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A "Thank you" button should be implemented

10314679_811515128937098_6052844416524176635_n.jpg (54.7KiB, 960x960) save_alt

Im really grateful with the work that some people put into uploading the shared files. I would like to let them know that their work is appreciated

(not to be facetious, I assure you:)*

"Now introducing, Post Stranding".

*Death Stranding's like system comes to mind with this idea. It's as if there are multiple couriers of content, over the digital landscape... Unfortunately that landscape happens to be laden with paywalls.

How about we use this thread as a place to say thank you to anyone who recently updated our favorite creators.

Just leave a nice thank you message to show you appreciate them (NO REQUESTING).

I know your lazy ass haven't updated it in weeks now but thank you for whoever updated the normies, truly.
And also the person who shared the links for the latest episodes, you're the best.

To the person who updates smf_frieza, you are always consistent with updating frequently. I am very thankful for your efforts. 💙

rsz_rsz__thank_you_0.png (451.3KiB, 591x1000) save_alt

My sincerest gratitude goes out to those that update:
Aya Shobon

Thank you times a million.

Yo, To the person who imports Jaeh’s content.

Thank you, like a fucking lot.

QDoeJw8.jpg (52.4KiB, 1000x910) save_alt

After a month of waiting The Normies finally got updated!

What a blessing, I sincerely thank you <3

Yes! Thank you to whoever updated the normies!

Yes! Yes!Yes! Thank you, like a fucking whoever updated The Normies!

1yx3et1f71121.jpg (50.6KiB, 525x413) save_alt

Thank you

There are idiots in this world who unironically were happy to see that shitty fucking abomination updated, that someone payed money to do by the way, and that honestly really disappoints me.

This thread was all wholesome positive vibes until you commented with your emo edgelord negativity

gay faggots unite!!!!! AMERICA! PROUD! FAT! DUMB!

I hate patreon thots with a passion but hey, different strokes for different folks. Who am I or others to judge?
Shout out to those who update blender/sfm/2d drawn porn creators.

You can't blame me for wanting to bash the heads in of the assholes who spam "UPDATE NORMIES" everywhere, like there is absolutely anything interesting about them, what the actual fuck is the appeal, and why are people so fucking annoying about them.

There must be some kind of supra/subliminal messaging that makes them insane for it. I mean, I don't see them going crazy, for any other reaction video account, as there are (unnecessarily) multiple, here.

Kind of reminds me of that "one of us..." droning chant, in shows and movies, for some reason.

Thanks a lot to whoever added show7tell to the site you are amazing ^_^

Thank you to the updaters who use the shared files option, to give us what artists who only use email/PM distribution deny us.

Unless it's ethot shit.

↑kek, this. Shared is certainly underappreciated.

Same fag.

It's just one dude, my guy.

To the one who updated NachocoBana.

You have my many thanks and gratitude.

To the one who updated NachocoBana.

You have my many thanks and gratitude.

Normies got updated again, thx so much. 👍

Anon who updated the normies, please update it wednesday evening after they drop their shippuden reaction, please please please
Thank you!


For real that was fast, normies updater we love you! ☺️💕

Anon that updated rttv, thanks a lot!

To that wonderfull person who updated Daiidalus. Thank you so much. Faith in restored!

Normies updater you're killing this shit, thank you.

Thanks anon who updated JuliDG. You bring joy to this site.

RobinHood.jpg (645.8KiB, 1280x1024) save_alt

Nah, no thanks. Taking your content and sharing it for free with the masses is so much more fun :D

Boo hoo, no one here cares about your sob story, go tell it to your therapist or something.

Over exaggeration.

Creating art is a case by case basis, usually by commission, where by the end of the year you may or may not have to pay taxes on (1095 independent contractor eg paytreon bs).

Working a nine to five in state recognized occupation is entirely different. Besides, by law they can't have you on register and just not pay you without violation. I know of places that do it anyway, but that's the underbelly unfortunately.

The fact that you consider your patreon e-begging to be a real job is a big yikes

But patreon is a, as it was ORIGINALLY pitched, donation site. Pledges are generally donations and donations are not made with expectation to Get something out of it. You just donate, because.

Paytreon is not a marketplace, Gumroad is.
Anything with pledges is a donation and shouldn't be considered a job per se and more like, "hey support my passion" or something along those lines. Don't hear people from GoFundMe complaining. Those are also donations.

>OR, you should thank the artists for creating the content you enjoy so much, you know?
>not knowing how this place even works

>I create, I get paid.
Because we pay you.

A big thank you to whoever added AnduOfficial to the site. I’ve been waiting so long for that, you’ve truly made my day!

w3HXiVD-a78HgBeQBsrkgRgpQca8CClBMTBpciPSpNcUdt462md9dOfko8VZFKge.jpg (159.9KiB, 1600x1843) save_alt

Thanks a lot for whoever updated Resmi Nair content ( I was checking her page for about 4 months now and regularly clicking the 'Request update' button. Finally the day have come to see her content. Thanks a lot for your mentality for sharing!!!
I am waiting for subsequent updates from your side.

Keep up the good work :)

Thank you to everyone who paid to access all the artist's pages and uploaded it so that us worthless leeches get it for the free. As for the artists, just quit, your art isn't worth shit.

i love renamon.png (243.1KiB, 800x683) save_alt

To the person who updates crittermatics shared files every month Thank you very much. Your a saint doing gods work so have my appreciation.

The Normies page has been consistently updated every Wednesday with the shippuden reactions. Thank you so much, anon!

Please bring resmi nair again

Please bring resmi nair again

Thank you for the Lady Valiant update of this month