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Request Thread


Didn't see one up so I might as well make one.
Just post links to Patreons that you would like to be put on or that need an update in content.
I'll start with one that only has a $1 main tier. at any tier. :)

This guy has some good looking art. However his tiers are absurdly large.

I really like this guy's art. So please update him.

And as for a added bonus, I really need to see all this guy's content.
Has a $1 tier and CUF enabled; I wanna see what art of Gogo he has hiding back there.
Anyone get the files for October? (preferably including Veteran files)
This needs some updates (Specifically the $3 and $10 posts)

Mostly for Giantess patreon


Updates someone should upload his old rewards

I guess we could use some of this:
$5 and $10 tier posts
Pretty please?

The CUF posts for this guy is $1 to $10.
Their stuff hasn't been posted here in over a month.
These two zombies haven't been imported here. at any tier, thank you. :3 biggest tier is 15$. CUF.

259255 - just uploaded $10 july rewards Please? $8-$10 CUF posts.
I'll appreciate any shared. Thank you. - 61 1$ posts - 23 1$ posts, 24 2$ posts, 5 5$ posts, 60 10$ posts, 1 20$ post, 1 25$ post. Posts $1 to $15

I'm pledged to this guy but I'm not gonna import, just to spite you

What did I do? I just trying to be more specific. I just need to practice more detail. I'm not a troll or a scammer. I just here to see some exclusive work. Why spite me?

Would anyone be able to update these?

Could someone please update viperv's page at His last import here was 4 months ago
He hasn't been updated in 3 months but he's posted almost daily in that timeframe

Could anyone upload TheGiantHamster's content? He doesn't actually post his work on his Patreon page but on his IB account instead. He's extremely good at imitating styles from animated movies, notably Disney.
You need to have an IB account. Pledge to him on Patreon first, then send a friend request on IB to see the exclusive content he posts there. I think he sometimes withholds a lot of finished work from the public for months despite originally promising only 2 weeks, which if true, is quite sh*tty of him.
$2 for early access, WIPs and exlusive sketches.
$5 for high-res files.
$10 for PSD files.

Also, Oha's page needs updating. She's a great animator. The last paid import on here was 4 months ago, though adult images are $10 while adult animations are $20, very ridiculous.

34san's page could do with an update, it's been a while now.

samefagging the request thread, obviously
there's no way 4 distinct people want content from that obscure patreon

Anyone can update this? Is about 3 months without new


Literally any of the work he sends out in private messages.
I have no idea how they've kept the lid on it for this long

I thought I have to be specific. And you don't have to call me a fag, you asshole.

Is anyone a patreon of this? Someone dump this guys works especially October Rewards PLEASE

Any fursuit makers would be great. Like beastcub etc. plz

Seconding a request on Cheetahpaws' work, NSFW images are sent through DMs in cloud links and can't be found anywhere

Can someone please update kipteitei's posts? It hasn't been added to in a month. needs an update. Need update

werethrope has been needing an update for a while

Anyone can update Kamidu patreon? It'd be great, thank you!

GBstudio update pls

can anyone add mark wulfgar's pareton?
Also Oxdarock's page ( needs some shared files uploaded since he sends the patreon art directly to people.

Probably unlikely, but is anyone willing to cache this?

Dammit, seems he put on CUF recently. Needs an update.

If anyone is supporting eq, an update on his CUF would be most welcome
Any chance of having these updated please?

CUF pending ( )
Needs update ( ): 68 $1 posts, 6 $5 posts ( ): 6 $1 posts, 39 $5 posts, 15 $10 posts, 83 $20 posts, 6 $40 posts
note: hatton_slayden's patreon has all of his blender and daz files for $30+ and zbrush, blender, daz, psds and wip videos at $40+; however, you may need to ask for them after payment goes though though since I don't see any posts on his patreon for them.
Needs update
anyone have his dropbox links to his stuff?

Missing CUFs:
Dude's missing over 100 CUF posts. Would greatly appreciate someone leaking at least some of them.
Someone maybe have any Iskra's monthly rewards for patreons. She sends them to email.

requesting again

It would be very nice if this one was uploaded:

Anyone got a way to access whitekitten's stuff?
Don't suppose this could get updated
Needs update

These two could be added, for sure!

Also, could somebody update ? Somebody updated it, before, but now it's all gone dark.

Dropbox passwords for ?

Sukebepanda plz
anyone can update this one plz

Add pls needs an update.
Also has started messaging his rewards instead of posting them. Does anybody have them to share? This artist needs an update

Can somebody uploud DuckDraws stuff please? Could use an update- looks like there's a missing post and download?


CUF enabled $5 for high res, preferably $10 for psd/sai files
pending CUF preferably $5 for high res $5 for high res and also psd files
consider, please

this please? any stories possible.

Anything from SciFiCat please:

Add please

Could someone subscribe to MITY? Hopefully the update for book 3 is added soon.

CUF enabled $1 to $15

Could anyone update this guy?

Is anybody gonna update

art & animations $1-$5 - seems to be posting more frequently than before.

$6 for all the high-res art and exclusives. Doesn't seem like they do the whole "monthly messaged art pack" thing, as there are posts on patreon for each image (blurred, of course, unless you're supporting them)

$4 for everything

Can someone update Area, $8 to $10 for her content.
Literally just these two posts

If the Request Thread does Patreon posts too, I want to see these posts from this guy.

requesting updates for:

requesting an update for
$5 tier is enough

Anyone got any of fluffkevlars latest uploads? missing 14.

Anyone have?

requesting update for

Can someone update

Would love it if could be added


Can't believe this guy isn't up here. Then again, had no idea he had a patreon either. Looks like this is behind a bit, or something odd happened and the actual patreon updated the post instead of doing a new one. Hopefully we can get a new link for 0.13.3 patch!
Is CUF locked and a bunch behind, would love the soul who can import

I'll be grateful if you do post them. can someone update 15$ reward links?

requesting to be added

These have not been updated for more than a month. Would anyone please update them? ANyone can post this guy? It should be free and with access to all of it.

I added it, but for future reference patreon pages that don't have CUF enabled can just be added directly through here:

True. someone rich needs to get this artist! for fursuit tutorials please! Says its cuf protected or something

Requesting any of the missing reward packs he's sent out, or the links to them.
Supposedly he sent one out in September but can't confirm


Please, can anyone update Taifunriders with all latest files?
Many thanks in advance

requesting update for Who got this? :)

Requesting update for all of The RWBY stuff he did is under a higher tier. Much appreciation if someone does it!

creator is now queued for addition
Honestly I just dislike timewalls and until the only good character shows up again I can't really be arsed to give a shit. anyone able to update this post from coolblue? :) I mainly just want the piece in HD but if it's available in layered psd I'd be most grateful Please update if anyone can. Just one $ ! :D

Thank you for

Anyone update the $30 tier please? Thank you <3

Can someone really update this guy? can this guy be added? he hides his discord link behind the patreon and his discord has all the rest of his links to videos and shit.

Can we get some of

Could we please get Lilly4k’s posts added?
She has 25 lbs of tits btw

Could someone upload Alancampos' (Patreon: art packs? The posted ones only go up to his 23rd set. Thanks in advance if you do!

Requesting update on Mleonheart pelase maybe? would be nice
has over 200 posts that are yet to be put here. any update?

Any chance for an update for

could someone please update this one?

if anyone has the newest demo for and can share the file that would be great.

It would be very nice if someone could add this:

Can anyone update Maizken

Requesting update for Ambris

I'd really love to see SciFiCat updated

Requesting update for 21CenturyRaccoon:

Can someone share the latest update for this one? Please?

Could anyone update this please?

I second No.304 Would be great. She's got some great comics that she hasn't posted anywhere else.

Anyone got this artist ? Please someone upload it!

Anyone have the $10 Shared Files for ?

I want to see thewildwolfy on here, but unfortunately he's still in the pending CUF imports :/

anyone in this dickheads discord and willing to link a link to it? ( he went from freely giving out his discord where he hides all his works to hiding it behind his patreon under a $5 tier. any chance on updating this one? Could you please add this one? Would really appreciate it!

really big webcomic artist. They made the meek. THey have tutorials etc

FriskyFerals could use an update.
Comic has a few more pages up that are $1 tier.

I need help, what is the name of this artist in has gone a while without an update.

Please someone update this guy.


requesting update for pusspuss please update this please?
Its been 6 months and there's 80+ $1 posts I am surprised this one isn't here yet


does anyone have any of DUT's posts, they seem to delete them from patreon shortly after posting them looking for an update on AnimasAnimus's patreon please!

Just wondering if someone would update JLullaby's page a bit
Not sure how much of it is only on Discord.

Would any kind soul be willing to update Extinctioners Patreon ($6-$12), Demicoeur's Patreon ($5-$10) or at the very least share art packs From Rainbowscreen's Patreon that were made in 2016? I already shared my collection of Miles DF goods, so I did my part.

Can anyone update this? rmk
Thank you!

Update this one plz

Could somebody be kind enough to upload Yulliandress's art packs and alt versions to the shared files tab? I am mainly interested in the nude version of the latest pic they posted of Dreamkeepers but the rest of their hoarded art would be nice too.

FriskyFerals is 5 pages behind, I know at least a couple of you have his stuff, pls post

Anyone that can update ?

Update blitzdrachin page pls.

1$ for 4 pages

5$ for 1 page

10$ for 1

30$ for 1


120 posts missing

Somebady plesase updating!

Would somebody happen to have a folder of ShutUpJen's art from her NSFW Twitter? It'd be appreciated if you could drop that in the shared files tab. Thanks.

Would anyone update mleonheart and skygracer please? Is anyone able to update Rebis? please update this guy!

Anyone willing to import Stunnerpony's $1 posts

Anyone willing to get the October 2017 Z-pack from BK-Mita? He just released it on his gumroad.

requesting update for

Nobody can't update this? Would love to have him here. CUF.

Can anyone update please? Thanks in advance.

if anyone could spare $1 to update ViperV at, he just released a new demo for Divine Arms and I need it ASAP. It's been years!!!
Nobody can't update this? all content is sent by patreon inbox all content is sent by patreon inbox update the $10 to $15 posts please

requesting Darkpixel24X - is this possible to do update for this one or share files?

Requesting update for

Anyone have this guy's stuff?
Literally any of their colored high res stuff from their (bullshit) Patreon would be great.

Someone has already imported only 33 posts from Shinodage's patreon, there's more and i want it imported.

Anybody have the 5$ tier of Salus Futuristics?
Its been months since any update here. Shared files for this one please $20 tier for all posts please I am not waiting a year for the last affair comic Shared files from patreon inbox/Dropbox links please Would like the missing posts please requesting update on this one An update on Rukis would be fantastic! just $1 for everything, 14 posts not imported

Requesting an update for , 9 missing CUF posts, $12 tier will get them all.

requesting this please requesting update in this

Someone must have the posts for this guy.

Kip's patreon is missing all the recent updates, including the Thanksgiving post, if someone could update it, that'd be great.

In desperate need of an update

Requesting this please, 33 missing cuf $1.00 - 3 posts$5.00 - 2 posts$7.00 - 28 posts.

requesting last version of bonfire if possible 56 missing cuf posts,
$3 - 26 posts
$5 - 3 posts
$10 - 27 posts
430 missing cuf posts,
$1 - 284 posts
$5 - 70 posts
$10 - 67 posts
$50 - 9 posts

please! :) Missing plenty of posts, please someone help fix this!

>>341 50 missing CUF posts
$1.00 - 4 posts $5.00 - 46 posts

Requesting Balloondolls update and Lilly4k

Does anyone have any of Tensa-Zangitsu patreon packs they cam upload?

Requesting 100 missing CUF posts
$1.00 - 15 posts$3.00 - 18 posts$5.00 - 33 posts$10.00 - 29 posts$25.00 - 5 posts
202 missing 1$ posts, 39 missing 5$ posts, 2 missing 10$ post, 1 missing 50$ post
71 missing 1$
Last update on was 23 days ago.

Can anybody update this?

seconding ReadyArt

update for ?

Can someone upload the B-weekly Packs of Thy?

Fuck every single one of your cheap asses. surprised this guy isn't here yet. Can anyone upload?

Can someone upload these Diives animations?
Mismagis Uses Lick (Final video)
MayXDawn - PREVIEW (+18)
Lopunny twerking (+18) [The dropbox link is broken] /
Anyone able to update them?

And updates to these two? (husky92)
this is a special request: this person has a "sketch gallery" but it's not actually linked in patreon posts, can a patron either post the link or download and share the files from it?
Zonkpunch requires an update

Anything new from Anastimafilia would be incredibly appreciated a pretty well known artist 3D Overwatch animations

can someone update dreamcastzx1

5$ tier from Albatross, really wanna see his alts for the stuff he posts

can someone update Area

can someone update Area

Anyone update DuckDraw?

anything more from this artist?

can someone please update ripped saurian

Dimwitdog missing 35 posts missing.

Please update and thanks

Dimwitdog missing 35 posts missing.

Please update and thanks

Updated skygracer

The blessed board of BalloonDolls need help!
Not updating on 2 month! Help to the world!

Defo needing an update here please!

Kipteitei's patreon hasn't been updated in a month.

Rquesting update for
Requesting an update

At any tier please and thank you
Requesting update. needs update. anyone got meesh's new stuff? The 'Daily Art-ifacts' posts for Dreamkeepers are apparently not being uploaded. Could somebody fix that please?

There's a Dropbox for markwulfgar that he has somewhere and it's not public, can whoever's sharing with YP download the new comic and upload it to his page?
Update required on skygracer
Requesting update, tyvm in advance requesting NSFW files if possible
can a $5 patron update? Some of the good versions of the pages are locked on that tier for some reason.
Anything would be nice.

requesting the 9 missing CUF posts for

Could anyone update this? all JOIs pls

Requesting at any tier and thanks Royal Vacations pages 2 and 3 from sakusakupanic (sent by patreon inbox and dropbox link.)

I know he closed his Patreon, but since this site is intended for sharing paid material from artists I'm going to ask whether anyone has any of Aaron's exclusive mailing list stuff anyways
That stuff pretty much never leaks and I'm sure someone here can circumvent whatever method of watermarking he uses

This is what I want to see:
updates for this one maybe ? Requesting for adding on the site
$5 for all
Requesting for HD version.

Would love to see this chick here: could really use some updating.

Anyone have the $5 updates for ?
Requesting for update. Thanks in advance :)
Requesting for update.

Requesting update to DuckDraw

Need more updates !!!!

Someone please upload Better-with-Salt's stuff please. Requesting update for 12 CUF posts, all art and other content is sent via inbox.

Requesting update to Deersun please

Skunkfrakker would be appreciated, there's been at least a dozen game updates since the last YP post

37 CUF posts for AnimasAnimus, an update would be great

This would be pretty sweet

Requesting the $5 tier posts from

requesting the password to the Zone-Tan Render Set A-C from leslyzerosix if anyone has it.

Can someone update duckdraw please?
Can someone post the Leafa gif?

requesting update

Requesting update

anybody got things from ? he delivers by messages i believe Requesting update, 104 missing CUF posts, best tier $20.
Adding this guy would be nice.
Needs $3 tier updated (and $10 if someone is feeling generous)

The last update was bad.


Inuki needs an update :) -

Update please update please 13 missing CUF posts, best tier $1 - 2 posts containing art and a poll.

Anyone wanna update please?

Anyone can update this. 215 missing CUF needs $1 tier updated

anybody have a list of passwords for wemd's .rar/.zip folders?

Well somebody must have the posts. $1 tier needs updating please.

Any chance of updating TwistedScarlett's stuff? It hasn't been updated since the beginning of the month

Can someone upload Endless2's Nuk-Nuk sizebox model, please? The post is there, but no links nor files. $1 tier update can someone update this? update please? Update pls
Pls new version of this game out yet??

Requesting update on

Can someone add this patreon to Yiff?
They have some good comics stuff update please

Requesting an update for this.

Requesting an Update for christmas :)

minerudesign, CUF enabled, tiers are $1, $3, $9 and $19 please! been a month since this one was updated, needs some new stuff

Requesting for adding this creator

As a Christmas gift please update this this $1 post by sakusakuapanic hasn't been imported yet, someone please import it
Please update.
i would really really appreciate the hilda and skyla pack, as well as the others if anyone's up to it

Can you post @Harvey_art (Wolfskulljack)'s posts? They have a ton (almost 2000 posts) of cool sketches of wolfs and exclusive stuff :

Can you post @Harvey_art (Wolfskulljack)'s posts? They have a ton (almost 2000 posts) of cool sketches of wolfs and exclusive stuff :
Can we get some slappy?

Is that in Patreon?

Please update


Please update Please update missing posts upload Patreon inbox content please, $5 access

I would like to ask update this:
But I think nobody will do it.

Anyone that can update ? please update volezor, 103 missing posts, best tier $20. Update please!
Please update.
SakuSakuPanic, 13 missing CUF posts.
Best tier $5, gives access to mostly everything and access to her Dropbox folder with art which has yet to be uploaded to this site.

Krenz Cushart's videos would be awesome if anyone have it. He only sends it through either PMs or sell it on Gumroad

Link to his Gumroad stuff (that hasn't been pirated)
Lecture - Part 1
Lecture - Part 2
Lecture - Part 3
Onmyoji commission steps lecture part-1
Onmyoji commission steps lecture part-2

requesting an update for this patreon artist
the artist is evianrei any posts of this artist will be grate.
Any tier is great. I just want to see their updates and what is going on in the background (VN progressions etc.). update sakusakupanic please
Any tier will do.

Someone please post the 0.15.0 update version of Bonfire (this game is really hot.) I would really love it if someone could get the missing posts, but any tier is fine! Thanks!

Please! Taifunriders
Please if someone could update or share anything new. requesting update Iskra
If someone could share some files from monthy rewards that would be awesome.
Would really like an update for to get this! Requesting the December reward!

Thanks for whoever uploaded this! Happy fucking new year!
Can anyone please get the new stuff from here?

To the guy who posted this guy:
do you have any more?

To the guy who posted this guy:
do you have any more?

can anyone update revtilian?

Can someone update this?
Requesting update please. please update 15 missing CUF posts, any tier would be good please update with the $15 and below tier

Can someone update this, please?
Thanks in advance :) thanks

if whoever is updating commision254 s page could get their hands on the google drive links and post them in the shared files section it would be greatly appreciated

Someone please update ?, there's about 15 missing CUF posts and all the art is now sent though dropbox links!
Please post the dropbox content to the shared files section and any tier from her patreon would be good! Thank you!

can someone update $8 tier CUF?

Please do

Can anyone please update
Thank you very much in advance ^^

Could someone update thanks in advance!
any tier is good please update

If anyone has the Nekojishi package from ( and would be willing to share it, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

Can someone update the patreon for Cicada?

Could someone update duckDraw and DrXII please? A full update on spindles please? Can anyone update Zibyr/Blacktiger's stuff? Can anyone update Blattarieva stuff? They have 69 missing posts, mainly $5 tier if possible. Can anyone update this? Scrungusbungus- 46 missing CUF Can someone update Kuroodod please? It's been a while

Could someone please update the $3 for Could you possibly update this one?

would really appreciate an upload of the reward from!

Can someone update 21CenturyRaccoon please?
All locked behind messages :( (
If someone could be kind enough to update this it would be gladly appreciated
Over 435 missing CUF posts by furboz, any tier will be good. please update him its been 15 days now :( She's got a private website she tells to patrons, by sheer chance anyone know it? please

A little impossible, but just to say I didn't try.
Can someone kndly upload some rewards of anti_dev ( and Kozmonius (

Some really great stuff here, but some of it is only available at the $55 level:

Normally Diives gets updated really quickly, I'm really looking forward to the nude of his latest. please the 10$tier

Could anyone upload
$10 tier is all I need please

I am interested in seeing a muscle growth animation done by this artist
He posted it on the 20th of August 2017. He made a censored and an uncensored version. Obviously I'm interested in the uncensored one. It's called Muscle Worship Growth (Uncensored). I would be very greatful to anyone who could provide that animation.

On $15 tier is the nsfw
PLEASE! thanks hasn't been updated in a while

Requesting update on this guy thanks!

Second this! Haychel has real sweet stuff away from the public galleries

Can anywone update any tire can do. $5 tire is what i want the most.

can someone update Supersatanson please?

Anyone got up to $25 updates for ? Thanks in advance.


If possible, could Vavacung be updated pls her more recent uploads and files in all her tiers please
Would really appreciate Waifu of the Week 37, Princess Daisy!

Requesting files for: Leticia Latex
Images are posted but, files seem to be sent out in directly to people.

Requesting to be added

Been looking for tracyscops' Venom Stalks Spider-man comic for ages

Could some kind anon update RoyArashi's page? It's been a few months and he draws good stuff pls

Would love to get this game and stuff


Not to mention the missing CUF posts and the second webcomic pages, which are posted via Dropbox, very underrated artist SakuSakuPanic is.

This has not been updated in a long time. Is anyone able too?

Could someone please update

anyone willing to update DrXII?
Makes some high quality art, but none is on this site
FR95. Gets updated, but where's the HD stuff. I'd very much appreciate it.
Just one dollar please and share files he does dropbox Anyone sharing? CUF, highest tier is 15$.

Anyone able to get updated?
( )

Can be updated? 21 posts from the $1 tier are missing

Would somebody import at least the $5 Haychel posts?

Update this one please!
5$ tier post are only needed!
Need more voice actresses on this site They have really amazing canine comics with 500+ pages, but there's several NSFW bones pages available only on patreon. I have the rest of their bonus pages, which I can send to anyone who would like to, but I really need the two latest ones, which I do not have. Help out please? here's their free comic webpage - They have really amazing canine comics with 500+ pages, but there's several NSFW bones pages available only on patreon. I have the rest of their bonus pages, which I can send to anyone who would like to, but I really need the two latest ones, which I do not have. Help out please? here's their free comic webpage -
My email is Please update, CUF enabled
Very big backlog, hasn't been updated in a couple months but very active overall.

pls and thank

Requesting update on the dummy images
Peas and thank you.

anyone have notboogie updated password? can anyoneupdate wegdie and spanking comics?

Could someone find a way to crack these password RARs (from a patreon), please?

can someone update scrungusbungus's patreon?!

can anyone please add this
she has cuf enabled ;(

would love to see

Could use more from konzaburou we need this! :d Requesting update on this guy, thanks in advance!

Can someone update Requesting update for these two

I'll give the person who does it some steam keys.

$1 to $10

requesting an update for all tiers of
thanks in advance :)

Can someone update diives?

It would be nice if someone updated ripped-saurian's page, there are a few posts missing
It would also be very nice if someone added this artist, he does a bunch of great muscle growth animations update pls requesting CUF update for this

Does anyone have notboogie's updated password(s) for any tier?

May we get an Update on Kadath
Kadath has 119 missing CUF posts
$1.00 - 27 posts
$5.00 - 17 posts
$10.00 - 40 posts
$30.00 - 35 posts

Update on ?

anyone have aki99 passwords?

I’d love to see this girl added.
Huge fake tits filled with almost two gallons of saline each.
Starts at $5 anyone?

This thread will keep growing but no updates will come, thats sad bro

If you have a problem with it, then do some updates yourself.

Forgive me if I asked this, any updates on Red Equinox?

Welp, anyone have Kilinah? They recently started "paywalling" their stuff. /
Also insanely outdated.
Their tiers start at 1$, but 2$ is the only tier that's somewhat worth it. A full update on spindles please?

Does anybody have the missing posts from sparrow and/or cicada?

I have read the whole thread and I'm the fifth guy asking a CUF update for this Pls help.
And yeah, this is sad, Sakusakupanic has to be the most underrated artist right now, would love to see more animations from her

Can't believe this isn't here already! update please?

Could anyone update meesh's patreon? The december roundups and high-res versions of new artworks are missing. update needed. even1$ would work, could someone update this with the missing posts if anyone could hit this with an update, that would be unspeakably amazing If anyone could please update Anhes, that would be great!

would the $4 tier work please update.

SSOCRATES. God like art

they're already here:

If anyone could update this that would be awesome

Could someone add to yiff party

wtf is happening to external links? Could someone upload them as shared files? Last post from 3 days ago was already nuked. AnimasAnimus has 20 missing CUF posts, would really appreciate it if it could be updated!

Anyone have blitzdrachin's comic titled "For a better future" and mind uploading it as a shared file?

Anyone wanna update Alfa995 ( again?

Wolfbuns has a Gengar image pack tier that i'd really love to see

Missing a lot of content from that i'd love to get to. Loving the comic so far anyone have his new animated feature?

this website already dying. look at all the cheap bastards lol Update Reit, missing 7 missing CUF posts, Best tier is $10. has 8 missing


Do you any update on RedEquinox?

Can I request this guy's stuff? Dude's a colossal dick.

Could we get an update to Mimy92HornyPony or a first-time import update to JWeisner's page? Either of these two would be fantastic. Delkon seems to have lots of good stuff locked away

UPDATE PLEASE if you can please? please can some add this person here UPDATE WITH HER HIGHER TIERS PLEASE


This too

SparrowP, Cicada

Can someone get this person's discord and post their stuff? update this person with her higher tiers please

update please

Update on this A little update on this one please $5 tier pls
Pls update Spindles, its been months without updates from the dummy images update? Needs an update

update please?
bumpin for dimwitdog again

Requesting :p
Thanks in advanced
Please? She has a new nude tier Surprised this she isn't here already...
would really appreciate an update
Update please..
updates would be nice

oh and this

Can anyone update: komsjar has 125 missing CUF posts

$1.00 - 20 posts$3.00 - 35 posts$5.00 - 36 posts$10.00 - 29 posts $25.00 - 5 posts JMGN has 4 batches unposted update plz needs updating too


Please update SakuSakuPanic, there's about 17 CUF posts that haven't been imported and the best tiers are $1 and $9, any tier is good. $10 tier and $5 tier

can someone update 's "Jess Funtime" post has an updated zip but the zip on isn't updated.

Requesting an update on this guy thanks in advance!

Skygracer anybody?

Anyone have GreenEyedWolfKing? I love his art so much, but now all of his art is posted exclusively on his Patreon. :(
Pls update Spindles, its been months without updates from the dummy images needs updating for a while now

Update on

can anyone update ranken?

Plz update this

Can anybody update Skygracer

Anyone happen to have any Oha stuff?

Anyone got her stuff? She has CUF so it's rip. She got banned on twitch again due to her patreon and i want to get all i can before she does something to her patreon.
the "I want to fuck a pokemon" comic would be amazing plox

To whomever shared the recent files for Roco's patreon ( ) Thank you, however, Large versions of the cover & page 6 are missing from the comic One Last Hustle. I checked the entry where yiffparty should've scraped the post/dropbox link for Page 6 Large and the entry seems to be missing! There's nothing there. higher tiers please

any crazy people wanna upload the $15 tiers for a weird fetish artist?

Could someone please update .Thanks anyone willing to add the updates on this one? Could someone add her higher tiers please Add her at least up to $10 please can the higher tiers be added 10$ tiers from here if anyone can her high tiers if you can

requesting update for

requesting update for

Could someone update this

could someone update sukebepanda at , thank you haychel needs an update

Could someone share all of project files from Zonkpunch's "Braixen x Charizard - Additional Content". Looking for the Vaginal & Internal scenes project files. Part A, Oral scene, is here but I think he added part B after realizing he misspelled the post heading, "Braixen x Charizard - Overwatch - Additional Content", and fixed it? Thanks

could anyone update cherrikissu?

Skygracer needs to be updated questing update for Ryu2 please

Could someone update this?

updates for - pics and comments?

his paywall just got 10 feet higher can someone share from the google drive
always wanted to read his doujin in english ever since


Is anyone able to update Norasuko's page with previous DM reward links?
Norasuko's page! A full update on spindles please?

I've been typing in their usernames in the search creator for awhile.

Since they haven't been added yet, I'm requesting these amazing artists to be added: Bonfire 16.0 is out, would be awesome to see an upload! The page isn't updated here, but it is over on the actual patreon . If someone could update alfa995's page, that be great.

anyone got anything from ?

Does anyone have the Fenrir Reward of drks?

Requesting Alyse Kryze to be added:

Could anyone please put up the posts from

It would be great, thanks

Requesting the last version of Bonfire to be uploaded please :)

Woud love an update on Freebo23 he has 218 missing CUF posts

This had been avoiding yiff for too long

Seconding this!
Pretty please!

Skygracer needs an update
Best tier is 5 dollars for all the NSFW content. Thanks in advance~ needs updating

requesting Darkpixel24X - $5 tier

A few $1 and $5 that need updating. Thank ya! 5 months without an update I most humbly request pieter antonissen be updated

I would be eternally grateful if someone could update this, $5 tier - it's been 7 months since a paid post has been added and they've been going absolutely ham on the paywall lately... :/

Last update is from six months ago Requesting update on this guy, thanks in advance! Needs an update badly tier 3$ , thanks
3 months without an update and I really want to see his poxxen series Please update this page with all of the creator's previous posts in the 5$ tier, sine the rest of the posts are missing.
Couple things missing. Mostly looking for the Amy Wong Patreon release. last affair comic is sent by message for $15 female patrons, please post the full comic in the shared files section
tier $5

Could someone update this please?

been wanting to see the new art f this person. an update would be highly appreciated
Even the older stuff has barely leaked. $5+ to get the art for a niche fetish is rough though.

Could we get another update for Kompera, preferably with all of their work?
can anyone please share DarkViperBara's Maximum Bara Impact 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 in the Share Files section? thank you! I could upload the other ones later on.

Could anyone updated Anhes' patreon? thanks!


Seriously, its been months without been updated and its all just littered with dummy posts, is anyone kind enough to update spindles appropiately? Thanks.
new update on patreon

Can someone add this one:

Any update on this one yet?

Bonfire: got updated to .16 recently but the updater whent down before anybody could post the zip file. The link in the scraped post seems to link to a patreon page that isin't mentioned being CUF. How's that work?
Missing recent patron build posts, please update soon. $2+

Anybody got: ?

Can anyone update?

4 new posts

2 months now Kogeikun

Could someone please update Yawg - any tier but pref lewd ($50 tier)

Can someone update mrsafetylions page?

Also if someone has his most recent animation put it in the shared files section

Btw it's a 3 dollar tier

Whoever was updating Anti-Dev's posts suddenly disappeared so that's something that could stand to be topped back up

I'd like to see more $5+ Tier content from Ferdk

Some of it's already there, but only for the most recent songs

Seriously, its been months without been updated and its all just littered with dummy posts, is anyone kind enough to update spindles appropiately? Thanks.

Please, do u have an update on Haychel

Please update xxgato

new posts
anyone that's willing to upload them?

If anyone's willing to import or share content from
that'd be fantasic

Can someone post the missing posts for this guy?

Please update everyone. thx

Got a bunch of artists that I want to make you guys aware of so I'm requesting that these artists get added:

Please and thank you if you do this. You can add them at your own pace. I can be patient.

Have you used the Add Creator feature?
You can add them yourself that way.

I don't really have the time for it. and I don't have the money right now to be pledged to any artists so I wouldn't be able to add posts hence why I'm requesting.

But I think you don't have to pay anything to add them, you just need to put their URL, name or ID and they'll get added to automatically.

Oh my bad, now I see that they've CUF enabled so that's why they can't be added automatically.

yeah, I didn't realize that some of my requests are actually been added, already considered to being added and CUF pending. I guess i'm going to have to be patient.

God, all this CUF thing, sending exclusive stuff through PMs, etc it's a real pain in the ass. It would be so perfect if everyone just put their stuff on their post feed and so that way the bots could leak everything with no problem haha. Guess one can't have everything. update plz

Yes I second this, Can somebody please update mrsaftylions page and share the most recent video?
Can someone update this artist's page?

Requesting update on

Requesting be added in

Requesting patreon link download of
right here owo has 8 missing

does anyone have the picarto stream link for breaburned

also the images that breaburned done on stream

While this is going to be a longshot, Forge once posted two art packs in collaboration with Dwalker - MICE AND TOADS AND CATS, Manhattan Clan. This was 6 years ago and I've tried contacting both of them to no avail, so if someone has links to ZIPs of those two packs, it would be greatly appreciated.

can someone update or buy reward from 18plusplus? Its been a month nothing from him...

These two make the hottest thick 3d stuff and was hoping someone could add them in all of their tiers which aren't much. Thanks in advance needs updating pls update requesting an update please can anyone update this?
Just $2 needs updating there have been more birdway updates if anyone's got them

Is anyone able to update skygracer and rebis? please update thank you
Requesting this to be updated.

Anyone a patron of redequinox? They have CUF sadly.

Can someone update this patreon please?

Fucking update Hioshiru's Patreon please!

To whomever updated red equinox thank you!

Whoever updates ManiacPaint can you post the dropbox passwords as well?

Or at least post the content from the dropbox posts?

Generous soul who added Godvore: Thank you! Just missing the 15$ tier. A huge thanks to anyone who adds them at least the dropbox links

can someone updates this pls Requesting the latest build on bonfire
0.16 is missing but the comments suggest there was a bugfix version that was also uploaded
Just refreshing please
Can anyone update this? please

Dopey has nothing yet. Would love to have some please
please update if someone can If somebody could update this, that'd be great. please

Please Update this This would be nice too!

Can someone update please? This hasn't been updated in over a month If anyone could, I'm dying to see the Gardevoir edits. Could somebody update this guy? thanks!
Dying to see this updated. Thanks! is due update this plz

Could somebody manually update Dreamkeepers page? Thank you in advance.

Is this dude even on here? His Lion King stuff is hot as fuck.

Could dutch get updated? Thanks in advance!

The latest animation from DragesAnimation please lol possible to see a manual update here?

CUF Patreon, amazing giant and giantess stuff with exclusive content:
Could someone finally update it here? thank you! Is there any way to get hBKMita's art now? He sends the files via mail now.


Updated the finished pics, stream link is only sent through the Patreon Discord though and updating that every time there's a stream's a hassle

Nice to see that some heroes are actually looking into this thread and updating the respective Patreons, thank you! Sometimes I feel we're all here requesting stuff but nobody actually cares to update them :P

Would be great to get an update on this, thanks.
There seems to be some softcore lewd that may be of general interest, but I'm a big fan of this comic and I've been dying to get my hands on all those extra materials. Unfortunately, 11 bucks is a lot of money in my neck of the woods. I would be extraordinarily grateful.

Any precious can please update tier 3$ \
Big thanks in advanced.

Anybody have the project files of Zonkpunch's Braixen x Charizard - Additional Content of the Vaginal & Internal scenes such as the assets folder, PSD, and AEP files. That shows Zonkpunch's workflow in creating part B of this animation.
Any and all help is much appreciated!

Really need MrSafetyLion's new Tigress vid.

How about JamesHoward, because I'm a degenerate? update bots broken, anyone please update ($10 tier)

would be VERY much appreciated :)

Please up, please!


Can someone update please?

seconding whitekitten's freaky fetishy stuff $5 tier, has a google drive link he sends to members that have everything he's commissioned

If anyone has Ploxy's ( Megumin picture from January it'd be awesome if you could share it. Or if you got the Archive that'd be super as well.

Please could anyone update Fooooly's Patreon? I would love to get his latest comic. Thank you" - Hasn't been updated for a few weeks. - New Page for Sweet Sting comic - love it if someone could post!

requesting Darkpixel24X - $5 tier futa Sabrotiger uploaded a high res pack in January to this link;
But it keeps fucking failing to download for me. Does someone have it or can someone download it and reupload to his page under shared files, please?

Have you tried using JDownloader? maybe there's a problem with your browser or something. I was going to download it and upload it for you but its 800mb and my internet connection kinda sucks. If you still can't download it then I'll try to do it myself later on.

any tier

Kozmonius and Jaeh haven't been updated in 2 weeks, and the titles of their newest posts sound really good.

still hopin to get the animations and such from

All downloaded just fine for me friend. What browser are you using and are you using a download manager? It downloaded just fine for me on Firefox without one. You could just download the midlevel pack if this one is having difficulties downloading.

Just thought I'd post here that theres a torrent file floating around the Telegram group with a few hundred Gigs of rare content, it really needs seeds though so I'll post it here in case any o yall got disk space and bandwidth to spare

Requesting the latest hotfix 0.16 build of Bonfire
If anyone has it it would be really awesome if you could just leave a dropbox link here or in the other share thread since shared files being approved is slow due to the focus on getting the auto updater back online.

TheGiantHamster has started uploading extra hi-res versions of his pictures along with PSDs for patrons. The rar files can be downloaded by anyone however they are password protected. If anyone could obtain the passwords or extract the PSDs and images from them and post it, it would be greatly appreciated. His Dropbox stuff. Patreon and Gumroad. anybody? I believe the latest project is finished

Please update
it has been a month
Update on this one please please plzplz!

Love you anon, have a nice day

Can someone upload this guy's NSFW pictures?

Anyone got the $5 stuff of Alfa995? ( Huge thanks in advance!

Could anyone update LRM (Lucie Rose's) newest patreon posts. Been like 4 since it was last updated, ta

Patreon link:
Yiff link:

Requesting update for kevinsano

Anybody got ?


Could someone please update Papacon's Patreon? thank you!

Probably a snowball's chance in hell with this one, but could anyone update:

Can someone update him please

Anyone a patron of redequinox? They made some new stuff last night. $10 she's doing body paint pictures and is really cute :)

Amazing nude model!

Found them on some torrent website, uploaded here as shared files, pending approval.
In the meantime, you can grab them here:
Mice Cats and Toads:!hOhGnZDa!YtJsYehkjq3Fo-QiyJjd1yDpDfef1w7zdDCHHMVIDIM
Gargoyles:!AWoCjTTY!ORT67RYhwboZQmZm0b2mYRe6UJWqs_yrNMrP1rKVq3w (could be missing one or more images with females, as was stated in the torrent description, hopefully it's not too big of a deal)
Horse With No Name:!YPx0RbhI!Wao68OswVjzlbpXmElsLTxOo9uQyWNW_zhA3hIwqr5o (for completeness sake, was in the torrent as well, already shared here in one way or another)

Anyone have the most recent Extracurricular Activities update?

I second this, I too have been DYING to see their new art.

Please someone can update this patreon?

If someone can please update Iskra's art.

Can someone upload kabiers new rags comic please?

$5+ Tier Please this guy has some animations hidden behind $5

Update this pls.

Requesting update for Passwords should be hidden WIP posts.

Requesting updates for - any tier, any help appreciated!

Can someone update please?

can somebody add: TheFoxxx
and SuperTito with all of their tiers which aren't much?

can anyone update Tailzkim?

Update this please!

Would any kind soul please update Aquamouse patreon for $5,
or at very least update Demicoeur Patreon to get the lastest PSD pack for $10?
Thank you for reading and for accepting my request.

Does anyone have the recent bonus episde of The Dick show
This page is behind by like a dozen posts 2 updates needed

anyfursuit makers plz
Any updates? New content posted, still missing a tier. Thanks a bunch!

Can anyone update this? Hasn't been updated for weeks. Please update.

can anyone upload the new cakeinferno stuff?

To the person who updated 252083's posts, nice work.

Can someone please update ?

Could anyone potentially update this one?
The biggest tier for everything not yet updated is $3.

Can someone out there get this guy's stuff? Think someone already requested him too.

Also can MostlyFunStuff's page?

For people who love fat boys and huge butts Kozmonius needs an update.

Update this plz

Please Add Chinbotsu there stuff is really good

Looking for Bonfire update 0.16.01
The link in the latest post leads to a seperate download information post: which for some reason isint scraped normally when the updater is working or is mentioned being a missing cuf post iirc

I'm working on getting the Bonfire installers up, but I keep getting errors. For now, here are the external links:
Mac OSX:

Requesting an update for orochi's patreon plz

Requesting an update for Westane
Thank you very much in advance.

Red Equinox update please?

Links to Danza's ( $5 tier hi-res Dropbox shares for the past several months:

September 2017
October 2017
November 2017
December 2017
January 2018
February 2018

Copied from the share thread. Dropbox links, yes, but so far he hasn't changed any of the links and they're all still good.

his blog updated on yp but the bots didnt get his latest art pack

I'd really appreciate if someone would update these two: (Rabbatlabs) (Blargsnarf)

Can anyone update 34-san's page?

looking for FR95's HD stuff

Anyone that can update FluffKevlar's page?

perhaps someone could update DrXII please?

Can anyone update 0r0ch1 please?

Might as well try any chance to get ehh? (18plusplus)
Its been a month...Anyone willing to update this guy? Or just giving the link for the reward...really appreciate...

I mean give...sorry...cant edit...

Same for >>5090
if anyone wants to give the link to the reward I would like that. I kinda only want his january sketches only for now.

Don't see anywhere. His shit's really good. (VORE)

Anyone have any updates for

If anyone has the updates for ncad

anyone got passwords for the dropbox'd content here?:

Can someone update red equinox please? update this please Could we get an update for Kompera please?
Missing around a DOZEN posts. Needs update!

anyone got the new passwords from boogie? Requesting any teirs :) any tier, please?

Requesting any of headingsoutharts imagepacks

Please update spelunkersal's patreon

Mind if I request

ingoguma update?

Anything would be nice
pieceofsoap ->
kannelart ->
tgtrinity ->

Nasty...scat diaper patreon :/

Can someone update redequinox?

It's been a while since anyone has updated KakiharaD's patreon page and even a new update has been uploaded there
Is there anyone who has the shared files someone have the silver tier game with password ? please update her :3

Please help update 21centuryraccoon His yp has not been updated in weeks
Does anyone has any of the Patreon Art Packs that KenCougr sent to his patrons via PM? or any of his collections from his website:
Thank you!

Update would be appreciated :)

Password for all the stuff on this patreon would be nice.

Can someone please import some posts from:
Would be very appreciated. could use an update, starting another zone-tan comic and hiding the good pictures behind a paywall
Anyone wanna import this one?

Requesting update for 21centuryraccoon's yp

There are abigale mandler videos posted but vid doesn't have a link how do I get those?

Could someone update Willy Bear Beach Pretty Please. Any tier works, please and thanks~
please update aoino_broome's page

Please update Iskra if someone can.

Can anyone update these

Requesting this creator to be added

Anyone saved the dropbox links from ?

if anyone's got whitekitten's google drive stuff, that'd be greatly appreciated Any tiers please
Requesting update.

Can someone add the foxxx and supertito with all of their tiers?

Requesting update.

Anyone have the full video from Diives?

Requesting update <3

These have not been updated in a long time. Would anyone be able to update them?


If anyone has the link to the latest Insexual Awakening build, I'd appreciate it

Can someone please update Gabshiba's page? It's slowly killing me just waiting for that page to updated.

How about Loboleo? He's returned from the dead recently.

AnimasAnimus please.

Oh I didn't realize my link didn't paste

Someone please update the yiffparty page for him please!!! BKMita's art pack please if anyone has

Can someone please update ? It's been a while please

Would someone be so kind to update scaitblue's page?

Please someone update AnimasAnimus and Fooooly!
Another request. has 29 missing

Cuddlep00p's 5$ teir

Requesting update for Ogrul:
Hasent been updated in a month ;^;

Would, anyone, kindly have some update at fetishhand page. Thank you very much! Love the site! Cant wait to it back to work!

At this point, no one will bother to update this page, so don't bother.
Not a lot of furry art, so low priority. This artist's patreon isnt on yiff party yet.

an update for
would be pretty great

Someone update AnimasAnimus' page and Wolfbuns' page! update for this one

Please update these

It would be GREATLY appreciated if we could get updated. They’ve gone a month with no update and have over 50 CUF posts missing.

Please update AnimasAnimus and DarknessMinotaur please!

Requesting update for Jic and RWBYMMD
doesn't have much art so far

Anyone got AnChee or SalonKitty?

Requesting update <3

I'm just gonna list the stuff I'm interested in. If you have any of these, I would greatly appreciate it!

Not added to the site:

Updates for: ( ( (preferably wait for march pinups I guess)

Requesting update on Doxy :)

Can someone share Iskra monthly rewards? She sends them by email.
Please update this artist!!!
Can someone update patapatapata's page?
Update plz

plz update

Someone please update ravenravenraven.

Does anyone have the shared files from Doxy, sent via private message on Patreon?

Somone mind updating this? :) Anyone got page 42? He/she has gotten up to it on his/her patreon but this recent drought of content has meant this page hasn't gotten here yet

CAN WE GET KOMPERA UPDATED PLEASE Studio Fow needs to be updated.

Update on TheSecretCave

Iskra's 2017 content would be a treat. Could we get an update to this? Looks like .17 is out (bonfire).

Update Hioshiru's patreon goddamnit!

Could we please get an update for Yawg?

please, hataraki_ari update

Anubis kruger pls

New stuff from this artist is out. Donught please and thanks

pinkdrawz at the Swinger tier or higher would be nice

Can anyone update personalami? Thanks

Could someone compilate all the art from ?, They've instated a system that checks the browser for if you're logged into patreon before letting you get to the image on their external site. Far more elegant than email/discord/pm/what have you, but no less annoying. Or even better if there's a way that a workaround could be instated given that it's working off presumably the same systems's working around. know it aint furry, but pretty please new peach and daisy animation just came out released via patreon inbox


Any chance someone could update Deersun please? They're missing quite a few pics.

an update for colonelyobo would be nice, top tier 3d warcraft animations


Update please

Can you uptades this please

Can anyone upload/update Forge's newer stuff, please? Some of them don't have the imgur links. Can anyone upload Slave Jasmine Hopps image set? Missing 84 posts, hasn’t been properly updated in a month. Who ever updated this in the beginning, or anyone else for that matter, could you please import the remaining 84 posts that have been missing for more than a month?
These two have not been added to yet

TheGiantHamster. Need to be on his friends list to get around the time gate.

Please can someone update AnimasAnimus? he has CUF enabled: thanks
can the person who uploaded the "humiliation" video upload "domination" too

I've been asking to add two artists (by add creator) and never approve, can you add or approve these two?
Missing a whole shitton of posts.

Can someone reup diives' latest video? It seems to be broken

What he said ^

Can we get an update to Jameshoawrd's stuff? Thanks!

Can anyone update tennisace's yp?

Anyone able to upload the latest bonfire update? There was a patch for a major bug with .17

About 5 images missing, and maybe 15 posts.

can anyone update Rukis's yp?
an update on her $10 tier CUF would be most welcome

Could someone kindly upload TheGiantHamster's 'Inkbunny Friends only' and CUF posts, along with passwords for any included zip files?
Give us a hand, lads. Any tier will do.

I want to make a post to let anybody know of a particular artists that needs to be updated.
As well as want to request these artists get added. I asked for these in the past, but haven't been added yet. Just a reminder and they are CUF creators.
Thank you very much to whoever adds these amazing artists on to for me.

Could someone update this?


needs updating please

Update on Goyo, please?

anyone has access to discord rewards, pls share comic files?

Brittanysimon would be awesome this shit is missing 84 post!!

Can you actualised this post please

Can you uptades this please is not on this site

Can you uptades this
Craving for that dragon...

unafkenny has started posting again. His $10 tier needs sharing.

Thirding or...fourthing? an update for Balloondolls

Please update Milachu92 :3


Tara Babcock?

Jessica Nigri?

Is it at all possible to get the images from this creator?

He does a strange thing where he links the images inside patreon in the posts. FUrusit tutorials please =3 300 posts missing

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