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How long does it take for an update?

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I was wondering how long does it take to get an update after clicking the request update button in a creator's page?

It all depends whomever puts their patreon activity into the importer and if they feel like updating it at anytime.
Even then, there’s a smaller chance that you might get the entirety of one of the tiers. You can be a supporter and only import the free posts, I know, it sucks. There are some who pledged for the higher tiers haven’t updated the supported creators in months or years.
I’ve requested for SA97 to be updated since May-July and watched it grow from 180 missing posts to 269 and counting. Only 209 post were uploaded. Now I only get the free posts every other week/month.

I would like to be impatient and spam the threads like that guy who requests thenormies. For now just wait.

I hate to break it to ya but the update button is useless and doesn't actually do anything

The button doesn’t do shit tbh. I’ve requested for Yagami Yato to be updated 4 months ago and no one has done anything

Requesting an update doesn't guarantee that it will be updated, it could simply be that no supporters are aware/want to import it.
Does anyone know if the button actually does anything? More of a question for importers who should be getting something than people who only request.

Yeah the request button is basically for display purposes only, I don't even know if there's a way for users to even see requests, there used to be a top 10 requested artists on the homepage, but they never changed and it was constantly the same 9 ethot patreons and MAYBE one furry artist over and over again, which is why admin removed the feature.

But I've had almost 2 dozen artists "update requested" since the bot purge a year or two ago, and not a single one gets touched outside of the free updates that the bots still scrape.

I'd like to see a section on the front page for artists that have gone the most amount of time without an update. Maybe we'll get the opposite result from what was described >>55760.

That's most likely going to be filled with artists nobody wants to sub to and/or those who stopped posting on Patreon but left the page up.

Since there's a lot of confusion, I will clarify. The request update button only uploads free posts.

Better to have a list of artists that can be updated than it is to have a list of "artists" nobody wants to.