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da6.png (147.8KiB, 680x578) save_alt

is there a way to download the content hosted on I cant seem to find anything hard aside from a google result that seems sketchy and a few mentions of "yiffy-get" but I cant find a download for it

Here is an alternative you can feel good about
If you want to see the scraper for YP then get on

Parser would be here:

But please join the Discord, we are all open and friendly there for the most part. Hydrus can be a bit scary for sure in terms of the UI.

Hydrus is more than just a download client though, its a tag/file manager first and a downloader second.

Folders are the devil's work!

Or just drop the Link into Jdownloader.

Are you gonna use folders and filenames too? With no tags?
That's one way to make a mess in your filesystem aswell as limit your own input on the files.

While you could place files in folder>folder>folder.... then name them with certain info in its filename... its so limited.
That would require you to have copies of the files or symlinks to get enough tags from the folders.

Or you could add xmp tags.... but that changes the file instead of keeping it as is.
Lets also forget about that only a few formats actually support embedded metadata.

Just use Hydrus if you want actual control of your files and actual tagging.

Also helps that you can download from any booru or any supported site without issues.... even automatically on a timer.


Nah, Hydrus is a total mess

What is wrong with it?

Hydrus is literally an application needed to view the files organized, once you separate the Hydrus setup from files they'll be in real mess, because they don't put some context in the filesystem. Knowing iOS, Android, everything else, you're better off having them organized in filesystem side too. Just have right nomenclature in the filesystem and you'll be fine, what Hydrus has been doing is quite backwards.

I use the downloader posted a while back yiff.bat and yiff.txt and the only thing I wish could be updated on it is to append a digit to the end of the file names since most are named post_file.jpg

You might want to take a look at in regards to how they do things, it is easy for people to search for images that way.