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Please update this artists

10020747.jpg (21.9KiB, 200x198) save_alt

Can someone please update these artist been request for an update for so long

Linart =lin_art

Thank you!!!

I want to make a claim to get these creators updated because I feel they're ignored/ forgotten. I'll do this once a day for 8 days so it doesn't feel like I'm posting too much at once.
Acheroth: Patreon Yiff.Party
Vexorum: Patreon Yiff.Party
Kigluka: Patreon Yiff.Party
Affect3d_Miro: Patreon Yiff.Party
SurodyTG: Patreon Yiff.Party
Entropia3d: Patreon Yiff.Party
Big Johnson: Patreon Yiff.Party
Nyl2: Patreon Yiff.Party
Wereworld: Patreon Yiff.Party
Solone: Patreon Yiff.Party

MadeinLC: Patreon Yiff.Party
BEGrove: Patreon Yiff.Party
Forged3DX: Patreon Yiff.Party
NacNac: Patreon Yiff.Party
Gomzai: Patreon Yiff.Party
Savinmander: Patreon Yiff.Party
AdeptusSteve: Patreon Yiff.Party
LikkezG: Patreon Yiff.Party
Taboolicious: Patreon Yiff.Party
SlavesofRome: Patreon Yiff.Party

Azantar: Patreon Yiff.Party
Yiffalicious: Patreon Yiff.Party
Balsamique: Patreon Yiff.Party
Whoreizon: Patreon Yiff.Party
Ultimate Pump: Patreon Yiff.Party
Moxy Doxy: Patreon Yiff.Party
Sonpih: Patreon- Yiff.Party -
Carnal Souls: Patreon Yiff.Party
Enlit3d: Patreon Yiff.Party
OrionArt: Patreon Yiff.Party

I've already ask for request for almost a month for these artist they didn't bother to update at all

I know it's a long and hard wait. Just be patient.
I had to wait for at least over a year for 5 creators to be added in my 3 short lists. I hope this helps at least a little.

Please update Surody's Patreon

I wish I could, bud. I wish .. that I could. I'm waiting just like you. All my funds go into the production of my own projects, so I can't update Surody. I'm sorry.

Wow for real .Its kinda that sad some creators got an update right after the original creator upload a new content on their patreon while we have to wait for a very long time to get creators that we are interest to get an update.

Update gillpanda patreon, the rest of the sensual savvana comic is missing
Please update this!!!!
Any idea for the Olds packs?

I'll do the rest today just to get it over with. Anybody that imports anything from any of these creators that I've listed is majorly appreciated by me.
Kinky Jimmy: Patreon Yiff.Party
Cjflo: Patreon Yiff.Party
ProzacParade: Patreon Yiff.Party
Spektra3DX: Patreon Yiff.Party
Tiaz_3DX: Patreon Yiff.Party
TanraakArts: Patreon Yiff.Party
Barretxiii: Patreon Yiff.Party
Ovidius-Naso: Patreon Yiff.Party
Redmoa: Patreon Yiff.Party
GuiltyK: Patreon Yiff.Party

ReadyArt: Patreon Yiff.Party
Endlessrain0110: Patreon Yiff.Party
SageofOsiris: Patreon Yiff.Party
Unnamed: Patreon Yiff.Party
OCBoon: Patreon Yiff.Party
Nevarky: Patreon Yiff.Party
Lemonfont: Patreon Yiff.Party
Smerinka: Patreon Yiff.Party
xxNikichenxx: Patreon Yiff.Party
Cutesexyrobutts: Patreon Yiff.Party

Woodsprite3D: Patreon Yiff.Party
Shizzyzzzzzz: Patreon Yiff.Party
Futanarica: Patreon Yiff.Party
Citizenmaple: Patreon Yiff.Party
Str4hl: Patreon Yiff.Party
Angeluriel: Patreon Yiff.Party
ServileSatyr: Patreon Yiff.Party
Eromancer: Patreon Yiff.Party
Genyun: Patreon Yiff.Party
Midasbust: Patreon Yiff.Party

HRFidy: Patreon Yiff.Party
Janner: Patreon Yiff.Party
Elizabethdarkwood: Patreon Yiff.Party
Reiq: Patreon Yiff.Party
CakeofCakes: Patreon Yiff.Party
Zugronc: Patreon Yiff.Party
TheCathouseTale: Patreon Yiff.Party
ZnelArts: Patreon Yiff.Party
manicart1: Patreon Yiff.Party
Pokkuti: Patreon Yiff.Party

Last one.
BatyaStudio: Patreon Yiff.Party
Fireboxstudio: Patreon Yiff.Party
TheFirebrandSFM: Patreon Yiff.Party
Bonifasko: Patreon Yiff.Party
Gillpanda: Patreon Yiff.Party
Garean: Patreon Yiff.Party
Cuttertx: Patreon Yiff.Party
DominotheCat: Patreon Yiff.Party
Premlandio: Patreon Yiff.Party
female_transformation: Patreon Yiff.Party

Also wedgieandspankingcomic
update this also tq

Update this artist:

To whoever updated Readyart, I want to give my utmost thanks for your monumentous import.

Anyone willing to update these pages, please
Icemanblue: :
Jockman87: :
Itsazombiehk: :
Drawnpr0n: :

Some of their old work can be found on rule34

2B2P-01b.jpg (325.7KiB, 1600x1600) save_alt

please update this artist! Thank!!!!

Pleas update! thx!!!!

Please update those 3!

101 missing posts highest tier $10

55 missing posts highest tier $5

106 missing posts highest tier $10

please update those:

And please add those ones:


Please update this Fake Dumb Slut:

Please uupdate these:

Gillpanda "Sensual Savanna" Comic has several pages missing

can someone add the cigusa monthly packs

can someone add gunnjanaras

Can someone add this beauty?

Could someone updated Drunkenfist
Could we also add Wolfconf

Update for Melonart pls.

Anyone can update this PATREON please?

Please update this artist as well

Yesterday a Patreon called Natsumetalsonic got an update but it only update one post not the "vore in deep space" post?

Please update melonart

Add please

Can someone please update these?

Sooo, the normies :

Anyone can update these PATREONS please?

And please add those ones:

don't ask here, you know..

I wanna more skinsuit/transgender/possession patreon update such AstralBot3D (, Torzas (, German3909090390 (, YTsnow ( so on

Please update
BEGrove: Patreon Yiff.Party

Anyone can update dicasty??


Neon Dark
$10 -174 mis posts
$15 -16 mis posts
$30 -127mis posts
Any of these , or at least one of them
Thanks you

lillie_lusamine_nekonote.jpg (313.4KiB, 850x1202) save_alt

Can someone please update the shared files of NekoNoTe?

132aa37b78f01f8376a281f5ce5abded.png (654.0KiB, 707x1000) save_alt

Can someone please update the shared files of NekoNoTe?

please update aipeco


Yall mind uodating this artist?
Yankee with no brim

please update mikiron's works from google drive to shared files because some links doesnt open and they need permission to be opened

please import this artist

dudes please import


132aa37b78f01f8376a281f5ce5abded.png (654.0KiB, 707x1000) save_alt

Can someone please update the shared files of NekoNoTe?

Can someone update this artist please.

imon snow plz

imon snow plz

Can somebody plz upadate this artist?? THX!!

Can someone upload some newer artworks by Balloondolls?
Last update: 2 Months ago Has 29 Missing Posts

You might aswell do it about 50+ times a week, since your requests (whether posted in an "official" request thread, or not) will be almost immediately buried under 100 other requests within maybe 1 hour. I started off by posting my requests once a day thinking that'd be enough to get noticed, then I realised I needed to request over and over throughout each day. Then I realised it was a complete waste of time requesting anything because unless the artist is ultra-super-mega popular, then nobody gives AF, which of course, is to be expected. I'd love to see new pics from my "1+ years with no update" artist, but I'm not feenin enough for it to actually pay £15 a month, so I just move on.

I like some of Mikirons shit. Shame he went "paysite" with his art. But then... Only a few artists didn't.

Please Update Cubedcoconut :c
Last Update: 3 Months Ago
34 Post Missing
tier: $1.00 - 34 Posts

Why don't Update?

Because you won't keep your requesting in the current request thread.

Actually it doesn't make the slightest difference where you post your request; 999 out of every 1000 requests will still go completely ignored. I learned that a long time ago. You could fill the entire front page of the board with duplicated single request threads then quadruple spam every single multi-request thread, then hold the emtire internet ramsom. You're still not getting that update lol.

Can someone please update Zephyrosu? Great skilled artist, and controversial subject matter but 1+ year out of date... Literally over a whole year...

Can someone please update Zephyrosu? Great skilled artist, and controversial subject matter but 1+ year out of date... Literally over a whole year...

I think B.E.grove is 12 days overdue for an update because the Patreon page has had a few new posts during that time and I'm still waiting for them to be uploaded here.

Actually it does make a difference because requesting so much at a time and in so many different threads only makes you look bad, thereby making people not want to update your artist.