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This will be the end of Wakanda

shiet.jpg (30.2KiB, 1146x480) save_alt

someone please donate

92142D6B-E11C-45FF-B5ED-75EBEEE752C6.jpg (20.6KiB, 412x298) save_alt

The only way I would donate to anything related to wakanda is if it was to nuke those gorillas to the ground. This site however, may never go down

I hope it dies since non furries invaded it.

Hurry up to donate 60$ right now please!!!

Well this is going to be sad to see this site go.

The hell are you donkeys panicking? Someone always donates at the last minute.


Holy shit is everyone on this site fucking new or something?? THE SITE IS ALWAYS SAVED LAST MINUTE, EVERY TIME. SO STFU AND CHILL.

Well who knows maybe this time it wont which would suck

10 hours left someone do something even donating a dollar

yup called it ''The End''

If only they accepted Paypal...

Alright then, but this was the last time if e-thots keep taking up all the bandwidth.

rip in peace

so your going to donate? what od you mean by "alright then"

Good Goyim...

it'll be very funny the one time it doesn't get saved last minute and everybody is like "well shit"

1547159857192.jpg (26.9KiB, 368x352) save_alt

patreon creator here, suck my dick poorfags


Welp it’s been fun while it lasted o/

Love watching a site full of beggers who steal content, pleading for people to donate each month xD So ironic.

ohey it's the time of the month where the bad patreon runners come out to pretend that it's time to give up
this post has happened every month for a year now i'm pretty sure

eventually it'll be right, probably, maybe


Can you slice your wrists in silence and keep your edge to yourself, please?

'Patreon creators' on here like " sucks for you dickbags" and I'm like "I saved everything I came here for"

It's kinda of funny, but isn't the money count updated manually by the admin? So what happens to the money if we go over?

can anyone contact the admin to see if someone donated?

Well this sucks the site is done for this time

It gets applied to the next month.

>>34417 can you donate?

I'm honestly afraid of getting my bank account shut down for buying crypto on an exchange, and I became complacent from the last few last-minute saves and didn't consider taking the time-consuming steps to get crypto in a way that wouldn't put my bank account at risk (probably something like buying a pre-paid debit card and then using that to buy crypto).

FWIW the amount I'm about to spend this month on Patreon creators is a little more than the amount that this site's donation tracker says it needs, and I think I'm the only person who regularly updates the creators I'm subscribed to; of course, any money I would donate to this site would be in addition to, rather than instead of, anything I pay to creators.

you may be are only hope

I might bother doing it if the site throws up another plain-text "gibe monis NAO or all baleeted" type of message when daylight breaks (eastern USA here) and the shops are open; I remember there was a grace period of a few days last time (I think February), and I legit was about to fund a Coinbase account with my debit card (credit cards can't fund crypto now) until I remembered a horror story on Reddit about someone whose bank shut down his account because the transaction looked too suspicious.

we did it i dont know if it was you but if it was thank you

Wakanda forever my friends

off topic real quick it would be fucking hilarious if someone left the donation goal at 159.99 out of 160 just to screw with people with OCD

Oh noes, looks like you guys overreacted, again.

It wasn't me, but I did notice that Coinmama does allow credit cards, and I have a couple dormant ones that I don't use and don't care about potentially losing; also cex dot io allows credit cards, and the only issue is whether my card issuer would block the transaction.

Wakanda stands... for now.

Patreon will get nothing but blood and dust

No! Do not use Coinbase whatsoever for any reason. It's the worset bitcoin exchange out there. They require many hoops to jump though to use their services, they have high fees, and they artificially delay your transactions. I've heard but never confirmed that Coinbase is owned by the banking industry and they make the experience as painful as possible so people would be less likely to use bitcoin. Instead,

1) Go to the main bitcoin site and pick one of the listed software wallets. Download the software and you'll instantly create an account with no waiting, no id, and no fees. Make sure to save your passwords.
2) Use the bitcoin ATM finder on bitcoin's site to find an ATM near you. The site also includes instructions on how to use the different types of machines.
3) Take a picture of your wallet's QR code, go to the ATM, show the code to the machine, deposit bills, and the bitcoins will show up in your wallet.
4) Enter YP's address into your software to send them some yummy bitcoins.
5) Rejoice that you're no longer a leech.

That's all you need to do. No fees, no delays, no linked bank account, no scanning ids, etc... The only thing linking you to YP would be your IP address and if the ATM has a security camera pointed at it. Don't use the account for anything but YP donations. If you want to use bitcoin for other things, simply create another account.

And what do you fucking know, the site was in the green the whole time and y'all always over react this Doom shit every month. It's been a year of this last day saved shit. Just STFU and relax, the fedora wearers won't let this site go.

>go to a physical location to buy digital currency
the absolute fucking state

I would like to thank you furfags for stealing my shit. Now i can copyright strike you fucks freely due to having my own made models. By the way most of you cucks are talking about freedom and paywalls yet you own furfagsuits for thousands of dollars but cant even support a person what done more in a day than you done in your entire life. now monkaS omegalul and all that regular shit you do. Have a lovely day.

Imagine mad over something that no one you’re talking to gives a shit about.

>copyright strike

Just codelock everything behind and send it to people which paid for it, simple.

up general, this is no place to die

This is fairly good advice for suburbanites with vehicles and urbanites; I didn't read it until just now, but I did find a Bitcoin ATM that isn't extremely difficult to go to and from. Unfortunately, the site that bitcoin dot org links to (coinatmradar dot com) does not track ATMs that offer Ethereum Classic, but it does support the other four crypto-tokens that this site accepts.

I had also actually tried working with Uphold (which I joined because of a KiwiFarms scheme involving BAT from the Brave browser, which is redeemed in an Uphold wallet), and although I think I'll stick with it for handling my BAT, I won't use it for other crypto-tokens.

so.... were good?

Hurry up to donate 160$ right now!

Not sure if people know but the admin does keep some money around to push it over just in case so it would have to be zero paid per month for the site to fully die.

I hope you die because you are a fucking fag furry

You're on a site that was originally made for furries you retarded normie faggot read the site name.


This will be the end of Wakanda.

Hurry up to donate 160$ now!

concidering we lost sadpanda/exhentai i really dont want to lose this site to

It'd be a shame to see her go but it's not like what I'm here for is being update and the site gets downed every few days. Is this place REALLY worth 160$?

Man, y'all need to STFU and chill. This site gets the money from the same neckbeard at the last minute every month, he pays the difference and some. If you haven't noticed this site meets the goal every month for the past year since this started.

i don't doubt that one day whoever is coming in at the last minute may not show up, but y'all have literally been saying "This is it site's dead" every month for a year now

if I wake up every day and say "Nuclear armegeddon today" i'm not a prophet for getting it right 16 months from now

Seriously this site is like a shounen protag, there's always an a̶s̶s̶p̶u̶l̶l̶ donation to save it at the last second.

1 day left and only 32%. :(

This might be the end, bros.

God I hope so...

maybe this site is "always saved last minute" because mod doesn't actually need your money and just wants to make something on this little venture

If It does end...

Atleast it was a fun time


What is your Patreon again? I need to import some fresh posts

Since about the start of 2019, though, it seems there's been credible reasons (at the time) to believe it'd end. It seems a lot happened this month, after all.


Yeah it's been pretty fun watching suckers donate this much lol

Honestly can't wait for this site to go down and be replaced with a fresh one free of normies and camwhores. This site has been garbage ever since and I genuinely pity the poor saps who funded it up til this point. We never needed to donate til admin opened the floodgates for them

FB_IMG_1422680308476.jpg (19.2KiB, 540x960) save_alt

Also this. It's very strange how this site always seems to be saved last minute. Something you're not telling us admin?


oh no, what is going to happen?! probably the same thing that happens every month
the site gets "saved" by some mysterious donor who doesn't exist because mod doesn't need the money lol

Well importer broken again(5th time in one month), and it cannot port galleries properly. I dont think it will survive

Hulk snapped back us back into life.

guys this time it might be for real :( i don't want to go

Mr. Stark? I don't feel so good...
I don't – I don't know what's happening. I don't – Save me, save me! I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, Mr. Stark, please. Please, I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go. I'm sorry.

5 years later... Admin aka Hulk cracked the code, time to reverse snap.

we're saved omg

check the other thread

Wakanda still stands, M'Baku.

well boys...

... is time to save the site again!


aw shit here we go again

>site is down for almost 2 week at the end of the mounth
>don't get the money to keep the site alive cause nobody give when it's down

>site stays up

why has no one donated 30 bucks yet?


yiff.jpg (72.8KiB, 1279x212) save_alt


Someone did. It just isn't updated yet.

Looks like it’s not over yet


aw shit here we go again

Hurry up boys! Donate 100$ more now!

fuck you


black german.jpg (201.7KiB, 606x917) save_alt


We need to hurry up to save the site right freaking now!!!

the whole purpose of this website is that it was created for people who can't or refuse to donate monthly. the idea of relying on those very same people to donate monthly doesn't seem like the best funding scheme.

Furries are gay

no u

I just don’t understand why the admin wont put any adds on the site to make money so he can keep the site up

> I just don’t understand why the admin wont put any adds on the site to make money so he can keep the site up

you don’t understand, because you are retarded. who wants to pay for advertising on a pirated site? maybe another pirate site ... but what would be the benefit of the advertiser to attract those who are here because they don’t want or cannot pay? advertising only makes sense if someone can pay.

not to mention the fact that if you pay not with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency - the account holder is easy to detect

thanks for the info but you don’t need to be such a jackass about it

niggerland kaput

i think whats going on is that the server provider is adding 10 each time we go into the grace period as a punishment for not makeing the payment on time so if we dont want it to increace we have to meet the goal before the end of the month

I don't understand the site mod's refusal to accept any form of donations other than bitcoin.
Some of us have actual money. 'Cmon.

because every time they try they get banned from the payment provider

>who wants to pay for advertising on a pirated site?
More businesses than you would think. If only Admin gave it a serious try.

>but what would be the benefit of the advertiser to attract those who are here because they don’t want or cannot pay?


Please donate now

Donate PLEASE!

I don’t know

One day the site will go into "pay us money or else" mode and they won't get enough funds
and that will be that. Its coming. Its just a matter of time.
Add an option to pay with money dev. Jesus Christ.

Haven't visited this site in a while, why are donations a thing again? Didn't someone donate a whole fucking bitcoin?

I donated a bit of Ether a few days ago, so hopefully that will help. If the site had a Stellar address and set up trustlines for the more popular currencies, that'd make it much easier to donate: way less screwing around with cryptocurrency conversion.

I imagine everyone is reluctant to support yet another cryptocurrency, so allow me to clarify that Stellar uses the existing ones (yes, any of them) rather than just providing another alternative.

New tv show : Who is yiff party sugar daddy

Oh no, no, no, we only believe in crypto christ here.

>One day the site will go into "pay us money or else" mode and they won't get enough funds

$280... just saying, even though it's one-time

guys, it's time

I just learned a Crypto-ATM opened within walking distance of me, so I may well take this advice a second time: >>41050

With the expected exchange fees on both ends, $115 on my end oughta turn into a little over $97.52 for the site-owner.

so were good?

guys, start panicking again

panic-button.jpg (369.5KiB, 2400x1800) save_alt


If you guys did stuff legally you could just use paypal lol

Delphox aaa.png (750.6KiB, 1859x1768) save_alt

>it's the 18th of the shortest month of the year

Still got like 10 days

someone donated 53 bucks. the counter just hasnt updated

jewchan.png (1017.3KiB, 576x1024) save_alt

>the counter just hasnt updated

It still says $0

You act as if the creator of the website wouldn't chip in. he obviously wouldn't have opened this site if he didn't have money. So, no worries.

can yall update X3Z please

Do your landlords panic when there's over a week left in the month and you still haven't put in a penny towards next month's rent?

And it's nearly half already.

e2fa3dbd983a607f384d1a3f6272cf92.jpg (60.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt


does this look like a fucking request thread to you?
might as well go to work and ask the entire company to update someone for you

Hold on we still got 9 days

Africa Sanitation.jpg (75.7KiB, 750x500) save_alt

So we just gonna referring to the site as Wakanda now?

Normally landlords can count on you giving money to them. If you can't pay you still are generally in a contract

This site is a failure. That goal should have been pasted 8 months ago with more money still coming in to this day. Again, y'all are pathetic but you're funny to watch so you'll have a career in comedy after this.


A reminder that kemono.party is still an option.

Every day im gonna make the oh no more dramatic. Let's start
oh no

Man I wish there was another way to donate other than bitcoins and such.

Oh No

bb0.jpg (161.7KiB, 711x387) save_alt

At this current moment with this pandemic going on, I'm not sure anyone is going to get paid anytime soon and this website is in danger.

Not, oh fuck it's the end of the month, post panic threads to gain more money. There are much better things people may be focusing on, like maybe food, electricity, or even rent if the government screws you over. And we get though all of that there's your life as well. (Even if it's utter bullocks at sometimes)

Best case scenario, us and the artists realise that we're all in the same boat here and work together for a bit. It would like pornographic rainbow of love. Worst case, everything goes down. We lose the site, you may lose your jobs and years of work for both of us is just gone.

Of course, I can't speak for everyone. I can be overreacting and had forgotten to take my medication for autism today but it would help if we did do a part to help. I mean there is going to be Black Panther 2 so yiff party 2 will happen if you like it or not. Also those who are giving out free posts thank you. Stay safe who ever reads my shit.

Pic unrelated but could be factual.

>I can be overreacting and had forgotten to take my medication for autism today

there it is


A07D5483-7CF0-44E5-8A98-6B23C0E117BC.jpg (31.1KiB, 470x303) save_alt



Damn bro that's crazy...but I don't remember asking

maxresdefault.jpg (76.5KiB, 1280x720) save_alt



The admin needs to fix this site now or I don’t think we will be able to meet this months donation goal.


also fix the site please

Admin lost job due to this virus and is bailing.

ooh nooo
site is fixed so drama level reduced today

I think Admin is back here now.

Seriously I thought the price increase was a one time thing. Can we go back to the days when it was only like 100 or something?

I can't even walk down to the place where I exchanged filthy fiat for crypto-tokens because my city fears Corona-chan, so no paypigging from me this month.

Yeah I posted somewhere before about how this whole thing would screw everything over. 'f it's the "let's talk about the site" thread.

Though, yeah, depending on where you are, it's full house arrest via mass hysteria.

Aren’t there ways to buy and exchange cryptocurrency without using an ATM

how do i donate in the phillipines (i stolen my dad's BDO card)


Yep, me too. My ATM is inside a closed business so I can't donate the usual ~$60 this month. Good luck everybody.

does this look like a request thread to you motherfucker?

> Phillipines


jew window.jpg (35.8KiB, 400x352) save_alt


It seems like we have only 120$ left to save the site!

Try online banking?

Well, its both.

Usually no, but thanks to corona it might be hard to find new tenants.

~~oh fuck my dad is definitely gonna beat me up for this~~
kek but what about coronavirus (its lockdown here)
also how much is php 5000 worth of btc

SATANIC GET also why is strikethrough not working

Doomguy smile.jpg (124.3KiB, 641x576) save_alt


Can someone donate we only have 2 days


Donate now!

We only have one day left donate now

satanic covid19 made a steals podcasta at patreon.com/gclubmen

ANYONE please couldn't u gt him p0dcasts?!?

(3am still awake in PH) (fuck i have ADHD issues)
ITS APRIL FOOLS GUYS anyone donated

Does anyone know if any donations have been made?


Did anyone donate today?

Lmao you guys are so fucking sold. The ruse that this website will go down will forever control you.

We have less then a day left donate now!


At last, SOMEONE gets the joke.
The sad part is...it's not April...yet. >:3

Donate now

Why isn’t anyone donating?


All the more reason to donate and keep this site alive



Deception of Quality2.jpg (274.3KiB, 510x1506) save_alt

Pay up wagies

simp be like.jpg (11.4KiB, 300x172) save_alt

this is the end...hold your breath and count to ten...

pack yo shit boys

CORONA.gif (150.9KiB, 250x250) save_alt

Donations be like

oh no

Hurry up to donate now!

Donate we don’t have any time left!!!

Has anyone donated yet (the donation tracker is sometimes slow to update)

honestly admin should close this site like previous one until a donation reached but looks like he didn't do it this time,what happen admin are you abandoned dis site or some just killed you?

No! Of course not! Admin is not abandoned this site and someone did not kill him for that so please let him back to the site now and let the site saved now!



also where is the "obvious troll is nevertheless successful pic"

Can someone donate now?


File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like we don't have to party this month

That goal was met quick. By that I mean it went from 0 to 250 like overnight.

What.PNG (257.4KiB, 314x419) save_alt

woah what? who donated? or what?

Like Batman is the knight...
They... Are the yiff.

>April 2020's donation goal has been met. Thank you for your support!

images (1).jpg (29.7KiB, 541x567) save_alt


hmm i mentioned this before (oh wait i found it) https://yiff.party/bbs/read/32728#36848

i found ya https://yiff.party/bbs/read/52122#52386

Anonymous 05/07/20(Thu)01:38:36 No.74664[R][D]
and https://yiff.party/bbs/read/43909#50341
my fap material https://yiff.party/bbs/read/50554 (the mega link)

in the name of satan i hope this site goes down

here we go again

Could the simps really save us this month?

Come on and donate and prove we don’t need them

This is like watching a KV-2 take on a whole tank division

Eh, if the site does go down then atleast it will go out with seething simps.

eat your heart out niggas, the sites gonna be gone

Come on donate!

Yes! Donate, prove us wrong! Prove that furfags do in fact have money!

Donate please we don’t have much time left!

Hahahahahahahahahaha this is the most hilarious shit i have ever seen. The people who kept this site up and running are now having there content removed therefore no donations will come in because the people who donated is having there faviourite content taken off the site.

Hoky fuck what a shit show

please donate

>Salty thotnigger.

Come on and donate! Keep the site alive!

A fitting end to a terrible website. You people are going to get what you deserve once we have a post pandemic economic crash. Time to prioritise reality folks, its gonna get ya! Unfortunately all the porn in the world wont stop you from having to pay your rent, or see your house go into foreclosure OOPS.

Cry more, salty thonigger.

Come on donate we are already %67 of the way there!

Your gamer words won't save you. If this site goes down, it would be so fucking embarrassing for you toxic idiots.

Not today I guess

It's like you niggers can't even read this ancient old thread to see it's been through several of these incidents... Like this shit happens every goodamned month...

Guys, I feel like we're forgetting something?

why the fuck did you bump this

nah someone will do it for us

Welp last day to donate guys

I donated before because ethots are accepted. Not doing now. Your problem now.

Please donate we are running out of time!

This really gets tiring...I feel like we've had a lot more of these situations ever since the price increased from 80 to 250.

Bog gun.jpg (209.3KiB, 1200x1198) save_alt

>get rid of thot/simp shit
>drastically decrease server load
>continue to charge 250

Looks like the admin is going to have to take the site off line... again

So when IS the last minute? I was expecting the site to be down yesterday when I checked since thats when it said 0 days left but its still online. Looks like the game is in overtime. Just save shit while you can.

It’s when the admin takes the site down until the donation goal is reached.


1513022040427.png (208.9KiB, 345x344) save_alt

watching this site crumble is glorious

Not yet