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Discussion about nCaD_Latex

1080x360_u18chan.jpg (72.1KiB, 1080x360) save_alt

Can we get to discuss more about this artist,nCaD_Latex?
First of all,who's nCaD_Latex?
-nCaD_Latex is an latex suiter who does SFW/NSFW contents of his suits,primally pokémon suits(Lugia,Salazzle,Blaziken,Suicune,Noivern),including a digimon one(Renamon)

It looks like a lot of work went into the suits...

He does sell his full SFW contents at 6$,Full NSFW contents at 12$,and access to his dropbox archive folder with all the contents until 2 months ago at 15$

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What the hell is this spam and REPORTED!!

I guess this is a good spot to post this,
There was a link to that archive (up to october at the time) that was posted elsewhere that had been finiky to get into, but I managed to pull everything from it. Tried to upload the multi gb files (largest being ~9gb) for a couple of the suit collections, but aside from the initial test file none of them have appeared in shared files. How do I know they made it, given it seems as though it glitches out every time a file finished uploading and the entire process takes hours.

Well,adding that with the SFW posts from that time which are on YP,it's sure to say that we got all of the contents until october.
Well,i did an contact with two friends that i have and they may get to pledge for it,so you guys can download all of it,plus being able to save the NSFW contents on the Shared Files,since it's NSFW contents are hidden in their patron only discord server

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On the subject of ncad, why in the shared files is there only part one of a nine-part 7zip file? Were the other files not approved?

Yes,maybe the files didn't got visualized by the admin or either they didn't got approved

I know I uploaded them, whether they went through or something happened on the server end only the admin can say.

If it didn't got approved as you said,you should to re upload it again in case it didn't got visualized

Some files got aprroved but it's still lacking the other parts

Tried uploading the missing parts, getting errors with the blazikens part 7, so I'll hold off trying to get the rest until the ones that I have (re)uploaded are up.

Some of them are up now, Amber 2/3/5/7 and Rena 2/4/5 are the ones missing
Maybe put them up on a Mega drive and post the link here for the time being?


nCaD is that you

Welp, looks like all the blaziken files are there now. In a completely random order, and with part 7 uploaded 6 times for some reason. I'll try and get the next set up I guess.

Well,thanks for notifying.
Well,the best way to get the contents would be for someone to pledge in the HeartGold tier,since it gives access to the older contents(2018/2017),while also it'll allow you to get the newest AfterDark/NSFW and SFW contents from the month

Another day the shared files finally got approved, will try to get the next set of files uploaded, maybe even without a massive number of duplicates.

Can i suggest something?
What about if someone pledges for the guy on patreon and also try to get a 1TB dropbox account,so it's possible to get and save the files in the private dropbox account.

Also just as a sugestion,if anyone is a patron of nCaD in the Gold or Heartgold tier,please consider sharing the links to folders,or at least upload the NSFW contents in the nCaD's YiffParty Channel

I'm really wanting someone to pledge on nCaD's Heartgold Tier(SFW and NSFW contents plus old contents)so i can be able to archive it on my cloud service.
Please,do someone could make it?

Can someone put the 3rd part of salazzle in his shared files?Cause the 1st the 2nd and the 4th are there

What about putting all the videos and photo collections inside a Mega folder,so it's easier to access,or if anyone here is able to download the shared files,please try to put it inside a mega folder?

Like i've mentioned before,the best option to get and archive nCaD's contents(both SFW and NSFW)would be someone from here pledging on it's Heartgold Tier(Access to both newer SFW and NSFW contents,and also access to folders with old contents from 2 months ago,2018 and 2017) and passing the contents into a Dropbox,especially one with 1TB

Or if someone can get the link to the old contents folder and the newest contents link to download and upload into a cloud service,that also would work.So please,if someone's into the Heartgold or is going to pledge in the Heartgold tier,please share the link

I don't get what was up with that, already reuploaded that part and hopefully it'll actually go through the next time shared files are approved.
Before anyone asks, for the sake of having everything in one spot I'm gonna keep to uploading everything here, even if it tends to be a bit erratic with what ultimately makes it.

Hey,could you please try to upload the videos and photo collection into a Mega folder please?

maybe convert to HEVC first? made one of the amber videos from like, 280MB to 76MB and looks exactly the same.
fuck people on phones tho

>>27331 Could you try to convert all the videos in the full rar collection files uploaded here and put it in a cloud service like mega please?

Like i said,what we really needing is someone to own a 1TB Dropbox account and being able to pledge in the 15$/Heartgold tier,so he can easily and quickly pass the old contents folders from 2 months ago to 2017 that are in a dropbox link on their patron only discord

And also be able to pass the recent contents(SFW and the AfterDark/AD™/NSFW contents)from this month too.
As a reminder,nCaD did changed the dropbox link distribution method during the start of this year,and now every dropbox link from a month content will be deleted or disabled in the start of the next month

Here's the link to nCaD's Patreon:

If someone make it,i'll be very grateful

While people don't make that,i'm hoping on the people at YP to able to at least update nCaD's YP channel here

>>27343 i could absolutely do that, but my upload speed isnt even 0.5 Mb/s and interent cuts out completely if i try to upload anything, so instead, here's the command line for ffmpeg to convert.
ffmpeg -i FILE -c:v hevc_amf -c:a libfdk_aac -vbr 5 FILE.mp4 for AMD gpu acceleration
ffmpeg -i FILE -c:v libx265 -preset veryslow -crf 21 -tune film -c:a libfdk_aac -vbr 5 FILE.mp4 for people without a gpu (gonna take a whole fucking lot longer tho)
(also im not sure if the amf or fdk codecs are in the redistributable ffmpeg zips, i just compile myself anyway)

I do understand the issue since converting videos really consume a lot of time.
Like i said,the best option is to someone who's reading the thread to pledge on nCaD's HeartGold tier and to have the 1TB dropbox account.
In case you guys don't know,you can pass a dropbox archive or folder to your dropbox archive without needing to download everything

>>27653 ?

>>27664 converts at 4-5x speed with a rx 560, 0.25x wth a i5 7600
if someones gonna convert anyway, might as well download them.
it's as easy as for %a in ("*.avi") do ffmpeg -i "%a" -c:v hevc_amf -c:a libfdk_aac -vbr 5 "%a.mp4" on windows, at lesat.

Well,i'm talking about the videos and photo collections from November 2018 to February that got deleted after he changed the distribution method as i mentioned,plus,it's a lot better to do the 1tb dropbox thing,because it'll work as a archive for all the contents

MediaInfo_2019-03-08_18-56-01.png (39.1KiB, 1058x617) save_alt

*Practical example of why you should never upload raw videos*

And well,the minimum i would be requesting is someone pledging in the SoulSilver/6$ tier and updating often the YP channel or sending the links here

I hope part 3 goes up before the server money runs out...

Better,i hope someone can execute my plan idea

Do someone could please get the links of the Old Contents Folders from 2018 and 2019 of it's HeartGold tier?
I've already found someone with a dropbox with the sufficient storage to archive it

Any AfterDark stuff?

Sure, latex is good and all but I personally prefer troff.

fur after dark?

Nope,there's a gold/12$ tier at nCaD_Latex's patreon which gives access to the Afterdark™ channel on it's Discord server for patrons,where you can get the month's NSFW contents

Bumping because someone posted the patreon pages, and while that's great, all the actual content seems to be on a discord page. Could whomever's gone and posted the patreon stuff possibly post the discord stuff as well please?

Second that.
It's great if someone could get the links to his SFW and NSFW contents,especially the links to his folder with all of his previous contents

What's this yiff.list thing about?

Love this guy, we need moar latex stuffs

I really like the latex stuff made by this guy, kudos for uploading the data

Any updates on this guy and other latex costume makers?


Anyone who can be able to get the NSFW contents on his Patreon?

Anyone here could get his NSFW contents on his patron discord please?

Mmm yummy video files anyway I have them saved also what happens if I leak the filename

If you have them,you could share with us W7-890?

Hold on it was a different file I think will search HDD pls wait (sorry to disappoint but this may take months I'm really busy)

I might sound like captain obvious, but don't forget you can search an entire hard disk to find folders/files.

Apparently linapilchard, https://yiff.party/patreon/4949052, has an old nCaD video.

Would love more videos from him. Maybe another year's worth? From October of 2018 to October 2019? Been itching for some, especially one of the new previews he put out of Amber stripping.

He also has two new suits only available on Patreon so far: a Zoroark, and a Gardevoir.

Anyone wanna update with Discord Content?

Anyone have the public Dropbox link? The Wix site is gone, so I can't find it. I have Oct'19, which means it's still there.

Would be better if someone had the courage and willpower to get the link to all the contents in the HeartGold tier

Public dropbox here:
Still waiting on an update. The public dropbox now has more recent videos than the leaked files here.

Thanks. Looks like nothing new since October. Has he been doing anything different since?

As far as I can tell, the only place he is posting publicly nowadays is Twitter and Deviantart, with Deviantart having much less than Twitter.

I see yiff party has been updated. Don't get me wrong, I'm really grateful, but all of the content is on his Discord page. Any chance the poster could upload that to the shared files?

From last I heard, he was wanting to make a 'site' for his stuff but that seemed to entail pornhub only. While he does have a pornhub, it appears he really only ever posts stuff in his discord, I would assume. The dropbox is basically dead now, his twitter only gives peeks at things. It does come off as though he just rather focus on putting stuff on his discord than anything else now. I would love an update to continue off the last shared series if someone manages to get it all.

Does anyone have the NSFW video of Renamon in Raven Cosplay?


HEVC is a lossy codec. Nigger storage is so fucking cheap it's cheaper than a mother fucker like you who's never contributed a single scrape to this site. Deal with the RAWs.

If someone get the link to the HeartGold folder,pls share with us