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Any .psd files from nsfw artists?

PlantGirlScreenshot.png (337.7KiB, 800x600) save_alt

I know artists like manyakis and alesisart that release psd files, but does anyone know any other nsfw artists who would give out those kind of files? thanks

and maybe perhaps they leave some hidden features or layering in those psd files?

Why do you need them?

to view behind-the-scenes content

i made a thread for this


ah, thank you

kique does

why do you want this

not him, I was the guy who made the other thread. I want it because I am a digital artist, and going through psds is helpful to learn a thing or two

Oh a /beg/ tier "artist". I knew it.

Go fucking learn fundementals, bitch.

Failed artist huh

Well i mean, we are in a pirating website to do something like that, right?

Get fucking good you cringe western artist

you got this dude named nawka, but I don't think anyone added his 10$ tier posts yet

t. weebshitter

Are you looking for degenerate furry shit?

Either way cringe

Umm what does .t mean

Gay faggots and shitty artists. How do you live like that?

psdList.png (7.2KiB, 222x165) save_alt

Here's an htm file with a list of creators, sorted by amount.

There wasn't any way for the compiler to tell nsfw from sfw, so if any sfw creators show up in the list, that's why.

>>45453 Openload plz link not downloading


>>45518 Doublethx m8
I apawlogize for phoneposting (just testing out the new Lenovo faptab5000)

what's wrong with looking at psds? :c

Thank you anon!! Can you do that again but for .clip files please? Or what program did you use to make that list?

hey OP norasuko also posts his psd's but he uploads them to dropbox so it wont show up on that list

Autohotkey. It works great, but only for creators already on my machine. I could try adapting it to work with all creators on y.p, but that'll take some time and experimenting.

Screenshot.png (17.1KiB, 487x163) save_alt

I'm making some progress with the modifications, but I've got places to be right now, so I'll have to continue after I get back.

Notepad++.png (7.5KiB, 336x203) save_alt

Here are the updated files. The search used all 17,311 creators on the site, instead of just the 497 I have downloaded.

>>45712 Wtf I'm getting 403s on the openload link (again I apologise for phoneposting)


you got OrangePeel that sends .psd via message.

bluebreed does the same:

and theres another one but isn't added in this site:

ShindoL does, the sites bots managed to grab some before the site wide CUF implementation happened, there's about 7 or 8 complete 25-60 page doujin psd's, and source files for a game he was working on. Unfortunatly it'll cost $50 to get the rest now...

thank you anon!!!!!!!!!!!
You are a genius

>>45757 the mini server is now fixed downloading in 3-2-1 DONE


>>45712 NVM i fixed the openload link also keep the MEGA one as backup (for redundancy)

the hashes (if interested) i see alot of duplicate files so yeah (no wait i downloaded all links[scanned with GTKhash]
| file-size | file-name | MD5 | CRC32 | SHA-256
| 27.9-KB |.cliplist.htm | 3fff647328be9c7455fbcec133128a52 | 971d7fb7 | 092914554969ab7cdfe0562a6c11beaa8b4aa3e739efe788c0e9cb5de3b1b98e
| 1.5KB | cliplist.htm | 03be8fa8b4f2998630c733f9baa6e952 | 60e0f5cc | 638d1d25d55444c786a3d96ad08923c0d98f0e0beed101f5ec2ea9e01cb35937
| 116.5-KB |.psdlist.htm | db5cf19bc427bf2738523a59ba82853f | 621f75f3 | c6f5c4de5b151c2a5ce6db51cf0b03c8920567096809d57b019db23109c237b3
| 7.5-KB | psdlist.htm | 7b3882207f2c61f240781397169ea55a | 2d35c53d | 90f7e4cd7fa4757c3491f6f9dccfbc533a3c4b9cdead9257c1f99267ed977448

Does anyone have the updated list?

Can you do this again please?

Is there an updated list?

Good to see someone else interested in PSD's.
Sad that some artists' shared files are being shared, stripped from PSD's.

Bartolomeobari releases psd files


Anon how did you scrape the site for this list? Please tell me how to do this


Can you update the search please?

How many creators are here now?


>Here are the updated files. The search used all 17,311 creators on the site, instead of just the 497 I have downloaded.

this was last year