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hlbalbums.pk-Tabby(1).png (312.0KiB, 410x728) save_alt

Since Onlyfans is getting bigger than Patreon.Can u all implement Onlyfans content as well?

agreed with you



How about this: We give you the tools and you host the servers? 3DPD/PAWG thots need to GTFO from YP

YP is surviving coz of thots don't forget that.


These furries don't contribute anything for the site. They just fap to animal sex

0/10 newfag

> does not know what YIFF means
> literally a furry word
If that is true then surly you can leave and let us die alone right? Otherwise, maybe you are relying on US.

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Atleast we are normal people who fap to girls. U people fap to animals. I hope you furries don't own any pet animal lol. Heres a picture for you all to fap to

Keep telling yourself that

>U people fap to animals

And you don't? >>53514

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They are basically beta CUCKs and SIMPs who like THOTs and PAWGs who should GTFO and KYS

+1 also interested

There are some good thots on the service, but they will never get my money

>European 3DPD shit
nobody getting fucked over by that
go somewhere else

Also interested, l am not sure what is on about all the furry stuff said above, but there is quite a lot of good models going onlyfans

> not sure what is on about all the furry stuff
You are standing on our soil, we built this site for weebs and furries, and you just have to ask for MORE?
How about you make your own system with this instead? https://github.com/DIGITALCRIMINAL/OnlyFans
Learn to code you fucking SIMPs.

Why don't u create a system for us u dweeb

Because I am not your fucking slave, you simpnigger.

Then quit complaining u furrfag

The person who initiate this thread should bare all the responsibility.
Yes you, Eric "Jude Enabler" Cartman

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Not a furry, you simping faggot.

Damn, is this 4chan?

YiffParty: Made by 4chan, For chan

I actually agree with that i need dulctdoll’s