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Hydrus for ALL your downloading & tagging needs!

undoReturn (5.1KiB, 512x111) save_alt

Hydrus is an all in one option for your interwebz files.
It will download your files with tags from sites and manage it all for you.
Subscriptions will to automatically do a query and download on most sites on a dynamic timer... even Yiff.Party.
All tagging and sorting in non-destructive, Hydrus NEVER edits its files and ties all tags and data to its hash value.
Hydrus will never ever upload anything to any site without the user strict confirmation (it will be obvious).
Users of Hydrus can also if they choose share tags with each other and can allow for all imported and downloaded tags to be shared with the rest of the community.
The PTR as we call it is a Public Tag Repo which contains all tags from most of the files on most of the common booru/imageboard sites.
This is an anon all or nothing deal. Everyone gets all the tags for all the file hash values, there is no way to tell where it came from no matter the content and Sketchy content may be.
And don't worry about the whole every tag for every file on the web deal. you only see tags for the files you have locally in your collection and only if they are in display or if you search for them specifically. You cannot search for tags that you don't have in use by your own files.

When using Hydrus, be Respectful of the website and servers they operate and keep a sane rate limit or download limit.
This is all within user control but we don't discriminate.

In the end ill attach the Yiff.Party full preset that allows for downloading of an creators page and make subscriptions for said creators.

pretty good YP client
gonna use this

I already use hydrus for e621, useful with the tags and everything, I personally have to read up on/copy the options and settings for everything cuz i dont wanna accidentally download every single thing from a creator again. Especially for creators that post sketches, flats, inked, coloured, and finalized versions of a single image all in the same day. Otherwise, thanks for taking the time to make this post, and i fully expect to see YP slow down because people will just click a button without setting anything up, lol.

Biggest problem of Hydrus is that there is a limited amount of file formats which you can import into it. For example you can't store PSD's in it.

"When using Hydrus, be Respectful of the website and servers they operate and keep a sane rate limit or download limit."
Ugh that's the reason why the site was down for a few days a couple of months ago, people using this kind of programs to download massive amount of files at once.

YP has been throttling your connection if you download a lot of stuff in a short period of time for quite a while now. Plus it is behind cloudflare's caching proxy. So I doubt this is the reason.

If the file is one and the same it will always merge with itself and not create dupes. Sadly if there is differences then dupes might happen. You can always cleanup this afterwards.

If it's indeed using CloudFlare then admin should be able to add that fancy new ipfs gateway to the site to allow for p2p hosted files. Also hydrus allows for ipfs downloading and hosting out of the box so people could always help out with the bandwidth load of it all with their own connections.
If server cost really is the issue then this can help for sure in many ways.

Also default bandwidth rules out of the box is limited to 64MB a day for the domain. Most users from our experience leaves a limit on even if they edit it a bit higher.

And frankly it is not hard at all to make a parser and ripper in python that is more aggressive out of the box. Hydrus is the middle ground.

Heck even by default isn't supported and needs to be manually added.

really good shit anon, keep it up

God bless this man.

If people weren't aware, a month ago one of the Hydrus community made a favorite to Hydrus subscription conversion script.
This takes your exported favorites on as its exported and converts it to subscriptions for automatic timed downloads.
read the `` of the folder for how to use it.
v0.02 did also add a blacklist so it wont make new subs for already created subs. (5.3KiB, 512x112) save_alt

Pushing out a small update on the main parser with a new URL class to handle some weird attachment URLs that sometimes happens.
It should still try to download every URL and file in any post as long as you have supported parsers for the external sites it might link.

Inside of what Hydrus itself supports of file formats (which just got .psd, .webp & .tiff support)

If you didn't get the update back in January then this will fix a bunch of other issues.

THIS artist draw for free

Bumping this for the hope that it gets good

Any more updates?

Updates? of what kind? The parser doesn't need an update at all.
The program itself is updated every week on Wednesday with a ton of fixes and features.

The parser doesn't need to be updated and it just works. Ofc there is a limit where Hydrus isn't able yet to add parsed text from sites as a note (like post text).
There havent been any changes as far as i am aware on the .json side that needs a change in my experience. But i could be wrong, havent followed it that much at all. Just have set my subs and forgot about it.

seems like hydrus is no longer and option all i get is server return with error

nevermind reinstalled and working ^

Dude just ask if you have issues

the parser needs to be updated because YP switched to pages and hydrus only grabs the first page now.

Check again in (they fixed their support, if you have any more issues please ask)

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>>45933 i legit dunno what to do

Can we please keep it to Hydrus Downloading talk or downloading issues with YP?

Also to note that the current json api of YP does not contain all links for attachments as it should and have in the past.

noted, which the admin should probably fix for the sake of the Yiff bat/sh script AND Hydrus.

Okay so is the Wx-to-Qt switch coming in 3 weeks or what?

Qt early beta test is tomorrow on the 6th and "stable" release on the 13th.
Ofc the next weekly releases (every wednesday after the 13th) after that will focus heavily on issues that Qt might bring in its early stages.

Hopefully we will see a embedded mpv player before the new year aswell.

Note the 6th beta release is prob a bit more unstable on some envos and platforms, esp MacOS i believe.

>Beta on the 6th.
Seem's its delayed for the 9th!

Is it out yet? And how many bugs are there?

The beta release is out, he posted it on twitter and the discord with the early release.
Very few bugs really, an UI mistake and file>import might be broken for some.

MacOS is prob more unstable though (compared to Win & Linux) as it took the most work to get going.
But the "full" release is tomorrow, so might aswell wait till then if you are unsure.
Been having mine running on the early release since the 9th with no extra issues i wasn't having already (client overload lag).

All in all its the same as it was but it is faster on certain things. Like loading ui elements and thumbnails seems much faster.!/v/redline-aviator/

why is there a second discord link here

incomplete link (probably not 404)

Wasn't me posting any of the like. The discord linked on this thread and other places for Hydrus is enough IMO.

Do someone knows in which browser file the bookmark list is archived? I want to migrate to another browser, but adding all the artists i'm actually following one by one sounds like a pain in the ass.

Which browser are you using anyway? It differs from browser to browser.

> Using bookmarks to follow artists

>Also to note that the current json api of YP does not contain all links for attachments as it should and have in the past.

Admin, can you fix?

No, this is the fault of YP Admin not willing to fix the JSON API as he did not anticipate that we use the damn thing so professionally.

There is no JSON API. There's only how the website is created. If you can't handle minor changes to your software to adapt it to a website as it changes you shouldn't be using or developing said software. Pay someone to fix the software or calmly wait until someone has the free time to do so.

The "API" is really how the site accesses data, and we are saying that it can't handle data consistency, even when it comes to page rendering.
Hydrus is also able to scrape webpages and download data from it, but the JSON interface makes archiving easy, which should be the case.

But the site does have a .json page for each creator/patreon. It lists all the data you ever need in a more effective manner than in an HTML.
The thing is, we COULD easily parse the html page if we wanted. But why even have a public facing json in the first place then?
Loading and parsing the html requires more bandwidth for the host servers, requires more cpu power for the actual parse and requires more advance content parsing.

Its a matter of principle really, its a feature the site has that is broken and have been broken for a while after he added the new "media" layers of the additional files.
The thing is, this was a change that happened across the board while the json was NOT updated, if it was updated then it wouldnt be an issue. We would just update the parsing scripts of the json and call it a day, would take 30 sec flat if even that. There is nothing wrong with the software but rather missing metadata on this site itself and that is a fact.

YP/Fantia parsing script WHEN?

Fantia update?

Still holding off for Admin to add a json page for this aswell as fixing the additional files.

News Year Resolution: Get Hydrus to actually work well.

is it me or hydrus does not work anymore on

Use the newest scripts in

Work well? It needs to have a decent UI too. There's nothing good about Hydrus and it's been like that for many years now. The fact that it throws every image in one folder is one reason to never touch Hydrus.

> The fact that it throws every image in one folder is one reason to never touch Hydrus.
That is the point, tags > folders, it is a new paradigm. Have you ever been to e621 or Derpibooru because it is the same shit.

Does it really put everything into a single folder? That's horrible if true. Tags are > folders, but you can't just dump everything into a single folder. One of the saner ways of doing this is to organize files by their hash value. The first 4 digits of the hash determine which folder it goes in. Most filesystems do have limits on the amount of files in a folder. Plenty of OS tools (on Windows, Mac, and Linux) perform horrible on folders with thousands of files in them. I have one folder with about 5 thousand images. It takes a noticeable amount of time for the Save Image dialog to navigate though that folder, even if I wasn't planning to save something in there. For something which is supposed to be storing a ton of content, keeping everything in a single folder is completely stupid.

The thing is, you are so fundamentally limited with folders.
Yes you need Hydrus to actually find your images unless you know the SHA256 hash value of the file i guess.

But that's the only little tiny downside of it all.

All the pros you gain from not having a folder system is immense.

And yeah, it does split it into 256 folders based on its SHA256 value starting value.
There is thoughts and plans to maybe make this dynamic to make more folders once they are loaded fully. A folder with say 26K files is quite heavy to load in explorer..... But you never do that.
The folder sizes did give us some backlash with the default mpv loading features and its folder scanning feature, once we turned that off it helped mpv load within a sec instead of minutes of such a large folder over SMB.

Hydrus is its own thing, its singular manager in a sea of crap software.
It does pretty much everything a Booru scraper, collector, hoarder would want. Big or small collections, content neutral across the board.

The software in its basic theories is quite simple, just take tags and map it to the hash value and add value too that.

Also cause its a hash based system, you won't have real dupes with a matching hash either, impossible. And even if the hash is the same, it can find dupes with a phash lookup across your whole collection, it can do this easily with many many millions of files without struggling.

And please do note, no matter how big the folder actually gets and how slow it is in windows or whatever. it has no bearing on the Hydrus client at all in terms of saving and loading files.

But please join our Discord if you have any direct questions on how things work or need help getting started.
The docs are covering most of the basic concepts though but not specific features across the board.

Best to just explore the client at your own pace and get familiar.

This program is updated every week no matter what (outside of a few huge milestone releases which needed more than a week to be stable)
On its own its really stable even at this weekly release, just a month ago or so the main media player was swapped out for the mpv player for example, some small bugs the first week but now its stable as hell for pretty much every use outside of weird distros.

I'm not going to join your community. I'm a programmer, write my own tools, and I want all the metadata (posts, text/stories, etc...) that goes with the media. But thank you for the explanation. It not compiling or running when I tried it around a year ago didn't help either (on Linux). Even though I'm not using it, I'm glad the software exists.

Since you guys support many websites, how about Kemono like in >>55093 (since they are covering more paid services)?

For those who are scared of the new delete policy in YP, please take a look at Hydrus.

Okay, to all of those five people using Hydrus, how do you use it to download one artist? Just explain it here in plain English.

You guys are desperate for people to use it, but only you five know how to use it, so start explaining how to use it and you might be able to convince people like me to use it as well.

First, download the latest release here
Then download the YP script in
(Note: in case YPAdmin change the site layout, the script would have to change in order to work)
After that follow

After I've imported that picture, how do I import everything from a patreon?

Does it truly grab everything, including dropbox, media, etc?

Is the JSON interface still busted?
I'm seeing attachments in the HTML that aren't showing up the the JSON.
(Is this the thread to ask in?)

IT grabs every media within the YP gallery, if you want to grab dropbox then
This also applies to other sites shown in

It is better to ask in Discord.

Any news on the software?