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Make SHARED FILES a more prominent feature!


More and more creators are using PMs to send links for content. The SHARED FILES tabs isn't explained and is relatively obscure...and it's the only way to get content from many creators. Please make this feature more noticeable and explain how to use it to would-be uploaders.

how about you stop doing this shit
pay the artist or get the fuck out

We definitely need more contributors on-board with importing and uploading. I'm going to do what I can to make more welcoming to potential contributors now that the site seems to have gained some more attention.



u can bitch all u want ppl stealing the stuff arent suddenly gonna be paying if u stop them

"exposure" is a fuckin meme but on the internet w/so many goddamn ppl competing 4 ur patreon $$$ it's legit helpful

not tryin' 2 say this site rly "helps" artists but it sure dont hurt them

That's not really the porblem here. The problem is that the people that run this site try to get money for it. This is not piracy. This is pure theft. I hope they get what they deserve.

The donations are for server costs though? Nobody is making money here.

lul pretty sure these guys arent making money on yiff. dont know if this is true nowadays, but when i first started browsing months ago before public release, you couldnt even buy yourself membership

If they stop paywalling their shit, we wouldn't need to do this. Patreon should be for funding artists' creativity, or to unnecessarily make a business out of it.

as long as they release it later i don't mind (like idlecil)
but perma-paywalls are no good and i quietly applaud anyone who leaks that shit (nerfnow)

OP again. Patreon is getting ridiculous. Many animators are permalocking their shit behind $5 walls. If you have 10 people you want to follow, that's already $50 a month out the window. This isn't including their shady practice of throwing lower quality animations/images at the $5 - tier and saving everything for the $10 + tiers.

I'm sure more and more artists are realizing about this site and are combating with sending PM content. So please use the SHARED FILES to circumvent this.

Wouldn't PM-only content just further hurt them? You keep the PMs even after you stop following them I assume, so even people who aren't using this site could just follow long enough to get the PM and any older stuff and they have it forever.

A lot of artists make much more money using PMs and not posting it directly to Patreon. Some artists create exclusive Patreon stuff every month, and send out only the current month rewards to those whose payment was successful. That means if you want the rewards for the previous months you have to pay them extra via PayPal to get the previous months rewards.

^ Yup. Previous content can often cost extra money. I do not feel bad for the artists that start out saying "animations will never be behind a wall"...then it became "WIP only on Patreon"...then "Highest quality with no watermark on Patreon"...then "X month delay except on Patreon"...and now "please check your messages for a link to X content". They can go fuck themselves at that point. The entire r34 adult content scene is pure cancer save for a artists that use their Patreon more as a crowdfunding platform.

Ugh, and people wonder why anyone likes pirates.

You are already hosting paid content on your site and profiting from it, might as well go all the way and make shared files a bigger thing. Doesn't make much sense to me to come this far and then stop lol

>shared files

Pick one.

You think admin is profiting off of this site? You aren't very bright are you?

This is an old thread but I feel the need to come and advocate for more shared files. I swung by Peninja's patreon earlier and realized that not only were all the patreon versions of stuff emailed out, but not a single one of those emailed files has been posted here.

Yeah, shared files isn't really used that much. Only recently have I added creators to the saved list, that actually have a considerable amount of shared files (from the teen numbers to the fifties). However, that isn't really saying much, as the majority of them are on zero.

Many of the creators pages here that have good content, but DM all of it, make importing some of them obsolete. Basically just a text port of the creator's page.

Though, it really just comes down to contributors.

I think it's really a supply and demand thing. With such a wide range of artists/creators, it's difficult to find someone who would support and distribute content from your favorite creator if said creator isn't that popular. And because there are so many artists turning to these crowdfunding services, it's becoming an increasingly expensive task to subscribe to them all; especially when many of them offer their most basic content at $3 and up.

Needless to say, unless a collaborative effort is made, trying to collect files from multiple creators between just a handful of contributors is not going to work. Hence why the shared files feature has not gotten the attention it needs.

Wouldn't it just give a bigger incentive to utilize shared files? Instead of subscribing for all, subscribe every few months and get the remaining content from others.

I would say visibility and ease of use are really bigger factors than supply and demand. There's clearly a large demand for content. And for many creators, there are supporters visiting this site, since they're the ones importing these "rewards sent out" posts.

On the other hand, shared files can only be seen in a small tab right above the content which most people jump straight to. I'd imagine that many people aren't even aware it exists, which doesn't help when most people don't have anything uploaded to begin with.

Secondly, ease of use is another reason I think there aren't much shared files. A contributor is already paying to receive their files. Now they have to visit each of their creator's pages and upload the files manually. And because they're the ones uploading it, even smaller files can take a very long time. It's common to have significantly slower max upload speeds than download speed. If there was a way for yiff servers to download the content and have it on the site instead, it would be way easier.

I would say this problem can also be solved by having a system to import certain PMs, though it could also accidentally leak out the contributor's info so there's several hurdles in the way.

pirate a game.jpg (99.0KiB, 1300x866) save_alt

Hehehe, your pixel-wallet is (also) mine now!

There should be a thank you page next to each of the shared files pages

is it just me or does the uploader for shared post just not fucking work? it would get to 100% and just give me an error.

The uploader works just fine for me

Just look at this guy for example:

"PM FOR LINK" cut-outs everywhere, $50 and $100 tiers with art nowhere near that level -- this is the kind of thing shared files is meant to combat.

Definitely need it used more. Sinensian’s been starting to share exclusive stuff via pm’s, thus his latest patreon exclusives aren’t on here (luckily they’ve been posted elsewhere, but that doesn’t happen with every exclusive). Best to start making more use of it.