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Takedown KylinKalani or face the consequenceslock

images (1).jpg (1.0KiB, 300x300) save_alt

We will make sure to take this site to Authorities. This will be the last time I ask nicely.

Yeah, but they probably won't do anything since there are no damages. If anything, they'll probably question why you're basically thotting your daughter, online.

If you didn't do that in the first place, the content wouldn't be here. Or perhaps you'd feel better if you took your daughter's place? Since you care so much about... Whatever it is you're miffed about, regarding her.

Here's a question, does your daughter have a problem with the content being here? I personally don't care for, nor enjoy their content, but seriously, you've made multiple threads about the same thing. Like I'm not trying to be an arsehole, but what do you even want, really? Who's to say your daughter's content isn't being archived elsewhere, right now?

Can you please shut the fuck up, and just start your daughters porn career already, because these slutty pics of her are becoming boring fap material.

LOL you're still at it! Your daughter is ugly, and your "face the concequences" threat scares nobody.

How do we know if it's really her that's posting here?

Jane this site is operated offshore out of the US you can't do shit sorry. You are about the 900th take down request for the site.
You are just a name and a laugh at this point.
I love how people like you feel like you are entitled to the content you choose to share with people in public.
You want some advice? Tell Kylin to send photos to her Patreons in private. You can automate Patreon rewards to be sent as messages to individuals.
If you don't do that then sorry, She will forever have her photos stolen on sites like Yiff.Party. Learn to manage piracy. Takedown requests do nothing but fuel sharing.

Once on Internet, forever on Internet

^This, >>54711 .

Ha, no

LOL. Says the mother sexually exploiting their own daughter for e-thot profits. Something that I think is most definitely illegal, if you're in the US.

Jane, you are a horrible, despicable, morally bankrupt slut that is treating her own daughter like a sex doll. If anything, I should alert the authorities to take YOU down instead.

Please see the entitled artists thread for further information

can we get the admin to ban Jane?
she literally has nothing to do other than occasionally going to this site and threatening to "shut down" this site.

the only thing facing consequences will be your daughter's face

this bitch needs a good dicking.

You must be an autist.

"face the consequences" lmfao. Seeth harder.

These kids here need to learn some manners.

I'm sorry, madam, but the request you submitted again, cannot be fulfilled at this time, nor in the future.

You may take it to the authorities, but they may question, why you post salacious content of your young daughter, from the outset.

I realize that you are upset, but there's nothing we can do.

Have a nice day, Jane. I hope you're able to rest well in this new year, knowing your daughter is a digital "stripteaser" (yet), by your own hand.

There you go faggot, anon 54921 was a complete gentleman.

Everyone ITT are a bunch of summerfags and need to learn to stop feeding the trolls
>sage goes in every field

You guys know her mom is the one that is or was maintaining the patreon, right?

delet this shit.png (20.6KiB, 647x115) save_alt


That doesn't stop them from doing that shit anyway, there's no moderation or enforcement of that rule.

lol there's been threads existing for months that break that rule.

do it then

you're a horrible person and i hope you know that

I rather face the consequences, thank you

ik, but its really sad and annoying to see (possibly) the same person repeating the same shit again and again

No, YOU are!

No, we should tell HER to face the consequence if she continues with this bullshit.

Not being an ass with this response but in agreement; refer to:

And maybe this one >>54717
Mostly the op being quiet about now, as it doesn't solve anything to threaten a bunch of anons. I do see your point though, since there's several threads of empty threats.

At this point, a formal open letter to "Jane" would be in order.

Trolls trolling trolls, neither of these threads are made by Jane just some looser from that sadfucks Freshmodel forum. /thread

Do you have any evidence backing that claim?

Untitled.jpg (137.3KiB, 2718x338) save_alt

If you dont have 2 digit IQ it should be enough to figure it out. Freshmodel thread got cleaned up so that post is long gone.

Literally anyone can write he's Jane. Seriously how stupid you have to be to buy this shit?