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DiYxeJQVAAAqdk9.png (4.7KiB, 210x214) save_alt

It's been a while, but finally, support for Fantia creators has been added to yiff.party.

First, let me explain a little bit about how Fantia works.

Creators on Fantia can create posts. Posts are always visible to everyone, regardless of whether they have pledged or not. Each post always has a header image.

Posts contain one or more "contents". Each "content" can be thought of something like a sub-post: each content is either text, image gallery, or URL, and each content has its own independent price point.

Fantia also works a little differently than Patreon in these ways:

- Content can either be (a) accessible to everyone, (b) accessible to people subscribed to a "free" (0 yen) plan, or (c) pay to access.
- Content can have an expiry date. This date is set by the creator. After a content expires, it will be locked forever and cannot be accessed again.

yiff.party's Fantia scraper works pretty much like our Patreon one. You supply your session cookie and we will import any missing contents, even from posts that we have already imported. For that reason, we keep track of the number of missing contents, instead of posts.

We have not yet implemented Fantia creators into the yiff.party homepage. Until that is done, you can access Fantia creators by going to yiff.party/fantia/$CLUB_ID


The importer is located here:

If you are subscribed to anyone on Fantia, please try it out and report any bugs in this thread. If you aren't, you can't still make a Fantia account and subscribe to many of the creators' free plans; their posts will still be imported.

This is all still very early stages and I'm looking forward to getting everything finished for you all.

Thanks for your support!

adf524968dd7e996711b0896f5212597157a188a.jpg (48.3KiB, 540x304) save_alt


Try this with Subscribestar plz

Excellent work admin!! thank you :D amazing implementation

Alright, finally!

Are you also planning to add support for other similar sites like Pixiv Fanbox and OnlyFans in the future?

This is awesome


Im confused on how you look for Fantia creators, since they're not in the home list

If Fantia goes well, I'll look into supporting more sites in the future.

They will be soon! I want to fix as many bugs as possible before making Fantia creators discoverable on the homepage. In the meantime, feel free to share any imports in this thread.


-Careful, he's an hero-

Thanks for expanding Yiff!
Is good to know we'll have more content to enjoy here.

Thanks :)

If anything, Pixiv fanbox & Subscribestar adult are really good additions. I hope the admin takes this into consideration for yiff’s expansion.

Gratz for yiff now supporting enty.

Man, i wish it would have been Subscribestar. Did not even hear about Fantia before.

Funny, this is my first time hearing about "Subscribestar" lol

I second pixiv fanbox.

It's mainly for those who make loli/shota content. Same with fanbox expect also for Japanese artists like HentaiB.

....No Subscribestar is mainly a smaller site that's more 'customizable' and takes less of a hit so you also see a lot of trans folks use it.

I hope there would be some kind of marker witch creators are form fantia - like little F mark on top of the profile picture on main page?

Any plan to add a public json on this?
https://yiff.party/fantia/8991.json for example.

Already in place Patreon json pages can be converted from https://yiff.party/11221479.json > https://yiff.party/patreon/11221479.json

Make the Json Great Again!

Thanks admin, been using fantiadl for some time to archive fantia posts. Nice to see that there is willpower to extend the services. Hopefully the site strives.
In all that time I noticed that the creators tend to edit their posts from time to time and make sometimes small sometimes big changes.
And since every post is a json object, do you plan to "update" the posts. Say the current post is the newests once, but if there were changes an older version can be accessed?
/fantia/posts/1232131231/v1..199 ? Or are you going with the default behaviour of one time only download? I think they even update galleries and add images... so it's a bit strange.

Temporary creator list: https://yiff.party/fantia/list

If you're reading this or whoever then thank you for adding support for Fantia. None us here can imagine how much effort was put into this site as a whole and not enough people understand that the owner can shut down the site at free will. You clearly deserve more respect than those backlashing.

Loading speeds been a bit faster I must say.

Lumineko's entry is getting a 500 error.

Admin, you are a fucking hero. Hats off, mate.

Thank you so much for adding support for fantia, admin. So many good contents creators on that site that worth looking into.
Thanks for your hardwork.

Looks like anything with over 50 posts is getting 500'd.

We need Pixiv Fanbox!



You're full of shit, it IS mainly used by non-japanese loli/shota artists

> !! An unknown error has occurred! Please email support@yiff.party with your Import ID
what a great start

very helpful of you

Still fixing bugs as I come across them. If you get errors or if the importer hangs, please do let me know!

I have no idea how much private data is in that ID, but I have followed the instructions and reported it properly.

Yeah, I second that. Subscribestar needs to be next, lots of folks migrate there since Patreon shits on NSFW

ELw7n4mUEAAc9I6.jpg (467.7KiB, 706x1000) save_alt

Time to reap zuccini's content. Yay !!!

Trying again seemed to work.

And I have a small suggestion.
Can we have posts that have any high-tier subposts not yet imported marked in some way?
For example, this post https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/249706 only has a free tier version imported (yet, I fed it a cookie that should fix it, but the process is slow), but that's not oblivious unless you compare it side-by-side with the original fantia page.

fantia artists for 2020 yiff.party posts and updates :


Merry fucking Xmas, admin, thank you so much!

https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/17466 https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/15659 https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/142
arekishi art on fantia:
https://fantia.jp/posts/219340 https://fantia.jp/posts/122905
oohira sunset : https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/4966

post-3842528-1576179333.jpg (94.9KiB, 889x667) save_alt

paizuri mania (hokkyun) :

is enty.jp support something that could be applied to yiff.party in 2020?
there is increased demand for enty.jp art , just like with fantia and pixiv fanbox.
however there is no site where art from those sites gets added often.

That's a good idea; I'll see what I can do.

Suggestions (gotten from standard patreon posts): Dates and a favorites list.
Extra spice: email updates :^)

Fucking amazing, great job admin. I really hope you manage to get more websites in, this stuff is amazing!


if possible

D9kqJwrU8AAY09k.jpg (98.5KiB, 824x1200) save_alt

Requesting zankuro https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/4384

This creator has 12 posts, yet an updater has only found one. These are mostly single-picture posts, where "thumbnail" is the main content, often quite high-res; for some reason the importer has ignored them

Thank you admin 🎩

Kindly requesting Nemunemu (ネムネム)

THANK YOU. Am hoping for Fanbox next so I can contribute tons.

requesting Konarofu (こなろふ) and ikuchan kaoru if possible

kindly requesting these guys

This is not a request thread...

when will the request thread be made?

Yeah, it's time to stop pretending this was ever about "archiving so things won't be lost" xD

For creator (https://yiff.party/fantia/6099) seems like the importer ate a bunch of posts starting from (https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/6099/posts?page=7 [https://fantia.jp/posts/52404]) to (https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/6099/posts?page=4 [https://fantia.jp/posts/113162]) and now is claiming that is "up to date".

And everything else that Patreon has arbitrarily banned. Like bestiality, incest, rape, and violent sex. This includes relatively innocuous “close enough” things like feral furry, cousins, age play, role playing of incest, non-consent, and a lot of what falls under BDSM. The only reason any of those are still on Patreon is because of a lack of concerted effort by moral crusaders (or trolls pretending to be moral crusaders to deplatform people they disagree with); the moment they start coordinating the site will go into free fall as everything too spicy is scoured.

Seconding this. Thanks in advance.

https://yiff.party/patreon/210896 pls add

So how will this handle getting things from the back number and the products page?

https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/4179 big dick futa

Thank you very much for your work, Admin! You're a total Chad.

admin, you're a real s a i n t e

The more sites the better, but still please make sure the "JSON API" is stable for people to start their archiving.

Artist is Takeda Hiromitsu, the creator of Maken-Ki. He is someone who needs to be on here.

Thank you very much for adding fantia to yp!
Thank you! thank you!! THANK YOU!!!

https://yiff.party/fantia/810 is claimed to be up-to-date despite the 500 yen posts not being imported: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/810/posts

But this is a JSON complain thread. See >>52593 and >>52594

Now it's time to fantia baby! Any supporter of Uno Makoto on Fantia?

Thanks for adding Fantia, there are still some issues as expected from an initial rollout. Hopefully this goes well and people start adding to it.

2 suggestions I have to improve the feature:

1) Have a plan level indicator for imported posts. I would imagine that a large majority of imported posts will be from free plans. And currently, the only way to see whether any paid plan level posts are imported are to click through each post and figure out if the content there is free plan only.

2) Have some way for users to indicate plan level for creators on the importer. Unlike Patreon, Fantia users can join many fanclubs for free. Most Fantia users likely follow a large amount of free fanclubs and will overlap with many other users. The importer could save on a lot of checking if for free plan supporters, it only checks for posts that came out since it was last updated. Currently, the importer checks up every fanclub, even if the user is in a free plan, and has nothing to contribute since anyone can join that fanclub and import that post.

How about pixiv fanbox? Sir.


A bit of a extra info on how Fantia works:
>Content can have an expiry date. This date is set by the creator. After a content expires, it will be locked forever and cannot be accessed again.
Most of the time, content that has a time limit doesn't actually expire. Most users will put old content into Pack Numbers, which you can purchase if you have the corresponding Plan active. Pack Numbers are permanently accessible after purchase, even if you change or cancel your Plan. It's kind of like Patreon and Gumroad, except Pack Numbers are built directly into Fantia.

Holy shit, man, this is amazing! Moreover, NULL and bledy13 have been scrapped already, what a feast!
I was searching a way to pay fantia/fanbox artists using btcs (as I don't have other money), but it seems that I'll just donate it to you :3

Also, can we have this artist? https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/18353

>>52602 >>52604 >>52605
user was blessed for this post

>>52563 >>52577 >>52601
sysop was forgiven for this post (remember the 30k get thread i made)

it would probably be better to have fantia updates and patreon updates in separate boxes so updates dont get confusing

something we need if possible is a translator

I think we can all agree we want a subscribe star just got like yiff party we been asking and we will pay good money for the server to be posted so please read this.


Thank you everyone for your feedback!

Yes. The content for those posts expired, see for example: https://fantia.jp/posts/73418
I didn't take take backnumber purchases into account yet, I'll try and patch that in later.

See above for backnumbers. For products... would many people use this feature? I could definitely add a tab on Fantia creator pages for it, but I want to know if one-time purchases are common.

Expired posts; see above.

Thank you.
1) I plan to do that soon!
2) I need to fetch the actual post to get the contents list, there is no way to avoid that.

Any chance the old bots you used to use on patreon for automatic scraping before they got brickwalled would work on fantia's platform?

the paywall is a shit

embrace the copyleft!

Yes. The content for those posts expired, see for example: https://fantia.jp/posts/73418
I didn't take take backnumber purchases into account yet, I'll try and patch that in later.

See above for backnumbers. For products... "
Now i know why the products for the artist https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/4384 zanuro do not appear. I had purchased them, but since backnumbers are not inplemented yet i do not need to wonder that it does not work.

My understanding was that when you purchase a backnumber, previously inaccessible posts become available. Is that not the case?

How exactly do expired contents work?

Unlocked content.PNG (9.5KiB, 780x315) save_alt

About the backnumber:
I had for back then purchased things from this post https://fantia.jp/posts/113062
The first gif is shown in the contents, but the mp4 and the downloadable psd are not shown in that page https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/113062

I see. Could you please go to https://fantia.jp/api/v1/posts/113062 - then press CTRL+S to save the JSON file, and either email it to admin@yiff.party or upload somewhere?

unknown.png (7.0KiB, 372x208) save_alt

Is the MP4 file definitely visible to you? I'm looking at the API response and it's apparently still locked to you, though the PSD is visible.

If it is, this will be much easier to debug if you could send me an email with your session cookie so I can take a closer look.

The PSD file is visible for me. The MP4 not.
Tho the PSD file should be visible on the site here , but it does not. I have somehow the feeling anyway that the system seems to catch somehow only the first posts.

How can i send you my session cookie? Is it the session_id that i use at impüorting posts?

I've looked at the other creator you posted, and it seems that those backnumbers were successfully imported, so I'm not sure why the PSD for this post isn't being detected.

And yes, the same cookie used for the importer.

I have sent you my session_id per e_mail to admin@yiff.party ^^

unknown.png (6.7KiB, 655x87) save_alt

Thanks! I checked it out and the importer picked it up just fine... so it's not a bug, I'm guessing you just forgot to run the importer after obtaining the backnumber.


Strange. I had pressed the button to start the importer and it had run the command in the right box.

Pirate.jpg (30.9KiB, 542x370) save_alt

Rejoice fellow Pirate Chads!

Creators can set a date cutoff for their posts. (E.g Dec 31, 2019) Users subscribed to a certain plan level by that date will be allowed to view that content. Any new users joining a paid plan tier will not be able to view older content if it has past that date.

Come on man, really? you know a lot of us live from this right? is hard at it is and this is making things worse......

So to my understanding, currently the website doesn't show any content missing from back number posts, yes?

It does now. Have checked the contents of the ones i posted.
It can be that it is buggy sometimes tho.

If you have access to backnumber content, it will be imported to yiff.party. But because purchasing backnumbers is different than subscribing to a monthly plan, missing backnumber contents aren't counted. I'll display a separate counter for backnumber contents soon.

dog mousepad.jpg (90.7KiB, 764x1024) save_alt

Can I send you my fanbox session id now? I'm only subbed to artists until the end of this month and don't think the site will have a fanbox fetcher by then. Is it possible to fetch them locally early on and then manually add them later if the fanbox integration does happen?

Thank you for the offer, but we haven't started any work on a Fanbox scraper.

I see, but still, would it be possible to manually add all the art from their fanbox pages as a shared file or something?

Yes, shared files will be available for Fantia (and any future sites)

you're a blessing, admin

Please keep requests in a separate thread.

"There is a request thread for patreon, but not for fantia" is probably what people are thinking. Fantia was just added so maybe we should add a thread for fantia requests.

Why does it say a creator's posts are up to date when some posts only have the free plan and not a paid one? For example, https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/99573 is only the free plan.

Again, those paid contents are only available via backnumbers. I will be making it more obvious soon.

You're right, trannies and pedos are basically the same.

crispy white Christmas.jpg (540.6KiB, 952x1485) save_alt

The death of a million paywallers is a necessity, merry fucking Christmas

Thank you for the soon Christmas gift Admin!
A little feedback for future improvements:
>Add date to posts and expiration date so we can know which ones are close to expire
>Add a sort button on https://yiff.party/fantia/list for creators name and number of posts.
>Probably is a known issue or just to me but whenever I open a post with several pictures, one or two fails and I need to refresh the page to load them.
If what >>52710 said its true, can the pack numbers be added?

Also, could someone explain to me what backnumbers mean? Never used Fantia so I don't know what you are talking about

Here is an example of a creator that uses the products page as a clever way to provide bonus requested mini-videos to his 390 yen supporters without clogging his followers' home pages (as they don't show up as normal posts) https://fantia.jp/products/34162 . You can see when you scroll down each of his products are free with the stipulation that in order to 'purchase' them you need to be part of a certain tier plan. To be fair, I don't know of anyone else who uses products in this fashion so it's a bit of a selfish request to include them but my follows on Fantia are mostly limited to MMD creators so there could be more out there that do this.

How do we pledge on fantia? It doesn't seem to accept Paypal or any American payment services.

How do we pledge on fantia? It doesn't seem to accept Paypal or any American payment services.

It accepts any usual credit/debit card you'll normally use internationally, like Visa and Mastercard

Oh, neat! Thanks!

A damn good start to expansion, even if many of the pages are effectively barren. Here's to hoping for the future

https://yiff.party/fantia/7652 This literally gives me the big sad since I can't see the actual content, and this artist has way to much bullshit to pay for one month, and pay for previous months to see their content.

This! Please implement subscribestar support. Many creators got banned from Patreon or they outright
left to go to subscribestar because they were being censored.

I'm gonna go ahead and say Fanbox is worth implementing next more due to being the biggest paywall site for japanese artists, especially since it's part of Pixiv, the biggest art site in Japan. Easier to pay for too (accepts paypal) and there's no limited-time clause like fantia. I don't know Suscribestar's numbers but they can't be bigger than Pixiv's can they? Especially concerning art?

SubscribeStar & Onlyfans support in the future would be amazing!

im confused, do people need to manually add the files for the posts? https://yiff.party/fantia/7652 if so can someone get on it?

>Content can have an expiry date. This date is set by the creator. After a content expires, it will be locked forever and cannot be accessed again.

Truly the most cancerous thing I've read in a long time, Fuck!
How long before patreon inserts such terrible feature in it's site?

barney.jpg (22.7KiB, 320x240) save_alt

This also affects fetched content on yiff party as shown here:


The fetcher for this artist paid for it, but yiff party can't access said paid content because of the expiry date. In other words, YP won't be able to access anything except the most recent things from any artist ever. Not really the best site to get a fetcher from. Other japanese sites like Pixiv Fanbox don't have such "timeout" feature, it works exactly like patreon's monthly subscriptions with no strings attached and iirc more people use it too to boot.

Fanbox would be great. I don't know about onlyfans, you know we already have troubles from all the camwhores and youtubers... I think however is that issue going to be solved takes priority.
But we are already going to get flooded with tons of hentai and kemono from the overproductive japs that do use fantia already, so....

Can you add ko-fi support? Thanks.

What does sage mean when making replies.

>But we are already going to get flooded with tons of hentai and kemono from the overproductive japs that do use fantia already, so...
Not with this: >>52902

Thanks Admin, you're a champ

Please start work on Fanbox importer too, the several creators I want are on Fanbox

>YP won't be able to access anything except the most recent things from any artist ever
This is not correct, most artists don't limit the past rewards access, and most of those that do tend to sell them as backnumbers. The "expiration into nothingness" is actually quite rare.

Wait how fantia help for this?

If YP ever decides to do Pixiv FANBOX, then I'd really love to see MだSたろう's work.

Not only do a bunch of artists do it but they also limit what they upload on fantia so they can put it up on other sites too like Enty.

I want a distinction between things with only thumbnails and those with contents

different tab for this shit when

Awesome work. Glad to see more content showing up on this site.

I thought I could see tha naked difference in eringi's posts...I guess we still need to wait...but if its expired then its a GGs...

Can't you read? This is not a request thread.

Can we get json pages of these?

IMG_20191205_184352.jpg (66.6KiB, 1024x576) save_alt

>it's all generic anime girls

>content can vanish automatically on a expiry date
>forced to buy it separately via image packs because you didn't back the creator fast enough
this sounds fucking awful and anyone who does it frankly deserves to have their shit leaked

>content can vanish automatically on a expiry date

And this is not the worst part. The worst part is that if you buy a content from a previous month and you don't renew your subscription to the creator, you lose the content when your subscription runs out, so if you want to see it again, you need to renew the sub and buy the previous month pack once again. However, not every creator did this. If you have an option between fantia and pixivFANBOX of a creator, I recommend you 100% to choose FANBOX.

Jesus, what were they thinking except jewing people to the limit?

To be fair, Patreon already does this for the creators who send their content out through monthly messages. If you didn't back them up in time, you miss the message and have to buy from Gumroad most likely.

Honestly, I don't even know much of this fantia thing works.
But every artist post I open is just a cropped picture with nothing in it, thats it.

I guess that's just people mass importing free/preview posts? If that's the case I guess we'll never know when actual content gets added?

I'm supporting both of these artists but also following like 36 others. It should take a while importing all of it.
I suggest adding an option to only import one specified club or a post, I don't want to import literally everything again every time someone posts something new.

They really fucked up on this, but it's not like they even try preventing you from downloading it.
Either way, fantia is by far the best of these kinds of services. I've been using their API to scrape everything I can access for a while now.

There was an artist that normal art was 500Y, and if you wanted the same images compressed in a .rar for you to download them easily you had to pay 1000Y. YES, HE ACTUALLY DID THIS.

On Fantia, I've seen of everything. Artists that fares you 1000Y for 4 images monthly, Artists like the one I mentioned before, artists that fares you double for watching a minimum difference from the previous tier.

But, I've also seen the other side, like artists that fares you 500Y a month, but you have available every art he has ever created, artists that fares a little only for a bigger version of the art they do (normal version is like 720p, payed version is like 2k), to artists that doesn't have an actual paywall for it's contents, and the subscription is just to donate him if you want to.

Also, as a pro tip, often artists release a CG version that is free for subscribers only, but sometimes they forgot to add the "subscribers only" part and anyone can download it for free. I've seen it happen more than once.

On all of the imported posts for
None of the images can be accessed. Is this normal? It says only 5 posts are missing, but that doesn't appear to actually be the case, since none of the images work.

Certain creators have paid content (such as videos) that hasn't been appearing on their yiff party page. Is this normal? If not, at what point is this expected to be resolved?

This is not a request thread.

>Fantia is the best
How so? Fanbox seems waaaay better.

Please fix the API for YP, we want to archive stuff without needing to clog up traffic.

Can you add support for Gumroad in the future?

This link yiff.party/fantia/$CLUB_ID is not working, it gives me error everytime

The link "yiff.party/fantia/$CLUB_ID" gives me a 404.

Can confirm, https://yiff.party/fantia/6099 is missing some posts even though it says its up to date

The $CLUB_ID is the number of the user, not what you literally put in the address bar...
Look at all the links to Fantia being posted, those 4-5 numbers at the end are the ID.

Can we get a favorite's list? It was manageable when it was first announced but there's just too many now.

Also, suggestions. dunno if you have already done that: since some people moved (or were banned) from patreon and opened their SS, fantia, pixiv fan, it would be cool if you could add some sort of links to each othose accounts if they have the same creator, that would help people find them.

It's japan, so generic anime girl porn is common
blame the anime industry and otakus with bad taste for waifus

Any chance we could ever get a tag system to find new creators for niches we enjoy?

Are you all special needs children by any chance or can you just not read?

Is it possible to merge certain fantia and patreon pages. I've seen a few on the list that have a patreon

So they are basically fucking Gumroad? GOOD, because we need Gumroad scrapers exactly for that purpose. Gumroad before Fanbox bois.

I am just waiting for the oppai loli artists to get uploaded to this place.

Admin, i adore you.


how can I message you privately?


Admin, how can I message you privately?


So when will this be listed with a json api page?

You are really giving people no choice to parse the html of the site by not having it...


Requesting DREのファンクラブ (DRE) and rakiA (rakiA) if possible, thanks

Repeat this copypasta til Admin listens

He already has a setup of the json for the normal patreon posts, but he doesn't update it for the change he did to the additional files.
He could also easily add the Fantia site on the same json page or a separate one.

At this point i think either the Admin doesn't give a fuck about it or actually don't know how.
He for sure takes the time to re-add delete mechanics to the board...

Requesting Nandz if possible

Maybe a sort of recent list similar to the normal patreons like https://yiff.party/activity?p=1 but for fantia users? its a bit of a pain to scroll through the whole list of fantia users (as there are a lot of them) daily and not knowing which ones have been updated or not within the past 24 hours

Requesting Huyumitsu please


This is not a request thread.

this, anything to distinguish them from patreon people would be good.

Captura.JPG (7.9KiB, 222x92) save_alt

alguien puede agragar a https://www.patreon.com/Liquorice a esta plataforma ?? please

pegate un tiro que esto no es el request thread.

Is it only for me or do a lot of the images dont load completly? They re like cut in half or just a bit from top loads in...

Same thing is happening to me, and also anything I try to download throws up network errors.

Even if lots of creators are added, most of teir fantia's paid content is still missing :(


what's the point of uploading 0 yen rewards people please stop

agregue a uno de los creadores pero no lo puedo si no pago, si esto funciona así, no le veo el sentido de esta pagina

How about fixing the bug where the scrollbar kills itself and you're stuck at the top of the webpage? It's even worse on these Fantia pages and makes the website in general unusable

https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/2605 Since we're making requests? :3

Please add bhm muchu x2 to fantia

Please use the actual request thread

Nice work!

A lot creators doesn't have the paid contents yet...it will be added...right? Please give me something to hope for...

Any paid imports for this artist named Eringi?
If you do I will love you forever XD

Can we request here?
I'm glad Aya's fantia is here but can we also add Hitoi's?
This is the link: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/13325
Thanks in advance.

We need kaotaro12's paid content...his samples is way too short...and not the whole package...
here is his list link : https://yiff.party/fantia/2065

every post he makes is just about the same thing, his videos are still short regardless if they are paid or not

Huh...is it really?I really want to access his paid stuff because I haven't seen it myself since I have no Idea how credit cards work in fantia...or maybe my creditcard is just not able to be used in fantia...

Idk what credit card you use, but I have a standard US card and it works fine with no problems at all.

I have subscribed to Kaotaro for one month before and can confirm. The samples posted on Twitter are the full video in terms of content, it's a true sample and not just a teaser.
What you get for paying is higher quality, variations (costumes/nude, pubic hair, viewing angles, slightly different poses, etc.), and some scenes that do not have a public sample. $5/month for 4 scenes (some have foreplay + sex) is not that bad as far as paywalled content goes. Just letting you know what you're getting before supporting. If you really wanted to see a certain scene but with the character nude and in higher resolution, great. If you were hoping to see longer sex/different positions, you'll be disappointed.

I was planning to import the content I did have when I saw Fantia getting added. Though, since the recent videos didn't interest me enough, I'm not in the paid plan anymore so now I'm locked out. (stupid rule imo)

can use mastercard, sir


That is really helpful...my card is not a master card so I have no way of knowing since I live in SEA...I guess ill be disappointed regardless...even if I either wait here for someone to upload it or subscribe to kaotaro12's...unless someone is generous enough to subscribe for a higher subscription for the other stuffs...I can't see it happening

Requesting for doujin circle gyu https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/7414

This person please if possible https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/3801

Nevermind the person I linked above is already in but has no videos cause its only for paid people to see them so theres nothing to view which is sad was hoping to see his/her stuff but all I did was a big hole in the water *sigh*

do https://fantia.jp/posts/251643 PLEASE, they made mama tama

https://fantia.jp/haikarabitch add pls

This is not a request thread.

>500 yen- Missing 30 posts

I'm tempted to back him to have that shit added but it may all be gone already, can anyone confirm?

https://yiff.party/fantia/7652 Can someone please add his stuff already ffs

The missing posts counted are not gone. Check the individual posts, you will see that the paid tier ones have an expiration date displayed. Currently, the importer only counts 'missing posts' as posts that can be imported if a user subscribed right now. So there are still 30 posts that can still be imported if you subscribe right now. But the older expired ones have to be through backnumbers (if artist enables it).

1. Why do so many people think this is a request thread?
2. Imagine getting mad at people for not giving you free porn.

Can someone please add?

...Is it me or there are mostly previews?

Because most of the content that's been uploaded is the free subscription stuff, which basically ARE nothing but previews.

Some patreon accounts have missing posts. I forwarded it to admin@yiff.party. But not answered. Can you check it ?

>500 yen- Missing 41 posts


Why you peeps can't understand this is not a fucking request thread, you're only flooding and making important shit go away, like shit that can fix current problems or improve the experience, admins will lose a shitload of time scrolling through requests, and he may skip bugs people reported.


best eroge game

>Why do so many people think this is a request thread?

People are dumb. Like, really, really dumb.
I remember the discord threads on 420chan. Just thousands upon thousands of endless posts of people chaining requests to join some ridiculously private or long since banned channels without bothering to check the reality. And it went on and on.

Its like lemming migrating swarms jumping off a cliff, there's just no stopping them.

Wow, there's a megaton of creator data up on the fantia page that basically has nothing in it. Just the free posts. So more space being taken up by "nothing".

I actually almost completely forgot about this list, as I only really deal with the main page. Though I do wonder how they're going to streamline the mass amount of fantia creators, into the main.

Perhaps just create a similar menu right next to the original;
Here's the west here's the east
________________. ________________
(Saved creators) (Saved creators)
________________. ________________
Then, I guess you could have a "saved list" specifically for the fantia creators next to the original saved list.
Not sure of the programming difficulties of that, but I'm sure it's doable.

Is there a way to sort through all of the Fantia stuff posted to he site? Or do you just have to keep coming back to this thread and combing through for more new posts?

Hewongo is that you? Stop being so desperate and ask like a normal person in the actual request thread instead of posting multiple times here like a chode, there's a reason people make fun of you.

How about you delete child porn from that Jane/Kylin thread, retarded admin.

Admin will you make Fantia appear on the homepage favorites soon?

https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/11631 pls add

Not a request thread.

So did you just give up on the whole fantia thing, admin? No real update since the initial introduction, broken images everywhere, and it still a completely unorganized mess.

How do I access this fantia? https://yiff.party/fantia/3869

No broken images for me.

What is the deal with m4v files instead the original mp4 or mkv?

You join either the 500 or 800 yen/month plan. Though note that you will only have access to the 2 newest posts unless you purchase the previous months through backorders.

God I hate Fantia.

thumbnails fail to load, but the actual files are fine, just click on the blank box where the thumbnails are supposed to be and you'll see the full pics

https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/1706/posts pleaseee

Quick question:
There are some artist on that site that post multiple sets of pictures (For instance: https://fantia.jp/posts/266596, near the bottom of the page there are about 4 sets of images, while in here there is only one, the one you can find on the artist twitter). So i was wandering if there were plans on adding the rest of the posts or, if they already are on the site, how do i find them?

Really is torture for people to read these days isn't it...?

95% of what is on this site regarding Fantia, are the FREE 0 yen teaser posts, NOT THE PAID ONES, just like the rest of the stuff on this site thanks to CUF the bots no longer work for paid content and can only scrape the free stuff so to see the rest of the stuff someone actually has to pay for them and then feel generous enough to post them here.

fantia.jpg (33.8KiB, 1280x719) save_alt

there are some problems with fantia

So that project is still alive?

The fantia page needs some pagination.

https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/16659/ best muscle girl artist i can think of

Is fantia bugged? I'm extremely thankful to have it here but I don't think it is working properly. When I'm on zankuro's page for example (https://yiff.party/fantia/4384) there are breaks in the posts that are updated. There are some posts that are missing images when there are posts that have all the images there for that same tier that have been posted at a later date. I don't know if I'm explaining this properly but I wish I knew what was going on.

someone please do this one https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/3747 really good bestiality

Someone please update this shota artist https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/9195

So far, ive been able to use the fantia for browsing altho missing thumbnails really makes it kinda hard. But my biggest gripe has to be the network errors everytime i try to download something. Especially big vids. It just cuts the downloads abruptly and i have to restart. Which wont be a problem if i can finish ANY of my downloads.


Btw i was trying to download this guy's stuff: https://yiff.party/fantia/7281

so it seems like the missing posts get updated but the content doesn't appear on recent posts
the notification of missing content appear but then it disappear and the content is still missing
can someone please fix this
also if someone could post these 2 artists it would be awesome

How do i download? The network keeps getting error

i cant see the download for doujinshis. is this normal?

The preview image files break down and take long time to load.

ugh.jpg (81.8KiB, 495x489) save_alt

>still no fucking browsable creator list for Fantia
Jesus fucking Christ, Bui, get your shit together

Well i know fantia support is still in development but can someone update https://yiff.party/fantia/5264 please? Thanks in advance

This isn't a request thread.

Could someone add the content of this artist please? https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/4034

This is not a request thread dude.

is fantia also not showing pictures anymore?

shows post are up to date but some content still missing

As mentioned before, if the post has "expired", then it will not count as a missing post. It only counts missing posts that someone could import if they subbed to a paid plan right now. Whether that's a design choice or technical limitation, I don't know.

can u add pls https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/15528
and there is no payed photo for https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/2631
and ty for this link have a nice day ^^

can u add pls https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/15528
and there is too much missing post payed https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/2631
i hope u answer me
ty and have a nice day ^_^

the fantia side when you go into a creator the images all show up as broken, but you can click into it to get to see the file, so the thumbnailing isn't loading properly

Some fantia content can be found on hentai gang https://discord.gg/vJwZ8FZ

Well maybe someone already pointed this out but...does the fantia support shows download links or not? Because there's some posts that say "free download" and stuff like that and they just have one thumbnail of a comic or a video etc but no download or show options


if possible

please add Rose Mella

https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/29031 please add this

Request for Tsukasa


File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay but when are we getting fanbox support? Hardly anyone uses fantia, and even when they do, it's still a hassle to search for fantia artists and nobody updates them.

please update this fantia creator


fantia scraper beta problem:
This artist has posted new posts, but the yiff.party page shows the posts as being up-to-date even though it is clear that posts are completely missing. not even the free preview that comes with Fantia posts is showing up.

Anyone else experiencing this with their favorite artists and pages?

please update




upload plz ~

Please, this artist needs update.
Also, it says it only has one missing content but that's not true.


Thank you very much.

Please anyone can update all Mmd fantai ?

Not a request thread.

I have a techie question - how does yiff get the full size images out of Fantia? When I try to save them directly from Fantia they are downsized.


please thx~


if possible

I keep forgetting this was added. I wonder why hmmm?

Are thumbnails ever going to be fixed?

This project is more than dead

Has this fantia creator been added yet:

Can someone add him please? ;;


When are thumbnails getting fixed? And when are we getting a fantia creators list like we have for patreon?


The Fantia implementation still has some issues to work out. Maybe importers will start using it more if people actually gave feedback here to improve it instead of begging.

Can we get an update for this lad

Can someone add him please?


Is it possible to get the Thalia set. Aka the saria from ocarina


Add this creator (Dhibi) please.....She has quality kinky/femdom hentai.

This guy is pretty good.

So posts that are empty means they've expired?

yes, either that or the account importing them isnt pledged at the correct tier

Does anyone know how the fantia overseas paypal thing work. Do i really need a minimum of 50k yen for that?

Does anyone know how the fantia overseas paypal thing work. Do i really need a minimum of 50k yen for that?

Can someone upload this one ? https://yiff.party/fantia/33960

zeroshiki_kouichi tiamat_(fate_grand_order) f8280e1204e26d48abe8a337f643bea7.jpg (557.9KiB, 848x1200) save_alt

Not sure if anyone is taking requests for Fantia or if this project is still alive, but if there's a slim chance can someone please add this creator https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/42027

Anyone here from SEA who's mastercard is able to pledge. Mine isn't allowing me to pledge. P. S it isn't a credit card btw, it's a debit

502 - Bad Gateway on most images.

Some people can't read, apparently.
This ins't a request thread.

Who cares.

Do what I say cuz I said it.

Please donate we don’t have much time left!

Please update this https://yiff.party/fantia/6028

Please upload the video https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/368827 and update

I don't know which one of you updated
But thank you

why isn't the picture full ...? sad😭

When will you implement Fantia creators into the yiff.party homepage?


page claims to be up to date but doesn't have 1080p content from:

Can somebody update this user's missing content? https://yiff.party/fantia/42027


Can somebody please update:

I thought that this was about Fanta.

can someone pls update

I have a question about a fantia content creator. their name is "Taka84mmd" who creates touhou MMD porn, real good shit.

my question (if anyone here is a subscriber or a patron of his in fantia): are his videos in fantia (which is paywalled) longer than the ones he puts up in his twitter? I'm fed up with waiting for websites to release leaked content from him and I plan to subscribe.

But before I do, I wanna know if what I'm about get when I pony up cash if is equal, less or more, I dont want to pay an amount just to get some measly 1, 2 or 3 minute video. He updates once or twice within a week or two about his works which is (sorta) consistent.

Measly is an over exaggeration (pardon about that) But if I had access to all his videos while I'm subscribed, then the monthly subscription amount would be worth it.

https://yiff.party/fantia/33026 the older sets are still available if someone can get them

Can someone add
only 3 posts so far, 1st one is 400 yen and the other two are 0 yen

https://yiff.party/fantia/7069 Seems to be missing posts and didnt have any of the paid posts.

Anyone this one please ^^ would gladly apperciated

Please update
Name artist: 6pa_mmdのデカ乳ファンクラブ (6pa_mmd)
Tier: plan 500円/月 pay to access
link artist’s Yiff.party page https://yiff.party/fantia/41046
Comment: the pay wall access video is not available Example of this https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/356010
Please update.

Name artist: (MMD MARUSU)
Tier: plan 500 yen / month
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/3369
Comment: the video pay to access is not updated please updated all if somebody in charge on this example of his work not really updated the access pay wall https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/369366

Name artist: MP-7Lのファンクラブ (MP-7L)
Tier: Support plan
300 yen / month
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/6028
Comment: the videos are not really updated specially the paywall access videos example is this https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/315491 please update

Name artist: ろっぴーファンクラブ (ro@ろっぴー)
Tier: やったー!
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/25268
Comment: https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/358533 most of the long version with access to pay videos are not really updated thus cannot be access.
Name artist: Raven's 紳士MMD (LTC. Raven)
Tier: plan 500円/月
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/26763
Comment most of the access to pay video are not updated cannot be access.
Name artist: カニファンクラブ (カニ)
Tier: 300円/月
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/29223
Comment the access to pay videos are not really updated here on yiff.party

Name artist: ShamuMMD (ShamuMMD)
Tier: Rice ball plan (R-18)
100 yen / month
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/6073
Comment: one of his work example https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/368827 please updated the paywall video

Name artist: 紳士向けMMD「Deep会」 (deepkiss)
Tier: plan 300円(税込)
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/4681
Comment: most of the r18 is not updated example https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/369860
Name artist: 陽 夜ファンクラブ (陽 夜)
Tier: (・∀・)つ150円
link artist’s Yiff.party page: https://yiff.party/fantia/10320
Comment most of the work is not really updated please check example of is this https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/306688 the r18. Video cannot be access.

4384 is still missing a few works, such as extras in https://yiff.party/fantia/posts/270022

You're saying that https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/2631is already on fantia? How do I find this creator?


you take their fanclub ID and just paste it after "https://yiff.party/fantia/"

please, anyone who subscribed to this gold shit https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/15335

You're a good person, thank you

someone has muchin content, and can someone help how i subscribe to fantia? https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/3801

None of their posts actually have anything, any of them would be appreciated


Super Big titty girl plz


https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/3967 Yeah, I know we already have his patreon, but he said he's not using it for paid models anymore.

Because who doesn't like pregnant lolis?

Please update
https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/14555 Because it's Takeda

Please this https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/3887


Redlight without a joke one of the most talented hentai artist out there.

Sadly he stopped publishing, and didn't post for half a year already.

I merely bought one post, i will post him here if i can.


Redlight without a joke one of the most talented hentai artist out there.

Sadly he stopped publishing, and didn't post for half a year already.

I merely bought one post, i will post him here if i can.

please add

Please update

Can I kindly request an update for Mochizuki Mochio? Thank you ♪

is gumroad possible to rip gumroad? That would solve so many complaints on here...

I meant "is it possible to rip gumroad like Fantia and Patreon", not sure what happened there

please add

Can someone add this artist, please?


Where I can access the list of Fantia creators? http://yiff.party/fantia/ always give me 404.

Cab someone please add this artist? i have been waiting for this forever.

I CANNOT WAIT for pixiv fanbox to be added to yiff.party

An anon already imported some of Taka84's posts to Yiff. You can browse through some of the older posts to check out the content. I think most posts are usually just higher quality versions of the Twitter videos. However, some posts do include extra content. Though since Taka84 has no thumbnails in posts and give a minimal description, there's no way to know until you subscribe. Keep in mind you won't get all the past contents instantly for subscribing since he restricts it by time, so you'd have to buy backorders for it.


https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/32569 add this creator plz...

Can someone add this creator to the list? https://fantia.jp/posts/276489

Someone please import the expired content of this creator!


Someone please update last 3 posts!!!
https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/14555 (Takeda Hiromitsu)


Anyone who can do the great favor of adding KickTyan?

Does fantia only take yen?

No, it supports currency as long your payment method supports conversion. I have a credit card from a major American bank and Fantia accepts it with no problems. I believe some anons said it also accepts Paypal which most likely supports foreign currency conversion too.

Is anyone here has mmd archive on discod collection of mmd from fantia or patreon saved on mega link? Please invite us on sharing mmd,?

fantia is still broke


Yeah please fix it fantia is showing the first part of posts but not the other stuff

i know half of this guys stuff doesn't show up https://yiff.party/fantia/3585

The first image for a post works but the rest don't

please Update this CG



Please Please Please


Please Please Please


Please Please Please

yeah fantia is still broken

this one is kind of broken fix it pls https://yiff.party/fantia/3585

thanks for the new 4384

Pixiv FANBOX and Subscribestar support, please! An increasing number of people are jumping ship from Patreon for various reasons.


Please Please Please

please update