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Hey cucks

tenor.png (127.7KiB, 480x480) save_alt

Is it a wise move to tell other people on other websites about yiff?. Because currently not a lot of ppl know about it and we need other patreon subs to be aware of this site in the first place for them to upload the stuff they have access to.

Also, fuck all the furry stuff on this site, it's a waste of space, I'm not interested in it not one bit.

Please pretend I changed the subject of this thread in a way that was smooth and subtle in an attempt to shamelessly request an update on a patreon I like and think needs it. Ok thanks.
Missing 222 posts, last updated 3 months ago.

creators and patreon have been aware of this site for years now and they most they've managed is CUF, even after Kotaku ran a massive article advertising for the site and forexposure got more people to come find it, so at this point it seems like it can only help if you tell people

just remember that some creators and their defenders will freak out if they see it so don't do it on your main accounts or anything

hall0 cuckface

Please pretend that you also learned what a request thread is.



>fuck all the furry stuff on this site, it's a waste of space, I'm not interested in it not one bit.
No one cares, cuck. This is our site and if you don't like it, fuck off. We're not here to tailor to your personal needs.


>On a site literally named "Yiff Party"

>A site that was made BY a furry

>"why is all this furry stuff here? I don't want it :("

Do you have to wear a helmet when you go to school?

lol yeah im also not here for the furry stuff but hey its your turf so no big deal. I just like the free stuff those jews hide from us, something we can agree on? I think so.

what shall the spambot do___
press a key (K)ek (S)age (F)uck

It's not wise to tell anyone but at this point most people already know about the site. it has been a broken mess for several months anyways with many patreons not updating at all so not too many people care about it. Telling people and spreading the word about it is just going to make more artists switch to CUF which is countering the system which is why everyone is just relying on people to upload the patreon content from certain artists themselves.

Thanks to Human nature, only the biggest ones are getting hits. While the majority of medium hits haven't been updated since. Even then, with many artists choosing to upload offsite, even those who scrape for YP don't work. You gotta manually upload files into shared files and the number of people who do that are basically in the 10s.

don't just fucking drop it in some random ass board. A shit ton of artists I've followed have been activating CUF because some retard dropped yiff into the wrong place and some other retard moralfags decided they needed to be extra shitty human beings.

>baiting this hard

Yiff bed.png (2.0MiB, 1500x1000) save_alt

>mfw all these butthurt paywall artists only make my fap that much sweeter

call me when CUF artists can be scrapped with the bot, because it does not seem that difficult.

The issue there is there's no fucking incentive to do so, If there was I bet there'd be a lot more premium content on this site

y8er95D.png (2.1MiB, 1003x2052) save_alt

As Gabe Newell once wisely said, a majority of people pirate content because it's been made difficult to access through legitimate means. Nobody likes to jump through half a dozen hoops just to find some decent wank material. On top of that, only a dipshit would pay money for digital art, and the furfag community has them in spades.

That would depend on how said artist's art is being distributed. Still, bots ought to scrape carefully.


The fact that this post was made by a furfag who has probably commissioned someone once in their life is really too ironic

i would never call myself a furry and i have never made a commission

20181204_210227.jpg (441.1KiB, 800x1123) save_alt

el goblino chart.jpg (345.7KiB, 815x1840) save_alt


Let us consult the chart.....

Holy shit Lawl

> Is it a wise move to tell other people on other websites about yiff?
If it boosts donation and content count, hopefully more on the former

>If it boosts donation and content count
About that....

Yeah get me the actual data if you can because surly we need to know our userbase better.
1. What % of content is thottery
2. What % of donations are from cucks/simps
3. What % of users are cucks/simps

So long as the ethot lovers pull their weight in donations

F to pay respects, ethottery deserves the gas

There was a poll sometime back about this.

Fetch me the results then, we need this as a reflection.


Anime + Furry: 56% (63% if including cosplay/fursuit)
Game, software and written works: 17%
THOTs/PAWGs: 12%
Others: 8%

So thottery is only 1/8th of the whole website, and how many creators are THOTs/PAWGs again?

*So thottery is only 1/8th of the whole website by usage