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Site changed?

54652071_p0.jpg (395.7KiB, 500x911) save_alt

Has something with the site changed? I'm using Waterfox and today the site suddenly won't load properly. Main page is just forever 'Loading...' and other pages only partially load, but everything is fine on Chrome. But since the main page doesn't load I can't hit the import/export button to transfer my favourites.

just use tor it's the best browser out there

I'm having these problems when using Chrome too. I don't know if i'm the only one though.

it's happening to me too in chrome, it works in other browsers but I forgot to export my list :(

Same here, but it only works in IE for me. It started around 3PM yesterday.

I'm having the same issue, but I checked the site on a new PC and everything was fine. I cleared the browsing data on my main PC for chrome and the site is now loading correctly, but I lost my favorite creators. I would do the same in Firefox, but that has my main list of favorite creators. Where is the file saved on the PC that pulls the favorites so I can save it before clearing the browser data on Firefox.

Same issue here but in FF
Maybe it´s not browser specific

Clearing cookies for this site will fix it, but if you don't have your favorite creators saved your SOL

There is a way to preserve your faves but so far I have only seen it for Firefox.

Open the Storage Inspector via Shift - F9 while viewing the main landing page for yiff.party.
Go to the tab that says "Local Storage"
There will be an area with the key name "Faves".
Copy the entire string of text with the brackets to some place safe.
Delete your yiff.party cookies and reimport your faves with the saved string.


It's broken for me on Chromium even after clearing everything, I'm having to access this site on Firefox to get it to load. Weird how the problem seems to be so different for all of us.

It's happened before. Admin had to do something with the bandwidth if i remember.

having the same issue, but its working fine on my iphone for some reason

This worked for me perfectly.
Browser is FF.

happening here in chrome as well

https://yiff.party/patreon/137472 I keep trying to load this page, but it won't work, and on my phone it just says site can't be reached.

When will this issue be fixed? I use chrome a bunch, so I'm getting annoyed by this.

Instead of doing that, you could do the same thing except in the cookies tab using the same method you've explained, right click the site link and click delete all. It'll keep your favourites without you having to reimport them. If you don't feel safe, you could always just copy the favourites string just in case

Cleared cookies, site's still being an arse.
Browser is FF

Here's the way to get your favorites on chrome. heres a screenshot http://prntscr.com/o517h8 those numbers you can use to import it after clearing cookies

I deleted local storage and was able to load the site, however, once you add even a single fave value into local storage again the site fails to load.

Think I figured out why this is happening. Local storage faves value didn't have brackets "[ ]". It seems that those brackets are required now. So you need to update your local storage values to use [VALUE2, VALUE2, ...]

So in if Chrome,

1. Follow 35994's instructions to find the "faves" value and copy that string
2. Paste to a text file and include brackets at front and back of the string
3. Clear the local storage by right clicking on yiff.party in local storage and selecting "clear". This is the only way to actually load the front page.
4. On yiff.party front page, select the floppy disk icon in the "Favourite Creators" area.
5. Paste the bracketed string you copied from the text file into the Import text area, then press Import.

This will reload the page, update the local storage with the correct value, and your list will appear properly again.

Works for me in TBB. Thanks!

Theres a null pointer error with faves. If you don't have a faves in local storage it may also refuse to load. I fixed it on my end by actually adding a "faves" to local storage, and then it loaded.

So how would you solve the issue on mobile? Or would you just need to wait for the admins to fix this shit.

Just a faves key with no value? Am trying it atm, doesn't seem to work

Nothing is working for me while using chrome. And yes I tried deleting the cache and favs and everything else. Guess we just have to wait?

I tried the things on the thread and the site still wont load for me .-.

The site randomly started working for me again and I don’t know why

On firefox how do I coy the 'faves' in local storage? Right click is no help, and ctrl+c/Ctrl+v isn't working either.


jquery.min.js:162 GET https://yiff.party/json/creators.json?_=1561450740742 net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200

would be nice if there was something from the admins letting us know they are trying to fix the issue :c


It's particularly annoying because not only is the homepage not loading in, but a lot of the big threads here in the forums, including the feedback thread, aren't fully loading in either.

Seriously, this glitch is fucking annoying. When will the admin fix it so I don't have to delete the cookies again and again in order for it to work?!

wait, site chnnaegd???? didn't notice