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yiff.party issues & feedback (#2)lock

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Please try to consolidate all bugs and creator-specific issues you find to this thread.

Status update on the updater downtime: we're still working on it! It's important to understand that any changes Patreon makes to their site, especially payment-related, are out of our control and we can only do so much when it comes to bypassing restrictions. We haven't forgotten about it, and we'll let you all know as soon as we have news to share. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

Thank you for always doing your best to keep the site going! :) and so happy to see that the donation goal has just been reached in less than a day! huge thanks goes to the donator(s)

yw.png (26.2KiB, 471x610) save_alt

Hey, I'm the guy who donated the $50 to keep you running. I won't be doing that the next time you need help. Why? I only did it to see the Patreon autists squirm another month.

So, take what I say seriously. Add non-crypto donation options. Start running ads, the more obtrusive the better, as they get you the most money. Real talk? Most people here won't donate to you in the long run, even with a non-crypto option. Since people are getting shit for free here, you better start making at least the bottom line to keep the place running and ads are the best way to do that.

Though if you want the site to shut down, more power to you. I'll lurk but I donate to artists and don't share it here anyway, so it doesn't bother me any. GLHF and get your shit together.

just a quickie on the feedback portion,

you could include a page searching option at the bottom of user activity, once you reach the bottom of the page you'd be able to go to the next/previous page without having to scroll up

alternatively it could just be bound to the top of the page and follow as you scroll

Thanks for the donation, it's appreciated.

>Add non-crypto donation options.
The options we could realistically add are limited and too obscure to work. We simply can't add PayPal as an option. Our previous account was suspended for obvious reasons, and if we made another one it'd get banhammered just as quickly. It isn't an option, sadly. I'm open to other suggestions though.

>Start running ads, the more obtrusive the better, as they get you the most money.
Ads are a touchy subject. We've considered implementing them before and have had tons of offers from advertisers, but I don't want to make the yiff.party UX shittier than it already is. Income from ads is typically negligible, and many people view ads as trying to make profit, which isn't my intention at all. Same thing goes to crypto miners: they don't make anything and they cripple the site.

Another non-crypto option could be to set up a Gumroad account and have people donating you the money there, or Sellfy, Ko-Fi, etc
instead of giving away your PayPal address directly.

The thing is though, yiff.party just isn't allowed on most donation platforms because of it's nature. It'd get banned in no time.

As long as it is to keep the site alive I believe most people won't care if the UX gets shittier because of the ads, maybe it isn't necessary to add too many, just 2 per page maybe? and the rest of the money could come through donations.

But, isn't it possible to make a Gumroad, Sellfy, Ko-Fi, etc account without explicitly saying that it is related to yiff.party? just put up a text file or a Paint drawing and say you're an artist/writer. I'm talking from ignorance so I don't know if that is actually possible.


I don't get the "no ads" mindset. What people think here doesn't matter. You aren't trying to make friends, especially considering the type of website this is. What we're talking about here is how to meet the bottom line. Something that forces users who don't give a damn if this site exists one day or the next needs to be implemented. Also, I'm well aware that ads would not only meet the sites monthly needs but exceed it, that's without a doubt.

So, stop trying to play nice with a userbase that largely just wants content for free. They want it for free? They want to keep the site from closing? Well, that's what ads were made for. Suck it up, buttercup. Either run this site with your own money, no donations or start making everyone pay for its service, because that's what it is, a service.

1. Do you plan on implementing an automated workaround for defeating 'post-swapping'?
1a. I think the easiest way to do it would be, for the artists that engage in the practice, to only retrieve their posts older than a configurable amount of days (say, 40 by default).
2. Why do you keep the link to the IRC channel around when you don't use it anymore?
3. Will there ever be an opt-in bitcoin miner anywhere on the website?

Donations were never actually a problem. The reason there was panic this time is because I left it until the last day. I suppose it didn't help that the new donation page doesn't have a donation goal, so I'll probably fix that soon.

1. At some point, yes
2. Not many people use it in general, but I'll join back in soon
3. No

I'm a big picture kind of guy. Ads would help fund the site in more ways than just keeping it online. You talk about not wanting people to think you're making a profit from this site, well, you're going to need money to develop addictions. For better or worse, this is no longer a little site and you shouldn't be viewing it as such. A better working bot would be great, hell, if you feel so bad about it, you could take whatever ad money is left over and have the bot subscribe to popular CUF Patreon's and import posts on a few day delay. Or just pocket the money because who the fuck cares?

People who want things for free shouldn't be butthurt if you make money from this. Let's be honest, you have no integrity, as this site is based on theft, so might as well ensure it not only survives but grows over time as well. But, that's what I think. It's up to you in the end and again, I'm not going to bail your ass out next time. Maybe others will but eventually the time will come when no one does. Plain and simple.

please implement ads. I think >>12818 is right and nobody has any right to complain about em. Everyone dislikes ads but you need to meet some kind of quota to keep your website online and since it's so niche and the premise is so valuable, nobody is in any position to complain. Just look into it, or even run a donation campaign to remove ads if you donate or something. Just a thought.

now that the crisis of the site shuting down is averted can you give us an update on the updater

Any chance we can get a few changes to the json api?
Would love to have the creator name at the top so that can be pulled from within the page itself, or the url to the patreon (as that can also be filtered).
Inline files posted in the text of the body should also have its own lines with just the url in the json....and parsing the body text for those urls is a pain.
These two things is easy to parse in html, but its a bit trickier on the json which is more effective and has less usage.

Only other thing i feel missing from the json is maybe a link to the original patreon post and hash values of files, but both of those are prob overkill.

Does only cuf update or are the bots updating everything just with no update request button?

It is funny that admins bothered with ad free option, if adds make less money than few non-obtrusive ones would cover all needs(Being squeamish not so bad about it, but if used with care it would still cover expenses, and no one says that ad income spendings information should be closed if you really obsessed with profit. Might have its cons so should be considered with care.). Even let to pay people who actually did something for site, breaking improving interface or something, or running less ads. Ads is the tool in capitalistic society, tool that can be used in any way. If you are so squeamish, which is remarkable, donate leftovers to any charity campaigns I dunno stop cancer, or stop piracy foundation (with remarks that piracy is part of capitalism, so in order as much as copyrights, in order to remove piracy copyrights should go, and for copyrights to go capitalism should go. ), or dunno just use those money to donate those artists to add to this site, or just for their work ones who administration thinks deserve most, or ones that community thinks are worth, or give them commission, anything that is in line with Yiff.party policy. or better keeping leftover money for lawyer to keep site protected to some extent.

How can anyone unironically want ads on this website? What sort of mindset is that you cucks? If yp needs money again someone will shell out everytime, I believe admin said the website gets 7 million views a day which is a testament to its popularity. Additionally, 99% of people below the age of 30 use adblock/ublock, and I don't want to stare at 'slut in anonymous proxy wants to have sex with YOU' on each side of the screen each time I'm pirating my porn. I believe most people would agree with this sentiment since yp started out catering to the 8chan/4chan demographic and ads are certainly not in the spirit of either community.

im fine with ads as long as they dont have malware

A great idea thanks to this Anon. Anti-adblocker. If they don't want to help, don't let them in.

I doubt anyone wants ads, but still everyone wants site to exist, it might be at least somewhat good way to support site still, especially if there are no malware ads. Server space is not free, even if people's work on site specifically on site is just a hobby, for site to exist it should have cover expenses, or have other branching or servicing project to cover expenses for it to exist. And sure obtrusive ads only hurt and enforce adblocking same as malware ads. as long as ad policy is clear, and in touch the less and less people would bother to even adblock, and if with increase of donations ads would become less obtrusive and prevalent then it is the same.
But if donations allow site to run than it is for better, it is just not quite the case for now is it?

Many sites have an anti-adblocker system that don't let you access the site unless you deactivate it, so that shouldn't be a problem if the admin implements one here as well.

I also agree that ads are the best way to keep earning money to maintain the servers, and who cares what people think about you admin? I mean let's be real, you already have a bad reputation among artists and their patrons, so why would adding ads change anything?
The people accessing the site are using it for free and on top of that they also love to complain about everything, the least they can do is endure an ad or two in order to access the site, and you could also add an option that disables the ads in exchange for a donation (either for 1 month or 1 year).


God, you autists get so angry over how this dude chooses to run his site. Your fifty bucks didnt take a bullet for the admin, so I'd suggest you get that messiah complex looked at.

It makes you look like a pretentious dork, to be honest.

Of course ads won't contain malware, calm down.

when is the updater going back online?

Moderately Bad UX is better than 0 UX

Please consider running ads on this site

please fix the updater non-cufs arnt getting any updates

>this site is based on theft
Is there a legal binding agreement limiting the content's usage that patrons paid for?
>expecting ads without any tracking

In the end people who are interested in keeping this place running would had already look into acquiring coins.

ETA on updater?

read the first post in this thread

10614333_733706153332569_7503935208360796072_n.jpg (46.1KiB, 684x517) save_alt

>>in order to remove piracy copyrights should go
>implying piracy is limited to intellectual property

Okay, so I don't know if this is off-topic or not for this thread, but
What the fuck is with the sudden surge of name/tripfags?

how mutch longer untile the updater is fixed so i can reqeast a update for my creators again i can reqeast a update for my other creators just not this one https://yiff.party/9608858

Look at the comments here and tell me this doesn't reek of newfaggotry in general.

Give me things for free when I expect them.

I suggest as some of the people here, to have ads it's a good source of money to maintain the server I wouldn't mind if this site is full of ads as long as they don't interfere in the navigation (idk how ads work tbh) and if someone doesn't like it just don't use it, we have this server for FREE the least we can do is endure a few ads here and there I don't see the problem

Dude or group of dudes ...

if people follow die hard mode an artist like Shadman and he have his site running full ads 24/7 and have a little image asking to disable adblocker for shadman !!!

the little image that shows at the top of the site

go ahead pal or group of pals ... get ads so you can keep this jewel of site running for countless years C:
maybe ko-fi can be your next target since seems most of artist are using it as an 2nd alternative choice to support artist

if i need to see over 9 ads to get access to this content in yiff.party im hella going to deal with those ads even if its helping the site to stay alive and well.

Screenshot_20180814-211005.png (1.0MiB, 1440x2560) save_alt

Idk what's going on here but I keep getting this notification here I put a screenshot of the problem

WhyGena still canmot be updated for some reason. Please fix

the updater is down for everything.



Tbch you should just implement ads, and it will help this site live longer, nobody cares about ads lol.


The answer to your money problems is obvious and hilarious.

Set up a Patreon.

Can we just disable the ability to tripfag and namefag entirely? The only people that use it are attention whores.

can we go back to the old update system untill the updater gets fixed please?

Screenshot_20180816-095018.jpg (198.4KiB, 1080x984) save_alt

WhyGena still hasnt been updated due to uploader glitch

Any eta on the updater? What is the percentage work done?

admin pls delete the posts asking about the updater already

It's too bad we can't just consolidate the questions somewhere, or a way to delete double posts automatically.

Screenshot.707.jpg (38.4KiB, 825x383) save_alt

This woman's content hasn't been updated yet due to the uploader glitch. Can we get an estimate as to when this whole updating glitch will be done and over with? This was you won't get this question being repeated so many times.

So the updater works for some artists, but not all of them. I guess it's still down and glitching hopefully it's taken care of soon.

Please stop clogging the thread with questions about the updater. It's disabled, not glitched. Read >>12796 for the current status. When I have news to share, I'll share it.

In terms of possible ad implementation, what about asking those users who have come forward to you in good faith from patreon to work with you, and ask if they'd like to pay a small fee to be "featured"? Like, "This patreon supports yiff.party! Check out their work here (yiff link) and send some support here (their patreon)!"

Interesting, but that could potentially delve into giving special treatment to creators (such as them wanting us to remove their content or disable imports for them), which is a big no-no. There's also the fact that creators would receive backlash for supporting yiff.party, so I'm not sure how feasible it even is, or if many creators are interested.

read >>13058 you dumb fucking nigger

I would change the updater disabled message to something like
"The updater service is temporarily disabled due to a change with Patreon's API (or whatever's causing the issue, you seem to be very reluctant to actually describe the issue in-depth). This creator cannot be updated right now. Please be patient and check back later."
or at least something that subtly tells the reader "we're working on it, quit bitching" because there are a lot of retards here since you made the site public

Maybe I can provide you some insight into the mind of users who are asking about an "updater glitch"?
Because I hate to seem to be correcting an admin on their own site. But the updater is not disabled, least not completely, and that may be why people are asking about it still.
More popular creators on yiff.party like silvercomics (https://yiff.party/6608334) or kuroodod (https://yiff.party/777164) still have the updater working just fine. In fact silvercomics is a more recent example as the patreon just received an update and you can request an update on their yiff.party page right now for that update.
It may help to explain why this is the case instead of just saying it's disabled because clearly that's not true for every creator on yiff.party.

Admin, would it be possible to keep a torrent copy via Resilio Sync, or Bittorrent, of the whole site's content? I'd love to help in keeping the content available through it, as well as possibly lightening the load on the site, if such a "backup" were possible. Would also help in case the site ever ceases to function.

Silvercomics was updated by a user not yiffparty, hes CUF anyways, and kuroo was to. Also all the posts imported by yiff party, on the activity page, since the updater has been down are just public posts.

jaynaylor, agentredgirl, washa, bigjohnson, lesdias, sp3d, cloudmeddow, rikolo, etc have the button to request updates for me.

Where as doxydoo, missyb, rino99, owlnest, animo, etc state the updating service is temporarily unavailable.

This doesn't change based on reloading so there is clearly a difference between the two statuses. If the updater is down why do those pages still have the button functionality where others don't? If the updater is down, its down for all of them, not just some, but some still have the update button, that is the part that people genuinely find confusing it seems.

It will work when it works, I get that. I just don't know why the button appears for some artists but not others, and some artists the button doesn't appear are getting updates where as others with the button aren't. It doesn't seem to be consistent with anything being said.

This is fucking stupid! There's all this confusion, and nothing the Admin said has shed any light into the status of the updater situation. He's leaving us hanging. The people theorizing about what's going on with the updater are making more sense than anything the Administrator has ever said on this issue, which tells us he doesn't know what's going on. If there was a living, breathing Admin, he would update us at least twice a week just to let us know that he's still working on the case. Otherwise, he's leaving us all in the dark here.

Jaynaylor ect are CUF. Doxy ect are not CUF. basically that simple. The request button pretty much does nothing atm and the only reason the people in the top row are getting updated is because someone is importing posts for them.

Oh, how nice it would be if all the noobs just shut up already with their increasingly stupider theories. It's obvious they haven't been here three months ago, when something similar, if not the exact same thing, was going on. Just be patient already for the updater to be fixed! :/
You'll get your fetish stuff in due time, don't worry.

would you like fries with your pirated pornography

These people keep bitching
If you want it so badly go pay for it yourself, that’s what I’m doing

Its not though, there are others patreons that are CUF that don't have the button, patreons that are CUF and have the button, and some of BOTH of those are getting updates. So its not even appearing correctly or consistently. I already pointed out that some of the people with the updater button missing are still getting updates from people, and people with the button aren't.

I know why the ones getting updated are getting updated, and how (its by manual uploaders). What I asked was why some had the button, others didn't, and why there was no correlation to updates for those various instances. If the updater is down, its down. It won't be up for some and not others, so why is it randomly appearing? Its not like a loading error, as the patreons that display the message that the uploader isn't available always say that since it broke, yet others don't when the uploader is clearly broken.

Nothing you said explains any of the reasons why that would happen, as the presence of CUF doesn't always mean the updater button appears, or doesn't. It is seemingly random.

Must be some spooky conspiracy going on in the background, with only a select few people of a shadow fetish porn group being able to pull the updater's strings behind the curtains! They decide single-handedly who gets updated and who doesn't!
But seriously, is constant complaining going to fix the updater? No? Then shut it already!

The "request update" button appears on CUF creators because that's what determines the creators who appear in the "most requested" section on the homepage. The button doesn't appear for non-CUF creators because it simply doesn't need to be, since after the updater is fixed, hopefully it'll continue to be on-demand without the need for update requests.

Also, yiff.party's bot can still update free posts when the updater is down.

I never said it was a conspiracy, merely that it didn't make sense. Fuck off retard.

This is an actual answer, that the button is related to the most requested portion of the site's analytics. I'm assuming I can chalk up any inconsistencies with the button appearing on some CUF patreons and not others to some other issue on the site.

>implying Patreon is a marketplace

>inconsistencies with the button appearing on some CUF patreons and not others
What do you see instead? Can you provide some example creators?

I've had it give the updater not available instead of a button on lesdias, sp3d, and washa before, but I'm not seeing any CUF patreons without the request button atm, including those. At least not any that I know of, I guess I could try and cross-reference any creator with CUF and their yiff page to double check.
Maybe its a client-side issue?

All 3 of those creators display a button. The "updater disabled" message only appears if the creator isn't CUF *and* they have new posts (otherwise it'll display as up-to-date).

servers having issues is everything ok?

the update button isnt working for Jagodibuja https://yiff.party/73172 since last

This is probably a stupid question but the updater's still down, right? If I remember correctly this creator https://yiff.party/9271308 is non-.CUF but still has not been updated.
Can't complain, I'm getting free porn and this is a lovely service

So, I tried using the importer to update a patreon. However, since I canceled my sub for this month the importer did not manage to scrape content off her patreon page even tho I still have access to her page until the end of the month. Is there any workaround for this?

i just want to express my gratitude that yiff.party at least has better uptime than apollo.rip

Okay, do you have an estimate as to when the "updater disabled" message will disappear? If you're tired of hearing this question, then it's because you have provided us no answer to that question. You're tired of hearing that question? We're tired of asking it!

If there was a living, breathing Administrator in this forum, he would do a much better job of addressing this issue and providing answers to his audience. When is this updater disable glitch (believe me, it is a glitch, no matter what the Admin tells you) going to fix itself? If you give us an estimation, then you'll be amazed at how people will stop complaining about this issue.

I mean, what's the point of this site if it's *not* going to have content from these creators whenever they are updated?

Why am I talking like this? Because when we ask when this issue is going to get fixed (or at least an estimation as to when the glitch will finally be fixed), and that question keeps going unanswered, how do you expect people to not lose their patience?

Do you ever quit bitching?
There is an admin here, but, like the rest of us, they have a life next YP. But if you feel like YOU would drop everything just to get people free porn, then go ahead, good luck figuring out an algorithm similar to YP's.
The reason no exact information is disclosed on these forums is because it is a 100% public, meaning anyone on Patreon can see it, and develop countermeasures faster than they already did in the past. By the way, if you know for certain that this is a glitch (which I'm sure you would after spending, let me guess, two whole weeks on this site?), then please, take control of YP right now, and fix it for us!
You're tired of asking? Well, I'm tired of seeing noobs like you constantly whining about the updater being offline for two weeks! Good thing you weren't here when it was being fixed for three months straight, I'm sure you wouldn't have survived such a terrible catastrophe!
And don't put "we're tired of asking it", you're like the exact same guy that's been crying about this for days! This desperate for your fetish porn, are you?
It will be fixed when it's fixed. Now shut the fuck up already...

Odd, the front page isn't loading. It's not showing the creators, favorites nor nay updates.

We're working on it!

Are you still having this issue?

the servers were acting up yesterday what was that about?

Just a minor server hiccup.



Does ad block have something to do with it? I disabled it and it's fixed.

If there was a living, breathing Administrator in here, he would be on top of the situation and not be lazy about getting this thing fixed, leaving everyone in here out to dry like this administrator has. Now if you read what I said before, I never asked for an exact information being disclosed on this site, all I asked as an estimation as to when this situation was going to get fixed - something along the lines of, "I know you guys are waiting for things to get back to normal, and I'm still doing everything I can to get this situation rectified. The way things look right now, my best guess would be that the updater glitch will be taken care of by Sunday or Monday night." That's all he had to fucking say, and I wouldn't have said shit. That's what someone who cares about his business would say to the people who support him. I'm not asking for him to go into details as to how the process is being fixed. But since this administrator doesn't want to give us any simple updates like that, he shouldn't be surprised that people are still asking. If you're tired of me asking about it, then don't say, "It'll be fixed when it'll be fixed" with a fucking attitude.

I don't know what your problem is, but I'm guessing it's hard to pronounce.

All these retards complaining about the site and the admin like if this was a service they are paying for lol, its not enough that they already have access to thousands and thousands of free content that if it wasn't because of this admin(s) and his will to create it and share it publicly, they would've probably never got to enjoy in the first place.

They think breaking/hacking the security measures of a popular site like Patreon is as easy as pressing a button, it can be done in less than a day! clearly the admin is taking so long to fix it because it is extremely easy to do so and he doesn't have neither a job or a life outside the site to take care of.

Just wondering, why do some of the creators have "The updater service is temporarily disabled", and others don't?

Site's broken

I'm showing this attitude because I'm tired of your fucking whining. You are the only guy constantly complaining about it. Put up or shut up.
I don't know what YOUR problem is. But being this desperate for fetish porn is not healthy, I tell you.
My thoughts exactly.


Oh wow, you guys sure taught me a lesson - lol!

Let's suppose the gas in everyone's apartment in your building (including your own) went out. You can't use the stove and you can't use the oven. The manager of the apartment complex tells every resident in the building, "Stop whining. You'll get the gas back up and running whenever it's up and running." You wouldn't settle for that answer, would you? Would you? If the gas is out, you would want to know when it's going to be restored. If the manager said that it'll be back up in a few months, the news will suck, but at least you'll have an answer. But if the manager tells you to stop whining, the gas will be back whenever it's back, without ever telling you when that day could be, how well do you think that'll go over with the residents of the building? That analogy can be applied here.

If there was a living, breathing administrator around here, he will tell you when the glitch will be taken care of, whether it'll be a by Sunday or two weeks from the fifth of September. At leas then he'll tell you SOMETHING. Something is better than nothing, because telling us nothing will lead people to believe that he isn't doing much of anything as much as he wants you to believe. Why is giving us an estimation as to when the whole thing will be fixed too much to ask for? That's all he had to say and we wouldn't be having this argument.

Maybe the reason he's not saying anything is because it might take several months to two years. How much patience will people have by then? By that time he might as well shut the site down.

He doesn't give us an estimate as to when it'll get fixed and then he doesn't understand why people ask questions. Unbelievable. Again, why is asking for an estimate too much to ask for?

My advice to the two of you: Calm down, take a deep breath and then hold it for about twenty minutes.

you didn't pay for yiff.party
you're not entitled to fucking anything
fuck off

Ain't that the truth.


You’re kidding, right? Hold on. You ARE kidding, right? LOL!

I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that. It’s kind of hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one or two sentences. Please don't tell me you plan to home-school your kids. I bet your fucking mother must've had a really loud bark at some point in her life.

The non-existent administrator wants everyone to believe that this is not a glitch. This is a glitch. If you don't think that's true, and if you don't think that's the case, then I don't know what the hell to tell you, other than I've got a great deal on some volcano insurance for you in fucking Rhode Island, all right?


>entire post
cringe and bluepilled
based and redpilled

You're clearly new to the site it seems, because this has already happened like two or three times before and it has been fixed in a month or so.

This thread went downhill.

>Put up or shut up.
To be fair, why would anyone donate for a site that isn't even functional most of the time? I say this as someone who has donated in the past, and I see very little incentive to help out the next time the server bill is due. IIRC, the only reason this month's bill was paid was thanks to one person who wanted to troll Patreons. How long can that last?

Well, there already is a massive amount of archived posts here, a couple years worth of paid Patreon content. Not being able to access that would be a pretty big loss, plus losing the potential of obtaining new posts as well.
But I get what you're saying. I just hope it doesn't happen.

Sonpih's page has said that the update server is temporarily unavailable for a few weeks now. As far as I can tell, there aren't any other creators with this problem.

Genuine, abeit unsignificant error, for a change:
The file
seems to be broken, undisplayable, it has been for quite a bit now, so not temporary, thumbnail visible, fix would be appreciated

I've been getting "The updater service is temporarily disabled" but I still see other Patreons being updated

Whenever a creator posts something free - usually just some text - the updater will STILL import that, because is free, and not locked behind any tier. That why you see "X post was imported by yiff.party".
This has been explained multiple times, why can't people understand it already?

jazz_music_starts.jpg (35.2KiB, 429x571) save_alt

Pic related

iirc this is an issue on Patreon's end when downloading -- if you download the image and open it in a text editor you'll see that it's actually an error message (not a corrupted image, but text with an image extension)

It'd be nice to be able to hide text-only posts.

Wasn't there some tool available for broken files?

When are new shared files going to be approved? According to the /activity feed, the last shared file was for AngieGriffin, 11 days ago.
I uploaded some stuff for nyom (https://yiff.party/2447860) and was going to do so for a few other GTS creators, but it's taking a really long time to process.

Did patreon figure out the ripping bot again? Shame :( Was nice while it lasted

Any updates on any issues? If there aren't any thats cool... Was just wondering and was hoping to stay in the loop.

I've noticed something abnormal with the "most wanted requests" section on the front page. Twitchy Animation (https://yiff.party/328543) currently has a score of 78 requests on the front page, however if I attempt to request an update, the counter remains at 78.
Maybe I'm just retarded but shouldn't the counter bump to 79?

The front page is probably cached to improve performance, if so it will take some time to update.

It seems like ever since they modified the most requested formula none of them ever go up.

the score isn't the number of requests, it uses an algorithm to prevent vote abuse

Hey, look people, the dickhead of the century has returned!
...Or his impersonator.
Regardless, probably some Patreon loyalist or fetish-porn hungry idiot trying to create disarray while the updater is down. I got some news for you, pal - it ain't going to work. Now crawl back to that hole your underdeveloped ass came from.

quick question do you know how to contact the admin?

They are here, they banned a dude in this thread before.


Make no mistake, this is the exact same idiot. I mean, I've never heard another self-absorbed asshole repeat "living, breathing admin" and its variants so many times before. But meh, it's probably the only sentence programmed into his tiny brain.

Thanks for all the work running this site.

Thanks all the work running the updater

is anyone else getting a 500 error

updaters still down

Looks like someone hasn't been taking their pills for a while now, getting this upset over not getting their pirated fetish porn... Seriously man, shut up already. Just shut up.
No one cares about you, or your constant bitching. You're just clogging up the thread.

It's okay to be autistic, we still accept you <3.

to be fair the silence from the admin has been pretty deafing, and i no way endorse >>13535's childish behaveor

i personally believe a good compermise would be to go back to the system we had pre-updater atleast untill it gets reactivated

I suggest having at least one or so tags mandatory for an upload, so many are either not tagged or miss-tagged. The options are there, but noone uses it. And the search doesn't really search well. If I search something with just "pony" it gives basically everything else. Also the "all creators section (more so when searching) should show the patreons icon so its easier to narrow down creators if the tags are not 100%

I suspect there is someone tagging everything else pony for shit and giggles. There needs to be an override for single mis-tags. Like 5 human tags vs 1 pony tag and the pony gets ignored.

i got it yeterday
but thank god its working again
idk what the admin did

hey admin its really getting messy here
pls ban those updater retards

to the trollers and retards who keep asking how to fix the updater
guys can we pls wait and take the goddamn thread seriously
before somemone gets banned again
if you guys won't help then fuckoff
also read https://yiff.party/bbs/read/12795#12796
admin is working on it

For those crying about the updater. It isn't a simple button to press. It's pretty difficult to push through the lock system of Patreon. Plus, it takes time. As the gentleman above me whining said, if you don't like it you can do two things: nothing or like it. Actually you can also whine so shit I played myself.


ads > site struggling anyday, as long as they're malware free.

Do you remember a time when the updater worked and people did not make dumb posts about the updater not working? Pepperidge farm remembers.

How did https://yiff.party/847053 get updated?

As far as I know, they are not CUF user because usually, they have the "The updater service is temporarily disabled" quote where the update button should be.

Is the updater fixed?

maybe someone manualy updated them its not impossible

Well I just have to say that take your time admin if you are struggling to bypass patreon locks just take a break and relax don't hear to every stupid guy who wants things for FREE like it's paying for it I hope that when I return here the server will still be active at least to read what happened

I get the impression you don't particularly care for admin.

Wow. I haven't had the misfortune to meet such a real piece of shit (>>13590) for a while now... I'm impressed.
I'm done feeding this troll, nothing but overly emotional whining coming out of this one.
And only because he cannot get his fetish porn on schedule, jesus christ...

>What if I told you I was never banned in the first place?

You're a retard, the admin doesn't owes you shit, this isn't a service you're paying for.
If he wants, he can just close down the site and you will lose access of all the thousands and thousands of content you've got your hands on that if it wasn't for the kindness of said admin to create it in the first place, you'd have never had access to in the first place.

Can't believe some people can be THAT ungrateful for what they already got.

The "fucking worthless piece of pathetic shit" is you, what "worth" thing have you done compared to what the admin has accomplished? nothing, the only thing you're good at is to bitch about everything. Idiot.

If he was banned though, it doesn't seem to have stuck, right?

Gonna get my tripcode incase this f@g tries to impersonate me

Well fuck looks like he is using a proxy
Admin can u ban this asshole again and leak his ip

Guys stop feeding this troll it won't work you are simply wasting your time

Dude chill m8 this thread is not about the updater
This is yiff.party issues & feedback (#2) thread

Hey admin I think we should bring back the old account system
They might be incovenient but i understand
also i have a lot of questions https://yiff.party/bbs/read/13006

Is that troll an artist in disguise i really cannot tell the difference
Also this site may help us complete the collection

dat samefagging

Compared to
>What if I told you I was never banned in the first place?

Hey, never heard of that site before, thanks!

Can we have a pinned thread of all the creators cool with this site?

trollface.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

jesus fuking christ m8 what the fucking fuck dude
fag who uses proxy
oh and if u spam atleast u should check ur grammar first
and don't forget 2 sage thread
admin can u publish his ip plz

oops looks like the fag deleted his own puny comment
or maybe he got banned (LOL)

>WIP comics are behind on pages


Anyone who isn't using a proxy is just asking to have their life ruined in the future.

non-CUF users can still be manually be updated

Don't lump me in with that nigger you cunt.

I just said if he was supposedly banned it obviously didn't take.

Fuck off with your autism.

So there's artists I see in the "Recent activity" section that say "X posts were imported by yiff.party" and I'm just wondering
Do the bots just add stuff arbitrarily, or is someone on staff specifically directing them to import stuff that's to their own personal tastes?

wait how the hell are the bots updating shit if the updaters disabled? now im just confused

All those are public posts, therefore they are not locked by any tier. Because of this they can still be imported.

right got it

yo. sry if this has been said before but quite a lot of creators have bugged "updaters" like https://yiff.party/89058

it's the same for CuF and non--cuf creators.


read the thread, retard

Hush you, it's better posting than 90% of this thread and it's still broken.


it was bound to go public anyway, quit your bitching dumbshit

https://yiff.party/371321 returns a bad gateway for me, not sure if other people experience this... fellow anons research this

''Missing posts''

since the content on this site gets updated regularly, could you add a function that also adds the date the post was imported next to the date that the post was originally posted on patreon. This way people revisiting the pages will know which posts to download next time

are PM/Email link scrapers a thing yet or anytime soon or is that just a pipe dream?,
If so the 'shared files' function is gonna need to become a lot more of a priority because many artists are doing PM/Email links to distribute their content and once that catches on and there's no counter measure, this site will probably become obsolete

I think a system for funding and hiring people instead of bots to upload content might become necessary as time goes on,

We could do something like what they do,
except we could have funding goals for each artist,

If you don't want content on a yearly basis you could hire more pledges to join their site so the updates are more frequent because if the artist watermarks their content, they usually ban the pledger after they post

the admin could handle the money distribution, only giving guys the money they need to pay the monthly pledge so they don't try and cheat and run off,

this is one way that would render the security measures that artists like Kayla-na and Blitzdrachin use to be obsolete


it doesn't need to be the admin as long as the person was trustworthy that would be good enough

I think the "put up or shut up" was more meant towards "either assist in figuring out how to bypass patreon", "upload some patreon content", or "just buy the damn thing you keep nagging about"

Took a long while to load, but it still worked.

Have we gotten a new status update on the updater since 8/13? A simple "still working on it" would be appreciated since its been over half a month.

I summise 2 theories. 1.) Upater is working on limited capacity i.e. # of individual end users viewing the page = activation of upater. 2.) the updater is on a timed point like a couple months ago where at the top of the hour you would spam a page until it go into the que. I summise that the updater is working at limited capacity is semi validated by artists such as https://yiff.party/2371120 upated by yp at (8 hrs from this post) and again at( approximatly 1 day ago). I submit this to point out that if an artist is upated this frequently by the bots there must be a queue.
I have not tested either theory but it does give hope that it is sort of working and could be working better soonish...

Hi there! I have an issue, I can't request an update for https://yiff.party/730470 it does have new content but is says "The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later."
Can it be fixed please?

This issue is being addressed. It says so at the top of the thread.

Why is the updater up for SOME artists but not all?

Public posts

The updater is up for no one. What you're seeing is public posts being imported by YP, mostly one by one, but sometimes more than one, if the creator's public posts haven't been updated that frequently.
As for which creator gets updated and in what order, I can't give a reason for, however, I don't think it's decided by visits to a creator's YP page, or the 'top of the hour' method from half a year ago.
At this point, I think it is simply random.

Hi, I'm new at the site. Excuse me if this has been already answered, is there anyway to download the full size images of the patreon post?. Not the ones added but the one showed in the post. Like in this post, I try to see the full size of the picture but it is showed not complete.


Thank you for your response.

Hey admin, i uploaded patreon rewards sent by pm chats and tried to upload it here, it's been three days and i still don't see it appear. Did it not go through?

Again, 2 pony tags, not a single pony art. I have a feeling someone is tagging "things i don't want in my feed" with pony.
Say, anthro mlp art should be tagged furry because that shit ain't pony. Should start tagging all those mlp anthros and SFMs as furry.

They get approved manually so you'll just have to wait for him to do that.

i see why its taking long for them to fx the updater they have implimented some tuff new secrity meshers for patreon you can even make a fake facebook acc to use to gte past it it detects that as well i hope they find a way past thare secrity to make aa new updater method

uploaded shared files to https://yiff.party/4267851 and they never got there... its the 4th time it happened to me on various artists...

The updater service for https://yiff.party/205687 no longer works. No longer can update the creator

Flagged the post for this creator https://yiff.party/10027442 that contains all of his content (He frequently updates it rather than putting it in new posts) but even after updating him myself, it didn't update that specific post. What gives?

can some import some post frome whygena and his profile pic is outedated as well

Hey somebody uploaded an edit I made of one of chesschirebacons pics here: https://yiff.party/571186 titles "Graves/braum secret hyper NSFW"
Could you please delete it? I've already posted that picture on barachan and id like to keep the shared files section strictly for patreon post sharing, not edits

Can someone explain the whole updater issue? Up for some, down for most creators, very frustrating.

The thing that's very frustrating is to keep seeing people like you asking the same question again and again everyday without even bothering to read the previous comments of this thread.

Patreon implemented new security measures, Admin is trying to bypass them again, free posts from creators are the only ones still getting added automatically, only creators with CUF have the Request Update button enabled.

Now I know. This thread is filled with many different issues, was easier to just ask.

The updater service for https://yiff.party/110627 isn't working.

I know that it's annoying, but what's the status of the updater fix ? Any estimated date of turning it on ? Weeks, month ?? We would like to know at last that to not get hopes too high. Thank you in advance Admin.

It's never going to get fixed.

There is no status on the fix.

The admin doesn't even want to post weekly updates because they can't wrap their head around the idea that open communication is a good thing. They are under the impression that posting any update would require them to divulge specific details of how they are working to bypass Patreon's security.

Maybe that is true, maybe they are incapable of speaking in generalities or post a message each week updating the public that they are still in fact alive and still working on it.

Pretty sad if that is true, but....its apparently either divulge everything or remain silent for weeks with interspersed messages condemning people that have the gall to request general updates.

Whatever makes you sleep at night.

A list of people i subscribed by email to before that system ceased would help me sleep at night. :)

And the updater being fixed would certainly help too.

But it doesn't seem that you'll ever do that.

You giving out weekly updates to let people know you're alive/working on it/know an eta/etc would solve all of it.

Its all on you why people are salty. You could solve it with and extra minute of free time a week. That is literally how long it would take you to type (with one finger) the website url, navigate to a thread/make a new thread, and then type out a short message like "Made some progress this week, things are looking good. Thank you for your patience."

But naw, you got it bud. Your way works soooooooo much better. How wrong of me.

All these good for nothing retards complaining and being sarcastic to the Admin just because he had the horrible idea of making a free site which leakes Patreon content and open it to the public, something that's extremely hard to accomplish unless you're a very experienced hacker.

If he decides to shut it down tomorrow thanks to all these ungrateful crying babies demanding to have more free stuff, and losing the free stuff already available here, they will be the first ones to beg him to put it back up again.

Don't even reply to their messages, it's not worth it. Take all the time you need! you don't owe them anything after all, they're not paying you for this service. Not even watching ads like in thousands of other sites.

These people are just ungrateful idiots, who can't even appreciate what they have.

Is there any way I can contribute to the development of the site? I'd love to help and expand it. I write good code.

Read Stirner.

I can't even with this thread anymore. What I'm guessing was supposed to be a constructive thread for the Admin turned into constantly shitting on the Admin simply because he has unexplained reasoning for not wanting to talk about problems with the site.
Look, Admin, you seem cool and keep your stuff together when addressing the more salty folk. I can respect that, not to mention the fact that you help everywhere you can on the site.
However, the many users of this site look like they agree on something needing to change. Maybe a private thread for you to post status updates, fixes, changes, etc.? You keeping quiet and only responding to dicks isn't exactly good. Many of us just want to know what's going on and don't want to lose hope in this site. It's already on the brink of extinction from what I see, what with the servers almost going unpaid twice, and the lack of meaningful updates to creators all across the board. If this keeps up for much longer, I don't believe that people will keep being so generous.
Please just let us in on what is happening; have a schedule or something. Keeping users in the dark will just piss more people off. I'm begging you. This site is fucking amazing, and I don't want to lose it.


It's still here, and there are no calls for donations at the moment. What do you need to know, that isn't sensitive information?

I'm not sure what you would classify as sensitive, so I'll say: an approximation for the updater repair time and how server fees will be handled in the future.

Like he has said a lot of times already, he can't say what has been fixed, what's being fixed, make a detailed statement, etc because the people who works at Patreon can most likely read those messages and take some measures/upgrade their security even more. That's why the best option is to keep it quiet regarding info.

I agree that maybe an "still working on it" message every week might help keep some of the assholes from the comment section happy, but in the end it doesn't really make a difference because then they will say something like "Admin please stop with the same generic 'I'm working on it' message and just fix it already". Because breaking the security system of a popular site like Patreon its as easy as pressing a button.

The update system for most users on here are disabled can this please be fixed so we can see new posts?

It's never going to be fixed.

He has to keep you in the dark, this is a public thread. Patreon can just read into what he is doing and all the work he has done to fix the updater would go to nothing. We can't do much but wait, its sad to say but its true. When it gets fixed it gets fixed. Plus creators are trying their best to counteract this website, so this whole thing is just to see who can outsmart the other. Keeping this whole thing on the downlow is what's best imo.

You have to understand.
It's few guys from this website against multi-million company and their security system..
Updater can't magically scrape everything you desire and modify itself.

It's even miracle this site managed to work for such a long time.

Anyone have any clue what the maintenance yesterday was about?


Yes, server glitch, sorry about that. Is everything OK now?

Hell of a glitch, lasted at least 24 hours with a single post in a thread 14 or so hours into it

This site is so fucked.

Everything's working exactly as it was before the maintenance, so it's alright

Fuck you, you fucking ingrate!

What was wrong with what he said? This site is going to die out, and it will all be because of the admin's ineptitude. His lack of communication skills with his customers/supporters is what's slowly turning people against him. This is going to be the admin's own undoing when this site bites the dust. It's not a matter of if it'll happen, but when this will happen.

If you can't fix this problem, then tell people you can't fix it. Instead what you're, mr. admin, doing is having these people hang around on the false hope that all will return back to normal. You're having these people stick around for a promise or hope that will never happen. That's misleading and it makes people question your true motivation for keeping this place alive.

I hope you can just stay as far away from this site as you possibly can so that someone who's better equipped for this can take your place and fix this problem, all the while actually communicating with people without leaving them hanging.

Your mother, you fucking faggot!

cant tell if bad troll or mentally unstable

"With what he said" more like with what you said, you're the only retard typing those large texts and bitching about the free stuff you got. Once you start paying to use this site, you can complain all you want, until then deal with it, idiot, nobody here owes you anything nor bitching will make the bots magically start functioning again.

Both, obviously mentally unstable as well. Poor bastard.

There have been at least two people post large amounts of text.

One is a mentally unstable individual that seemingly hates the admin from the core of their being.

The other is just upset that the Admin chooses silence over generic communications and updates on being alive.

The latter one actually has a point. You can argue that it wouldn't solve anything but that is like arguing against helping someone because they might not be grateful. The actions of others shouldn't change your stance on certain things. If you're only helping for gratitude, then you aren't actually helping them, you're helping yourself.

Clearly the Admin doesn't give a fuck either way, given their responses. So any effort to change them from acting like a cunt is futile. They aren't going to suddenly see reason and start thinking, "You know, that stranger online is right. A simple 'Hi, still alive and working. I've made some decent progress recently, so I'm looking at trying out some new scripts in three weeks.' would take me a minute to post and could alleviate some of the anger potentially."

Or maybe he just doesnt have anything to say, i mean if he cant still figure out how to bypass Patreon's security yet, and it's the only relevant problem with the site then what whould he say? He could say everyday at a give time "I'm alive and the problem it's still not done" or he could also not do that. It's his site and he decides what to do with it, we are no one to say the admin what to do, at most we can give him suggestions but at the end of the day he owes us nothing.

OMG its faf
the greedy cuntface

hey faggot do us a favor and stop being such an asshat

>>Your mother, you fucking faggot!
no u

probably a greedy artist in disguise

hi can anyone please update kuroodod page please https://yiff.party/777164

How long do files take to get uploaded?

>>15318 If you mean shared files, those are manually approved somewhere between 4-44 hours. longer if its an archive with a ton of stuff in it


umm is the trolling h0rs3 dead yet or n0t?? (:-:)

Happy Seras.jpg (62.3KiB, 851x478) save_alt

It's gonna get fixed.

no it ain't

Any news on the updater?

image0.png (72.9KiB, 374x300) save_alt

>The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later.
its like this for 2 weeks ,admin man fix this pls

What am I looking at here that is diffrent from everyother page?

lol, two weeks? It's been broken since mid-July.

Actually it broke early-ish august

hhhhh the updater and adder being disabled hurts my soul

Is there any way to influence the rogue bots that just update random creators at random times?

those are only updating public posts.

What if the people bitching are artists and patreon workers in disguise trying to get into the system and shit. Getting an update won't do shit. Admin, keep doing what you're doing fuck these crybaby losers.
Ps. If greedy bitch is reading this go fuck yourself.

There's a lot of dead links on the Anaxus page. https://yiff.party/2366405

B r u h

To be honest, I don't think what >>15463 is saying to be far-fetched. After all, YP bypassed Patreon multiple times now. I'm not saying we should be paranoid, but I can imagine they would send some people to gather information.

don't insult him dude


Not a issue or feedback per se, but please hold out admin! So much would of been lost if this place hadn't been here, and I'm sure plenty of people around the world would be upset to some sort of degree if anything more gets lost to time because of paywalls.

Anything to say about this, admin? >>15569 Is this guy bsing, or is YP seriously compromised?

Public means "stuff you don't have to pledge to see", right?


I see creators with public posts that are not getting updated with a disabled message, while others seem to be working fine. Are some creators being protected? Odd considering the one in mind actually wants his paid content shared.

Is there also a reason why non-CUF creators almost never get updated?

There might not be as many since that cuf-pocalypse thing, but there are still a lot out there yet I haven't seen anything from the ones I follow.

The updater service isn't working on this page:

As it has been said multiple times before, with the exception of CUF and manual updating (i.e. you upload the posts yourself), the updater service is disabled due to a Patreon security update and the Admin is still trying to figure out a bypass for it.
Please read the previous posts before commenting next time.

Neither. ....Or both.

Your mother. I've chocked that bitch once before. And I'm not fucking lying either.

You should not accept this bullshit. Are your standards THAT low? You should expect excellent service here, and this FUCKING administrator does not know what the fuck he's doing. That motherfucker should get punched in the face by someone in the street and leave him with a broken jaw, dislodged eye socket and a fractured skull.

The admin has two parts to his brain - the left and and the right side. In the left side, there's nothing right. And in the right side, there's nothing left.

This site is dead. Fuck the admin. He should rot in hell. FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im gonna swat u (JK)
bla bla blah whatever u say m8

that bitch is still alive m8
how the fuck do we kill it

well what did u expect
this isn't a paid service ya know

Maybe delay updates once new posts are detected, to account for placeholder updates

If you pledge to any creators, then cancel the pledge and try to import through yiff.party it says you are not pledged to any creators. Not sure if this is a technical limitation, but with cuf enabled on almost everyone it might be useful to be able to grab posts from cancelled pledges that are still accessible.

>>15815 True, importer could do something like, looking at list of creators previously pledged to, look at which months those pledges were for, and then import anything from that month and before for those creators

>Reeeeeee site is dead. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Admin sux
1) This website is free. Nobody forces you to visit it.
Only because you couldn't get your porn, you don't have to spam these boards with your nonsense.
2) One man vs multi-million company. You think it's easy to break through security of Patreon?
If you're so bothered, create your own scraper website. Dedicate your free time to it. And let people shit all over you if something breaks.
3) This website is very much alive. Whoever is willing to share, updates CUF posts. If you're lucky, your desired artist may be updated after a while.
And even if updater isn't functional, website still hosts original files before the CUF. So there's that
4) Admin isn't entitled to do shit. He has all the right to keep you in the dark, until it's fixed.
What do you want? To once a week write "Ooohhhh hey guyzzzz. I've progressed from 60% to 70%. That's cool right! Look at me! Wasting time this shit instead of working on a solution!
5) IF YOU REALLY want something so bad, pledge. This website is a charity for all the plebs. We're lucky to have admin who actually bothers to keep this website afloat. And we're lucky to have people who actually want to share content, instead of hoarding it.

I have doubts that the "Security" is even there or that if it is there's no problem with it. If an ordinary user can import everything with a click of a button there's nothing stopping a bot from doing so.

Doubt it.
User who's importing content has direct pledge to a creator. Has direct access to all paid content.
Importer is using this to it's advantage.
If you have a mega archive link with a password, you can easily access it. You have the key.
If you don't have password from this mega archive, you need to break through its security. Manually figure out the password

Non-CUF bot doesn't have access to that kind of content and has to break through security, scrape data, save and update creators page.

>What do you want? To once a week write "Ooohhhh hey guyzzzz. I've progressed from 60% to 70%. That's cool right! Look at me! Wasting time this shit instead of working on a solution!

Lol, as if a short update like that takes any fucking time.

Shut up you stupid fucking retard.

Take your shitty arguments back to whatever basement you crawled out of.

sorry dude but i don't have the balls to argue with you
this is my basement m8

Updates are pointless. When it's done, it's done.
You can scream, insult, complain and cry all you want.
It's not your website. Your words don't matter. If you seriously liked this website, you would've shut up about updates and Admin.
Stand in line and wait. You're no better than others here.

Rather than updates, id like to know *what* is being worked on, not how far along that thing is. Working on the updater? cool. Working on making the site load a bit faster? Cool as well.

Only a stupid fucking faggot would think updates are pointless.

Its funny you're complaining about complaining.

Take your own advice: sit down and shut the fuck up.

There is a difference between bitching and complaining.
Everyone here suggests Stirner, but personally, I advise you to read some Freud, maybe you will recognize the description of your own ridiculous behavior. And only because you can't get your hands on some fetish porn.
Take >>15825 advice and go create your own scraper website: I would love to watch you fail.

Admin, if its impossible, just please tell us so we can move on

Suggestion : adding RSS feed per artist.
i'd be great to keep an eye on updates.

It's been two months now and nothing has happened. Admin should just admit that the updater is beyond fixing.

Oh yeah? Last time it took almost five or six months for the updater to be completely upgraded. Guessing you haven't been here that long though.

The only one bitching is you.

Cry more faggot.

...Talking to you is just like playing chess with a pigeon, huh?

Nah just ignore the faggot
and u will be aye ok

Jesus, you're still crying about this?

Once again the site is acting up. Can't import anything, creator list taking too long to load.

Seems fine by now. Creator list loads in less than five seconds. Don't know about importing though. Probably just the regular server issues.

https://yiff.party/6592200 :c

Anyone notice on the front page that artist pages are no longer being uploaded by yiff.party, but user uploads now? Did the yiff.party bot finally conk?

he probably turned it off so people would stop asking why some posts are getting imported and not others.

I once knew a guy with a glass eye that he also used for an anal bead. He could put it halfway in his anus, bend over, spread his cheeks, and you could see the eye looking at you.

mdf has been "update in progress, please check back in a few minutes" for several days now.

Just remember that these people are hard on y'all, because they care about y'all.

Yep, still not resolved. I get that updates take time, I don't have problem with that, the thing is that even free pic that he posted hasn't showed up yet.

There needs to be a relevant files tab on Yiff.party, you have Patreon posts, and shared files, we need a relevant files tab listing all of the posts that actually have premium content and not just the same shit the artists has posted publicly, There are SO many pages where its nothing but messages saying ''Rewards have been sent out check your Emails!'' and hundreds of posts of pointless shit, That tab would save everyone time when going through the pages, How many times have you guys seen an artists in the search bar that had 1000 posts and 0 shared files?, and then wasted upwards of a half an hour or more looking through them all to find fuck all by the end of it?,

>>16176 That would be great, or even just a vote thing kinda like the categories for creators but on each post saying if its relevant or not, and a toggle to hide posts voted irrelevant

We need people to start posting the RARS from mega/dropbox/google drive post links in the shared files because eventually those links die and then no one gets the content, This seems like an obvious thing to do but I can't recall actually seeing it happen once on this site

I'd imagine that it's easier to scrape mega/dropbox/google drive than patreon

CursedMarked hasn't been updated in a month, and the request button never pops up for it either. I'm sure this is a bug but I don't know anything about this kind of stuff. https://yiff.party/294122

Not trying to be a jerk or anything but I figured I'd just ask kindly, how are things going admins? Just curious, I'm sure you're working hard on the update issue. Thanks for the effort truly, we all appreciate it. :)


I have noticed for around a month several of the creators Im looking for have the message "The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later." I have been waiting for a while on this and it really hasn't fixed itself,
Pages in question:

It's already been known for a couple months now. Apparently, a security update at patreon broke the updated. If a quick fix were possible, it probably would've been done already. I'd suggest finding something else to occupy yourself with in the meantime because it looks like it won't be fixed anytime soon, possibly never.

I meant "broke the updater". Please excuse my incompetence.

I've been getting this error when importing that says "An error occurred while processing post ID." I'm certain those are posts with archive links i.e. Mega, Dropbox, etc. Why is this happening?

Shut the fuck up, you bitch! You cum-swallowing, trans-sexual fag.

It's better to let us know what's going on every once in a while instead of leaving us in the dark. The fucking admin could be doing less work than what you would like to think he's doing, for all we know. He cares less about this site than you do. And I know that for a FACT, Jack. He's not fit to serve as someone to run this place, and guys like you have accepted mediocrity over excellence in customer satisfaction. This site is going to die. I don't know what makes this admin so inept at this job keeping this site civil and functioning properly, but it works.

I would love nothing more than to see someone kick the administrator in his teeth. The only positive the admin gets from having his own teeth sink in his jaws is that his looks would improve.

And as for you, someone should drop you off the roof of a building and let the news film it. You fucking faggot!

blah blah blah
i don't care about retards like you

As I said:
I don't really want to argue with you. You cannot argue with mentally retarded men with blue balls.
What would be the point?

Hopefully you'll realise how pointless this is and move on. If you don't care about this site and admin, create your own site or move on.
Alternatively pledge to artists, instead of being a worthless leech who can't get over a broken site which provided him free porn.

And no, thank you. I won't kill myself. I plan on living a long, healthy and somewhat happy life.

you really expect us to give you more and more money for a site that isnt working most of the time? seriously?

maan this thread is really off topic
also who will ban that so called retard

>It's better to let us know what's going on every once in a while instead of leaving us in the dark

At least the money helps to save what has been shared and leaked so far, which is thousands and thousands of content from thousands of artists.
If the site dies, everything that was once available here will die too.

Don't forget that many of these posts were removed from patreon. Either by patreon or by artists themselves. So this is only remaining archive of specific posts.

Works on my machine

Oh look, is this discussion again.

I don't think we'll make it this month bois.
I think this is it.

Also admin, dude. Put ads here and be done with it.
Free porn is still free porn. Even if it's behind 5-10 pop-ups.

site is about 2 go down again m8
well i agree we don't have a choice here ladz
also an opt in bitcoin/monero miner is also nice

are there any updates on the updater?

I'd let the site die before infecting my users with malware.

Unfortunately not. We're considering ditching the updater entirely and relying entirely on imports and uploads. That'll give us more time to focus on developing new features like private message and Discord scraping.

Yeah I think just relying on imports and uploads will be a nice choice, it has already doing great that way in my opinion. The only thing that is worrying me right now is how the donation goal is still $0.00? what is the date limit? the end of the month?

Oh private message and Discord scraping could be sooo awesome! I just hope the donation goal could be reached so we can see that happening :(

Is there any way for you to archive all the content from this site just in case? like how that guy did for FurAffinity using onion/tor.

Many creators have deleted their Patreon or deleted works from them, and I doubt they could be obtained again if the sites dies and comes back one day from scratch.

Ohh but admin please! ads are the only way instead of having to rely solely on users' contributions :( since when ads could infect your PC with malware? aren't they just advertisements for products?

Please add them! I prefer having to views 5 ads on the same page rather than see this wonderful and unique site dying...

They don't have to be full of malware.
Not every single ad contains malware. It's hard to have reliable income when each month servers have more and more content to host.
If site has at least reasonable amount of safe ads, people can survive though it. While site at last earns part of the costs for servers.

I don't think it's better than waiting for people to donate. It's less apocalyptic, you know.

Also, admin? You said automated updater still updates people who don't have CUF enabled, right?

thumb.png (73.6KiB, 250x249) save_alt

I really didn't want to reply to this mong, but this part gave me a big enough thonk.
>He's not fit to serve as someone to run this place, and guys like you have accepted mediocrity over excellence in customer satisfaction.
>customer satisfaction
In order for you to be a "customer", you'd have to be paying for something. Which I'm guessing you're not.

>If you don't care about this site and admin, create your own site or move on.
>Alternatively pledge to artists, instead of being a worthless leech who can't get over a broken site which provided him free porn.

So, are we gonna talk about that extended scare there? Possibly avenues going forward to keep things more stable?

I'm not sure what you want me to tell you.

The options available to fund yiff.party are donations, or malicious ads.

I'm glad the site is back. Keep fighting the good fight.

>Not running ad block by default
Jumping between a couple threads opened because of the temporary hibernation, the problem seemed less like a issue of no one wanting to donate, and more a issue of a combination of no one really knowing that the site needed donations until the last minute, and even more so no one knowing how to / willing to donate in bitcoin or whatever other meme currency was set up. We get why, but the average user is not even remotely set up for cryptocurrency.
Out of curiosity, did someone dump some bitcoin there, or even a whole one like that one time a while ago?

Also what that anon said, lets keep a good thing going.
Guess also another last minute question, is there a site backup or is the entire thing really just on cloudfire and nowhere else?

Nice to see the site up again. Let's hope that the donations this time are enough to find some way to solve this funding problem this site is having. Tough given how that's the very same thing we talked about not too many months ago, I doubt it... Then again I haven't really been looking at these boards, so I guess I don't really know what Admin has been discussing, thinking and or planning. I just hope that whatever the plan is, it isn't to continue with these "close calls".

I'll give you the donation page is a bit out of the way, so I'll try and work it into the main page somehow for more visibility. I just don't want it to be obnoxious. We got a few BTC donations and a large ETH donation.

No, our dataset is growing upwards of 8TB. It'd be expensive to keep backups, but I will look into it the options available.

yiff.party has relied on donations for about a year now

so how come paypal isn't viable atm? feels like if it were donations would FLOOD in

I'd take the chance with ads. Preferably non-malicious ones. Not every single ad has to install a virus.
Some of those ads for porn websites and Nutaku dont do much.
Website kinda needs reliable income.
I don't have have an issue with ads, if they help this site in any way. Just make them in somewhat acceptable amount.

Obviously not admin, but because of the 'fuck you patreon' nature of this site, anything that could be used to track him down would be abused to kingdom come by either patreon itself or white knights who don't like the operation that's going on here.
To the admin, would you consider downsizing the kind of content that gets uploaded here to only furry stuff, or some other sort of criteria to keep the server costs down? There was a lot of talk / lamenting about the bloat of non-furry content clogging up the works on 8ch, namely with the updater.

Admin, the main two big mistakes you keep making every month are:

1- You always put that red message at the last minute! you need to put it like at least 2 weeks prior to the limit date. Now you can see that people won't donate all the money in less than a day.

2- Why don't you put ads?? please, you're more concerned with what other people will say about you if you put them and by doing that you're risking the site going down. You are anonymous, nobody knows your name or anything about you so why do you care so much about your reputation? it is already bad among creators since you created this site and good among users who thank you for creating it, so with or without ads people will still treat you the same.

Seriously, I respect you and thank you for everything but its like you're purposely letting the site die :/ I really thought this time the site was gone for good.

Because yiff.party using PayPal would violate its AUP. In fact, it already has; that's why our last account got closed.

The only ads that pay are the bad ones. Not necessarily malicious, but obnoxious as fuck. I am not turning yiff.party into one of /those/ sites, I'm sorry.

Yeah, as I said, I will work on making the donation tracker more visible.

Several ad networks have reached out to me, but they're only interested in fucking my users up the ass with popups. No thank you.

- No ads, only donations
- The red donation message being put just a few days before the date limit
- Donations only allowed through bitcoin, not PayPal or any of the other more common and popular sites (I understand why you don't prefer those, of course)

You're not making it easier either. If you at least fix those first two issues the site could survive for a long time.

Can we know how was bitcoin spent? With current site donation goal it could have used for several years.
>No, our dataset is growing upwards of 8TB
Maybe we should rid of nonfurry shit?

"they're only interested in fucking my users up the ass with popups."
Then do it!! we don't care, we're already using the site for free and bitching all the time so why would a simple popup be any problem?

Admin please, it would be so much worst if the site is gone forever. It frustrates me how you think that not allowing ads and relying solely on bitcoins donation is the best idea. It is not!

"I am not turning yiff.party into one of /those/ sites, I'm sorry."

UGH, you're going to kill your own site for such a dumb thought :(

It has to be done, we don't live in a perfect world. We need those ads!


For some admin who thought it was a good idea to make everything public, and allow meme shit/youtube bullshit/Camwhores, and real people be added for yiff. party no wonder why the site gets in jeopardy. Hell even if you are doing a good job trying to make things free you are close to doing more harm then good in which many have told you making this public was a dumb move, and it shows given the fact that you post a notice about site shut down at the end of the month, and at the last minute too.

Jeez man. I wish yiff.party was furry only, but somehow yah let us down. Hope you pick yourself up and make things right.


Amen, brother. We need the Admin to come out of their fuckin' shell, and fix this site up, now!!! They cannot piss us off like this again, or screw enjoying free stuff here.

Are any of the staff members creators themselves? If they dabble in art or music production, they could probably solicit donations and commissions - ostensibly for their own work - that gets funneled, in whole or in part, into the site's budget, without getting into trouble with PayPal
Or, perhaps ironically, they could open their own Patreons themselves?
Just spitballing

I'm on board with those who are voting out certain types of content.
I'd say the best would be to keep yiff.party server space reserved for four major creator types who usually paywall their shit
- Furry artists
- 3D animators
- Western artists (Although let's be honest here. Which artist doesn't send their content through PMs?)
- Sex Game Devs
Everything which has to to do with PORN. With characters who don't exist.
I feel like a hypocrite for saying It, since I've been searching mostly for 3d animators and importing paywalled 3d animators but seriously man... so many random camwhores, YouTube channels and people who'll probably never ever get updated.

I just don't get W-H-A-T are podcast, cosplayers, humanitary/SJW/Religion groups or non-erotic writers doing here? Are they seriously being added by people here? Or it's automated updater which scours the internet for patreons and adds them?

Well at least the public thing was a good idea, otherwise the site would barely have any updates at all nowadays from people who imports posts.

I stared at the camera as if I was on The Office when I saw Chris-chan's patreon was here. Virginia's tax dollars at work, and now this site's bandwidth at work.

admin relying on bitcoin donations is not the way to go, you need a stable income, put ads, it will pay this site's bills

Next time you need donations keep that "turn money into bitcoin" link on the page with the links

I would also 100% support this.
Yes, it's nice towards those people who aren't here for the fetish stuff, but honestly: how many of those people there must be? Like 1 out of a 1000? Those users' content really just takes up space.

How would i update a page? i have the images but not the cookie session.

While I don't like ads (like at all,) I'd be willing to at least whitelist the site.
Literally the least I could do.

As for alternative payment methods (because people either don't understand bitcoin, don't trust it, or there's some autistic law preventing them from obtaining any), I'd advise looking into them. Dunno any that would allow you to accept payments, unfortunately. Most would instantly ban you from the platform, or if they didn't they may withhold funds from the account until you provide some kind of personal information, which they may use to fuck you over at some point.

And to anyone still completely unaware as to *why* paypal isn't an option, Admin has stated why numerous times - they tried and got banned fucking fast, hence why cryptocurrency is the only option at the moment, since it's untraceable and decentralised, no company can just ban the account.

why not put money in a envalope and mail it to him it would be more approachable than bitcoin

Offset all old content into a torrent or a few, and this: >>16677 As long as the content is organized and not wholly compressed into zip/rar archives, people can select which collections to download if they don't want everything.

Also what about merchandise? Wasn't there a mascot contest? Sell stickers. I'm sure there are some people that would like to "make friends" at conventions and show them off. I make upwards of $300/month on Redbubble and other sites, granted I have a lot of high target content, but I also don't do any of the logistical work myself through these services and thus the margin is actually small. I cannot expect you to put more personal time into this project than you already do, but Kazerad has plenty of logistical insight if you so desired. http://www.prequeladventure.com/merchandise-retrospective/

You need a market in order to sell stickers, as well as some company that would be willing to print em.
Few companies would want to be associated with YP.

agXExD6_460s.jpg (34.1KiB, 460x454) save_alt

drop the fucking act already and stop treating your users like babies. just set up a poll to gather everyone's opinion on how to keep the site alive.
right now you are, ironically, fucking your users up the ass just like those ad companies would do by choosing to keep the status quo up and resort to fear tactics at the last minute due to management issues. we know you're the person that ultimately chooses to keep the site running or not, but if you actually care so much about your users then you should try first asking how they feel or what their opinions are on any subject regarding the health and future of the site. there will always be disagreements, unhappy people and whatnot, but those outcomes cannot and will never be able to be avoided, right now however i'm pretty sure that nobody is happy with the current state of affairs.

If you have images, simply zip them into rar format and upload through 'shared files'

Hey admin i have a question
i have no PayPal,BTC wallet and patreon account
(so far i can only mine btc)
how else can i support YP ?

Hi Guys, thanks for your work, the artist page for JagoDibuja ( https://yiff.party/73172 )hasn´t worked for two months, could you please fixed this problem, thanks in advance.

If you don't have resources or time to make complete website archive available can we at least get ability to scrape website without being throttled to death? I'm sure this will solve problem of making a complete downloadable copy of YP.

Just noticed this was here. Feeling kinda of dumb for not noticing sooner.
Anyways i kinda agree with him/her regarding this matter at this point we need to make a decision fast and polls are only it can be done. Sure you were not wrong in starting a discussion in order to decide the best course of action. But by keeping it too democratic, you are currently now facing the most common problem any democratic system is facing. People generally don't know what they want since when it comes to making united decisions we are usually divided in our opinions due to the fact that there are numerous kinds of varying factors in each individuals life which influencing their decisions uniquely . Yet ironically we are all united through equally similar varying factors in a different manner. The time it takes for everyone to come on board for a decision is enough to render the positive effects of any good decision ineffective. However the same or greater damage is caused if good decisions are not taken at all and i stress on the greater damage part since here i am 100% sure that no or bad decisions made affects us all adversely in the long run. This problem leads many decision makers to a very difficult moral choice, "Either make a decision quick and disappoint certain groups of people or keep the status quo and eventually disappoint everyone in the long run." Personally i feel its easier to choose the former since it is certain in either case people will be disappointed no matter what you do but the amount of people that become disappointed would be less. Yet like as many anonymous users in this discussion, i believe the final decision should be yours to make.

Just be honest and say "we have no plans to get the updater back up until the site finance issues are fixed"

Hey admin
just a little feature suggestion here
it would be nice if there was a discuss tab
next to the shared files for every creator
in there we discuss about that creator
also let us add comments for each post
it would also be nice if u add dark theme

Lol, I said the admin was shit months ago and was met with harsh support because everything was "working".
Now look at everything; No updates, Site barely afloat each month, admin remains silent on pretty much everything, autistic business choices, etc

YP could be a good site. But with the current admin it will never be more than an archive ghost town.

It would be nice if everything just fell off the earth, the site lapses due to non-payment, and he gets reset to zero. I really don't see anything else that will clue him in to be more proactive.



Admin show us donations meter 3 weeks till dead line. That way we know where we stand

This yiff.party is supposedly an archive site and yet it's threatened to be wiped over lack of fund? It's misnomer.

Jeez laweez, dat 8tb though. You should form some kind of trusted team that will help you wipe off those lot of human porn and other non-yiff data, and perhaps convert your site into hybrid of archive and torrent index then you'll see lot of data/traffic handed off to another machine that you don't have to pay!

A much better solution would be something like IPFS combined with the cloudflare IPFS service as yiff party is already behind cloudflare instead of torrents.

Posts containing links to file sharing sites are still not importing. It keeps getting an error every time.

who can we trust with this site
what if someone uploads fake content
is someone a spy here


Lurk moar

he isn't talking about the bbs
he meant something like this but 4 every creator

Maybe we should have two separate donation adresses: one for those who wants furry only site and other for those who want all patreon shit. So we'll decide if we should get rid of all nonfurry shit because it's not relevant or it will stay because it's important part of this site.

The current admin is the reason why the site was even created in the first place, retard.

I only agree about the ads thing, it should be implemented if we don't want to risk losing the site, every website on the internet is ruled by ads in order to survive, we don't have other choice admin.
Donations are nice and all but they are not a stable source of income, especially if we consider that bitcon is the only way to donate which greatly decreases the chances of people donating.

>he isn't talking about the bbs
>he meant something like this but 4 every creator


you fuck off

I just mentioned Redbubble. They don't give a shit what you have printed by them unless a copyright holder complains. Since it's not printed in bulk, the market can be as small as one order.

example yi.PNG (288.7KiB, 687x545) save_alt

Why does this site only show cropped "preview/thumbnail" images for posts? Is there anyway to see the full image?
for example, the image attached. The top and bottom half of the comic are blocked off, and even going to the image file through the page source does not bring up the full image.

i had this problem once
to fix i click the
Post File button

>>17071 >>17072 That's not a problem. thats literally so its not downloading 500 pictures that are all 20MB each whenever you go to any creator's page.

oh im dumb, "post file" literally means the file from the post, Its not asking you to post a file

its ok m8

I tried to add creator, but it said still in maintenance. When will the add creator function be working again?

I made the same mistake lol. Been browisng here for ages before I realized :x
Thought all these creators only had thumbnails on the yiff server and was hoping someone would update them with the real pictures. Little did I know.
Felt so stupid when I found out

https://yiff.party/88996 artist ndnodes's page hasn't changed from the temporary service updater error that was affecting several other pages a few months ago- not sure if it'l be fixed if anyone updated, but at the least you can't see how many missing posts they have

Any currents updates on fixing this problem with the updater?

Yeah I was wondering that myself, it's nearly November and the last time it worked was early August, is it likely to come back admin? We're not being jerks for asking, we're just curious

Did either of you not read >>16600?

@admin: posts imported @27-10 are 404 (not actually saved at yp servers?), samples:
https://yiff.party/926727 / https://yiff.party/patreon_data/22325672/FINAL_SMALL_SOLID.png
https://yiff.party/267543 / https://yiff.party/patreon_data/22312834/piratejack.png
https://yiff.party/798652 / https://yiff.party/patreon_data/22313579/public_annoucement.jpg / https://yiff.party/patreon_data/22220494/announcement.jpg

Hi! This is now fixed. We just installed a new storage server and are in the progress of migrating some data over, so you might experience intermittent 404s until this process is fully complete.

> Update queued. Please check back soon.
> An update is currently in progress. Please check back in a few minutes.

I must be seeing things.

By storage server, are we talking local server for data backup? If so that's a fantastic development, even if it's more of a silent development that most users won't care about unless shit properly hits the fan.

So its until the update is complete on the server that some files will show 404.

This is also a problem for me, clicking on mediafire links just gets me to the index


Might as well replace those "The updater service is temporarily disabled" messages and replace it with "New posts exist to upload" or something like that to make clear you will not try to fix your bots again, all thanks to patreon and their anti-bot measures.

Very likely a user update, means you're lucky! ;)

Wait, really? Ehh, that's a shame, thanks for keeping it working and running for as long as it was possible!

hey admin im pretty sure u can relate to SWFants story
admin plz use popup ads we really don't have a choice here
SWFantz tried but he failed
im sure lots of people will understand

So, when you favourite a creator you add them to a list to track them. That list is only sorted by when their last post was posted and not when it was recently updated on yiff. So lets say, if you have multiple pages of favs to track and one of the ones at page 3 gets updated, but his most recent post is still many week ago, he gets bumped to page 2. So unless you pay attention to all the pages you wont really notice that the artist got updated.

My suggestion is therefore, could we have a "recent activity" page that is filtered to only include favourites? That way we can see which of your favorites was most recently updated at yiff instead of most recently updated at patreon.

This isn’t an issue, but more of an announcement. A artist had just brotught attetion that this website exists and they obviously aren’t too happy about it, especially users dontaring to keep yiff.party alive. Do you think they’re going to pull off some shit?

The add creator is still broken.

Creators have been aware of this website for at least a year now, and they didn't really manage to do anything about it, except complain, or come to this forum and throw threats around.
I wouldn't be too scared if I was you, you can read so many old threads on here that contain threats to take down the website, threats to doxx people and retrace their identities through imported posts... NOTHING. EVER. HAPPENED.
The only damaging thing was Patreon upgrading their security and killing the updater bots every now and then.

Out of curiosity though, who is the artist?

dreamerfag maybe?
there is a lot of them

>>17646 So, what youre saying is, you want the system that was basically used for emails, but on the front page? I'll second that.

I mean, we got a "favorite list" already to track only certain users and we got a "recent activity" list already to track when change is done to a yiff page. Surely there must be a way to implement both features into one?

Oh, that's an old story then.

I know at first this will sound like a useless and inconsequential thing to do but it does fall under creator issues like it says in the first post by the Admin.

I thought I'd check the number of Pending CUF Creators page and I found out that r3dfive, readyart, Krash, Albatross, and Doctor Glasgow were still on that page.

I thought I'd mention this because they are officially added to Yiff.Party and it might free up some space if the already added creators are removed from Pending CUF Creators Page.

It's just a suggestion by me when the more important things are done first.


I think there should be a "Request Upload" button for creators that tend to just send out rewards rather than update, so that those packs can be uploaded. Some pages go dead otherwise.

Shared files exists and still no one uses it

Possible scraper bug on https://yiff.party/3945163

The following is listed as a title of one of the submissions, any idea what's going on here? It looks like the wrong element was captured (?), possibly because the creator themselves uploaded the page (??!!).

Fierce battle! (Saitumex commission) Fierce battle! (Saitumex commission) ❮❮ Newer +Add to Favorites | Download | Full View | Send note Older ❯❯ Submission © 2018 link2004 Main Gallery 536 submissions Featured in the following folders: (Original characters) Sekhmet Owner Options Change info | Change thumbnail | Change submission file | Delete Submission Fierce battle! (Saitumex commission full size)

Screenshot_20181031_163402.png (638.6KiB, 1440x900) save_alt

in case u can't see it use ctrl-f
and again konqi says hi
(ignore my vm)
also thx 4 letting admin know

also hi admin how is the sever
is everything fine there

similar to what >>16960 said
it would also be nice if we could add ghost comments on each post
and on every shared file

>missing the point

You know, I flagged a few posts multiple times back before the scrappers broke to get them updated with a 7z file, an updated 7z file, and a few links.
Never once did they update it.
Now the creator will undergo CUF, so now the dream is dead.

u know the wae right
then whats the point

What's the point on commenting on each artist's page? >>9360

a thead 4 each artist kinda sucks because it will flood the bbs
it would all be better if we can add the comments from there
unless admin creates a /artist/ page in the bbs

Oi admin plz split the dammn forum and
add /request/ /drm/ /crack/ /misc/ /important/ /full/ /trash/ and /b/ categories
also add /all/ so we can see all the threads at once
that would really be nice

>a thead 4 each artist kinda sucks because it will flood the bbs

Peachypop34 has been stuck with "The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later." and hasn't been updated since...can this be fixed?

yo guyz check diz shit out
u might find good shit here

Look here>>16600

impersonator site found
also add www
admin do something

Scuse me admin, but why does Sakimichan's page not work on this site? it takes forever too load and then goes to a cloudflare screen https://yiff.party/371321

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

well just a heads up guys
so far no trolls in 3 months
remember they are always artists in disguise

At what point is this updater issue going to be fixed? Hasn't it been almost 3 months?

--> >>16600
Is it possible for you to sticky your response or something? People are just going to continue to come in asking the same thing.

he just wanted to comment on a post without an account
but i get it

It would be great if we could sort our favorite artist list based on when they were last updated on yiff.party. When some patreons are update, but their last post was a week or more old, it will still be on page 2 or onwards and most likely missed unless you specifically check that page.

Hi admin --

How often do shared files get checked over and put in place?


what happened to my list of favorites


Hi admin, I'm still getting these "404 The page or file you were looking for could not be found." messages in several pages, some posts doesn't show its images and when you click Post File it shows you that message. Is the data still being migrated to the new server?

Example: https://yiff.party/2388620

The page for Hataraki-Ari has not been updated and what it says underneath is: The updater service is temporarily disabled. Try again later.

hey admin plz add a feature to lock out the payjews
(they keep trolling and its annoying)

how do i sticky a thread

What would you propose to base it off of? IP address? VPN and TOR makes that useless, Name? Anonymous so useless, Neural network to automatically detect people you dislike? Complicated.

a light ban (maybe?)
u are right

Kim-possible-v2.png (719.4KiB, 909x1375) save_alt

https://yiff.party/599382 artist skulltitti

similar to some of the issues mentioned above this page has some pictures that have the 404 image not found issue- i was wondering if there is some way to fix it, or reboot the page so the archived pics become available- no pressure or anything, just looking for some clarification as to what's happening, and how we can help fix it

The page or file you were looking for could not be found.

I'm getting that message in pretty much every artist page I'm visiting. Some posts are broken with that error message for some reason. Can this be fixed? thank you!

@Admin So I saw the post, >>16600, and wanted to ask if the updater is now truly disabled or is it on in "rotation" as in where certain creators are updated periodically and then it switches to another one or something similar to that in a way. The reason I ask is because I've seen the artist I've been following, Hataraki-Ari, has had usual updates every 4-5 days and then all of a sudden over a week goes by and nothing is updated so I wanted to ask regarding that since I'm not sure what's going on.

Someone was manually updating them and hasn't in awhile. The only things that YP is currently getting is public posts. Any paid posts are from someone who is actually pledging sharing them.

@Admin please reenable "request update" button for non-cuf creator. At least, it would help us to get some content via someone's manual update.

Yeah, at this point it would be better to have a request button for every creator, not just the CUF ones

Nice to see a donation message being implemented! :D


"We don't want to run ads"


Now every month I get so damn nervous, thinking we might not reach the donation goal this time, something so simple that could easily be solved with ads...

We are investigating the 404s on a small number of post files. Our storage capacity was recently increased and the migration process was a little wonky.

And, an update on the updater:

We still haven't given up hope. We're determined to get it working again, but please understand that it's not an easy task. If the worst comes to the worst, we will enable the "request update" button for non-CUF creators, but we'll hold off on that for now.

Thank you for your continued support.

where was this message MONTHS AGO

Thank you! although I believe the majority of pages are suffering from this 404 error (at least from the 10 different creators I've visited recently), it affects a few posts of every page.

Oh that's good! I thought the updater thing was impossible to fix at this point, hopefully you'll find a way admin. Although while everyone is being upset and bitching about the updater, CUF was enabled for every creator a few months ago and many of the ones I was following are now CUF, so fixing the updater or not won't make THAT much of a difference compared to lets say the beginning of the year when it was working properly and every creator was getting updated.
I know there are still many creators that haven't turned the CUF option on, but many of them already have. Still, fixing it will still help to update the remaining ones that aren't CUF.

At least you got it now.

Maybe someday, CUF Patreons can be scrapped as well.

i wish i can don8 right now
but i have no btc wallet

>Maybe someday, CUF Patreons can be scrapped as well.
We would need to find a major flaw in Patreon's security for that to be possible

For starters, maybe you should remove all the irlshit patreons from this site (attention whores, cosplayers, etc.) and save some little space for upload the shared files.

Hey just thought I'd bring this up but some of incognitymous pictures are missing when clicked on it says (404 The page or file you were looking for could not be found.) so that might mean a yiff party problem or something just thought i bring it up so it could get fixed.

Just a few messages above this has already been discussed...

The prettymuchit 13 Reasons Why Episode 9 commentary track isnt working.

I really don't see the point of supporting this website anymore. Updates are scarce to non-existent, yet people are asked to donate for server costs every month. It's like paying monthly for a car you don't get to drive because the engine is permanently busted, and if you stop paying it gets towed away.
Call me greedy or entitled, I'm just stating the fact.

"something so simple that could easily be solved with ads"

That's because most people run ad blockers, so implementing ads would be a moot point. And even then, people would be unwilling to make this site an exception because of that small, potential risk of getting a hazardous ad that hosts malware.

Keeping the thousands of shared files that have been uploaded by users
Users keeps importing posts manually every day: https://yiff.party/activity?p=1&users_only=1
Many creators have deleted their Patreon account and/or many of their old posts, and they can still only be found on this site, if the site dies, then all of that stuff will also get lost forever
We still have access to thousands and thousands of Patreon accounts with thousands and thousands of leaked content, and there's obviously still many artists that we haven't discovered yet and their content are leaked here as well

Many sites around the internet have an anti-adblocker system implemented which don't let you access the site unless you deactivate your Adblock, so that shouldn't be a problem if the admin implements it here as well.

"Many sites around the internet have an anti-adblocker system implemented which don't let you access the site unless you deactivate your Adblock, so that shouldn't be a problem if the admin implements it here as well."

As long as the ads/ad providers are trustworthy, there's nothing wrong with that. But more often than not, websites would host ads from shady providers, filled with malware and spyware of all kinds.

And with a site of yiffparty's nature, those are the only ads that would be able to appear on yiffparty. That's why they can't be added

The creator listing page doesn't even load anymore.

Hey admin im curious
try running kdirstat in your server
i wanna see which creators are taking up most space
also this site should be called leak.party
so if admin adds this there will be plenty of witch hunts
i get it now thx (u should have elabor8ted earlier but thats OK)

Can someone fix the prettymuchit [https://yiff.party/36723] 13 Reasons Why Episode 9 commentary track? The link just takes me to a 404 Not Found. Thanks.

It would still be great if the thing below was implemented, or if someone could make a client sided version. Not really too keen on the downloaders when i have an ancient internet connection and want to check the title/links in each post before i spent an hour downloading a WIP and finished version of something multiple times

"It would be great if we could sort our favorite artist list based on when they were last updated on yiff.party. When some patreons are update, but their last post was a week or more old, it will still be on page 2 or onwards and most likely missed unless you specifically check that page."

hey admin add a post hasher feature
so we will be able to tell
if they updated the post or deleted it
also deleted patreon posts should be marked with a red [D]
updated ones with a yellow (E)
also when a post is updated
we want to be able to see the previous versions of the post

and lastly a way to download one post as a zip containing an html file
and the attachments

another one


KissAnime comes to mind regarding such a feature. They block you from viewing videos if you have an AdBlocker, but if you disable it....you let yourself open and vulnerable to all the viruses and spyware that they (knowingly) host due to all the ads from shady providers that KA owners are in cahoots with.

i browse swfchan and mewch in a VM
if admin puts ads i will also add this site to the VM list
im sure u know what i mean

The things KissAnime does to keep that site up along with their other sites. You gotta do what you gotta do to keep it up.

remove all the 3dpd cosplay whores jesus fucking christ
they're all the exact same shit and all probably account for like 50% of the server costs at this point, just remove them and go back to either regular porn or furry shit instead of clogging up the whole site with that garbage to appease normalfags

Is compression an option? In other words, can files be hosted in compressed form, then decompressed (perhaps client-side) when accessed?

decentralization is also a good idea

Getting rid of nonfurry shit is an option. But admin doesnt care. And until we stop donating to admin he wont listen and not reconsider his decision to burry this site under tonns of 3DPD.
So I stoped donating until admin reevaluate priorities of this site. Because i think that my donations is just a wasting of money on shit, that destroing this site.

At the cost of alienating their userbase that doesn't want to deal with non-stop spyware and virus attacks that are guaranteed to happen once they visit the website? They could have hosted ads from more trusting sources, but nope.

First off, Kissanime is a pirating website, everything is free with no cost and it’s illegal. That’s the nature of that site, do you really thing honest advertisers really want to advertise to a bunch of pirates on an illegal site. Their only ad offers is spyware and “virus” attacks. Probably the same offers that the admin of this site gets.

Not my question.


So admin are u ok
plz just put ads
we have no goddamn choice here

Just wondering
Hey Admin why did u change your BTC wallet
http://archive.is/olqzt http://archive.is/o9Zg4 http://archive.is/pShoy

hey Admin put some ads and make them really annoying for gods sake
reason: nobody is grateful for the past content they have (seriously)

um that a bad sign isnt it?

admin, you have been quiet for a few days...

Come on admin, you have to. I know you can handle it.

Sup Admin
So patreon has really handiCUFFED the site
well thats bad
u have to do what u have to do to keep the site alive
put ads NOW!!

Wow haven't posted here in 3 months.
Glad to hear the update is getting worked on and a result is being approached.
From what I understand, the update will only work for Non-CUF patreons and the CUF patreons will have to be updated manually?

Ps. Don't use Kissanime it sucks ass, use MasterAnime instead it's much better.

I may an autistic attention whoring faggot named w7 890
But am i the only one who understands the situation
Am i the only person here who is grateful
While everyone leeches the site to its death
I feel deeply sorry for not donating (i have no BTC wallet)

Plz admin just do it
Its for the site’s own good
U have to understand
we aint got a choice here guys
Im sure they will understand

Forgot to add this

For now admin think about the site
Prioritize the broken updater later
Oh and put a massive banner in the front page
So everyone knows what you are up to
Explain to them whats going on

Sucks ass but it works
(Again sorry4spam)

Implementing an option to flag spam post could be decent. That shit clutters a lot of pages and the endless scrolling does not help with that.

same for me dude
the bbs contains a lot of spam requests threads like this

"I prefer for this site to sink and lost all leaked content my bots and the userbase had been collected for years than insert malicious ads here to pay for the storage server"

Such an altruist and foolish way of thinking.

So, how do I show that a post has been 404'd and needs to be fixed?

if this site dies
i might as well lose hope on humannities future

this site would improve a thousandfold if all the 3dpd shit got nuked
for fuck's sake, i can tolerate the nonfurry shit because at least it isn't just some thot uploading nudes
get your shit together admin

Link is 404ing


a whole week left till this site is shut down, This was a great time. Sad to see it fall apart

hey admin if u really want to shut this site down
at least give us backups

you seriously think ads would make enough money? lol

hey Admin snap out of it
what are u actually trying to do here
its for the best of the site

will this work
they ignore the defunct DMCA law
also is it cheap
search 4 "offshore hosting" no quotes

We all have antivirus programs, so even if the ads got malwares on it they would get rid of it, I don't care, I just don't want this amazing site to die.
Almost everyone here also agrees that putting ads is the best choice, does that mean nothing to you admin?


this is the first piracy site that i've seen without ads, and this site is going to have a bad time stay afloat because it doesn't have ads. You can't rely on donations forever admin. The world doesn't work like that. People aren't going to keep donating forever and ever.

why is sakimichan the only one that's consistently giving me timeout errors?

You should have the next donation amount show all month, and you should have the due date on the tracker

Can someone fix this? https://yiff.party/900605
Its updater is disabled for so long now

Going through some pages, I get the impression some posts are going missing. To me, https://yiff.party/patreon_data/15154519/17109.png confirms it, but all I've got to go by is my memory. I wonder if it's also happening to the embeds.

admin whats going on
are you deleting things

I was thinking corruptions and other bot fuckery

"People aren't going to keep donating forever and ever."

This, especially when the updater has been down for months now and you guys are intentionally keeping everyone in the dark about it's progress. It's logical that some people would asume you're just squeezing money out of everyone, without ever intending to work on the updater (I'm not saying you ARE, just how some people are likely feeling about the situation).

This site doesn't make a profit buddy


>you guys are intentionally keeping everyone in the dark about it's progress.

How many times does it need to be said? They CANNOT go into detail about what they're doing with the updater. Whistle blowers are crawling all over this site, waiting to send tips to Patreon support to modify their security. Because it's taking so long to break this new level of security they've implemented, there's really nothing that YP staff can update us on other than "still working on it". It's a war of attrition right now and it's going to be a long one.

That being said, I do feel the sentiments regarding donations. Unless a solution is found soon, less and less people will find a reason to keep donating. There's simply not enough patrons providing content to make up for the updater and most update requests in the request thread(s) are going unanswered. That updater has to be fixed soon if we want donations to keep coming. Either that or implement ads.

Might wanna give donators some kind of incentive, like they can instantly request any update or add any creator they want (1x per every $10 give). Or something to that effect.

Requesting does nothing so that would be pointless.

if this site even survives could you add a sorting system that lets us see the most recently updated posts? because there's ALOT of missing 404's and having to go through and find all the posts that were replaced is gonna be a pain in the ass,

https://yiff.party/371321 timeouts, only this one in particular?

This picture is broken. Can it be fixed?

Also, these are broken as well. Can they be fixed?

(large) list of 404 error for Hooves-art


there were more, but they fixed themselves.

Moar 404's

trying to archive all of the SS pages, and catching up on Volume 6 & 7. Have the issue of Volume 6, page 68 is currently missing.

some 404s from me:

Fensu 404's

is admin deleting something
[probably just moving some stuff]

I wanted to mention a small list of problems that aren't as bad as the 404 errors going on right now but still important.
1. I've noticed some 'update queued. please check back soon' messages and haven't got updated yet.
Examples: azmaybe9, Studio_Aegis, thefirebrandsfm, and probably some others
2. I've noticed a lot of greyed out 'update requested' buttons despite some creators getting updated.
Examples: Acheroth, vocox, rabidcomics, bonifasko, Sonpih, bigjohnson and so many others that I can't remember exactly who
3. I've noticed the bad red error message bug 'your request could not be processed right now. please try again later' is back when you click on request update button.
Examples: Unfathomable amount of content creators

once you request an update, the button is greyed out until there's an update

updater is borked still iirc so that may be why it's not working

Read number 2 again Vera. I already know that the request update button is messed up and how it works.

I'm just letting the admin know about the problem if he doesn't.

So I'm getting the "request can't be processed" message for all of the update buttons.Did I miss a memo?


Yep. Site-wide issue. I guess the Admin screwed something up somewhere when he put the feature in. Nice that he put this feature (back) in, now he needs to make it work.

>December 2018's donation goal has been met.
w-wow already

Wow! December's donation goal was already met? that's awesome! thanks a lot to the guy(s)/girl(s) who made this possible!

Still a few

> November 2018 donation progress: $100/$155 (65%). 9 days remain to meet last month's goal.

messages though. Which one is it? Both? ?
(No reason _not_ to contribute, mind.)

Anyone notice that you cannot request an update. Some kind of update??? Fingers crossed.

Damn, nice to see the donation goal already met.

Also admin, few questions.
1. Still working on fixing everything?
2. Have you ever considered having volunteer mods?

iirc you said something about it, but kinda curious.

There is a creator, toxictigerEx, who appears to be missing entirely. His page was mostly up to date but now his name doesn't even show up in the list of creators. Was there a purge recently or something?

Another question
what are u up to admin
[probably not the updater]
also more here https://yiff.party/bbs/read/13006

Hi Admin! :) Evening to everyone! Have a Nice Day!

Visiting creator's pages on this site immediately causes my browser to consume RAM until there is no more available. What the fuck.

same here firefox
fucked my KDE

Posts cannot be flagged at this time.

Works for me. TBB on GNOME.

Since there's nowhere else to ask, can Admin please review and publish some shared files? Just dropped another 13 into SugarlessPaints (https://yiff.party/861641)

just updated the system
everythings ok now

SugarlessPaints seems to have deleted and re-uploaded their files to a new location. to dodge the site.

>>20865 Nazi YPers fuck off.

(Also, it's what they do. Look on the shared files tab.)

# the spambot wants to tell the difference between normal and nazi YPers
# how can i code this stuff
{ null }
[obvious trolling]

missing 404's




shared files
Possession Trick
I think some guy just downloaded it off pornhub and uploaded it to shared, It's obviously not the original video, the video was even uploaded twice

Did the request update button stop working for anyone else? It was working yesterday and I'm trying to get a specific comic creator updated, but now the button has that stupid processing error again. Seems like every time it's brought back, it breaks within a day or two. Fix your shit, admin.

For some reason Rokudenashi not update now...its already been 2 days since new pack release...its ALWAYS been updated even other are not...maybe someone forget it soo im just sayin it here if it help someone remember to update it? btw sorry for bad english...


Very sneaky, admin. Replacing the 'add creator' button with another link to the import page.

Wohoo, good job admin, we passed 4 months with updater broken!

updaterz ditched
let's just import
from now on

its like downloading and clicking on exe's
instead of usng APT-GET
im sure it will be fine

These are still broken. If you have time, can you try to fix them, please?

Didn't we have a tool for broken posts?

the question is does it work ?
we have tried it a gazzilion times bro

The button to upload requests has returned to work but does not update the new post of the creators. How come? :(


Uhhh, because the admin still needs to find a way to bypass Patreon's security with the bots? The buttons are there only to help give priority to manual uploaders. If you want to try and get updates for a creator, hope you're ready to spend a few months clicking that update button everyday and cross your fingers that someone will help you out.

Damn i wish that something like multi-person donations to particular cretors CUF patrons would be possible Like a goal - people donate to a goal of 5$ 10$ 20$ or whatever the tier you chose and the site will buy the actual tier and update content with it... Would work at least sometimes. xD

Screenshot_20181213_182850.png (140.5KiB, 1440x900) save_alt

ooh admin i have a lot of questions
here https://yiff.party/bbs/read/17040#20703
and add this feature https://yiff.party/bbs/read/21048
also should i stop archiving the site using archive.is
speaking of archive is it ok if u disable the robots.txt so we can use archive.org
and lastly just wondering
is it possible for patreon to fill up the server with garbage using fake accounts
like this guy said over here https://yiff.party/bbs/read/18430#18478
>>21077 his answer maybe a solution for something like this

Have some really big multi-part files that I'm trying to upload (the largest being a little over 9gb), how do I know when a upload is done? Especially given the absurd size + multiple uploads just one file takes.

yeah me too
im quite slow at uploading tho
any way to speed it up

Thanks for the Info. However I noticed that the uploaders maybe make distinctions. Let me explain better. Perhaps the sheer volume of requests is greatly increased or maybe just decide based on their tastes if you update a creator or not. I don't say this out of malice, but before they were much faster. Now some are updated daily and others left without update for months. The fact remains that I am grateful to Yiff, because without it I would not have seen things.


Well, of course there's uploader bias here. That's always been the case. We all have a certain creator we want updated over anyone else's. The problem is is that the bots made it to where we didn't have to rely on others to provide content. Now that the bots are gone, we're pretty much stuck waiting for someone who enjoys the same creators as us or is feeling particularly generous to update the creators we like.

The fact is, there's only so many manual uploaders here and too many creators to update. Until the Admin finds some kind of a workaround for the bots, we're completely reliant on actual patrons. This day was coming, so we just have to deal with it.

We just hope that the administrator will repeat the miracle. However I realize that to evade a site that probably has the best programmers, need people with balls as big as a house. Thank you.

Technically it's possible.
Though last I checked, a Denial of Service attack is considered a felony, regardless of whatever you want to call it.
If the guy is legit, he's just implicated 10 others in it.

what DDOS are you talking about
[i was asleep that time]

will this get fixed? https://yiff.party/patreon_data/21925223/2708010/ych%20sexretary%203%20nsfw.jpg
> [x] doubt

admin i know your very busy
but plz add a view counter if u have time https://yiff.party/bbs/read/3142
also can u see my email https://yiff.party/bbs/read/2318
also whatz with the sudden 404's are you deleting/moving something
is someone bribing you (if u delete this comment then yes u are)

This: >>18478

Spamming a server with the sole intention of raising the cost to host it is considered a Denial of Service.
A DDoS is a Distributed Denial of Service. They're effectively the same thing, though a regular DoS only makes use of a single computer and connection.

Back in the early days of the internet, say the early to mid 90's when dialup was all the rage, someone who had access to a university connection, which was usually significantly faster than most home connections, could easily perform a DoS and keep you offline by clogging up the connection. That's effectively how these work. A DDoS attack on the other hand, is much more difficult in theory. It requires a large amount of connections over a large amount of computers to all spam a server at once to overload it.
Most sites prevent this in numerous ways, like Cloud Flare (with YP uses).

A way to prevent something like a DoS would be to severely ratelimit anyone attempting to try it, and instantly apply strict ratelimits to users using known proxies/VPNs.

oh ok sorry about that
i was a brainlet

also is it normal that less users
are visiting YP and SWFchan this Yiffmas

>also whatz with the sudden 404's are you deleting/moving something

It's fine.

I'd assume it's quite normal. This is a very busy time of the year, so less users should be somewhat expected.

I made a post describing an issue. Some creators are missing, and there's no notice on why


is randomcrow there or removed not sure
(back on topic)

hey birdie
are you the random crow in disguise
[sorry for insulting you]

umm why do u need to tripcode often is it really necessary

any way to report spam posts so retards like me can be banned

forgot to add this

why the hell does the site use recaptcha
isn't this aginst their TOS

I've got an issue with updating posts for Winterblack (https://yiff.party/4201631). The updater finds 299 accessible posts and says none are missing, even though the page here clearly shows 20 missing for the 1$ dollar pledge (which I'm trying to import)
Getting new cookies for the session and trying the importer again didn't fix this.

Admin. There are a lot of spam threads in the board. Please git rid of them.

Also, please ban the ones who are too toxic for this site.

Not sure if this is what you mean by "creator-specific issues". For some time now, I've noticed that the page for Twokinds (https://yiff.party/544858) has taken an unusually long time to load, even compared to any other artist on the site. And since last night, that page has been giving me Cloudflare timeouts, while I haven't seen any issues with other pages.

where do you think you are you fucking nigger?

Yeah m8 this ain’t reddit

Banning retards like me won’t fix problems

another tard will just replace me sooner or later

Hello kind yiffparty admins, would it be possible to divide the 'most wanted updates' section on the front page? One for the disgusting FEEEEEEmale instagram hoes the skinfag normies want and one section for we connoisseurs of wholesome, high quality homosexual anthropomorphic animal artwork. Making it 'most wanted by category' would be nice, that way people with different interests can see how they could help with updating the most. Also just expanding the list as it is now could also help, we can only see the top 12 requested which isn't very many. Thank you kind yiffparty admins


If Bui actually gave a rat's ass about organizing this place, he wouldn't have been so quick to allow everything in at the same time to begin with. The normies got their shit in here because they kept screaming at the top of their lungs until Bui couldn't ignore it anymore. Apparently, that's the only way to get anything done around here is to spam the guy.


Same issues here

getting 404 errors when trying to access and download work from Riendonut on dropbox.

I’ve noticed one of the image sets on TheStripedWurf’s page (Ballbarian) seems to be missing. Just goes to a 404 whenever I click the link. Any chance we can get that fixed?

example.png (5.1KiB, 491x37) save_alt

I'm seeing a lot of Mega links that are separated from their unique ID code. The links only go to the main mega.nz page, not the specific file. Can this be looked into?

As long as we're relying on manual updates anyway, why don't we use that a an opportunity to replace missing files?

We see the content but cant watch because its private or has password, like vimeo videos. If you have an access to those patreon contents why not sharing password too?

Yeah the TwoKinds page has been too big for a while now. Creator pages need to have some sort of pagination to them to improve loading times. It took TwoKinds almost ten minutes to load for me the other day. Just limit the pages to around thirty posts or so. That should help.


Fucking this. FA, IB, DeviantArt and every other decent media-sharing site has a page format of some kind to ease browser loading time. Even when this site was first conceived, a feature like this should have been considered in the event that artists' pages blew up with content.

Error 404s for all of them.

7z file is missing.

I'm sure we could test attachments and embeds for 404s. >>22031

Has the list of creators frozen for anyone else? The time of the last post for creators isn't going up anymore. Seems the whole system has frozen up.

shit went awol for a day, the importer works now

sakimichan's page won't even load, it's been like this for weeks admin. When will this be fixed? ((https://yiff.party/371321))

When they said "Start the new year off with a bang" i dont think they said literally make the servers explode...

Server is fixed, sorry!

i'm here for asslicking and to wish you a happy new year bud

yiff.party needs a warrant canary. https://yiff.party/bbs/read/22195
You should also look into pagination on both the front page and each creator's page. It would help immensely with both bandwidth and user experience.



Error 404s for all of them.

7z file is missing.


I can't flag an old post from Roundscape; it's got a link to an older build that needs updating

Many creators update their old posts in case of dead links / changes etc. and when they're updated on yiff, the edits are not reflected. I think this is critical when in the future, many many links will inevitably die and new users (or even old users) won't be able to access them. So, Admin, please let the site also update edited posts when importing. Thanks.

Yo admin if u look at this thread https://yiff.party/bbs/read/21015
there's plenty of spam here wtf is going on
also plz add captcha

This page has been saying "update queued" for the past month.

It seems a few creator pages such as https://yiff.party/4209723 and https://yiff.party/2929435 have the updater say their missing posts are on the 0 dollar tier when that's not the case. It's probably related to the updater being broke in general but idk.

Files import please? Last batch was over 14 days ago, which is more than "a few hours".

Maybe the text should be changed to reflect the changed schedule.

The web except board does not work in Tor even with all scripts enabled and Https Everywhere disabled. Infinite "Loading..." on front page. When I got around to particular creator page, Upload button does not work, I have to remove style display:none attribute in Element Inspector to make upload form visible. When I try to upload a file, I get "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." minutes later while uploading, so I can't tell if the file made it.
This web needs to remove abundant scripts and simplify to work.

The notorious red message of ' your request could not be processed right now. please try again later' has shown up again for me.

Works OK for me, i think. Enable scripts in a limited way for cdn.datatables.net to make the lists on the front page work. Up-to-date TBB stable here. I've been trying to upload files too, so it could be that Shared Files is broken and the admin doesn't know.

@Anonymous ## Admin
File validation/approval pass please? There should be ones pending for sugarlesspaints and fluffkevlar at least. I uploaded that last one just now, `Nov 2018 rewards.7z`.

Sorry to bother everyone but can someone please import the 23 posts of this creator please https://yiff.party/5092072 Drawnpr0n
please just pledging is only $5 and it has been 5 MONTHS since it has been updated and I'm really desperate for it. Also, sorry for doing this but it won't happen again. So, bye and have a good day/night.

Nah, wrong place pal. Go to the request thread, try your luck there.

oh god no
not again

hey Lizmin i mean Yiffmin
is it true that you delete comments in here
also is someone bribing you
[something really fishy smells here]

Unable to check sakimichan(https://yiff.party/371321). Always Error 524 when i click on her page. Pls fix

I think the page of Wtfeather might be bugged https://yiff.party/937942 , few days ago it was showing that an update is in queue... but no update happened, however at the same time the missing posts counter started showing wrong numbers of missing posts, claiming that some 0$ ones are missing, while actually plenty of 5$ ones are.





all above 404's

Just curious. Will the updater ever get fixed? There are still plenty of non CUF artists on here that are not getting updated manually and the updater would have done by now.

That's what we're all hoping for... But from what we were told, Patreon's last security update is a rather nasty one, therefore fixing the updater is taking a long while.
The admin said he would announce if the updater couldn't be fixed anymore. However, he hasn't done so so far, so there's still hope.

were not dead yet

for fucks sake just run an ad or two on the site so we don't have to deal with the whole being held at gunpoint for the site thing

what the fuck Yiffmin
seriously did we reach the goal
jeez i thought we died yesterday

btw glad that the due date was added to the donation tab

it would be kinda cool to rename copyright 2019 to copyleft 2019 how's that
also yiffmin plz shove some ads in our mouths or use flaunt7

also what do u mean too complex for server migration here

Okay admin, this is what needs to happen now: put in ads. Put them on the left and right side of the window so we see them as if we were on Newgrounds. Just have that so we don't have a shit show like what just happened.

Yep. Nobody here gives a shit if you run ads and yet the admin refuses despite the real threat of yiff.party being shut down.
Why don't we make a straw poll to see how many people want ads?

It might be a good idea to make a backup of yiff.party so if the site is shut down all the files are saved.
Ridiculous that everything on this site could be lost.

are ya'll new here or smth

Sakimichan https://yiff.party/371321 still not loading... please, fix this, it has been almost 1 month with the issue...

Ha! You really think these idiots would stop throwing money to this site?


We could also trim the fat.

Put fucking ads

I d happily let my computer mine for the site as a way to donate. Open the donate tab, click to mine and leave the pc running while I'm at work or sleeping.
If you want something non-invasive that anyone can help I think this could be a good option admin, since you dont want to put background miners or ads in the site.

I for one would happily see this site die tbh. everything from cuf posts to an updater that doesn't work and an admin who thinks he knows what's good for his site. it was fun while it lasted but this fuckin site got too mainstream and is infested with patre-thots that ramp up the cost of the server price. people wasting money when they could actually be using that Bitcoin money on actually going to Patreon and supporting them there.

Sakimichan https://yiff.party/371321 still not loading, you can fix it, thanks.

1. Get rid of the e-girls, bloggers, and youtubers. I'm sure it will drop the server cost
2. Invest in some backup solutions
3. Ads. Just fucking do it.

don't forget shared files. Some creators (mostly for games) have a shared file for every version of a game, 32 and 64 bit seperate, mac/linux/windows seperate, and sometimes even the same version uploaded multiple times (example; win64.zip and win64.rar with identical contents)

Also some shared files that were uploaded during times when importer was broken, and then when importer was fixed the same large files were imported so theyre duplicated now.

>Get rid of the e-girls, bloggers, and youtubers. I'm sure it will drop the server cost
>Since he's not getting rid of the thots, what about splitting the thots to one site (thot.party) from the sfw misc (safe.party), and the 2d, the non-irl 3d, and the BBS stays on yiff.party? Then, have the separate donations displayed at the top, and have donations in their separate pools. Whatever stays afloat, will stay afloat at that point.

I'm with this idea sounds very reasonable

Also have anyone think about those artists that release their content weeks/months after? Like they are not totally blocked by a paywall and if we can identify who they are and get rid of them we can reduce even more the server size meaning less cost it's just an idea tho

Crap ton of creators has "missing posts" being displayed as 0.00-0.00$ when the posts should be up to date? You got creators like Kuroodod having this problem being fixed after a few days (it's back again btw), but other creators like Ugobeta being stuck for months. Y'all got a fix?

I'm also in support of this. Too much normie and thot shit on a website that wasn't created for them in the first place.

This. Begone, thots

Can someone block this jackass?

A broken site with an admin who isn’t doing anything about. Feels like 2019 is where yiff.party dies.

Works on my machine

Although I'm not happy with the current state of affairs on YP...
That was a great response.

However, I am still curious: Admin, surely you must have an opinion about the increasing complaints against the thot and non-yiff content's presence on this site. >>23503
I mean, with so many people protesting against, are you just going to let it be? Those are valid complaints in my opinion.

- I have no measure of determining what percentage of users are here for "thot content" because I don't run analytics. However, we have 30,000+ unique visitors daily, and the people using the board -- especially those to complain, are in the vast minority.
- We do not have bandwidth costs. Moreover, we also have plenty of remaining storage capacity, so costs won't be going up anytime soon.
- Much like I gave up trying to figure out what "furry" meant two or three years ago, I am not interested in defining "thot content" just because a few people are triggered by the mere sight of human flesh.

yiff.party is a Patreon scraper. It's not a furry porn ripsite. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the current trend of camgirls on Patreon, but I am really not interested in censoring stuff. How would you feel if I started accepting bribes from your favourite creators to take down their content?

I see. Thank you for the answers and sharing your viewpoint!
I guess I'm just disappointed in this current thot trend overshadowing creators that I come here to view - the ones that used to be updated regularly, but have now been untouched for months now.
Nevertheless, that's not your fault.

what was that thread m8
crap i was asleep that time
message understood
and IPFS integration would be nice
also have you seen my other comments
lastly plz hide the thots in the frontpage or put them on the bottom

hi admin just wondering
how often do you check the bbs
also how long do bans last and can they still visit the creators page


>I have no measure of determining what percentage of users are here for "thot content" because I don't run analytics.
Here's a simple check: >>23380
>what about splitting the thots to one site (thot.party) from the sfw misc (safe.party), and the 2d, the non-irl 3d, and the BBS stays on yiff.party? Then, have the separate donations displayed at the top, and have donations in their separate pools. Whatever stays afloat, will stay afloat at that point.

>However, we have 30,000+ unique visitors daily, and the people using the board -- especially those to complain, are in the vast minority.
You don't know that. Simply because a minority actually communicates doesn't stop the thots from needlessly increasing server costs over time (after all, we didn't always need to pay $160).

>yiff.party is a Patreon scraper. It's not a furry porn ripsite. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the current trend of camgirls on Patreon, but I am really not interested in censoring stuff. How would you feel if I started accepting bribes from your favourite creators to take down their content?
False equivalence, you're not censoring anything simply by prioritizing and trimming fat.


>How would you feel if I started accepting bribes from your favourite creators to take down their content?

So from what I understood from the linked 8chan thread: money talks, and normalfags are more likely to pay, therefore the admin is leaning toward them? That's shitty if that's true...

>Much like I gave up trying to figure out what "furry" meant two or three years ago
>yiff.party is a Patreon scraper. It's not a furry porn ripsite.

Once again proving just how much of a bold-faced liar you are. You gave up to the whining of the "vast minority" to let non-furry content in. If you didn't know what furry meant, you wouldn't have named this place "YIFF.party". You yourself stated that this site was explicitly for furry content and nothing else. Fuck me, I wish I had screencaps of when you wrote that.

>>23852 can you please fix Sakimichans page https://yiff.party/371321 its been down for a while

Error 404s for all of them.

7z file is missing.

Yeah, I remember reading something like that too... :/
So why the sudden change of mind, admin?

And the great furry gatekeeping continues
Admin and the vast majority of yiff.party vs some loud furries. Who will win?

Yeah, yeah, fuck you too.
Yiff used to be the majority here (and I'm pretty sure it still is) until the fucking normies were let in.

>Much like I gave up trying to figure out what "furry" meant two or three years ago
That to me sounds like a self-created problem/question, I think there is a pretty obvious distinction between furry and thot.

Warning! More thots incoming! Enclosing at a speed of 99 thotical miles a minute!

I'm afraid by the time you finished typing your reply, they already arrived. :/

>So from what I understood from the linked 8chan thread: money talks, and normalfags are more likely to pay, therefore the admin is leaning toward them?
If that's your takeaway, but there's only one way to know for certain: >>23380
>what about splitting the thots to one site (thot.party) from the sfw misc (safe.party), and the 2d, the non-irl 3d, and the BBS stays on yiff.party? Then, have the separate donations displayed at the top, and have donations in their separate pools. Whatever stays afloat, will stay afloat at that point.

On that note,
>the vast majority of yiff.party
>I have no measure of determining what percentage of users are here for "thot content" because I don't run analytics



Remove all of the camwhores and 3dpd thots. Then we won't have to pay $170 per month for hosting.

There should be a feature to remove posts that have been uploaded before the creator updated them. Case in point when you import a post from a creator but then you see they updated the post. The old post will still be on here.

Is there any way to crowdsource shared file approval and post updating? I know you have an approval system in place but there's no way you can handle it yourself, as is evident by how backed up it is. It might open the door to brigading sometimes but it'll probably be for the best.

I have 2 questions in regards to the 404 situation
1. are they EVENTUALLY going to get fixed? I'm asking this because I posted the links for pumpkinsinclairs page and every single one of those is still dead and that was over a month ago
2. if they DO get fixed are they going to keep the same urls? because I had a notepad with all of them listed and I'd like to know if that's a waste of time

hitler_turn_back_time.png (186.7KiB, 464x404) save_alt

You can't pay $180 per month? Come on, it's just a measly $190 per month. Seriously, if you can't afford to pay the $200 per month that it costs to run this site I'll have to shut it down. Just find some friends and you can all pay the $210 per month together.

User https://yiff.party/5596498 has had the 'update qued' status for a few days now with no (noticeable) change to their posts.

anybody archived this https://yiff.party/creators2.json
Admin plz remove this https://yiff.party/robots.txt

hey yiffmin i see 2 new request threads
can u add a recently banned users list
and make it publicly visible also show their ip plz

sakimichan's page still doesn't load for what it seems like the majority of users

It was mentioned in the 8c thread just before it went public. The reason was the closing time window for site-wide CUF on patreon. At that point, it was either to rely on what few users there were to contribute and risk getting few to no updates, or open up the site to hopefully scrape more furry content with a new influx of users who didn't know how to get on the site before.
Not saying the results are great, but I don't really have a way to measure the success rate.

Do users like https://yiff.party/5943555
https://yiff.party/137518 or
load fine? If not, then it might be just your end (higher post counts than saki, with the last one being closest). If they do load, then Saki's page is bugged.

The other's work it's just Sakimichan's page that doesn't load. It's like this for others too. There's an entire thread discussing this issue

>At that point, it was either to rely on what few users there were to contribute and risk getting few to no updates, or open up the site to hopefully scrape more furry content with a new influx of users who didn't know how to get on the site before.
How is that an excuse for letting people flood YP with IRL stuff? >>23855 might actually be on to something, for once.

> I am not interested in defining "thot content" just because a few people are triggered by the mere sight of human flesh.
If the positions were reversed, the complaints would remain the same. At least then our thot content would mean something, and teh yiff generic and wasteful. If you had paid full attention to the dialog here an on 8ch, you'd understand.

>yiff.party is a Patreon scraper. It's not a furry porn ripsite.
Is that why we originally had to establish an artist's relevance before posts could be imported?

several posts here are broken but I can't flag them.


>Is that why we originally had to establish an artist's relevance before posts could be imported?

LOL I totally forgot about that part of the add feature. If this site was never exclusively for furry content, why did we have to wait to have creators screened before being added to the list? The admin seems to think that all the first-day users are gone from here and nobody remembers how things really were.

can we add a ''like'' feature to the shared files section?, because I feel those guys should be shown how much their contribution is appreciated because FAR too often those sections are empty when they shouldn't be

is someone really bribing you
if not then
explain this >>24112
and the 404s
also why admin >>24028

>I totally forgot about that part of the add feature.

Do you remember how we had to enter the website?

>explain this >>24112
And >>23724.

>also why admin >>24028
Because removing robots.txt causes >>22875.

>I am not interested in defining "thot content" just because a few people are triggered by the mere sight of human flesh.
See also >>23306, >>23310, >>23429, >>23522, >>23526, >>23617, >>23684, >>23717, >>23762, >>24189, >>24197, >>24198, and >>24203. The issue isn't what you think it to be. Pay attention. Also, >>23338, >>23855.

No. >>24211 >>24061 >>24028 >>23869 >>23868 here

at this point i feel like someone is indeed bribing the admin
if i get banned or this comment gets deleted
then that means yes

this post was made by w7-890
(not sure if admin is censoring my name here)

Cannot access to https://yiff.party/371321
Error 524
A timeout occurred

>if i get banned or this comment gets deleted then that means yes
If not, he could still be receiving bribe money.


if admin does not explain WTF is going on then yes

https://yiff.party/4883327 dropbox links are not working. Please update them.

Bui, can I ask why did you make this site non profit?

Anyone else have specific links/creators that just wont load and time out 100% of the time? happens with https://yiff.party/371321 every time

Error 404s for all of them.

7z file is missing. I have flagged this update multiple times before the artist went CUF. Now there's no way this can be fixed since they went CUF.

what happened to irc
why did admin delete it


All the files are 404 errors.

Can anyone fix it?



[importer bug] Pledge detection
Pledge is not detected when pledge is already canceled but user still has access to content. I usually cancel pledge early if I know I won't be pledging next month so I would not forget to do that later. I still have access to all the content until next pay date.


Because Bui hates this site and he wants it to die.

He's slowly trashing all the infastructure and allowing thirsty normies to upload camwhores to drive up bandwith costs so he has an excuse to give when he shuts it all down.

he already said he doesn't pay for bandwidth

Yeah, but people who donate to keep this site running do. And trust me, they aren't here for the normie shit either.
Also, at this point, do you believe everything he is saying?

is there a way that you guys update old posts? It seems like some creators are posting a "random"image, wait until yiff updates their page, and then they edit the post to share the content they meant to. Since yiff doest not update old posts, we only get to see the first random image. We can see Giu-hellsing as an example:

Never ran into this issue myself, but as far as I know, that's what the 'flagging' feature is for. You flag a post of a creator, then the next time that creator is updated, the flagged post(s) will be individually 'updated' as well, giving you access to the actual image.
However, don't expect any miracles: from what I've seen in the past year on the threads, sometimes this flagging worked, sometimes it didn't. So yeah, I wish you luck.

This is a legit strategy some creators use to avoid YP scraping the real posts. Shows you how much of a pathetic personality some creators have when they waste actual time from their lives to employ this strategy time and time again. Because they wish to protect their precious fetish porn. How noble.

We can either not donate and lose everything, or not donate to what doesn't interest us (>>24365). For going out of his way to make the site in the first place, Bui has some interest in keeping this site afloat.

YP forces my computer to change over to its dedicated GPU whenever I open the site. Why is that?

>Would make a dedicated thread, but not sure if it's worth clogging up the board list
Can we get some sort of formal schedule in place for when shared files get approved?
I'm more than certain there's a significant number of people with files who'd be more than happy to upload files but are being put off because of the absurd amount of time between uploading it and it appearing with nothing to say when they'll show up. At times it seems like it's doing absolutely nothing. Even if it was something like every two or three weeks, as long as there was some sort of well communicated specific regular time shared files can be expected to show up it would do wonders to encourage people to upload shared files if they know doing so is actually doing something.

bumping for >>24660
been waiting for shared files for s1120411's nsfw works for months now,
unless anyone who has them is willing to set up an up to date Dropbox or Mega folder

Page has been stuck on updating for a while now, figured I'd just report it here.

yo, what's the difference between accessible posts and non-accessible posts? i can tell that there's hundreds from somebody missing, and i've got the tier to update almost all of them, but none of them are updating, even the free ones. kinda new to uploading, tbh, and i was wondering if it's a fixable thing.


does this site even update anything? I have like 30+ artists in follow and non of them are updated at all. At this point I'm not surprised why people are not donating money to keep it alive since it's not worth. And the worst thing is that admin don't want to make some archive/torrent pack of stuff that on site right know (I guess for the sake of forcing people to donate so whole data won't be lost once site goes boom). Guess it's time to manualy save every stuff is still available here and then just watch how the ship goes down

looks like admin is too busy counting bribe money

You don't need to do it manually. There are a few public scripts and many of us have written our own more robust ones to archive everything we care about on a regular basis in case the site dies.

This is an awesome website! That being said the biggest problem it seems to have is hitting the donation requirement. I know it has been discussed before but I think it might be time to start using ads as a way to pay for server costs. A UI way to implement them could be like how https://thothub.tv/ recently started implementing them. Make 1 ad every 50 posts or something, this wouldn't result in to many ads and it could still look good.

People kept suggesting this for more than 6 months now, and the admin turned it down each and every time.
But I don't blame you for trying. I would rather have ads attempting to upkeep this site, than the thot/normie invasion that happened instead.

So are the scraper/bots officially dead and buried, or are they still being worked on, and Admin is just having a difficult time getting them to work again?
Cause I got about 25+ artists favorited that haven't been touched since "the purge", and by the looks of it they're never gonna see the light of day again, while, and I hate to agree with all the other people complaining about it, camwhore content seems to be taking over (something that wouldn't bother me if it weren't for the fact that 95% of these uploads are all just a preview pic, and some form of text with no additional content or links, while the actual content is sent via IM's)

Anyhoo, even if it's an unpleasant answer I'd still like one, closure and all.

Regardless of the answer you will get, don't just naturally accept an unpleasant answer. I accepted one of those in the past on YP, and found out later that those answers were just said to deflect my inquiries.

>who the hell is going to pay for a thot filled site if the fee goes up to $200-$300 one of these days?

so is the updater broken? I have seen one page saying it is in update now for 3 weeks.

That might be an individual case for that specific creator. Ask for the admin, he could take a look at it.

admin are you working on a dropbox/mega scrapper
are you gonna move things to thothub.tv or just let the site die
do you plan on moving to ipfs
is the updater dead
explain this >>24369 >>24232 >>24304 >>24220

No amount of insistence entitles us to an answer. >>15217

Back in those days, I could understand: we didn't want creators to gain easily counteract the updater.
But today, it's people complaining about the overbearing thot presence. I'm sure that situation deserves an explanation.

Doesn't matter, he doesn't owe us anything. His choices there merely influences how we feel about him.

>But today, it's people complaining about the overbearing thot presence. I'm sure that situation deserves an explanation.

I somehow missed this thread but >>24884
> Would be nice if the API gave the creators name.

@admin https://yiff.party/371321 still dead at 524 even though some posts were recently imported (at least going by the index), what's the point if no one can access the contents?


People gave money to keep this dying site alive. Like hell he doesn't owe us anything. Please take Bui's cock out of your mouth.

This guy is pretty much correct: if a couple charitable people (or let's call them furries, so the normies can also understand) hadn't donated to keep this site alive for all these months, even before the normie and thot influx, YP would be nowhere today.
Well, at least he should respect the opinion of users who've been using YP since the beginning, instead of just giving complete leeway to normies and their useless content, who couldn't have been here for longer than a couple months.

A few of my complaints/observations regarding performance and how to improve the site (bear in mind that I have no idea how your backend is set up or what software you're using):

1) If the donations are due in the middle of the month, why does the donation bar still say "February 2019"? It gives the impression that the funds are due at the end of the month. Most people are going to wait until the end of the time period to donate, so they'll wait past the 14th and end up freaking out when you eventually put up yet another "gibsmedat or the site dies" page.
I would show how many days are remaining to donate on the bar itself, not the element that shows up when you click the bar.

2) Don't render the creator feeds serverside. The site is sluggish and slow because every time you load a page, the server sends too much data per request. For example, jollyjack (https://yiff.party/595190) has a lot of posts and his page is 6.8 MB. If, say, 1000 people visit the page in a day, that's 6.8 GB of data per day (very simplistic way to view traffic, I know).
You already have a JSON system set up, so why not learn some Angular or React and make a template that the client can render? Jollyjack's JSON page (https://yiff.party/595190.json) is about 790 kB, and a page with one post (https://yiff.party/3277697 for example) is 30 kB; assuming the empty page is our template, 1000 users in a day becomes 820 MB of data. Significantly less.

3) Creator pages definitely need pagination. Every time you check for an update for a creator, you end up re-fetching all the data. Combined with point 2, you get sent a truckload of redundant data when all you really care about is the first few posts.

4) Don't trigger an update every time someone visits a creator's page, especially since the auto-updater is busted at the moment. 1000 jollyjack visitors means 1000 individual update requests, 1000 connections to Patreon. Again, I don't know if you're using a queue like celery or rabbitMQ (I assume you are), but that's still a bunch of redundant requests you have to deal with.

5) Don't run the auto-scraper. Just shut it off for now. It serves no purpose in its present state. I don't know how taxing the scraper is on the server, but turning it off will most likely boost performance. I know this is a contentious point and will probably piss a lot of people off, but if someone really wants a creator updated, they can use the importer.

6) Make the users_only filter on the Recent activity page more noticeable. Seriously, it's incredibly useful and the only reason I know it exists is because you mentioned it offhandedly on 8chan like a year ago.

It's a lot of text, but I think implementing even one or two of these points will help benefit the site.

What he should do isn't what he's obligated to. It's his site, and he's unfortunately free to run it to the ground. The best I can suggest is to stop paying for his hosting if he keeps this up.

>I would start donating to server costs if the admin would return this site to its furry-only themed glory. I see the most requested updates are abunch of generic fucking camwhores who only do softcore cuck shit anyway, all average looking make-up slathered photo manipulated white girls that all look the same.


Nah relax im sure someone is paying good bribe money to admin every month
So by paying you are just wasting your money

Some assclown uploaded in Tofubear's(https://yiff.party/2885342) shared files a joke file with differenet artit's works
"January_patreon_rewards.rar" my ass.

So when is anyone gonna update tubbytoon’s page

Would he keep getting the bribes if he stopped paying the hosting bill?

you know the "bribe-money" he gets
is probably more than enough
to cover hosting bills for more than a few months
or even years i just don't know

admin plz execute sudo /rm -rf /yiff /patreon /scrapper
after that thank you for being such a greedy person

REMOVE THOT FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught.


That wasn't the question. If YP goes away, would he still be receiving the bribe money? If not, then he needs to get his act together. If so, then he has no incentive to do so.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that there's nothing wrong with having them e-thots on YP: Doesn't it seem strange that the Most Wanted Updates section is so static?

hey guys before the site dies lets archive.is the threads and creators who's with me
and lets just go to SWFchan.org and spacechan.xyz
also don't forget https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipns/QmPc9yqAV3J69puyh7vTz4gKtsNyWDVQUnfY6hrthtK1SV
finally i wonder why admin has not banned >>25115 yet (my proxy post)

Why? Do you WANT to be banned?
Its just a single shitpost, nothing wrong with that

dosen't matter site is shutting down anyway
when i do get banned i will simply return to 4chan just like the other anons while the site dies

what the fuck is this
is this yiff.party or kys.party

You usually only get told kys when you request thots...

>>12795 >>12796 >>12809 >>12811 >>12817 >>13058 >>13067 >>13234
>>13253 >>13257 >>13316 >>13318 >>15033 >>15234 >>16600 >>16635
>>16643 >>16656 >>17545 >>18737 >>18738 >>22187 >>23847 >>23852
consider this >>13319

yes it is
also this post was made by an autistic attention whoring normie

the question is
is this yiff.party or bribetheadmin.party

Admin, could you please check up on your rules again? Last time I checked, we aren't allowed to create threads for the sole purpose of requesting a single creator.
So what the hell are these guys doing ( >>25450 ), and why aren't you doing anything about it? Are normies THIS welcome now, that they don't have to abide by the rules?

>Costs wont be going up anytime soon
Hey bui, fuck you. we've already seen inflated costs from when you first started asking for donations and you have no interest in LOWERING the cost for your original userbase by removing the fucking camwhores bloating the server with 100s of absurdly high resolution or huge video files from some home video whore who doesnt do any compression.

This is what mods are for. How about more of them?

I have failed multiple times to get admins attention

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 01.17.16.png (233.8KiB, 931x567) save_alt




cutting down e-thots won't do anything, he already said that. I understand him not using ads, but dude, there's a consentual bitcoin mining element to add the site that ask OUR permission for mining bitcoins, CoinHive or MineHive can't remeber it's exact name.

>cutting down e-thots won't do anything
Yeah, that was a lie. Didn't you notice how much the monthly price increased since the normies and their e-thots were allowed on YP? And the irony is that that was done in the hope that more people would fill up the donation pool faster. And that plan obviously failed.

b2248715-876a-4093-a38a-be5c93887175.png (38.7KiB, 1107x320) save_alt

>Yeah, that was a lie. Didn't you notice how much the monthly price increased since the normies and their e-thots were allowed on YP?
This is true, and I have proof of this.

hmm let's see now - the updater's been broken for months, hundreds of links straight up 404, complete silence from the admins, no ads despite literally every other post asking for them, no paypal donation option, and now the only update we get is asking for money. if i wanted to pay money, i'd, you know, pay the fucking artists directly.

yeah, i'll be glad when this site shuts down. i've archived everything i want, and none of my creators are being updated anyway.

Yep, it's time for someone else to step in and create their own copy of this site, WITHOUT camwhores and being very selective of which non-furry creators get added. This is a ship that needs to sink for progress to be made, as sad as I am to say that.

when you have to tell your vistors that we have 2 days to donate is the warning signs of this dying site. Better have your normies donate to you fast boss.

New here?


dont forget

how about adding an option to donate with monero?

Only a minority of users complain, yet the site is still near death. That is telling.
You literally opened this site on a furry imageboard thereby targeting the most passionate furry consumers with curated furry content, and then subverted them by making yet another "human flesh" site. They have every right to be upset.

happy valetines day Yiffmin
now lick my arse or i will not donate

you guys do realize Admin never reads our comments but deletes thot threads
monero is nice too

can't we just move the thot threads to >>/requests/
and move others to >>/trash/


Clearly actions speak louder than words.

No.21716584, Gigantic Gab (from https://yiff.party/5697786)

Gab.ZIP is missing (404ed), would you please repair this? Thanks in advance.

Hey admin if you're there can you mirror the site to IPFS or Hydrus or something?
Or at least create a meta-torrent for the content like what happened when nyaa went down. I'd hate to see another site full of content and everything go away with no contingency planned.

Mobile redirect is broken. Eveey time i try to look at a creators site the new tab redirect me to nothing


Fix Spindle’s Patreon, practically all of his posts are art slot placeholders that have been edited. You don’t see the actual art at all.

jesus fucking christ two AMAnormies in a streak admin really should move them to >>/requests/
archive http://archive.is/nryB6

So, is this was this site has come to? Some nobody ( >>25936 ) claiming this site to be theirs?
Admin, if you have the courage to tell some of your first day members that YP was never a furry-only site, then please tell these retarded normies that even though they are 'welcome', this hasn't suddenly became their site either. Or do they get a free pass, as usual?

umm should i keep archiving the threads

The front page refuses to load, I can't access any of the creators whatsoever- but the donation feature seems to work perfectly... -.-



79d260109932455005ddac84fbf31296.jpg (28.3KiB, 530x469) save_alt

please fix the 404's it's been this way for months

What's up with creators having missing $0.00 posts?

missing $0.00 posts are either "Public" or "Patrons Only" (any tier), i forgot which.

>>26073 Actually there are a lot of posts like that that are actually supposed to have a price like $20.00 posts or $10.00 posts but the system shows them as $0.00 posts


The fix is long overdue... We cannot flag either.

https://yiff.party/137472 can this PLEASE be updated? I'm CRAVING Sleepy Gimp's latest edition to Family Values.

We have a thread for this

they aren't e thots
they are E-trash
plz run a cleaning app admin


plz admin remove the thotware

also try out 360 antivirus it works well for me

lurk moar


Is that the name of the thread?

why did you remove this but not the ursula request thread

Hey admin who's the one imported Nabriales The Majestic's post,i just want to ask about the password of protected rar

We're not here to spoonfeed you. It's not our fault that you can't read thread titles.

I've been up and down the thread, it's not there.

Well, I'll be damned! Am I seeing ads on the site!? Now, I'm interested to see how much of a difference they will make!

I'm suprise too there's ads on the site and I'm glad admin put it...now lets wait for the result...

YES! ads, finally! thank you Admin, now hopefully the site will last longer and not depend just on donations.

I've excluded the site from my AdBlock list in order to support it, I hope everyone else does the same.

Thanks. These are CPA ads though, so you're more than welcome to block them if the content doesn't interest you.

I'm curious about something. Say you're a member of Patreon, but not a paying one, like, you haven't become a paying member. Would there still be a way to update a page here that way?

No, there is no "registered users only" lock on Patreon posts.

Damn it. Any chance https://yiff.party/137472 will be updated soon? He made an addition to one of his new comics a while back, and I CRAVE it.


Oh, I can be more subtle than you could EVER imagine, ;D

For instance, if you want me to shut up, then update https://yiff.party/137472 Sleepy Gimps page, :D

I don't mind the ads and think it's great if they help yiff.party.
I'm still seeing some 404s on some creators. Here's a list 404s I’ve found for 11 different creators. I can only assume that there are many more 404s for other creators.
404s part 1:
************https://yiff.party/2694481 (potheplatypus) ************
************https://yiff.party/8773333 (goodboycomics)************
************https://yiff.party/9338782 (puddlepup)************

404s part 2:
************https://yiff.party/3114967 (raier)************

404s part 3:
************https://yiff.party/9993135 (dreamandnightmare)************
************https://yiff.party/3750198 (dracky)************

404s part 4:
************https://yiff.party/3750198 (dracky, continued)***************

404s part 5:
************https://yiff.party/2609377 (humbler)************

404s part 6:
************https://yiff.party/3464993 (dyperdrive)************
************https://yiff.party/3348417 (krayne)************

404s part 7:
************https://yiff.party/6376401 (shensho)************

404s part 8:
************https://yiff.party/2349137 (anti_dev)************

Oh, I could say that about a couple other creators... But I won't.

>>26411, >>26412, >>26413, >>26414, >>26415, >>26416, >>26417, >>26418

If you're using Firefox, try going to options -> privacy and security -> content blocking, checking standard, then open yiff.party in non-private windows
or if you want to browse yiff.party in private browsing, you could try choosing custom instead of standard and uncheck trackers
this worked for me after I got black ads after disabling my ad blocker

What do these guys do?

they do this https://yiff.party/bbs/read/25908#25962

rip ads

Oh yeah, I didn't even notice they were gone.

Can an activity oage be added for each user page, giving a list of what posts were imported/updated/etc on what day?

For example:
* Post title 1 (imported)
* Post title 2 (imported)
* Post title 3 (updated)

I agree, and the number of Update requests should be shown beside the name of the artist on each page, with a quota number beside it, so when that number of requests have been filled, the page is put on an alert list of being in need of an update.



Every time i want to flag a post to be updated,it says that "Posts can't be flagged at this",does there any way to fix this?

Uh, I requested an Uudate on GoblinHordeStudios' patreon posts, so, do I have to wait until the donations for march are finished or some user gets the request for the update and goes right away to update the page?



that post was made months ago
the admin at this point seems to have left the site, updates only happen when people decide to update because the auto-updater is broken

why do people keep posting in this thread, at this point none of these issues are gonna be fixed in the near future

Someone is legit bribing the admin

do we have actual factual evidence of this or is this just a rumor

It's only a guess of common sense, but these days, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true.

yeah it's called donation, it increases every few months.

It was a result of a careless remark from the admin, which he got called out on. >>23876

Pay attention.

Please remove real human/thot content from YP, for the sake of the server costs. I like a very small amount of it, but it will NEVER be the reason why I would donate to help the server keep going, and will not do so until the server costs are optimized by doing so. Thank you.

hey admin delete these spam posts

are you actually this dense to believe spamming is going to accomplish anything
you literally sound like an entitled 11 year old demanding everyone tell him everything and then throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants
jesus christ just fuck off

Hello admin! Can you stop these spammer right now please?


I sent you an email about this:
Not sure when you'll see this but when will you fix yiff.party?

There's loads of problems right now:
1. Auto-updater is apparently broken (whatever that is)
2. 404 posts (you said you'll fix it but by the time that happens, the site would be down for months due to costs)
3. Everyone is complaining about all these certain type of people taking up the server
4. No explanation as to why ads were disabled
5. Flagging is broken
6. This/these person/people are spamming the forums
7. Everyone's complaining that you're not as active as before and/or don't care about the site anymoreth

Those are all I know.

Also, why do we need an image when creating a forum thread?

flagging posts never work :(


Your nickname says otherwise

>No explanation as to why ads were disabled
It was just a trial run. I'm guessing it failed.

>at this point i realized admin only gives a fuck about donations
He has a funny way of acting like it.

I'm sure most people on this site would agree that the camwhores and youtubers (non-furry at least) should be deleted

Do we really need elementary (yiff.party/608523)?

But why?

Isn't that freely available stuff, though?

I do not agree, absolutely no.
Camwhores and youtubers are better than furry!

It is not nice to accuse someone of being a spammer just because he expresses his opinion ?

>postz aren't that big
>the isos are very big 1Gb - 2Gb

Hello, the page [jagodibuja] "https://yiff.party/73172" did not updated since 2 months...
It says "An error occurred, please reload to try again." There is no update button also...
Can you please check that, what's the error...

Is it just me or Sakimichan page doesn't load for some reason ?


I need help with the settings. How can I hide all the cartoon porn material from this site? I want only normal humans. I put "Human" among the filters, but I keep seeing horrifying non-human things.


nigger detected shiiiet

I'm asking for an explanation about a feature of this site, which apparently does not work as it should.

Yeah, no offense, but there are a bunch of alternative sites for you out there. On this site, we actually actively protest against the content you're looking for. Google 'thots' and see what I mean.

A couple of suggestion.

One, add some small pic, emoji or whatever, immediately before or after a creator's name if they're in the user's favorite list, so we can see, on the front page, which ones we already have favved without having to view their page. It has the bonus of decreasing bandwidth demand a bit.

Two, apropos of
This whole camwhore situation. It seems furry degenerates aren't too fond of normie degenerate content, as well as the reverse. It might pay off to separate the camwhore content into a separate site catering to normies, which might be a considerable income source. Tho it would bring a lot more heat from the camwhores and their normie slaves.

Alternatives? Where is it? Which allow me to import and request Patreon content, I do not know any.

Protest? What does it mean?

I meant any shitty thot site on the internet.

I agree with you 100% there, but:
This idea was brought up multiple times by now (which means it's not a stupid idea), but admin has been ignoring it every single time. I wonder why though, it would probably only make YP's situation better.

>Alternatives? Where is it? Which allow me to import and request Patreon content, I do not know any.

You're asking for the same crap that's available from PornHub.

I thought the normies would've brought more donations to the site? Why wait till its last minute to donate??? hmmmm normies.

I know, right?

haha no
all non-furry content should be purged from this site

TIL this site once specifically required furry content; I found it in September or so and saw it had mostly furry content but also some cosplayers, porn stars, and camwhores, and then I figured it had always been a generic Patreon-scraper that only recently became known outside the furry fandom.

I have been manually importing every Patreon creator that I'm subscribed to every month, and because I'm more accustomed to rewards being removed at the end of the month rather than made available on delay, I've been updating them almost every day; I have actually subscribed to some creators specifically to import them.

Today, I had a problem with the importer, and I guessed that Patreon's design update (as seen by the new fonts) came along with a security update that kept the creator list from being loaded properly (even though the importer got an HTTP 200); I looked at the boards for the first time to see whether this was a problem that required a workaround, something temporary, or maybe just something on my end.

I've cut down on the number of creators I'm subscribed to this month (I might snag a particular non-CUF camwhore though, just so she shows up on the site; most of the ones I sub to are CUF though), and I might bother to buy some crypto-tokens just to keep the site alive; I was about to scramble to do that during the downtime in the middle of January and was relieved when the funds were finally raised.

(I won't say which creators I've added or updated here, because then it wouldn't take long for them to figure out and ban me, but the common factor is slim with naturally big tits, softcore at the most.)

This site is like a car, how much that was donated previously means nothing because it requires fees every month to continue running.

If people refuse to donate because it's not kept current then the site will be taken down completely and there will be no archive and no older content, nobody else is offering anything similar either. The costs are currently taken by the site owner, I doubt they will want to keep losing money for nothing long term.

admin needs to give us an update

admin, why are the 404s still not fixed?

no, and I hadn't even heard about that site before, my username is short for "kosupure-kun"


This ^^^ fix the 404’s it’s been months of waiting and you don’t give us any updates.

>If people refuse to donate because it's not kept current then the site will be taken down completely
All the better the reason for Admin to stop ignoring our problems.

>The costs are currently taken by the site owner
Minus the donations.

admin, it's been days since i uploaded a shared file to this site and you haven't approved mines or anyone else's in a long time.

hey abmin what going to happen when the timer reaches zero

Everyone should archive their favorite artist from this site it’s gonna die soon

There's a similar problem with this page https://yiff.party/4791854
It reads the update is in queued since 3 months ago and there's no request button either.

404s still not fixed
come on admin

Can you please implement an importer update that both fixes and updates posts that are still available on a Patreon Page?

admin, you really need to invest in backing up all the content on this site in case you don't make the payment one month and everything is lost
even if this site is lost, there would still be lots of content saved, some of it which is no longer on patreon
it will be worth it
please consider this

admin doesn't care for this site anymore, he hardly gives us updates and we are left in the dark

I mean, I just want to know if he and his secret team are even still working on a loophole for the update bots. I know Patreon is now covering all the bases that could involve fake transactions, but surely there has to be another way.

The reality is there just isn't enough people around here to cover all the creators that have been added. Never mind all the crappy thots and other pointless accounts that were added, there was still too many creators to keep up with when this place was furry only. At this point, the site is becoming more and more of an archive than an imageboard. Once the news is out that most of the content on here has been backed up by another individual, this place is d-o-n-e fucked.


unless someones going to upload the pm content there's no point in updating his page, most of the shit is incomplete because he uploads the rest of some comics through pm, so whether it's a bot or someone manually doing it unless you're gonna upload everything in full in shared there's not much point,

I just want him to implement a fix to the 404 posts so when someone imports, they get fixed.

He was never obligated to update us on anything, but it is troubling.

The only practical fix will require some community involvement. It can't be that difficult rounding up all the 404s in the first place.


He was never obligated to create this site either, but HEY-HO! Since he did, I think that makes him just a little bit obligated to keep his viewers updated and not in a constant state of panic.

someone manually uploads it to shared files, but the admin/moderators hasn't been approving those for weeks. No bots approve it, it's manually done. I know they haven't been approving because the recent activity shows no recent shared files approved and they haven't approved the shared files i uploaded and its been weeks.

someone manually uploads it to shared files, but the admin/moderators hasn't been approving those for weeks. No bots approve it, it's manually done. I know they haven't been approving because the recent activity shows no recent shared files approved and they haven't approved the shared files i uploaded and its been weeks.

Someone recently approved some sets from a cosplayer I upped less than a week ago FWIW.

Given them thots, how about we retire the Most Wanted Updates section with something that shows how long artists have been without updates? Or maybe find a way to combine the ideas?

If he's no longer interested in keeping this place going, he should just say so. He doesn't need to fish for an excuse to close the site, if that's what he really wants.

>>28092 Remember the listerine bottle?

Ad networks look out for that sort of activity; at best, they'll refuse to pay out for such click-fraud, and at worst (like if they suspect Admin is behind it), they'll blacklist the site.

>>>28213 wat bottle
>being this new

Does anyone else have the issue where the artist's page says it is it is "queued for update" but it never updates? Seems to be a thing not sure why and it has been going on for over a month.

Yes I’ve seen this a few times on a few pages, the site is broken af and it probably won’t be fixed.

It doesn't matter anyways. The only things that get imported are either public posts or someone manually importing.

That thread is samefagging and fail.

I can't flag a post for it to be updated. The links don't work, please help

I'm gonna keep on saying it until it happens: Have importers fix 404s and update actual content.

It can't be that hard to automatically locate 404s, even if they need to be imported manually.






Then we make another


"Update queued. Please check back soon."

It's been stuck like that for over a week with no update what so ever.

What if the donators announced themselves through email to the admin before they made their donation like with the subject line being
''$33.75, April 11th, 3:45 PM EDT, Pro Thot''
''$50.35, April 13th, 7:00 PM EDT, Anti Thot''
That would be one way to see how much the Thot fuckheads are contributing each month

Hey, admin, my software that's occasionally monitoring creators for updates has informed me that in the past few hours some of the creators I'm watching lost shared files. In particular, creator 239705's number of shared files has gone down from 65 to 64, and 901502's - from 22 to 21. Could you clarify what's happening? Are the duplicates being deleted or something?

Hi, yes. Please see >>28789

Hey admin, There are some creators with the "Update queued. Please check back soon." more than 1 week, could you please fix it, thanks.

Still cannot flag 404s it says "Posts cannot be flagged at this time."

some creators seem to be locked into an update loop, says 'update queued. Please check back soon' for most of the day before having a brief moment of 'update in progress, please checkback soon', failing then switching back to 'update queued. Please check back soon' again for the next day.

as an example https://yiff.party/10992478 Jkisarazu seems to be locked in one such loop.

This should be fixed now.

Nice Hoove-art is still locked in that update loop sigh.Why is it when I just want to know whats new that it happened.Admin pls fix it will yah pal

Ok seriously you gonna do something already

Its freaking says that Hooves-art [This creator isn't ready yet][This creator has just recently been added to yiff.party and their posts are still being added.Please check back later] Check back later my ass.Hooves art has been in here for years and he just got removed and re added again?What is this crap


Fix brooen posts?


If this site goes down due to lack of donations, will the onion site still be able to be run? If so, will everything have to be re-added or will it just be brought over. If so, then let us update posts

no, the site will be gone for good if this site doesn't meet the dontations, this is the only back up we have. The onion link will be available when you can't access this site for odd reasons

flagging posts never work.. :(

Then where do we go? What do we do? Won't they be able to relaunch the site at some point but only on onion? I'm not sure how costs work on onion hosted sites

do you know what an onion site is.......

Not really, apart from the fact a tor browser is needed.

Someone needs to create a site like this for when this goes down, and include more than patreon, like discords and ofher sites.

Though unless it gets made before then and a link is posted here, how will we know?

>Though unless it gets made before then and a link is posted here, how will we know?



Nice. Which thread or whatever? Never used it

So, any way to replace individual 404 posts yet?


Admin is apparently working on it

Is anyone else having trouble using the request update button? It's not processing requests.



Sperging out is spam.

Said the deaf and blind admin who isn't listening to anything the users are saying...

Can you stop acting as if you know what's best for the site?


Yeah, you go ahead and pretend you're not responsible for most of the "sperging out" that's happening. Censorship is the next step. Oh, wait. You're already doing that!

Can you stop ignoring the criticism and discussion related to the genuine problems that MOST, the MAJORITY is suffering?

Can you stop being such a fucking faggot?

facepalm-deja-q.jpg (179.1KiB, 1100x800) save_alt

If you'd just sober up and quit arguing with everyone like you're seeing enemies coming in every direction, then maybe I'd stop acting like I know what's best for the site. And besides, I only "act" like this because it's something literally everyone's been saying for months!

Aha... Because judging from the current state of the site, you clearly do.
Also, by locking and censoring those two threads... You clearly avoided any points brought up against you, and couldn't give a solid explanation about why we were wrong. Trust me: if we were truly wrong, you could have proved us wrong. As an admin, you would've had the necessary knowledge.
But... you didn't. Instead, you just censored our arguments and called it spam, because we refused to eat up the bullshit you served before us time and time again. You didn't do this because it was spam, you did it because you realized you cannot fight valid points with false excuses.
This is not about getting favorites updated anymore: this is about you being an unethical, unprofessional admin who is so desperately attempting to not take any responsibility for his actions, even going as far as outright lying to make everyone else look stupid. You don't listen to anyone, you treat everyone like they are idiots, and pretend you know better. You're not smarter than any of us, just plain arrogant - and those two are very, very different from each other.

Literally 4 people. And if any of you continue spew your shit in the new thread, expect to find yourselves banned.