just find a way to remove the metadata.

On the bug about not finding creators I mentioned earlier.

When I search for "ohapix" or enter /creator/ohapix URL, I get nothing. When I try to add a creator, it correctly directs me to "archeoha", which is likely the creator's name before rename.

So account renames are handled, but only partially (can't search for the *current* name). There may be other bugs, like updates not working for renamed accounts, but it's hard to judge during broken updates, even CUF status doesn't seem to be displayed.
All recent posts have links that dont work, even though they work on patreon.

Removing metadata would require two copies of a comic from two different buyers so you can actually tell what the differences are and remove them.
Unless the comic is being distributed either directly on Patreon or through a third-party merchant like payhip or ejunkie that doesn't employ mandatory tagging, you will have no way of determining whether or not a comic is tagged (even if your name is stamped in it, how do you know there isn't a second, invisible tag?).

Perhaps with the recent issues with the updater services, we could get an option to sort Favorite Creators by Last Import?

Is Shared Files not working for anyone else? Tried to upload some files from email, but got a "Unknown error occurred, please try again"

Same here, I assume admin is pretty swamped and can't handle the manual approval process right now.

Maybe, I uploaded like 3 different packs days ago and they still didn't got published, I emailed the Admin but didn't got an answer either. So yeah, I assume he must be working hard on the updater and can't approve shared files right now.

Plot twist: the updater has been disabled so people have to actually spend money on these patreons


Would it be possible to add the Pending CUF people to the cheap post finder?

I think you should make a banner on the front page that says that the updater is only really affecting the thing on each creator's page that says how many posts they have that are still paywalled
Because from what I've seen people can still import posts fine but the vast majority of users aren't doing that because they misinterpreted what "updater" means
Unless I'm completely getting this wrong of course, but the importer has worked perfectly fine for me at least

No, from what I understand what's broken it's the Auto Updater, which means that the bots from the site can't leak the Patreon's posts themselves so the only way to see new content is by manually importing them, which it has to be done by the users. That's why there're many Patreons that haven't been updated here, because the updater doesn't work and no one has imported their posts.

any updates on the fixes for those of us who don't want to use telegram?

I installed Telegram just to check if the Admin made any comments there but apparently he never joins the conversation.

I'm starting to get a little worried honestly, I'm somewhat new so I'm not sure how active the Admin is usually in the Board but his last comment was 5 days ago, I would appreciate if he could just let us know more often how things are going with the updater. Because giving how he got a donation worth of thousands of dollars recently and he isn't even approving uploaded files makes me thinks of those cases were people have run away with the money and disappeared :P

Of course, this is just me being silly and paranoid, due to not being able to download the new stuff from my favorite artists, and I'm sure he must be working very hard trying to fix the problem so that's why he hasn't replied, at least that's what I hope. c:

While i'm one of the most vocal defenders of this site, I can't deny that it would be funny in a cosmic sort of way if he actually did just run off with the cash.

I don't mind having to wait weeks for it to get fixed, because I know this kind of stuff takes a lot of time, especially when new security measures are put up and people like the Admin (don't want to call him a "hacker", in case it doesn't sounds right xP) needs to figure out a way to bypass them, which is anything but easy. I'm just asking for some more regular updates on the problem, like telling us if there has been any advance, because I'm sure whoever donated that money must be reading this threads and wanting to be kept up-to-date with the issue as well.

In any case it seems we'll have to wait a while longer, since from what I read on Telegram last time this happened it took like a month to get it fixed. Freaking Patreon!

Yeah, plus this guy has a day job that probably comes first. It might take a while but it'll be worth it.


hotlink protection?

So mister Admin any news or updates about a possible updater fix?

? what does that link has to do with anything?

We're still working on a fix. Please be patient. The posts aren't going anywhere.

Thank you! :D sorry for all those silly comments that were made here :P please take all the time you need and thanks again for all the amazing work you're doing for all of us.

rootin for ya

Can we at least get some information on what is wrong? I appreciate that you are trying to fix this but don't leave us in the dark

From what I understood basically Patreon changed or upgraded its security system so now the Admin is trying to figure out a way to hack it once again so the bots can work again.

Temporarily disabled, AGAIN.

Man, this is dumb. First Kotaku spreading this to the public, and now this.

That Kotaku article really had both a downside and an upside to it, 'cause if it wasn't for it I wouldn't have find out about this amazing site which now I love, but it also made it more known to creators. But in any case, will actually benefit of being public in the long term, because like the Admin said in the future probably every Patreon page will be CUF, so the bots will be useless and the site will only function thanks to users contributions, just like in it's current state.

Also, thanks to Kotaku, now I can manage to contribute with some of my downloaded Patreon stuff and share it all here, although they still need to be approved first.

I've seen a number of exit scams in the darknet markets. If what >>4405 says is true about admin getting a large donation you might as well kiss his ass good bye.

>This might provide some insight

>exit scam
>when admin has gotten maybe $15k at most from yp in a year and the service is otherwise free to use

The donation was actually received *after* Patreon updated their code. I'm not disappearing. I still have college and work 5 days a week which is why my time to work on is limited. has always been a hobby project, I have other priorities that come before it.

Believe me, it is not not as easy as you think it might be to circumvent Patreon's new security feature. If you want to try and solve the problem and tell me the fix, then by all means.

For future consideration, a flag-for-review function on shared files might be a good idea. I'm pretty sure some rando's dick pic wasn't e-mailed out to all of abigalemandler's followers.

You're absolutely right Admin. Some people just don't understand that this isn't your job, and you're not managing 24/7, you have a life outside of the site. Also nobody is being charged for using this site, people are getting access to thousands of artworks, videos, text files, etc for FREE, and all of that its thanks to you. The last thing those people should do is complain.
Be patient guys!

>admin creates robin hood-esque community site
>assume just cause someone made a large donation he'll just abandon ship

B-but muh free poarn!1!! /s

Why you guys soo desperate over porn? Dont have life or something? You not the only one here be patience...

Welp, seems mods cannot catch up with patreon security system this time. I wouldnt be surprised if they're using the bitcoin they got for importing patreon stuff and keep the site alive...

Catch up... its not... my god you are retarded. They just need to find the right part of the code to manipulate, it takes time. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

What a dumb comment. Even the best hackers need a great amount of time to hack a site's security, it's NOT easy at all dude. And considering that the Admin it's still here, approving shared files and replying to us, you can clearly see that he didn't went anywhere and it's still dedicating his time to come up with a solution for the problem, for us to enjoy, FOR FREE.

I'm glad he got that donation and personally I hope he used some of it for himself because he deserves it a lot after all the amazing work he has done.

You're the best Anon. Keep it up friend.

Do the bot accounts have mailing addresses associated with their profile? >>4023

>Why you guys soo desperate over porn? Dont have life or something?
>You not the only one here be patience...
Pick one.


Is there a devblog or something where we can keep tabs on progress (assuming there's enough free time for said progress)?

seems like that would be risky
if we're able to get progress updates then so will any patreon devs or snitches
then they'll have a leg up to create the next deterrent

Is it just me or has just stopped working?
My last creator post is from Diives that says it's from 9 hours ago. I go to look at said post. It's from February 14th. that's 2 days, not 9 hours.

I too find it a little weird that there hasn't been any new user imported post since more than 1 day. Maybe the Admin is testing something or I don't know.

Bots are busted right now, gotta rely on actual people to manually import.

It might suck but hopefully it'll get worked out eventually (admin also has real life to worry about, YP is a hobby)

He's actually talking about the posts imported by people, we all know the bots aren't working. There's always at least a few imported posts every day, but there hasn't been any since more than a day now so that's a little weird.

how about a botnet where people adopt a bot for x user to kinda bypass the bot protection

even with a thousand dollars, I'd still updatethis and make this website keep scrapping stuff behind paywalls, because massive lulz, chaos etc etc.

I dont mean to sound like im impatient...but is this problem gonna be solved? Or can be solved?

admin says they're working on it
i imagine it's like solving a puzzle
won't know if it's solvable until it's solved or given up on

It seem to be a bigger challenge this time, last time it got fixed in a week or so. Porn won't go anywhere, give it time


Was it only a week or a month? some people says it was just a week, others says it took a whole month, I don't even know anymore. But yeah like he said he has a job and has college so he we just have to give him time and be patient.

Woah, look at the recent activity list. Does this mean it's been fixed?

shhh don't jynx it

If it's not enabled now then that means that:
A: It's not fixed
B) The scraper bots can't engage full throttle because the massive bandwidth spike could get them flagged again by patreon.

The site is quite a bit behind on scraping content, he may have to do it in waves over time when it does finally start working, but I'd rather it go slow and steady if it has to. Admin was probably just testing something anyway, don't get too excited.

Well I'll be damned, good job admin

thanks bb

Regardless of whether this gets fixed, it'd be nice to be able to filter posts by months (or even years).

OMG thank you so much Admin!!! you're God :D got so happy when I came to the site and saw all this wonderful "imported by" messages ^_^ thanks again for all your hard work!

Welp, it's dead again (for me at least). Still getting the "The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later." message.

They are most likely turning it on and off randomly with a selected randomized group of artists that way it does not arouse suspicion since there is alot to catch up on.

Yeah that must be it, I agree it's the right thing to do, don't rush anything.

At least we know he managed to bypass the new security thing which it's awesome! and very impressive.

Soo the admin already found solution for this problem?

alright, how the fuck can Patreon break the auto updater in less than a day

I don't think Patreon had anything to do with it, like others have said the Admin was either testing the updater or he's trying not to raise any suspicions so he's updating the creators slowly.

I concur. Let's take things slow, see how they go tonight and tomorrow.

admin started auto-update, but something happened.
he thought he had bypassed him, but apparently not.

Hey Admin can you tell us what happen? Just curious...

Hmm how about we have a separate thread for issue and bugs, one for feature request and another for general feedback? this thread is becoming cluttered

Both would get cluttered eventually.

I love you Admin. I'll give you a kiss on the dick no homo

Yeah it's nice to see a new batch of updated artists today! thank you! can't wait for tomorrow

Glad to see that things are going back to normal again


Any chance we could have the option to hide text-only posts at some point?

Someone has most likely jinx'd it since there are still a number of paytreons not updated after several weeks of waiting.

You can clearly see that a batch of artists are being updated every day. I guess if the Admin activated the updater 24/7 then thousands of artists would get updated in a small amount of time and Patreon might notice it and start working on updating their security system again. He's probably being careful.

I think that doesn't make much sense, I mean given a company the size of Patreon, they could definitely hire an employee to check piracy sites once per day, no matter if you run it only one hour/day or all the time, they will notice nevertheless.

I know but I was also thinking that maybe depending on the way the artists gets updated here, like its parameters or something, Patreon can use it to their advantage to improve their security. Don't know how to explain it, and maybe it's not like that at all, I have 0 clue about hacker stuff :v but considering that they're being updated once per day in batches then it must be for a reason.

Personally I think since Patreon blocked the old scraper, the admins came up with a brand new bot (which is why it took so long to fix) now they are doing test runs but as with any new program its full of bugs and crashes so they are ironing them out slowly

This is all interpretation until the admin actually says anything about what they've been up to
Best to just be happy anything is happening over nothing

That's a good theory as well! it's pretty cool if they did that, but yeah we can't know for sure. In any case the incredible work they're doing so far it's extremely appreciated.
Too bad there hasn't been any update today, maybe tomorrow :P

To not arrouse suspicion it is plausable that updates would occur on Friday evening and Saturday and part of Sunday as there is a higher degree of internet traffic.

i imagine traffic increases after 3-5 pm as well when people are getting home from work or school etc

Does a bot that checks a creator's status need to work the same way as a bot that gets the content?

Importer just tells me, "You have not pledged to any creators." Yet I pledged once for the month and canceled recurring payments. Any way to fix this scenario?

For Importer to find that creator you HAVE to be subscribed to him while trying to update so Importer can find it on the list of creators you are pledged to. If you canceled before trying to update it wont.

Any chance for an update from the admin on the current status of things for the month of March?

I know that, I'm asking for a way to force it.

Kinda wonder if patreon folks actually managed to get their security shit together this time

It kind of seems that way, but last week the Admin even managed to get the auto updater to work 2 days in a row. I still don't know if he was just testing something or if Patreon broke it again, which it's a bit of a shame since it made me thought we would start getting at least a batch of updated artists per day.
Anyways, last time this happened it took like a month to get it fixed as well right? at least according to some people, and also he has a full time job and college so it's pretty understandable why it takes so long.

I think that the donation button should be enabled again, since it's also a big motivation to keep working on a fix and some of the money could also be used to add CUF artists to the site. Kinda wonder why it was disabled in the first place, he could be getting even more big donations like that bitcoin one last month.

I sincerly doubt they know what they are doing. They have had their heads up their asses on security since day 1. Do you remember before yp that you could look at the code and see the block of code for the original pictures, that was seriously sloppy code. Their team is like a minecraft kid decided they were going to take 1 incryption class and thought they were hot soup. I think the issue is time for our beloved Admin. remember school and work are never an easy balance. I would contend that the first 2 days were a test now they are adding some features to keep the bot one to two steps ahead of the latest updates. In addition I would be down for throwing the admin a few bills for their hard work.

I would also be down for helping keep contributions going, but some of the creators I support can’t be added to the site without a bot adding their info first; since they’re not CUF-enabled.

Well, lucky for us their security isn't that good then :P but yeah, it all comes down to time and patience. I too agree that the donation button should be enabled again, the extra money could really help to expand the site's content.

I still see some messages on the Recent Activiy section that says "Creator was added by a user", so apparently the bot isn't required to add non-CUF creators? maybe if you import his posts it'll get added automatically.

I've also been noticing that. Paytreons like pulsarbird have been updated almost every other day while several others, having updated regularly, are around a week to a month out-of-date.

That's because individual users are updating them by linking their accounts, that doesnt require getting around nearly as much security.

I'm actually the guy who updates that particular guy, and for some reason the site's manual importer is down today so I can't update him or the other creators I'm subbed to even though they've been posting

The site itself is broken. Shows Kuroo as last update 'four hours ago' when that update was posted like 20 hours ago or more.

admin pls say something

First of all, thank you for taking your time to share his stuff! I enjoy it a lot.
And about the importer, it seems that this also happened the other day, were no artist was being updated for like 1 or 2 days in a row. I don't know if the Admin is testing something when this happens but I guess it will start working again some time tomorrow or this weekend.

Am i the only one see this? Kuroodod is the newest post and its says 4 hour ago but actually its been 2 day when it you guys see this?

Has the updater been fixed finally?
I'm seeing a lot of stuff being uploaded very quickly.


I wouldn't get my hopes TOO high just yet, since last week the updater worked like 2 times and stopped but it seems that today it's different: there's like 5 pages of updated artists on the Recent Activity section (last time were just like 2) and the auto updater now says to me "An error occurred, please reload to try again" instead of the usual "it's unavailable" message. So maybe it did got fixed! thank you so much for all your work Admin, we really appreciate all your effort.

AAAAAHHHHH. So many updated Patreons :O maybe it did got fixed?? THANK YOU ADMIN. It's unbelievable how he has won once again over Patreon. Admin 1 - Patreon 0 :D

thank you based admin

Hopefully it doesn't crash after about an hour again.
I think an update/status thread that only the admin could post in would be a good idea, would be preferable over the radio silence we've had for the last month. I'm still curious as to why the scanners occasionally came back online for an hour, before going kaput for another week or two.

At first I thought that would be a good idea but then I decided that silence it's the best thing. The Admin could accidentally say something that would help Patreon to fix certain things about their system (I mean, I'm sure they must be aware of this site by now right?).

In any case I think we all should be a little more grateful to him and thank him for the work he's doing instead of just keep complaining about everything, this isn't a service we're paying for after all, we're getting all of this for free and he's the one doing the hard work. So I don't think we're in the position to demand him to do things in a certain way, at least that's how I see it.

I think the admin is just testing the new updater.

God, it's just so nice to being able to get the latest work of my fav Patreons again, especially from those who weren't being supported with user imports. Thanks admin!!

so nice to be seeing those " 's posts are up to date" messages again. thank you

Yeah, better to keep any useful insights towards the system to ourselves, wouldn't want ''them'' to figure out anything after all.

Don't know if this means fixed for good or not, but THANK YOU ADMIN

thanks for the hard work~

Now that the updater got fixed I think it's a good time for a few suggestions:

I suggested this a while ago but could a new section be implemented were we can upload all kind of different comics, image packs, collections, etc from people who don't have a Patreon account? it would work similar to sites like e-hentai, which would also help itself as it could become even bigger and attract more people. A search bar would also help to find content from an specific artist or group.

Also, I think it's fine now to activate the donation button again. Some of it's money could be used to add CUF creators to the site, a poll could even be implemented were people could vote for which artists they'll like to be added, the one that gets the most votes gets added first.

I don't know if anyone else agrees with me, but I think those things could help the site to keep growing more and more.

Holy update balls

"The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later." hello darkness my old friend :c

I think I broke it my bad sorry

I think I broke it my bad sorry

Well that was a huge update and definitely was worth the wait, thank you admin

says the updater service is unavailable again, well that lasted long

Almost lasted a whole day I think. A lot longer than the last two updates. The admin is making good progress.

Yeah it lasted a lot, I really don't mind if the updates are going to be like this every now and then, he must be doing it for a reason.

How come the recent activity section still keeps showing that posts are being imported by the site, showing the latest import to have occurred two minutes ago, for instance?

Could the site have a dark theme please?

Didnt mean to sound rude after all of this update...update and not include reward? So whats the point?

rewards sent by mail we can only get if someone (supporter) import

Is there a reason posts need to be flagged when they need to be updated? If the bot can tell when a page has been updated, surely it could it use the same kind of information to test for (at least) mere differences in posts.

No, it can't. We can check if new posts exist without needing to pledge, but to check if data has changed, we do need to pledge. That is why flagging is required.

Working for me right now. Thanks for all the work admin

Thank again for all your hard work, Bui

You da best, admin

Fucking hate these faggots that change the link to imgur/drive once rips them. Please find a workaround to this PLEASE. These selfish beta cucks

how do you know his?

Can you comment on what should be done when a creator appears to be missing posts?
For example, the $1, $5 and $10 posts are present, but the $20 dollar post is not and CUF is not enabled.

Should we just be flagging a related or similar post and including the details in a comment?
Maybe you should consider adding a creator flag as well so that larger issues can be reported, like creators using placeholders on multiple posts and missing posts.

There are two entries for this artist under the same username - and - and even though this artist has now returned to Patreon, neither YP entry can be updated, nor can a new entry be added. Any chance of getting this fixed somehow?

Enter the new creator's ID on

>the $20 dollar post is not and CUF is not enabled
The updater will handle it automatically.


I did, and it said "This creator already exists!" with a link to attached. When I go to that profile, it says "This artist is no longer active on Patreon." (I get the same message when I go to the other entry.)

Enter the creator's ID, not name


How do I find that?

Is that how it is for broken embeds, too? There's one in at 2017-09-01 14:18. (It'd be nice to have a more direct way of referencing posts.)

Why does it says that the updater is disabled for ?

Are update checks something that can integrated with the import system in some way?

So is the updater being turned on intermittently now? See some posts got automatically imported around an hour ago, but when I click on Hooves Art to bring his stuff in from today, it says the updater is disabled again.

Earlier it said anti_dev's post updates were "in progress, check back in a few minutes" but when I checked again half an hour later, nothing new was imported (even though there are two posts on Patreon made after the new updater was implemented) and it's just gone back to saying "disabled" again
I'd assume to avoid detection the bots only archive in intervals rather than real-time, but if the clock rolls over in the middle of an update it gets scrapped, which is an issue

The update works very oddly.
He imports the posts not completely, most often imports "only available to patrons" or what is seen publicly.

How it is activated is not clear.
There was an import post a couple of seconds ago, I look at the artist, the update does not work. I wrote what happens in this author and wrote a link - he imported posts.
I can not understand how it is?

I understand English clearly isn't your first language but I can't figure out what you were trying to say in the second paragraph there
Could you try posting in your native language?

in da native language the translator will translate it very worse... worse than here.

I do not understand "How does he work?"
He does not want to update. I went to the chat and asked "why he worked so strangely"
In the active log, he imports posts from patreon just a second ago from another artist.

Alright, I think I've got it: "Why is the bot importing from some creators but not others"?
That's a good question, and I hope Bui gets some free time to answer that as well as potentially add more frequent checks

why do people keep saying bui is our admin

it's dozes

I noticed that photos seem to update but any attachments are saying there is an error. Can anyone else verify?

I recommend adding an additional page (prev/next) tab below after scrolling down on all the patreons on the Recent Activity page. Users have to scroll down then scroll back up just to click on the next page each time they're done viewing. has a pony tag. I went through the feed and saw nothing pony related, only human and furry cosplays. Is admin the only one who can remove tags? I see a some mis-tags every now and then. Should we have a thread for tag corrections or should it be posted here?

literally just click the categories button


Been trying to enter what I *think* is the ID for but the site spits out this message: "This Patreon user is not a creator." What the heck?

Anyone know what makes the importer work? Every time I try I get the "temporarily disabled" but it has still been importing all day.

I would like to add to this question:
And when the updater isn't disabled, and it says that an update is queued, why does it then sometimes suddenly say that it's disabled again before any new content is imported?

It's a meme you dip

the updater bot for this page doesn't seem to work is it a website wide problem?

I noticed it on other artists a well

yeah dunno if it's a me problem or if it's the bot but the updates don't seem to work for me, with any artist

These don't seem to be updating. I keep getting a message stating that the updater service is disabled for these two.

Having the update problem as well.

protip the updater turns on for a little bit and then turns off so that it doesn't get detected mass importing

Yeah that must be it.

Wish we knew the general time it turned on so I could get it going for the people I want, though I understand that info would render the point moot.

I personally don't think the time is event consistent or the same on each occasion... But I could be wrong.

The odd thing about your theory is this; if it turns on and off randomly there are artists who have not been updated for a while where other artists are updated by the bot fairly consistently. I get the idea of the on-off process, but it does not seem that random. Example Kuvshinov_Ilya is updated daily.

The site claims he's no longer active on Patreon, but he recently came back and it's not updating. Bug?

No. Click the Patreon logo icon.

Good point, I noticed that. Maybe it has to do with how frequently a creator updates? Or maybe the bot considers how many people check a creator's page here, and imports accordingly?

I'm at the point where I think it doesn't even activate for certain users. EVERY time I check the page, it's disabled? Meanwhile others are updated daily?

There are guesses for possible reasons in>>6130

or we could actually ask the admin right here >>6129 to stop keeping us in the dark, instead of making up these theories you know.

even a simple "can't tell you for security concerns" or whatever would be enough tbh


Hey Admin!
Could you give us any insight on what makes the updater import posts frequently for some creators, but less frequently for others?
If the answer is going to be "no" because of security reasons, that would be completely understandable. After all, anyone from Patreon can read these forums, and I imagine you wouldn't want to ruin all your hard work by giving them clues on how to improve their security...

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but Veqvil got added about a day ago.
You can't access this artist's page from the creators page even if you type in the artist's name.
I've even marked Veqvil as a favorite, but I still can't access Veqvil's page despite typing the name in the search bar of Favorite creators.
No posts have been added either. I thought I'd make you aware of this, Admin.

Well this is strange. So some user did a manual import of some missing Hooves Art posts. However all he got were two text posts, with one $3-tier picture left untouched. When I visited his page it triggered the bot, but now for the past hour it's been saying there's an update in progress. I don't know if the bot has gotten confused or something by the previous manual import.

a patreon shut itself down and then re-opened and YP is convinced they're still closed forever

trying to submit this to the bot says that user already exists, but they kind of dont? Even though they've apparently existed twice in this site's history?

front page is not working for me. header loads, but the normal page is blank with search and recent posts is empty

oh now its working

I don't know what sort of time table the updater bots work on, but this creator usually updates on Saturdays at around 6 EST, so if that info could be used to create a better schedule

If the bot's timing mimicked normal browsing activity (especially if checking posts for updates), I don't see why it would need to have a restricted update schedule. It'd be slower (and most likely requires manual updates), but I doubt Patreon wants to deal with complaints from legitimate users as a result of attempting countermeasures.

Admin, where are the improvements for the creators you mentioned earlier? Why are all the current updates aimed at harming the creators?!

Improvements were made, if you haven't noticed there's now popup that asks the userbase to support said creator if they are good. About piracy harming creators there has been so much discussion that I won't dip into it, let's just say a research by european union found out that someone that would pirate your content most likely wouldn't have paid for it anyway, on the other hand this site will let willing users to 'preview' your content, and if you are worth your salt, I'm sure many are willing to support you. Not to bypass a paywall but truly considers your content worthy of their support screws up files with cyrillic names (try some in 2016)

forgot a link to try

tell patreon to accept currencies from everywhere else in the world and you'll find your business as a creator there suddenly booming.

just wondering why some artists pages haven't updated.

>>6279 Because the bot's are working on some half-baked process

That sounds like bs I had checked page activity for several artists calculating their traffic divided by number of donors, giving a curve for single week viewing donors and several should have been updated by now.

This is still a problem

Upon further testing, it appears this only happens in private browsing. Pressing the x dismisses the message like it's supposed to in normal browsing

"The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later" so does this mean the bot down again?

No, because it's still updating certain creators. However, there are users that haven't been updated for over a week now, because the updater is disabled for them for some reason.

Admin an idea, how about you put a tab where we users can input throwaway account infos and these can be used by the bot (moderately so they don't trigger Patreon antipiracy efforts). Personally I have two accounts I use to follow some creators (removing the pledge before the end of the month) and bound to fake credit card info (entropay generated). This way I think it would be harder to detect, having bigger amount of accounts each scraping a couple artists and we users can play a bigger role by supporting the site.

it's not disabled for them, it's just that the bots seem to be crawling patreons at snails pace.

Which is a good thing since that would raise less red flags on Patreon's side. Just gotta be patient if your fave artist(s) haven't updated in a while.

I second this. I've noticed that loading pages with 100 or more posts (like Twokinds) is incredibly slow; it slowly loads the frames for the posts and then slowly loads all the images in the page. It would be nice if we could have the ability to set a number of posts to see per page so each page could load more quickly.

i just can't wrap my head around that train of thought.

do you know the kind of traffic sites like patreon have to deal with? there's probably thousands of requests being handled by their servers every minute. hell patreon most likely doesn't even care if there are spikes in traffic popping up all of a sudden, DDOS shields and other counter measures are supposed to handle shit like that.

the only sensible reason i can come up with right now for the site's general slowness is's servers not being able to handle the bazillion update requests that the addition of thousands more random patreon creators has generated.

It's not about the server load. It's about Security. Certain traffic patterns can strongly (and even accurately) imply bot activity. That being said, it doesn't need to be this slow (but we might need to operate on manual updates only). >>6248

So shits useless again. Intentionally so this time but still broke unless you really like Pulsar (why the fuck does this guy seem to be on the update list daily?) or pony art. Why the fuck are we even updating CUF artists or pages with text only announcements? Glad to see we wasted all the updates this hour on cancelled stream announcements, posts asking for donations so someone can get IVF for their parakeet, and email announcements

Why aren't we using some sorta knockout list to prevent mulitple updates to the same page for a set period (24-48 hours) to allow other pages to be updated? A quick glance at the update active shows some pages update multiple times within the same day. User Ellykitty (random example) appears 4 separate times within a 24 hr period (different hours not successively)

and bot activity is handled by automated anti-ddos measures

no company's got the time to maintain a room full of interns deciphering traffic patterns to hand out bans of stuff like that. we're not dealing with some mr robot kind of thing over here.

I suggested this at least a month ago. I'm guessing it's still under advisement.

>list to prevent mulitple updates to the same page for a set period (24-48 hours)
This wouldn't be a bad idea.

The fact that only certain accounts are updating and they're updating every time something is posted, like multiple times a day, makes me think the updater is completely broken again and the only activity we're seeing is new account addition and user provided content

Just wondering why some artist pages haven't updated in weeks while other seem to update every time the post something?

All these brainlets in all these threads speculating nonstop instead of just waiting, Jesus fuck

The updater is working as intended. We're continuing to monitor its performance as we tweak the algorithms we have in place to decide whether an update should be launched or not. It's not broken, nor are we excluding any specific creators from being able to be updated.

Thank you for the update my friend.
Side note, where did the donate page go? I really appreciate all this effort

So, is there a way to somehow make the updater enqueue the creator that wasn't updated for a week?

>implying it's super difficult to tell the difference between human activity and bot activity

and that's why process to determine that are automated nowadays (ie catpcha).

it's not a question of safety or security for this site's bots. if they got away with it once they'll probably be able to do it again.

however i'm actually starting to thing that patreon is the one shitting itself atm as some game dev i'm following recently had to upload to his stuff to mega because patreon kept giving him upload errors.

Would anyone be interested in a distributed/decentralised yiff party thingie?


Why not? It would be perfect in the case goes down.
How do you think exhentai survived this long?

how are you going to decentralize a platform for sharing paid patreon posts with no way to verify they are legitimate

Heya, got a creator that keeps failing to add with no reason given as to why. I know he's not CUF, and it always says your creator has been queued for addition even thought ive been trying for a month. Patreon name: 8bitguy1

Okay, I have tried my damnedest to find the Creator ID for but I cannot find that shit. It seems to be the only way to get his new account onto YP and I can't fucking find it, so someone who knows how to do that shit is gonna have to do it for the rest of us who want to see his work.

Yeah this is still a bit of an issue

Would trying to schedule updates around periods of high traffic to YP work? Or do you not have analytics for that data?

>and that's why process to determine that are automated nowadays (ie catpcha).
>I doubt Patreon wants to deal with complaints from legitimate users as a result of attempting countermeasures.

that clearly shows they don't care about bots.

it was removed because some absolute madman donated one entire bitcoin a few months ago i think

been trying to update this page and so far it has gotten in the queue twice but it never updates and keeps getting disabled.

i dont think the updater is really working as intended

Working as intended by only updating random pages? Ok..

do you know what an algorithm is

It's not much of an algorithm when the updater is based on user requests as stated here >>6317

I'm >>6546 and been using this method to attempt to update some other creators pages previously and so far it has worked except for today. I tried again and the updater got disabled for the third time now while that page was queued for an update and basically restarting the queue.

At this point, I think YP still can't wrap it's figurative head around whatever Patreon did, but comments like what the admin just made seems like he's pissing on our head and calling it rain. "It's not broken" but disabled messages are still in abundance?

Something weird happened with midasbust's page.
I wasn't able to get any updates on it for just over a week, and then an update happenned today but it only added the non pledge-locked posts. I checked the patreon API, and it's not CUF so I don't know what the problem was.

Why was this locked?

There can be a centralised list of hashes corresponding to a name, similar to how a torrent tracker would work for example.

>why was my shitpost locked
you tell me

This hasn't been updated by bots in 12 days and is also missing a non pledge-locked post (

Other people haven't been having as much luck with what you're describing so I don't think that's an exact science of how to get things updated
It'd be nice to have an official clarification as to how it all works

Would like to see when favourites were updated by the bot as well as when the last post was.

Yeah, it would be useful to see 'last updated' as well as 'last post'

unironically reeing right now. it keeps bouncing off the update queue no matter how many times it gets on it.


I haven't been able to update a single god damned page in weeks
If this is "working as intended" then something's fucked

I got the 'update queued' message with midasbust, but after i refreshed the page it told me it was 'temporarily disabled' again.

wanna yiff

This page in specific has its updater that is still not enabled for several days. Is this a bug? hasn't been updated in 12 days

These are not bugs

Why was I banned?

getting kinda concerned hasn't updated in over a month. What's the deal?

fuck off lmaooo

Why are we wasting the 3 updates pulled each day on CUF pages and stream announcements? If you're gonna have the useless "algorithm" at least use the time to pull actual content.

Just pull the plug already. Honestly this place has been going downhill since you opened it up first for none fur content and then to the general public and now its broke AF


Does that means the updater is intentionally disabled in some pages? If so, why?

No. It's not. Perhaps I should word the message better. It just means "it isn't safe" to update that creator at the moment. But as I said, we are making changes to the algorithm and I hope we can launch updates more regularly.

>It just means "it isn't safe" to update that creator at the moment.
Oh, so the updater is only on a few times to prevent the creator suspecting he has bots?

No, the amount of times can update is not limited and does not factor into anything.

Why are you censoring threads that you disagree with, why are you banning people for that, and why do you refuse to explain the reason for banning them?

Fuck off weeb

in the mean time, could we ask for some progress reports as to how close you are to finishing the algorithm up? or even a list of those creators that aren't "safe" to update so some of us stop may stop wasting our time using the refreshing method to get someone in the update queue.

I think you need to elaborate more

So why are some creators safe to update and others are not? And what does unsafe mean in this context?

holy brainlet batman

what's wrong with asking the admin to be a little more open and informative with us? that's just a fucking basis for building trust in these kind of communities. hell, he used to be more responsive than this and even gave a lot more of insightful information whenever asked/told about bugs in this very thread in comparison to the few vague messages he's been answering with as of late.

or are you one of those people who believe the whole "its super sekrits! we can't let the deep state patreon sleeper agents know anything!" and would rather fabricate dumb theories about the state of the YP?

>or are you one of those people who believe the whole "its super sekrits! we can't let the deep state patreon sleeper agents know anything!" and would rather fabricate dumb theories about the state of the YP?

You answered your own question.

How about a button that will add a creator to the update queue with a high priority, but it'll only be active when there were no updates for a week or two?

you're wet, m8

Kinda wish the CUF's with nothing didn't update twice in one day while regular updaters are being left for a week. Just an observation.

If you want non-CUF people updated, post in the request thread.

You're funny.... no.

It's honestly gonna be faster for people to manually update them then to try and get the updaters working.
I've had patreons slip in and out of the updater queue multiple times.
Update slipped out of the queue again.
Can we get some explanation for how updates can become unsafe partway through?

The update went through but only the Public posts were added. This happened a couple days ago as well.
I checked the Patreon API and they are definitely not CUF so I don't know what the problem is here.

Conspiracy theory time:
What if they're not letting in some bot updates from non-CUF creators to incentivize supporting the artists themselves and using the manual importer to share with others

*X-Files theme intensifies*


Click on "Be a Patron" and find the number string at the end of that url. Then put that in the dialog box by itself.

AWD, in this case, was 10065337. I've already submitted it.

I've been trying to request an update for two creators, but, the 'request update' buttons are grayed out. However, I haven't requested an update for them today.
I thought that this might mean that they are queued for an update later today or something, but update requests don't go for the bots, so what gives?

You can only vote once per IP address until an update occurs. When that happens, all votes for that creator are reset again.

I see, thanks!
I guess I tried out this new feature too early when it first came out then, because I was able to request two days ago, then once again yesterday. No update since then though. Guess I must have ran into a glitch

Can you say if requesting an update for non CUF creators will tell the bots to update or not? Or is that something you would prefer not to say for security reasons?

Yeah, we reset all votes around then because we made changes to the database. Shouldn't happen again!

Bots will update creators based on how many update requests they have.

That's very good to hear actually! Are you planning to implement some kind of system so that less popular artists can be updated more regularly as well? For instance, the creators I follow aren't as popular as the ones that are updated almost daily. If they are at the bottom of the request list, will they be updated maybe weeks after uploading something new? If ever?

We're hoping the request queue will only be a temporary measure until we can return to on-demand updates.

I see! Thank you for the information - honestly! It's really nice and reassuring to hear some insight from the Admin!

Wait, I thought the new request feature was merely to let other users know what CUF-enabled creators people wants to see their posts being manually imported, I didn't knew it was made just for the bot to update the most requested ones only? or am I misunderstanding it? does that mean that less known creators are now going to take weeks to get updated? :(

The most popular creators with CUF enabled are displayed on the homepage. If a person is subscribed to your less popular creator they can still import as normal, but the purpose of this feature is to tell people who want to help out "these are the most requested creators" to make the most amount of people happy.

Oh I see, the moment I saw the new feature I know it was for that purpose but then I got confused with some comments saying that now some non-CUF creators are being updated less regularly by the bot or something like that. My "less known" creators I was talking about don't have CUF enabled thankfully so I guess everything it's still working as normal for them then? by the way we're appreciating all of your recent replies and you're doing a great job with the site! thank you.

Admin, your actions you refuse from your words that this site "should not harm the creators." Where are the improvements for the creators, in addition to useless pop-up?

It would be nice that y.p had a filter to accept Creators. With that i mean, that it only accepts creators with over $500 monthly. Reasons?
1- To let the creators grow first before damaging their income and making them close their Patreon page and making stop making possible good extra content.
2-To filter the lots of shitposting creators that this sites accepts.

Not sure if this is a bug or just an issue with this site but posts that have a thumbnail picture is there a reason you cant see the complete picture, it kinda makes the post useless in most cases.
here's an example you'd normally get the who;e picture on patreon but here its just this

Is not a bug. Yiff.Party Admin made the stupid decision to make this site more public. That means, more artists are aware of this, so to protect their content they just post thumbnails and send the full pics via PM. And lets be real, most of supporters are lazy enough to upload every post that an artist does.

There's a difference between "riding the creator's dick" and "not fucking the creator up the butt". I'm more focused on the latter.

The scraper is working as intended. Creator's behaviour is not a bug.

How could that be a stupid decision when in the future every creator will enable CUF so the bots will stop working at some point? at least going public raises a lot the possibilities of more people manually importing the posts of CUF-enabled creators.

Is there any possible way to update less popular creators until the updater is made on-demand though? I mean, who knows how long fixing the algorithm can take?

Is there a list of all wanted creators, not just a couple of most popular ones? If it exists, please consider making it easier to find~

I only know there's a list of thousands of CUF-enabled creators that haven't been added yet:

i second this. the patreon i've been waiting for an update for isn't even unpopular. over 1000 patrons, no CUF, yet it hasnt been updated in 18 days

I'm in the same boat, unfortunately... The creator I'm waiting for has 12 new posts and hasn't been updated for 20 days now.
I originally thought that the amount of new posts might influence the likelihood of the bots updating it, but evidently not.

Do you think you could add a way to sort favorited artists by the last time they got an update on this site?

Are you saying having the bots take into consideration how long ago a creator was updated, and prioritize them accordingly? Because that sounds like a pretty good idea to me! That could solve the 'this creator is getting updated daily while my favorite hasn't been updated for weeks' problem.

At the very least there should be a separate page for the requested artists like with the import log, instead of just showing the top 12. The sheer popularity of some of these artists makes it so that any less-known creators who are in demand never show up, to say nothing of the possibility of artificial vote inflation

I gotta disagree with you right there I have seen 2 CUFs updated just now and the title says "YP imported" them. I think the question we should be asking is how do you get a patreon into the queue? Yes, you can click the request button but we clearly know that means precisely dick since there are a few on the top 12 (which means they have more votes than those who are being updated) that are non CUF. So the idea of the request being the trigger I find to be highly dubious.

Unless the bots are like weeks behind schedule or something... But I would still highly doubt that, because there always seems to be a certain number of creators (both CUF and non-CUF) that get updated on an almost daily basis. So how come they always get pushed into the queue before other creators that haven't been updated for weeks could be even updated? I doubt they could get a bunch of requests so fast that they could just jump to the front of the queue again, so what's going on?

The best guess I have is it is similar to the previous version where you would refresh at the top of the hour. until it says an update is in the queue but I have so far been unsuccessful with this tactic.

Yeah, I mentioned here why that method would be difficult to use >>7059

This is me, waiting over two weeks for some creators to be updated......

Something is bad broken. And “most requested” isn’t fixing it.

Can you implement a feature to make the site more IOS friendly?

Still confused over what determines the "safety" of a particular artist

Second this. This information would be good to know.

Am I the only one who has broken icons right now? Is the site mid-maintenance or something?

I think that line was complete bullshit, honestly.

Maybe, but it's the only information we have. Ask the admin, although I'm sure he will give you the same explanation. All we can do is wait and hope for the best.

The entire site seems to be a little on fire. Just a little, but pages aren't loading up.

Is there any way to implement a blocked creator list? There are some people I absolutely hate and don't wanna see

I would suggest separating the Most Wanted Updates list into a list for popular artists and a list for lesser known artists (as determined by some criteria involving the number of patrons to an artist).

Good idea, I would support that!

the list is literally called "most wanted" updates

why should we care about updating some artist only you care about

Because there are people who aren't only here for the 40 or so artists who constantly make the most wanted updates list? There are lesser known artist that less people care about too, but it's hard to get them updated, with the bots not working on demand right now.

This, and YP wasn't made for specific artists in mind. Obviously the most popular artists will stay on the list for a really long time (maybe even forever), meaning that certain other popular artists would get neglected (which says more about the implementation than anything else, but popular artists would dominate the list just the same).

If we don't have a separate list of less popular artists (criteria to be defined), then not only would be missing some fairly good stuff, but YP remains less effective than it could be.

I don't understand your logic. When a creator is updated, all the update requests for that creator are deleted, so they will no longer appear on the list, until they have new content and people start requesting updates again.

The list is set up the way it is because it displays the creators **most users want updated**. Why would someone bother updating a creator that only has 1-2 update requests when they can update one with 100? Potential contributors want to know what most people want. If there is not much demand for your favourite creator, I'm sorry.

I won't keep anybody side in the argument but here are couple of things:

1) Popular patreons on "most wanted list" will be replaced by other popular patreons. It is a never ending circle.
2) Less known patreons can't get spotlight because they will never show on that list
3) People got accustomed to "updated by" and forgot that there are people who actually donate on patreon to unlock the content for rest of us. So maybe become a person who donates to unlock content? Maybe even once in 6 months decide to not go out drinking for one weekend and instead spend that money on patreon?

What if updates cannot be requested within 7 days of a creator being updated?
Would allow for other creators to then be visible in the Most Requested list and this could also be applied to the automated bot; creators don't need to be updated every hour they release something.

Hi Admin, could there be a way to request updates for CUF creators that haven't been added to the site yet? maybe a request button on the "Pending CUF creators" page would be awesome. Thanks!

Good idea

:D glad to hear that, thank you!! ^_^

site issue: Is updater working properly?

When yiff. party uploads it only uploads few posts. On some creators it will only upload publicly visible posts (I can go on patreon and see those posts). It skips posts marked "for patrons only".

But on some creators it will upload "for patrons only" posts but will skip bunch of posts. Example, it will upload 3 out of 10 posts.

Creators in question aren't CUF. They are all uploaded by yiff. Not by users.

yiff was previously able to catch all posts on non-CUF.

forgot examples it uploaded 2 out of 4 recent posts it missed bunch of posts it uploaded 1 out of 4 recent posts

This should no longer be an issue. Yesterday we made changes to the bot updater, it will now always fetch all non-CUF posts. If you still see issues, please let me know.

1st and 3rd example happened recently.

Those creators were updated in last 1-2 hours. That is when I noticed the problem.

So if you made changes yesterday then problem is still active

Problem still persists, I've had to request posts for non-cuf creators and it takes a few hours for it to finally add. Not sure if this is technically an issue since the posts get eventually added

Yours actually updated? I have been sitting for about a month still requesting an update, but so far, nothing

Yeah, I don't know how the updater goes about updating but it updates some and skips others I want updated

Updates are launched based on priority. More update requests = more priority. Right now, creators with at least ~12 update requests are being updated.

Ah thank you for the info. If a creator has less than 12 will it take longer to update?

Also curious about this. I also have no idea how much interest there is in the two nonCUF guys I really want to see updated.

The number is variable and depends on the queue size. The code is like this:

while (1) {
creator = get_popular_creators().filter(is_cuf=>false)[0];

The creators in the queue array are ordered by number of update requests.

good to know, was wondering why the hellmouth one updated before the monolighter despite requesting monolighter first. more waiting it is, then

Are update requests deleted after the queue is complete, or when an artist gets updated?

I would assume when artists are updated, because several minor artists I've requested weeks ago still have their requests sent without updates, while other, more popular ones that actually have received updates allow for a second request in the event of another post being made

So from what I understand so far, the request system was primarily implemented for CUF creators, and encourages user-made imports for creators the people on this site want to see the most.
But where does this leave non-CUF creators? Isn't their stuff much easier to import because they don't have CUF enabled in the first place?
In that case, why not just have a system for non-CUF creators specifically that creates a queue based on a 'first come first serve' basis, instead of the request popularity system we have right now? They're non-CUF, so the bots should be able to import their stuff without trouble, no?
Such a system could get desired non-CUF creators updated, regardless of being popular or not, and without putting them in the same queue as the CUF creators, whom can only be updated with user import only anyway.
And at least this would make the people complaining about less known creators (given that they're non-CUF) happy and stop their complaints.
Just a suggestion for you, admin, but please consider it!

Let me add to this post, because I just realized a mistake I made in it.
Okay, so the 'first come first serve' type of updating would be what YP was essentially doing before Patreon increased their security. That obviously wouldn't work.
But couldn't that same type of updating be enabled, but with a limited number of uploads? The bots are working nowadays without issues, only they aren't on demand to avoid detection by Patreon. Couldn't we just, let's say, limit the amount of bot updates to X updates an hour? Otherwise how is the current request system different from the old one, other than just having turned into a popularity contest where less known creators are pretty much never updated?
The admin mentioned some time ago that the old-style updater isn't enabled anymore because of 'security reasons', but those reasons still haven't been clarified so far.

>The admin mentioned some time ago that the old-style updater isn't enabled anymore because of 'security reasons', but those reasons still haven't been clarified so far.

It makes sense not to elaborate (too much) on relevant security issues, but if my suspicions are true, I imagine a semi-manual (per post) import tool could be really helpful. It'd still be slower than what we have now, but Patreon wouldn't be able to do anything about it without getting complaints from legitimate users.

Haven't used this site much but I think the "Pending CUF Creators" page should be more visible, I had to go to add creators to get to it.
Also a night mode would be nice. Hope my suggestions can be useful and thanks for this site.

Thank you for your feedback. Right now, it is less of a "security" issue and more "updates are resource-intensive". That is why updates are based on priority. But I'll look into alternative ways of updating less popular creators.

Yes, I plan to make pending creators more visible and allow them to be requested.

I should also mention that, for non-CUF creators, you are always able to make the (fake) pledge to them and import the content to yourself. If updating your creator takes a long time, you can consider doing that.

Thank you for your answer once again, I do appreciate all the effort and work you put into this site!
However, I don't know how this can be done. I don't expect you to give me a hand holding tutorial, but could you please elaborate?

>Right now, it is less of a "security" issue and more "updates are resource-intensive".
As it is, what amount of the work is being done client-side?

>I'll look into alternative ways of updating less popular creators.
>>7594 is probably the best way to go about it, which still calls for a separate list for less popular artists (especially if that means the more popular artists can be updated more frequently). Anyway, what counts as "popular"? Going only by update requests only answers so much. If we go by raw patrons, and if the cutoff were too high, we miss out on updates from artists everyone knows are good (regardless if they're genuinely "popular"). If the cutoff is too low, then updates are going to become wasteful.

Maybe, it could be a good solution, but I do see one problem: without a doubt, there are people here who don't know how to make that kind of pledge (like me), or would just simply look at it as too much of a risk, in exchange for only for some fun, private personal time.
I would personally define 'less popular' with 'X patrons or less' (I'm thinking X could equal 50, but probably more under). What I was thinking is that maybe a second queue could be created for less popular creators specifically (although this could be a stretch), and the creators could be put into queue with the already existing request system. Although personally I would rather see a 'first come first serve' system (with limited updates, if needed, the admin knows that better).

Is that even safe, from a privacy standpoint? Wouldn't the pledge be marked as fraudulent, and show that you made it from your Patreon profile? Which in turn could be easily traced back to the email you used, and from there to your person?

are you a brainlet

Hey, I was only asking.

Could anyone give a more intelligent answer than this?

Come on, anyone?


Nope, you've just seen YP's best.

It wouldn't go that far, but if you had a main account for Patreon, then created a second one for fraudulent transactions, then you may end up losing access to your main account as they would be sharing the same IP address; if Patreon was ever forced to turn over IP data for fraudulent transactions, then that could come back to bite you.

Best to use disposable payment information, email addresses, and a VPN if you intend to do this.

Eh... It's the internet so I'm going to get ridiculed for saying this, but this is probably too risky for me.

>I would personally define 'less popular' with 'X patrons or less' (I'm thinking X could equal 50, but probably more under).

Are we talking YP data or Patreon data?

Patreon data, as in the amount of Patrons a creator has.

Welp, I tried this, but Patreon disables the account minutes after I register... Plus the browser I use doesn't allow for me to find the session_id, so rip manual non-CUF imports (if you want to stay safe while doing it)...

>If the cutoff is too low, then updates are going to become wasteful.

Some updates are wasteful now, with only text posts being update for some creators and so on.
And that's why the cutoff shouldn't be too low then. A little experimentation might be necessary to find the right cutoff level, but if it results in more people being satisfied with YP because their less known favorites will be updated as well, then in my opinion it's worth the effort.

I've been trying to upload two creators that do not have CUF enabled for a few days now and it's not working, each day I'm uploading their url it says "Your requested creator has been queued for addition. Please wait patiently.", but if they really were uploading shouldn't it says "This creator is already in the request table." instead?

The two I'm trying to upload are and

Sites with too many posts like and as an example take very long to load.
Maybe restict loading by adding a new page (disable unlimited scrolling) for every 100 posts.
Also the uploader is not working.

Sites with too many posts like and as an example take very long to load. Maybe restict loading by adding a new page (disable unlimited scrolling) for every 100 posts.
Also the uploader is not working.


>Also the uploader is not working.

>Some updates are wasteful now, with only text posts being update for some creators and so on.
The hard part about that is that the process of finding useless text-only posts can't really be automated.

>A little experimentation might be necessary to find the right cutoff level, but if it results in more people being satisfied with YP because their less known favorites will be updated as well, then in my opinion it's worth the effort.
With a solid definition on what makes artists popular, I'm not sure that such experimentation would be necessary.

>The hard part about that is that the process of finding useless text-only posts can't really be automated.
Unfortunately, you are most likely correct.
>With a solid definition on what makes artists popular, I'm not sure that such experimentation would be necessary.
You have a point. Personally, I stick with the idea of 'X patrons of less'. I guess if you don't have a lot of patrons, that would in the majority of cases mean that you are not very popular. I only mentioned experimenting around with a cutoff level is because someone mentioned the problems with either a too high or too low cutoff.
If you have a different suggestion, please do share! That's what this thread is about.

All I can really offer is problems from basing popularity on the number of patrons alone (which doesn't guarantee anything about dead, inactive, or rarely active artists).

Is the site broken or under maintenance? Cause all I keep getting on the main page is a never ending "Loading..." message. The creators list isn't even showing up...

at least 15posts, and bot added with 0

Once again, fair point. Then probably other criterias could be checked as well. How that would work however, I unfortunately don't know.

So, what happened with swf files?
I can't download all of this. Browser says it was unknown error, and something about cookies

I'd go with more of a % of the # of patrons vs # of requests approach. Lesser known (thus likely lesser patrons) would end up with a higher percentage than popufurs.

That's been suggested 5+ times in this thread alone. Though I'd go with selectable amounts.
I wouldn't hold your breath.

This says they are no longer active when that is very much not true and I see no way to change that:

Maybe seeing the number of requests at the page of each creator would be nice.

Hi, the artist previously known as gakuranman has recently changed his name to chijimetaro, but he's still appearing with his previous name here on yiff party. Don't know if there's already a thread for rename requests but I just wanted to point it out so anyone looking for him here will be able to find his account easily. Thanks. is not appearing in my browser search. I'm using Google on Google Chrome and when I search "" it isn't there anymore.

whats with the same creators updating by the bot daily but theres many that have been sitting for a month at least?
even if the ones sitting that arent CUF finally update, the bot only grabs the public post

it's under a new account, thus a new user ID

I apologize for the recent disruption, things should be back to normal now

Integrate dark style for forum >>8186

What would be nice is the ability to see polls on someones Patreon. Of course I'm not asking to "vote" on them, but I'm just wondering if it would be at all possible to at least see the results of the polls some put up. Such as seeing who everyone voted for in the pinup for the next month or something. It's not a big issue at all but I thought I'd mention it because it would be nice to have.

Would it be possible to have x number of post per page? some artists with thousands of posts are really taking a toll on my phone.

I second this. Some pages with hundreds and hundreds of posts have a hard time loading. This sounds like a good solution.

Definitely this.

@admin you can take down 974927 from the request queue - even if someone does manual import there will be no new content from it since all art is posted to discord

I want to mention that everyone that I click on has the " an error occurred, please reload to try again " message. I reload but it quickly says this no matter if I reload. Check some artists about 5 times in a row to see if would change and it didn't. Usually that message pops if there's a long loading period but it's not long at all for the posts to come up. Also, there hasn't been a post in an hour, usually every 10-20 minutes per post.

Sometimes (like right now) the manual importer goes down and the times shown for "last post" on the front page stay stuck at the same values for a while

Could it be possible to expand the Most Wanted Updates section in the future? like either adding one or two more rows or better yet, implementing a Show More/View More button so that way potential importers can see what other artists people are interested into. Even if there're only 10 requests for an specific creator they could think "oh, so at least 10 people wants this artist to get updated and I'm pledging to him, I'll help them" because there's people who thinks that way too even if not so many people requested it.

I second this. It could be helpful for those who follow less known creators, especially if they are non-CUF.

Are the request update counts working? Example CloudMeadow 130 update requests I make a request and it still remains 130... Tried on multiple machines 0 cookies to the site first time checking through a specific device but still nothing... Thoughts?...

Are you requesting through the same network, as in wifi? Because I think the admin made the request system such that you can only request once through a network, so that you don't cheat the system.
There was this example >>7134
But if you're requesting them for the first time and it doesn't go through... Well, in that case, I have no idea.

Ok I think I figured it out. I tried it right away and thought the change to the counter would be instantaneous. Does not seem to be the case. Votes counted, all is right with the world.

It's supposed to be, but latencies always happen, so...

I find myself unable to import from one of the three creators I'm a patron of. The importer only detects two to begin with.

I've been repeatedly trying this today, VPN and disposable emails, but used generated numbers instead of disposable ones. I actually managed to import posts from one creator via this method, but afterwards, Patreon would automatically delete any new account moments after I tried to pledge to a different creator.
Any suggestions?

See >>8005

is there something wrong with the request counter?

I've been voting and the count doesn't change for any of the artist I vote for, is there something wrong?

so many creators without cuf not being updated for over a month while others are being updated daily
almost seems simple to have a delay after something is updated before it can update again to allow for others to also receive updates

This was mentioned a while ago by someone, and it's actually a pretty decent suggestion. Why not have a 24-48 hour no update timer for a creator who was updated, so that other creators (non-CUF, mind you!) may be updated as well?

Is there a backlog or maybe other issues for adding non-CUF creators? Its been a few days since I requested and it hasn't been added. But i requested something a couple hours ago and it was added pretty quick. I also tried requesting awhile ago and now it just says "This creator is already in the request table." I'm pretty sure both of them aren't CUF also.

how it works more precisely the request update, to be more precise how many people have to request that artist for the system to upgrade that person. i talk about those artists that don't have CUF active.

Hi Admin! Can you give us a heads-up about the updater? Are we getting closer to it becoming on-demand again? Or are we stuck forever with the current request system?

Will there be any plans to have posts updated having both old version and new versions? Seems like some artists post placeholder updates only to update with the real thing later on.

There is definitely something wrong with the updater. I've noticed that some of the non-CUF creators I follow aren't being updated. This started particularly after the request update option was introduced

when attempting to flag a post for update on Smooshkin's page, I get either an "unable to validate catcha response" error, or an error about post status that asks me to try later. That happens after I've solved the god awful captcha, just to add insult to injury. A page refresh did not fix the issue, nor did a full refresh after flushing the cache. Flagging posts worked fine on another page shortly before, on the same browser.

There has to be a specific number of requests for a creator before the updater would even consider putting them in the queue. Even then, it might take long for it to be added to said update queue.

There's definitely two issues going on

[[[[[[[ Issue 1 ]]]]]]]
as >>8517 said adding non-CUF creators indeed seems broken. All creators that I have added over the past few days have failed in the same way.

(1) add a new creator using
as expected page displays:
>Your requested creator has been queued for addition. Please wait patiently.

(2) immediately try to add the same creator again
as expected page displays:
>This creator is already in the request table.

(3) wait a while (30-60 minutes?), and try again
UNEXPECTEDLY page displays:
>Your requested creator has been queued for addition. Please wait patiently.

It seems the list is being erased every time something runs.

[[[[[[[ Issue 2 ]]]]]]]
I am pretty sure the non-CUF priority system is broken and user "request update" counts have next to no impact on it.

Over the last two weeks I did a test, and did "Request Update" for a creator from 40 different IP addresses with cleared cache and cookies each time sometimes different browser/devices as well. This creator has 12 new posts and was last scraped over 3 months ago. Even though it now has 40+ requests for update, the creator has still not updated.

Also it is hard to believe that some of the creators have had a lot of requests, even just looking at ones updated today such as or

Creators like (also updated today) are even harder to believe. This "MisterMetokur" doesn't even paywall his posts. Why would people have requested updates for him?

About adding non-CUF creators yeah it seemed weird to me that it took so long for me to add a certain artist and every day the same "has been queued for addition" message appeared. What I did was instead of putting the whole Patreon URL ( I just inputted the numbers of the URL (for example 7522494) and half an hour later it got added. Don't know if it was just a coincidence.

more info for >>8573

> Even then, it might take long for it to be added to said update queue.

That does not appear to be accurate either. Example is, every time this creator updates the scraper immediately queues them: "misswarmj"

It has updated that same user TWO TIMES today

post title "Sent April Rewards!"
> 2018-04-30 @ 12:02 : post publish time
> 2018-04-30 @ 12:12 : scrape time
(10 minutes from publish to scrape)

post title "Important May note! Pls read all:)"
> 2018-04-30 @ 14:10 : post publish time
> 2018-04-30 @ 14:27 : scrape time
(17 minutes from publish to scrape)

the queue is just broken, its probably updating creators from a priority list like admin said but a bug is causing it to not removing creators from the priority list after it updates them so it just keeps updating the same ones over and over or something like that

I cannot say anything about issue 1, but here's what I have about issue 2:
>40 different IP addresses
That wouldn't work though. People tried it before ( >>7134 and downwards), but multiple requests like that are ignored and will not be added to the number of requests. I have no idea why it doesn't work, I guess the admin figured out an elaborate way to filter through such multiple requests. Otherwise you could just change your IP 50-60 times (if you're really desperate) to put your favorite creators at the front of the queue. But again, it won't work.
>hard to believe that some of the creators have had a lot of requests
I know, I have no idea why that even happens. Sometimes there's a guy I watch on YouTube that gets updated here, although he has absolutely no paywall stuff or rewards, not to mention the type of content YP was made for. And he does video game and old VHS reviews. Go figure.
I guess as YP became more known, some people began to abuse it by adding creators that they liked, but had nothing to do with the content YP was originally created to share. And so that might be why we have creators like and that are constantly being updated, despite the fact that their contents are not what YP was originally created to share.

>doesn't even paywall his posts
Again, no idea. Sometimes I think the updater might pick a few creators randomly, but I don't really think that's true. I guess some people just don't understand the system, or just deliberately abuse it.

Sometimes I also think the non-CUF request system is broken, but then again, I did see one of my non-CUF favorites updated by the bots. A month ago, but definitely once.
The best thing you can do? Hope that your favorites and updated and wait for the admin to make the algorithm so that the updater can go back to 'on-demand' again. I'm sure he has no intention of leaving the request system in as the permanent solution. But I can imagine that fixing the algorithm takes a lot of time and effort.

Hm, you could have a point. I do notice that sometimes creators get updated twice a day, between a few hours interval even sometimes. And I don't care how popular they are, there is no way they would get so many requests so soon after an update occurs.
Maybe we should ask the admin to check on that. But I fear the answer will be that 'this (and other) creator(s) are popular, hence they get updated very quickly, and a lot'. But twice a day when some other creators I follow haven't been updated for a month?

more info for >>8572

I just added this creator that has 8 posts:

It actually added them this time after I tried what >>8575 said but it only scraped some of the posts
> Post#1 (free): yes scraped
> Post#2 ($15): no
> Post#3 ($15): no
> Post#4 ($1): yes scraped
> Post#5 ($15): no
> Post#6 ($20): no
> Post#7 ($15): no
> Post#8 (free): yes scraped

it looks like it only pledged for the $1 tier

just another thing that looks like its probably broken for now, I know you're busy with stuff admin Im just providing as much info and evidence as possible for bug reports

Tried another non-CUF creator this time one that ONLY has posts at tiers $20 and higher, no free or $1 posts

this time it added them but imported no posts and instead of making a "this creator is not ready yet" page it made the page for them, but with no posts


Something is definitely up with the scraper, why is it some creators get updated multiple times by the bot even within the same day?
Even if they were exceptionally popular, it should be spaced out more, 2+ months on one that isn't CUF is too long.

Makes me wonder if some people's update requests are just worth more and are given updates as soon as they request it.

>some people's update requests are just worth more
It could look like this because of something >>8576 said: a bug that updates creators but doesn't remove them from the queue afterwards.

Or >>8585 could be right...

I don't know if this has been discussed already or if anyone has noticed but when images jpgs are updated they tend to lose resolution, is there a way to avoid that?

Well, this is either because it's a placeholder used by the creator on Patreon to avoid YP getting the full res picture: basically, they upload a low res version, which the YP updater grabs and imports, then later they replace the low res version with a high res version. What ends up happening is YP keeps the low res version, because it won't import the same post again.
If not that, then I have no idea.

it's not a low res version, I've compared both the links for the images from here and patreon they are the same file but they are compressed in some way, which causes artifacts in jpgs

Huh, weird. No idea why or how that would happen. :/

Question: Can there be a function to update posts that are already on by using the post importer?
Because I don't want to keep on flagging posts every time until it gets updated.
I'd rather just import the updated posts myself.

I really need an admin to manually fix these riendonut posts.

Hi-Res Works (4-22 - 4-28) 2017-04-28 22:27 [ No.9532269 ]
Hi-Res Works (4-29 - 5-5) 2017-05-06 01:18 [ No.10646434 ]
Hi-Res Works (5-13 - 5-19) 2017-05-19 23:23 [ No.11276069 ]
Hi-Res Works (5-20 - 5-26) 2017-05-26 22:23 [ No.11390292 ]

These are four corrupt archives that do not extract properly. They were somehow corrupted when imported to, there are no complaints in the patreon post comments so it definitely isn't broken on patreon's end.

Please, I've been waiting since January:

If you need any more information I'll gladly give it to you. I've flagged them all twice in the past. I don't know what else to do.

@Admin I'm seeing a lot of request for new builds of Rack 2 by Fek ( and some people may not know Fek posts all his builds for free at . Could you please add note to Fek's page advertising this so we can maybe save some cash?

@Admin, you mentioned some time ago now that you will look into a way to update less popular creators. Is that going anywhere anytime soon, or no?

main page second post at the moment the file attached:
clicking this results in:
Bad Request
The browser (or proxy) sent a request that this server could not understand.

Please can the flagging process for "creator has updated the post" be streamlined and fixed?

Currently flags do not seem to be acted on.
It needs no comment for this common case. Just queue it and do it automatically, with some sensible rate limiting.
It needs no CAPTCHA. Just queue and do. For creators who do this for all posts ( being an admitted example)

If the system does not seem to be working, nobody will bother raise the flags.

My dream YP would provide a ton more feedback about what just happened when you flag or request an update. Just a note to say "yes, that's queued; we'll do it sometime in the next day/week" would be ideal.

As for what happens when posts are updated: have you considered adding a post history?

oups>> "For creators who do this for all posts ( being an admitted example)"

... this makes reporting slow. And irritating.

Been trying to update this creator for 2 months, I guess:
But it just ain't being updated, and I think this happens to other creators too, can this be fixed?
(And no, the creator isn't CUF, it's just normal posts.)

Sorry if this has no bearing with this thread, but I stumbled upon a comic that I want to download, but the comic is being offered in two file formats: .psd and .png. Which one of theses should I pick?

@admin It's been almost a month since you last replied. can we get a response on the "bugged update priority for non-CUF" issue? do you have any plans to fix it so it stops updating the same creators over and over sometimes multiple times per day, and instead actually uses the user update request counts?

Probably not the thread for it, but the .png if you just want to read it and that's it, the .psd if you had any intent of making edits to it that would require / be significantly easier with the layers separated.

*************************** FUN FACT***********************************
There seems to be something that is up across the board on all CUF and non-CUF. I point to the top 12 as a clear example. If you look at the numbers they have remained the same for the past several days. Normally we would see some change indicative of votes, however. I have placed votes on several of them (Not that I actually care for those artists) to see if there was a shift in their numbers. Unfortunately, nothing is moving. I suspect the admin will not get to it anytime soon due to finals.
Also, the number of updates has stagnated from approximately 10 updates per hour to 4-5. This seems to have occurred around 8 hours ago.

Just verified the numbers for the top 12 are not moving.
SSSSsssoooo requests mean jackshit and the bots are updating randomly?
or did the Queue just shrink? the last four posts on this patreon return an empty .png file for me.

I have a few blank PNGs that I've had in my bookmarks for some reason.

I'm unable to add any creators. I entered their URL, clicked on "Submit", and the button just grays out and nothing happens. What's going on?

You need to wait a few minutes, this also happens to me most of the time.

I second the guy who is not having patrons detected by the importer.
It detects 11 patrons when I pledge to 12. The one missing is registered on the site and other people upload their stuff eventually, but I can't do it. Importer just doesn't realize I'm pledging for them

Ruaidri's patreon has scraped posts out of chronological order.
On you have "Monthly Painting - Suggestions!" which is from may 15th and immediately after "The Dog Pound - Clean version" which is from may 10th, but on you can also see the post "April - High Res" from may 12th, and that one is missing on yiffparty.
Having posts scraped out of chronological order is a pretty annoying issue because it means you can't just check the top of the page to see if there's anything new.

Please check out (blindwave) . I guess upload of this creator is stuck (was uploaded a week ago). Thank you.

Hi i got some problem regarding the interface, it's buggy dosen't show it correctly. the UI is all over the place

Comments under posts gets updated, but not changes in the posts e.g. attachments are still the same: - should be version (g) or (h), but is stuck on version (a).

Are non-CUF creators still being only randomly updated? I thought it was around the time where it'd be "safer" to start using the bots less sparingly

Admin, what is the point of the flagging system if it doesn't work? As far as I'm aware, it has never worked for anyone. I have posts that have *confirmed* been updated since YP scraped them, months pass after flag, no update... What is going on here admin? Why create a system that does absolutely nothing?

The update feature isn't working on several creators. Some gone without an update for fucking months....

It doesn't help either that whenever someone mentions this, some idiot is bound to jump at you sooner or later, telling you that you shouldn't have the nerve to complain about a system that clearly doesn't work for a number of people.
The admin mentioned months ago that he will look into a way to update less popular non-CUF creators, but so far, nothing happened. I understand he is busy, and is probably working on the updater every now and then, but some kind of progress update would be reassuring to hear, occasionally. Something other than "It's being worked on".

According to what I read, the flag system isn't automated, the admin himself has to manually review and update the post. It would be much better if you could flag the post and the next time that a creator gets updated (either by the bot or by an user) said post could be updated as well.
But since this isn't the case maybe the admin had trouble getting the bot to do that automatically so that's why he has to do it manually, who knows. Hopefully this could get fixed at some point.

Well considering that he said he has a full time job, college, and when he finally comes home he has to put up with complicated codes and people whining and complaining about everything no wonder its taking him that long to fix things. We need to give him time, I'm sure he will have some free time at some point, it's not like anyone is paying to access this page and its content.

Flag system is working fine. But flagged posts from CUF creators can only be updated once someone uses the importer, so it may take some time.

If you disagree with this, I'm afraid "it doesn't work" is enough for me to investigate with.

The attachments from >>9549 are non-CUF and there's still all the non-CUF creators that don't see any updates for several months.
Don't think anyone would mind if a non-CUF could only be updated once every 7 or 14 days to allow the others to also have updates, it currently is about the same few non-CUF creators every day or so.

Thank you for replying! but are you sure the flag system is automated? because I've seen many threads from people flagging posts that have a placeholder in order to fool's system and that they never get updated with the new content.
I haven't tested this myself but considering the threads I've read it seems like it doesn't work all the time? and some creators that aren't even CUF keeps doing that method.

Hello Admin! since you're here I would like to revive an old suggestion of mine: could it be possible to expand the Most Wanted Updates section? either by adding more rows or a View More button.
There are creators who might have 100 requests, meaning a lot of people want them updated but they aren't being shown because the rows aren't enough. There are people who could even be willing to update creators that have only received 50 requests, because they can think that 50 people wants to see an update for them.

Also, looking at some old threads you once said something like it could be possible to get links from private messages that are sent to Patreons? if so that could be very helpful considering that nowadays more and more creators are using that method now that is earning more fame and spotlight. Don't know if you're still considering it.


I would second this idea. Someone suggested a similar 'cooldown' method some time ago, but I don't know if it was taken into consideration.
A once a week update for non-CUF doesn't sound that bad, to be honest. I mean, there are people here who have been waiting months for their favorites to be updated. If I had to wait a week for my favorites to be updated (and mine are not overly popular), I would live with that.

It absolutely is not working fine, the flags in question were made on a CUF creator on post tiers that have been updated since then by users updating for that tier+. Was curious, why are the earlier posts look so strange and what is with resolution on some posts?

I noticed some bad files in my automation when adding tf8 to the list of creators I synchronize. There are a large number of bad links whose name consists only of "jpg" (e.g. which all result in AccessDenied when queried. These bad links appear regardless of the URL used ( vs The files all have preview URLs, which only makes things weirder.


>But flagged posts from CUF creators can only be updated once someone uses the importer, so it may take some time.

And how long because Cuisine and TwistedGrim are still getting away with this with their placeholders and are laughing it up to the goddamn bank about it, even with users updating them!! Been flagging these two for a while and STILL nothing. No updated passwords, no removal of those cock-blocking police banners, nothing.

I believe the problem resides with his actual account, since many of his patrons have complained about many of his older posts having broken links. He reuploaded some of them, but not all.

I'm currently receiving multiple emails every time certain creators that I'm subscribed to are updated. It seems to be caused by subscribing, unsubscribing, then resubscribing to the same person at a later time. I'm currently receiving 4 emails at a time for one creator, and 2 or more at a time for something like half of my subscribed creators. Is there some way to fix these multiple emails I'm getting other than just completely unsubscribing from the problematic creators? Thanks.

I'm currently having issues downloading zip files successfully (in shared files). It seems that the downloads intermittently pause and in some cases fail after reaching either a quarter or half of the way. I really don't believe it's my internet because everything i download elsewhere works just fine. Here's the problem link for you to test:

I'm currently having issues downloading zip files successfully (in shared files). It seems that the downloads intermittently pause and in some cases fail after reaching either a quarter or half of the way. I really don't believe it's my internet because everything i download elsewhere works just fine. some Here's the problem link for you to test:

I keep getting notifications from Chrome that it's having issues with WebGL whenever I oopen the site, is that just me?

I've flagged creator #8084888's posts 2 or 3 times by now. One time the flags were simply ignored and only the new posts were imported, the second time only descriptions were updated, but not a single new attached file was pulled. The new descriptions state of newer versions of files and straight up new files being added to the post, but the files themselves aren't on

>>9674 is non-CUF, so it would be a good test of that.

I have flagged a recent post a couple of times over the past day. How quickly would you expect it to be re-downloaded? Is it an automated process, or is it driven by user interactions?

on the page for the creator "yakovlev_vad" it says, that it is up-tp-date. but it seems not. in his last post, he stated that he added a link to a file to the previous post "may's exclusiv + little bonus". but that doesnt appear. does the refresh of the creator only add new posts? or does it refresh all posts? otherwise it would be nice if the last 2 posts get deleted and reuploaded again.

Yeah, that's the one I flagged.

The updater only adds new posts, and nobody/nothing's dealing with flags.

It's a great way for content creators to slip updates under YP's radar, and several are doing just that now.

For Non-CUF creators, i clicked the request update for one that hadn't been updated in a couple weeks, and got an email (im subscribed to them) in little under an hour saying it was updated. cool.

Was there any change to the bots though? Or did you just get lucky?
I mean, I've been waiting for a favorite creator to be updated for almost three months now, so...

I smell BS.

I can understand your suspicion, but what reason would he have to just randomly bullshit, if he is bullshitting? What would he gain from it?
Experimentally, I subscribed to each of my favorites, see if it changes anything. I doubt it will, but months ago, before the request system was implemented, trial and error was the way people queued their favorites.

>>9866 I gain the respect of anonymous people if i discover something. In theory, if its a creator that not many people know about/subscribe to, and you request, it could get updated quicker because its a higher request to subscribed ratio?

I don't know if it works that way. Officially (as in, the admin said this), the higher the number of requests, the more priority a creator gets to be queued. Back when the admin said this, he stated that a creator would need a minimum of 12 requests to be considered by the bots to be put into the queue. This number could have changed by now though.
Although I have my suspicions about this system not working a 100% correctly, because I've seen certain creators get updated twice in two hours, which to me seems like a way too short time limit to ramp up a high amount of requests all over again for another fast pass into the queue. But that's beside the point.
Going by that logic, having a less known creator updated wouldn't really happen. In fact, the admin did mention as well that if your favorite creators aren't very popular here, then tough luck, you will have to wait for someone to import or import yourself.
I honestly do not believe the subscription system has anything to do with the whole thing, but experimenting never hurts.

Adding new creators to the site also takes a really long time in my experience

So, there are a few posts on that need to be updated.
However, whenever I flag them, nothing happens to them.
Is there any way to update posts through the importer?
Would make things simpler.

I've just successfully flagged 19084496 ("May's exclusive + little bonus") of (Yakovlev_Vad) again.
However I strongly suspect that flagging achieves nothing, and that it's just a placebo button. If that specific post is not updated in a week or so, we'll know for certain.

Also, a straight popularity system for polling updates? I hope that's not true. Fair queueing algorithms, anyone? Please consider the long tail of the distribution.

I haven't been receiving notifications of any updates from the creators I subscribed to. The emails I sent have bounced back to me as a "failure to deliver the message to the specified address."

>>9946 Yeah, i didnt expect sending a message to to succeed either.

Is Shared File uploading currently broken? I keep getting "Unknown error occurred, please try again"

Shit downloads keep stopping do something!

I think I got that kind of error in the past but the file got eventually uploaded anyways some days later.

Is there going to be an effort to update some non-CUF creators? Many of them have the "has new posts" thing but nothing has happened for well over a month now

Someone should block most wanted updates from receive many votes in a short time. I mean, just look at balloondolls today, wow..

Yeah I get the feeling some people found out a way to trick the system or something, some creators who are not even THAT amazing gets hundreds and hundreds of requests in such a short period of time after they get updated. And you pretty much always see nearly the same creators.

That's why I think a "View More" button for the Most wanted updates section is very needed, it could also encourage and increase the number of user imports if they see that at least 20 or 30 people requested a certain creator.

It's been promised I think two months ago, but no noticeable change so far.
Yeah, I've been wondering for months now how one creator could get updated twice in two hours...
>you pretty much always see nearly the same creators.
Interesting point, what of someone did find a way to cheat the system? Back before the request system, people pretty quickly figured out how they could queue their favorite creators for updates. Who's to say they haven't done it this time?

Or even if the system isn't being cheated in some way, there should be something to allow for a greater range of creators to be updated, not only what seems like the same creators from day to day :/
I'm repeating this for the hundredth time, but I think a cooldown system would be fair.

Getting nothing but fuck tons of failed downloads when i try to get a ZIP file as an attatchment or as a shared file. shits not workin fam

See also 10010.

Summary: it would be nice to support HTTP range requests for very large files: this would allow download helpers and certain command line utils to work when there are network shenanigans happening.

Still no activity on the flags on 19084496.

(Regarding 19084496: has a copy. I'd upload it here, but the uploader is broken "Unknown error occurred, please try again". I give up.)

I've been trying to download zip files from "Shared Files", it seems to start the download, but it then just fails and subsequent downloads give me a "sourcecode/file cannot be read"

Judging from what I've gleaned from the forums, it isn't just me and that this is a recent issue(?)

The site could use a "This user has files outside Patreon" so that shared files get an actual use.

>>10122 yeah, it could go beside/under the "NAME has CUF enabled." message

On the Recent Activity page would it be possible to have a star or some other symbol next to the names of creators we have favourited? It would make them easier to spot and be a good replacement for a "sort favourites by last update" feature. is not working can anyone fix?

I have pledged to TwistedGrim but the post importer is not detecting it.

Some files of are broken, please fix.

Correction, the majority of the files are broken.

I think this site should have the possibility of search posts using keywords

The last image from this patreon aren't showed propely

It's still taking quite a while for new creators to be added to the site

Still no update from the flags on 19084496.

The flagging system is broken. Please remove it.

ALL the pdf links of are broken!

Thanks for letting us know. PDFs should be working again.

Is this real or someone is just trying to mess with the community's integrity again?

So, I just flagged three posts from ...
This is just a comment saying that if a week passes and they're not updated, I'll make another comment.

So I guess now that CUF became available for every Patreon creator out there, there is no point anymore in fixing the updater, is there?

I know it's been suggested a few times, but I'd really like the option to sort favourites by most recently imported.

Not sure if the links are broken for the PDFs but they don't seem to load, I've tried on iOS, pc and android, I still have yet to see any content on them here's the PDFs I'm talking about. If anyone knows how to view them or if they are actually broke I'd like to know please.
Links seem to be broken. Click on post file and its blank.

Can sombody please fix the post file on this creators posts its really frustrating me

I don't know if the new 18+ thing on Patreon broke stuff, but attachments on recently updated pages like aren't working for me

does anyone know why the post file function does not work at times?

I'm considering making a pledge or two so I can add the necessary session cookie. I'm tempted to do it now but with us coming so close to July, would I be better off waiting until July 1st so i'm not double-charged within that five day window?

Links are broken

Alright. There's someone i'm gonna back at the $1 level, mostly just to be able to actually DM him but I need to pack him at the $5 level just to have full access. If I upgrade at the higher level on the 1st, will my session cookie change so YP can scrape shit in that higher tier despite paying a buck early for now? is missing several posts but claims to be up to date
Claims to be up to date but is missing a large amount of posts

you can import with a cookie as much as you like

Do you have post IDs?

Any reason why the importer skips Blitzdrachin stuff altogether?
I just imported 100 posts, but it ignored the fact I even pledge to them. Been doing this for a long while

If you cancel a pledge in the middle of the month the importer won't detect the pledge. Detecting those pledges is on the todo list.

PDFs still not loading for me

Which PDFs?

The last images doesnt show when you open them

(on desktop, haven't done mobile)
PDFs from pages like

this is true of all PDFs from these pages, not just ones scraped from the last week or month. PDF posts that have worked in the past are no longer working. it seems to only affect PDFs because Zips and Image Files work as expected on these pages, but PDFs just load a blank gray little pill shape (Chrome). it's hard to find a lot of other pages to test it with because distribution by PDF is a lot more rare than distribution by Zip or Png.

PDFs load fine on my end. Try another browser or download them directly (right click, save as)?

Clicking Request button but it says it cannot be processed at this time... anyone else having this issue?

Having the same issue with requesting updates as well.

I'm retarded my bad. Works on my Firefox but not on my Chrome.

Same. Please fix this issue.

Can't visualize the last images, using firefox it says that the image contains an error

I'm also having trouble requesting stuff on Chrome at least, a red message appears.

"Your request could not be processed right now. Please try again later."

There are also several posts at with the same problem. The latest being from 2018-06-02 and the earliest from 2018-05-19. The thing they seem to have in common is that their file names end up being "file" plus the extension. The files themselves contain only the text: FW_PERM_ERROR:10Original URL: (an Amazonaws URL).

Same here. What's going on?

I noticed I can't access, this message appears:

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

Maybe that's the reason?

Same problem. On Chrome too, if that matters.

Same problem in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

hi i think the Request update button may be brocking

Same on my end...

I was about to say the same thing but there are like 10 other posts describing the same problem

It seems that not only is the request update for non-CUF creators is broken, but also importing new ones, for me at least.
">> Found 7 creators, 5 of which are on"
">> Finished. No new posts were added to"

">> Found 0 accessible posts, 0 of which are missing from"
^ This shows up for creators that are "Under Review", would it be at all possible to add a message to their page, or the importer itself stating that?


I'd guess it's time to let admin work his magic now. I found out that this guy posted up to 13 pages so far of his Hall of Alfheim comic on his patron page and the last current five pages were completely ignored, but when I try to use the request update, it’s doesn’t work.

Yeah something definitely wrong with the “request update” with dfac’s page. Plus pages 9-13 of his comic Hall of Alfheim are missing

yahooo looks like the admin work his or her magic and the request update is now working

It's been like this for MONTHS. It just ignores Blitzdrachin. I never stopped pledging for them.
It never uploads their stuff, but uploads from any other creator I back

Nope. Dfac’s request update button is still broken on my end. And pages 9-13 Of Hall of Alfheim are still missing.

Gunmouth has updates, but again, I get that error.

okay looks like the subscriber's button is gone now

Considering they had to have an entire thread dedicated to them being shitty, they might be one of the most frustrating artists to deal with.

Wouldn't be surprised if the system dropped him, but most likely it's that stupid external clubhouse. Nothing good gets updated anymore from them, just icons and safe crap.

It seems not only is the subscriber button gone, but subscription emails as well, just saw a creator get updated that i was subscribed to, but no email. GDPR? or did something simply break? Also, was that file upload button for the BBS always there?

The email subscription has been disabled for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience.

ohhhhhh okay so thats whats going on thanks for the heads up

The "Add Creator" page (For non-CUF patreons) seems to be broke.
I've tried adding a creator ( 3 times now and despite it saying that they've been put in the queue, they still haven't been added.

Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago, it took like 5 days or something for a creator to get added. I just kept trying every day until it got added eventually.

Also, I just noticed that you can also attach a file now to a comment? cool.

Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago, it took like 5 days or something for a creator to get added. I just kept trying every day until it got added eventually.

Also, I just noticed that you can also attach a file now to a comment?



Are you planning to return subscriptions?
And in this case will the list of subscriptions be restored or will I have to re-collect them?

whut happend to the subscribe button and i dont get emails anymore whut happen ?

Read, THEN post.

What happened to the subscribe button? I noticed a few days ago its no longer displayed.


"The email subscription has been disabled for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I don't mind manually checking but I added a ton of accounts to my sub feed without adding most of them to my favorites. Is there any way I can check who I'm subbed to?

The bug where pages and files get truncated is back. See: for example -- there should be hundreds of posts

Confirmed - especially bad over tor yesterday.
Everything's just impossibly slow with coudflare timeouts today tho', and I see your post. Yesterday this thread was hit bad.

The main page hasn't been loading up at all for days now. 'Site is currently offline'. What's the issue?


Kind of a feature request here, but why can't one get a bigger list of the "Most wanted updates" and "Recent activity"? Also it would be really nice if the "All creators" list would also have a column with the import date to filter for that. does not work plz fix

not only this one, few latest files there are broken too

ya do you know how to fix them

or atleast do you know why it happens sometimes?

I've started to get the red message "Your request could not be processed right now. Please try again later." once again, maybe is temporary but I just wanted to point that out just in case :)

Request update has stopped working again. It was working for a while, but now it's back to not working anymore. Nothing works. PLZ FIX plz fix plz fix plz fix

I wanted to mention a small problem in which firebrandsfm's request update button is still grayed out for me despite firebrandsfm getting an update an hour ago. I thought I'd mention this small problem on this thread.

The posts I flagged have not been updated.
What is the problem?

Requesting updates isn't doing anything for me either. It says update requested but that was a day ago
can someone fix this plz

request updates aren't doing anything. All it says is try again later or can't be processed. There not working anymore again.

I seem to be having some issues getting some shared reward packs approved by a mod on the site. Uploaded 8 monthly packages that was sent out as a PM from the Patreon and resold on gumroad.
The Creator in question is:

request updates is not working for a few days now, on all creator pages I tried it says "Your request could not be processed right now, please try again later."

The request button is working for me but the bots doesn't seem to be the ones working properly. For example its been days since I've been trying to update this non-CUF creator: and no matter how many times I've been clicking the request button all these days, it still doesn't get updated while I remember that like a month or two ago it used to only take a couple of days of requesting it in order for the bots to update him. And this doesn't applies just to him, but to many other creators I've been trying to get updated everyday with no luck whatsoever recently.

I've noticed that there has been a lot less updates from the bots per hour recently, I know CUF is now available for everyone but there're still a lot of creators who haven't enabled it or don't know about such feature, so I would like to know if this is just a temporary problem or not?


The request update doesn't work for me on any creator. This seems to be an ongoing issue and isn't completely fixed ever.

Sure would be nice if we could get the subscribe button restored.

The request button works but the bots don't seem to update the creator's page. It's been 19 days since I requested the update. Also the creator is a non-CUF creator. Here is the page: (it's drawnpr0n). Hope it gets resolved thanks.

hi say is something wrong with the update bots the Silvercomics page has not been updated in 13days just wanted to let you all know i love the work you all do to bring us all free art from patreon

It would be nice if the update button actually worked and didn't say error or can't process no matter what creator page I go to. Hope it gets resolved sooner than later.

Its really annoying that the site isn't working right.

Yup the red error message returns :(

its working fine for me, but like other people have said, the bots just aren't updating the non-CUF creators not matter how many times you press the request button, i've been requesting one for days now (and he isn't exactly "unpopular") but without luck.

Well it seems like the bots have started to work properly again! finally the artist I kept requesting all these days has been updated :) thanks Admin(s)!!

Hey Admin(s) it has been 21 DAYS since this page: hasn't been updated and the bots don't seem to be working properly. I really hope that you can fix it. Please fix it it has been a long time. thank in advanced.

"Request update" stopped working again

I will help you update that one since Ive started to like his content ever since you mentioned him! Thanks for that.

In JMGN page ( ) there is a shared file called "" and in this .zip there seems to be a corruption: the .sai file "rouken6.sai" seems to have split or something from another file called "rouken6.sai.part" seperate, and this file is only 8 KB; when I tried to open either in paint tool sai it said there was an error and the files would not load at all. Someone, preferably the original sharer, please check into this.

The original sharer is "O7" and you can contact him by leaving a request in here:
I know this because me and other people have asked him to update JMGN and upload those sai files. I believe he shared a Dropbox link there with the fixed said file a couple of weeks ago but I can't find it now.

After several days of using the Add Creator button, graphite ( was finally added...but with only five posts out of the dozens on his Patreon page. I assume that I will need to use the Request Update button for several more days, but why weren’t all of his posts added in the first place?

Thank for the update but I don't think it'll work because the bots don't seem to be working properly or unless you mean that you'll import the missing posts. But then again, I could be wrong. Also sorry for not replying. :)

Actually I believe the bots have started to work properly once again! today 5 of the people I kept requesting repeatedly all these days finally got updated, so I believe drawnpr0n will also get updated very soon :)

Thanks for letting me know so I'll check tomorrow. Thank you for requesting an update

Dead link, the image aren't loaded at all

Hey Admin(s) this page still hasn't been updated and it has been 23 DAYS. I think something is wrong with the bots on that page. Hope you can fix it, please.

A few more creators I requested got updated today, I still think is just a coincidence that drawnpr0n wasn't yet, it just takes a while sometimes. A few days ago the bots were indeed broken or something, but now they're working just fine.
I left another request on him, if we keep requesting him he will get updated for sure very soon, just keep in mind that you should check him a few times per day since the request button is likely to get enabled again more than twice per day.

I can't even request updates, since the button is just greyed out with 'UPDATE REQUESTED' on it. Hasn't been updated since March, so I dunno what the deal is.

It just got updated thank you very much for requesting the update. I couldn't update it the past few days because it wouldn't let me. Thanks to you and everyone who updated or requested the update on his page. I'm really happy for it. :)

Just have a quick question: What will happen if a creator unpauses their account when YP says they're "no longer active"? Will they still update normally after resuming?
These 2 links are also dead, could it be fixed please?

Grayed out since March? wow, then you must deleted your cookies or reinstall your browser.

You're welcome! I told you it was all about patience :P
This artist's stuff hasn't been updated on for months, despite not having CUF and updates being requested.

Just cleared my cookies for the site, still greyed out/update requested.

Did you cleared your cookies from just the past hour or everything? try to check all the boxes and click All Time in the time range. Try to reset your internet to get a new IP or try using a different browser.
If nothing of that works then I don't know, you should wait for an Admin to give you a proper answer.

Hey sorry to bother but I was wondering if you can help me requesting an update for these 2 pages: . The reason is that I can one request an update once so please I would be happy if you can help with that. currently redirects to . What happened to the home page?

Can confirm that the homepage redirects to /creators

I can't seem to add this creator

Can confirm

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Same here, and it lags the hell out of my browser.

same here

I have the homepage redirect issue as well.

well its better than nothing, hopefully it gets fixed up later today

The lagging's gone, but now it's just a long list of names instead of the simple interface I've grown used to.

Weird. Is this link redirection thing going to be fixed? The long list of creator names make navigating around the site a major chore.

I was wondering if anyone can help me requesting an update for these 2 pages: . The reason is that I can one request an update once so please I would be happy if anyone can help with that.

I still can't add any new creators.

request isn't working again. Seriously getting tired of this cause it works for a little bit and then goes right back to not working and saying it can't be processed right now or whatever

It seems to be an on and off issue. Be nice if request consistently worked all the time, but nope.
Someone tagged this as pony but it is not pony.

The request button issue doesn't bother me since I know it gets fixed/enabled later.

But I would like for Shared Files to be added automatically (and add a Report button) instead of having to wait weeks for an Admin to add them manually, I've seen some people over at u18chan saying they've uploaded some stuff a couple of weeks ago but nothing has been approved yet by the Admins.

At least 3 new shared files uploaded at but not visible yet.
Creator has subsequently nuked the links. I was lucky to grab when I did.
2 of those have not been processed for days.
Admins: any chance you can do your thing?

(That was quick. Looks like there was a backlog. tvm.)

Does the request button work for anyone because it doesn't seem to be working.

It's an idiot/placebo button. Everyone knows it does nothing worthwhile.

Technically it probably adds one to a priority counter somewhere. But either nothing and no-one really cares about its value, or the queue is so jammed up with higher priority updates on each run that less popular creators never get updated. There's no guaranteed fairness according to any reasonable definition anywhere: normal active and non-CUF creators can go months without any scheduled updates. Popufurs get visited daily.

Sorry to bother but it has been 11 DAYS since this page: has been updated. Can any request an update or import the missing posts please. Once again sorry to bother about it, but it seems that the bots and the request button haven't been working correctly.

sorry if i'm being a pest but will the Silvercomic's page be updated soon the update button is not working

It's not a placebo button. Most of the creators I request are not popular, some of them barely have a few patrons pledging to their accounts, and when I click their request button a couple of times they get updated afterwards. Most of the time it takes like 2 days to request them until they get updated.

11 days? Try 4 months.

How come I can’t add creators
It keeps telling me to try again later but I’ve been trying to add someone all day

Sure. If in your heart of hearts you believe, keep on pressing it. No-one's stopping you.

Sorry to bother but it has been 13 DAYS since this page: (Drawnpr0n) has been updated. Can any request an update or import the missing posts please. Once again sorry to bother about it, but it seems that the bots and the request button haven't been working correctly.

Yeah, it must just be a coincidence that they never got updated until I started pressing the button.

Your finger is magical, and I am a convert. Please immediately touch it on and the one above and everything in the requests thread.

hi i just wanted to ask i think the update bots are down again the Silvercomics page on patreon has updated 2 times this week and the yiff party page has not been updated yet just wanted to let you all know

Dude, nobody cares if a page hasn't been updated in two weeks. Some of us have been waiting 5 months, maybe more for an update.

I've been wanting to add a few creators but it won't let me. Shame, was gonna update via cookie method but I can't since several creators are missing and I wasn't even aware...

Me too, for over a week or so

Is it me or are the bots not working properly? Can anyone confirm.

Adding creators will return soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Will the creator's page: be updated soon. I really want to know sorry to bother. Also, hi. :)

apparently someone made a subreddit called

its private so no idea how many ppl would have.
also feedback: Haven't you thought in create a discord server ?
idk about discord allowing a server with such purpose, but would be nice to have a place to hang out *in anonymous mode* of course!!!

there was a discord server but it got taken down pretty quickly

Yeah I think the bots have started to work slowly once again, there aren't that much updates per day which is way using the request button doesn't do much right now. has a lot broken images (filename is just file.png). Example: which just has the content "FW_PERM_ERROR:10
Original URL:" - is there a way to fix them? The two report-options don't seem to fit the problem.

>"Free" black box "trust us" shitware that has been shilled every where that requires account creation to do anything.
>Even remotely supporting or pretending to support anonymity.
Pick only one.
Good, discord and Reddit are a massive blight on humanity.

Are you retarded? Discord accounts are worthless, they have no identifying information attached to them. A random username, a random password, a throwaway email.

Are the bots working for anyone. Can anyone confirm.

How long does shared files take to get uploaded? I uploaded a file 2 days ago and it still isn't up.

Hey Admin(s) the request update button for this creator's page: doesn't seem to be working. I was wondering if you can fix it and if not that then the bots. Thanks in advanced and sorry to bother.

p.s I only seem to be able to request an update once and that's it. has had the Request button stuck on requested for over a month, wasn't sure if its a bug or not. Was happening during the whole issue when the site wouldn't load up earlier this month.

So is the request count for the bot to activate still at 12 or did it go higher?

There used to be a tool for broken or missing images, if I call correctly, but I don't know what happened to it.

A button by your favorite creators list on the front page that requests an update for all of them at once would be a nice time saver

Quit your fucking begging, and get out of this thread. This thread is not the place for that, and especially not for spamming it.

Sorry :( for the spam and everything I'll just leave. :) Hope I didn't bother anyone but, I think it's too late for that so bye.

does anyone know what the request button actually DOES? Previously if you pressed it, the creator would be automatically updated unless they were CUF. Now more recently it seems that pressing it just adds 1 to the counter of people requesting an update? Is that correct/incorrect?

Yeah it just adds to the counter. The main problem is there's not that many creators actually getting updated. A ton of the yiff party imports are just the public posts but it still shows up in the activity feed.

Pretty sure he has to manually approve them so just whenever he gets around to it. Last time it was like 20-30 files at once a week ago i think?

Adding creators has been re-enabled. Our bot's stability should also be improved somewhat, but please let us know if anything breaks.

Also: on-demand updates may be able to make a return depending on how well our new bot update performs. I'll keep you updated on the status.

On-demand updates have been enabled as a test.

Our bot is now constantly updating over 50 creators simultaneously, so you may experience some slowness until updates are completed.

big ups admin, the update bot seems to be working fairly well. thanks for keeping the ship afloat as always.

Wow, doing great work admin. A lot of the stuff I follow just got updated after months of inactivity. Site is struggling at the moment, but that is understandable. Let the bot work! :D
broken link plz fix

Wow, its really amazing to see so many creators getting updated at once! thank you very much admin <3

Not only that, a few more then only that broken link for that creator:

if an admin is willing to answer how do you fix a broken link on this site

Thank you, admin, for adding the on-demand updates. <3

The "broken links" (with the contents "FW_PERM_ERROR") you're experiencing are actually a problem on Patreon's end. Try it if you don't believe me - when you click on the image in the post to get the "full version", you will see a broken image on their site (403 error from

I will work on preparing a workaround that downloads the Patreon-modified image instead of the post file if it's broken, although this really is something Patreon should fix...

Based Admin! God bless and thanks for the hard work, finally the half-dead patreons are up to date.

thanks for the info ill wait for the fix

Thank you very much Admins! Love you so much <3 <3 <3

I understand, then i will just patiently wait hoping they would either fix it or you can find a way to workaround the problem, thank you for your answer too.

Oh, yes! You rock, admin! Thanks for upgrading the updater to on-demand again, you pretty much made my entire year!

The new updater bot is incredible. Thanks admin.

1st off admin the bot its working at full potential props for whatever you did !!!
2nd idk if this is the right thread to let you know about missing content from X or Y content creator/cosplayer/musician etc ...
but the following one have this picture with a broken link and all the content has been updated til this very day actually !!!

here's the broken link:

image its called [5] Teddy Girl, its intentional seeing like that or something is broken tho ?

thanks once again in advance and keep up the Yiffying Partying !!!

Why was my post asking about the 404 drop box links deleted? If I have posted in the wrong section, just let me know.

A specific creator I know of organizes all of his content in a single post that he perpetually updates with new links, only making new posts to provide updates and the like. Posts have already been uploaded of his after the date of this particular post, but that post itself is outdated. Is there a way to flag the bot to update a specific post every time somebody imports from that creator? If not, can that be added somehow?

What about those creators with exclusive sites ? Gumroad is a huge problem for me personally.

Thanks for looking into this issue. I checked the one mentioned in
and it seems the user isn't supposed to access AWS directly. Instead the inline image has the correct link pointing to, same filename, but /patreon-posts being two folders deeper, and token-time and a hash are passed as params.

tl;dr: Seems to be really Patreons fault :/ Hope they'll fix it, soon.

Why have post files' names become so bad? They weren't terrific previously either, having spaces, symbols etc replaced with '_' (unlike attachments), but now they are outright meaningless, like sHtuqCtSwFWcttm4XNXJdXNuQ2EkVjXCHPMhCTMa4FNneqkX5Dc8FmuJV5J6GsYD. Is there no way to get the original filename from the CDN, say, from Content-Disposition header? I have trouble believing patreon serves files to their users without readable names ...but then again we are talking about a company that just massively screwed over their users and moneymakers, and is notorious for creating needless roadblocks for those, that bring them the most cash.

No, unfortunately the new "image_file" post type does not expose the original filename.

Having a weird issue with ""
In JollyJack's page ( one of the posts (Titled "Shift change on the Lycanthropy ward.") is giving me an access denied thing. (Sorry, I don't know the tech jargon to properly articulate the issue).


is it possible to bypass the discord reward by any chance ?

some content creators have their own discord server and when you donate to an specific tier, this allows you to join to their server.

idk if its possible just asking

Can people categorizing patreons click on their actually patreon pages and see what they are actually making? Instead of choosing digital art for all story writers, game or craft makers. It would help everyone find new creators easier with less mis tagging. Can we have a flag system for mis tagged categories?

Are we going to get the subscribe button back?

yiff.party_ (1).png (403.9KiB, 1341x602) save_alt

We've changed our algorithm for the most popular creators section, since it was being subject to repeat vote abuse despite our preventive measures. We still can't reveal the details about how the score is calculated, but know that it should now be more trustworthy.

Eventually. Though I would much rather have an on-site notifications feature, don't you agree?

@admin what's up with error "This post cannot be flagged at this time"? Does this mean the has been flagged already?

*the post

Broken links on most of the latest posts

Can you do something about that jerk?
He being inappropriate.

Whoever updated the Kainhauld one? You a rockstar, that one has been dusting for 3 months, so thank you very much!
Slight disappointment though, while you can see his post about the side-stories, you can't actually see the side storie comics themselves?
Idk if that's because he posted the comic on Patreon and not a download link or yiff just didnt add anything.

The dropbox links on the latests posts of are broken. Please have a look at it.

nothing to look at, just flag the post as updated by creator

Can we please get the subscription button back? Like soon?

There's a rumor that all Patreons will be moving to the CUF format is that true or false?

s-should we tell him?

Sure, why not lol.

As far as I know it’s just an option for creators. >>12320

This creator here: (zeromccall), had his page removed, click in his patreon link in the page and you'll see.
But the actual creator has made another patreon account, and is now using patreon normally through here:, using the same username that yiff,party used, but the site refuses to add the new account, claiming that the creator already exists, and it tries to pull rewards of their dead account. A interesting thing to look into, specially because it may be useful to bypass yiff,party if other creators manage to recreate it.

Patreon has implemented changes that have forced us to temporarily disable the updater service while we investigate and work out a solution. It's a bit of a cat-and-mouse game at the moment, but we hope to be back on top of things ASAP.

Suggesting that an artist gets bumped to the front of the list like a regular post does when someone uploads shared files.

when is the updater going to come back online

When is the updater bot going come back to online?

I have notices users (Like have a habit of reserving post slots for future images and it appears that the bot (wen it was up) did not update these posts.
not leting me request an update

Are automatic checks for updates really that big of a problem? The bot doesn't necessarily need to update the post.

In several pages of creators on Yiff the inscription appears "The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later". The point is, it's been like this for days. Is that normal?

WhyGenas page still has their updater disabled fix please

ETA on updater plz


Any news on the updater?

eta on updater?


for ever other creator i can reqest a update but for this creator i cant i keep geting this why is that

Like the Admin said, Patreon made a change that forced them to disable the updater while they worked on a work around. Seriously, read the bottom red post once in a while.

we know all we want is just a simple update on the workaround

Will the email notifications ever come back also?

Shit! Yiff was perfect lately. And now with this updater problem. :( :( :(

Not trying to be a jerk here but seriously, an update on the updater issue would be appreciated.

are you entitled to an update or something

no he isnt it just the silence is pretty disconcering

Give it a few weeks they'll figure out something

Site is going down?

if nobody donates, apparently :^)

Welp its been nice

it's a site for people who want things for free, why would anyone donate?

I wouldn't mind giving a few dollars, but I'd rather not touch bitcoin.

It's too bad we cant just mine to a nicehash wallet so we can see exactly how much the site is getting, and can pitch in ourselves without having to actually *spend* money.

Why don't you go back to the authentication system you had for 8chan users? From what I remember, you opened the site to the public to bring in more contributors, but obviously the ROI isn't that great.
If you do shut down, would it be possible to generate torrents for each creator up to a specific time period? That way, all of this data isn't lost.

Same honestly, if it took any other form of donations besides crypto i'd throw in a few bucks

Tbh i kinda get why paypal isnt an option.
Much like 4chan, someone got triggered as fuck, reported the paypal, and paypal removed it and prohibited them from making a new one.

Hosting the torrent files would still take up server resources, unless someone is willing to download them all and host the files themselves.

Didn't admin get 1 BTC back in January, when it was worth $10k+? Was all that spent on servers?

iirc, yeah

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