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IPFS load distribution

220px-Ipfs-logo-1024-ice-text.png (13.2KiB, 220x220) save_alt

IPFS works a little like a torrent client, except every file has a hash which Identifies, wheras torrents rely on a tracker and the metainfo.

Backing yiff.party with IPFS would both load-balance any download bandwidth, and future-proof being able to obtain any files it has, provided the IPFS url was known and someone continued to host it.

Furry content (except for PSD files I believe) is already being hosted in IPFS by some guy. I'm too lazy to search for the thread on YP so have a link to thread on 8chan: https://8ch.net/fur/res/96331.html

Well the thing is with IPFS is that he could just hook up the Cloudflare IPFS gateway and pretty much call it a day. That would allow any file, media or data to be shared with IPFS across the site with anyone sharing a node.
Hoarders with Hydrus clients will soon be able to Enable no-copy IPFS sharing on their local collection too! Which would just enable more people sharing the load on files.
I am sure many people would be willing to manually host nodes with files they care about.

And if stated that much of the furry stuff is already shared across the IPFS network (its the same untouched files) then much of the content will already out there.

For the end user, they won't notice really if it comes from the server or not. Technically it could increase the performance of the site as it just pipes p2p data instead of direct from the server which should be lighter.

Really a no brainer to add support for this, esp with this type of content which has a huge grey side to it.

even if "It's there", ive failed to download any file from it, spent over 7 hours timing out on literally every file, except one, which was 3MB, but somehow kept downloading 2.9MB, failing, and trying again. Mustve downloaded it at least 80 times over. I thought "Oh, maybe i set something up wrong, i'll go test a random list of ipfs stuff i found on reddit" ...nope, most of the things on the list worked and could download successfully.

I forgot where i was going with this but it no worky

The major issue is that IPFS is like BitTorrent, it needs seeders to work.
But good on you for mentioning Hydrus, it works wonders

Well, there is multiple people that has archived the entire yiff.party site... even on the Hydrus community.
The issue with IPFS is that you need actual people "Seeding" it as a node.

Adding the Cloudflare Gate way will solve much of that as it would use it automatically with the exisiting site.
And the more people did it the better.
I know for a fact that Hydrus will add support for the no-copy flag for ipfs within the next two months which would allow people really easy ways of sharing it to a node.
Simple enough after setup to just right click the files you want shared with the node and send to ipfs. Then you just need to keep the ipfs software running on whatever little box you have. Like a small nas or nuc.

Personally would gladly share my 10+tb collection through this way at all times when no-copy options are in.

You need more than just one guy to share stuff for public when it comes to ipfs, just as torrents. Many shares are needed.
Either possitive encuragement on the yiff community here or something similar with the Hydrus community which is already wanting and geared towards that front with everyone hoarding every booru ever.

>Well, there is multiple people that has archived the entire yiff.party site... even on the Hydrus community.

Would be nice to know how many of them went beyond downloading stuff hosted on yiff.party server. Some creators host their stuff on the external sites.

I found that I've downloaded far more files after I added mega, google drive and direct links support to my crawler. But I won't be able to go much beyond that I have now (about ~200 creators, ~1TB of space used) until I'll get some money for storage upgrade.

That would be a huge number of them really. Much of the Hydrus community is all about hoarding and getting all the files, and best source files at that.
All the while tagging it and sharing tags with the rest of the community. Its like a small merged booru locally really.

I know for a fact that there is many in that community, including myself that has full mirrors from multiple boorus and sites.

But we are getting off topic here really. IPFS, even if few share the load would help with both hosting costs, server performance and restrictions.
But the costs of this site isnt that high in general compared to how many uses it every day. But payment is the issue. IPFS will help with a bunch of things for sure, and enable the site to even be up without a full server after a while technically.

The Cloudflare gateway should be a set and forget type deal really.

> Cloudflare
They comply with DMCA , be careful, I think they are setting us a trap to fall in.
Remember, use other gateways, or just have IPFS on a spare laptop.

Well technically one could use any gateway or multiple at once technically.
But the site is already using CF so there is little to stop them from doing a DMCA right now if they really wanted.

Some news from https://8ch.net/fur/res/96331.html

Okay so now 8chan's /hydrus/ is updating its IPFS support. Rejoice, and expect it to work with yiff.party in a month or two

Yep, it is getting finalized, can we get some yiffbros into this and start working this with yiff.party? discord.gg/vy8CUB4

bump for support

Sadly the issue with IPFS is that people say its slow... But its only slow cause noone is using it for their files.

Once you add 3+ nodes it all makes sense in general.
IPFS no-copy support in Hydrus will help a bunch though cause many of the users already have a ton of files from yiff.party and is a commonly used site. But even them need to more nodes hosted. Good thing with ipfs though, you dont need to know eachother or link anything together. Just pin the same file and it will be shared together with the rest.

Adding ipfs as a layer shouldnt take much at all but will also allow people to more openly help the site with bandwidth.

Good to know, was hoping that we can bolt in yiff.party with IPFS hashes to smooth things out. Since MerkleDAG does support file structures we can have each artist in a folder and update the has of the folder each time there is a new update (or maybe just use IPNS)

Any more new ideas for IPFS and other P2P networks? remember that Zeronet is a honeypot.

IPFS still makes sense now more than ever.
Yiff.Party already is using CloudFlare for caching and DDOS protection. Little reason to add the ipfs gateway ontop of that really.
Will help with load balancing on heavy loads and speed in general as far too many is scraping the site.

Also helps that people can re-host the content on their own IPFS nodes to share the load they care about.
Hydrus for example support ipfs downloading and management in its own systems.
One just need a site to start using it and with a bit of time it will be the better for it.

The thing with IPFS is that its not sloww when its directory is cached correctly, just like any other website really.
Its just as fast as the underlying network + p2p.
Normal hosting wont change, it will just have the ability to load files from other users or caches instead of the site server when its under load or down.

Also once can technically host the whole site on IPFS if one wanted too and with enough nodes (not many mind you) it would never fall.

If you want to help the cause maybe take a look at https://discord.gg/vy8CUB4 and http://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/
They use IPFS natively to share files and folders, and already have scripts to scrape YP to reroute it to IPFS
All we need is for YPAdmin to unfuck the API in general so that this process can get more streamlined


If this is so great, maybe 8chan should use it to protect against the ongoing DOS attacks.

IPFS is trash. Slow as fuck, never works properly, used mainly by soyboys that cannot afford a proper server when you can literally get a 16TB storage server for less than 50€/month.

Someone is already trying to do this with https://0xchan.net/media/0xchan_white_paper.pdf
> A bunch of fucking brainlets who does not understand how P2P architecture works
If nobody seeds, it does not exist. If only a few people seeds, it will be slow, just like BitTorrent. If you can't into tech like that you should go back to /g/.

Bumping this since we are desperate in need of help... no not coders but actual seeders.

New year bump

With the recent news that you are removing content.
Why not actually get IPFS working. This is the PERFECT usecase for IPFS as a whole.
You can easily have the whole site with all its content spread over multiple ipfs nodes if you wanted it.
And NO, its not slow. its just as fast as the underlying network.

OP here.
IPFS won't help you with the legal or storage capacity issues of this server, it provides you with only two things:

1)Bandwidth: Regardless of yiff.party's storage capacity, it regularly cannot meet service demands and is either slow as molasses or completely rejects incoming connections. It is likely that when this occurs even with the overhead of finding a peer IPFS could serve faster.

Nobody is suggesting that yiff.party operate as a just a catalog of IPFS urls, it should continue to operate as it does for as long as possible. If however you use IPFS you instantly get peered bandwidth in the same way you would get a swarm for bittorrent. Thus it will be either the same speed as yiff.party currently is because yiff.party is operating as peer, and it will be faster for large popular items.

It is silly to expect some annon to spend the remainder of their existence dodging the law to serve you free high res content. So if yiff.party ever goes down, you have a backup which is not as good, but is better than instantly gone, you can also make requests for people to re-serve files with a known identifier by using another forum service and you might get lucky.

As for comments about being a cheapass about servers, if you're so rich I hope you either pay for the patreon content you really enjoy, or at the very least but that trivial 50€/month towards donating to keep yiff.party up.

Well people already scrape/mirror/backup the site as a whole. I know multiple people that does this already and they are also really into IPFS and have stated to dump their whole mirror on IPFS aswell.

Give a link for these supposed mirrors or shut up

Also not sure how resilient they would be once someone sends a few DMCA notices

Check this thread, it is all about backup up the pure yiffs of YP >>19489
> Also not sure how resilient they would be once someone sends a few DMCA notices
It is P2P, no amount of DMCA can stop this if people are willing to seed the files. Courage is contagious.