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Creators uploading to discord and other places.

Capture.JPG (30.4KiB, 533x147) save_alt

is there a way to access these files?

No. Cry some more.

if there's someone kind enough to download the files and pack them all up and upload to shared files, usually no

I've tried uploading to the shared files page a bunch of times but each time the site tells me an error happened and that's it.

PrimeLeap images have special code fragments that, if you were to modify the code to remove the copy protection fragment, the image will come out scrambled. Plus each image downloaded on a supporter account is tied to the supporter’s unique account ID so that means it’s hard to do much of anything with PrimeLeap.

That would've been nice to know. >>6877

Well, there is actually a solid way to tackle this. If people are willing to put their hands in the dough. All that really needs to happen is people to rotate in 6 months rotations giving everything in the discord. And that's a job done.

If there were more supporters and less leeches on here, the whole discord bs would be worthless.

please, a slightly competent cracker will bypass that in 5 minutes. it's just this community and the cracking community don't overlap so no one does it.

if there's "special code" inside the file, then you can easily remove it just by screenshotting or putting it through any image processing software and resave it (like paint), if there's some hidden stuff inside the image itself (i forgot the word) then it could be trickier, i never saw such an image so i cant say for sure, but im pretty sure passing the image through an AI upscaler then scaling it down again could be effective

the problem is everyone on yiff is so lazy that they don't even bother using shared files, then who the hell is going to do all that even though it takes like 2 minutes.

Never thought I would need to say this on this thread, but bump. $25 content would be seriously appreciated!

steganography, the word is steganography

Shouldn't converters solve primeleap problem?

Okay, so there are scrapers for Discord, right?

Most creators who find out about this website now moved to gumroad, wish there was a way for a site like this for Gumroad.

Only fans leaks

I thought steganography was for hiding info, not executables.