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"Click Here to Download Current Build"

typster.png (987.4KiB, 2000x969) save_alt

There are a number of creators making games (my reson for posting being Redamz) that have links in their posts with these kinds of titles, and clicking on them in just takes you to a patreon page showing a current build of the game. Problem is that still needs a subscribed account to access. Is there some kind of workaround for this or am I just stupid? The latter is definitely possible.

Pic from problem post

It has been adressed ad infinitum and no response is ever given. It's the most effective way to circumvent YP crawling.

Damn. Was checking through the forums, I guess I missed the posts regarding the matter. Thanks anyway!

Am I missing something here? I go to Redamz's page and it shows a download link post (going directly to MEGA/Mediafire). I went to the Patreon page and checked urls for 'current build' and the post that contained it, it matches up. The 'click here' link simply links to a post that has already been imported by someone to YP.

I don't see how this circumvents YP crawling at all when you think about it. The link is to a Patreon post that only subscribers can see. The people importing content are subscribers anyways. The system would just import the post containing the download link.

That's a poor example on my part, didn't realize that post was already imported. My proposed issue does happen with some creators though. Additionally, the post I'm referencing includes an update to the previous post you're talking about, which doesn't have the new info. I know that's a separate issue altogether, but still something that could stand to be fixed.

I mean, couldn't someone download said game and upload it to the shared files section of someone's profile?