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Pixiv Fanbox?

chrome_xB1D6Tt0MM.png (123.8KiB, 674x679) save_alt

It seems that Pixiv has made their own in-site version of patreon.
Is there any compatibility with the scraping tool for that site? There are a couple of creators that I wouldn't mind seeing.

I'm sure you wouldn't mind not seeing them either.

Now kindly fuck off you degenerate faggot of a bitch :')



I would also like to see Fanbox on this site.

I would also like to see Fanbox on this site.

Sorry looks like my comment got submitted twice.

While the Pixiv fanbox does have some pretty cool artists, so far, most of the artists on there already have a patreon. It'd be a waste of time to research and make a content poster for YP.

Fanbox, Fantia, Enty, Ci-en, OnlyFans, Gumroad, Subscribestar...

let's negate to begate shall we

Seconded. I'd love to see Fanbox content, also Fantia and Ci-en are getting bigger by the day

Admin has said that Fantia is planned for the future (they didn't specify when though), but honestly Fanbox is closing the gap very fast and quickly overtaking Fantia, and doesn't have the same crappy business model as Fantia who locks out previous month content and forces you to pay full price for what you've missed (Some artists do do this on fanbox, but from what I've seen its limited to a very small group)

Also we need to consider this list >>48662 since the options are all neck-and-neck

Done. Fanbox should be next

Agreed, I have plenty of artists to share.

uh oh.jpg (12.8KiB, 134x275) save_alt

This guy's post >>48490 didn't age well lmoa

thanks for feeding the troll we couldn't have done it without you (great job 😉)

Can somebody please look into this? A handful of artists I have been following has jumped behind the Fanbox Paywall never to return.
I too can name some artists!

To the oven you go. Also where is Fanbox since it is so easy to import?

I'll have to try those out later today. There's one artist I know of called Aji who posts a lot of his stuff to Fanbox. At least I think so, as his rate of normal posts has slowed down a lot

fanbox support plz

Fantia got chosen first. And there's still many improvements to be made on that front. It doesn't even have a spot on the main page yet. I'd like to see the site handle 2 different sites properly first before adding any more.

Plus, there's are several steps between creating an importer and designing a site to separate and display the imported contents.

Couldn't things be sped up by using existing local importers as a base?


This one has a fanbox importer as one of its functions.

The issue us UI design and database management.

Add pixiv fanbox to yiff.party

Yea why not? More the merrier I say. I'd rather have more "greed locked" hentai showing up here than camwhores which are just like low quality glamour models or pornstars minus the porn lol.

Unfortunately, the owner of this site has said multiple times that he's working with a very tight budget. Server issues and the latest wipe proves this too. With the site not being able to run ads, and nearly nobody donating, ownership doesn't really have the space for another platform to be added. There would be more money flow if this site got more popular, but that also means a lot of issues regarding take-downs.

I wanted to mention that some artists(like sinensian), that also have patreon, have, for some reason, decided to have SITE EXCLUSIVE posts, meaning some of their stuff is that's on one site ISN'T on the other. Meaning we'd have to subscribe to BOTH sites to get all their art.