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3D Model creators

hqdefault.jpg (9.0KiB, 480x360) save_alt

Pretty much a place to post links to people that create 3D model creators
And share passwords if any models are locked behind them =)

AkkoArcade: https://yiff.party/5057226
Gifdoozerpat: https://yiff.party/9183869
BatyaStudio: https://yiff.party/4838922
Arhoangel: https://yiff.party/4575047
Endless: https://yiff.party/280277

Balloondolls https://yiff.party/301899

Aeridiccore: https://yiff.party/305828

I know it's silly to ask, but could someone with a good soul grab and share the delphox model made by Tenzide? they send the stuff after the end of the month in a patreon message and the third thier costs $12.

Mine's is silly too, but can someone please grab and share the Patreon-Exclusive models from MagMallow?

Thread derailed.swf

https://yiff.party/9955983 Wo262
Check Wo262 out!
The 3D models are absolutely incredible!

Awesome, thanks!

RafaKnight https://www.patreon.com/rafaknight
The latest posts are missing.

Let me list all the guys i know have models, there will be duplicates

Leslyzerosix(before patreon got shutdown)
Rafa knight

Guys we need to list all of them ;)

also Batyastudios post for models are all missing since someone hasent input the 10 dollar tier yet

Deretto and Warfaremachine

you guys should check out kakiharad and district13

Why aren't you posting links for fucks sake?


89 Missing, please

kakiharad with 3 missing

district 13 does seem nice, if someone could get d13-006 hypocritical mask, that would be nice

There are no downloadable 3d models on kakiharad as far as i am seeing, not on kishi3d, not on district13 either, unless i am missing them, we dont need a thread full of shitty daz renders, we want 3d models.

"people that create 3D model creators
And share passwords if any models are locked behind them =)" while it might not be implied correctly he posted only people with 3d models downloadable, please stop posting people that dont have them.

damn someone has a dick in there ass, how do you not see kakiharads models lmaoo

Nvm I got their models and uploaded them in Shared Files section, enjoy.

Space-Bunny.jpg (353.4KiB, 754x460) save_alt

Also, dunno if it's the correct place to could anyone be kind enough to share this model?

In return I'll share this one that I got recently:

Nvm I found it in another website, if someone else is interested then here go

Can anyone at least get some 3D models from https://www.patreon.com/Bluejuicyjuice?

MoistCavityMap 16 missing posts
last post :2 months ago

Could the person who updated Aeridiccore's models share the password of the archives, or upload unlocked versions in the shared files ?

Is there anyone who can update WARFAREMACHINE https://yiff.party/5867219 with Nala's model?

Tailsup4Tyranno, does anyone have suggestions for finding more nsfw male blender models?


WM put passwords in his models after finding his stuff are in yiff.party, I got Nala model without password however.

Also, woube be nice if someone update Digitalfurbelow's page, 30$ tier have models available for download.




Some exclusive models here

I have all password protected models of WARFAREMACHINE. I unpacked them (without touching anything, of course) from password-protected archives to unprotected archives.
Check it out: https://mega.nz/#F!Xe5gECyC!HnLbh5FgUCw3cgkQuYiLiA
I also uploaded this archives in shared files on WM page here, but their approval by the moderator has been going on for two days already. I don't know why so long.

Well if you ask - https://mega.nz/#!DH40TCKT!J3UscXLeoAU8nXANOxVh-N92Ej9TPwmfF8QfUsUD7y0

Sorry, but about opening this 3D models I can only recommend watching the video lessons for Source Filmmaker and Blender.

Seconding this.
It would be phenomenal if someone was kind enough to post either the passwords or unlocked files.

do you this guy?


Nicole_Model_01.png (1.3MiB, 1065x2137) save_alt

anybody have rafaknight's Nicole model?

Here's this model creator too.:
20 missing posts unfortunately.

Does anyone have the password to aeridiccore ReVAmped anthro models?

Can anyone here please update the page for Netral GD (https://yiff.party/4987470) ? I wanna test out the new Murky Boss; even a share of just the file(s) will be enough.

Thank you in advance.

Check the Shared Files.

kakiharad with 4 missing

Did anyone follow / manage to download/archive Mochi Mamochi's aka Moira Michole's (freely distributed on github.io) blender models before they went into delete fucking everything meltdown mode (hence no links, apart from google searching thumbs), and would have no moral qualms to share them?


That fuckface? Here.

9826e75e744f5906e43eb3ccd9a73320.png (492.2KiB, 1095x730) save_alt

Indeed, much obliged. Not to sound ungrateful, but i didn't see these in there, i'm guessing you don't have these ones, right?

Those are unreleased models.

Oh, thought they were released; my bad.

Does anyone have https://yiff.party/2563580 's models ?

I got the renamon model, just give me a moment to find it in my HDD and upload on Shared Files section.

Thanks, it's a start. Hopefully someone has all the others.

RVAcomics: https://yiff.party/326255
Comics and models based on voluptuous Latinas. Sadly there are 7 missing posts.

I uploaded Shantae, Chloe and Deathlock models, check the Shared Files Section, you're welcome!

By the way, does anyone got this model?

Much obliged.

If possible, does anybody have https://yiff.party/2563580 's models of Hex Maniac and/or Rottytops ?
Failing that, potentially https://yiff.party/305828's passwords to both Gadget and Nightmare Moon? Thank you very much in advance



Please post AIAngle pictures I am curious if they are good or not

Anyone have the new Warfaremachine models?

Does anyone have models https://www.patreon.com/Bluejuicyjuice

That's a charity model, not patreon

Yes I'm aware of that, but this same dude got a Patreon and most of his 3D stuff aren't available there.

He makes all of his models public eventually. Wouldn't be surprised it he did the same with that one

Oh I did not know that, thanks for the info.

I'll upload more 3D stuff from others creators once I find more.

Hello again, I uploaded the Delphox model from Gumroad:

And Leopard Girl, Gun Bunny and Cyber Bunny for Blender:

Check the Shared Files Section. All credits goes to the anons from U18chan. Enjoy!


It would be great to see more 3D-models re-uploaded from "https://www.patreon.com/Zy0n7" onto here. There is lots of missing models from them on this site. Especially would be nice to see somebody share the Risky Boots & Rotty Tops models on here in order to complete the Shantae set.

https://www.patreon.com/posts/26987208, exga edited a older post for a new re-render. can anyone post the new mega links for this? because the old post isn't updated

Can anyone please share the complete comics #69 and #70 of RVAcomics? He is a good artist of 3D models.

hello guys please can any one send magmallow Ada Wong [RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake]model please please

1561684630.jpg (252.7KiB, 1280x1280) save_alt

anybody have Telehypnotic's tawna model?

Sorry I totally forgot to reply.
While Kreic indeed releases his models in public after some time, according from what I found around they're only for VRChat and the files are not downloadable and unfortunately this defeat my purposes to use them in animations.

From Models_license.txt:
>>A new model will be released each two months. Once that happens, that model will be available for download to patrons for a period of two months until the next model is released. Once that happens, the previous model will stop being available for download and will be put to sale on a site yet to be defined (probably Gumroad or CGtrader). At the same time, a public version of the basic avatar (not downloadable, without alternate skins) will be released within the social platform VRChat.

By the way, once I find and upload more 3D models I'll announce in this thread.

this thread is really helpful, thank you


Yorha 2B, Bloodborne Doll, RE2 Ada and Claire, LiS Chloe, DMC Nico.

All credits goes to anon from U18Chan

Anybody got access to MagMallow's Tifa model?

Respect for non-furry 3D artists, these stuff ain't the cancer that is killing YP

AkkoArcade missing 2 15$-Tier posts, update pls. I think one of this posts is this:

Have anyone the Password for the Aeridiccore Models ?

Anyone a high tier member of RastafarianSFM's patron, would love to get his models.
Highly appreciate it.

Anybody has the Models from Kaylafox ?

sse.PNG (642.4KiB, 1020x372) save_alt



Does anyone have and can share the password to download the renders and videos of: RVAcomics?
- https://yiff.party/patreon/326255
- https://www.patreon.com/rvacomics

can anyone compile a list of blender only 3d model creators (or at least focus more on blender)? i only know:
metssfm (no longer active)
and that's all lol, i have some spare cash so ill update someone who has good stuff



Does anyone know any Discord channel where you can request or share Patreon content from 3D artists?

Seconding this. There are lots of links thrown around here but most of them are SFM only, and there's gotta be more we don't know about.
I'm specifically looking for blender models from games (and Ada Wong which for some reason is very hard to find). Can anyone tell me a creator with a good Ada Wong blender model? I promise I'll update him/her ASAP.

Anyone have stuff from http://patreon.com/ucupumar latest post is insane


Can someone please upload AveryHyena's models? (https://yiff.party/patreon/4139643)
They're part of a pack in the gold tier.

Is there anybody who can upload some of WARFAREMACHINE's more recent models or a password to said recent models? https://yiff.party/5867219

Can someone add Bacn?

For anyone who's updating Tenzide's page, they're killing the links as soon as their YP page are updated, so please upload the models on the "shared files" section.

It's also more complex to get models from Kreic and Aeridiccore because of Discord crap.

May someone please update update SA97? Just the $5 tier, it unlocks everything offered. (Patreon exclusives, Early access, and additional angles)
From 180 to 265 missing posts since I’ve requested this since May-July.
SA97 https://www.patreon.com/user?u=8896939
https://yiff.party/patreon/8896939 265 missing posts

May someone please update update SA97? Just the $5 tier, it unlocks everything offered. (Patreon exclusives, Early access, and additional angles)
From 180 to 269 missing posts since I’ve requested this since May-July.
SA97 https://www.patreon.com/user?u=8896939
https://yiff.party/patreon/8896939 269 missing posts

Someone keeps updating the text post. There’s still a large portion of content still missing.

Namba.png (451.9KiB, 920x518) save_alt

May someone please share his chars/core files?
Metagraphy https://yiff.party/patreon/11979845