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Dacad's Primeleap

1531197089.dacad_2018_07_10_899_883.png (690.9KiB, 878x883) save_alt

I've never been a fan of Primeleap, and with a good animator using it, it's certainly disheartening. I want to support the artist, but Patreon isn't the way I'd choose to do so. Has Primeleap been solved as a second drm layer yet?

People used to have success using Photoshop's Smart Blur, but the watermarking methods keep on changing and no one can keep up.
Best option for now is to simply starve primefags out until the lost revenue, extra effort, and lower art quality is no longer worth it.

hard to starve an artist from a leaked content site. what can we do. not pay them? we do that already

Give me list of state-of-the-art methods that they use, I think for everything that they try to use, someone would make countermeasures in GitHub.

Indeed, it appears way beyond that now. The effort to outrage ratio can't keep up, so people aren't interested to breaking it. Sooner or later they just pay the artist and grab their stuff yearly.

Also eating a fat ban on the way out, but mission accomplished!

You can't blur out primeleap's image stenography. I had this argument a LOT of times on u18chan with the fucking idiots over there who cry that they 'removed all watermarks' but still got b&.

Simple fact is, the artists give primeleap the PSDs, and then Primeleap's algorithm (or some sad 350 pound neckbeard) deliberately moves background elements or whatever in a way that is unique to each individual user.


The shit has different positions for each user. Unless you have access to the PSDs and can move elements around the page freely, you'll never beat the primeleap 'stenography'. It's gone way, way beyond watermarks at this point. They don't need to change their watermarking methods, EVER, because without access to the PSDs, even if you have multiple accounts and attempt to manipulate the images, it's still trivially easy to see which accounts the original images came from.

I'd wager that they've done the PSD shuffling from the very fucking start, but people are just willfully ignorant even when the evidence is presented right in front of their fucking faces. They move elements of the image. You can't beat the shit. Stop washing out superficial watermarks and thinking you 'beat' the issue. That's like wiping the paintjob off a NSA tracker attached to your car and thinking the underlying GPS isn't going to keep tracking you.

It's fucking moronic.

Until someone comes up with a way to move all of the individual elements in the picture in a way that doesn't fuck up the background, you can't beat this stenography. Your only hope is burner accounts and leaked content every few months.

ha, every few months, try every year. That's the last time someone leaked blitz content, January 2019.

I agree that attempting to bypass the stenography is futile. Regarding Primeleap in particular, I've had the idea of "sacrificial imports" in my head for a while, but I never really did anything because Primeleap still only has a handful of creators.

I understand that people are reluctant to leak Primeleap content because it makes the associated payment info unusable when pledging to any other Primeleap creators -- is that still the case?

If so, that can easily be fixed. Patreon by no means blocks every form of disposable debit card, so if you combine that with the idea of pledging and leaking on the last day of each month, where's the problem exactly?

>That's the last time someone leaked blitz content, January 2019.

From what I understand, no prep was done prior to that


Wouldn't you still have to provide your private information to Primeleap even with throwaway bank cards? I would assume with the amount of work that went into this system, they would have covered a loophole like that and considering Patreon's early history with being exploited with workarounds, I would think the guys behind Primeleap planned ahead for things like this.

Patreon yes, but not Primeleap. I'm pretty sure creators don't get access to patrons' payment info.

They do.
Creators tried to hide it but someone leaked that info. It's gotten quiet ever since.

they don’t need access to billing information. If they add someone to the blacklist inside Patreon, then Patreon will not accept money from this account for the one who sent him to the blacklist. So artists can block the payment method, not knowing the actual data of the payer.
At the same time, they exchange this information with each other, simply sending a link to the suspect’s account.
All you need to know for such a block - his Patreon ID.

and deleting account after getting into this list is useless - the payment method will still be blocked. And even deleting an account until it is blacklisted will not work. Artists have a list of those who made the payment and can be added to the blacklist simply by checking the box with the name you need in this list. Even a deleted account will not disappear from the too list.

Which is why I suggested using disposable cards. The service I use for them works with Patreon, and even if it didn't, that can also be bypassed by adding them to a throwaway PayPal account.

Primeleap seems like someone using a sledgehammer to put a nail in drywall. It seems like entirely too much security for what it is. I can understand Blitzdrachin using it due to what type of person she is, but I didn't think Dacad would follow suit with this. The work they do is great, but a lot of their stuff is animated. How does Primeleap affect animated items, or is that free from their stenography? I can't imagine it would work on something as complicated as an animation.

Wouldn't be too difficult to have some kind of animation-based stenography added.

You'd have to find two different people pledged to him, and compare their animations side by side to see any differences.

1573825893532.jpg (187.2KiB, 1024x792) save_alt

so what's the problem bros? just make a new one

The new ones get banned too, they collect a lot of information so they know who is who when they sign up again.

what kind of information? also what the fuck is going on with paywall retards that caused this to exist?

https://github.com/DominicBreuker/stego-toolkit try cracking it with this, see what happens... do we even have data on this?
But then again, the best way to destroy them from the bottom up is to spread the word about their behavior.
So I guess they also do IP, or maybe even worse browser cookies and metadata fingerprinting... I don't think MAC is on the table yet.

the amount of tech-illiterate boomers in this thread, lmao

so what if they ban your IP, are you seriously too dumb to use a proxy and a fake name generator? this is LAUGHABLY easy to bypass with throwaway accounts

The issue here is that we don't really have anyone willing to use throwaway accounts to gather all of this. So few Patreon creators use it, it's a bit of a hassle. I certainly would love to see Dacad's work, and see Primeleap disappear, though.

IP gets banned
ISP gives me a new one every few hours because their modems are shit and keep rebooting randomly

i made an account bros, let me know if there's anyone else you want leaked

It looks as though there are only a finite amount of elements with a finite amount of positions (which can probably be thwarted or confounded by small modifications to the canvas size or the image itself). What is it about this that translates into usable data? Coordinates only mean so much, so how about a proof of concept? I'm not asking for the specific implementation they're using, of course.

Nigga u serious?

>What is it about this that translates into usable data?

Are you retarded?

You could fucking EYEBALL leaked images and figure out who leaked them. Fucking 'change the canvas size'. Oh yeah, that's gonna fool an algorithm for about ten seconds until the person behind the algorithm goes 'lol you're a fucking idiot' and just manually checks the leaked image.

The more y'all talk about this, the less I'm convinced anyone is doing anything. Just keep on yapping, but no one acually shows progress.