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yiff.party issues & feedback (#4)

dog.gif (5.4KiB, 300x300) save_alt

Please try to consolidate all bugs and creator-specific issues you find to this thread.

With a new thread I will start with an issue I came across. I'm trying to flag a post because the creator updated a post but it gives me a "Posts cannot be flagged at this time" and it's been like that for quite some time.

Can the missing media files in the json be looked at and fixed? Missing urls in the json is really bothersome.
Did make a thread earlier as casual mentions on thread #3 wasn't seen seemingly.

Also would really love for the creator name to be at the top of the json so its easily parsed without additional steps.

remember this CTRL-F w7-890

┃┃╱╲ in this
┃╱╱╲╲ site
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
▔▏┗┛▕▔ believe
admin loves all sorts of content including /trash/
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲
everyone copy my pasta MOVE MOVE MOVE SOLDIERS

Can someone update the download link of the post: All The Comics of the artist RVAcomics? It has been outdated for many months.


This is not a new issue

For some reason I can't flag posts for updates
I keep getting "Posts cannot be flagged at this time."

53dadfc7ab3e14653a89dbbc2bd890d4b9d1b5dea3c05f1d7fe09fd17f58a253.jpg (33.1KiB, 424x320) save_alt

YOU FUCKING MORONS, the reason why flagging is not working is so that creators don't come in and flag all their stuff to be taken down. It requires a lot of moderation to go through it manually, which is out of the question and automatic deletion would be abused by said creators. This would be the literal DEATH for Yiff Party and admin wouldn't get his sweet shekels from angsty faggots like you that have such a jealous hateboner for creative people so big that they are scammed out of their money for THIS website. Just fucking deal with your losses and concentrate on those creators that don't update their posts.

I'd change the flag post error message to look like it works.

aLg8GN5_460s.jpg (23.2KiB, 460x251) save_alt


But how does the updater know when posts need to be updated? It's not like it tell the difference between a placeholder post and complete one.

Since this seems to be much more rare than the opposing comment: thanks for the effort you've put into this site thus far. Regardless of its state, it's still been plenty useful to me.
Now, I hate to resort to this but
>>30157 >>30326
>>30580 >>30948
>>32582 >>34320
>>34560 >>38676
>>38722 >>38980
>>40294 >>40925
>>41003 >>41351
>>42187 >>42283
>>42340 >>43837
>>43873 >>44206
>>45182 >>45823
Post update flagging back when?

For some reason it didn't occur to me to read the comments in this thread comprehensively, so I've just repeated what has been said, in more ways than one.
Still, I'd like to think there are viable solutions to any problems that arise out of it and
is flawed anyway because it could purely just be a flag for update and let any of the people updating handle it, and keep a post's history saved.

>Since this seems to be much more rare than the opposing comment: thanks for the effort you've put into this site thus far. Regardless of its state, it's still been plenty useful to me.
If everyone said nothing but compliments and praise, certain problems might've never gotten fixed.

This. I also want to see a change in how Most Requested Updates are handled, since it rarely changes and we don't get a complete list (despite the number of votes immediately below the lowest ranking displayed).

Can accounts that don’t actually ever post content to Patreon get minimum priority from the update algorithm?

Please give us some way to import updated posts. Posts are stuck forever in the state at which they were imported.

No posted passwords work with vimeo videos? not sure if this is an updating issue or what.

There's a account that I follow that hasn't been updated in over a year, and I have been requesting an update for it via the request button and by asking on the thread for that long as well. Was wondering how some account get updated almost everyday while other take much much longer?


Because the system only picks up free posts. Paid posts have to be uploaded manually. If a creator you're following is a complete jew and doesn't give out free posts, well it's not going to get an update. If they're a niche creator with ten or less supporters then don't expect them to get updated here. You'd have better luck going to u18 or 4chan and begging for someone to just give you the files.

It would be nice to have a place for rarely updated pages, if not an overhaul of the current system.

Hydrus is love, Hydrus is life.


Hydrus is for autistic people

autist.png (4.1KiB, 211x239) save_alt

Yea, smart people know that nothing is better than good old folders to organize their media. They also know that artists never delete their artwork and web sites never go down so they don't need hydrus for that either.


Stop being a silly Hydrus user, you'll only embarrass others.

Just something but commoddity isnt banned from patreon admin he decided to step down from it so you can put "this creator is no longer active on patreon" rather than "this creator has been banned from patreon"

Would it be possible to add an option to sort the favorite creators list by most recent yiff update? If a page gets updated here, but the last patreon post was two weeks ago, it can get buried in the middle of the list.

download.jpg (6.3KiB, 259x195) save_alt

is there a feature in future that we can archive message from creator inside mailbox and put attachment (if avaiable) in shared file automatically?

1. Remember that everything online can be deleted by DMCA and Reeeeing artists, so IPFS is one of the best way to piss them off (and the censors too).
2. Folders suck. If you don't think so, ask yourselves this: Why are e621 and derpibooru still standing? Why do Tumblr, dA and Pixiv have tags?
3. Admin fix your JSON API, otherwise just open source the whole YiffParty code base so we can fix it for you. It's time to stop this madness.
4. Hating on autism makes you look like a fucking normalfag. 555-COME-ON-NOW

Flag posts aren’t working? Tried to flag the posts of "Spindles" because they are outdated and are missing the actual drawings and files, but this isn’t working

Fix when, update when

Could you specify Firefox version or something regarding session_id cookie access in the storage tab, cause I think it exists in newer versions of Firefox only. I did get session_id from Chrome 76.0 though.

Annotation 2019-11-19 103156.png (47.3KiB, 1301x330) save_alt

The "extra creators" field doesn't work when trying to import posts. I subscribed to a creator, imported, then canceled my subscription to prevent getting billed an extra month. I can still see their new posts on Patreon, but when I use the importer and include their creator ID, it still tells me "You have not pledged to any creators".

used to be update pretty regularly but now it has not been updated in almost 2 months. what happened?

1-2.jpg (169.2KiB, 3000x3157) save_alt

Sooo, I'm going to guess that some of the sites functions have come to a complete halt, because of all the problems arising on derptreon, therefore forcing artists to look for another platform?

I know it's a future focus, but I hear that fantia and fanbox are still going strong.

Though like many have said derptreon isn't a marketplace but it's being used and enforced (by policies) as one. Derptreon forces you to have a paywall unless it's SFW.

It's like NSFW is being targeted because children can't handle boobies and butts. Just like dumblr.

This creator isnt banned from patreon https://yiff.party/patreon/4886917 [sinensian] he/she just received a messaged and also commoddity isnt banned he just stopped patreon and so that does not make him banned

sinensian is under review from patreon. Effectively banned until a decision is made.

Anybody else having trouble with with viewing pictures in full resolution here? Loading them takes forever for me.

I mean big pictures, to be exact. Anything above 3 mbs are almost impossible to even begin loading. Everything below that works perfectly fine.

They aren't wrong though, terms aside.

>Though like many have said derptreon isn't a marketplace but it's being used and enforced (by policies) as one. Derptreon forces you to have a paywall unless it's SFW.

That doesn't mean every NSFW artist tries to use Patreon in such an unnecessary manner.

50000 GET

YESSS plz don't ban

50000 GET

whoops double post (you can ban now)

Though if they don't, which is the better way, patreon decides to find some way to suspend or ban them.

why does the homepage never finish loading sometimes?

getting "!! You have not pledged to any creators." using importer. I'm not pledged to any creators currently but access to 2 creators (membership is still active)

The default isn't NSFW content sent by PM and/or leading to external sources. Do you even know what is meant by "paywalling" around here?

hompage loads on my Lenovo tab 10 just fine (no root)
also i dunno what os are you using

P.S try gboard keyboard it has kaomoji integrated on it ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

continuation time faggots https://yiff.party/bbs/read/29376#48547 (thenormies)

>>50000 >>50001 >>50002 >>50007
i was gonna create a new thread but i don't wanna get banned again

but is it a good thing if they get banned (just asking no offense intended)

Oh no, what I meant was if an NSFW creator or any creator just uploads and there is no fuzzy blurry paywall; they're basically using the site as was "initially" intended. It's a donation site so that's why I said "better".

In my opinion it's pitch was similar to Kickstarter, but for content creators. Though I guess it just sounded better on paper.

(No offense taken or conveyed, in return)

speaking of Kickstarter should we pirate that too
also should we use hatreon or not

search for "patreon hugbox" (nothing relevant found except for this) \/
U^ェ^U what's this and should we import it https://medium.com/@christopherjmedlin/if-patreon-is-truly-against-hate-speech-far-left-watch-should-be-banned-5f2271e58c4a
https://patreonhq.com/hate-speech-on-patreon-a9026e52c2cf and https://www.reddit.com/r/TheGlassCannonPodcast/comments/a7nlqb/official_gcp_statement_regarding_patreon/

(objectively wrong Not-see was yiffed to death by thots for this post)

God damnit, fix front page loading already.

It loads way to slow

Hey admin, I’ve seen people say that you did not update the correct donation progress and that you are going to scam people out of their money this month. Is this some kind of misunderstanding?

Pixiv fanbox support when?

Yeah, there's quite the underbelly of allegations, regarding this.

Admin says..? (Gestures hand for response)

fug archive.is and .org not working

>Oh no, what I meant was if an NSFW creator or any creator just uploads and there is no fuzzy blurry paywall; they're basically using the site as was "initially" intended. It's a donation site so that's why I said "better".
It's a donation site regardless of Patreon's policies. This doesn't mean all artists send exclusive content by PM or use services like Primeleap.

>pirate that too

if a site requires you use mobile verification
the easiest way to fix this is to buy a sim card in you nearest gas station
if you need a burner device use a cheap nokia dumb phone or try rooting Android (i have 3 hehe)


> hatreon
I thought it was dead, Jim.

Home page still can't load for shit. Could maybe several seconds to even minutes, but that's a pain in the ass. Most times it never does.

The forum, posting, and creator pages work perfectly fine but the front page just refuses to load. Hoping for a fix of some kind.

https://yiff.party/patreon/25328597 has "Post Files" with empty "jpgs".

61d01a8d-73df-4eac-94b2-c2195390d097.png (67.0KiB, 943x963) save_alt

The front page is extremely slow to load...

took 3.1 minutes to stream that file to me

https://yiff.party/static/img/icon.png also takes a minute to load which considerably slows down the forums rendering

a741f6f1-0bc9-4724-b5fc-1297c643d4ed.png (69.2KiB, 790x711) save_alt

random thot's page for benchmarks, seems to load alright (much better than the front page's BS)

Relative to what internet speed?


I believe it's some sort of routing or rate limiting issue. I'm currently downloading rotating multiple proxies in multiple countries and I can download at full speed. Otherwise I'm limited to exactly 16kb/s.

slowaf.png (1.9KiB, 638x38) save_alt

wget with a 300GBps server as well, fluctuated between 100-200KBps

Anon, why don't we share stuff that we have to each other? This way we both dont have to download from there. I have 400k files (most furry artists) how many do you have?

Why don't we add an ipfs layer to the site to allow anyone wanting to dedicate bandwidth to the site and the users to do so.
Would work out of the box and the users would see not a single change at all in the experience outside of greater speeds of files.
If a handful of different users pinned their fav creators then much of the site and the content people care about would be up for higher speeds.

Admin is already using CloudFlare for the site as a whole so adding the ipfs gateway and setup should be simple enough.


Add in Hydrus support while you are at it. https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus https://discord.gg/vy8CUB4

I canceled a Patreon sub, can still view the new posts on my end, but can't import them, even when entering the creator ID in the "Extra creators" field. It just gives me "!! You have not pledged to any creators." Yes I have. But they are canceled towards the end of the month. This site is broken as fuck. Also can't update updated posts.

Think the most frustrating bug is the on where images don't load previews for all posts.
There are some creators that post 9,10 even 20 images per post and if you only want one you saw from the post preview you have to open all 20 -
to find the one you want. Really annoying.

We are running out of time to donate

there's no new update thread.
also, i requested numerous times for Tigerthighs to be updated yet 7 months gone by without one.

Plz donate we don’t have much time left


While I don't expect this site to die this time.

If it does die... Then thanks to the guy who made this site.
and I hope another site like this pops up as a successor.

It seems Dropbox links with spaces in them don't work. How do I get them to work?

Plz can someone donate

Replace the space with a _ So eg:
Dropbox.com/posts/man buns.jpg becomes

If you are trying to download with python on cmd put " " around them instead of a _ so it will be "Dropbox.com/posts/man buns.jpg"

Can some one donate

Please donate I don’t want this site to shut down

hey admin if the servers shut down can you keep the site up and start from scratch again?

>being this new

That doesn't seem to work
I'm trying to get this

Probably a problem on my end but, the site works fine on Chrome yet on Firefox it says the site's down with a 504 error.

Im on chrome on my pc but I get a 504 gateway time out whats happening.I can access the site just fine on my phone but on pc is impossible

Connectivity issues should hopefully be resolved now, we had a small routing problem.

Keep getting Welcome to nginx! when trying to reach this site

Thanks. The site had been offline for me on Chrome for days now and it just started working a few hours ago.

just wondering
1. why is there a new [R]eport button what is this for
2. do you plan on adding a up/down vote system soon
3. how is the webhosting do you like it do you plan on switching on a different host in a few years (or months)

(no offense intended just asking plz don't B& me)
lastly are we going to continue this discussion https://yiff.party/bbs/read/29376#48547 (>>50105)

Thank you!

>why is there a new [R]eport button what is this for
The chans I'm on claimed that a group of people have found a way to smear this site. I take it it's to quickly delete posts.

Better censor those feature requests and bug reports instead of fixing them :)


Untitled.png (8.0KiB, 717x87) save_alt


>>51674 imAGe is proBaBly doCtoreD (just kidding)
>>50179 THIS

<strike\>its right about time we continue talking about this $300 scam thing<strike\> i mean check the Bitcoin logs perhaps we can help admin

pls bring back the (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) senpai

Seems vaguely like the right thread.

Would it be possible to get a last updated (That is, on Yiffparty, not their last post) column for the favourites?


Maybe this is a minor feature but I'd like for Shared Files to have a comment section either below each file or a comment box on the page itself, I'd love to be able to properly thank those anonymous users who have been going out of their way to upload some hard-to-get materials on a few certain creators' pages. And this could even encourage them to upload more.
I know it's a silly feature but I'm just sharing an idea. Thanks!

Are some creators getting deleted from the site? For example, I'm 99% sure that Dainyu Dougumo (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4552129) has been on YP before but now I can't find him through the search.

This could be good. Or a rating system or reporting feature for shared files. There's a lot of troll uploads in some pages

> reporting feature for shared files

Already implemented

Is it fixed?

When will the uploader be fixed to reflect updates of posts? At least do it for the post attachments. For instance incog's posts are half lineart even though on real patreon it has color version as well..

So, when clicking on anything, once the page loads I receive these errors:

Error 500: internal server error
Error 520: website is returning an unknown error
Error 522: connection timed out

This also just happened, while loading this page on the board.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and have a great day.

Getting constant timeouts today. I'm not going to donate again next month if these speed issues don't get sorted

thumb.png (358.6KiB, 800x450) save_alt

>pretending to be a donor so that you get taken more seriously

you gotta do what you gotta do to try and get admin fag's attention

you gotta do what you gotta do to try and get admin fag's attention. Threaten him with the paycheck.

except you'te only threatening the users, because admin doensn't get paid here

Hi admin
This artist: https://yiff.party/patreon/326255
He has a post that has been outdated for several months. The post is called: all the comics, it belongs to the $ 2 tiers and although they always update these tiers, the post is still outdated.
Could you check this out? Thank you!

The new goal might not be $180; still, I hope that when the January tracker is rolled out, the progress will be a positive number of dollars, because the last donation was about three times as large as the gap that had been there.

So umm I don't know if anyone else has noticed this buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut when a Patreon's post is imported over to
yiff.party that has more than one image in the post the only image on the post with the source filename is the image under "POST FILE". Any other image that is in the gallery thing has been stripped of the filename. Can someone please fix this? Its a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

KosKun for QA pres.

If you can, please fix the JSON API to be actually usable, we don't want to repeatedly pound your website with page requests, something lightweight would be better. Besides, some of us has better archiving techniques that you have never seen before, so let us do the deed of saving the internet, is that okay?

Miniribbons https://yiff.party/patreon/3712058
creator issue: placeholders since march

Maybe I'm an idiot here, or maybe it's just me, but I don't think the Vimeo embedder is working. When I try to view them, I'm greeted with the page telling me the video doesn't exist in the first place. I can't exactly tell if this problem is exclusive to this page or what, but either way, I'd like to see it fixed if possible. That's all. Keep up your good work.

Main page I tested with: https://yiff.party/patreon/687541

That's an old issue with solutions unimplemented.

https://yiff.party/patreon/179861 so this person uploads a placeholder image then comes back and puts in the posts, almost all posts are the placeholder image with no file

Is anyone else getting consistent 504 bad gateway errors? Every other page that opens seem to get one. Like when I first opened this thread I got a 504, but now it's back to normal right after reloading the page.

I'm having issues importing new posts for a creator. I get the error "An error occurred while processing post ID xxxxxxxx." Most, if not all of these posts are audio posts, if that matters.
Link to user: https://yiff.party/patreon/5474463

all of the hd dropbox links on afrobull's page are dead.

Is this outdated post issue really complicated? or has next to no effort been put towards solving it for fucking years just because?
The dead link issue is 90% of the problem, saving the url from a patreon post and adding it to the site really doesn't seem that complicated to me, especially compared to the other shit he's pulling off like adding Fantia support to the site.

After two years of this, I get the feeling he's just set it really fucking low on his priorities list without ever taking a crack at it.


here is a copypasta that we should all echo to no end

There takes no skill and very little effort to parse the html on this site.
Its a matter of cpu load, processing time and server load aswell as simplifying it all for both the site and anyone looking into grabbing anything from the site.

He already has a setup of the json for the normal patreon posts, but he doesn't update it for the change he did to the additional files.
He could also easily add the Fantia site on the same json page or a separate one.

At this point i think either the Admin doesn't give a fuck about it or actually don't know how.
He for sure takes the time to re-add delete mechanics to the board...

The site's really slow and I keep on hitting 502's with Cloudflare.

Show All isn't working.


Only issue is it's too slow to update. Sometimes takes a month.

None of the Vimeo proxies are working. Every time I try to watch a Vimeo video from here, it says "You have been temporarily blocked".

it's such a fucking huge problem and if it could be solved somewhat easily I'd really like it to be solved, I mean for fucks sake he shouldn't have left it for over two fucking years without trying, people have been making threads for quite a while now complaining about this and I can't recall a single time he gave a good reason for why he hasn't fixed it.

If it's an easy problem to solve and enough people are asking you to solve it, then just fucking solve it already.

i got banned for making a thread about a certain creator even though i clearly stated that the thread wasn't a request/update thread

>even though i clearly stated that the thread wasn't a request/update thread

You can declare to be whatever you want, but that doesn't automatically make it so.

Excuse me sorry if this is not the place to ask for a creator but we could like to see both

Artist: Takeshi1000
Artist: The And
Added to yiff.party we been waiting patiently and could you possibly or one of you creators pledge or something. This maybe not the place to ask but I was wondering if we can add them to yiff.party I cannot as I am not pledged at all.

So could anyone at somestage and thanks.

um the creator page isnt loading, is that a bug?

The main page won't load for me. Its been like this all day.

I thought december has been fully paid. Are we getting DDOSed?

Still cannot get the creator page to load i waited for 30 minutes and it is still saying "Loading" tried on another device and same thing, sigh... i hope that this issue gets fixed soon.

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to yiff.party.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

The site seems to be running really slow; the creator page isn't loading, and I can't seem to view images at full size, or download them.

f.png (2.2KiB, 719x136) save_alt

The site's front has been loading for very long time now. /fantia/list works but not the main list

Yeah it’s just endlessly loading for me too

Ahh I'm glad that I'm not alone with that endless loading... oh well see you guys next year!

Front page doesn't load, images randomly stop loading halfway with HTTP2 errors.

Was/Am having the same loading problem as everyone else. When I turn on my VPN though, it seems to work. Regular location is US, VPN was set to Europe. Not sure if that helps narrow down the issue.

I’m having the endless loading problem to

Same for me

Yeah, it seems to be US IP's have been affected. As I switched to a German IP address and it loaded instantaneously.

"You have been temporarily blocked"

Happens in every vimeo video

Tested and can confirm, using a VPN and setting your location to Germany fixes the loading problem.

I call bullshit, the thread was only meant to see if other people cared about this creator and I get booted for asking a simple question. Also they never responded to my email regarding the ban

If you say so

Screenshot_20191230-185508~2.png (37.4KiB, 480x282) save_alt

Is admin on his period or something? I didn't even make a thread or anything. The last thing I posted yesterday was a comment saying the main page isn't loading and poof the next thing I know I'm banned to the year 2021, Like WTF?? Good luck getting donations in the future acting like a douche dictator!

Hi Admin,
For some reason when I'm patreon of Sevenbees ( 2469595 ), nothing is imported to yiff.party. Tried it with other user and it imports just fine. Sevenbees is not in DB of creators if it changes anything.

No reason? wtf

None whatsoever. All I did that day was leave a few harmless comments, I wasn't breaking any known rules. And it's not like it a 24h ban or a week long ban, nope it a whole year for absolutely no good reason.

Hi Admin, I would like to ask how would you feel about ipfs (InterPlanetary File System) intergration into yiff.party's servers?

Vimeo is not working :(

Admin, can you please lock the "Entitled Artists" thread? That was dead and it should have stayed dead. Now some artists are turning it into an absolute cesspool. Please. For the New Year.

Admin, can you fix gallery posts? YP completely ignores any changes to them. What's the point in adding support to other sites if it's been more than 6 months and we still can't correctly import some stuff from patreon?

Example: Corrupted Data comic on https://yiff.party/patreon/177432

Layer Industries https://yiff.party/patreon/668242

Hello im having this weird issue that on some of the creators pages i cannot request updates. It shows as i already did and doesn't fix itself on the next day. Is that a issue only i get? audiodude and guiltyk can be shown as examples.

The "Creator Page Settings" feature only rarely works for me. Most of the time I can never get it to display more than the default 50 posts per page.

The site barely even works, giving me a 504 99% of the time. Fix this shit for fuck's sake

Getting way too many 502 and 504 errors. site runs like utter shit.

"We are currently upgrading our infrastructure to accommodate extra traffic." How many users are on this site exactly?

soo many and will increase rapidly if admin implement other site too,such fanbox or gumroad

So is the post updater be fixed or what if you dont know what I mean its that little flag that every post has for people to request and update on the post in case of there being an update for it so its been like more than a year and its still not fixed whats up with that >>48736 admin please fix it already

The site crashes way to goddamn often. Fuckin' fix it.

based blind retard

Getting "phantom" updating on creator. And yes, same as above. Havin issues with loading this cite

Hey can we please get a recently updated column in the favorite artist window. It could make looking for recently updated creators much easier.

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 9.07.38 PM.png (38.1KiB, 3360x262) save_alt

Thanks for the site update admin, when things work it's a lot faster. However, I'm still getting 520's and 500's at the CDN.

I wanted to mention a few problems I've seen since the site went back online.
1. Have had internal 500 server errors when opening threads for the first time, including this one. So far, only happens the first time I open a tab for the thread.
2. I can see the main ui is still loading and pretty much displaying the wrong information for a few seconds when I change over to any of the sites pages.
3. I've noticed the creator avatars are not loading in the recent activity page.
That's all. Hope this helps out a bit.

Another one to mention is that the loading... is staying on the main page. I'll update with more if I notice them.

Well, page loads usually faster and request update works better (except when it doesn't), but creator avatars have been missing and pics take far longer to load/show on the main-page or don't load at all.

Thumbs (or whatever you should call them, bit too big...) take far longer to load or they don't appear/load at all.

Same with avatars as well.

Pic thumbnails barely load and full res download (or whatever its called) doesn't load at all.

Hope it's fixed.

All the creators avatars have the same pic.

This. It seems all images are getting redirected to data.yiff.party, which displays in image of the thumbnail of a video of a nude woman apparently getting a massage.

Sorry about that horse problem, still trying out different caching solutions and things might temporarily break. We'll get there eventually.

Vimeo proxy should be working again.

How can we get pages added for creators who release their content for free? I just want a easy way to download images off publicly-viewable posts, which is hard via the site itself. I tried importing and putting their ID in "Extra creators" but it didn't work.

On some creators the number of post’s don’t match.
Example: When you search MandaDawn show she has 157 posts. When you open the page there’s only 139.
I seen a few of those in other models pages as well.

Is there anything I can do to convince you to give me a private archive of your site so that if something goes wrong, the data isn't lost?
I have the drives for redundant, off-site backups. I do not intend on publishing anything without the explicit permission of the site owner, I'm like an archive.org but for porn (who keeps the backups offline until needed/given permission)
There are people already scraping this site, myself included, however a proper database backup would be very much appreciated.
Free, unlimited highspeed backup for as long as you want. Even remotely interested?

is anyone else seeing the coding stuff at the top of the page? before the little maintenance the site had it was fine, now it shows list creators import_export import posts etc like it's still under maintenance, and the left right arrows has text like chevron_right/left instead of the arrows

There no way for proper way to search content.
Add booru version of site.

In addition to my previous message, i also realised that when i opened those two pages with different browser i was able to request updates however after doing it one time it locked itself in there as well. Its weird how it works with some creators and how its not with some other. If anyone knows the reason please share it.

JSON no longer has unicode escape sequence, they're ? marks

Cover image returns 503 for https://yiff.party/patreon/680549

@admin: extra downloads @127384 have linux mount path instead of new subdomain format:
href="/mnt/tank/data/ex/1/Monthly Packs/April 2017/...

Archive.org also does porn (see: Tumblr archive), so bad analogy.

https://yiff.party/cheap_posts giving error 500.

We need to find a way to prevent dumb people from posting requests.

Don't remove them you dildos. More than half of the people come here for them. U think furries will be able to manage the site alone? For the safety of the site you need to allow them. These furries won't even donate

Can we just split the site into two sites, one for thots and one for normal stuff? And split the donations for each site? Then we can see if the thot lovers actually pay their dues

The new poll is silly, we shouldn't be removing anything! The more content this site has, the more people will donate, it's as simple as that.

I'd be interested to see the amount of storage each site would use. The donation amounts could be scaled to the respective sizes. It might still be cheaper/easier to keep everything under one site, though. And with the recent traffic/capacity upgrades, congestion and resulting site slowdowns don't seem as much of an issue anymore meaning the site should be able to handle everything, whether thot or not.

It's quite blatant the importer does not make any attempt to update older posts when they change on import. I get that may not be optimal with certain creators deliberately screwing with their posts to get around this place, but could we get multiple versions of the same post imported if there's any changes to posts already imported to get around both posts updating with genuinely new content and deliberately sabatoshing posts?

>>55864 and 55869
I'm in agreement with both of you.
>>55860 and 55864
Let me lay down some points of truth on how I think you guys are wrong about this content staying on yiff.party.
1. The furry donators that kept the site afloat and online without fail are now mostly gone because they're content got pushed aside for something else that's worse to them. Now, we're struggling with bandwidth and donations.

2. We all got to think of the bigger picture. How much data has been added to the site since the models/camwhores came here? 4 or maybe 8 terabytes. Furry content have that much within 2-4 years of this site being online at that point in 2018. The more time this content is on this website, the more likely it dies. Thousands of posts keep getting posted. The cost to keep them on here goes up and up. It's increased by $90 since they got here. It was only a $100 back when in 2017.

3. The less content is on here, the less it will pay. The furry donators will come back and yiff.party is kept afloat again. Quality of life improvements will happen more often. It's really slowed down since the models/camwhores got added to yiff.party. There's been 2-4 big changes since they got here. There was more than that before they got here.

4. My own personal take. You are just spitting out bullshit accusations. What, did someone tell you there's no furry donators and believed it? Did someone tell you the more people whose on this website means more donations? What? The content dictates the donations. Furry donators don't like camwhore content. So, they mostly left. Unless the camwhore donators can come out and say they've been donating, I won't believe it.

Admin, you could not listen to them. I hope sense comes to you and do something that preserves the site when it comes to it's issues. Make improvements if you want but you could get rid of the real problems. They're only going to shut the site down eventually because of self interests and are unwilling to go.

Why is this even still a discussion? Option “No” in favor of NOT REMOVING won the poll with the most votes, so stop whining about it, you either enjoy the site as it is currently or just fuck off!

So can someone explain to me how does the request update work? because I come back here everyday for a whole month, pressing the request update button at least once a day and they don't seem to get updates for two months?

It's only for free posts. Those are sparse at best.

Hey admin, I've been noticing some memory problems with the site. Particularly towards favorites with creators. Just to mention, It might just be a side effect of me cleaning my computer. Although, The site is still remembering most creators that I've favorited. I thought I'd mention.

To answer your question, and this what I think the answer is, It's still a discussion because it's still an unfixed problem. This is a feedback thread, right? I gave my feedback on this thread on a particular problem. Yet, it's called 'whining' by you. You ignored my comment filled with valid points and concerns that's about me talking about a particular problem. I have the best intentions when I'm talking about the problems. Don't misconstrue my words, please.

I'm a self-improving person by nature. So, it's in my nature not to ignore problems. You can ignore the problems, that's your prerogative, but ignoring the problems on this website and only enjoying what's in it is what makes this site die. I want to see this site improve and get better from what it is. I feel the preserving this site in terms of longevity is the best thing to do. No matter if a poll has a certain result that says otherwise on what to do.

I asked the admin if it was possible to do page views on each creator and said it would be an easy thing to do. It'll help gauge how popular each creator is and if they should be updated if they have good to great views, but within reason. The site, in terms of donation, can't handle $3-$400 a month. We're struggling to get to almost $200. I asked him this in the chat of the poll last night. Admin can confirm this if he so chooses. I've got nothing else to talk about. I'm going to very busy on projects tonight and this week/month. I'll be glad that you understand what I say.

Should you really be this worried? Are we actually struggling as bad as you say? I don’t think so at all. This site is as fast as it’s ever been, and let’s be honest someone always comes through with the donations on the last day of the month. It’s been this way for a long time now, and the site has always survived.

You really need to get your head out of your ass and face the changes that are happening, little duder. This site is getting more and more expensive, and there is going to come a point in time when people get sick of supporting a bunch of damned ungrateful leeches that are just here for "free" fap material that they can actually survive without, and they'll just stop. Or they'll wake up one day and realize they're sick of carrying a bunch of whiny little bitches on their backs and then you're well and truly fucked. That day is coming sooner than you realize. Let the camwhore/lewds stuff go, jettison it like the unnecessary trash it is.

“ungrateful leeches” says the guy who never donated a fucking penny to this site
“whiny little bitches” says the guy throwing a tantrum like a baby because the camwhores are getting more attention than his little furfag buddies

Awww, did I hurt your widdle feelings? Poor babby. Go cry about into your coswhore print, shitlord.

Just get rid of the useless canwhore content. Nothing more, nothing less. Shut up, and do it pls.

No. A better idea would be to get rid of you instead.

Dammit admin that poll was such a bad mistake. Everyone was getting along in peaceful harmony before that, but now all I see is a bunch of little kids bickering with each other.

>Don't remove them you dildos.
There was a poll? I would've voted if I had known that. Should've kept it up for more than a day.

>More than half of the people come here for them.

>U think furries will be able to manage the site alone?
We have before the Kotaku incident.

>Did someone tell you the more people whose on this website means more donations? What? The content dictates the donations.
However, we've been getting a lot of the thot stuff. Generic, but there's still a lot of it coming in.

Does anyone know why you can't request update on mikaelya? I was hoping to hear her voice on her posts...

Has the admin ever said why the outdated link/post issue was never solved?, I'm just asking anybody that's been around when he said it

I suggested awhile back that the donators should email the admin before they donate and say whether they're of the thot/furry crowd and we'd fucking see who was actually carrying this site after a few months.

Hey! We've got searchable tags!

What poll, where is this poll?

Was the poll about removing Camgirls again?

Are there any actual camwhore ethot's that upload actual content to patreon? Whenever I click on one all I usually find is a SINGLE teaser picture, with no other content to speak of, no gallery, no attached files, no video links, from what I see they are almost always the most barebones posts you can find, cause the person usually went with the method of emailing the rewards directly to their patrons instead of posting them on the platform.

So why fight to keep them, when 9 times out of 10 the uploader never uses the shared files option and you people are left with just the scraps? I'm not saying having them is pointless, or that they're less important than furries/drawn content, all porn is valuable (except the foot stuff), but why fight for it when you're getting such a raw deal to begin with?

Guess what trapb0i, I don't care. Take your weird incest somewhere else then.

Hey, admin, I thought I would give you some feedback on the ui changes. I'm liking the searchable tags, updated usernames, and now, finally permanant posts per page feature. I would try to change it to 100 or 200 posts per page and it would always change back to 50 posts. That was annoying me when I would open the website the next day.

Considering I'm speaking about the UI, I really do hope you take my page views for each creator suggestion seriously. I feel it will make it easier to tell if creators, especially the ignored ones, need an update based on if their popular or not. Last time I'll talk to you about this. I don't want to hound you on this. It's your decision.

I really like the new tag feature, but I think another good idea that we should implement is to use the tags to find all similar creators who use the same tag category, that way we can discover new pages we would be interested in.

Or maybe just a list of categories in general would be nice to see preferably in the style that pornhub does it lol

Subscribestar when?

Yeah, and how many unique vistors actually answered? Didn't Admin say we had like 4,000 or something awhile back?

Can you please elaborate about the Kotaku incident? >>56026

What do you want to know that hasn't already been discussed?

Where do the tags come from?

Whenever I try to upload an archive to a creator's shared files it will reach 100%, process for 60 seconds, and then give me "Unknown error occurred, please try again."
I've tried uploading with VPN, no VPN, and different browsers with or without extensions but I still can't get a successful upload.
It sucks because I have a lot to upload but can't because of this stupid error.

Can we get that damn flagging system working again cause I want to flag some posts in 2 artists which one is Hooves-art and the other Blitzdrachin that have 2 posts each that got updated but because people uploaded them before they were completed now there are missing files in them and its really annoying.Do uploaders not read the freaking posts on patreon before uploading them?I mean they should just check it and wait till that post is complete to upload it here so everything is complete.2 animation posts in Hooves-art's gallery are incomplete due to inconvenient fast upload after release and and Blitzdrachin's 2 monthly posts that contain the new comic pages also have the same problem with attachments missing as well due to the fast upload after release.So please admin get it working again I want to get all the files not half of them in the posts.I hope you see this admin but kinda doubt it but if you do well that would be nice.