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yiff.party issues & feedback (#3)lock

71078907_p0.png (3.3MiB, 1500x2000) save_alt

Please try to consolidate all bugs and creator-specific issues you find to this thread.

i want daddy admin to punish me uwu

umad.jpg (24.3KiB, 439x585) save_alt

How about: don't be a dick and actually listen to your original, but now alienated, furry userbase? You locking threads just because you don't like dealing with issues that we bring up really shows what kind of person you are. A furry hater. >>29350

Sounds more like you can't take no for an answer.

Put your tripcode back on, admin.

I can. But I think you meant to say that I won't. Not until this site is back to what it used to be. Not until this admin breaks. That's something you call determination.


I also call it entitled whining.

Whining? How am I "whining" when so many issues have gone unresolved for so long? You don't know what you're talking about.

what's the point of bringing up new issues when you haven't addressed any of the old ones? the last thread has literally a thousand posts with issues that haven't been fixed, or even been told whether they're being worked on.

like, even something as simple as "yes, we're working on the 404s, they'll be up in a month, or a year". or "no, they can't be fixed ever, fuck off and stop asking"

I don't know if it was discussed but i can't seem to request update on some artist, it gives me the following error "Your request cannot be processed right now, try again later" but it never works, and in some patreons it does works. Example: https://yiff.party/948228

The artist maws_paws has restarted her Patreon account after deleting it, but YP says "Maws_Paws is no longer active on Patreon". This could be preventing the site from grabbing anything new from her.

Sakimichan still 524's. >>25954

how about fixing all the 404s from the previous thread?
and the many other 404s not mentioned in that thread

Could it be that the Update Request System is broken again? You can't request an Update for the CUF-Accounts anymore (not to mention free posts)

This is probably more a issue with JDownloader, but I tried to download hatton_slayden's stuff, but it refuses to pick up on the links. Tried with some other random yiff.party links and they won't work if the person has a lot of posts, my guess is about more than 1000, but works fine if it's less than that. Wonder what's going on?

DDOS-Protection maybe? I would like Admin to upload the Files somewhere so we can grab the whole shebang in one go while also reduce stressing the server since there would be just one call for per file per Autor on a different server (or this one if Admin wants to)

it's very important that the admin backs up this entire site

Documenting all the JSON endpoints would be nice

During past 2 days I've seen cloudflare's "server error" page more times than the actual yiff party pages. What's going on?

So this is a relatively small ask, when browsing all creators or fav creators by name in lieu of a search or alphabetical index feature you have to go alphabetically. No big deal if you can click furiously (though an index while a bigger ask would be a godsend), however there's a glitch that when someone has a long enough name and there is a last post with enough characters in the same element(?) the last post column for one or more users will word wrap to 2 rows causing the element to grow taller, moving the buttons/arrows, and moving a link to a user into their place which I always click on before realizing.

Please just add a second set of arrows to the top that would be unaffected by the bug.

An index for favorited creators for each user would be a godsend. I agree, but it would definitely take a ton of work since there's thousands of creators on Yiff.Party.
When it comes to that problem you're talking about. It might become easier and more beneficial to fix the problem if you screencap what you're dealing with the UI rather than explaining it. I got confused for sure. I don't blame you, that's a hard problem to explain.

This might be a bug for the admin to fix right away. Sounds like it could be a major problem if not fixed right away. We got enough major problems with the server errors happening right now. I had to refresh about 6-10 times total before I could post this message here.

Here's a screenshot of the broken element and a gif of browsing when it occurs https://imgur.com/a/zibqnLs . It's going 5 to ten times slower than I do when I click. Also, the cause I listed in my first post was a guess, which I now mention because this is the shortest SN and last post combo I remember seeing it with and the only time I remember where every line broke (often it occurs with year and month or month and day, and I noticed there was no abbreviated form of the word month in YP) .

Yeah, that's definitely worth fixing. I haven't come across that. Probably because the creators I watch have reasonable length names. You mentioning this makes me realise we should be on the watch of the smaller problems like this one alongside the larger problems. All of the attention is being put on the 404, 504, and the 524 errors. You also mention there being no abbreviation for month. I can say I haven't run into that myself but I do believe you. I think that would be a believable problem for Yiff.Party to have. Has both small and large problems right now. Unfortunately.

Uh dfac’s page here: https://yiff.party/137131 says it has one $0.00 missing post, but it clearly says 14 other missing posts for $1.00 each as well. Is this a bug or something?

@admin Some posts seem to lose data?
Take 7874509 for example, post "march 2019 drawing pack 2019-03-31 00:19" had a dropbox link, now it's only content is < br>, previous posts have the same issue.

fix 404s

eipril.png (26.6KiB, 503x511) save_alt

I can't see anywhere the attachments of the posts, help please!!! (example image: eipril)

Fixed, sorry.

giphy[1].gif (3.0MiB, 478x410) save_alt


User comments have disappeared from seemingly every post of every creator. Bug or intentional?

>>29891 and >>29934
I've noticed those things too after both of you pointed them out. The missing post UI is definitely a bug. I remember a couple creators I watch had posts missing across multiple tiers and now there's just one tier. That's definitely not right.
For the user comments disappearing, I can't really tell. Could be intentional in the way that maybe it makes server performance run a little better but also has the chances of being a bug. Admin is going to have to confirm as to how or why this has happened.

Have you considered offering an IPFS or Dat interface to yiff.party? Dat seems particularly useful; as an archive you're already append-only in terms of history, which matches well with Hyper{core,db,drive} for easier mirroring of creators and content a user is interested in. (This probably wouldn't help with bandwidth costs unless you offered an alternative app-style frontend that hit the distributed protocol directly, but it'd be good for users looking to archive (parts of) yiff.party themselves, and that theoretical heavier web frontend could be useful in case of unexpected and prolonged downtime (especially if it's trivially rehostable elsewhere, e.g. a SPA without a bunch of dep files).)

What happened to the yiff.party/127384 Extra Files? First >>29565, now this....

There may be a little slowness because we had to clear all our caches when we upgraded our server. Things should be back to normal soon.

This is fixed now!

Not at this time, but we're looking into ways to make third-party archival easy (such as per-creator zip files)

Also fixed.

how come now clicking on a video file automatically downloads it instead of just playing it? bug also?

Maintenance is still ongoing so you may see that some files are served from a different hostname (dold.yiff.party). This is temporary and should be resolved next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

> There may be a little slowness because we had to clear all our caches when we upgraded our server. Things should be back to normal soon.

So the low speed issues I've been having for the past few days is because of the cache missing the files and not you tinkering with any kind of throttling? Should I just pause my crawler for a bit and wait for data to be cached by cloudflare?

No, it was because of database caching issues. We have only had to enable rate-limiting due to aggressive crawlers once before, so you should be fine.

It seems like anything that is not cached by cloudflare is being downloaded very slowly.

About ~14 seconds to download 1.6mb versus 61ms when it's been cached by cloudflare.

Is it because it's being served from dold.yiff.party?

>Is it because it's being served from dold.yiff.party?
Yeah. I have a page rule set up for maximum caching though, so it'll return to normal over time.

Alright, thanks for the info!

Website is super duper slow in mobile devices for creators with many posts, even 50 posts takes forever to load and lags the CPU much. Maybe add a pagination system and add it to settings so we can have unlimited display for desktop, and configurable setting for mobile devices.
Also, will there ever be a json or xml api?

Heard bugs were being fixed, checks...

- 404 posts still here
- Flagging still not possible
- Twokinds gives a 502 error I believe, Bad Gateway.

A discussion page for each creator could be nice. People can post some requests there.

Say X creator has password -protected content or content only on discord, people can post stuff for that there.

Not sure how else it can be useful.

yep, 404s not fixed


And never will, since the site will be down by then

Any chance at getting the recent activity thing sorted by yiff party imports/ user imports/ shared files ?

why not just implement a shadow ban system
oofed i guess you were right

a way to upload pic from url
also why the heck do you need a file just to create thread i can just use 1x1px png

comments.JPG (14.4KiB, 549x141) save_alt

Updated comments are not showing up in posts. For example, there are numerous comments from patreons regarding a creators post. However in some posts, no comments are showing up or there are no updated comments. At the time of import, for example this patreon had 5 comments on their page. Yet when the post was imported no comments showed up.

No comments.JPG (27.1KiB, 632x571) save_alt

Here is the same post on yiff but no comments show up.

how do i throttle down my scrapper im using httrack on windows
also rename the © to copyleft 2019

This is already possible with Dissenter. This extension allows you to leave comments on every single page of the internet, circumventing any possible obstacle, including each page of yiff.party, so as long you and others have the extension installed on your browser.

Why are yiff.party's own links not linking in the threads?

Welcome to YP, get used to outdated posts

Can we also have a feature that allow us to jump straight to the top or bottom of a thread?


What now?

please make it possible to update posts that are broken or have new content in them when importing.

Homepage won't load at all. I just get "Loading..." forever.

Idiot,404 is not found

This. Can't even use the site anymore.

The creators tab keeps loading in an infinite loop. Please fix.

>>30384 >>30370 >>30377
dunno whats wrong on your end mine took up to 1-3 mins to load try refreshing the page

So the main content links changed for everything. No wonder the site is dying, as bots are re-downloading everthing right now... This was a stupid design decision to make.

admin checks the threadz 24/7
i thought i was already unbanned but he just deleted my other comments

creators tab doesn't ever load for me either, or at least not within 5 minutes
running, chrome 73.0.3683.90 on android 8.0
cache has been cleared

etw.JPG (8.1KiB, 73x18) save_alt

Download speeds are unbelievably slow. About 20kb/s. The hishest i've got recently is about 35kb/s.


concerned anon 03/31/19(Sun)17:09:16 No.29706
no-offence admin but can we ban this w7-890 retard and delete all his posts

Yeah front page takes forever to load for me also and creator pages don’t load at all....

It seems like I can load YP on desktop after a bit, but on phone it never loads, even after leaving my phone and waiting 10 minutes.

Everything is slow as hell. What do these pages do? Mining Bitcoins? Performing DDoSes? Drilling tits? If it's database search - ever heard of indexing?

main page refuses to load

The site is running damn slow. What's up? Creators won't load, the main page won't load, Downloads go as slow as ~20kb/s. What's wrong with the site?




Getting this too. Site loads fine on desktop but downloads randomly speed up and slow down, while on mobile the main page -never- loads.

17.4 MB image taking 45+ minutes to load, this is a fucking joke.

On a different topic, I'm impressed with how much the site seems to withstand legal threats. I figure you must have a million people from all over the world knocking on your host's and you domain provider's doors with DMCA complaints and similar shit, yet using mainstream corporations' services seem to be okay with that. I'd have thought they would be the ones most likely to boot you out at the smallest whiff of trouble. Is there something I'm missing?

Plenty of people filing DMCAs are content creators drawing porn fanart of properties they do not own, so their claims can be dismissed on those grounds.


I'm getting 20kb/s, dropping down to 5kb/s at times...

Seriously, what's with the massive slowdown? I thought the maintenance was supposed to help with the site's performance.

Basically the creator id was inserted into the url chain. 99.9% of bots operating here will most likely re-download everything because of that.

The creators page is taking 1 or 2min before loading

Can the admin pease fix linking (among other things)? Any yiff.party URL no longer links to anywhere, just appearing as normal text

>>29934 just checking my slutty friend's phone via Omnirat i looked into the play store and it said
- We squashed a bug where comments weren't being shown correctly - Creators! We squashed a few bugs that caused data to sometimes be out of date
....blahblahbla (this made my clipboard full) (her patreon app is outdated btw plz don't tell her about the rat for god's sake)
lastly my rat is T0r enabled and i made this post from her device hehe also this post was made behind 2 proxies plz don't ban

I don't know why but the download and load speed in here went down hill rapidly.The connection in here sucks.For example Im trying to download a 370mb files and the hours keep rising for no reason

so, yeah, not sure if it's dodgy connection in my place, but i can't seem to open anything- i can open the recent updates if i select the history option, and can open pages when they're updated, but every pic is still loading, my progress bar never finishes loading, and remains stuck on that "x" symbol instead of the refresh option, and i can only see the pics through selecting the post file option, and can't open the box that let's me see the dialogue- this a common thing affecting everybody, or is it better for some?

The download speeds should return to normal in a few days.

>>30572 Well if the page survives again then yeah I hope it does cause only 4 days left again right?

And you think people will donate in the mean time for getting nothing in return?

Actually, things should be faster as of now. Can you please try it?

That's more like it. Much faster now


Fix the yiff.party URLs not linking. Any updates on allowing us to flag and update posts, and 404'd posts?

I'm still getting 502 error on twokinds

can not flag posts

We're perfectly capable of finding post with 404s and yet we can't flag them. FFS.

Admin, what happened? No, I'm not talking about 404s, I'm talking about why are we not able to flag posts containing them. Shit, even I made thread for this >>19797

Loads properly on my phone now. Good job, admin.

great job on fixing the download speed thing admin, stuff's working great now

ok, next issue that appears to be effecting everyone is the 404 links- is there a way to repair them, or flag the posts for updating? do we need to make a separate thread to log all pages with 404 links on them, or do we post creators and such here to mark them for fixing?
For example https://yiff.party/141001 zdemian's page has several dead links on it, and i dont know how to start helping to fix them


Apparently they said they are working on it, early March I think, and nothing still. Also, that yiff.party URL ain't working. Finally, 502 errors need fixing too.

Well, if you support them and have the new links, create a thread.

https://yiff.party/544858 wont load at all its been stuck like this for months

Just a little heads up, I found a couple of broken links.

This one is 404: https://dold.yiff.party/patreon_data/127384/14195711/evolvedsvennsfw.png
This one won't load because "the file contains errors": https://dold.yiff.party/patreon_data/127384/15016164/sketch.png

I appreciate the effort you put into this. Thanks.

Well yeah, but these large corporations providing service to YF tend to err on the claimants' side, don't they? They usually delete the supposed infringing files first and ask questions later. But not here, it seems.

I can second this. I'm getting that problem too. I want to have access to that list since it's faster than waiting for creators that I find interest in and categorizing them. Admin, I'll definitely get to categorizing again if you remove the 502 error off of these: https://yiff.party/no_votes and https://yiff.party/no_votes?

Way Past Hilarious.jpg (46.3KiB, 672x424) save_alt

The admin is mad. He deleted my comment that asked what does he has to say now after the poll, in response to him claiming only "4 people" here are complaining about the e-thots problem.

This madman just keep getting worse and worse.

you're a dumbass lol

Fix. The. Site.
Fix. The. Site.
Fix. The. Site.

2 days left

please make it possible to update posts that are broken or have new content in them when importing.

I want it to be fixed too, but we'll probably have to rely on someone to make a new site. Surely someone should figure out how to scrape with session ID.


can we add this artist?

It's that time of the month again. I don't invest in bitcoin and can't donate to this site. Send the warning.


No amount of deleted posts will make up for lost donations. He didn't need to end manual review.

>We have many things planned over the next few weeks and months, so I hope you will look forward to them.

Yeah, let's hope the site survives to see these "many things" you promise.

https://yiff.party/777164 A few posts here are 404'd, namely #p21983502, #p20274181, #p17693239, and #p16682366.

Just curious, why is it at times, the updater doesn't work and say try again later, when everything seems fine

https://yiff.party/683053 has recently updated the links on No.20494395, No.20497001, and No.20497148. I attempted to flag all three about them needing to be updated with the new links, but it said that Flagging is currently unavailable.

maxresdefault.jpg (99.7KiB, 1280x720) save_alt

The site has gone really slow again... Creators won't load, and the homepage takes ages too.

To whom it may concern:

Why is the Flagging option not working at this moment in time? I would like to notify you that https://yiff.party/683053 has recently updated the links on ?No.20494395, No.20497001, and No.20497148. The ones currently on their yiff page are out of date and need to be readded with the new links. Is there a way to delete No.20494395, No.20497001, and No.20497148 from https://yiff.party/683053 so that the next update to the page will have the new links?

Hi, thanks for making this feedback post.
There's only one issue I have and that's with how everything loads as one page, especially for Patreons that have a lot of posts.
It would be nice if you could make it load after scrolling to half way through the bottom (Example). Or have pages or a setting that lets us.
Anything that doesn't make every single post load which .. makes it very laggy. I'm not really complaining, but it is difficult to navigate through.

To whom it may concern:

Why is the Flagging option not working at this moment in time? I would like to notify you that https://yiff.party/683053 has recently updated the links on ?No.20494395, No.20497001, and No.20497148. The ones currently on their yiff page are out of date and need to be readded with the new links. Is there a way to delete No.20494395, No.20497001, and No.20497148 from https://yiff.party/683053 so that the next update to the page will have the new links?

Thank you

shut up dumbass

Flagging system is down. Someone correct it please.

hey, lay off the guy. He doesn't know it takes months before these admins respond to anything.

someone can update https://yiff.party/393117 post No.26109220 "he fix the full version link, he say he upload the work file." Flagging system is down :c

What are you trying to say? It seems to me that 404s are to be fixed incidental to imports.

its not a image or gif is a link. he/she share the wrong link but is now fixed. in yiff.party have the wrong link.

Screenshot_2.png (42.1KiB, 434x429) save_alt

you say that post?

yes is that post.

A quality solution to solve the whole schism here: separate the furry shit from the non furry shit. Quit mixing it. Make it 100% separate

alternatively, you can stop bitching

>If the positions were reversed, the complaints would remain the same. At least then our thot content would mean something, and teh yiff generic and wasteful. If you had paid full attention to the dialog here an on 8ch, you'd understand.

Amakuchi (https://yiff.party/10288654) has a bunch of "file.png" post files that return empty images (aka 404)

Whats going on with the update button? Sometimes it works and other times it pulls up a red band at the top of the page that says "cannot update at this time".


Because the site's going to shit, I doubt it'll make it to May or June.

>waaaaaaahh m-muh updates! let me leech!! >:(

That means your thots can't get updated either.

>>31808 >>29480

Untitled.png (162.4KiB, 1295x901) save_alt

https://yiff.party/683053 has three posts that have been updated and need to be removed from here to have the new updated posts added.

I have to second adding pages for mobile. Anyone with more than a handful of posts takes FOREVER to load. It has always been like this for me since this website was first even introduced.

3 days left real this time?

Admin, are you able to do anything about updating Spindle’s patreon posts? They’re all just placeholder posts.

Are the 404s being fixed the same way? It should be the same basic remedy, but we still can't flag posts.

Something Something if an account is giving so much trouble why not nuke it and rebuild it after from imports?
Additionally, other than a swamped database, does anyone know what it is specifically that's casuing the 404's on this site? I'm kinda curious now.

re.PNG (42.3KiB, 674x200) save_alt

request update not working


It was problem during migration. The 404s will be 404s until someone comes around to the importer thing that will update artist with 404s.

I can't for the life of me understand why posts can't be flagged. Admin remains silent on that question.

/creators2.json now 404's



It seems /patreon/ has been added to all the Creator URLs

The way that new posts on favorites and recently updated posts are sorted are that they are sorted by the newest post not the newest update, So if a creator gets updated but the posts updated were from months ago,they stay at the bottom and not at the top. A new sorting mode for last updated would be helpful Bui.

>there are references to fantia in script.js
HMM what does it all MEAN

I just got an "unknown error occurred" failure in the files uploader for Kevinsano (https://yiff.party/patreon/102533) Month 53. However, the site now shows the file's ready for download. It's there, and it's intact and the right size.

It got approved really quickly, so thanks for that! But success reporting might be wobbly.

Is there any way to just upload a single artists patreon gallery without having to upload all the ones you are subscribed to

Sorry if i am repeating someone elses post but the updater is showing the wrong tier costs for 5 dollar posts from what i have seen

This creator: https://yiff.party/patreon/97342 just sticks on "Checking for updates..." (Other artists work normally for me).

I keep getting errors when I'm importing. None of the new posts are getting uploaded.

Did anyone else notice that you can use the request update button again even after a 1 post update? I swear since that feature been added, it's always needed 2 posts and above to become usable again. I noticed this with a particular creator i watch. Admin, can you confirm if this is true? I didn't notice anything like this in the changelog thread. If so, this makes it a possibility for more requests for more creators, especially the lesser known ones.

Hi, I've checked our import log and haven't found any recent errors. Can you please email the import log to admin@yiff.party and I'll take a look?

When a creator receives any update, all update requests are deleted (so you can request update again)

Creator page https://yiff.party/patreon/3713457 - The status box is stuck on "Checking for updates..." and never turns into a "request update" button. https://yiff.party/patreon/97342 does the same thing when I visit that page, like >>32722 mentions.

I sent an email showing my import log. Only one creator's posts were uploaded.

>>32982 Thanks for the info, but it doesn't answer my question. Will a 1 post update now make the update button become usable again instead 2 posts and above updates?

It was always 1 post

I just wanted to ask about the imported posts, so are the posts only about 1$ posts? if so, is there a way to upgrade the posts to the 10$ teir? because I really wana see all gerph18up's patreon art, if there's a way to upgrade the posts to 10$ teir? if so, thank you

>>33036 okay, then i need to tell you that it's been bugged for many months if that's what it meant to be like. I honestly don't remember a time where 1 post reactivated the update button. Do you think you can fix this?

No, it was never 2+ posts, because 1 new post is still an update (even if free post because those posts might have been timed exclusives)

It doesn't really mean anything to reset on free updates, though. Not when it costs money for complete updates (as applicable).

A few new categories:
"NSFW" to segregate those who never create pornographic content from those who do, even in the slightest.
"Software" or just change the existing "Games".
"Audio" for stuff like ASMR, or just change the existing "Music".
People feel quite strongly about certain fetishes so things like "BBW/BBM", "Yaoi", "Vore", "Gore", etc. would probably be greatly appreciated.

I'm sure some of this has been brought up before. Thanks for your time.

I thought something like this would be fixable. I thought wrong. By the way, I wasn't saying that free 1 post updates aren't updates, just that they aren't reactivating the update button like they should. How is this not fixable? Seems like a small problem that can provide more free post updates if fixed.

So uhh, why exactly did the site just ask for my location?

The crypto-tokens have been volatile lately, so I just hope you convert to filthy fiat as soon as you get your Internet monies just so you can lock in that value.

Funkybun's page won't ever finish looking for updates, been doing that for a week or two now

just what happened to this site?

i have an advice for the posts it downloads. sometimes the creator edit's posts and those edits are not visible if the post is already downloaded here.
that might be a useful feature that it checks if the text in the post is still the same as it has in his database. if not the same. re-download the post and update it.

Another to add to the list of creators with the never-ending "Checking for updates..." issue:

I pledged to a creator and cancelled it; I still have access until the end of the month and I tried to import their posts. I put the creator ID in the extra field but I'm still getting "You have not pledged to any creators". I tried both the username and the 6-digit creator ID and neither worked. Any help?

It's possible you may be using a campaign ID instead of a creator ID. To find a creator ID, press CTRL+U on their Patreon page and CTRL+F "creator_id"

There are a few creators that aren't here - and I have no way to request them myself. Would it be a lot of trouble if I could enter an import request based on the Patreon name? YP could ping Patreon, okay, it's a real account, put it on the list of not-imported-yet accounts?

Hi Admin, I don't know if this has been discussed before but it seems there's a problem where in the pages of a few artists the updater doesn't really tell you the real number of posts that are missing.

At least I've noted this occurs with Anhes: https://yiff.party/patreon/460110
The updater mentions that only the posts of the $30 tier are missing, but when you enter his Patreon you can see that many of the posts from other tiers ($5, $10, $15) which contains HD versions are actually missing too.
It seems this only happens with the posts from May.

Hope it can be fixed somehow, thanks!

Same issue for me. I have no ongoing pledges but two active ones and the importer is giving me that error even after I checked the solution in >>33350

same with me, even when i put in the right creator_id it says "!! You have not pledged to any creators."

will their soon may be a way we get updates for certain creators faster ?

So, over on https://yiff.party/patreon/7414794, there's a shared file that has nothing in it.
Name of File: "patreon__july__by_wtfeather-dcjyu87.zip"
Is there any way you can delete it?

Creators who do not have any associated category tags show up in the search stream even when they aren't relevant, it would be nice if there was a way to prevent this with a checkbox or something, so as to only fetch surely relevant results.

Also just as a pie in the sky suggestion, if categorization is a problem, you could might want to consider some simple algorithms to add some initial best-guess weights to uncatagorized creators. Some like "animation", "audio" or "video" could be easily done just by checking extensions, initial guesses to "themes" could be done through things like scraping artist associated tags off of boorus, or even training an image classifier on some labeled image set like e621.

These are currently stuck on the 'Checking for updates' status and won't allow me to request an update.


Please add Dropbox password for patreon: bootygirl

Clicking “Request Update” only updates free posts.

An example of this is here: https://yiff.party/patreon/3257195

All of the posts are the free posts that you can already view on Patreon.

Did the file upload for alcorart not work or does it just take longer to appear?

But of course, the old exploit that allowed this site to scrape Patreon posts without actually paying money was patched long ago, and now it needs a session cookie from a Patron, who has to import posts manually; I have been doing this with every Creator I've been subscribed to since I discovered this site, I think in November.

So I have to be subscribed to a creator in order to import the posts?

Alright, fair enough.

Okay so it definitely didn't get uploaded, but why?
It was at 100%

mario in the retard bus.png (706.0KiB, 788x564) save_alt

Admin, it has been months since you have opened the poll, and you have done or said nothing in relation of this. You're still silent with this, and you STILL delete and ban posts that criticize the e-thot spam.

Come on, stop hiding and tell us something already.

I can't add any new creators. Anyone having this issue also?

People having trouble adding creators or running the importer, please email me with details + logs.

any way to get creators like whygenas page updated faster like non cufed or cufed creators updated faster

6 days left

4 days left to donate

The request update button for yiff.party/patreon/11829926 keeps resetting even though paid posts are outstanding.

3 days left to donate

Hello little Meatbag (i mean furfag) a few weeks without YP sure did feel pretty good ah how relaxing anyways back to the topic
also will you still forgive me for the 30000 get thread (trust me that was a long time ago But-bUt i still feel bad for evading my ban multiple times).

(Another question)! Are deleted comments actually deleted or they just get hidden from anons
also did you forget to report me to my isp cuz they are really mad at me for reuploading and now they strip off my virginty
plz dont ban you insensitive cuck (if you truly want to fuck with me just go ahed and blacklist my isp like good old 4chan did).
This post was made form another device by a bot script if you wanna ban me atleast only delete the offending comments
anyway here are my suggestions. Lastly stop being lazy you prick

the suggestions like i always forget
ill start with the UI tweaks and backend tweaks (i think)

1. use a checkbox (during import session) save all private messages on server (mods will find good shit in the mail)
2. i was wondering does a creator comment on other creators works (a way to see creator activity on YP) (add a comments tab)
(just link the comments) /^\ /^\
3. add empty accs but hide them in search | |
4. display the tier of the imported posts (also don't forget to show the original price for referrence)
5. a way to sort/filter by post price (related to /^\ /^\)
6. show all locked posts in YP they get unlocked when imported
7. change the user agent of the scrapper also try decompiling the android patreon app you could use the souce code to make a new scrapper
8. The BBS
8-1. bring back the account system (all i just wanted to do was keep track of my imports and shitposting)
8-2. also please increase the line limit to 30 or 50 (i don't think this is enough for one comment)
8-3. and also allow more than 2 images in one comment (up to 5)
9. also how does one import himself/herself (i R4++3D someones PC and they [pc has multiple users] have a patreon account with good shit [not an empty account] in it)

==finally no offence to ask you this admin but do you really read these long ass w7-890 comments also this is the 200th comment here==

i like theas ideas realy good the admin sholde look ate this and add theas in whodle realy improve the site on geting creators updated

3 days left to donate how are we doing?

pls fix the flag system :c

>>34151 >>33998 >>34022 >>34116

this place sucks asss now its not fast ate all getting updates by the time they get a update the rewards are all redy pupliy relsed and most the time the reqeast update button breaks and dosnt even do anything

can we add monthly bitcoin goals for individual creators to the site?
offer to pay someone like $100 a month to update a page and if enough people want to see it happen then the money will be there

Who ever posted this bullshit shared files on krezzman, GFY.

kinda getting worred only 2 days left usally the goal would of been met by now

I wouldn't call that new at this point, but it does say a lot.

LOL, you know the goal is met on the final day every time for the past year right? Some fedora wearer comes out and pays up, every single time.

seething artist

I think that when some creator content is added there should be like, some password thingy to add .

A new feature that would be really useful to add: a description box where we could submit any privately shared links to archives (like a Mega.nz or Dropbox link which is only shared via private messages through patreon). It should be formatted as a log, with date of entry, since these links tend to be renewed regularly. There may be several different links for each tier too.
Just an idea. Love yiff.party! :)
Hope to contribute soon (bitcoin is a bitch to setup)

look whos evading his ban probably just another thot/normie
DELET DIS >>34120

the request update button seems not working

ohwell.png (62.6KiB, 219x275) save_alt

>Go to [Creator]'s YP page
>all new posts are posts stating "X post has been updated with more content"
>"posts cannot be flagged at this time"

TFW creators are aware of this issue and are just posting empty posts to update later or making single image posts to then add more stuff to.
TFW it has become so prevalent several creators are telling other creators to do that to make sure their posts don't get ripped.
TFW this shit goes as far back as posts made in 2016.
TFW it's still an issue.
But, no, yeah, mate, there's more important bollocks to take care of. No pressure and shit.
Oh, yeah, how many days left to donate again?

2 going on 1 day left to donate

It didn't used to happen on the last day, though. That's relatively new, and we only got through last time because Admin managed to change the due date.

This is why semi-arbitrary updates are important, but we'll just have to see if YP would even survive.

I know the site is about to die but I found a new bug. With old posts, mainly 2017 and older, embedded images (images that appear when you 'expand' a post by clicking on it) don't work. Instead of linking to the image via yiff.party, it links to the original patreon image link it's based off of.

KasaiX3 page keeps checking for updates eternally(given there are new posts), I think there is some kind of issue with that...

>don't update the donated amount to artificially increase donation influx our of fear
fuck you

@Admin: please make the post importer translate a creator's name into the corresponding creator ID (internal to yiff.party). It shouldn't be that hard to just look up by name and convert to this ID, right?
Right now we have to search for creator by name here, open their page, copy their creator ID, and then add the id to the importer.
Instead, we could just enter the creators' names, and they would be converted to their creator ID by the scraper. ;)
Thanks, keep up the good work. <3

I love how the fact that I can't flag fucking posts for update/removal is the last fucking thing that pops up in the whole process instead of being, y'know, the first one? And this bullcrap happens so often, you'd think that would have been a fucking no brainer. But fuck that I guess, better make sure all those e-thots are getting ripped on time.

The user "sonicether" recently edited a post but your servers say that there is no updates. His update went from "E7" to "E7.1" which is a newer version. Can this be fixed?

This is an age old problem Admin hasn't clearly attempted to fix.

2 things:
1) Can we get importer to import mega files? I think everyone will agree that donating additional $20 to have mega.nz premium account for importer is not that much.
2) I think I've seen importer importing dropbox links but for some reason it's not able to do it for https://yiff.party/patreon/316309. If I'm wrong and it's not able to do it then dropbox importing will be a good feature as well.

Yo, can someone please update some of the picture links of Jam-Orbital's stuff seeing as how he is moving all of his pics from DA's stash to dropbox now please and thank you.

Ok thanks anyways! I just have to import a file instead.

Is there a way to see the whole pic when it appears as a thumbnail on the page?

I wish they get updates for certn creators faster

Are there plans to import subscribestar.com posts too at some point?

1.png (188.7KiB, 1366x768) save_alt

Why i can't see button request update????
https://www.patreon.com/ATDPATREON >>>>On the page he have news 2 months ago

https://yiff.party/patreon/14182271 || pls fix this button.

Download speed is very slow and long in time pls fix it


left the tab for an hour, still stuck at "Checking for updates..."

just a request to have a page next/prev put on the bottom of the recent activity page to make browsing easier

This creator has edited his recent patreon post, but you can't request an update on yiff.party because it seems to be unable to identify that the post was edited...

fix flag system... 4 months like this.

sites being slow and reqeasting updates broke and updates for creators is takeing forever

yhea and diiveis page hasnt been updated neather genas and diives page only got one new post and its just a free post

Stuck at "Checking for updates..."

Any idea why this patron (https://yiff.party/patreon/6364242) that uses links to other posts with content don't have the content posts included?

Admin the download speed is crap again.It says for an archive of 2Gb that it need from 4 to 12 hours wtf

Probably been asked before but any plans to add pagination?

Creators with thousands of posts load in the browser really slow

wouldn't the distributed system ehentai uses be helpful here? In reducing the server load and also working as backup

updated.png (111.7KiB, 992x498) save_alt


Can you add an extra tab on the artists page for posts that were updated so the donator can reupload them next time he updates?, I think spindles got around this site by doing that shit, even a tab titled ''missing content'' where we can tell the donator what to upload to shared could be helpful

Hey admin some pages seem bugged as this seems pretty wrong https://yiff.party/patreon/14182271 on the artist patreon page they uploaded new content, but yiff.party says it has everything yet it doesn't.

Can't ask updates for several pages (like this one: https://yiff.party/patreon/7738442)
Stuck in the "checking creator staturs"

whygenas page hasn't been updated for a month now and some pages are being updated with free post


The links to the mega archive for the picture alts are always dead and the updated posts with the working links aren't being added, why is this still a problem? couldn't this site just import the newer version of the post?

Site refuses to fully load on mobile. It is stuck on Loading... part, only boards work but trying to access them gives a blank page that needs to be refreshed.

I'm surprised to see that after all this time, you still have no comment on being a furry hater, like you've previously made us aware of. >>29350

Congrats, you just won the honor of being a confirmed furry hater! Because that's what guilty people like you do, when you hear something that you know you're guilty of. You tried to ignore it when you know it's true. Not to mention trying to silence it.

Compared to your recent actions in that case... You're like a mailman that outright taunted the dog, in a homeowner's yard that clearly had a "beware dog" sign posted outside, with his bare ass just outside of the dog's reach. A few inches away from how far its leash would allow it to go. But now, the dog isn't on a leash and coming to bite your ass off for that.

But no, you decided to punt the dog in the head repeatedly to make him shut up and stop. And guess what, the homeowner was home and saw everything. And will remember everything. And will be sure you live a horrible life for what you did to the owner's dog.

For God's sake, the name of the site is "Yiff.Party" and you should know what this "yiff" means. If this site isn't for furries and only to bait us into being hated on, then why is it named "Yiff.Party" in the first place? But in case if your parents dropped you on the head when you were a baby, and don't know what the hell "yiff" means: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yiff

A lot of pages seem to be stuck on the "checking creator status" and cause of that it won't load anything or let you update anything either. Sometimes it loads fine, but other times not so good. Either way with pages stuck on "checking creator status" it's hard to really do anything or give updates.

https://yiff.party/patreon/4792041 is stuck loading forever in the "check creator status"

Been having the same problem. Most threads won’t load for me either, had to just keep reloading and checking back to even post this.

Update checks should be fixed now.

hey adm! How long do you think it takes to fix the problem with Flag system? :c

There's a problem with local storage values that breaks established users of the site who use the faves feature. Please fix.

Workaround for now: https://yiff.party/bbs/read/35905

How about a To-Do List to go along with the Changelog? Certain items needn't get specific, but it'd be nice to know what's to be or is being addressed.

when ever i reqeast a update for a creator it prety mutch never gets update like whygenas page and other pages and dives page dosnt get updated fast anymore the u[pdates are taking so long now i barly use the site anymore and the site is super slow loading things

the main page is always stuck loading for me

Read https://yiff.party/bbs/read/35905 >>35905

>>36057 What if you're on Internet Browser on Mobile?

>>35950 his parents didnt drop him he dropped the site (cymbal sound effect)
>>36051 this shitboard works fine maybe admin did it intentionally (its 3AM in the morning YAWN head falls on keyboard)

FILTER ON all of a sudden the admin shifts from ignorant to blissful (this is because all the comments containing "entitled" are blurred from his view since he cannot see it he realized the best decision is to simply delete them)
also why the fuck are reaction webms not allowed here
the gondolas (lurkers) are happy because they can see the BBS from a mile away (without any fuzzy images) aside from that they can also use proxies

>>36064 Just have to wait for it to be fixed, I guess lol

I'm not sure how the favourites bug is occurring since there's really no way for the localstorage data to become corrupted without manually editing it... but I added an exception handler to the homepage anyway

Front page is still fuckin' broke as shit, cant do jack.

Yeah clearing my cache doesn't even work right now, even tried on my phone for the first time and it still is stuck on loading. Cycled between Firefox and Chrome, both still endlessly loading.

It doesnt work on ANY browser for me. Not even internet explorer could load it.

Same, my creators page isn't loading at all. As well as if I type yiff.party/(name) it still doesn't load anything

me too :(

strange if he truly suffered brain damage would he still be alive to this day
as a faggot who did fall from his crib (it was a tall one)(i was 3 i think) my parents MRId me and doctors said no damage huh (she showed me the results no kidding)
also check this out https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/the-long-term-impact-of-a-childhood-knock-to-the-head/ TL;DR the effects aren't permanent (if it was will he still be this smart to build his own site)

Yes site has problems loading on some versions of firefox

ADMIN! Good to see pagination but seems unnecessary for old threads. I think there should just be "recent" that shows up to 50 threads for browser performance, then there's "all" so browser's find in page can act like thread search.

I've been having trouble for the longest time trying to use the update button for Agouti-rex's patreon here,
Knowing the guy and his rabid hatred against sharing of his stuff, I think they might have found out the guy who originally uploaded the stuff there, but that shouldn't be a reason for the request update button to not work.
Was this from one of the times it went down, and just never got fixed?

I'm certain there are people tagging things they don't want to see in their feed with a category they don't care about. Is there any way to combat this before people fed up with the mis-tagging, doing the same in retaliation and thus ruining the feed for everyone.
I've seen many as the example above now but I'm not going to dig through and collect a list to prove the point.

Page is stuck on Loading for me too, I tried to delete data from multiple browsers and mobile and nothing works


I noticed the master posts for a lot of artists are outdated most of the time and usually it's the only way to get the full res content.
Is this because the person importing it did something wrong?
if not is this going to be fixed anytime soon?

Main page doesn't load at all on any browser. These threads don't open on Chrome for some reason; I'm using Microsoft Edge for this post.

front page takes forever to load or wont load at all

I keep trying to upload a ZIP to https://yiff.party/patreon/409001's shared files section but it keeps stopping at 3% and throwing up an error
I've tried this on more than one machine too, it still doesn't work

I can't even flag the posts with dead links now,
wow I really hope it doesn't stay this way for months and months

not sure if this is the right place to post but it seems like it. this creator https://yiff.party/patreon/883680 has a lot of missing posts from lower tiers ($1, $5 etc) but none of them are showing up in the breakdown of missing posts, only 89 posts from his $80 tier. i believe this is the reason it hasn't been updated it a while too. would like a fix since i like the guys stuff

You may wanna consult >>34320

Admin the whole page is fucked up again same with all the artist pages in here as well as the images

Same here.

Stop fucking updating artist with free post

Stop being a retard, now fuck off.

Admin did a thing and site is working again! (more or less)

>Once again donation amount hasn't been updated causing people to donate more out of fear

the site still wont load for me on chrome, I don't know if the admin really did a thing

If you go to https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

and check all yiff donation options you will see that there were no donations. We are sitting on 60$ for a month now.

2 days left to donate

>yiff.party's server costs are due on the last day of each month. So, we need to meet this goal before 30 June!

less than 24 hours


FWIW I just tried using a couple of my "burner" credit cards (CCs I applied for long ago but never use) on Uphold and neither one worked, because I guess they don't support 3D Secure (a.k.a. Verified by Visa, etc.); I got desperate and linked my main CC, which *does* have 3D Secure, but even after going through that process, it failed. I only have my debit card and ACH transfers left to try, and I'm seriously worried about my bank yanking my account (and it turns out ACH transfers take a week to clear anyway), so I won't send any crypto-tokens this month either.

don't know how it actually works around here but somehow it missed the other updates pls halp.

you know the sites going to be shutdown if the donation goal isnt met

CheckingInOnTheThread.png (23.1KiB, 155x285) save_alt

If I donate, will flagging become available again at any point within the next month, or should I just not bother?


Site won't load for me at all

Uploading is broken again: just craps out after 15-20% with "unknown error occurred, try again".

Hey admin, or mods, could you crack down on the annoying amount of people making threads requesting for shit? (not on Yiff.List obviously)

How has the loading issue STILL not been resolved yet? It's been like this over a week. The fuck?

Yeah, what the fuck? I can't upload stuff either. Importing posts work, though.

Hi. The site won't properly load for me any page on PC. Its working fine on my phone.

Could this be fixed?

upload is still fucking broken

What's up with Shared Files uploads?

Still broken. Now an immediate "Unknown error occurred, please try again." after clicking on Upload.

Scripts active. Cookies whitelisted.

We need this feature for a lot of creators.

Could you add an option to add pages to creators like how they are in the imageboad, so that when viewing the creator, the page doesn't have to load every post.


Why I can't upload files to Shared Files uploads field?


GiuHellsing post pics in 2019 still show only giffy.gif only no her images on the post.

Shared file uploads should be working normally again. Very sorry for the delay in fixing this.

Regarding the homepage sometimes taking a long time to load: this is due to a lack of bandwidth capacity on our proxy servers. I'm working on upgrading capacity to make things faster for everyone, but yiff.party's popularity is increasing drastically and it's hard to keep up with the demand. I'll also be working on optimizing the homepage code to not require the entire creator list to be downloaded all at once. Thanks for your patience.

Yeah, not quite fixed. Back to "Unknown error occurred, please try again." after 13-17% of a 40M file, like in >>36896.
It's not crapping out immediately, but it's not fixed either.
Thanks for looking into it, at least.

Sorry, should be fixed for good now.

the main page gets stuck in an infinite loading loop PLZ HELP

hi, i can't import posts for some reasons, how to fix it?

Well, I can actually reach the bottom of this thread on Chrome now. But, the homepage is still stuck loading.

Thank you admin!

Yeah, I can't either. But regular upload seems to FINALLY work, so thanks for that!

Okay, main homepage is working now. Better late than never, I guess.

Screenshot_4.png (1.1KiB, 120x69) save_alt

is this me or looks like when my upload file is completed ,a file i uploaded still didn't show in shared file such like a picture i show,in a picture shared file count is 6 ,but it's only show 5 file when i check it, is my uploaded file still need get approve to showing in here? or that what some say get flagged?

>I'll also be working on optimizing the homepage code to not require the entire creator list to be downloaded all at once.

holy shit. Will you also optimize the creator page so it doesn't load all the 5000 posts at once crashing my shitty phone too?

The importer has encountered an error and won't work.

This shows "This creator has been banned from Patreon" beneath the name, making it impossible to request an update. As you can see, however...
The creator has not actually been banned from Patreon.

Same as a few guys up there, I can't import posts right now for some reason

Here's a stupid question: When a creator gets updated with free posts, does the number of update requests reset? Because I've been trying to get this one creator on the front page for the past six months all by myself and, disregarding the occasional site crapping (not to mention the recent loading error), they should be up there by now. However, I think it has something to do with the fact that free posts are getting added every now and then. If the system is set up to reset update requests after a creator gets free posts, I really think it should be reworked to prevent that.

A creator named 'Natsumetalsonic" got and update yesterday but it did not update 2 post which is the "vore in deep space " post whihc is the latest one it only update teh message post.PLease fix this.

Wait, what happened to normal imports and uploads?

won't fucking work, how long does this take to get fixed?

cite dead? no upload's/imports for a week

Aware of import issues, they're due to changes on Patreon's end. Working on fixing them.

What changes on Patreon?

a7f74891c8e2a94a11491c2826d8a5bed6dd7659e3c0f14f3b2e63198cdc1686.jpg (251.7KiB, 1200x1800) save_alt

What is this place?

Probably doesn't account for unbanned accounts.

Will it be fixed this weekend or next week?

Gotta say, front-page notice that the importer was broken would have been nice to see. Sitting here patiently waiting for a few updates (seriously thank you glorious bastards) and got worried when I saw the train of "2 days ago" on the front page.


Any way for the site admins to manually fix it?

So what security update happened and why is it stopping the updates here?

at least the shared files are working right?

They are.

Hi admin. Can you please link "shared files" adding with his creator's "last post" query?
Because when someone add content with "shared files", no one can know!

you know it kinda funny the moument we got shared files fixed the importer gets borked go figure

Yes, but the importer's problem isn't at all a malfunction of Yiff. It's them (Patreon) that have changed their cookies.
I hope it's not a countermeasure specifically designed to counter Yiff.

Can it be fixed?

would it be possible to add a Macro/Micro tag to the creators page?

Can someone explain in detail what the new Patreon Update does. I have limited coding knowledge. I think I could figure something out.

I don't know.

I don't get why everyone is so pissed at the admins, ya'll a bunch old ungrateful 12 year old bastards, I guess I should have expected that from a furry porn site. Hope this bug with the post gets resolved soon, thanks a bunch admins for everything you do with so little appreciation.


Litterally no one spoke nothing about the admins, all they said was that the problem is from Patreon's new update, and you're just projecting your anger trying to create drama, I guess you turned out to be, how should I put it "an ungrateful 12 year old bastard"

Can I get that with a side of source?

I'm too lazy to upload files. There's too many of them.

We're not pissed at admins, we're collectively pissed at artists cowardly hiding behind paywalls instead of delivering goodies for free as they should.

Has this ever happened before?

any progress on the fix to the patreon update

Actually, personally, I'm more pissed that artists think we should have the honor of crowdfunding their refusal to contribute to their local economy by taking a tangible job in the real world.

Also, uh, the part where they're dodging taxes by doing it.

For reals now if the site host demands the same amount of money this time around that would be a dick move.I dont mean the admin

I believe it has.

>We're not pissed at admins

Really? Because Admin hasn't been doing a very good job maintaining this site. Patreon's countermeasures are one thing, but there are plenty of known issues that have yet to be addressed.

sonicether's shared files are being flooded with junk files, some of which are exes/dlls that do god-knows-what

Any update on the site's update system? Did you guys found a way?

flag them and they should get nuked.

>flag them

hey adminn any progress on the importer fix?

never ever

Wanted to ask the same Admin ? How's your prediction when it comes to fix deployment ? Don't want to resub to 2 artists again just because we have no importer working xD.

hello, what about the damn post importer?

And I'm stopping here because of the line limit, but you can still find more of these.
Hopefully I've made my point.

I'm talking about flagging shared files which works fine.

The importer has been re-enabled. Thank you for your patience.


Thank You admin!

love u bb

Thanks a bunch!

>>38405bless for ardumin

thats great all we need now is to meet the donation goal
on a side note how did you fix the importer?

aye thanks for fixin it

Gerph18ups 'request update button isn't showing up. It's stuck at checking creator status.

They can't say that, otherwise Patreon might come here, read their explanation on how they fixed it, and once again try to update their security measures.

Anyways, thank you very much Admin!!

ahh got it

allthou if we dont meet the donation goal fixing the importer will be all for nought

Thank you admin for the fixing! And don't mind the haters.

Name: no thots no patreon no prob just me and my yiff and the PC (too long can't post)

honestly im not one of those haters (well i kinda am now for saying this even though its sort of true)
but really i hate the way admin treats its users (i haven't forgotten that time he banned me and locked those three threads)

thx friend now my VM can eat something AND ARCHIVED

Any reason not to do client-side operations?

Site still doesn't work for me

Okay, so I've been trying to fucking upload a 240mb zip file to one of creators

first time, it got to 40%, then for no fucking reason zeroed and began anew

then it got to about 19% and threw an error

Third time's the charm, right?

Well, it got to 100% complete! So that means the file is uploaded, right?


For fuck's sake, admins, 100% means COMPLETE. No "kinda complete", no "will be in a minute, honey", no. 100% means it's fucking done. And here it's not.

And of course as I type these words, 20 minutes have passed and just now I see "upload successful". I'm glad that cursing at you works before I hit "post reply", but still.

Posts once imported and then subsequently updated on Patreon by the creator (by modifying the post content/attachments, although post dates/times seem unaffected) do not get reimported/updated here subsequently. Can you fix this major bug please?

We have creators who keep adding links and attachments to old 'master' posts, but once those are imported here they remain static and never get updated with the new content on Patreon.

fix flag system pls u-u.

This is not new, I'm afraid

1552509356619.png (659.7KiB, 1047x508) save_alt

Oh boy, here we go again:
Just wanna pose you a question, mate. If after all the posts listed in
and some that are even older than those, it hasn't been fixed, what makes you think that it will ever be?
Furthermore, >>32464 drives the point a bit further in by pointing out that none of us have no fucking idea what the hell is up with the flagging system because Admin-kun hasn't said jack about it.
What I'm trying to say is, give up completely or settle with whining about it, to no response or acknowledgement whatsoever, once every week.
BTW, consider this my weekly whine, Admin-kun.

On the Recent activity page, please can you add a filter to just show 'imported by yiff.party', 'imported by user' or 'new shared file'? A lot of shared files get buried in there from all the imports, and the 'imported by yiff.party' are pointless since only SFW stuff is ever public now. 'imported by user' is where the stuff we're here for is.


how long did the scraper take to fix last time it broke?

"If after all the posts listed in >>38345 and some that are even older than those, it hasn't been fixed, what makes you think that it will ever be?"
I'm new here and had no idea you'd been whining about this exact same issue for ages and had been royally ignored.

Well, this sucks. :( Anything we can do to get around this limitation? I mean, besides posting a request here on the board for the skipped updates to be manually uploaded elsewhere and shared here, but what are the chances the patron(s) concerned will ever read it? If only there was a way to at least leave brief notes for any patrons who might visit to update a page...

BTW, can someone explain to a newbie what this "sage" checkbox does?

The Request Update button shouldn't reset if there are still paid posts to be imported.

Sage means that the thread doesn't get bumped with your post.
People will spam that shit to oblivion, I guarantee it. I will concede that the Request Update button should function differently, though.

Also, happy 4 years of the Flagging System not working and Admin-kun not saying jackshit about it.
It's probably not been 4 years of that, but given what >>34320 , specifically "this shit goes as far back as posts made in 2016.", it still deserves celebration.

If he feels this isn't worth his time then why not run the site in a way that he profits off of it?, Considering the other shit that's pissing people off I don't think that would be the 'straw that broke the camels back', I'd HAPPILY! take malware infested adds instead of those thot lovers and their content

I go on hitomi.la all the time, It would have to be alot worse than that to actually bother me

also can we have some kind of system in place here to encourage people to subscribe to artists?
https://www.patreon.com/thekite sends his content through art packs every month so you can't get the previous ones.

Would've been real nice if someone had already been on that, but no apparently this system is flawless according to the majority of people here, when it's very evidently not, but no lets not attempt any kind of change right?.

What a stupid fucking attitude

some have the link of "Samus x Ridley 2 "Resmash" 4K " from Skello-on-Sale? (soi) https://yiff.party/patreon/393117. post No.26109220 the link from the post is dead.

Consider.png (15.6KiB, 200x200) save_alt

Look, mate, if Admin-kun feels this isn't worth his time then why not run the site in a way that he profits off of it?

Because then it would somewhat ruin the point of this site, being getting patreon art and goodies for free.

The only way for this site to get content now is a gum scraper that can only import free posts, and people paying money to import the content,
and even if that scraper worked, if the artist sends his content through pm or discord, there's a 99% chance that's not going to be uploaded onto his shared files page because no one feels like doing it.

and the closest he's ever come to addressing that issue is saying he's looking into ''pm scraping'' and that was a fucking joke,
I knew he wasn't gonna spare the thought even while he was on the toilet about that.

The people on the thread where he mentioned it put more effort into figuring that out than he did.

we need to come up with a reason to make people want to import content,
I could list off dozens of pages that are 5 months behind or more because the guy who kept paying each month for nothing in return just left, and it could have been avoided if he had been given a reason to keep doing it,
it's like everyone wants to sit on their hands until the site collapses, that is honestly what the attitude feels like here.

Been hours since the last import. Hope it's not starting again.

For fuck's sake, the importer is down AGAIN!?

Unfortunately Patreon is still trying to play cat-and-mouse with me. I'll try to have the importer back up ASAP.

got it hope it goes well btw how are we on the donation goal

1499832881172.jpg (85.4KiB, 640x640) save_alt

>Because then it would somewhat ruin the point of this site, being getting patreon art and goodies for free.
Given how the number of artists that post all their patreon updates onto a single (or several) anchor posts keeps growing, I will very gladly argue that not fixing the flagging system results in the exact same.
TLDR: If you're gonna argue me, argue >>38864 too.

>it's like everyone wants to sit on their hands until the site collapses
With how frequently something in the site breaks, how long certain features have remained unfixed, how nebulous Admin-kun's priorities are, the constant need to donate to keep the servers up and how insubstantial most content updates tend to be, I don't see much of a problem there. Because as someone cleverly pointed out:
>the point of this site, being getting patreon art and goodies for free
And I will gladly argue that this site has become a burden for the people wanting/interested on contributing for the issues stated above, which just so happens to undermine the point of this site.
All of which could be mitigated if Admin-kun could bother to give a status update longer than "shit's broken will fix bby".


I don't know what goes behind fixing the importer, but is it even possible to give a status update? If something is broken, I assume they try out possible fixes and won't know if it works until it does. It's not like they can say 'We're almost done' or 'It's about halfway there' when they have no idea how long it could take themselves. I doubt any form of status update they can give would be helpful if it isn't 'It's fixed now.'

I think the admin should hold another poll to see if people really care how this site gets it's content.

a) for free or not at all
b) in a way that contributes to the artist, financially or otherwise
c) doesn't matter, I can't pay $1500 a month to subscribe to all the artists I like, as long as it's there that's all I care about

I hate to say it, but it looks like Patreon is finally fighting back. If they've roadblocked the importer again already, that doesn't really bode well for this site. It's only a matter of time before their well-paid techs create a permanent solution like with the bot importers.

panic.gif (70.5KiB, 169x118) save_alt


For fucks sake patreon sucks ass

1461446900759.png (65.4KiB, 253x238) save_alt

>We're now doomed to a wack a mole game between us and patron

they're actively trying to disable a website that seeks to undermine their entire business model, "reeeeeeeee they suck" lol

I'm not being a moralfag & bitching about this site, I mean, I use the thing & enjoy doing so, but claiming that Patreon "sucks ass" for doing what they do is insane. This website is piracy; Patreon is entitled to the fullest to do whatever they can to prevent that piracy.

>Implying the importer is the only feature that regularly breaks/has been broken for ages and, either it could do with a fix, or the users could do with some info about what the fuck the problem is.
Mind you I ain't asking for a 50 page essay about how Patreon is trying HARD to block YP out, but:
>This shit don't work 'cuz reasons, I'll be fixing it in the upcoming days.
>I cannot fix this thing that's been broken for ages 'cuz Patreon and I can't be arsed to remove it.
>I might try to sort things out eventually, but it's pretty low on my priority list.
>Also, given the circumstances, don't be too susprised if X feature breaks/works poorly.
>If that happens and I have nothing else on my hands, I'll try to put a patch over the hole.
>Be patient, k?


For fuck's sake, fix the fucking importer! How long has it worked properly? Five minutes, maybe?!

punish me, daddy

someone PLEASE donate we already lost exhentai and are going to lose ehentai in 6 months time i dont want this site to be next


why is ehentai going away in 6 months? also why did exhentai go?

no no no no NO

Think it may be time to focus on that Fantia update, and wait for Patreon to lower their guard for a bit...

goddamn...is the importer broken again? wasn't it fixed a few days ago? looks like the i.t department over at patreon finally got off their asses. this is how it all ends.

Given my whining ain't stopping anytime soon, you should refer to >>39036

Also, don't really want to mention it, but it needs to be said. Alongside the import system not working, I've been getting the bandwidth loading issues like we we're dealing with last month.

We should really start archiving everything on this site as soon as possible in case it goes down.

Good idea. Google Drives? Mega? We have things to work with. We would just need a list of artists that someone has gone through and backed up their stuff. Backups on physical drives as well as a cloud service would be safer as well in case the cloud decided to delete our stuff. Mega does that a lot.

I hear IPFS is good for archiving stuff. Don't know much about how to use it but it's there if you need a decentralized backup of all the pics from this site.

IPFS and Hydrus are our best bets for archiving stuff. Above are some links to help people get started.


>they're actively trying to disable a website that seeks to undermine their entire business model

>This website is piracy
>implying Patreon is a marketplace

Y'all really just now trying to do that. My guy - I've been doing that since day one.

That's great. How much have you archived so far?

It's not a true archive, but the stuff I wanted to keep, I would download and then save to my google drive. So far, I have a fair bit of Melonart's stuff, Matospectoru, and a few other things. It's only stuff I care about though. If you want to DM me I'd be happy to comply. I may not respond immediately though.

Fuck off with the fucking doomsday predictions, fix the fucking importers
Also, everyone, use the fucking uploader and repost stuff elsewhere

Well, they do suck, since we deserve that content for free.

nbl5jrvkff621.png (195.7KiB, 800x680) save_alt

admin, PLEASE ban all these retards shitting their pants at the end of every month who think the site will die

>fix the fucking importers
>use the fucking uploader

1558472296273.jpg (21.8KiB, 500x396) save_alt

we'll see who's laughing when you get a 404 because it already happened once

To be honest if the site isnt fixed I dont think anyone would even bother to donate this month cause the site probably got less activity than before

Tbh, uploading would be a lot more helpful for most creators nowadays. A lot of content is sent out through Patreon messages so just importing posts gives nothing much other than knowing what's in the releases. And Patreon can't do anything to stop the uploader.

I don't know if this should go here exactly, but with the increasing number of people moving to Subscribestar, are there any plans to add pages for that?

i believe in you, admin

scrape.png (105.7KiB, 782x375) save_alt

Can we get rid of the request update button?, what is it fucking good for? for free posts that we can just look up anyways?,
all that button does is disappoint people, that's the only thing it's capable of doing when you click on it.

Just get rid of it, that scraper's not getting fixed any time soon and I'm sick of checking in on those pages just to hear about content that I can't see.

skulltitti hasn't been updated in 11 months because there's no free posts and no one was willing to pay to update the page (despite that one guy who kept asking for it in the request threads over and over and over again for the last year), until the scraper actually does it's job again, get rid of that button please.

>for free posts that we can just look up anyways?

What are you on?

I've provisionally re-enabled the importer, but there's a chance some issues may crop up -- if you experience any problems, please let me know ASAP so I can fix them.

Thank you for your hard work Admin <3

Thanks admin appricieate it really pal

You're a saint admin

I think you fucked up the Importer interface by mixing cookie and other patrons fields. I put in a cookie and get an error.

Uh, this might be Chrome issue, though. Works through TOR.
Also, thanks for fixing the importer.

Public posts are posts that anyone can look up without having to pay

Were you not aware of that?

You make it seem like the Request Update button resets when free posts are imported. >>39239. The real problem is when the button resets when only some of the content is imported.

Could we please have a feature to sort our "Favourite creators" by "Recent Activity" as well as "Last Post." Its much more interested to see who was updated on yiff recently than to see the order of when their post was up at patreon. It already exist a recent activity for everything that gets updated, could we not have the option to filter it to favorites only?

Hey Admin, when you mention creator-specific issues, do you mean issues with particular pages and artists that have slight problems that mean you can't really view some of the content, but the other works are fine? cos i've found a few pages that could do with being fixed up a little

Patreon has "albums" now and it doesn't seem to import them

oh no but if this site goes down I'll lose access to all the wank i didn't pay for

Yo admin, there is issue with porting galleries from patreon to yiff. Instead of taking whole gallery, it just takes a first single picture and called it done.
Fix it pls

Maybe if you donate more he will
You could call it a donators perk
Maybe be on some kind of donor tier

it looks like the updater broke again

again really i guess patreons really out for blood this time

seems like nobody has contributed on posting money for this site to stay active :/

I can't import any posts. I keep getting en error.

Ugh, 3rd time this month.

Looking into it.

I'm seeing this message on pages:
"An update is currently in progress. Please check back in a few minutes."

We've been donating for how many months now?

Maybe you haven't unlocked that perk yet
every month the site keeps staying up
maybe you should donate some more
you could get some exclusive art perks

It was fixed, then it went down again.

thank you Admin for trying your best maintaining the site i appreciate it!
and you furry lovers calm your tits down jeez

can you donate?

I only use paypal sadly :(

Admin! Can you please fix the importer again?

suddenly the site works but the importer is offline again
are you doing this on purpose my dude?

>and you furry lovers calm your tits down jeez
>calm your tits

Importer is back once again. Thank you for waiting.

much appreciated fam

I'm getting an error when it's importing Rapps' stuff.

Please get rid of camwhores

New month, new request for Admin-Kun to either fix the flagging system or to just remove it given the absurdly long amount of time it's been 100% unarguably useless.

Too bad about those DCMA requests, huh?



Patreon recently added the ability for creators to post multiple images in one post and the importer doesn't seem to be set up to properly handle it. Right now it only grabs the first picture and that's it

example I ran into https://yiff.party/patreon/6608334 post on 08-02 and 07-3
and https://yiff.party/patreon/4977343 post on 07-29

Content i missing on these two post of bonnie. Shows/loads a blank icon instead of actual file. Please fix it.



Original page:

It looks like some of the files or pictures in patreon posts for some artists are not being uploaded. Is anyone else having this problem? One the main picture or file seems to be uploaded. Noticed it with skygracer and jtveemo.

HELP this new addition is just showing a white page with a 0 https://yiff.party/patreon/6071641


aw we lost the discord sever oh well

Seems like yiff.party isn't handling multiple images properly, skygracer (https://yiff.party/patreon/797556) being a prime example at the moment as he's apparently dumping old stuff but it's only showing the first image.
Being able to flag posts like this would be REALLY useful on top of it generally being fixed.

Albums are already being scraped by our bot, I'm just working out how to display them, don't worry.

Not a new issue

There needs to be a way for the scraper to update posts which have been edited / updated.

As a thought, there's already posts with lots of attached images and in-post images, if you're having to make a system to display albums anyway, would it be much of a stretch to adapt that system to work with attached and in-post images as well so it's all a bit tidier / less of a hassle to go through multiple images in one post all around?

Please be aware that someone is using this platform to keep threatening Angie Griffin and is uploading murder scenes to the Shared Files of her Patreon. I know it’s difficult to ban him but try to be aware and flag the pics so Admins can remove them and block the IPs he is using.

No moderation on shared files upload? Viruses in rar files/ snafff pictures

I'm aware of this abuse. Please flag abusive files until measures are in place to counteract it. I'm taking it seriously and hope to have a solution later today.

do they get fixed though?

I'm a little too lazy to see if there is a proper thread i should be posting this in, but i was going to ask if anybody was willing to update a patreon creator's page since its no longer accessible. The creator is named Oppressor, and the link in question is the link to his mod called Oppressor's Guns. Thank you.

Any progress on the missing attachments?

Patreons new gallery feature doesn't download the other pictures in the gallery only the first one shown

Stop with the material design BS already, have the reply box hover over the thread like how 4chan and 8chan works.

Something is wrong with two posts here: https://yiff.party/patreon/797556
"Old art P1" & "Old art P1". They seem to be missing download links to archives of the artists older artwork.
Can someone please fix these? Thanks.

When will we be able to flag posts again? That's been down for months.
I specifically want to flag CatCouch's "Reward Pack Sent Out" posts on their profile as they've all been updated to include the Dropbox link (I assume).
Proof is on their "CatCouch Art Archive" post, and comparing the posts on-site to the ones under this tag on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/CatCouch/posts?tag=Reward%20Packs


Wow CatCouch's art sucks. People pay for that shit?

pieexpress its been 7months since it's been updated.

Please add

Why is it impossible to flag posts at this time?

I noticed some users are now using Patreon's new "multi-image viewer", however, only one image is only viewable. Will you be planning to fix this or adding this feature in the future?

20190812_161953.jpg (218.2KiB, 1080x2018) save_alt

An example being Nikkonator's recent rewards and pages with extras.


20190812_162020.jpg (478.6KiB, 1080x1080) save_alt

And with these titles saying "+alts"...

20190812_162035.jpg (94.7KiB, 1075x1433) save_alt

You can't see them. It's just one image.

Pls update the site with this feature, if you guys ever get around to doing so.

There a pacific patreon i been wondering if anyone could unlock with this site.

https://www.patreon.com/cinemasens <---- this is the link

I second this, hope there could be a fix for this soon.

Fix the importer now!

Imorter down again.

Investigating importer outage

And also the attached images not showing up too, please

Silvercomics And Xpray are missing file attachments.For Xpray its the game update zip file and for Silvercomics its comic pages that are attached with the new system on patreon

i believe in you

no wonder why importer down. Patreon disabled ability to save picture's from galleries. It now just zoom's in on right click

It still has to load in the image you're zooming into locally for it to work. Frequently it's as easy as reading the raw html to pull the image itself, but even when there's bullshit obscurificating java involved, the admin's proven that he's more than capable of pulling from that sort of thing in the past.
That's not likely a problem.

Dang, Patreon's been chasing the importer hard recently. Best of luck patching it.

Jesus that's annoying. You can still do the page info trick on firefox but that's tedious.

Here another one

the request update button is broken.

Yeah what the fucking fuck
fix it

HOW DO I SAVE THEM MANUALLY?! In the original res I mean

godspeed admin

inspect element still lets you download the full image easily, right clicking on the image doesn't do anything (thanks patreon) but you can right click outside the image and look around in the elements tab until you find the image

but not in the original resolution
it's the same as if I clicked and saved what patreon shows me. Not the resized one

Godspeed Admin

When I press the "request update" button it turns white and it stays like that. It just started doing this yesterday. Usually it will turn black with white text that says "thank you for requesting an update". I have no idea if my request are even going through.

Yeah, fix it asap.

Lil faggot upload snaff stuff and viruses again in "shared files"

so it looks like patreon introduced a new way of sharing videos that's supposedly more secure
not sure how it actually works, but betting the site'll need an update to get past it


You still haven't fixed it? JFC

the last time he had to fix it it took a couple of days so please be patient

I think the fuck-up with image saving on Patreon's end is fixed, so that will speed things up

Any news about the importer?

So any luck or still a chaos?

But it's broooooooooken😢
(tantrum repeats)

Six o'clock, TV hour, don't get caught in a foreign tower
Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn
Lock him in uniform, book burning, blood letting
Every motive escalate, automotive incinerate
Light a candle, light a votive, step down, step down
Watch your heel crush, crush, uh-oh
This means no fear, cavalier renegade and steering clear
A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies
Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives, and I decline

I don’t wanna act like I’m impatient but I’m worried that if it isn’t fixed then all the stuff archived here will be gone.

We need to have a backup plan if things go south.

Jesus, again?

While you fix the updater admin, can you please add a feature to blacklist patreon we don't like?
it would be nice to browse recent patreons and patreon list with that so we can enjoy our stuff easier.

Yeah, what the fuck? It's like fourth time this holidays.

pony tagged but where is the pony? I feel like no one cares for accurate tagging since it's been brought up a few time but there still isn't any solution to fix mis-tagging. It takes one guy to fuck things up. Now imagine if there were a few more.

Looks like one Equestria Girls commission five years ago. (derpibooru/802474)
Yiff.party shows nothing from that period; a five month gap in Patreon posts.

I feel like this is the beginning of the end for this site, but people are saying this has happened before so I put my trust in the ones working on the issue.

Keep fighting the good fight.

plus im pretty sure if we were truly fucked the admin would let us know

You know what else would be great? If the people we watch didn't get wiped every time we clear our browser cache. So annoying.

Nope, I clear my cache all the time; you must be also clearing your cookies.

That's literally a non-issue. All you have to do is copy/paste your favorites into notepad and save a txt file.

how long is the site note gonna update or work?.

I shouldn't have to. I should be able to log into an account and have my account date secured.

I'm still working on it.

understood hope it gets fixed soon

Issues with the update request button have NOT been resolved. When I press the update request button
it turns white and zones out for a while then a red bar appears on the top right of the screen that says
"unable to process. Please try again later." Please fix this. Thanks.

https://yiff.party/patreon/7452672 tetesin
I've been curious why this creator has 108 missing (paid) post and hasn't been updated for ages and i only see his free post , I have assumption that the creator itself is the one who updated his free post regularly so no one can't pirate his content 🤔


Fixed sometime this week?

best of luck m8

Any update on the "Importer" tool?

https://www.patreon.com/cinemasens/posts and this https://www.patreon.com/suicidetoto/posts?tag=rwby someone please get these too before it's too late

i do love how people panic and start archiving crap as soon as there is a small technical glitch, screaming about how the site is dead and will never be revived. Admins, is there any way you can punish the twits who start those rumors?

People sometimes need to learn how to be patient and not treat a small glitch like its a major threat and the site is suddendly going to die. Like for real, is really irritating seeing these people panic about this ordeal happening.

>small glitch

If this " small technical glitch"not fixed soon, I doubt if anyone would donate next month

People sometimes need to learn how to be patient and not treat a glitch like its a major threat and the site is suddendly going to die. Like for real, is really irritating seeing these people panic about this ordeal happening.

(There, i fixed it since i cant delete my old post *rip*)

braindead.jpg (25.6KiB, 645x729) save_alt

> "Hey, let's threaten the guy who spent his own private time and effort on creating this site for all of us"
> Pic related, it's you

If this "guy" that "spent his own private time and effort on creating this site for all of us" is that good why does the importer break every 2 seconds while having the audacity to ask for donations.

If this site keeps breaking just close it and find another way to scam people with bitcoin miners and useless donations on a broken website who can keep it's shit together before breaking for 1 day.

There's an error saying that dk999's posts are updated on yiff.party, but he released the latest update a few days ago, so shouldn't it say that (name) has missing posts?


How long will it take until post get updated? it's been a week already.

uyc95.jpg (29.9KiB, 379x247) save_alt

He didn't threaten anyone. He was simply stating a fact. No one is going to put money into a broken website.

Yeah seriously, this has been happening way too often. Why even donate to this site if half the time it doesn't work?

morebraindead.jpg (16.3KiB, 326x294) save_alt

> Entitled samefagging sperglord keeps complaining about something he gets for free, complains about 'audacity' of donations, even though he's never contributed a single thing to this site, or even society, in his entire life

If it's so bad, why are you still here? Is Admin holding a gun to your head, demanding money?

> Pic related, it's you again

Hi irony, I'm dad.
Entitled samefagging sperglords complain about paywalls here all the time and content creators aren't holding a gun to your head either.

Enjoy being gay.

Its-cute-how-you-think-youre-right-even-though-youre-wrong.jpg (231.6KiB, 600x534) save_alt


>>40995 and >>41005 are not my posts.

Just because more than one person disagrees with something you say it doesn't mean they're samefagging you twat. And people do pay to keep this site going. It doesn't run on pocket lint you know? Why do you think the site asks for donations every month? To give you something to bitch about? Idiot.

I mean for real why does almost everybody here complain that the importer and the site is broken.You think its the admins fault or something?Get it together he does everything he can to fix it every time theres a problem and you still are mad at him if it doesnt get entirely fixed.So seriously just chill out

p4l2DC55_400x400.jpg (14.2KiB, 300x300) save_alt

Alright, lets stop acting like inmature manchilds fighting over stupid shit and just wait until the importer gets fixed.

also what's poppin'

images.png (3.4KiB, 194x259) save_alt

My nuts. That's what's poppin. Hey gotem.

Y'all motherfuckers retarded lmao

Its always the worst going through these threads and seeing all the ungrateful, whiny bitches. The mods don't owe you a damn thing, and I'm sure its not their first choice having half the site be down. Be patient, it was less then a month last time.

Its always the worst going through these threads and seeing all the ungrateful, whiny bitches. The mods don't owe you a damn thing, and I'm sure its not their first choice having half the site be down. Be patient, it was less then a month last time.

It’s always the best going through these threads and seeing all the strong, protesting warriors. The mods owe you literally everything, and I'm sure it’s definitely their first choice having half the site be down. Don’t be patient, it was more than 2 seconds last time.

How far along is the Fantia implementation? If patreon keeps this up that's gonna be the best back-up for keeping this site afloat.
And its pretty "convenient" that Patreon patched up any holes in their security around the same time 2 months in a row, right around the time the site needs to start worrying about donations, they might be specifically aiming to kill donor support by upping security at this time each month to sink us.

maybe admin should change title and domain of this site,so those guy that usualy report this site will lost track of this site


It has nothing to do with anyone being ungrateful or feeling like they are entitled. The site stays alive because people donate to it every month. If the site can't function correctly then no one is going to invest in its survival. And then its bye bye yiff.party. Its not that hard of a concept to grasp.

>small glitch
>disables the main functionality of entire site

JFC, admin, fix this shit.

At least his money troubles should be dealt with for the month; I am become Paypig, maintainer of worlds: >>41050

>I mean for real why does almost everybody here complain that the importer and the site is broken.You think its the admins fault or something?

He's realistically why CUF is a thing. Can't say much about his MO, but it does seem like he's ignoring potentially useful feedback (things he can't publicly address either way, but is apparently not being explored if this site's problems are anything to go by).

one week of nothing. thanks Valve

And this is why I don´t find useful donate to these sites. One change on the code of the "pirated" site aaaaaaaaaaand is gone. Money wasted.

>site still maintains a giant store of prior patreon content
>money wasted
are you special?

Still nothing huh?Man I really want some MODCA content basically the pokemon comic he is doing and also Antizero,Xpray for the game update which wasnt attached to the game update post for whatever reason and SXFPantera

>I'm still working on it.
I don't need leaked exclusive content the moment it comes out. It's been 8 days since the updater last posted something, and that's honestly an acceptable delay considering alternatives.

I'm sure this suggestion will piss off some people, but you could deliberately build a 7 day delay into the site in the future. Benefits to you being, when the next disruption occurs, it gives you a 7 day buffer of updates before people notice, allowing you to work in peace. You may also get less heat from Patreon if the leaks don't happen immediately.

Going public was a mistake.


I mean, when the importer works again we will get flooded with whatever content we missed in these days it was down anyway so its not like I particularly care if the importer breaks every now and again as long as Admin can fix it. Stay strong admin, you can do it!

Yeah man you can do it

Patreon is working against you. Every step of the way.
Patreon now frequents this site more than admin himself.

Can you fix this artists page from saying he's banned? He's not, was just temporarily suspended. It's because of this that I think he's not getting updated

5438945984.jpg (71.5KiB, 400x313) save_alt

so admin hows fixing the importer been going?

your request could not be processed at this time please try again

>Small glitch
>The whole site goes down
>sMaLl GlItCh


Rev up those archives, pack it up. We’re done here.

Is there any way to get around these patreon only download links?
Maybe add a file host for them on this site?

Hey admin did you try turning it off and turning it on again?

That's what the shared files feature is for.

tiny suggestion: duplicate at the bottom of the page the prev/next links in the recent activity section

SS.png (34.2KiB, 678x623) save_alt

Updates got stuck for over 9 days
what's wrong?

The importer is down mine looks like that too

the request update doesn't work it hasn't for a while now. Keeps saying error try again. Sounds like everything on this site is down and not working at all anymore, oh well.

i'm still keeping my Hennessy in the bottle, I'll give it until day 12 before I'm pouring one out to the niggas who didn't make it.

We need some way for uploaders to add comment.
Tons of creators just hide everything via inbox messages (such as links to posts), thus making scanning their patreon completely pointless as it contains nothing but already released "public" content.

I thought I was the only one waiting on update :( I hope dis gets fixed cuz a fella been #hornyonmain 4 like days

still cant reqeast updates still says unabile to proseed

10 days and counting. Really hoping this gets resolved soon.

giorno-giovanna-anime-1181257-1280x0.jpg (60.4KiB, 1280x729) save_alt

I Giorno Giovana have a dream, that we degenerates wont get destroyed

Imagine donating to this trash

imagine having a hint of a belief that the person who's successfully repaired the updater every time in the past would be able to repair it again this time, despite potentially taking a while to defeat whatever Patreon's trying

imagine donating to an archive of this much existing content at all, with or without future guarantees of additional content

(while i'm here, if you really don't feel like donating to yiff.party this month, go donate instead to the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/donate/ . They provide a shit-ton of virtually everything to anyone, for free. (They also run the Wayback Machine if you never connected the two: https://web.archive.org/ , and a fun new thing they're doing is digitally archiving every 78rpm record they can get their hands on: https://great78.archive.org/ .))

when will the importer be working again?

Man you must be drinking the coolaid, or one of admins is soaking their dick in your mouth if you believe these lazy shitheads will fix anything

Hey admin, I. Sure you will fix it.Have some patience guys. Even I am missing content since a month. Will it be flooded as soon as tool gets fixed?

Jesus, 10 days?! When are you going to fix it>?!

just wait for admin

noticing that there's no way to request updates on patreons that have updated older posts? a lot of the artists i follow update older master-posts instead of releasing updates on new posts, but i can't request an update because yiff.party seems to think it's already up-to-date. can anything be done about that?
specifically it's morepurplemorebetter, if that helps

Can we add a more button to recently added creators section so we can scroll back please. Last time the importer got fixed we were flooded and I like to know what wonders of creation I am/may have missed.

Sorry for the downtime today, there was a hardware fault.

Importer is still being worked on. The process is significantly more difficult this time because Patreon are utilizing Cloudflare's new "Bot Management" technology. Progress has been made in circumventing it, but I want to ensure that the importer is 100% safe to use before re-enabling it. Thanks for your patience.

The wait's been brutal but always appreciate the hard work!


thank you so much agg

Try to do your best mate


Thank you for all your hard work.

Good to know your still working on it

Hey nincompoops! Look, the Admin IS trying to fix the site, WHADAYA KNOW? It's just like we've been telling you the ENTIRE TIME.

In other words, please have more patience than a squirrel.

thanks, homie

obey_the_squirrel.jpg (123.5KiB, 1024x643) save_alt

More patience than....Foamy the Squirrel?

Good news! We've finally cracked the code and are now working on implementing a fix, which should be completed either tonight or tomorrow.

Yo that’s awesome. The site is gonna be okay!

Thanks for doing all this hard work admin, we greatly appreciate it!

Finally, thank you so much admin for this amazing news

HOLY BASED. Also, get ready for massive importation :^)

Thank you!

Thanks be to the adminfather

Hallelujah! Thank you admin for your hard work!

I knew you could do it


Holy fuck, you’re awesome admin but also be careful with people in mass submitting stuff

Thank you!!!! nice work

Awesome, thank you!!!

Please add a way to personally blacklist/exclude patreons so everyone can get an optimal research when they want to find new patreons for their taste.

Thank you for your hard work admin !

Oh, good! Thank you for that.

hell ya!

Man, you did it yet again. Well done

nice job


Just in time before your donations goal for the month is over funny how that work

Thank you for your efforts!

pogU fixed. Thank you admin

1304834570820.jpg (17.0KiB, 544x400) save_alt

We can't celebrate and relax, we're on an arms race now and we need to be ready for the next time patreon tries something

We know but we did it again dude!

Just a quick thanks @Admin despite all the whingers creating thread after thread of complaints, for always coming through and patching the importer :)

Cool to see the importer back up & running, but any news on the "gallery" function Patreon added recently? It still seems like the importer can't scrape subsequent images that are posted like this.

Thank you admin

All hail admin! Thanks for your efforts and also thanks to everyone who imports. Real MVPs.

Even though the site is fixed the donation thing still hasn’t gone up. Will it go up at the last minute or will it go up a bit later?

i still cant reqeast a update for whygenas page like to see his new nsfw content

Thank you for your hard work but do you know when will fix the flag system?

Thanks for the site fix!
You can tell it's fixed because 80% of the imported posts and new creators are camwhores.


i mean he's not wrong

now we just need people to donate.

Thank you Porn Father.

Thanks Bui

Perhaps do a week where you ban the camwhores from being updated to see how the fast the site is? Maybe that will put everyone to rest on the arguments that happen daily

dr_smugmario.png (349.3KiB, 674x741) save_alt

>trusting Bui on anything
Remember the poll he has made? Nothing absolutely happened after that, not even any word from Bui has been said in regards to this. I pity the innocent fools (I assume they are newfags) here idolizing and cock-sucking Bui just because he fixed the importer, despite that this already happened commonly a few times before.

>Maybe that will put everyone to rest on the arguments that happen daily
The arguments will never be put to rest, as long Bui keeps being a giant egoistical ban-happy faggot.

r2.PNG (187.9KiB, 396x508) save_alt

Did we miss some Alt versions of this art?

I think it's a bug.

Patreon has a new function where artists can put up a "mini-gallery" on their own posts. So basically the "Post file" is usually the main image that Patreon post is usually about, but with this new function more images are attached to said image. But I think the importer just grabs the first one of the group and just calls it a day. Despite there being more there for sure.

add support for websites like enty and fantia

The request thread is useless. Take a look at the requests there, even ones from several weeks ago. Almost none of them have been done. If a patreon is not updated after 4-5 days, it means no active YP contributor is following it, and since no one is actually gonna go out of their way and pay money for you just because you asked nicely, you're boned. Some of the least popular creators I follow have not had their YP pages updated in months, it sucks but that's how it is.

(Actually I posted this exact thing in the request thread earlier and someone just deleted it because apparently this is how this fucking place works)

So Galleries still not porting properly?

I know for a fact that the site had already reached its donation goal by the time the importer was fixed, but he just hasn't updated the total yet.

>Some of the least popular creators I follow have not had their YP pages updated in months, it sucks but that's how it is.

That could just as easily be the result of the thot invasion. The Most Wanted Updates section needs a reform.

I think we've come to a point where the whole site needs a rework tbh

The most valued porn , homo ,furry artists had not updated for months even half of a year,but those disgusting coser whore & thot got updated much more frequently,unacceptable


I've noticed that a lot of Patreon accounts are now using Vimeo to upload their videos. But when the new Vimeo links get imported here, they don't work.

hey adminn can you put up a notice on the front page when ever the importer breaks so people dont get confused and make posts asking why the sites broken

I wouldn't say that just because Admin has been fighting Patreon (or hasn't obviously addressed older issues). I think switching from a Most Wanted Update system to a Most Time Without Update system would be a significant improvement, which should alleviate some of the frustration around here.

Minor Issue.
I don't know if it's just me or if it's temporary but the flagging system doesn't work at the moment.

Screenshot_20190828-184401.png (66.7KiB, 1080x1920) save_alt

I hope that Admin cashed out sometime in the week since I delivered my tribute, because the price of Bitcoin has been falling steadily.

Here you go: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/59671175753569668787f86f3ee4d612e2deb5e293e1a030a4571adb71b5d9b8
9.81758mBTC was worth $105.74 when I got it and sent it, according to https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/BTC-USD/history/, and I had figured that after various ATM and mining fees, the $115 that I put in would end up as more than $104.56 if Admin cashed out right away; I see now that it's only worth about $95.48, but that would be Admin's fault for waiting so long (or maybe that's a hint that all crypto-paypigs should wait until a couple days before the end of the month).

I could have just posted the Electrum QR code and the hex-code that it decodes into (TIL it's a base43-encoded Bitcoin transaction string), but the transaction ID and a screenshot from the Electrum app should be good enough.

electrum_qr_20190820-235810.png (2.0KiB, 978x986) save_alt

I just noticed that I could click on the wallet address to find its transaction history, so Admin did in fact cash out about 5 hours and 30 minutes after I sent him the crypto: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/3d0b2e426bb8d093f729c789693b804ffdecddb2424d2b8d4b27801541af557c

The issue is just that Admin hasn't updated the donation-tracker yet, and because I've never given before, I don't really know how much lag-time to expect; have a free Electrum QR code for shits 'n' gigs.

the flagging system hasn't worked for months, if ever


So uve fixed an importer, but galleries still port only first picture from a patreon post, rest are just missing.

Fucking seriously?!

Also, I have a problem with manual upload. Shows something like 32443543543543532% and then "unknown error occured". WTF?

DW then whats the point of you tumblr_m0mxbsHozP1qduy16o1_r1_500.gif (788.7KiB, 432x281) save_alt

>galleries still port only first picture from a patreon post, rest are just missing.

importer seems still unstable ?

did we make the donation goal im wondering because by now the 3 day warning should of been up by now

1559056990714.jpg (832.1KiB, 1876x1651) save_alt

>at the moment

Hi Admin,

Just noticed that code handling import has some flaw. I cancelled my subscription to an artist with ID : 7260673 (7260673), but I still can see his works till the end of the month as I paid for it. Now the tricky part : importer doesn't care about it as I have no patreon artist subscribed. Send help :(. P.S. It's not a complain, just a remark that it should be maybe enhanced ?

Admin, could you tell us if you're looking for a way to fix the issues with alternative pictures not showing in the posts? the imported posts are only showing the attachment pic but not the rest of the stuff inside each post.

Unless the price of Bitcoin crashed in the five and a half hours since I sent him the crypto, he should have had enough money since the 21st; see >>41860 for more details.

doujinsak's page says there are no $10 posts missing but there are at least 3 on his patreon that aren't on the page

Is it possible to block or blacklist a patreon page (like exclude them from our view).
I want to browse on yiff party new patreons in the creators list but I want to block the ones I don't like.

all the dropbox links on that page are dead, hey everyone as a rule, if the dropbox link is dead, just upload the content onto shared if you downloaded it before it died, there's currently no way to refresh those links because you can't flag the posts.

if the admin can't/won't solve the dead link issue then I'd like for there to at least be a notification to people on the page to upload dead dropbox content, because there's A LOT of dead links on yiff party, and this has been going on for a while, if he's not making any real progress on that scraper then I wish he'd focus on some of the other problems this site has.

Any news on "gallery" posts?

Something to note about those posts: some creators now use those posts for comics. So every time new page is released all they do is update gallery post instead of creating new post

So it's imperative the Admin fucking finally has some sort of working flagging system for posts updated after the fact. Or preferably just blanket updates every post every time any given patreon is updated, disregarding posts that are 1:1 what they were originally, and with the option to view older versions of any given posts and content that did change to avoid any "Well I'm just going to delete everything" abuse.

For minacream, it says that a post was imported, but I can't tell which one it was and when the original date was. For sure, it's not a post from today or yesterday. It would be good if entries had a history log that states what posts were just added since some entries have posts added out of chronological order.

Since no one has said they've done it, I went ahead and emailed the administrator about the issue.

You act like he's making money doing this. Every dollar he's getting is going toward bandwidth to just barely keep the site floating. Be patient and enjoy what you ARE able to download. You still have it better than most people who are paying because the Patreon layout is such trash that it makes it hard to make a personal archive - and the changes that have been breaking this site have been breaking other Patreon scrapers as well. Most don't even have those problems fixed yet.

can you email the admin about the donation goal? were kinda in the dark about that

Thumbnail images are cropped, is this a bug or a feature?

Still 522 on Firefox and Mobile.

No we aren't, it has already been confirmed in this thread that enough money was sent for the donation goal to be met.

i know that i ment so he can update the donation goal to september

>You act like he's making money doing this
Anon is only expressing preferences.

>the changes that have been breaking this site have been breaking other Patreon scrapers as well. Most don't even have those problems fixed yet.
As far as I can tell, Anon is saying that Admin should move on to other things if a given countermeasure stumps him for a bit (maybe take a break and think it over in the background).


Galleries dont port properly yet again

um am i the only one noticeing the 10 dollar increase to the donation goal?

ok now im more worred now that the dontaion goal thing is gone altogether

Um is yiffparty a bit broken and slow or is it just me?

Um is yiffparty broken and slow or is it just me?

''and the changes that have been breaking this site have been breaking other Patreon scrapers as well. Most don't even have those problems fixed yet.''

what other fucking sites are you talking about?

what other sites are like this where you can get patreon content





Is anyone else noticing that creator's gallery images look a higher resolution? They look a higher resolution to me. It could be just my keen eye. For those who haven't noticed, the difference is like that of 720p to 1080p resolution to me.

Admin, can you confirm if this happened? Also, It'd be much appreciated if you can tell why the donation amount changed if you would be so kind.

''I'm working on it'' doesn't explain a year of ZERO progress being made on that scraper, and I think he could give an explanation for it without compromising what he's been doing.

I didn't say sites, I said scrapers. In this case i'm talking about scrapers you run on your own machine.

No! Yiff.party is not broken yet so is still works!

Yiff works fine ,the only problem here is lots of worthy artist 's page not getting update for months,like jmgn ,dizdoodz etc

It can't possibly be because the site is getting more expensive to host, no sirree it's just ol' Admin fleecing us again. 🤦‍♂️

More seriously, it looks like I really did cut it close, and more people should follow the path that I took, earlier in the month BTW: >>41050

>It can't possibly be because the site is getting more expensive to host, no sirree it's just ol' Admin fleecing us again. 🤦‍♂️

Why do you think this place is getting more expensive to host?

Ever since creators starting using Patreons new muti-image function the importer is just grabbing the first image and not the rest. Is there going to be a fix for this Admin?

bandwidth costs money

Not what I asked.

The site is growing, you dumbasses. Not only are there more and more files each day, but more visitors too, so yeah, you'd better believe the hosting cost is gonna go up. Stupid kids think everything is free...

The issue is that e-thots are jacking up the price, unless you want furries and weebs to fork the money, NO

Please read >>42732 and >>34344 for improvements

It wasn't always $160, and it took and awfully long time to increase, wouldn't you say?

Mr, ADMIN, I humbly request you to look into eats.channel page of our yiff. After so much waiting all those posts were finally posted( seriously amazing top tier stuff) , but the video links are not working now. I have seen some comments on those videos, which shows they were working as early as previous week,
But now it shows - "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page". PLEASE LOOK INTO IT.

I found out that Hotdogs P42 links to P43 instead.

Hey Bui, are you ever going to change the site loading so it doesn't have to load the entire index of creators when accessing the site.

I think Minacream's page is glitched. When it says a post is imported, I don't see any changes to their page.


Is there a way around the Patreons in which the higher tears are not avaliable bacause who imported it didn't pay for, there are tiers that reach the ridiculous 1000$ marks which the updated doesn't post and deserve to be posted for all of us because fuck those greedy bastards

Another issue with Minacream's page is that the Bundle Posts for May-August 2019 are missing. They're only $5, but the page says that 50 $10 posts and 41 $50 posts are missing. Doesn't make sense at all.

This should now be fixed!

Didn't think we were running low on server space. Didn't Admin say something about unlimited bandwidth?

Amazing work fixing the Vimeo integration issue admin,hats off

Hey admin, thanks for the gallery support! One question: does it account for the fact that creator can replace the file at any moment? For example replace sketch with inked version, then replace inked version with colored. All without changing file name.

I have not tested it, but technically it should work. Images in a Patreon post cannot be edited; only deleted. So since a reupload would technically mean a different file, the importer should catch it. Let me know if it works.

Definitely nice to see the galleries issue sorted out.
Aside from bullshit surrounding DRM sites, there really aren't any outstanding issues at the moment, aside from behind the scenes stuff probably.
Remember the Admin said something about downloading stuff from links whenever they're posted, both to get around things like Kodar's patreon integration and for when content gets taken down some time after it gets posted to dropbox / mega or the like some time ago, is there anything happening with that, or is that a pipe dream?

Developing scrapers for the countless numbers of sites and services that would need to be supported for such a solution is sadly far out of yiff.party's scope at this time. It is nice to think about, but ultimately yiff.party is a Patreon scraper. When I was implementing the Vimeo proxy I considered downloading the videos so we have mirrors if they're removed from Vimeo, but that would use up way too much storage space.

I of course welcome suggestions for third party solutions. It would be simple enough for us to run every external URL in each post through a service like archive.is, but that that isn't gonna cut it for download links. And I'm dubious that parties like Archive Team would be interested in receiving tens of TBs of Dropbox/GDrive links for furry/camwhore porn, but who knows...

Makes me wonder if it would be possible/practical for the uploader to manually flag a patreon as one that uses some sort of external site, have yiff.party load the page the links go to in an isolated environment, then select elements that correspond to what the download is (either just the image, or a download link), potentially through multiple pages, in a similar sort of way you can use an adblocker to select an element in a page to block. Then whenever that patreon gets updated, any links in new posts (and old at first, to pull everything that is available) that match the top domain selected earlier automatically get parsed in the way it was instructed to with the element picker system, with the patreon details of the uploader in play of course.
Would mean more effort on the uploaders end, but given in most instances it's either "Click the picture" or "Click the download link", it shouldn't be that much of a hassle.

Appreciate the hard work admin, I know patreon's been giving you the run around as of late with their newest inconveniently timed security updates, and the addition of their gallery systems, but is there any news on the Fantia implementation?

>there really aren't any outstanding issues at the moment, aside from behind the scenes stuff probably.

I wouldn't call problems with flagging, update requests (>>41803), or artists using different names (>>42469) behind-the-scenes issues. If you don't think there are any outstanding issues right now, you haven't been paying attention (or are really, really new).

First,Admin thanks for all you do. Secondly, is there anything in the works for getting the gallery aspect of Patreon included in our updates we request ?.

Meant more in terms of Patreon actively making things a pain in the ass, but they're all good points, update requests especially, given the "Most requested" list became completely useless, and isn't even there anymore.
That's literally what's just been implemented.

what if every time someone used the importer, it would copy and paste the text from all the current posts on the creators patreon page including the links and have them attached to the posts here as a different version?, since it would just be text, it shouldn't take up that much memory.

002.jpg (14.6KiB, 501x445) save_alt

I feel immensely disappointed to see you having such an audacity to include furry porn and e-thot garbage in the same category.

is the gallery support retroactive or does it only apply to new posts?

>Meant more in terms of Patreon actively making things a pain in the ass

Why didn't you just say so? "Outstanding issues" isn't exclusive to scraper-related countermeasures.

Retroactively, the admin already said he was scraping stuff beforehand.
Must have slipped my mind to make the distinction, we're all only human after all. As far as I know.

I've been sitting here for hours trying to get the comment form to materialize on this thread.
The main site page is perpetually stuck saying "Loading...". I keep getting a 404 when I try to start a new topic.
The site is broken. Please can someone fix it? Thanks.

This site needs away to make money on its own. It can’t rely on donations forever

main page not loading, cannot download/save pics from any artists.
Connection failed.
Work on smarthone tho


Loading on main page ,please solve this issue

I can't replicate any loading/download speed issues.

You can't fix the images not loading?

File could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

"File could not be saved, because the source file could not be read." Ye, looks like the connections are randomly closing and i end up with half-loaded pictures. At least JDownloader can handle that c:

New gallery files are not reflected in the json api. For example:
The newest post is the artist specifically testing the gallery feature. The yiff.party UI displays new files under "Media," but no reference to them exist at https://yiff.party/177432.json

If you are having download speed issues, please tell me what country you are connecting from.

Christina Khalil's private vimeon video passwords don't work for me. Any advice?

clean the cookie files could solve this issue

The main page is loading too long

I'm connecting from the US, and am only having this issue with firefox (latest version 69.0 (64 bit)). Disabling extensions and clearing browser data didn't fix the issue.

The site works perfectly fine with opera, though.

Dumped out all cookies and cache [running on Firefox 69.0 btw] it fixed the images not loading so there's that...main page is still stuck on loading tho

Connection issues should be fixed now. There was an issue with one of our proxies.

Thank you very much Admin for fixing the issue that prevented attached images from being imported to the site! I was worried that already imported posts would still lack the attached pics but apparently those got updated as well <3 amazing.

Yes. Stuff load's now. Thanks>>43440

Any chance for a better discovery page?
Allowing it to filter out already favorited creators aswell as adding a blacklist that also filters out?
This way user can explore only new creators they havent seen yet more easily to discover content.

Atm you can see the recent activity page which is nice, but when half of them if not more is either not interseting for you or already marked as a fav it feels a bit bloated for just discovery.


Different fag, same question


Missing data in the json? That is important! Hopfully this is getting fixed!
Also the json lacks the creator name on the top. Would make parsing the json easier without looking up or having a ref to the creator name to id.

https://yiff.party/patreon/910946 updated informed on the front page,but while I check,no new posts or share file about jmgn

Does yiff.party currently handle old, constantly updated patreon posts at all currently? Some patreons have been updating their older posts with new builds to circumvent yiff.party from showing the links to the content and such.

did the gallery feature ever get resolved?

Yes, shows up as Media.


The api did not get same treatment...

All of Jay-Marvel Dropbox links give out a 404 error, even tho they should still be active for his patrons.

Has there been anything done to deal with the thing where they make a post on patreon and then change/add to it at a later date not being reflected here?

Most of the posts without a separate file cut off the image is there any way to fix this?
for example https://yiff.party/patreon/19709638 the comics and such are cut off an unable to be seen for the most part

The JSON doesn't contain attachments when they are displayed under "Media" in the UI. Not sure if it's true for all creators and all posts, but for example: https://yiff.party/patreon/350086

Please, clear the air about splitting yiff.party into 2D and 3D sections, since most don't want thots to clutter the DB and 2D people don't want to foot the bill for 3DPD people

Seems like the uploader is broken again.

If I had to harbor a guess, last night lots of accounts had tons of posts added, so maybe that could cause the importer to crash?

ahh shit here we go again ADMIN PLZ

Same time 4 months in a row, Patreon must be releasing these new updates at this time on purpose to try and sink the site right when it needs the end of the month donations.


Working on it

So they're actively fighting back against us.

For fuck's sake, again? Fix this shit I'm tired of manually uploading stuff.


n7v8zf57ygt21.png (676.5KiB, 800x600) save_alt

>bots harm the environment
>author's last name is Cumming

Hey admin, is it possible to check if importer correctly handles gallery updates?
I'm quite sure "Corrupted Data" should have more than 3 inked pages.

Have you looked at using some pre-existing programs/libraries like youtube-dl and gallery-dl to handle scraping from posts? Both of them support a ton of sites, and it should be pretty smooth with automatic updating of each every few hours / day. They both respond to breakage from their sites really quickly, so you wouldn't have to worry.

[youtube-dl]: https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/index.html
[youtube-dl supported]: https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html
[gallery-dl]: https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl
[gallery-dl supported]: https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl/blob/master/docs/supportedsites.rst

(The main issue I see would be off-topic links in posts, but maybe you could assign a max filesize and let humans browsing later check out questionable links and then mark/vote if they're relevant and should be downloaded or not? This would probably also call for associating/tagging external files with posts to be most useful.)

Aww shit, here we go again

Fix your stupid importer for fuck's sake!

be patient retard

Yeah! Fix the stupid importer that we all use to get free content everyday! 😂😂

We've been patient like four times so far this summer. Git gud.

Just chiming in to say thanks for all the hard work on making this site function. Even if there are occasional downtimes it beats the alternative of not having a YP at all. Cheers.

I'm starting to notice a pattern here, each time any month starts to come to an end, the importer breaks down until its fixed in a few weeks.
Weird right?

wtf!!!!!!!!!!!. here we go again!!!!! I understand that this site is free, versus paying for each patreon user - but, for the love of Christ, can we fix this so that it doesn't happen over and over ..... etc again!

It's not as simple as "fix plz". Patreon and Cloudflare keep putting up new roadblocks for the importer bots. The YP admin(s) must route around those roadblocks, and that takes time.

has anyone else noticed their bots no longer being able to access this site?

Don't be a cunt

We should be relying on tools, not bots.

Yeah, sure, but it would be cool to have it working.
Yeah, and that's what I mean by "FIX THIS SHIT!!11!11!!!". Come up with a clever plan to tackle those stupid rules. So, that being said, FIX THIS SHIT!!11!11!!!

Users on this thread act like they're owed something by this scraping site. This isn't a collaboration alongside Patreon, so it's expected for the importer to crash. I thank everyone who's hard at work for getting this site up to speed again.

>Come up with a clever plan to tackle those stupid rules.
Again: IT'S NOT THAT FUCKING SIMPLE. Coming up with "a clever plan" is a small part of the work. Putting the plan into effect and making it work is the bulk of the work, and that isn't something you can do in five minutes. Sit the fuck down, have some fucking patience, and stop being such an entitled cunt.

1487634985388.png (113.3KiB, 229x259) save_alt

you do it then lazy cunt

try pakihosting dude no dmca no problem also is it me or this thread is just one big echo chamber
there is no such thing as updater (can u really hack patreon no i dont think so tim) dont forget to use the patreon API
just improve the the exsisting scrapper already (giving the source code wont really do harm cuz all that matters is teh account)(keep the account cookie manager private)
lastly who wants to try project gazelle maybe admin is interested

triple 4 tripsy get /\/\/\ and one extra 4
also admin just make some backups (set the price to $200 for some time to get money to buy new HDD)
1TB HDD drives are cheap AF in our country lol (and the price keeps on going down each month)

>>44377 how about U do it then

Yeah, we thank them, but we would thank more if the site worked correctly.

no u

1462902682587.jpg (31.3KiB, 209x285) save_alt


So, are we gonna meet the donation goal?


i keep getting a cloudflare error when not useing a incognito window in google chrome does anyone know whats going on?

You're just saying that to spite us.

Is something wrong again?

How's the progress on the importer going, Admin?

Can you remove useless threads? Yiff.List threads also? They were overtaken by requesters who didn't understand OP. And you also need to kick the aggressive requesters who have posted elsewhere. Maybe set up moderator team with 2 people or so that can help you with that.

FYI We incels lost our home when encyclopedia dramatica was thrashed by a RAID-disk failure. the site is still offline to this day and the Twitter ACC is still offline
Also no offence but what's so bad about backups you wanted that shit right then why not just ask
Seriously tho it's for the site's own good even after the thots are nuked and duked what is admin gonna do it this site gets filled to the brim with yiff in a few years of time who's gonna pay 4 storage

So, it's been a fucking week. When the importer's gonna work?

The last time the importer broke down it took 11 days to fix, so lets see how much it takes this time. And im just gonna sit back and watch some flame wars.

Alright, so the importer's down, i get that, but what's up with the site not connecting properly if you don't clear your cookies, connect via a proxy, or private mode? Will there be any way of recovering the creators you follow?

I have yet to clear my cookies just in case that gets fixed.

I keep running into Cloudfare too. I thought the site had gone down completely.

All good?

Er, importer still shows up as down for maintenance. So, no, not all good.

I think he was referring to the Cloudflare fucking up and killing off the site for a few hours.

I may be sounding impatient since i asked this earlier, but any kind of progress so far on the importer?

Hey admin how work on the importer going

importers fixed
good lord admin cuting it close dont you think?
so lets get that donation goal k?

Yall are some rude fuckers. Thanks for fixing the importer!

Thank you Admin

Atleast this took a week to fix instead of 11 days, Thanks a lot Admin

Thanks admin

Good job and thanks

I think a nice feature would be to mention the datetime on when you update the donation tracker so we know when our donation is counted or not.

can we get a proper 404 reporter? I have 356 known 404s and it would be nice to be able to flag them all at once

Thank you

Still no word on missing attachments in json?

Download speed on large files is terrible(10-80kb/sec)

can someone please donate we are running out of time

Thought we had something like that hidden somewhere.

Looks like we're late.

I agree with him! We should worry up to donate now before its too late!

and now the blasted main page won't load on firefox

We brought in more bandwidth capacity.

Why did the donation header turn red? Did we fail?

>We don't want to (...) infect you with crypto miners.
why not run a trial? have an opt-out checkbox on the main page or something

Maybe I remembered a past remark wrong, but didn't you say we had unlimited bandwidth?

Nah. Crypto miners are a meme from last year.

Traffic =/= bandwidth.

admin I don’t know if we can keep doing this donation thing forever. there has to be some way this site can make money

I don't want it to make money

but then how can you continue running the site?

yiff.party isn't a commercial site. The donations are only for maintenance and server upkeep.

but what happens if you don’t get enough donations?

The site dies...?

sorry for asking so many questions but how long do we have to meet this months donation goal and is there anyway to reduce the monthly cost of running this site?

i dun want this site to die man

The site has been shit anyway, from the importer being down 100% of the time to the update button just being there for decor, and this site doesn't even unlock higher tiers of Patreon pages, there's only 1 dollar pledges that are available while 90% of the content is hidden, This site needs to go down just so another BETTER website comes in its place.

so go make one faggot

Not sure if it's a bug or not, but the API doesn't present attached media, only the post file.

I've seen plenty of creators that have tiers as high as $50 on this site. You, my irritating friend, just like shit creators that no one else wants to spend money on.

Fuck, forgot to add this, but you obviously don't understand how this site fucking works. You don't just press an update button and POOF, get free shit. Someone out there who is paying their own money has to provide the content. The update button moves the creator up the que of most wanted updates. It only serves to let people know what the most people want.

There is no way to flag or repair 404 post files ? It gets really annoying...

This. E-thots have their content behind $200 paywalls (yeah, I did not mistakenly add another zero). I am currently paying $60 to a total of 20 patrons, some with simple $1 tip-jar access, others with paywalls of 2-5 dollars before you see the content you want. So you can imagine what my face looks like when I get curious and see cosplayers and ASMR thots trying to sell exclusive nudes at $200. You might as well find a girl at a bar or corner and stick your raw dick in that and do less self-harm than your paying those absurd prices for some bitch you will never see in real life per month.

And let's not get into the shit they send by email on top of the paywall, or worse the bullshit they pull by offering a membership to a third-party site that either locks the account's content behind ID signatures or gives patrons DISCOUNTS for content they already saw the WIP's for (and it's all art based on copyrighted franchises no less).

yeah but money was the reason that all the worthwhile content got imported to this site for the last year
and it's also the reason the site can stay up every month.
So yeah, seems like money kinda matters A LOT for this site as it is.

Is that gonna change?

So is the site gonna be saved again at literal gunpoint or what?

How much time do we have left?

>>45004 who knows maybe a day or two more

1467817089617.jpg (40.5KiB, 370x375) save_alt




''You don't just press an update button and POOF, get free shit''

Actually that is what happens 90% of the time, you press the button and soon enough you get free public posts that you could just look up on the patreon without a subscription.
The definition of FREE and SHIT.

That's the only thing that button does that's worth mentioning.

the other 10% is when there are no free posts to import

Hey has anyone donated yet because it sometimes takes some time for the donation tracker to be updated

>Traffic =/= bandwidth.
What limits traffic?

Then use all profits to maintain the site. Keep a reserve, if you must.

When do we need to have September's money together by?

can somebody donate $30 before the site shuts down

>Makes a site so people can bypass Patreon's paywall
>Puts a paywall so the site can still work

10/10 would get scammed again

I'm 100% sure the admin is holding the site hostage every last week of the month when there isn't enough donations.

Last month the importer MAGICALLY went down when the donations weren't enough

And now the site MAGICALLY goes down down because there weren't enough donations to keep it running, but then comes back MAGICALLY to ask for more donations or the site would go down again, rince and repeat

At this point just blast this site with ads I don't care, put an Adblock blocker and swim in your shitty money you greedy admins

Are you retarded?
You get to see the content of thousands of artists, and is not like the site asks every user who enters to donate 170 dollars, that's a collaborative thing so some people can just donate like $20 per month and still get to see all old and new content worth of thousands and thousands of dollars.

so fuck off then faggot, you wont because you're a penny pinching jew

are you a gay

importer not updating posted links
https://yiff.party/patreon/8588322 post 2019-08-01 12:37

Why not just give Anon a reason to donate?


bump, at this point I'm pretty much sure that YP doesn't handle gallery updates correctly.

You get 1% of what is actually posted on patreons because if the Admins used 1% of the donation money they get they'd unlock the whole page.

Because cheap fucks like you pay the minimum price of entry to a patreon to import it here and sit on your high horse like you've one jack shit.

This site is shit, it's stupid and scammy, if you claim to unlock patreon for free either unlock it or don't, don't tease people and then unlock something all of us can pay for anyway, It's 1 FUCKING dollar, and then have the balls to ask for donations

this faggot knows what's up. Ya'll getting scammed.

If the closeted retard from the replies >>45104, >>45185, and >>45188 who keeps replying from different accounts in order to poorly make anyone think that someone is actually supporting his claims, thinks this site is so "stupid and scammy" then why does he keeps visiting it everyday and using his content? poor hypocrite lol

I for one regularly update a particular cosplayer at her highest tier, which is the $50 level.

you are so stupid lmaoooo stop posting hun :x

What happened to the most requested list of creators on the front page? Is the admin finally going to extend that list to reflect the request update button being used or is it just gone

Quick question (sorry for asking still new to this website):
If we pledge a creator for 1 dollar and when we try to import it here, is it going to import all the post that cost more than 1 dollar or is it only the one dollar post only be imported?

does this down syndrome think the admin is scraping all these patreon pages with his own money? fuck me dead

quick answer: no.
less quick answer: it has access to the posts you have access to

Is there a reason you wouldn't want to use the excess to cover paid imports?

Only the $1 posts.
That's what it reads like. Some people are stupid beyond repair.
You fucking donut. That money pays operating costs. Servers storing all these terabytes of posts, costs of maintaining a functioning database, dinero spent keeping the site on DNSs. You want donations to go directly to funding the admin personally purchasing Patreon shit? Fine, you front the full costs of running this site, and the donations can be used for that. Otherwise, you should probably shut the fuck up.
LMAO, WHAT FUCKING EXCESS? I've never even seen the donations reach the full amount, much less surpass it. It didn't reach it this past month. Some of this site's operating costs are coming out of pocket, no doubt about it.

Oh, I do have a suggestion. A lot of creators put the same file as a post file and attachment, so maybe a system could be made to check the hash of files and, if two files are the same, only save one of them, and maybe do something like create sybolic links at other copies, or even jsut directly link to them.

one side says admin pocket the money, the other says the goal has never been reach.

both argument are dumb and incomplete.

gather some prove first and then it be worth talking about it, ie: does admin uses more than one address per cryptocoin, if not, find out the amount admin received after converting based on the rates for the month, if not on the day, that the coins get transfered out of said address.

and then compile the data in an easy to understand format for everyone.


Hypothetical, of course.

>That money pays operating costs. Servers storing all these terabytes of posts, costs of maintaining a functioning database, dinero spent keeping the site on DNSs.

It didn't always cost $170/month to keep this place going....

So what's wrong this time did the admin give up on the september donation goal since it was in red and taking half the main page, If iI remember correctly the goal wasn't reached, then how is the site still working?

To anyone donating just save your money, the admin probably pockets the money anyway since donation goals have not been met before or "someone" donates last second and the site is still around.

Unless a proof from the admin where the money is going save your money from this scam

>>45301 >>45421
No it goes on a new hdd for his old server (he's saving the cash and it's very EZ for him to fake the costs of the site)
Then guess what then he backs up his one hell of a begsite

AAAND ARCHIVED (fucking autocorrect)

>>30236 Dissenter is for Jews and good luck with the DMCAfags here

>Then guess what then he backs up his one hell of a archive

I always thought the Request Update button only resets when all the pending posts had been imported, but I just clicked the button on a page I know was only partially updated.

>>45185 Imagine if (let's pretend 4 now)
What if he was right all along who knows what he is up to maybe he has another Tór site full of CP

Hello admins, please how can i delete an imported user

some artists i follow on here haven't been updated for months, i click 'request update' and yet another couple weeks go by and still nothing. Why bother having their pages up if it they haven't been updated for months or even years? I want to see the content from THIS month, not October from 2015

Hello admin, i have a problem with this artist: https://yiff.party/patreon/326255

There is a post of $ 2 that does not appear although they always update the posts of $ 1 and $ 2 of this artist. The name of the post is: All The Barbara's Comics.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could do something about it.

Is it me or uploader ( not importer ) is broken, admin ? Can't add any rar file around 250-400 MB to dandonfuga page.

and we didn't used to have literal terabytes of e-thots shitting up the place, either, sy what you will, but when it was furry only, that narrowed down the required space by quite a bit.

was there not enough people donating before the thot bullshit arrived?, I just find it hard to believe that these thot lovers are keeping the site afloat.
They can't afford to subscribe to camwhores on patreon but they own bitcoin accounts? and can afford to donate to a piracy site?.

I don't know, something seems off there.

It would be great to have the ability to request a particular post be updated as sometimes creators will have posts where they go back and update links.

what is the normies naruto thread doing there (baleeted)
the other shillsite i found http://www.rainamoonastrology.com

>>45804 what i meant was a new offline local HDD (not a cloud drive)
the only way to teach admin a lesson is to fill the site up to the brim with whatever crap we want until nobody pays (its the only AFAIK)

also admin just buy a hard drive so we can pay for lower costs since its stored offline (and dont forget to hire MODS MODS MODS)

>>45820 incase its not obvious they hate paytreon (also dont be too suprised that they prefer to be anonymous like me)

>was there not enough people donating before the thot bullshit arrived?
Enough people were donating.

>>45837 oreally

Can someone explain to me how the "Requesting Update" button work, because I swear it's just there for show, IT DOESN'T WORK

there's a board or something which shows how many people requested an update to a particular page, I think, I've never bothered to check because it's fucking worthless and like you said ''for show''

Nope until there's a reason to update the pages here on this site, you're gonna see a lot of them stay dead.

Minacream is still getting invisible updates. When it says something was imported, I don't see any changes.

If you can't even pay to subscribe to your secret crush, that makes you REAL fucking cheap.
Far too fucking cheap to give money away to a piracy site. That's fucking bullshit.

I don't buy that for a fucking second.

chrome_ZY1O4SFxCZ.png (120.8KiB, 2560x1256) save_alt

Any news on the missing attachments and multiple files urls in the json api? its totally missing.

https://yiff.party/402938.json for example has two files in the first post at the time of writing but its not there in the api at all.
Please look at this!

New link blindwave for Hunter X Hunter reactions


Hello world

>>45185 am i the only one here who is autistic anyone?

i can't find creator_id at ctrl+u page, help mee!!!

It seems some of the earlier GIFs on https://yiff.party/patreon/2657506 are broken.

I think eSuccubus's page has been broken since patreon moved their credit card processing to the UK, no updates for over a year on any tier

How do I get a code next to my name?

959th post and 46800 GET
Also Plz dont be triggered admin and bump

460th post and 46900 GET
sorry for Necro

960th post and 46900 GET
sorry for Necro

Admin, come on. Can you fix gallery posts? If creator replaces the files they are not retrieved by YP.

Couldn't download attached files from https://yiff.party/creator/kyellgold/


>>46649 name #password


Admin-kun is never going to fix that.
Look at >>38345.
People have been requesting a fix for ages and it hasn't happened.
And don't expect to hear the reasons as to why it won't be fixed, either.

a gist of some long outstanding 404 issues. All of these files were not imported. Post number + file are included.


I noticed that LovelyLucifer's Patreon post from October 23 doesn't list any extra files beside the "POST FILE" link, despite having two images.



Hey! Some 404s are exclusive to my script. Browsers nowadays are smart enough with the unicode urls and so they don't need to be percent-encoded to work. But the "#" character in the url is still tricky part. It's valid as url parameter and so it'll not be percent-encoded. As you open urls from log file with "#" in the filename they'll appear 404 on browser as expected, the truth is the "#" also need to be percent-encoded to work.

I've updated yiff.bat with a fix, explanation at >>47478

Also the latest yiff.bat version will not create .log file any more as explained at >>45763 basically me think it's not useful any more.


Kinda thought that. I've noticed the script has 2 issues. 1) If a file with unicode is present, python will throw an error because windows doesnt like that. Will try the new version and see if that fixes it, 2) sometimes it just stops downloading, for no real reason.

cookies went bad had to get rid of them to acsess site

can we add the ability to request specific posts?, if a certain post gets enough request votes a newer version of it gets added right above the original, I think this could solve the dead link issue

I really think there should be tier request instead of creator update request, so the popular request doesn't sabotage just because importer has too low tier to our liking.

items in media tab are not displaying in the api

Admin, how much time do we have left to pay?

Yeah, here's a good example of that.

site is about to go epstein and y'all acting like everything is well

i think whats going on is that the server provider is adding 10 each time we go into the grace period as a punishment for not makeing the payment on time so if we dont want it to increace we have to meet the goal before the end of the month

IMO it's more like the site is just getting more expensive to host, or at least I don't remember any downtime between when the goal was $160 and when the goal was $170.


at 180 now.

LOL of course the monthly cost is going up now. Total inclusion was the biggest mistake this site's ownership could have made.

please fix the api

allow us to re-enable loging plz i might need it one day
also i apologize for missing GET

also is github safe somebody may report link

i have the stuff can i upload openload zip

>>39988 >>39989
is it still there can i have it

I tried importing TwistedGrim 's posts but the importer won't latch onto their account for some reason. Still says TG hasn't uploaded since 10 months ago but that's not true

There’s this one bondage creator Gbeeee (4 e’s) who has some fuckin killer art but almost all of the stuff is inaccessible thanks to the fact that most links they posted bring up various 404 errors. I asked them about this and they said that they had updated the links. Can they please receive an update, along with fixed links? Please and thank you.

Does requesting an updated on the request thread actually work? Because I have been trying to requesting an update for like 2 weeks now.


That's up to the importers who are generous enough to do it for them. And even so, that's rare, also the importers who are willing to do so will know who are aggressive requesters and will likely ignore them.

What about Hydrus, does it face the same issues as yiff.bat?
Also admin please get your ass out in public and address the broken APIs!

Thanks CuddleBear

Thanks I’ll try to be less aggressive with my requests from now on

I noticed a couple of 404 pictures on Pokyuii first page.

Hey does the request update button do anything?

Yeah, but it's not perfect. >>41803

While I wait for the Brave Creators payout so I can convert to Bitcoin and donate in one go (waiting for a big accumulation to reduce the fee-to-transfer ratio on Uphold), I wonder how long the grace period usually is; I understand if you're not willing to say, for fear that the paypigs will procrastinate even more and then all of a sudden the site will be gone.

What is “The Normies” and why does some one want them updated so badly?

I think they do reactions. Dumb Patreon Idea by the way, why would anyone Pay for reaction videos?

Didn't our due date change to account for this grace period? Or was this grace period just supposed to be a buffer period? Because I could've sworn we lost service briefly after missing a deadline, after which talk of a grace period came up.

firefox_tdUvDoQnh7.png (32.8KiB, 685x450) save_alt

Not sure if this error is due to Vimeo or the Proxy or some other issue, so i'll post it anyway, Vimeo Proxy isn't working rn.

Have same problem

Most of the images from this fanclub fail to load, mostly with 404 status codes, why is that so?

Getting 504 errors when trying to download content from WillyBearBeach

Can't post a screenshot because of another error...