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Let’s Talk About This $300 Bullshit

C6866065-40D2-481A-A98E-FE43EF03145F.jpg (15.3KiB, 267x189) save_alt

Okay I’m just gonna make a fucking thread about this shit, because it’s just kind of pathetic at this point. This is honestly some fake ass shill tier bullshit and it needs to stop.

As far as I’m aware, there is no proof that the admin pocketed any money. You can look at the logs ( which are from a third party site and can’t be altered ) and see that no amount of money adds up to that. If anyone has proof I’d like to see it, but all we get are idiot(s) spamming the same “but muh $300” posts that just ignore requests for proof.This is literally just shill levels of repeating something until people believe it.

This is probably one asshole or a group of assholes that saw this rumor as a way to shut the site down.

Admin don’t lock the board down, or at least leave the forums up so people can see this.

Yes 100% this is bullshit HE DID NOT "steal" $300.
Here are all the donation logs for every single month of donations.

And for the retards who don't know how crypto currency logs work. NO YOU CAN NOT EDIT OR MANIPULATE CRYPTO CURRENCY LOGS (ledgers) IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM. It is not possible to hide money that you have received from a ledger. Quite clearly it shows that the sight owner struggles to get money Every.Single.Month.

They don't make jack shit from it. In fact its costing the owner money to keep this site up on some months because they don't make enough to keep it open and when it goes down they have to try scramble receiving panic donations and using their own money (which they can't afford thats why the donation is there)

If hard proof doesn't convince you over retards saying "stole $300!" with absolutely no proof whats so ever (Spoiler alert there is no proof because it doesn't exist. $300 is completely made up.)

Ofc the admin wants to keep this site open (for what ever reason after being treated like this constantly).

All people do is complain about the site, spread lies about $300 while they have never donated a single cent in their lives, while they constantly beg others to request patreon users. GET THE FK OFF THIS SITE THEN

The boomers sperging out about the 300 dollars know they're lying. It's agitprop.

Just tell them 'okay, boomer' ignore them and move on. Their inane wittering will only affect the most gullible people who have no critical thinking capabilities. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's just one sad neckbeard or boomer. Probably both considering how easy their lie is to pick apart.

Oh I’m sure it will eventually. I just wanted to make sure there was a visible post about it instead of just individual comments.

>They don't make jack shit from it. In fact its costing the owner money to keep this site up on some months because they don't make enough to keep it open
How do you figure?

>receiving panic donations
That's been an issue before this $300 business, with similar failures to update the donation tracker.

> Ofc the admin wants to keep this site open (for what ever reason after being treated like this constantly).

It doesn't matter if the donation tracker is updated or not fact is, he never received $300. Whether or not the donation tracker is broken due to broken scripting does
not justify people spreading bullshit. You can go through his entire donation history to check how much has been donated every month.

There has never been a month where they have made that much. The donation tracker is scripted. The owner does not manually update it.


Now that’s it’s been cleared up can some one donate before we run out of time

not-this-shit-again.jpg (132.5KiB, 903x893) save_alt

I can't wait until this site goes to shit and see everyone on here act like a manchild, crying about them losing their furries. I seriously wonder what you guys will do once you'll lose your free porn. Who knows, maybe you'll all finally use patreon and subscribestar like a normal person and stop complaining like kids that get their favorite toy taken away. Nothing lasts forever, and I hope you guys will be prepared for that and don't get 'mad on the internet'.

And just for clarification this is a screenshot of November 3rd payments not December. Just FYI so the retards who accused them of stealing in the first place
don't use this as evidence for no December donations.

Not like doesn't exist and they don't already use that site. You are delusional if you think that if goes down there won't be another site that
comes up to do the same thing. You also understand there are entire communities dedicated to furry porn right? Also porn hub is free... Like most porn.
Idk whats more moronic, your comments or the fact that you actually believe them.

Get rid of the E-Thots and it wouldn't cost so much to run. Seriously. Hundreds of photos of shitty creators like BelleDelphine and BreastFeedingMother or whatever the fuck her name is. They're all just cam whores that don't deserve the bandwidth.

The amount of data the server uses isn't the issue. Catering to a large amount of people downloading stuff at the same time is.
Even if the server only took 100mb it still cost what it does with the amount of people downloading and parsing now.

Removing the camgirl stuff would do that though. Less content means fewer people here to download it and less to download in general.

The 1950s called, they want their adjective back.

Can some one donate we don’t have much time left

That contradicts with this note on the tracker itself: "Please note: this tracker is updated manually"

Well it's Sunday so a lot of people probably can't even if they wanted to. And since this has turned in a whole thing I just went ahead and looked up bitcoin ATM locations, and it turns out there's one pretty close to me so I'll be able to donate something in a couple of days once I have time to go. I suggest other people do the same, because there are a lot of them. Just get one of the bitcoin wallet apps for your phone, and that's pretty much it.

Fucking omega yikes dude

He means the bitcoin tracking website updates automatically. The one on the site is a number that gets manually changed. Do people not know how the internet works?

Just for fun I looked up the closest bitcoin ATM to me.

700KM. Fucking kek

Of course there won't be one near you if you live in the middle of fucking nowhere.

OK, boomer.

No, fuckoff, go make your own thread you stupid negro.

Predictable comment

Plz someone donate

Ok, boomer.

Just someone donate please

Just donate plz

Jesus, I've seen this exact lie said countless times now. Nobody believes your bullshit, dude.

Just donate before we run out of time

Imagine being stupid enough to thing you can disagree with numbers. Fucking clown world.

Ok, boomer.

Ok, boomer.

Ok, boomer.

Ok, boomer.


fuck this shit site and its shit admins


The end is near

can someone please donate


What's wrong with Anon's position?

You do it faggot, stop being a pennyless neet

I hope this shit site keeps going on forever in spite of greedy little jewcucks hungry for sheckels like you

Ok, boomer.

Cry some more

TROLLNATION.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

TROLLNATION.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

TROLLNATION.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

TROLLNATION.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

TROLLNATION.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

TROLLNATION.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

3i2kq6.jpg (79.0KiB, 611x408) save_alt


Okay boomer

So you are telling me deleted posts from Anonymous that can be spam created by the same user and deleted by them when ever they want so long as they have the same IP address, is proof over hard facts and numbers that cant be changed?
This is hard proof. Saying comments that were deleted is not proof. Anyone can spam comments like "$300 admin!" then delete them themselves later and that same person who posted it can say "See posts deleted admin stole $300!!! proof!" Like are you that retarded?

Infact here is even more hard proof. This site has been up for 2 years.
The total donated over 2 years is $2760.04
Server Costs $180. $180 x 24 (months) = $4320 so unless the server used to cost less. Owner has lost $1560 over 2 years keeping this site open.
They do not make a profit.

Infact lets assume donations have only been open for 1 year. And over those 12 months total donated was $2760.04 (you can see total donated in blockchain link)
$2760.04/14(months) = $230
Server Costs $180 pm. Even if it was only donated for the past 12. Admin has NEVER made anything more than $50 pm for the site.

The server did cost less in the past; IIRC the main driver of increasing cost has been bandwidth.

Also, unless Admin suddenly got moar of the other crypto-tokens (I checked a couple days ago and there were no transactions in more than two months), then not quite enough was collected to cover the server charge (I count just under $85 total for November), and Admin used his or her own money to cover the difference.

>The total donated over 2 years is $2760.04
Someone donated admin 1 BTC less than 2 years ago, which was worth $10-12k depending on when admin cashed out. Not saying he pocketed the money, but he's made more than you realize.

As a follow-up, he suddenly got moar, enough that once he cashes out of BCH, ETH, and LTC, the tracker should be updated with a positive number of dollars remaining: >>51224

Also, >>51218 needs to learn how to link to posts: >>3333

It’s been up for longer then 2 years but it’s not always been public.


Wow. you fucking idiot

TROLLNATION.jpg (42.3KiB, 640x640) save_alt

Sadly, as long as IP addresses can be switched, people cam never be blocked. Like me. >:) Also, Admin kept yo $300!

I'm not even sure why you mentioned, seems like a dead website to me.

The people who have patreon accounts that you all steal images from want this site shut down, they aren't trolls.

>The people who have patreon accounts that you all steal images from
>implying they're not the ones importing content

FWIW I have a Patreon *account* but I only ever subscribe on it; I'm not a Creator, and i just come back here from time to time to keep the backups for Creators that I subscribe to up to date; also, like a year ago, I subbed to 8 other Creators I normally don't subscribe to, just so I could add them to the system (before it was possible to add extra Creators in the importer).

They're all 3DPD and mostly cos-thots, though.

umm what does "ok boomer" mean
also what are zoomers doomers boomers and coomers (explain it barney style plz)

hey admin look apologies for what i said earlier (i had no idea whats going on will you forgive me)

>Seething creatorfag.

Unless I'm looking at the the blockchain incorrectly, an address during the second of December, donated $1k ? That should cover costs for a while, yeah?

Not even close, but a 🅱ℹg 🅿🅰y 🐖 donated about $130 worth of LTC about 16 hours ago, almost meeting this month's goal:

Ok boomer, zoomers, doomers, commers, and coomers are just insults which deminstrate the person making them isn't capable of thinking. They respond by insulting the person instead of coming up with a valid argument in order to direct the discussion away from their weak areas, because the topic is too complex for them to think about, or because they're wrong and don't want to admit it to themselves. The different terms are generally used towards people of different generations, but they're all used the same way: to show that the person using them is an idiot. It's like a little kid saying "why" over and over again just to annoy the parent.

That's just the shit way of using it, you can also use it after you've defeated their argument and reduced them to being ad homonym to dismiss them.

IIRC coomer means cumbrain (basically someone who jacks off) [reddit/r/coom]
doomers are people who have lost hope on humanity
i dunno wha z/b oomers mean (also thx as far as i know there is a difference between the two)

>They respond by insulting the person instead of coming up with a valid argument

Because sometimes an argument is too dumb to warrant any argument.

How does the admin's dick tastes, just asking for a friend who wants to join the cucks paying for this website and getting their money stolen by the admins, quit gargeling their cock and see the truth for what it is, any idiot would know how to give us a "third party website" that can have fake informations and even have a cut of the money stolen from here to show fake informations to shut you up you bunch of sheeps, you actually are too stupid to even put 2 and 2 together.

is this you trying to shame people into paying directly to patreon creators instead of getting their stuff for free in here?

"Now, introducing the new addition to lingo!
A loomer!
They just loom around and say a bunch of stuff with no bases!

Here are testimonials from our audience:
"(Lots of explicit swearing)"
"Here's some proof to state otherwise...

Call now and get another loomer, absolutely free!

That's 1-800-A-LOOMER! 1-800-256-6637!"

sleazy-salesman.jpg (47.0KiB, 600x368) save_alt

Now introducing the new addition to lingo!
A dumbass!
They just skim through replies and make accusations without any actual basis for said accusation.

Call now and get this one of a kind whiteknight today absolutely free!

That's 1-800-DUMBASS!!! Order now!

Lame comeback mate

I don't usually lurk on teh boards but that's pretty neat. B)

Hats off to that donator.

>Seething creatorfag returns

i guarantee you this is started by some salty patreon runner who's convinced that poorfags and people who've already got too many patreons to support already are seeing their art, it always is

Does it hurt right in your bumbum that people are leaking all your paywalled content? Go beg for your pennies somewhere else, cucktreon fags

How is that "stuff with no bases" exactly? Why would anyone but a pro-patreon person try to shame those who keep donating to this site?

I believe they meant that more like a joke reply, not a jab.

telephone number not working

a fex keywords for you (might come handy)
pro -fit pro -gress pro -treon

what does $33thing mean

is it me or admin is using some sort of BTC mixer (i am unsure) also can someone plz google the coin address

Look at all these kiss asses in Denial over their stolen money, admit it.

1- the admin pocketed the money.

2- The site never stopped running like shit when the goal was 100/150/200/250/300, even at a 1000$ the site would still run like shit because the admin IS pocketing the money.

Don't ressurect the thread if you don't show proof

Don’t lie

Remember when the admin said the 250 was for buying servers and would go back to 180 afterwards?

So that was a fucking lie.

The donation goal in February was increased so Primeleap integration could be added, I do not know why the the goal went up this month

Yeah, plus the admin pocketed over $80 this month in LTC

Proof ?

Stop spreading lies jackass

>The donation goal in February was increased so Primeleap integration could be added
And before that was an acquisition of a new hard drive. Believe that increase came before Admin proposed this integration.

>I do not know why the the goal went up this month

(ok boomer) BTC mixer anyone ?

THIS >>51077 >>51451 >>65231 >>65371 >>65590 >>65561
why cant tards just be tards nowadays (we constantly shove "normal standards" whenever we see them)

>>65371 has a point

i woudn't be surprised if all of these 404s is just a cover up (when storage is full saving files just results in a 0 byte file)
imagine what if admin never upgraded the server the and 404 is probably just an excuse for full server storage

this post was made by a down syndrome mouth breathing boomer who scammed the admin $300 AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA (i mean w7-890)

also admin changed the btc address in 2018 (remember the link that i spammed)