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Requesting immediate content removal.

Desktop Screenshot 2020.01.18 - (999.6KiB, 1152x1028) save_alt

Out of desperation having no option to request my material be taken off your website except for pestering the staff email about the subject, I turn to your thread system. I run a small personal artwork patreon that hosts content for free for small donations but not all of that material has stayed up forever and I have since deleted for personal reasons. I dont see anyway to address a concern like this but this seems to be expected given the nature of this websites design.

Im small, I dont have a lot of power or means to remove my material from this domain. But knowing it is still present here distresses me when I simply wanted it off my patreon like a normal person. If you cannot take down my entire page at least remove the content that no longer appears on my patreon. I dont want to have to disclose private information to see that this happens but the staff should be aware of who I am and what patreon i'm talking about.

Please have some decency and remove the deleted content.

I'd delete this thread before you get blasted, fam
There are around 20k creators on yiff.party and none have ever been removed

Welcome to the Internet.
Rule 1 of the Internet: information is free.
Rule 2 of the Internet: information is impossible to destroy once it's out there.

Hahahaha! Man, you're just embarrassing yourself, you know?

Desktop Screenshot 2020.01.18 - (999.6KiB, 1152x1028) save_alt

YiffParty runs servers as do all other websites (Data is stored and cant just float on the web so the internet only gives you the ability to see that material through live connections), those servers host content that are only maintained by monthly donations for which you are notified the existence of in the top left corner of the screen every month. As a result that content can only exist through those donations, In this way this website is essentially a business that requires consistent profits to maintain its ability to exist and host data, even if its illegal data.

So no this information is far from being "free" Someone, somewhere has to host a torrent for you to be able to seed and leech from it.

Reddit, paheal, e621, google, bing... All of these websites can at any point dissolve and the data they host can be destroyed.

All information on the internet can be deleted so long as the source content is removed and I have gotten that done through multiple websites through request with exception to this one as due to its illegal content acquisition activities does not feature those functions, if they did this site would be subject to raids and court proceedings if anyone discovered its location just like how Thepiratebay was just a few years ago. This is a request to remove content that by rights and legal standing belongs to me, just like how yiffparty owns the copyright to its domains name sake but not its hosted content which is sourced from a internationally registered private company.

Excuse me mister, but this site is not illegal. The difference between ThePirateBay and Yiff, is that here we don't share content protected by Copyright. It's true that your content belongs to you, but if you share it with the internet, it probably won't never dissapear, because a lot of people will download it in their hard drives, where the information never dies. And with that, the people who downloaded your content can keep it in the internet, because they have the files to share it, over and over. So, with this in mind, we can truly say that your content never dies or dissapear in the internet.
By the way, someone in the thread said this site is operating in offshore out of the US, and in consequence, out of the U.S. law. I'm not really sure if that's true, but even if it doesn't, you cannot demmand this site, unless your content were protected by Copyright, something that i'm sure is not like that. Sorry, your content won't dissapear from here. Learn to manage piracy. Takedown requests do nothing. Trying to combat the piracy is a war you cannot win.
Years and years the U.S. and other organizations daily try to takedown Torrent Websites and sites where people share content with real protection and that is really illegal to share without consentment. And you know what? They keep doing that after years and years trying to erase all the Copyright content shared illegaly.
So i'll ask you once: Why do you think you, a simple individue can takedown Yiff when we have over 20k different creators and the 50% of them are trying to takedown this site since years and they failed? Why?

Sorry man but in short? You lose, get over it and move the fuck on like an adult. :L

^ This

Desktop Screenshot 2020.01.18 - (999.6KiB, 1152x1028) save_alt

I have no problem with private downloads since thats unavoidable, I have a problem of old stuff appearing on this website that I wanted to remove from my patreon page ages ago for personal reasons if you had bothered to read the first message, this site unfortunately has a habit of appearing in search results next to my own patreon so it bothers me. I would not exactly have a problem with my patreon stuff being here if that older material was removed by the way atleast then there be parity... Everyone has a copyright to their own content much in the same way they have a right to their personal information and identity, regardless of your opinion on the matter... Also everyone has the means to file complaints and then go forward with legal proceedings if they see fit to protect that right to privacy.

Copyright laws are internationally applicable by the way.

Imagine if suddenly the personal information of every sweaty teenager and 30 year old man who uses this site including your own, laughing about content never being deleted suddenly had pictures of their faces and private information plastered everywhere and there was no option to remove it... How would you feel? You would probably be very distressed and angry beyond words and ranting about your rights just like me. Perhaps if it is the case you people dont even have the common decency to do something as simple as remove old content from a ripped patreon that posts very little in the way of NSFW material nowadays Ill have no other option but to delete my Patreon and never use the website again so as to dissociated myself from this place. If there is one thing this site does accomplish in that sense, its destroying peoples will to create and livelihoods because of a few selfish individuals with no conscious.

Lets hope you never have to deal with a similar situation in your life.

What we have learned today kids?
- Your information will NEVER dissapear from internet, so beware what you share, what you upload, and what information you give. So you don't have to taste the regret and acting like an idiot trying to erase something that will never be erased.

Desktop Screenshot 2020.01.18 - (999.6KiB, 1152x1028) save_alt

Nothing lasts forever. Not even you...

Oh, what a fear, watch how I tremble... HA!

Lol we ain’t ever going to delete shit go cry yourself in shame

forever.jpg (48.2KiB, 638x399) save_alt

Lesson learned I guess?

> All information on the internet can be deleted so long as the source content is removed

/r/datahoarder enters the room

doxbin.org exists for personal information to be leaked :^)

Is that a threat?

So, without being facetious, what's really the issue? Let's say you went to a different website that also has a thread system, after exhaustion of "contact us", and never even heard of yiff...

Do you see what I'm getting at? Your stuff is likely archived or posted elsewhere and elsewhere and whatever.

I honestly don't know why that bothers you so much unless it's just "I wanted a clean slate" which I can get, but scraper archive repositories don't work that way.

You'll just have to move on from it all.

Also, by way of conservation, nothing can be perma deleted and could most likely be dug up from the cybergrave, that is the internet.

Just keep going along as you were, it'll save you a ton of unneeded self imposed stress.

Move on, sweep it under the rug and live pretending it wasn't you. Yiff isn't a widely known site (yet and hopefully forever), and there aren't many people who both know about it and care about you. In fact, I assure you it's none because precisely zero people care about you.

Op, the more you screech about it, the more someone is likely to make it more of a problem.

>Copyright laws are internationally applicable by the way.
Not quite, a country with lax copyirght laws can be a haven for piracy sites. And even in countries like Japan, artists sell doujins off foreign IPs like Friday the 13th or Harry Potter.

Screenshot_20200120_175232.jpg (92.3KiB, 1080x313) save_alt

Google gets it.

I understand how you feel, but it's just the way it is. It can't be helped. My sympathies, I would 100% support small artists like you.

Hey its KylinKalanis mom here. I support u mister>>56510

Might I introduce them to Russia, where they give zero shits and upload everything and then upload everything again and again.

No, you aren't and no, you don't.

Pretending to be Thanos. '3

Russians are savages

It's almost as if you think this place actually threatens them

People are gonna pirate your shit no matter what, buddy. Nothing on the internet stays private for long.

Someone should just pin all his shit on IPFS and it will never die.
Spread his shit and nothing will be deleted.

Why so mean?

Understand the basics of data science and economics before talking.
Information is free, and it shall stay free.

Does it overwrite being nice?

herald-reading-a-scroll-vector-15209029.jpg (119.7KiB, 700x1080) save_alt


"And hitherto the first statement, in regards to the banishment of craft...
We of Anonia, land of the anon, have declared,
There is naught a single action, that need be taken.
Nor could we take action, aside, as in Anonia, the administrator tends to the site, that the aforementioned, went out of their way, to trespass.
Some of Anonia offer condolences, and some have come to the consensus;
"Move forward, child! Hang naught your head in sorrow! Live your life!"

Many vulgarities beside...
Duke of Anonia"

Hey which patreon is OPs? I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Please someond add tasssh o tashhh, she ustedes very hot

Wondered that myself. Had my speculations but I'm pretty sure, it's not the one that comes to mind.


Wrong thread mate.
This is not a request thread.

Another day, another artist trying to hide the mistakes they made in the past. Go get in line with the rest of the artists that want the same shit dude. And at the same time, cry some more. Most of the people on here are right, data never dies. In fact, unless it gets overwritten, then it's here to stay. That's how data storage works. When you "delete" a file on your phone, all it does is tell the phone that the space is open for grabs by the next file, but the file is still there until it gets overwritten. So no, no data is truly gone as there's always a copy of it on some RAM out there being saved in case it gets overwritten everywhere else.

This tard's not entirely wrong. There's hundreds of lost Shockwave Director, Flash & HTML5 games such as Command & Conquer: Attack Copter & Taito's official Darius: The Origin that may never be recovered, but there's an archive of almost all the lazy pr0n drawings ever made. Do you know what it takes to retrieve the 5000+ deleted items from DLsite?
I'm one of the curators from BlueMaxima's Flashpoint. None of them could help me with this paste I posted:

SO basically paywalling your content is equivalent to burning your own books, which is a weird way to self-censorship.

As well as self proclaimed martyrdom when someone tries to save shit as an archivist.

So I personally create art myself and was surprised to see my stuff was archived on another site (it's not patreon shit, I don't use that). I wanted to start over, but it was kind of nice that someone actually enjoyed my stuff enough, to archive pages of my progression in digital.

It felt humbling. Something most of these other content makers need to learn.

Like, you can't be a fucking shithead about something and then expect the world to stop for your vanity.

OP, your tone will get you nowhere, this isn't Twitter or Facebook, you can't guilt people here. If anything, making this thread will just draw a spotlight to you.

Would you like to write a declaration or manifesto regarding the issue? something just needs to be said. Also for reference >>29248

Wow, you people are fucking disgusting I hope you know that


B001B6E7-60C1-4A9A-9F40-8F3C9E400A49.jpg (28.0KiB, 640x480) save_alt

Nah, you wanna know what is disgusting though?


You people disgust me.

You people disgust me.

You people disgust me.

No, U.

Nothing's more disgusting than, PAYWALLS


File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

File sharing doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!


>Please have some decency and remove the deleted content.



Yup. Support artists who don't hide their stuff behind paywalls. In short, if artists are fair to you, you will be fair to the artists. It's as simple as that.

Also, I have to ask: OP, did you SPECIFICALLY chose as the image to represent you a Fallout supermutant, i.e. a roaring creature that smashes everything with very little thought?

Yeah, I will never understand people who purposefully censor their own art.

>Yup. Support artists who don't hide their stuff behind paywalls. In short, if artists are fair to you, you will be fair to the artists. It's as simple as that.

Perhaps, but this place couldn't possibly affect artists who don't hide their stuff behind a paywall. Besides, sometimes stuff on Patreon gets deleted, making this place an archive of sorts.

all content is free forever.
in short, do not pass go, do not collect $200, you lose.

20200413_141850.jpg (107.5KiB, 435x842) save_alt

This is the equivalent of asking a cheater to turn off their hacks in a game, it will not work and might even be counterproductive. If you want to protect your content use an external hosting site like others have already started doing. If you want old content to be removed then good luck pushing that boulder Sisyphus

318271da980706f7a18a811c3456a77d[1].png (15.7KiB, 633x758) save_alt

noOOoOo yOu CaNt JuSt PiRaTe EvErYtHiNg

Then you definitely don't know the sound of money if you don't get that. You're so innocent.


Any artist who doesn't do Paywalling never earns enough out of Patreon. So where is the support you're talking about?

Yeah, I'll just give my money to someone who doesn't pull that kind of crap.

>Any artist who doesn't do Paywalling never earns enough out of Patreon
Based on what?

how do you people think artists need to make money then? why shouldn't artists make money on their creations? how else are they going to get support? how are YOU supporting them?

This is the same dumb argument every time.
1) Information is free. No, it really isn't.
2) This stuff isn't copyrighted. Yes, it really is, since people own their work and labor.
3) I'll give my money to people who'll give me art for free. No, you really won't.
4) Since they won't give me art for free, I'm just going to illegally circumvent paying for it. Because if it's free, they'll pay for it, but if it's paid, they'll steal it for free.
5) I want free art. Artists can't survive on free art. This is basic tragedy of the commons. By stealing from artists instead of paying them for their work, there ends up being less art and less artists.

By your definition "information is free, and it shall stay free." you're saying our teachers shouldn't get paid either. Netflix should be free. Satellites should be free. How does anyone make a living? You're just trolling, that doesn't make sense. My question is, why are the people who use this site so mad that some other shmuck is trying to make some money? Who are you to decide where THEIR work gets to be shared.

When you buy a car, you BUY the car. When you pay for art to view online, you're granted limited licensing and access. The original raw asset belongs to the artist. So it's not yours. You're borrowing it. You go to the theater and you LEAVE, you don't take the movie home with you, giant idiot.

Also what's obvious is that most of you take things so personally, especially rejection. Why do you take it personally that someone is doing something else with their life? Who decided that you should be out there policing the world? What have you done right? Why do you need to control other people? How's your life going "under your control"?

One of the arguments here was saying "how dare they hide their work behind a paywall?" Who are you to think "how dare they"? Are you short? What's your problem, Napolean?

One of these idiots said, "Support artists who don't hide their stuff behind paywalls." Yeah? How are you supporting artists? Thoughts and prayers! Those pays for supplies, yup! Then they said "if artists are fair to you, you will be fair to the artists. It's as simple as that." I'd understand if someone was charging and not delivering on their promise. But that is not the case with most people's work that gets posted here. Again, why do you take it so personally that you find it "unfair" for them to charge?

Another idiot said, "SO basically paywalling your content is equivalent to burning your own books, which is a weird way to self-censorship." What an absolute turd, this guy. No! That is the equivalent of charging money to sell your books like a normal system.

Ya'll are so DUMB hahah you don't have a cause you're just bottom feeders.


It's not stealing. It's copying. If you continue to misuse the words theft and stealing for copying, then you're 100% wrong, both legally and logically. There is absolutely nothing you can do to argue this completely idiotic position, so stop.


I work with Japanese artists, and their commercial work is constantly being reposted and viewed for free by evil 'Western' artists and communities. How many of these Western artists watched some anime without paying for it? How many of them advertise themselves on communities that fileshare scans of manga and doujinshi to make a quick buck off the racist users of these boards? All of their excuses for their double-standards are 100% false and selfish. Yiff Party filesharing the works of these evil Western artists is poetic justice and karma; these people deserve the worst humanity has to offer heaped upon their double-digit IQ skulls. Every second they breathe is a second they absolutely do not deserve.

In Japan, very few people can make a living off their art. The most popular artist that illustrates for the company I work for has to make his living as a salary man, and only does the occasional illustration work on the side. It would be nice if some of them could make a living off their art, but reality isn't so kind; they have to work harder and longer to put bread on their tables, which makes the evil of the 'Western' artists and communities all the more infuriating. Anything done to destroy the low-effort, low-quality, low-ethics, and low-intelligence of these 'Western' artists and their shitty little white knights is an ultimate positive for humanity.

By donating to their Patreon. How do you think we get our content?

It's just pathetic seeing the amount of excuses you shitheads keep spewing to steal stuff and try not to feel bad. Fucking ridiculous. It's like watching a dick measuring contest with who's trying to be the smartest/most righteous one. "Ah but technically it's not stealing". Anyone got some popcorn to share, might help getting these shits some social interaction too.

Just get PrimeLeap to stop the leaks <3

holy fuck my /f/ childhood memories

>>74085 Honestly, at this point, I just like baiting them to go on their rants. I've been doing it for a while now. I love how it sets people off into these long tangents. Like, I spend 2 minutes typing up some crap, and these schmucks waste hours railing against it, or it sets them off on tangents. They get so butthurt about being told they're doing something wrong. It's honestly hours of entertainment messing with them.
Ironically, I was the person who started this thread for parody purposes https://yiff.party/bbs/read/73063 thinking that no one could possibly take it seriously. Oh boy, was I wrong. It's been a ride so far... I'll probably fuck around bumping really old posts at some point so everything gets lost, just to fuck with people. Maybe I'll make a bot to do it for me, lol.

you're so cool wow

cool i kinda want that bot but admin will probably delete bumped threads (like taysa mini)

>>74023 >>74028
for the last time IQ is dangerous bullshit (also both of you sound like angry youtube kids ive spectated multiple flame wars)


Sure, make donors jump through unnecessary hoops. What a nice way to show contempt for your donors!

Haha content printer go brrr