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download.png (4.9KiB, 211x239) save_alt

Hello. My name is Jane and I am the mother of one of the models posted here by the name of KylinKalani. I am the photographer and owner of the photos, and am thus the copyright holder. What is the process for removing these? I have and will continue to get any links to this online taken down, so there is no point in hosting here. It is wasting your bandwidth and my patience. Please resolve this so that we do not have to take further actions.

Thank you,



There's really nothing you can do once you post some good stuff online.

It is for Patreon member only. There is much I can do. Takedown notices have eliminated the links. Now it is this sites turn.

lol I think nobody here would have a problem with taking the "content" of that "model" down. She's ugly af and that low quality stuff is nothing I'd look at even if it's free.

leave our porn alone.

not gonna happen lol

Are you proud stealing money from a teenager and insulting her appearance? Is this the way women are treated here? All I want is the content removed. Since you people don't like it anyways, this should not be a problem, correct? Stop sharing this, stop helping people steal. This is wrong

You can't steal in the internet.

Go tell your bitch cam-whore to get a real job.

I cannot believe this level of hatred. She is a student who models clothing. This is her college fund! Why should she or anyone else be treated like this?
I am trying very hard to remain civil here...

Uh, clothing? You actively post your young daughter in nothing more than bra and panties wedged up her ass, with her standing on her toes, ass facing the camera, so that old men can look at her buttcheeks and stroke their penis's. Are you fucking kidding me? It's for a "college fund"? You clearly are wealthy and have a gigantic house, pool, hotub, piano, and on and on.

You tiger moms are all the same. You pretend you are doing your children this great favor. In reality, you are outright pimping your daughter so that you don't have to reach into your own checkbook to pay for her college the way everyone else in the country has to for their children. I am sure your relationship with your daughter is going to be real sweet when she ages and realizes what an exploitative, evil little cunt you were for forcing her infront of the camera her entire life, and pathetically living vicariously through what is essentially her slavery.

People like you give Asians everywhere a bad name.

Jesus fucking Christ, that was beautiful. You are a master of shutting down a bitch, you should get a doctorate at it.

Also Ms. Jane, I know this is frustating but you don't get how this works, you can't stop this. An example, thanks to you giving me her name I am now downloading her 1.7Gb folder which I'm sure has plenty of her work in it and you and your daughter aren't getting a penny from me. I will proceed to share the contents of the folder in my friends group discord server with over 30 guys which they will throughly enjoy and probably share elsewhere as well.

Piracy has been proven to have little effect on the profts of individuals who's IP has been taken and shared without permission.

Best of luck with that "college fund"! Although with that ass your daughter has, I believe she will get her "college fund" far quicker if she sticks with double anal and gangbangs and who knows? Maybe she'll actually enjoy that and forget about something as dumb as college.

>All I want is the content removed. Since you people don't like it anyways
Admin apparently does, and that's what matters. Even if we had our way, it's almost as if you don't understand how Patreon works.

You will have an easier time of getting a camel through the eye of your pisshole

Your photos are not so good, so nobody wants to crack with take risks.
So you don't have to worry at all.

Soo anyone here came to YP to watch this girl? Not me obviously...

kylin_72.jpg (299.0KiB, 620x868) save_alt

Yep, I printed out a picture and skeeted in her sloped eyes. In my mind while doing it she said to me

"ohhhhh rerry good, the salty magma feels rerry good in eye, me so proud, me rike'

inb4 bait
Not a supporter of whatever thottery patreon bullshit you have going on, but still gonna comment here anyways. You're most likely not going to be able to get anything taken down. Firstly, this is the internet, people will find a way to bypass paywalls regardless and secondly, this site isn't based in the US from what I've heard. Get bent.

Such fools

Teenage huh? Someone call the FBI, I smell child abuse! If you care about your child so much, you wouldn't be putting her body out there for dirty old men to pay money to masturbate to.

>pick random camgirl e-thot from patreon
>LARP as her or someone she knows
>make a thread and demand removel
>earn tons of (You)s
well done OP

Should women be given some kind of special treatment? Welcome to equality, you vile pimp. Enjoy your stay

1473084035954.png (71.6KiB, 283x268) save_alt

Actually, It's not supposed to be here because this site was actually not meant to host non furry content, but our admin is a bit dim so he allowed anything to be posted here.
But really there is nothing you can do, it's already posted here and if you do somehow deleted it chances are that people already downloaded the entire gallery so good luck.

pumpkin thot.png (443.9KiB, 1139x358) save_alt

I fear for your idiotic roastie daughter's future

what future? once you go whore you never go back

What a fucking bad joke

Teenager, huh? You're going to prison.

kylin_68.jpg (343.8KiB, 1245x1800) save_alt

This is actually her real mom and it's pretty creepy.
You should see her instagram. She's pretty much shunned by most of the instagram model community because she's toxic and crazy.
She had a Patreon before and her mom was pretty much flirting/sexting pretending to be her daughter with her 'fans'.
She also posted a few risque pictures like these. (zoom in at the pussy area)
Oh yeah and Kylin is only 12 years old.. She should just be reported and shutdown or even arrested.

Jane is going to prison for posting content like she does of a teen (12 y/o)

13, shes 13 now, so its legit if you are muslim

13 now? Do you remember when she celebrated her birthday? Just curious

kylin_63.jpg (174.7KiB, 620x868) save_alt

December 30, 2005

Holy shit did i just watch CP (or should i say a real life loli)
i found the footage in the deep web also imma send this to the anons of 4chan


This is all sorts of fucked up. I knew her mom was essentially a massage parlor mamasan with her own daughter, but this is a new low, even for her

ummm gross

OK WOW, i was like maybe she is like rocksy and just looks young naturally but when you really look you can tell she is an adult. NOPE! that is a lil girl. gross

Good job exploiting your child.

So I stumbled across this thread, at first I was like she's okay looking. Then I found out how old she was and I'm like shit, Jane is a pimp and needs to go to jail. This is borderline CP and should be reported to the authorities.

Screenshot.png (88.4KiB, 883x900) save_alt

Found this, apparently it's already been down that route.

Local police didn't work, time to bring in the FBI.

All this drama for nothing. Just let it go, people. There's nothing wrong with this content, you anti "child-exploitation" nutjobs can get bent too. And there's nothing taking it down from the internet. End of story. Move along

And you are?

1552146682458.png (252.1KiB, 2420x1288) save_alt


2019-06-01_11-00-26.jpg (61.9KiB, 600x568) save_alt

She isn't CP, its a teen model. You can never really tell if an Asian woman is 13 or 30. The body type stays the same regardless, and many of them look young well into their 30s.

Not that this defense will hold up in court, mind you. But, if you are honest with yourselves, if Kylin threw herself at you, how many of you here would have the willpower to say 'no thanks'?

Yes I would because I'm not a pedophile.
Teen models don't let their mom sext with their fans and make inappropiate picture and video that are encouraged by their mom.
Also doing obvious sexualizing stuff like this (https://gfycat.com/AstonishingFarIndianhare) makes it CP even while not being naked.

Wouldn't be a pedophile, she isn't prepubescent. Hebephile at best. Never heard of any sexting, nor seen any evidence of it. Just sexy photos, fully clothed. Never even seen a nipple poking through. Not even close to CP

I think its pretty islamaphobic to claim she is CP. She is bride age


"He isn't a pedophile, he is actually [another type phile] due to her being X years old."

Isn't that an age old argument from pedophiles to make themselves don't seem as predatory?

Paedophilia isn't the issue, jacking it to a fictional image of a child is also paedophilia. Some people get hung up on pure fantasy, but this isn't a case of fantasy, this is a case of abuse of a minor. This is someone taking their under-aged child and peddling sexual pictures, that's child abuse.

Age old? Hardly. Because its only about two generation separated from when no one would bat an eye to see a girl being married at 13 or 14. Hell, half the groupies from the 80s who famous rockers were banging were well known to be around that age. This isn't some new thing. Most if not all men could and would find themselves sexually attracted to a girl of that age if she fit their type, its just most of you won't admit it because your need to be approved of by peers is so high.

So then youve been a pedo for two generations. You are a second generation chomo

Having urges, and actually doing something are two different things. Plenty of people thing "Man, I was this fucker was dead." But they don't act on the impulse. The difference between thinking about doing something, and lacking the self control not to act on a stupid impulse and following it is pretty big. At least until people start punishing 'thought crimes.'

My thoughts are all criminal

Agreed, but that means kylins photos and being sexually attracted to them, as they are now, not nude, is legit

I know a few guys that I'm friends with that have either had sex with a someone around 14-16 despite being in their late 20's or been dangerously close to fucking them. I know because they boast about it after just a few cocktails and beers.

Of course, nobody says anything and I don't say anything because they know I dated a 15 year old when I was 21, but at least in my defense she lied and said she was totally 19 and with that body it was hard not to believe her. So it's a shit situation of saying something would probably not put anybody in jail but they wouldn't hesitate to condemn me as well and my social life would probably plummet as well, not to mention getting fired from my job and my college kicking me out.

So yeah, it's pretty safe to say many men out there would 100% take the chance to fuck an underage girl if they knew nobody would find out.

No one cares about your pedosexual fantasies.

I've reported your patreon for cp and child exploitation, what a good mother you are. :)

Also I've filed a report to CPS with all relevant links and screenshots of your comments on this post on yiff.party.

Doom Oof.jpg (30.9KiB, 538x384) save_alt


Jesus what the fuck is this thread?

Hi, yes, I'd like to report an absolute fucking slaughter.

>_> i only read the first couple messages, but are you basically saying you're posting risque photos of your teenage daughter online and having people pay for it?
*sounds of sirens in the distance*

Oh yeah but it's totally OK because I'm her mom ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚

In asian culture, the parents own their children like slaves. Pimping them out is commonplace

dun goofed.jpg (10.4KiB, 480x360) save_alt

You've been reported to the cyber-police

Good morning โ˜€๏ธ we will start posting small video clips from Patreon (Link is on the bio above) from April and May that we think you might enjoy since photos seem out of the question. ๐Ÿ’•
I, mom Jane was adopted and left my family, my home, my language and my country when I was 6 years old from South Korea. After I had watched my father die of throat cancer, and the. My mom with her four daughter lost our house and she was resorted to buying peopleโ€™s leftover food so we could survive. ๐Ÿ’•So this drama on Instagram pales in comparison however I do believe based on my personal life that something good always comes as a result of something negative. ๐Ÿ’•I suppose this is what keeps Kylin and I fighting to keep our heads up on Instagram inspire of the daily harassment and reporting. ๐Ÿ’•it is because I believe in Kylins dreams and I believe that you will see Kylin in an International level. Mark my words, YOU WILL GET TO SAY YOU KNEW KYLIN WHEN SHE WAS THE GIRL WHO WAS HARASSED AND BULLIED ON A DAILY BASIS BY OTHER PEOPLE WHO COULDNT HANDLE HER SUCCESS AND BEAUTY. ๐Ÿ’•We will begin our fun at Patreon in a little over an hour. ๐Ÿ’•THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO LOVE AND SUPPORT US EVERYDAY, for all your likes and comments! We are incredibly grateful to each of you! ๐Ÿ’•HUGS! Mom Jane and Kylin

based cunny posters


I used to sell own cocksocket for half a bowl of rice. I took pounding in bad hole for an American GIs poundcake. You think you make me guilt feel for pimping little Kylin for thousands American dolla? Ha ha! You are pig stupid to think such ting! Kylin came from my own sausagewallet! That mean I decide what she do! Not you!

As someone who's been stationed in South Korea let me tell you about the women there

>They are all insane Marxists cultists and it's not uncommon for them to try to sneak into NK because they think it's a Utopia, the news is forbidden from talking about it
>They hate their own men and their country
>They are all massive whores who are constantly trying to get taken back to the United States for citizenship (then immediately divorce)
>Over 40% are on anti-psychotics and various other pills

Why is the world the way it is?

Every day this thread derails further.

This thread is about slopes, slavery, sluts and sickos

And we stray further from god.

Stop posting child pornography of a minor for monetary income.

Its not CP, yet


This! that's even more reason to get rid of this shit from yiff, and also someone to report their Patreon.
This is the reason why this site was going to be furry shit only

IMG_1440.JPG (217.2KiB, 1196x843) save_alt

Is there any excuse you people won't cling to to try to get rid of human women from this site? I have never seen a group of supposed guys, so desperate to not have to see attractive women. So besides not-so-secretly wanting to fuck animals, you are straight-up queer as well? Your parents must be so proud.

Me, a non-furry bondage art consumer: Yeah this 3D shit needs to leave.

Suspicion: Someone is actively trying to shut yiff.party down, and it ain't the ethots, NO, it is the "artists" that want us gone.
We need to stand firm in our position, and fight on. Do not let them sink our ship.

not really sure some kind of vast concerted effort would be needed for that. This is a site that is on the brink at the end of each month over a mere 160 dollars. One artist bringing a lawsuit and taking it the distance would be more than enough...

Pedo confirmed.

even a young human is at least a human

Sorry Hitler.jpg (151.7KiB, 678x960) save_alt

e54.png (229.6KiB, 640x360) save_alt

I don't see the problem. The pedo will take the teen, you can fuck her stuffed animal.

This is why we should have banned the pedophile thotlovers. I love how aparantly child abbuse is somehow worse that jerking off to a nonexistant animal to you thotties.

sure dude also nice GET

kylinkalani~1560005487~2061797922420668401_2358444374.jpg (109.7KiB, 1080x1350) save_alt

Yesterday was a very busy day on Patreon so I didnโ€™t get to reply to your lovely comments from yesterday. I did however read them all. Iโ€™m much faster at reading than replying. At one point I could feel myself well up as I was reading all of the heartfelt comments of love and support for both of us, especially for Kylin.As I often say to Kylin, Iโ€™ve lived my life, I have no desire to be famous or to be in the spotlight by any means. I am a very quiet and private person who has had to reach beyond my comfort zone in an effort to help Kylin achieve her dreams and goals.A year ago I converted this page which used to be my personal Instagram account into a modeling page for Kylin.I started the account with the intention of posting her modeling photos for potential collaborations and for the modeling industry connections.Little did I ever imagine that her account would grow to almost 300k in almost one year exactly. Although I know that the growth of this page has been halted now since April 5, Instagram has opened up incredible opportunities regardles.the permanent shadowban on Kylins page was probably the best thing that could have happened to Kylin this changed the course of our direction but in a very positive way.
Again, I OWE A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE DANCE MOMS AND HATERS FOR FORCING US TO FAST FORWARD HER CAREER AS A MODEL AND NOW AS AN ACTRESS!If it were not for all your hatred and reporting we would still be here on Instagram focusing all our energies to creating new content solely for Instagram instead of occupying our time developing Kylin into an unstoppable force to be reckoned with that this world will know. THIS IS FAR BIGGER THAN AN INSTAGRAM PAGE AND NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS AN INSTAGRAM PAGE HAS. to Kylins devoted followers,A HUGE THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU for sticking with us as we have been bullied and harassed and forced to find new ways for Kylin to blossom and persue her dreams of being an International model but now as an International actress!

Stay mad. Thots are here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it. So go to your local petting zoo and stroke your chode, furfag

2019-06-10_16-37-57.jpg (192.0KiB, 761x860) save_alt

todays update is up now

Diddle some more kiddos pedo.



Yes, you only fap to other cartoons. Gold star!

However, I regret to inform you that this has zero baring on your ability to nag your way into getting what you want. It has been decided that thots are allowed here. Your endless complaints have been heard, and subsequently rejected.

Please take this opportunity to ice your blasted ass, and move on with what you, inexplicably, call a life.


>Thinks he's somehow blasted anyone's ass.
Man, you're full of yourself. Go fap to more kiddos, degenerate pedo.

Thots are here to stay. Go get your shinebox

Jane, are proud to exploit your child for money?

1556126313395.png (196.9KiB, 440x495) save_alt

This shit is sick, fuck you jane, you worthless piece of garbage, subjecting your daughter too this. once it's on the internet you can't take this back.

Degenerate pedo, GTFO.

DSC02230.jpg (1022.6KiB, 5168x3448) save_alt

Mother of the year... I turned my minor into a sandwich... With hardly any meat.

>Yes, you only fap to other cartoons.
Nah, I go to PornHub when I want to see them thots. Having them here is therefore a waste. >>35270

>It has been decided that thots are allowed here.

>Your endless complaints have been heard
No they haven't. Admin has been ignoring the things he doesn't like (if his neglect is anything to go by). In any case, reducing this to merely being content-related only further demonstrates how little our complaints are actually being heard.


โ€œBeen heardโ€ does not mean been acted upon.
You were heard,
you were dismissed.
Your opinion has been deemed unimportant.
Your tears have been deemed, futile.
Your meltdowns were for naught.
Your delusions of this being your site, have been resoundingly contradicted.
You have no recourse.
You are not entitled to anything here.
You will not be given what you scream for.
You lose
You lost.
You will continue to lose.
Thots today.
Thots tomorrow.
Thots forever.

Oh Iโ€™ve got the meat for her


XP Lol

>โ€œBeen heardโ€ does not mean been acted upon.
Is that why Admin hasn't been taking care of this site? That affects you too, pedo.

>Your delusions of this being your site, have been resoundingly contradicted.
The only thing that has been resoundingly contradicted is Admin's verbatim words on the matter: If it were never a "furry" site, those who've been here much longer than you can (and have) pointed out why that's factually incorrect.

>You lose
>You lost.

And yet, thots persisted....

petting zoo.

You don't know what they're here for.

I'm guessing if there was an actual server for this, it may actually fall apart quite quickly (little to no donation revenue) and that's probably why the admin, never did it.

Maybe admin likes that kind of stuff? Idk.


If that's the case, why are any of the "thot-cravers" here? You could literally find this stuff everywhere else.

If that's the case, why are any of the "furries" here? You could literally find this stuff everywhere else.

>why are any of the "furries" here?

>You could literally find this stuff everywhere else.
That's actually more niche than the generic porn crap that the thots have to offer (and from what I've seen, they don't even know what they're doing).

Nigger, there were here first... How can you even be alive when you're this dense?

The real iron is all these thotloving niggerpedos would be austistically screeching their disgusting neck beards off if their shitty thots site started to be filled with furry shit and drawn porn.

Well then complain to the admin. Oh wait he doesn't care.

2019-06-14_12-21-01.jpg (149.9KiB, 645x836) save_alt

Todays update

2019-06-14_12-26-06.jpg (179.8KiB, 571x565) save_alt

> bawwww we were here first! this is our club! no girls allowed!

imagine this being the cause you sink all your angst into....

I want to bend her over the car and pound her while her mom watches.

thotniggers.png (70.8KiB, 1000x600) save_alt

>Being this dense.

This >>35457
The artwork features quite the array of genders (The main ones being Male, Female and Hermaphroditic), i don't know what you're talking about.

A bunch of amateur instafap pics isn't really any artistic merit. "No girls allowed" is really narrow-minded considering you came a site, that after a polling from the admin, shows that it's mostly yiffers and lovers of hentai. If people wanted amateur prono, there's Google and pornhub and xvideos and all the sites that already cater to what you want.

Why come here, Specifically, for that kind of content on a furry website and then try to flame the main userbase? That the site was originally intended for? Yes, things change over time, but refer to the above. (Cont)

Now, in the stead of the so called "thotlovers" sure, there's the rare gem of SOME of them and that isn't saying much, when most of them are cookie cutter camgirls.

What I'm getting at is there is much better content to be had elsewhere, than these girls on camtreon. Why is it so important to come here for it, when it's no different than an image search? Refer to >>35457. I've accidently clicked on these pages, thinking the names they had, were artists only to be greeted with below average content of some random female. If I wanted that (and yes I applied the filters) I would go elsewhere.

Not sure why admin, would go through the trouble, anyway, of a polling and then do nothing about it. Though, I digress.

Have a nice day everyone and don't take anything, personally. (Not trying to sound high and mighty, just saying)

3424.jpg (76.9KiB, 646x875) save_alt

The same reason you come here. To get Patreon content ripped for free.

This is not complicated. There are no other sites that cater, specifically, to ripping and sharing Patreon content. Why do you need to fap to patreon furry shit and drawings? Why don't you go to rule34 or sankokucomplex? Why don't you go to pornhub, it has plenty of furry and hentai shit? The exact same motivations. You want the unique content that some artist you like advertised he had on Patreon. We want to see some attractive whore from Instagram or Youtube, who decided to start posting her nudes on Patreon.

No one who is not a furry, willfully wants to rub shoulders with furries. Most of the outside world, thinks extremely little of furries. This is not a secret. You even had to invent a cringe word for it "fursecution". However, the tool that is provided here is unique. If you honestly believed that such a tool would remain exclusively used by the tiny niche group of yifftards, you are pretty naive about how the internet works.

The only option you had to prevent others from utilizing such a powerful tool, is the Admin deciding to mass ban it. He has quite clearly, decided against this. So you are now completely out of all but two options: Either learn to deal with it, or don't. Regardless, we aren't going anywhere.

By the reasoning of your first statement, no one should use the website then, if that's the moral ground. Also, niche art. Most of the girls are doing the similar things as other girls, anyway. With the exception of an extremely rare few, that i encountered by accident.

Second statement: make thot.party then. Ask the admin how they did it then profit.

Third statement: respectfully agree, but, mostly because the admin must like the same content [as you] and that's why all of this, is even here.

My stance isn't from a furry point but an art point.

Also, not sure how true it is about how dependent (to what extent at least) this site is on donations, but the few that donate or what have you, may just stop doing that entirely.

Then we'd all be going somewhere. Hard delete of everything. Then again that's server costs and with the amount of people here the donation quota should be met quite easily.

Admin decided against it to bring more revenue and that didn't really pan out. Usually a few days each time, before they pay out of pocket.

Very weird switch to the conversation, but just adding this nonetheless.

No one who is not a thotlover wants to willingly rub shoulders with a thotlover. When even the furries look down on you, you know you're bottom of the fucking barrel.

Neither does he care that only free posts are being updated (among other issues that also affect you thot lovers).

>The same reason you come here. To get Patreon content ripped for free.
>We want to see some attractive whore from Instagram or Youtube, who decided to start posting her nudes on Patreon.
Which is basically the same stuff that's freely accessible, only behind a paywall. Can't say the same about actual artists.

>Why don't you go to rule34 or sankokucomplex? Why don't you go to pornhub, it has plenty of furry and hentai shit?
If you truly cared about your hidden thot content, you'd do well to keep quiet about alternatives. Besides, >>35463.

>However, the tool that is provided here is unique. If you honestly believed that such a tool would remain exclusively used by the tiny niche group of yifftards, you are pretty naive about how the internet works.
Did you want to source code? If your attitude is anything to go by, you wouldn't last a month with it (and it'd surprise me if y'all knew how to use it to its fullest potential). Admin was careless enough before y'all showed up. You're all salt on old wounds, exacerbating preexisting problems. If these thots somehow generated content like the real artists do, the only bother here would be your attitude.

>He has quite clearly, decided against this
An absentee admin doesn't say much.

>Either learn to deal with it, or don't. Regardless, we aren't going anywhere.
Our complaints aren't going anywhere either, whether or not you do.

I'd rather rub shoulders with a normal thotlover than a fat sweaty stinking furry

>Implying you'tr not a disgusting degenerate either.

This is like watching a bucket of crabs.


But sure give me the source code :)
It's not like I already run a forum and work in IT, so I totally can't make it work..

Worst Mom Ever!

Best Mom Ever!

bitterfurry.jpg (292.7KiB, 1016x729) save_alt

Funny how they stay here, crying about how their little club got taken over, and then in the same breath, tell US to go create our own with the source code. Why do that when we now have this site? It isn't us whining like a bitch who got her first period.

Apparently they expect us to believe they are lingering here, whining everyday for fun?

Nah, sorry furfags. I will continue to lazily use your little yiff clubhouse as my very own thot repository, while you weep your bitter tears. Go get your shinebox and buff up my loafers, and maybe i'll donate a few dollars

kylinFD.jpg (129.6KiB, 1064x745) save_alt

Happy Fathers Day! <3

FD 2.jpg (60.5KiB, 540x769) save_alt

Fathers Day Part II

many a stroke will be occurring

This is why thot content should be trashed, these stupid niggers wont donate a cent to this place. I bet that their own site wouldn't last a month before imploding.

Also lol at the thots jumping on this thread to defend -literal- child abuse. You can see what kind of sickos these people really are that they have to defend that.

I got my own forum and website, I'm paying it out my own pocket because I'm not a greedy little shit like the admin here.

Also wasn't there some backlash a while ago because furries were literally posting child porn but they said it was okay because it was just drawn animal children....

>Funny how they stay here, crying about how their little club got taken over
Funny how you're trying this hard to ignore the actual problem.

>then in the same breath, tell US to go create our own with the source code
I merely asked if you wanted the source code. Good luck getting it, through, because Admin's been oddly absent lately.

>Why do that when we now have this site?
So you don't have to deal with Admin's bullshit. >>35257

>I got my own forum and website, I'm paying it out my own pocket because I'm not a greedy little shit like the admin here.
So you have your own Patreon scrapper on that website of yours? Congratulations.

>Also wasn't there some backlash a while ago because furries were literally posting child porn
What are you on?

giphy-downsized.gif (459.2KiB, 328x233) save_alt

Equating some drawn image, to this actual 16 year old girl being exploited by her mother, defecting like a true pedo.

>>35652 link not working also
Access to this page has been ordered BLOCKED by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) what now

to be frank i truly am autistic (i went to the doctor no joke or offence here)
but i mostly think of nothing (absolutely blank) when i fap on the school bathroom
and i just download furry shit for collection purposes (i will share when nginix is ready)
sometimes i got to pornhub for furry porn depending on my mood i also look at human porn (mostly 2d furries no 3d)
somebody told me once not to join nofap and no nut november then avoid destroy dick december
does that lead to the inevitable conclusion that i am indeed a normie? (if yes how can i change myself and get a life no kys plz)

this applies to everyone admin is deaf AF


I have zero problem with the admin, or this site. The complaints are petty bullshit that he is right to ignore

Bawww free posts
Bawww Thots
Bawww too hard to navigate.

Entitled little fucks, the lot of you. He hosts this with his own time for nothing, and rather than appreciate the unique and fantastic tool, you sit around bitching about it not being your vision, like you have any right to be catered to. You donโ€™t. Enjoy it for what it is or leave. Not hard


Yawn. No one cares, itโ€™s the internet and you get off to animals. Your opinion certainly doesnโ€™t matter, because no one respects your kind. Even pedos feel superior to you

>Own time for nothing
You do know if no one donates to this website it literally gets shutdown because the owner is a greedy bitch... Right?...

I dont care what anyone says, Mom Jane is the best mom EVER for showing her daughter off. She reminds me of Sandra Orlows mom!! Kylin has the potential to be the new Sandra if Jane plays her right!!

r42xy7mudy431.png (280.3KiB, 720x1440) save_alt

We furries totally don't support child porn...

>Hosts the site for nothing.
Except those donations from the users, so clearly not a dime out of pocket...

IDK, see how long you last in prison as a child abuser. People kill child abuser pedos in prison, just for fun. No one -really- gives a shit about furries. You child abbusers just want to try and make yourselves feel better, because you know what you do actually hurts someone.

>Bawwing over people masturbating to drawings.
Keep deflecting, child abusers, keep deflecting. That whataboutism -totally- makes people forget what you did...

>I have zero problem with the admin, or this site. The complaints are petty bullshit
>Bawww free posts
Do you not want to see the generic Patreon-exclusive content? This affects you too. >>35730

>Entitled little fucks, the lot of you.
>implying there's no valid reason to be upset
And you're not entitled? >>35720

>He hosts this with his own time for nothing

>rather than appreciate the unique and fantastic tool
Which happens to be broken in a lot of important ways...

>you sit around bitching about it not being your vision
>ignoring the established history of this place and working this hard to mischaracterize the problem

Anyone can make accusations. Have they been sharing literal CP? >>35698

>>35744 link please also bitch please
>>35782 nah im not even entitled im just curious
>>35719 zero problem with the admin more trouble for us every month
>>35758 IDK see how long you both last in a mental institution for being not only a zoophile but for supporting pedophile groups as well

Here's the thing, I don't yank it to, or support child abuse. Nor animal abuse. I seem to understand the difference between fantasy, and reality, whereas you don't Maybe it's you who belongs in the mental institution. You know what makes fucking animals and children and taking dirty pictures of them for real wrong? They can't give you motherfucking consent. This is probably hard for a creeper voyeur to understand, but neither children nor animals are considered smart enough to understand the ramifications of things, so they cannot give consent for sexual actions.

Meanwhile, a drawn picture is a fucking drawn picture, it's not real. But you child molester types will latch onto whatever justification just to deflect. Learn the difference between actual child abuse, and a meaningless fantasy. It's about the same as playing a violent video game, vs going and shooting up a public place.

Meanwhile a photoshoot with a child is just a photoshoot, it's not child abuse. But you furry types will latch onto pedophilia just because you're so into child porn. Learn the difference between fantasy and innocent photoshoots.

Thank you for your kind words! I do hope she is as successful as her fans want her to be. Im just trying to keep people from stealing her content

LMAO I'm dying

>Wanting your daughter to become a child porn model


Seriously Jane how stupid are you, he just comapred Kylin to a child porn star and you are thanking him.

Kylin will never be a model since she already got rejected by modelling agencies. This whole thing is just shameless milking of money from a bunch of pedos and turning a sweet child into a raging whore just because you are too incompetent to get a real job after your husband left you since you are an obvious psycho.

I have just contacted this site's hosting provider and received a VERY accommodating response in return. I'm warning you: This is your LAST chance to stop stealing money and content from me and my daughter "gentlemen". If you refuse, then you can enjoy this site going down PERMANENTLY, you rude perverts.

We put HARD WORK (which I'm sure you unemployed deadbeats know nothing about) into our content every day to bring the absolute most FUN and ENJOYMENT to our Patrons as possible, and all of them appreciate our effort (unlike some people...) as proven by their many positive comments. When you steal our content, you're not just stealing from me and Kylin, you're stealing from them too, our HONEST and TRUE FANS who EARNED the PRIVILEGE (not a right) of accessing our works LEGALLY through SUPPORTING KYLIN (and not just being worthless, disgusting leeches).

You think you can get away with that? Not while this mama's in town! So saddle up boys, because you've all just made yourself a very dangerous enemy. Insulting my daughter for no good reason was the line, and you ran right over it. Prepare to crash.

Of course, if you still want to see my daughter's MODELING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS (which were already certified by GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS as not being child porn or inappropriate in ANY way, you creepy losers), then you absolutely can... starting at 5 dollars... ON. PATREON. Or you can follow us on Instagram (IF I let you) and be satisfied with what we post there. Either way, the free ride's over, so hand in your tickets or exit the train. End of discussion.

With regards,


Okay then. Where's your evidence? I want to see actual, legal documentation showing that this has been reviewed by government officials. You can't just come to this website, put a few words in caps and leave. Because those caps are meaningless when there is no real evidence to be shown. Also, it's not our fault. We furries just want to be left alone, but thot defenders showed up to this site and started enforcing their own agenda. So don't permaban this site (If you even can as empty as that threat is) just because some people that we don't even want here are "stealing" from you. (As you steal your child's innocence.) You have 670 patrons (though your monthly salary is suspiciously not displayed), you can't complain.

I have just contacted Chris Hansen, and he wants you to take a seat right over there. FBI swat teams are en-route to kill your dog and gun you down in cold blood before taking your daughter into protective custody. You are a stupid, abusive, entitled parent, end of story.

Kill yourself,

Uh-huh, a photo shoot of a scantily clad under-aged girl, which is then sold to freeky weirdos online. Totally innocent. Whatever you say, Jarred.

>scantily clad
>bikini when it's hot
American cuck detected, it's pretty normal to wear a bikini when it's hot even by underage girls :)

Does anyone want to sleep with her?

>Meanwhile a photoshoot with a child is just a photoshoot

>stealing our content
Imagine being this ignorant of how this place work.

>scantily clad

>bikini when it's hot
>implying it doesn't get hot in America


This isn't jane it's obvious troll, patreon isn't able to take this page down but a random soccer mom will. Seems legit.

>implying it doesn't get hot in America
It does but you guys are so prudish. Better let my daughter wear a burqa because if she wears a bikini she's a whore.

Jane, get a life.

Yeah, but when you start to sell pictures of your kiddo in that bikini to creepers on the internet, that crosses a line. It's no different than some random pedo snapping picks of a young girl in a bikini out in public so he can tug to them later.

Jane, Not all thoughts here are negative, I think you are doing a great job!
You are hot AF too!! You should do a photo shoot with your daughter!! I bet your patreon base will double!!
P.S. Its good to see you are here reading our posts!!!

IMG_20190619_182806_562.jpg (915.8KiB, 1463x2049) save_alt

Mom Jane showing off her underage whore daughters tight pussy mound.
I want to fuck her so bad ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Trolls trolling trolls.

Nobody cares retard

IMG_20190619_220743_269_1_25.jpg (437.6KiB, 806x1128) save_alt

So sexy

What if it's a young girl wearing a burka in public?

500+ men are fapping furiously to this little hottie over on patreon ;) Kylin has literaly had gallons of sperm shot in her direction ;)

It IS hot knowing Jane is the one taking her pics and posting her !

Just updated the content of Kylin boys, and it is NASTY. The car wash photo shoot in full is next friday, and its the best one yet. Slippery tight fit in a young hoe chi muff

Ooooooo yes the pussy is taught

Ahahaha. Seems you haven't figured out how this site works yet, Jane.

You and your daughter can do whatever you want. And we'll do what we want.

You want to try and take the site down? Would be funny to watch. And I have no doubt there would be another site up minutes later with the same content and code. You don't like it? Don't put it on the Internet.

I really wish they hadn't put this rubbish on the internet, TBH.

2019-06-22_11-48-53.jpg (127.2KiB, 600x827) save_alt

Nothing is hotter than watching a mother pimp out her own daughter in the sluttiest ways, knowing and interacting with the very old men who ADMIT to her DIRECTLY that they pay just to jerk off to her.

I have no doubt in my mind if there was a Saudi oilboi who offered a couple hundred thousand to fuck Kylins little asshole, pop her cherry, followed by a slow throating, on the stupilation that Jane had to be there, watching, encouraging, and holding Kylins hair back while Kylin gagged on his prophet-pole, Jane would agree to it quickly.

And you thotniggers shit on furries for nasty fetish stuff. That literally made me gag.

Of course it made you gag, it isn't a horse with a swollen labia or a dogs red penis, so why would you enjoy it?

>>35870 um mmmme sorry i forgot to join

>>35788 troll fail? but hey thanks for the response
>>35870 im doing my job liberal
guess who made this post (hint it was a bot)

>>36000 nice fat get
>>36076 who me?

... So you're a pedo?

2019-06-23_11-56-53.jpg (45.4KiB, 316x502) save_alt

I get the feeling you aren't carding animals before you let them inside you, mr. hands.

Just as you did with your daughter? oh wait you dont have one because you're a kissless virgin living in his mother's basement. Fucking loser.

Seriously how pathetic you have to be to insult a child like that, this is why i will never contribute to this community since its crawling with pathetic psycho virgin losers like most people that are posting in this thread. So pathetic.

And you're one of them, you pathetic looser.

Unlike you i'm not a unemployed basement dweller that can't even afford 20$ a month to support someone on patreon, and at the same time you are so emotionally immature insulting a 13yo girl while hiding behind anonymity online, now that's some next level incel pathetic shit right there.

And yet here you are, insulting people with the veil of anonymity, on a website dedicated to piracy... Hmmm... ๐Ÿค”


"Prophet pole" Fucking classic!! Best post yet!! lol

can't believe this degenerate think it's ok to "support" a shameless bitch like Jane who is clearly exploiting her innocent daughter for the pleasure of hundreds of perverts

/tmp/phpKWA3dp.jpg (28.3KiB, 331x177) save_alt

I wonder how daddy Opdahl feels about Kylin being whored out by Jane

THAT explains why they are so wealthy and why Jane doesn't look like a super-slope! Good find

You do realize, if someone were to say, pretend to know him RL and email him this thread, or one specially crafted to show what his daughter has been turned into, youd probably be able to shut the whole thing down singlehandedly

Greetings Russ!

It's Hal from SBC Global. It's been a while, how have you been? Look, I am going to shoot straight with you. I had gotten the green-light from accounting to seek out a contract with you guys, but I couldn't find your updated contact. When attempting to find it, I came across something that was a bit concerning to me. While this is not tied to the potential business relationship, it gave me pause from an ethics standpoint.

This is a difficult subject to broach, but I wanted to come to you first, before taking any further actions with whatever authorities deal with this type of thing. Your wife Jane seems to be exploiting your daughter for pornagraphic images, widely on the web. It was one of the first things that showed up when searching for your last name. Now I don't know if you are involved in this, or how deeply, but obviously, this is extremely concerning.

I feel I have to let your human resources know about this, because as you know, I too have a daughter, and just the thought of this level of abuse from someone who I do business with has shaken me to my core.

I hope you understand,


Harold Kempf
SBC Global Sr Mgr


kylin_kalani_fanpage~1559470374~2057309073044737008_11812651882.jpg (135.0KiB, 762x908) save_alt

Please use me daddy ๐Ÿ˜œ

2019-06-27_16-47-28.jpg (55.4KiB, 503x896) save_alt

Pump her babybox so full of squiggly human tadpoles, that her womb becomes a wetlands reserve

Jane is a lizard

DSC_6910.png (87.8KiB, 1229x685) save_alt

Kylin Is breaking patreon today with her car wash pics.. and the guys there are almost flat out saying they are draining their balls for her. look at just a couple comments lol. If Jane keeps posting Kylin in these itty bitty bikinis, she is going to make alot of money.

1.jpg (104.7KiB, 573x803) save_alt

OHHHHHH god my sack is rumbling like a dual shock controller

2.jpg (120.5KiB, 493x923) save_alt

I am scared, my peepee is twitching around like Michael J Fox

4.jpg (188.7KiB, 827x853) save_alt

My weewee is so stressed out that it started vaping

The internet is going fucking nuts about her right now! Unbelievable post!! TYSM Jane!!!

5.jpg (100.9KiB, 430x763) save_alt

Oh my damn, this has shaken my beefnoodle to its core

6.jpg (115.0KiB, 427x893) save_alt

She was born after 9/11, yet because of her, my tower has never stood taller

never 4get

The last 8 posts are cancer made by some guy that has nothing to do in his life.

Please rape my little Kylin. She needs to be violently fucked while she screams.


8.jpg (74.2KiB, 623x1022) save_alt

Fill the throat, feed the tongue, goop and gunk to the tum

Sorry, after reading this shit, I'm just going to have a seat over here in this electric chair and become an-hero. This was just too terrible and retarded.

Good by cruel, retarded interwebs.

7.jpg (89.5KiB, 576x797) save_alt

First prep the mound
then squirt the gravy
start with an inch
end with a baby
I hit the slopes
and I dont even skii
had to get a loan
cuz kylin ain't free


So ok lets be honest the girl is cute and able to pose to a degree but i am sure the party will start to fade soon
number one the content is poor who pays for 480p crappy phone quality video ? 25 dollars for this is crazy her mom has dollar signs in her eyes for sure advice time jane take the stupid copyright logo off the photos it makes no difference people will steal anyway !! start posting hd quality videos with the right format in other words turn your camera on its side or film with a dslr your loyal fans will pay anyway but dont loose them all with crap quality video uploads !!

Yep...Kylin is cute...but her mom is a shitty photographer wanna be. The quality is unbelievably low.

9.jpg (88.8KiB, 462x837) save_alt

It won't make much difference. Kylin will always have tons of willing customers right up until her 18th birthday. Jane produces a product for a big, extremely undeserved market with few willing producers. Quality is secondary, because she has supply/demand working in her favor as long as Kylin remains <18

Oh no, I was on a low carb diet, but then I sucked the bread off kylins nipples, and now I am the fat man

You fantasize about fucking animals and stuffed animals in diapers. You are not a human being worthy of the name. You ought to be whipped in the streets like the bum neck beard that you are. I cannot wait until it is legal to set you and your ilk on fire

47029210_518387091900262_5806973209584911451_n.jpg (98.7KiB, 1080x1350) save_alt

Kylin is cute this girl is way hotter

33.jpg (205.3KiB, 658x864) save_alt


she goes by Li.Si or did before her IG got banned. I tend to agree, because I prefer white meat (slavic especially) but Kylin has a prettier face and have more naive innocence to her. This girl seems like she is well aware that she is hot, and would be bitchy. Kylin has little if any personality, other than to just obey whatever her mom tells her to do. Kylin also strikes me as extremely dimwitted.

don't pout get the tits out

It's basically already legal to shoot pedos where they stand. Your move, childfucker.

50677337-83BD-4707-9D63-0DBF854DA02C.jpg (417.3KiB, 872x1528) save_alt

You would have to actually venture out of your basement to procure a gun. Not that they would sell you one, since youโ€™d already look like the type of slug who would shoot up school, simply by being unwashed, pasty, and wearing a brony onesie.

1302873052100.jpg (77.7KiB, 300x250) save_alt

>Implying that you're not some greasy sleaze-ball basement dwelling pedo who only ventures out in his poorly-made faux ice cream van.

Nice argument

more kylin plz

I have to agree. The photography is marginal at best. Half of the photos are not focused on Kylin but on a object next to her which makes me think think Jane is relying to much on auto zone focus instead of her eye, Then she also puts stupid filters on some of the photos like she is posting to snapchat instead of being a professional photographer like she claims to be on linkedin.The videos are flat out crappy.

Why are you expecting pro photography from her, just because she calls herself a pro on her LinkedIn? Since when is LinkedIn or any form of a resume, anything but lies, and exaggerations peppered with tiny bits of truth?

Jane is a woman who has basically lived as a kept woman, because her husband is an executive at a silicon valley company. Shes little more than a jumped up soccer mom, who simply pimps her daughter, rather than drive her to practice.

I stroked my dick

Does anyone have the instagram posts that had Kylin playing with a dildo?

Or the video

she died

are you sure she is dead ir dod u just assume this ??


moistpusshole wrote: โ†‘June 29th, 2019, 5:15 pm
Hate to ruin your guys fun, but I actually sock-puppeted as Jane to create that thread, to drum up views and sharing of Kylins patron content on Yiff, when the real Jane was getting super arrogant about how good she was at getting instagram accounts banned who shared patreon content.

Sorry! Did turn out to be a hilarious thread though! I don't think the real Jane would figure out how to navigate a image-board. Hope she has run into it though

'Jolanda' kill yourself

How pathetic do you have to be to bully a 13 yo kid, what happened to you? someone buttfucked you as a kid or what?

She was never playing with a dildo. Supposedly there was a dildo, or something looking like a dildo laying around in one of her videos. I doubt this video even exists.

Well I hate to ruin the day of the person that posted this lie but this thread was started by me, Jane. Obviously you find it entertaining to steal my daughters content and post here but Im not lying when I say that I am pursuing the violation of copyright laws being perpetuated on this site. Your fun is almost over kids.

Seriously get a life kid.

Lol made it a torrent file its now on pirate bay and lime torrents and the videos are floating around youtube and reddit and there is a private facebook group and a hidden patreon acc reselling the pics and vids

I see you pathetic losers have decided not to pirate my daughter's latest content. Good. I MAY allow this site to stay up if this continues.

fuck up you self absorbed prick. Maybe if you'd not be such a bitch about it and make shit that people would actually want, people would pay for your "oh so glory paywall". Why not get off Patreon and go on another site like Kofi and Gumroad if you don't want your shit being taken and shown for free? This site is on the dark web too so it's not going anywhere.

Jane you cant win lol and i see your lost well over 100 Patreon followers in the last week well that number will keep dropping your page is not much better that the IG accounts you run what are people paying for ? shitty mobile videos and a few half decent photos get a few nip slips and more quality content maybe a few muff slips and the pervs will keep paying other wise your dead in the water on Patreon

Ugh, admin, can you come back from the dead and delete this stupid thread already?

She did 'play' with the dildo. She had it in her hands. There were are about 3 vids, one was of them joking around they bought one, one with dogs playing with it and one of Kylin holding it and saying something.

I wasn't talking about Kylin you fucking brainless degenerate, learn to read.

Sorry Jane, I'll be buying your Patreon tonight and will be sharing it here and on https://www.freshmodels.net

If you know so much about these supposed dildo vids then post them, or it didnt happen you fucking twit

Thought I had them but seems I deleted them. People who actually know Kylin will know there were multiple videos of her playing with the dildo, and no I don't mean sexual play because some people are retarded enough that they can't understand the difference ;)

LOLCRUISE.jpg (34.7KiB, 500x333) save_alt

This is too fucking rich

>>34854 Irony. Socialism is when people run from your country.
Capitalism is when cops capture and detain, refusing even basic civilian rights, like leaving the country. Heck even northern Korea being "Shithole" allows their citizens with the warning to leave.

Also I would ask why they are all like this. Probably there is a good reason.

Nigga, I don't think you know what either of those words mean...

>northern Korea being "Shithole" allows their citizens with the warning to leave.
>allows their citizens with the warning to leave.

More fresh teen pussy

Yup you know Capitalism is a bit too ruthless and bloody. After all it kills and keeps killing as much people every 20 years as communism killed in 100 years.
But things aside. I hope some Nigga wouldn't slit your neck for practicing racism. Ofcause if some capitalist wouldn't slit your neck because you make tension in your country. It is business nothing personal. US kiddo. And you might need to read lots of good and bad books, probably about Rem fighters, it could be quite useful for you. Brownies always ended poorly when were competing greys and this is also business nothing personal.

Shut up. Just post some nice little girls already.

WTF are you even on about? Are you high?

[citation needed]

Janes naughty girls.jpg (984.1KiB, 1500x2100) save_alt

Go to a poly sci forum to debate politics. Now back to the issue at hand. Jane pimping out her daughter. Thank you Jane! (I wonder if Jane likes seeing cum tributes??)

>>37424 Sorry you are mixing someone up, not doing whoring up.
>>37432 Yeah it is hard to deal with preconcived ideals. Someone might be loking insane

>>37444 Citation needed for what? For multiple imperial wars, or for artificially created famines? Communism is long dead for 20 years. People die all over the world even more. Where capitalist world like destroys 1/3rd food stock while making others to starve, invading their countries killing people ruining their economies. I doubt this place is good place to discuss, it is sorta art board. OR it is about Rem fighters. Read about Nazi germany, your views quite close, there were Rem fighters. That is to one anon who likes practice racism, it might happen you are just useful, like Rem fighters. Or like Ukrainian Nationalists during WW2, you know those who were dispose after use. Heck just look here people look at their children like commodity do you think it is normal?

Adds to correct mistake and help someone's searches. But I think it is bad place to discuss such things here for more than mention. Ernst Rรถhm any one who likes might read about him and his fighters it is ironic how those skin heads end once they become unnecesarry.

damn I just realized IG shitty quality worked in Kylin's favor cuz she's not that pretty
that butt is top notch though...

The dildo videos are real. I remember seeing them. Her brother had a channel that was like dildo adventures or some shit like that. She had 3 or 4 videos that all had the dildo in it. She held it in one for sure. The brother had it at a grocery store. Yeah. I never saved the though. They were taken down quick and a public apology was issued.

They were pretty dumb tho, not worth the hassle of finding them


If you're gonna offer us such strange and misplaced remarks, the least you can do is make your case.

They're not worth the hassle in terms of content. But they would be nice to have so we can finally get a real police investigation into Kylin instead of the fake shit Jane keeps creating for attention.

Want to see my daughter's newest upcycle and avoid being constantly a week behind on Kylin's latest content? Better subscribe boys. This site isn't going to last anyway.

I've sent screenshots from this thread to the authorities. Have fun with that.

lol retards Jane never even saw this thread

Cute. Getting 7 proxies memories from all this.

I've received encouraging communications from my lawyer. Every time you update my daughter's page on this site, you just dig your own graves further. Be forewarned.

Stay mad, because you are the one encouraging the behavior, and let's just say the law will hit your ass as hard as ours. Freedom of speech does not automatically entitle you copyright.
Remember, the spirit of the law is to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.

So the mom is taking "modeling" pics of her teenaged kid to put her through college. In other words, making money by having her pose provocatively in photos and then paywalling them...and then throws a tantrum about piracy being a thing.

Jane isn't in any position to lecture about morality. She's practically a digital pimp.

Nice try lol

hoes mad. you're the hoe.

Can't wait till the importer is up again so I can update her page again ๐Ÿ˜Š

Optimized-2019-7-18_21-21-15.jpg (190.3KiB, 295x900) save_alt

I'm totally not trying to sell child porn on Patreon ๐Ÿ™„

Apparently it's back up, can you please upload the posts? I've been uh... saving myself

makes you wonder for how long has Jane been playing this

This lady is not only pimping her daughter out but she is a straight up liar and attention seeker. Stop replying here youre only playing her game other wise.

Why dont you make money for yourself and stop living off of your minor! Put some damn clothes on her and let her be a kid. You have people pay money to view her pictures. What do you think these people who pay money to see a little teen in small ass bikinis do?! You know damn well what they do and you knew damn well all along. You are the truly sick individual Jane. People like you should never have been allowed to have children!

For one Im here for the comments and laughs. 2 You do realize that most of these people here have nothing to do with this website they are just using it. You are complaining to a bunch of no ones that just view the "teen porn" you make your daughter do( which is disgusting on your part by the way). Have you stopped taking your meds? Your bi polar shows in your writing clear as day! 3 reading you last comment and the other peoples comments here it seems you are the loser. Are you an adult or a child? The way you go into highschool name calling and the way pimp your daughter out on the internet ( which is EXACTLY what you are doing, charging money for her services) shows you lack alot of stuff an adult who is raising a child needs.. These people dont spend money to have a nice chat with you. They buy it to masturbate. So please explain to me what the difference is between you and a pimp? There isnt one! Also what fucking mother would want men doing that while looking at their daughters photo. A sick one who needs to be locked up. Dont tell me they dont and dont tell me you didnt know. You most certainly did. You KNOW EVERYTHING you are doing( using and abusing your daughter for your own financial gain). Terrible mother I feel sorry for your daughter. I mean you even thanked someone for a compliment when they compared your daughter to a child porn model. I hope one day your daughter sees what you did to her then I hope you get everything that is coming to you! That being said I truly wish the best for your daughter as you may be traumatizing her!

Lol idiots, how many times do i have to say that this real Jane never even saw this thread, it was created by a looser from freshmodels forum to make Kylin more popular here because he wanted for someone else to become a patreon and share her content here. /thread

wipe this thread from the face of the earth

kylinkalani.exclusive~1563667497~2092517091982049785_5354424517.jpg (90.4KiB, 1080x1080) save_alt

The harassment continues! Who saw this video where Kylin was in shorts and a tank top? It was posted Thursday. Please follow Kylin on her Patreon page where we and our followers are not harassed daily.

How much money is Jane making by pimping out her daughter to pedos? Well, according to the information she posted (and she has reasons to lie) the 945 patreons are structured like this, 181 pay between $5 and $14.99, 79 pay between $15 and $24.99, and 687 pay at least $25. In total at least $19,265. Patreon should take 5%, which leaves her with at least $18,300 each month.

That's why she's willing to fuck up her daughter's life and future.

"That's why she's willing to fuck up her daughter's life and future."
Clearly the daughter doesn't agree with your assessment or even gives a fuck. Just sayin'.

I mean you can see in some photoshoots that Kylin is not comfortable, but she puts up with it cause she doesn't want to say no to her crazy mom that got abandoned by her husband

I highly doubt those numbers are real cause if you check her youtube videos they barely make it past 100 views (and that's counting people watching them through this website)

Nothing you can do. It's a catch22 scenario: if you don't remove it people continue to pirate but if you do take it down the piracy just increases.
Quoting this one from Wikipedia: "The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware that some information is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread it is increased."
Either way, I would recommend just leaving this situation alone since taking the page down would just make this worse, by the looks of her patreon page she's earning more than enough money anyways.

kylin_1259_50_2_50.jpg (366.3KiB, 691x834) save_alt

I want to rape her and fill all her holes with cum

Nobody cares, fagot.

Kylin would love to do a video like that for our upcoming T35 tier! Contact me on Patreon so we can set up the video shoot for this!

> doesn't care about a girl
> calls someone a faggot
Seems you're the faggot here

You know my info "Jane" ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_20190727_115739_868_1_50.jpg (825.1KiB, 1423x1992) save_alt

Showing off my little girl's hairy pussy again. Yummy ๐Ÿ‘…

Pool party video

Sounds like a very irresponsible mother, if you ask me. I don't really care anyway, but it's a real turn-off knowing that her mother has been exposing her to participating in amateur-level pornography at a potentially young age (18 or older, hopefully - if not, I think you have more pressing matters at hand) instead of exploring a more 'normal' path she could have chosen to be on.

Additionally. What happens on the internet... stays on the internet. I hope you have no regrets.

fuck you jane you dumb whore for exposing your 13 year old daughter to this shit

I think you mean what happens on the internet lingers for all time to haunt you. The way you phrased it seems to much like 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.' And that implies a certain safety from future repercussions.

buzzkill.jpg (58.0KiB, 625x390) save_alt


your daughter is pure sex

>Buzz kill, for pointing out your use of the wrong words.

Do you not understand how being a buzzkill works? I'm trying to have fun with Jane, but you're making it not so by being a random nerd blurting out, "But that's WrOnG! It's supposed to be LiKe ThIs!"

It never ceases to amaze me what parents will do to their children for money.

>Doesn't realize trolls are trolling trolls.

lolwut.jpg (51.5KiB, 800x450) save_alt


IMG_20190805_081711_113.jpg (170.8KiB, 853x1280) save_alt

Kylin being blacked

Hopefully Mom Jane will see this so she can see what we want to see Kylin doing on Patreon! Good fake! Post more!

She looks underage...

She is.

Here is a question Mom Jane should ask Kylin's Patreon followers...
How long do you think it will be before Kylin is doing hardcore porn?

What do you guys here think?

Considering she's living in a 1.5mil house and is makign 20+k already.

obviously the house value doesnt matter. Mom Jane is getting more risque everyday in showing off Kylin. She clearly knows how much more she could make if Kylin starts doing photoshoots while slobbering all over massive black cocks

When you put it like that, it starts sounding like Jane is dancing the line between child abuse and child porn.

Don't get lisi into this. She's precious ๐Ÿ˜

DSC_3267a.jpg (548.0KiB, 1151x1611) save_alt

Truth is, any mom who takes this pic of her daughter and posts it online knows that its aimed at guys who are jerking off to her daughter, and is ok with that. Mom Jane very well may already have taken posed shots of Kylin nude under the pretense of "art". At the very least she has pics of Kylins nip slips and pussy lip slips that im sure she "forgot" to delete. She may already have posted them on the dark web with Kylins face blurred just to see the reaction she gets. I say at the very least, Kylin will be headed the route of Christina model who swore she would never do nudes but of course did do nudes and masturbation vids at the end of her career. I think Mom Jane gets enjoyment posting pics like this of Kylin. The large bank she is getting from it is icing on Kylins cake.


If you Dm Jane direct and are willing to pay yes they offer Custom shoot options they dont do nudes yet they are not that stupid but you can send them outifts and she poses in them but you do get nipple slips and the odd bush flash depending how transparent the garmets are she wears . i see 8 sets so far and yes they do put the paTreon post to shame and make them look no better than ig post she also has a private vimeo channel for videos start your search on reddit :) find the path to the darkweb forums and the photos await you

What would I search to find it on reddit @ theangryphotographer

lol your so full of shit, post it here if it real...

Written by the same troll that started this thread, jane barey knows how to navigate simple web pages let alone use deep web. lmao what a retard and reddit doesnt even allow her IG pics to get posted there.

Can someone update her stuff

people already made like 3 subreddits for her and she got them taken down. and navigating the DW is not rocket science

Cant find anything. Need help!

Because there isnt anything
especially not on reddit, this guy is a troll.

you are a troll spreading lies. No one here is fooled by your pathetic bullshit.

Why isnt yiff updating kylin's page? It should be showing that there are new posts even if they havent been uploaded here yet

Indeed, what a pathetic loser that guy is, probably the same person that started this thread he should kill himself.

Everyone in this thread should kill themselves.

2019-8-16_21-39-0.jpg (701.5KiB, 1080x3119) save_alt

No U

post_file(2).png (704.8KiB, 500x750) save_alt

Is there more of this?

DSC02230_1_40.jpg (789.5KiB, 2067x1379) save_alt

There is one or two more but they are pretty much the same.
That shoot is also the only 'up cycle' that has her without a top on underneath. She did say she had panties on.

Crazy shameless hoe Jane shared those pics on IG, can you believe it?

After reading this thread, I have to go ahead and confirm that there is in fact dildo videos. Her brother used to run a page about them. If anyone can find those videos Iโ€™ll personally give you $100. They exist. No BS.

Most people here know they exist but the naysayers think we're talking about sexual videos. There are no sexual dildo videos of Kylin, atleast that what know of, Jane might have some in her personal collection.

Yeah not sexual but itโ€™s her hands holding a big ass dick flipping it back and forth. She knows that we like it, we love seeing that cute little hand wrapped around the thickness of a grown mans replicated dick. While she smiles at the camera. Yeah Iโ€™m sure she does have some secret videos. Of who knows what else.

shut up troll. there arent any vids of that you wanker. not even non sexual ones.
yup same troll posted this..= look at the time. fuck you
same troll again. no one is falling for this you piece of shit. if those vids were out there they would be all over the fucking place. They dont exist. Yeah its easy to offer a 100 bucks when you know they dont exist so you wont have to pay, not that your worthless fuck self would anyway. fuck you, you arent fooling anyone you little prick.
Stop trying to spread lies here.

Acting fairly fucking defensively, eh? Lots of denial and accusations being thrown around to cover your tracks.

whats defensive about calling out a lying troll? Acting fairly busted eh you troll?

So much samefaggotry, from both you negros.

The videos exist. Now shut the fuck up and come to FreshModels and jerk to Kylin and others. ๐Ÿ˜˜

What is freshmodels? ๐Ÿ˜‚

If it existed, it would be everywhere and it is not you fag

lol fucking pedo community that asks people to introduce themself like im there looking for dates, so retarded.


IKR!? Maybe he is looking for a date. Dont you feel lucky? lol

You can do nothing. Just leave. Welcome to the internet.

image555.jpg (45.6KiB, 400x500) save_alt

kylin-racy-blu-r.jpg (445.6KiB, 1500x949) save_alt

My incel sense is tingling.

nice to see whore jane's dreams are coming true with those last 2 posts

she would love that

B R U H moment right here fellas

1480591574972.gif (635.4KiB, 238x211) save_alt

lmao pwnt

If anyone wants to trade some really good stuff hit me up on kik shoutoutpage6969

Can clarify what you have?

He's just a scammer

kylin_462_2_25.jpg (530.9KiB, 845x1183) save_alt

Jane finally getting kicked of Patreon, oh oops I mean she voluntarily leave because of sexualizing her underage daughter. #rekt
Not before she posts some pussy slips tho

Keeping the morality and integrity to the end she left because they discriminated her it was a power move. Next step Jane's personal pedoring website Hollywood movies next! or jail time
for her and everyone else involved.

> Jelly furry artists using thots to sink the YP ship

Hi Jane, you CANT delete Piracy. That's the point of piracy, getting something for free and conserve it. Considering making public your art, or making it cheaper, and this will not happen. Greetins!

Is anyone going to share files when they start their own site ?

72c.jpg (15.4KiB, 500x375) save_alt


DSC_9089.jpg (195.7KiB, 1264x948) save_alt

Mom Janes leaked pics

DSC_9092.jpg (150.1KiB, 1366x768) save_alt

Another of Mom Jane

Dude!! We need to get all of these out quick!

DSC_7028.jpg (146.0KiB, 1366x768) save_alt

Jane cosplay private pic

Different eyebrows, different nose, different mouth, different forehead size, different cheekbones

Nice try but not Jane

I always wondered why Jane didint want to be on camera... Now we know! #naughtyJane



Now we know.

Nice address you have there

Nice address you have there

342e9889.jpg (207.0KiB, 1280x800) save_alt

Hi Jane. Welcome to the Internet. Let me explain a few things to you.
Once you post something online its here for good. Even if you delete it from a website someone somewhere still has a copy of it.
This is especially true if its hilarious, embarrassing or pornographic in nature. The bigger the deal you make out of it
the worst it gets for you and anyone else involved. The internet loves making fun of stupid people.
The best thing to in your situation is to just learn from your mistake and move on.
I hope you've learned a valuable lesson today and you don't make the same mistake.

Have a nice day.



tumblr_m67wf3IRyk1rq19yoo1_1280.jpg (52.7KiB, 534x779) save_alt

You Sir, are a POET and a GENTLEMAN defending the honour of the daughter from the Evil-Witch-Pimptress-Feminist-Cunt! That was beautifully put I thank you for your contribution to all truth and literature. We know where the daughter got her looks from, the mother is ugly inside and out!

Really proud of this mature community of people. All of you are fucking virgins who will become the dirt even the rejects of the world will walk on. This is a porn site, you'd expect people to know to grow the fuck up. She wants the content taken down, it's in her legal right, stop whining about it and respect that, it's really not that hard?????
Like???? This isn't preschool y'all. "poet" "gentlemen" you make us look like neckbeard virgins. This is just so fucking embarrassing to be within the same community as you guys. To even be the same species as you absolute incels. I've never MET someone like this, I thought it was some unpopular online community of the world's biggest losers that was super hard to get to but here you guys are?????? Real people who are actually living like this? God. Couldn't imagine living in my own filth like that. Good luck Jane, with getting your work taken down in a respectful manner. I'm sorry you have to interact with people like this.

6.jpg (225.2KiB, 900x1200) save_alt

Kylin modeling her cute little cotton panties on one of her new sites

2.jpg (100.0KiB, 427x767) save_alt

Kylin modeling more of her cute little cotton panties on one of her new sites

1.jpg (97.8KiB, 427x765) save_alt

And more from kylin's new site

3.jpg (257.5KiB, 900x1200) save_alt

And more...

7.jpg (238.6KiB, 900x1200) save_alt

More of Kylin in her panties...

9.jpg (250.4KiB, 900x1200) save_alt

And another of Kylin just to give you a little taste of her new site . I hope you enjoy ;)

freshmodels just locked her thread.

why did freshmodels lock our thread?

can anyone message the mods and ask ? they even deleted all posts about her.

Looks like someone was climbing fakes.
Could you share the new files in yiff.party?

Don't you hate it when one asshole ruins it for everyone.
Is there a chance for it to be re-opened ?

cease and desist maybe?

find something sharp and run into it, you white-knight-faggot-bitch-boy!

I miss Kylin leaks from Fresh Models. Anyone have her new stuff from her website?

Plz add

Where is my daughter's stuff being pirated at now?

IMG_443.jpg (106.5KiB, 429x759) save_alt

Your daughters 'stuff' is posted all over the web. Just like you want her to be. And we know it makes you wet seeing her posted.

What the fuck is wrong with you people.

Anyone have Kylin's nip slip? It got removed from the FM thread.

Damn, if Kylin gets to show her ass off on this new site, I'm gonna subscribe for sure. What do you say Mom Jane?

Remember: when thots and pawgs are wasting space in a furry website, be prepared for a shitstorm.

81189239_2728664137254129_2566842490175696805_n.jpg (94.7KiB, 1080x1080) save_alt


79755370_192892845181124_5687663957654468058_n.jpg (106.1KiB, 1080x1080) save_alt


80743268_1393457587489643_309699880285469776_n.jpg (105.9KiB, 1080x1080) save_alt


KYS with these non-2D content.

Oh no... I made a faggot furry mad.

We host your sh*t you unthankful fuck, now kneel.

DSC3212 - Copy.jpg (938.1KiB, 1828x2560) save_alt

Kylin has graduated to thongs next come the "oops a lip slip" ;)

Kneel?๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You're the fucking dog. Now bark bitch.

Dog? I ain't a furry you cuckold king.

1JyEnrh.png (131.5KiB, 345x337) save_alt

Wow it actually worked, all i had to do is pretend to be Jane for months cause im a sadfuck that cant afford a membership on her site and i got to see 1 pic 4free. Brb gonna make 10 more threads...

Untitled.jpg (137.3KiB, 2718x338) save_alt


Well I was the one sharing it, so you're welcome. It was only 25$. Now I'm gonna go get her stuff off her new site

Late to the party, but reading this just makes Jane look even worse. Because to me it sounds like she is KNOWINGLY exploiting her own daughter in a perverse way, albeit not in the same "splits-in-skin-tight-clothing" sort of way. This is just-

>>51313 trademarks daughter's name
Okay. Now you've just fucking lost it. *taking a closer look at the trademark*

"Applicant has stated that the name in the mark, โ€œKYLIN KALANIโ€, does identify a living person. However, applicant has not provided the proper written and signed consent of the person named in the mark."

Oh and look at that, you just revealed potentially revealing personal information by giving us that link. Lady, you should seriously go back to school or even better to prison.

1BTC to the first person to leak photos of Kaylins asshole

>>55910 >>51313

No, that's not our personal information.

Or so you say. Regardless, I never said that it IS. I merely implied the possibility. But if it is...

Nothing from her new site?

You realize 1BTC costs over $8,000 right?

518E7604-F66F-48E8-8208-5ABD2FE01DF4.png (742.3KiB, 1304x615) save_alt


If someone can fund the site, then they can fork over BTCs

So, let me check...she sold her daughter and expect us to respect her sweet cupcake? That's something new!

yep. the mother is just as much as a whore as the daughter.

"The dildo videos are real. I remember seeing them. Her brother had a channel that was like dildo adventures or some shit like that. She had 3 or 4 videos that all had the dildo in it. She held it in one for sure. The brother had it at a grocery store. Yeah. I never saved the though. They were taken down quick and a public apology was issued."

This was one of them: https://gfycat.com/decimalwelllitbengaltiger

how did you get the dark comments thingy