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This Video Gives Me Cancer

hqdefault.jpg (6.5KiB, 480x360) save_alt


e26.jpg (62.2KiB, 600x754) save_alt here ya go faggot

I hate white people

I genuinely can't tell if this is a dude pretending to be a girl or a girl pretending to be a dude.

People are really out here getting mad at animation youtubers on a fucking porn theft site

Nobody fucking cares who you like and who you dont. You have clearly no reason to hate them besides the video being "cancer"

Also who the fuck still uses "cancer" to degrade something? Bro its 2020, not a 2017 leafyishere video

seeeeeethe hahahaha

Seriously? The level of samefagging here is atrocious.



Ok? 2 of those comments were mine? Why does it matter? My point still stands.

Actually, is a pretty fun video.
I didn't expected something like that in the board of a porn site. I have a new channel to watch in YT.


ITT: Jealous cons00mers that wish they could make money with furry art.

I will laugh at you forever.

>ITT: Jealous cons00mers that wish they could make money with furry art.

Based on what?

This whole ass thread that's completely irrelevant lmao

Cry some more faggot

No, seriously, what are you basing >>60653 on?


OP here. I thought everyone would get the point of my post immediately from watching the video, but I see most here seem to have the density of a brick. The part of the video that I wanted people to focus on was where the artist had a hard time drawing NSFW shit. You can't tell me - not even for a million dollars - that the artist actually had a hard time drawing NSFW art! You can't tell me that they were so morally upright, that doing that was actually hard for them. it just sounded and looked like bullshit to me.

Some people like drawing nsfw. It's as simple as that.

You dense fucked up consumer. You don't get the video yourself. Well done.

okay so the video is claiming that there is a big market for NSFW and little to no market for SFW...
Well that is a fact of life, what do you expect? In fact Obscenity is not protected under the law, so it is wild over there.
It is like dealing weed but less harmful


Shane Dawson

Some people dont* like drawing nsfw (sorry I only noticed that days later (:

094F2B16-7440-49F1-A51F-F9D3D5A83B1E.jpg (198.3KiB, 751x1063) save_alt