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22836287.png (4.1KiB, 200x200) save_alt

I've been working on something for a couple of weeks, test it if you want.
User lookup is not a thing yet, if you know the ID's you can put it in manually.

This seems quite promising, keep up the good work op

>S3 for file storage
you must be high

Seconded that, it is better for people to invest their time in P2P architectures instead.

It's down

Well this is brilliant, I've just spun up a VM for it and it's looking pretty good. I was planning on using it to download my own stuff, so for now I might just use the importer-test file. It's only pulling down 9 images right now then (what I think is) cleanly exiting but I'm guessing that's just for testing, although I haven't been able to see any such variables yet (I am a bit of a brainlet though, could just be scraping everything from 2020)
Thanks for all the hard work, hopefully this can be the yiff.party clone we've all been looking for.
Something something if it could import and host yiff.party scrapes, well, I'm getting ahead of myself there. You've done a fantastic job so far, keep up the good work!

The server ran out of space and killed the Docker container. It should be fine now, will look for longer term solutions that don't involve saving everything to /tmp

ye, importer-test only scrapes from the first page by default for testing purposes. You can change the limit at the counter check at the very bottom, or you can just remove it.

Ah, thanks, working perfectly now.
This is seriously a godsend, I was just about to look at scraping YP of a creator I'm about to stop contributing to, this is infinitely better.
Even though most people don't give a shit, saving the comments would be a nice feature to implement at some point, but I'm really not fussed.
Anyway, thanks again for everything. I'm glad YP no longer has a monopoly on archiving Patreon.

load more button doesn't work

Probably a database querying issue, will look into it.

Looks cool, would like to see more of it.


What does this do that yiff.party doesn't?

It is FOSS, you can help the developer add features if you learn to code.
Yes, instead of dealing with YP's closed source bullshit we can actually build our future, one line at a time.

So, nothing then?

And Patreon can readily study your tricks to develop countermeasures.

nocoder spotted. If you can't code you can't add support for Fantia, Fanbox and others as well, and people can patch problems faster than Admin.

same can already be said for YiffParty, it is just that Patreon put no effort into stopping us in the first place because of legal ramifications (see the entitled artist thread)
Any attempts of having countermeasures either uses:
browser/API fingerprints (website's code is public, workarounds are easy assuming they don't change layouts),
browser/API speedbumps/limiters (can be defeated by more scraper machines/accounts, "strength in numbers"), or
file fingerprints (PrimeLeap failed because it has easy workarounds like denoising and EXIF removal)
If you were to say that the first point is an issue, it applies to YiffParty as well. "If it can break Kemono, it WILL break YP."

Load more button fixed, Cloudfront wasn't forwarding shit correctly.

There are no "tricks." The Patreon API is publicly accessible and hasn't changed in years, there are command line tools made in 2016 that still work. They don't give enough of a shit to intentionally break scrapers.

It's open source. Anyone can fix bugs and add new features and scrapers instead of waiting for me to do it, and if you don't like how I run things, you can fork the project and make your own site. A monopoly is impossible.

So someone could add a pixiv fanbox importer?

Yes. I myself am adding Fantia and OnlyFans next, but anyone with programming knowledge can add Fanbox.

>There are no "tricks."
then why does your scraper require a captcha solver lol

You should add gumroad support aswell

Fantia? So another case where 99% of the artists uploaded only have free plans imported? Wouldn't it be better to have an importer that yiff doesn't have alongside onlyfans? Or is this because you only know how to add those 2 alone? In that case then it's understandable.

>you can add your own scraper if you learn to code!

I know how to add more of course, was just considering Fantia to achieve feature parity with YP. But if its' implementation will mostly be a waste, I won't bother.
Thinking about Fanbox and SubscribeStar.

Neat. Fanbox is the most popular japanese paywall site since it's connected to Pixiv, doesn't have the nigh-useless free plans like Fantia does so it won't have the same issues yiff has with it now where you don't even know if an artist has paid stuff imported without manually checking everyone each time. I'm subscribed to a bunch of artists on fanbox so I can help with importing.

>there are command line tools made in 2016 that still work.
Speaking of, does anyone know of any scrapers that grab everything, comments included?
So far the only ones I've seen all grab everything else, but yiff seems to have the only one that grabs comments.

Fuck, I was working on a similar implementation, but I'm really glad we had the same idea with asynchronous scraping. I might implement an offline solution instead (scraping directly from front-end elements) for easier importation.

No just put your crap on GitHub so we can all share the knowledge. Also others have already done offline solutions with years of experience.
http://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/ https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus https://discord.gg/vy8CUB4

> Fantia and OnlyFans
> Gumroad
> Fanbox and SubscribeStar

If there aint any thots then don't expect me there

Please, PLEASE no thots

Why would you host this on AWS?

>same can already be said for YiffParty,
Yiff.Party isn't open source, so it can't be studied nearly as readily.

>The Patreon API is publicly accessible and hasn't changed in years
Countermeasures don't end at the API.

>They don't give enough of a shit to intentionally break scrapers.
They managed to cripple Yiff.Party just from Admin's OpSec fuck-ups. It'd be even more crippled now had Yiff.Party been open source.

>It's open source. Anyone can fix bugs and add new features and scrapers instead of waiting for me to do it, and if you don't like how I run things, you can fork the project and make your own site
For its potential to act on Yiff.Party's flaws, the last thing Kemono.Party needs is a big OpSec failure waiting to happen. It'd be better to vet and recruit trusted developers and rethink how the public participates in Kemono.Party's development.

Every time YP importer died it was because cloudflare was improving their bot detection algorithms, not because patreon was implementing any counter-measures against YP. They don't give shit about scrappers, their only move in response to them was the addition of upfront payments so people can't get the content without actually paying for it. I've been working on my own patreon scrapper for years so I know what I'm talking about.

Exactly, at least support multiple hosts at the same time to prevent shutdowns, and please for the love of god implement P2P for caching or backup.

> They managed to cripple Yiff.Party just from Admin's OpSec fuck-ups. It'd be even more crippled now had Yiff.Party been open source.
> For its potential to act on Yiff.Party's flaws, the last thing Kemono.Party needs is a big OpSec failure waiting to happen. It'd be better to vet and recruit trusted developers and rethink how the public participates in Kemono.Party's development.
"Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" ~Eric S. Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar (1999)

If that is true then a lot of people in this thread are retarded.

New update, search added. Please tell me if there are any bugs.

> please for the love of god implement P2P for caching or backup
Looking into options for this.

>embedding inline images directly from Patreon
Not only are you leaking IPs, you're also leaking the identity of the person who imported a specific post. Those token hashes also expire after a while.

That was an oversight on my end, will push a fix as soon as possible.

>Every time YP importer died it was because cloudflare was improving their bot detection algorithms
The importer had its share of hiccups prior to Cloudflare's actions, so it can't honestly be said that Cloudflare was responsible for "Every time" the importer broke.

>"Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" ~Eric S. Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar (1999)
Shallow enough for Patreon to exploit. Let's not neglect basic OpSec and ruin a (potentially) good thing.

search doesn't work for anything other than "iryanici"
"load more" button doesn't work

So how do we get back to bot scrapers working, and no longer needing to rely on generous patrons for import/uploads?

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.08.58 PM.png (91.1KiB, 1208x544) save_alt

Works over here.
CUF killed any chance of that.

Finally, someone actually doing something instead of whining. Nice work. Though if you manage to split the community then both sites would probably die...

Which is why we need a link system that binds the two sites together...

If u include models and thots then consider me in for donations. Otherwise I aint coming to ur site

No and good riddance. I'm not paying to store e-whores.


Split the site, database, and crypto payment channels in two, so both of you can be happy while not bothering the other, is that okay?

>Though if you manage to split the community then both sites would probably die...


A bit of an update, since I haven't committed to the repository in a while.
The inline image update should be pushed today; sorry for the wait. I've been working on transitioning the entire program to MongoDB which is why development has been choked a little. It's clear Kemono's time with NeDB is up. Data loss issues have happened multiple times, and I am overall looking for more reliable options. It requires a significant change to the existing codebase, so it'll be a while.
Also, Fanbox is incoming, but I need test data. If someone could dump https://www.pixiv.net/ajax/fanbox/index into a Pastebin, that would be great. Need postListOfSupporting and supportingPlans specifically.

*err, i mean someone who actually pledges to people on there. empty data would be useless.

Thanks to the person who dropped the data in the Mumble. Going to start implementing.


who this is kemono.party????

crappy yp knockoff

More like YP but actually tries to git gud instead of shitting everywhere.

Please take a look at >>57187 if you have time. This might be a game changer.

what is missing is that which apart from patreon can link links with patronite. And other page

A 1 beta


Okay faggot, OpSec is nothing if you can't service people.

How does good OpSec prevent you from serving the people?

plz add for more

Could you please get on Telegram, assuming Discord and Imageboards are off the table? Mumble are annoying to use and RiotIM is shit.

Done. Shut down the Mumble.

Site will be down for a couple of hours, switching from Cloudfront to Cloudflare.

It is not just hosting servers that can censor, reverse proxies can do the job just as well.

I thought about it, and just decided to eat the risk for the saved costs. Kiwi Farms, 4chan, and yiff.party use them with zero general issues.
The recent MangaDex situation was shitty though, not going to give them any personal information.

Fanbox scraper is done, need people to test it.

How exactly do I use this?

Install Node, and run importers/fanbox/importer-test.js <key/PHPSESSID>. I'll put it on the server when it is confirmed to be working.

can an option to disable infinite scrolling be added?

Infinite scrolling isn't a thing in Kemono, what are you talking about?

I mean the load more button, not infinite scrolling, I was thinking it could be switched out with a next page button

Added concurrency support to the database, try importing again if it stopped in the middle before.

Will probably switch to pages yeah

Also still need people to test the Fanbox script.

CPU load issues patched.

Would if I knew how to "install Node." Sorry, not a programmer.
Could someone who actually knows how to use this please test it already?

Downtime for a bit, switching to higher RAM server

Would love to see some help as well.

codemonkeys.png (9.8KiB, 490x36) save_alt

Downtime, server ran out of space

codemonkeys.png (9.8KiB, 490x36) save_alt

Downtime, server ran out of space


Fanbox support is live, decided to just let people test on the site instead of manually running the script.
Imported posts do not show in recent. Embeds are not supported. I cannot guarantee the archive will be permanent if shit goes wrong.

How to access an imported fanbox artist's page then?


i'm backing one artist via Fanbox and would like to add them to KP but i'm not sure where i'd need to look for my session cookie. Would I find it the same way I do for Fantia?

add this: https://www.patreon.com/jagon

! ! ! ! ! !
! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
B ! ! ! ! ! B ! !
I ! ! ! ! I ! !
A ! ! ! A ! ! !
T ! ! T ! ! !
N ! N ! ! ! ! !
E E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
H E N T A I B ! ! ! ! !
E E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
N ! N ! ! ! ! !
T ! ! T ! ! !
A ! ! ! A ! ! !
I ! ! ! ! I ! !
B ! ! ! ! ! B ! !
! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! ! ! ! ! !
! ! ! !
! !

https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/1092867 please import this

simps can leave. this is weeb country.

It doesn't work for artists whose content you still have access to at the moment but have unsubscribed from right? Subscribing gives you access to all the tier's content, including future ones, for the rest of the month even if you unsubscribe.

someone import this if they have a subscription.

Add jagon for patreon

Working on fixing memory/crash issues, things may be unstable right after the importer runs.
Also if anyone here is a devfag, your help would be appreciated.

Any chance you can publish your dockerfile?

Ask on GitHub issues, otherwise YES we need a Dockerfile

I use Dokku in production, which builds the container on demand. But sure, I could make one

Full Gumroad support is live.

Same way you get other cookies, try looking at this help guide?

Was talking about this in the Telegram, but would you guys want Patreon DM scraping as an option? (opt-in, not default)

Wow this site has come a long way, keep up the great work. ^u^

Also not sure how DM scraping would work, as I'm not sure of the ins and outs of it, but it would be nice. Passwords and all that stuff.

Is the fanbox importer even working?

Should be? Not like I have anything to debug it with.

Ah, there was a typing error. Try importing again

Please get some testers on Telegram

Remember: https://t.me/kemonoparty

Another patch for the Fanbox scraper is live.

The importer appears to be working but errors still occur. Pushing more patches shortly

Thank you for working on it.

Purged all Fanbox posts as the majority of the files were corrupted due to an issue with the scraper. Please re-import.

What about Gumroad?

Only Fanbox was affected.

Someone import GlacierClear's stuff

Edit support for Patreon is now live. You should now be able to import artists like Spindles who use placeholders.

HOLY FUCK! YES! Admin of yiff.party should do same, but doesn't seem he's even trying.

But regardless! Can't wait to see how Spindles will react on this.

I re-imported after your post and it looks like fanbox pages don't want to show any posts.


Logs are saying the importer hits 404s on user pages, investigating.

Pixiv changed their API, other tools are having issues as well. Monitoring the situation.

Pixiv importer should be working now.

Add this please


Can you improve website UI? I kind of want a proper creator discovery page. Also what's your take on those with poor artistic value?

Pushed another patch for the new Fanbox API. Thanks for the patience.

Will eventually, need to brainstorm what it would look like though.
>what's your take on those with poor artistic value?
Art should be created for the sake of the art itself. If you payscum, in my opinion, you do not deserve to be called an artist.

>Pushed another patch for the new Fanbox API.
Should we reimport our session keys?


Yes, for god's sake, add subscribestar

The thing about adding new paysites now is that I'm unable to test them if they don't have a free option, which is why implementing Gumroad was so quick, and why Fanbox support is so slow. SubscribeStar is entirely CUF and I wouldn't have the benefit of another tool to reference.

Is there a way to search by paysite instead of specific artist name?

Not yet, I'll add it though.

Seeth, jew. I work on this because I believe in the archival, free access, and de-commercialization of art on the internet. Every time you try to evade the scraper, I'll be right there to patch it up. Hopefully, more people will join the effort as time goes on.
Enjoy fucking over consumers and art enthusiasts while you can.

Nobody cares that you insult art like a jackass as a job, plenty of people do shitty and immoral things as "jobs". Lots of people make art out of passion and don't expect payment from anyone, why should the same not apply to you?
The fact you're still sperging so hard shows you're scared of YP and Kemono. You're scared that piracy is coming to prevent you from endlessly fucking over consumers, and giving back the freedoms you took away. You can pretend to be the small guy, but the reality is everyone who isn't a normalfag sees you for the slimy bottom-feeder you are.
Fuck you and fuck your paywall. Viva la resistance.

Out of curiosity would it be difficult to implement a way to search by platform rather than name? If fanbox and Fantia are now a part of the site a lot of their users are gonna be using japanese characters rather than the english alphabet, which aren't exactly the easiest thing to pop into a search engine.

Can anyone add https://gumroad.com/sugarwaifu please

Hey, Highly appreciated if Buxbi's posts were added!


A reminder that most of these artists violate tax, obscenity and copyright laws themselves, and the only way to nullify their crimes is to allow the art to be free.

Kemono now archives posts with multiple post/audio files.

>We create, you pay.
Yeah, we pay for what you make. It's ours now, bitch.

Nice argument.

A reminder that this thread >>56233 outlines all the sins of the artists and why we are on the right side of history

Would highly appreciate if someone could add Moki and/or Nikubo's posts

Pixiv did something at the API against, all requests are getting blocked. Will investigate.

you need something that speedbumps the scraper to protect your IP address.

Someone import Piroro's stuff please

Yeah, I tried to add a Fanbox page I'm backing but it hasn't scraped all post, just a few.

Amethyst_Mare add

Can somebody import this please?
The password and links get updated, so the yiff.party dump is missing over half the content.



Could someone please add Kotobuki's fanbox? He's made everything paywalled now.

Nice, this seems promising. Can someone grab some of these?

Anyone willing to grab some of these?

Files on kemono.party aren't getting the exact filenames from Patreon, they've got underscores instead of spaces for example, why is that? Not just kemono.party, yiff.party has been doing the same thing, it used to have exact filenames in the past, but now lately they've replaced spaces with underscore and then removed parentheses and maybe more. The primeleap posts on yiff.party (good examples at https://yiff.party/patreon/105255#primeleap_posts) still have spaces in filenames so I don't know anymore the hell's with yiff.party.

Why can't we have exact filenames from Patreon?


Probably an optimization since programmers likes underscores rather than spaces and braces. Can be fixed but require a lot of bodge.

They should know the exact filenames if they want to preserve something, this sounds like programmer's preference over preservation.

I care more about the file duplication due to filename differences so that's another problem.

> this sounds like programmer's preference over preservation
You might want to do some basic reading regarding how HTML and URL can mess up strings, it is not a preference but rather some technical hurdle that most programmers don't want to deal with.

The site's still pretty empty. Is there going to be some big upload push at some point?


fuck off.

Getting real tired of this site not properly updating (it feels like the admin is so apathetic about fixing the problems with the site), so is it alright that I request that a few creators are added to Kemono?

Michiyoshi (Patreon):
Opik Oort:
Rebis (Patreon):

This is not a request thread.

This isn't a Kemono board either

Quit whining when others do a better job than YP

I just saw some people making requests on this board for kemono.party and I just thought that doing that would be a valid method in requesting creators be added to it. And I know what some people are gonna say in response to that: "You want to make requests for Kemono.Party, do it through Telegram."

Telegram is better in this case.

based fuck e-thots and simps


Telegram is asking me for my phone number. Just to be able to log in.
I don't have a phone of my own, and I sure as hell ain't gonna use my mother's phone.

I think I know HTML and URL well enough. For illegal characters in url I'd rather have them percent-encoded than using underscore in placement of spaces, so they can be distinct and match up with Patreon's filenames when decoded. Also I almost didn't noticed that the filename on HTML have spaces, the underline made it hard to see.

Consider a throw-away account, if not then tough we actually care about our OpSec, unlike those Discord Simps.

Attachment pictures seem to be missing


Fortunately, I do have a throwaway account already. UNfortunately, I still don't have a phone that I personally own.

A lot of people are beginning to praise the new site but... Where the fuck is everything..? It's blank.


Can you add the option to search by paysite?

Well that was weird, everything's there now.

I have 7 posts from Gerph on gumroad but the importer only imported 5?

same with e.snow, i have 3 but only one was imported?

Same anon from >>63549
Apparently it's a loading/bandwidth issue? I have pretty good internet so it's not on my end.

I can't really search for anything or it goes blank again. Idk maybe I'm just not letting it load?

Not just you

So like hardly anything loads. Great premise but maybe support could move to that site instead?

Did you keep the logs? If so please dump it on Telegram.

Yeah the servers are not perfectly stable, would require some more fiddling.

Oh hi, uh, I recommend you become verified
> Brave Creator
if you are running the Brave Browser, you'll see a purblue checkmark on the triangle BAT icon top right in this yiff.

here is https://creators.brave.com/
and the help is https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018210951-How-do-I-verify-my-website-or-domain-with-Brave-Payments-Video-Tutorial-

basically, you'll get a way of donation through people using Brave.

The problem is that such tokens may have the issue of inflation (if it is not a stablecoin or a coin based on codified limited supply).

fair point, escape characters are somewhat beneficial.

not sure if it's because nothing is imported or kemono just wont show fanbox posts. Seeing nothing.

https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/135770 this one was imported, but most of the images look like what happens when you save an image before it's finished loading - they're just abruptly cut off in random places. And other times, the page won't load at all, and you just get a blank page like usual.

I think if the page is blank and there's a "load more" button, it's correctly loading but nothing was imported, and otherwise, it's not loading correctly.

I actually imported that creator but i didnt mention it in my last post >>63655 becuase the site says fanbox support is experimental. after i entered my cookies i was getting 503's and 504's which probably led to the incomplete imports. thing is i tried importing with new cookies and that didnt fix the missing posts or even the corrupted ones.

Is "searching for a user" disabled? Never works when I try it

Thanks. I really hope they get fanbox support working - it's, like, the entire reason I'm here.

For me it just says "search for a user" but it wont let me search anything does anyone know how to fix this?

Please fix the blank issue before end of a month then I will consider importing before my subscription is over!

update.png (38.9KiB, 1074x168) save_alt

Was busy with personal stuff. Back to working on shit again, thank you for the patience.

Nice! Thank you!

No worries, I figured with all the crap going on right now IRL, there'd be some issues. Even if it wasn't, glad to see you're doing well.

Welcome back.

Could you maybe take a picture of your Gumroad library, maybe there's a load more button or something the importer needs to bypass.

It's a known issue, but I'm not sure what's causing it. Will keep an eye on logs.

get a voip from somewhere, textnow maybe?
tg web sucks, don't use it

How do I know the importer works?

Please don't shill Kemono in other threads, the site is still in an unfinished state and I don't want to step on any toes.
Will post with tripcode from now on (don't think this board software uses secure?)
Verification: https://kemono.party/tripcode.txt
You should see the posts on the front page.

There are missing pictures

read >>63483

I need a pledge with the source code?

Will you implement the "search by paysite" function any time soon?

Hey, so, I have no idea how to use this, so could you maybe give me a tutorial on how to set it up properly? Thanks in advance.

'd be great if some kind anon could grab however much works of jadf's fanbox
seems all this stuff has external links anyways so as long as it gets the text it should be golden

So just spit out a list of all users on a specific site? That would seem like an issue as the site grows.

Elasticsearch could solve that problem of "give me a list of users by partial spelling".

yea, you definitely need elasticsearch to do something that can be done in any sql server with "LIKE" operator.

At this point I'd take anything, right now I'm resorting to literally copy n pasting this crap あいうえおかきくけこがぎぐげごさしすせそざじずぜぞたちつてとだぢづでどなにぬねのはひふへほばびぶべぼぱぴぷぺぽまみむめもやゆよらりるれろわゐゑをん, one character at a time to find the fanbox/fantia artists not using roman characters...

cracked enterprise version anyone?

>>55614 >>55632 >>56135
gagawa ako ng kantotero site clone
>>56224 >>56081
make some sort of julay world webring or some shit (can admin plz install vichan lynx is shit)
ELI5 how do i install on windows server (i have all features installed)

>>64741 not working

> Vichan
PHP. nope. but yeah if you want thots run your own goddamn instance.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 8.32.50 PM.png (298.2KiB, 712x1062) save_alt

Discord support is in progress.

I recommend JSchan. https://github.com/fatchan/jschan
In case you need to debug your instance https://fatpeople.lol/t/index.html

load more button doesn't work
couldn't search the user so i used the id, but showed no content and a load more button

import this one pls
so much shit to buy, i just wanted to get a few set and that's all


will you also add in Fantia Support?

So are the images that are randomly cut off corrupted or is it some loading issue?

Loading issue according to admin


As well, please.

Does kemono.party have thenormies or rttv_?

Pixiv randomly drops connections for some reason. A patch is incoming

Could anyone add TAMADA HEIJUN to Kemono.party?
Thank you !!!

Are there plans to add a favorites page?

...use bookmarks?

Kemono needs a forum board like this one so that we can communicate once this site inevitably goes down

Yo can someone update Eigaka on Kemono.party?

Kemono doesn't have yuzhou. Don't care until it's there, which may be never lol

why would you be opposed to features

Can someone add https://gumroad.com/anthroanim to kemono.party?

Low on priority compared to searching, tagging, scrapping, seeding and more.

Then import it for us.

Getting 522 errors on the site.

Had to swap IPs real quick because of Cloudflare, should be good now.

hqdefault.jpg (10.9KiB, 480x360) save_alt

Cloudflare..! (Shakes fist)

An earlier commit meant to prevent infinite looping may have been stopping the importer short. This is fixed now, if you were experiencing issues like this please reimport.

Discord support is here. Some notes:
> To prevent casual/outsider use, the importer will avoid posts without images, links, or files
> The importer is not designed for use with very large servers
> Edit support will be added at a later date.
Please report issues!

Looking for https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/184530

Example of a Discord archive.

come over to fatchan https://fatpeople.lol/t/thread/1232.html
i will come back in a few days plz wait

i still havent found (collected) cracked version of elastisearch (not the opensource version)

what does YP think about hosting thots in a seperate instance (is it a good idea)

Please add https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/9392065

Thank you

Please add https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/9392065

Thank you

Hello! Recently i was looking for content from this user https://www.patreon.com/ahniki i would appreciate if anyone uploads them!
While im here could someone explain shortly on how to use kemono? Like in which tab are the contents uploaded? Sorry it takes me a while to understand what is what

Urging someone to add a Fanbox artist known as Eiroru to Kemono.party.

Many work examples, including previews of Fanbox content can be found at twitter
https://twitter.com/iru_ibu2 (artist often turns on protected mode)

Very happy to see the rapid development of the site BTW.

Could someone please reimport https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/30606065 from https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/30606065
Most of the images are broken.

I would like to see https://www.patreon.com/user?u=24400512 on kemono.party

There is no content for this user on there

Not a request thread

are there anyway to fix corrupt image?
or can you just purge it since showing it will just give people false hope?

Dunno as far as I know someone uploaded it long ago, and left, because importer was a bit bugged and cropped images left and right. I heard someone tried to update corrupted posts later when bug is fixed, but alas it failed. Maybe they would revisit it if original gallery has no updates I wouldn't hold hopes up. Purging is also low priority right now I might imagine because things are on their testing stage, however it would be nice if all corrupt galleries would be purged or marked in some way.

These were imported pre-patch. I'll purge them so they can be reimported.

thanks it would be appreciated.


Most images are cut off here.

Can you purge >>65988 and >>66196 as well please?

It's dead?

Ah it's back up.

How do i search for creators in Kemono? I can't seem to find any of my favorite creators

Depending on whom you're searching for, they may or may not be on there at the moment.
The site IS still fairly new, so give it some time to grow. '3


The Yiff Archivers are moving some of the scraped contents into Kemono, it takes time and work to do so.

>>59853 codemonkey
>>63364 simp
>>61674 seeth

my other comment got covered >>65934

nobody cares about your negativity



Pornhub is where you're going

Sure. and you are here to finish your science work.

https://www.patreon.com/user?u=179861 someone wanna add this guy? all his shit here is placeholders and its fucking annoying.

I notice that your site seems to be able to host discord content, but is it possible to FIND a discord based off an image posted from one?

this guy was just asking did you see the ELI5

you mean psychology work (thats why we analyze trolls)

I wonder if people is actually using it since update is wayyy slower than yiff

It takes work to develop something comparable. patience grasshopper.

more than one would need to go to the psychologist yes!

kemono party is 404'ing, rip kemono party.

>missing the point

is it possible to add this?


don't know why, but instead of showing 503 error, they always show 404 error then come back online after few minutes

Using the worlds best file hosting? Yea, totally crazy.

Server's been weirdly unstable for the last few days, trying to investigate the issue

telegram is shit https://yiff.party/bbs/read/7866#7967

no it is not, just because YP users are it does not mean Kemono will be.

Can someone add https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/28757074 posts pls? and thank you

Someone please add this. He hasn't posted any art publicly in months. Thanks in advance.

ugh nigga


furries/normies out there just to let you know pornhub is a shit community with lots of ads also https://anony.link/http://chng.it/pf9bKPksPQ
i suggest you go somewhere else

>>67376 kek forgot my bump

Someone please add https://www.patreon.com/user?u=29424129

Please donate

Can somebody upload this?

can someone please add https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/35270841 ?

hey, author of kemono.party. i have a problem. somehow i can't download this link https://kemono.party/attachments/fanbox/871625/219989/スターオーシャン.zip the filename of the zip is all japanese maybe the problem is there.