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"Patreon Can't Solve Its Porn Pirate Problem"

patreon-piracy-theft-484770068.jpg (83.2KiB, 2400x1350) save_alt


Patreon officially lost?

Nope, they just can't be bothered.
The cookie share tool could be easily prevented.
They could write user metadata into the images.bothered.
They can't even be bothered to secure user data and have had plenty of leaks https://www.zdnet.com/article/patreon-hacked-anonymous-patrons-exposed/
Cloudflare could do something also but cba

I just love how Patreon is basically saying, "All right, boys and girls. You wanna turn corporate capitalist on your fans and prove you're the next best thing since chocolate ice cream? YOU deal with the fans who distribute your degenerate wares freely. Good luck!"

A part of me wants to think this is Patreon's way of getting back at all the greenbacks who decided to turn the service into a paywall.

While I'm happy to see them admitting their losing, this article can bring even more unwanted attention to the site, Kotaku's little report years back didn't exactly help things shining a light on the sites existence.

Inb4 Primeleak

After reading that all I can think is: Get shit on. Get absolutely shit on, you paywall abusing, lying, cheating, mothafuckers. This is the kind of shit that I hope gets the message across to all artists and camwhores. The message is this: it's you. We're not the problem. You are. You keep coming here acting all high and mighty like people actually give a damn about you. No. No they don't. If you don't actually give a damn about your fans punishing them with paywalls and forcing them to pay for worthless shit, then no one is going to give a damn about you.

On the other hand, this could cause more problems. I wish we could take this page down so we don't attract anymore artist fags who think their porn is some kind of Picasso painting that we just can't grasp the beauty of.

In conclusion, fuck'em. They deserve it.

But Anon is right, we don't need more negative attention for the site.

Agree with u, fuck 'em. We aren't the problem.

See, this is how they should've been in the first place. This now defeats the purpose of having a bloody paywall.

You know? Like they initially lied in their pitch about "donations"? Which instead wound up being a failed subscription service?

Anyway, as we were.

This might explain why I've been seeing more people using alternative paywall sites. Unfortunately for those fuckers, we're already beginning to crack into those as well as seen with Fantia.

I like to be optimistic that the extra attention means we're more likely to get new potential backers from Joe Schmoes who care more about content availability than whining artists, especially with an article like this telling them Papa Patreon doesn't have their back (plus the Youtube Effect where they're inclined to stick with something suboptimal solely because it's popular and all the competition is niche). And if they do come, people can just tell 'em to take a hike like they've always done. Not like they can do much else except bitch.

No one is forcing anyone to subscribe to anything.
Take some responsibility for your actions.

Seething creatorfag sighted!

Take responsibility for not donating to artists who pull this kind of crap?


And, that's the kind of attitude that has led to the rapid commercialization that we now have in the online art industry, specifically the furry fandom. So what if we're not being forced to? You think artists give a rat's ass what we think or how we feel about their business choices to begin with? Before art was either shared more freely or kept between friends and chat circles. Now it's all about turning over a profit through a subscription service with whatever they can throw into it. It's ridiculous and it's ruined/ruining the fandom and what it stands for.

lol as if that's what you actually care about. All you want to do is consume, like all of us here. Don't pretend, idiot.

But I'm still circumventing this site just fine...

January 2020 donations is still only at 65%... maybe you guys should donate so they'll fix the ability to flag posts.

I love the fact that they talk about Jane in the article.

More publicity = more visitors = more donations?

Get yiffed. :D

That's hilarious, now I want to actually read it, just to see if they mention her pushing her underage daughter for people to yank to.

How about someone getting butthurt that their content is leaked and using Discord? You can't stop leakers.

I can't believe they mentioned her in the article.


Primeleap only for artists and images, it aint worth shit for peps of any medias.

Wow, looking at the comments.... you guys are pretty shitty as a human. "I have my noble reasons for ripping off creators so F them...." classy!

Does YP scrub any EXIF data on import?

Says the person calling other people "shit".

artists need to starve. Free porn for EVERYONE! Hail Trump!

Art was ‘always free’? Seriously? You think Bach and Picasso and Da Vinci just gave all their art out for free? Art has ALWAYS been a paid thing, for those who live off it. Sure, there are also hobbyists, but even in aboriginal communities you’ll find artists who are supported by their community for what they provide. These people are trying to make a living creating something people want - you wouldn’t be stealing it or downloading it if you didn’t want it. And wanting something means value. In a capitalist society, we largely function on showing value through money. How can you steal from them, insult them, and claim that THEY are the assholes? You’re the thief! We’re not talking about some rich ass corporation here, ripping people off and trying to create monopolies or serfdoms.

Yes, so what I am jealous of artist? They need to suffer like me. SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER

HomerForeverNothing.jpg (104.0KiB, 960x720) save_alt



This isn't about not wanting artists to earn from their work. It's about wanting fairness. You seem to be ignoring the fact that the furry fandom has been a place for artists to both share and advertise their art. If that wasn't the case, every furry website that's been developed since the mid-00's would have been built with a marketplace design and mindset, just like Patreon. No art would be shared or even previewed. Only those willing to pay for it would be able to see it. But, it's never been like that. Also, this isn't the 16th century. Artists don't have to ride their horses miles away from town to some nobleman's villa to paint their portrait or a shot of the countryside for a small fortune in return. Art is not the "luxury" item it used to be and making a living off of it is not as hard as it was for the all-time greats. The problem is all these modern-day artists thinking that they are all-time greats themselves and turning away from the community to give their art to only those who would be willing to pay for it through subscription sites. There's really no excuse for it. There are too many people now to where you absolutely have to paywall your art. There are plenty of people who would pay for it, piracy or no piracy.

Artists used to be sponsored by a rich guy who appreciated the art since Roman times. And they would definitely exchange their talent for money.

You are a sub-human if you can't understand why people work for retribution. And if you don't agree with the artist's terms, then don't pay and don't access it.

The truth is, you are a failure because you are poor and have no respect or consideration for artists. You don't deserve to look at their art.

Piece of shit? :V

Can't stop leakers, won't stop leakers. As long as desire drives people, they'll make a way to get it either by themselves or by relying on others that's how it goes. Hahahaha. Anways, keep up the good work fellas also don't forget to rest and savor moralfag tears.

I can't believe you guys would steal fursuit photos using a fishing hook!

haha nigger

To be frank, and that's something applying to piracy of any kind, a majority of the people pirating stuff or taking stuff in here wouldn't have spent a dime on that art even if they had no other way to access it. Does that make it right ? Eh. Not really... But this is the wrong place to expect morality from people, so getting upset over it isn't really productive.

And seriously dudes. We're all fucking thieves in here, don't go acting all that "they deserve it" shit, you wouldn't say the same thing if you stole from a local home store lmao. We're here because we're too broke to pay, or just can't be arsed to, no other reason.

Well I'm here because I hate artists and they deserve to starve. If I have to suffer going outside so should they.

hmmm whatever happen,leaker can't be get rid completely since some of supporter didn't know what should they do with their reward,for nsfw maybe,they will use it for fapping,but they can't fapping same picture so they use it as trade item or worse R E S E L L I N G

Agree. artists are money hungry whores and shouldn't be allowed to monetize fandoms for their benefit.

weird that people seem to be so angry because this site exists while also using this site. lots of people complaining because they arent implementing things that no sane person would ever want on things that they paid for. added drm and trackers mean that it has been re encoded and that is bad for quality

Patreon gave up
We win
Go home, folks

there is ways of win money and not being a self inflacted asshole

patreon is understaffed (so jack conte can mooch the money to bid on gay shit like slash's 1986 concert electro guitar or something) and lazy. it's not that they can't, it's that they can't give a shit.

Get Yiffed

34AF59E3-389D-44E2-A571-8AFE6A624317.jpg (391.4KiB, 1146x976) save_alt

I am a fucking idiot

Asriel hoodie2.jpg (73.8KiB, 720x960) save_alt


When can a furry be THIS BASED?

When they're from undercrap.

wake me up when y'all stop treating this like 4chan and start treating it like a community

Okay, "not-admin-dad"...
Tell that to the whole of the internet, you'll not find much difference, elsewhere among an ANON BOARD.

haha guys I say the funny racist word and the funny jew word pls laugh my life is shit

hahaha, virgin

Okay Cuckold

God I cringed so hard at this

whoa dude 😳d-did you just call me a c-cuckold??? I can't come back from this you've literally destroyed me

df5f235_0063e2.jpg (132.6KiB, 1200x1052) save_alt

I agree. If we're going to do this we need to have a personal object in our lives the reminds us of this place

Introducing, the reminder box. You can stick your finger into the box to help remind you of our community and to know which creator to steal from next

Why don't you guys just make this a competitor to patreon honestly? Artists can upload their stuff here manually and the incentive would be for the artist to have access to a easy to use reoccurring payment tip jar and promotional ads/more visibility on the site, then yiff party gets 1% of anything paid to the artist for up keeping the site . Anything money over goes to charity or for making better systems for this site. This would require being transparent about how much money is made and what charities it's going to for that system to work though

The rule would be that all posts had to be public though

That may actually work really well because then artist who have time exclusive works could still have that on patreon, but then they'd come over here and upload the stuff so people aren't wasting money on stealing and this site would have less theft, also the site wouldn't have a funding issue

The problem is that the censor's greatest friend is the paywall, and artists do not understand the relation.
And yes there are platforms like ko-fi which has a no-paywall policy (but are kind of weak)


As someone who makes content on Patreon myself...well I'm indifferent.

When I first found out about this site, I was pretty angry. Over time, I learned due to my Patreon model, it didn't impact me much of any way, at least negatively. Hell, this site has almost no impact on anyone that releases all of their content to the public eventually.

Since then? I don't know. It's a matter of "Who do I hate more? Anon pirates who impact others, but not me, or people who are paywalling Rule 34 characters they don't even own?"

Even looking at my Patreon, nobody's been migrating crap from mine anyways for months anyways, even if I was worried about it lol. I'm not 'good' enough I guess.
And those who are getting content imported more regularly likely make a very hefty amount anyways.

There's a good amount of art that isn't r34 but is still stolen

The few potential dollar lost does mean less money towards supplies or food depending on the model used

I think import more relates to who stumbles upon it. If you have a larger audience your more likely to have one of these coomers find it. Or if you have a niche fetish you'll get imported faster. Take that opinion with a grain of salt though

nice copypasta, fake fuck

This is false. Hardly anything gets leaked because there's way too much stuff, and hardly enough incentive for people to archive and share everything in existence.

The idea of leakers being an unstoppable hydra is also false. It's more like you have the occasional god (神 in the Japanese community) who, for whatever reason, seems to have access to a lot of media that they then share online (one of the gods in Japan was scanning and uploading raw manga because they were planning to turn it into a business) until they get busted by the police, and instead of being replaced by multiple equally functional heads, they're replaced with mostly weaker and crappier demi-gods (some don't know how to scan, some need donations to pay for their orders, etc.) which leads to far less content being digitally preserved. The number of people using Yiff Party's importer service is proof of this; everything was better when the bots (Deus ex Machina) were creating fake accounts and uploading stuff online, but now that it's up to you guys who are actual human beings, I wouldn't be surprised if you even manage a single percent of what the bots used to be sharing.

And there's also the difference between some random Japanese artist on Pixiv releasing art on Pixiv Fanbox and Blizzard releasing Diablo, or Eiichiro Oda releasing a weekly chapter of One Piece. The latter two carry a huge financial incentive and competition to having their stuff cracked/scanned and uploaded online, whereas some random Pixiv artist isn't going to generate traffic for advertisers, miners, and whatever weird piracy subscription services (these are common in Chinese internet) the crackers/scanners and leakers need to keep doing what they're doing. It's also not like the host of Yiff Party is magnanimously hosting this stuff out of his own wallet with the monthly donation drives (and he's one of the rare exceptional hosts that doesn't have malware-infested advertisements peppered everywhere).

It's as >>59211 said.
>This is false. Hardly anything gets leaked because there's way too much stuff, and hardly enough incentive for people to archive and share everything in existence.

Nobody's been leaking my Patreon for months. If it ever does leak, it's early access to stuff I release publicly anyways, so the overall impact of this site, at least on my Patreon, has been minimal to none income wise.

Maybe I'm just bad at Patreon which is why nobody cares about mine here. The only people I've seen get upset and take action with watermarks and banning people and the such are the ones probably making more than they should off of stuff that I'm shocked hasn't gotten taken down with a copyright notice from Nintendo yet. (Like they supposedly did with Kuro's.)

You are one of those good-hearted creators what cares about consumers. Repect, bruv.

It makes sense. There is a lot of huge legal issues that can be associated with porn, and Patron likely figured it's better for them to keep their hands off of it than to try lay and claims and bring fourth a whole mess of legal trouble on their doorstep. The other only option would be to basically ban porn from their platform, and we all saw how well that ended when Tumblr attempted it.

Their chance of stance seems to be around the time that some creators like Kuroodod and Diives were given a C&D by Nintendo to stop drawing Pokemon, I would bet that had something to do with it. Thousands of people on Patreon draw Pokemon porn as well as porn of many other Nintendo properties still, not to mention characters from many other well known litigious corporations such as Disney, Square-Enix, Blizzard, etc. Patreon clearly just wants to be a "safe harbor" and wants to deal with none of that. By basically putting all of the ownership and control on the content creators, they avoid the lawsuits and C&D's coming to them and having them go to the creators to deal with instead.

But by washing their hands of the matter, they also don't have much legal routes by with to go after people who redistribute the content either, so they really can't do much without moving the target from the content creators on the site to themselves. I bet they figured that the money they would lose and legal trouble they would face form doing that far far outweighs what money they are losing from this site existing. Especially when you consider that instances like the cherry-picked example in that article where someone actually loses any significant amount from piracy are rare, in most cases the ones who pirate would not pay if they had no free options regardless, so cutting off the piracy wouldn't suddenly cause a large influx of subscribers.

Selling products of pornography and non-public-domain content is unethical. period.

I mean that's nice, but nothing new. Patreon was never going to be able to stop this site. Patreon artists are still gonna use the site as a paywall rather than a donation page. Unless that changes (which it won't unless Patreon takes away that function, which it won't) things will be exactly the same here.