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Donation progress for February 2020

So far, approximately $116.32 has been raised out of our target of $250.00. We're about 47% of the way there! Please note: this tracker is updated manually—don't worry if your donation doesn't show up immediately!

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Give a incentive to people to donate

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Its been 10 days since the last month and no one had donated a penny to the site. What if people get special rewards in this site after donating? This should keep this site from barely making it at the end of each month

Special rewards like what? The whole purpose of this website is for people to anonymously import paywalled content and for people to anonymously enjoy it. What could be offered that would make people decide to donate? Plus, an account system would have to be created which takes work away from other areas.

Also, it makes no difference whether the donations come in 6 hours before the deadline or 20 days. If nobody wants to 'pay' next month's server cost 20 days early, that's totally fine.

Just make a notification saying it amuses creators that the people stealing works are also the ones who wait for a couple pay piggy to keep this site alive

>stealing works

Do you not know how this place works?

he's a "creator", of course he doesn't know.

"give incentives"

Are you new or something?


Being that I own the copyright of my work and I didn't allow it to be copied here. Ya, I know how this site works.

So suck it up faggot

>Being that I own the copyright of my work and I didn't allow it to be copied here

But since I'm paying you to draw and imported your work myself.....

...uh huh and?
Too much of a pussy to finish your flawed logic?

>...uh huh and?

.... Are you really this retarded?

>Exact middle of february
>ZERO pesos donated
RIP yiff.party, beloved friend

Leave it to an artist to forget who the art is being uploaded for.

>upload art FOR ME why's it not about MEEEEE

Stop being such whiny jew, its just some crappy artwork, prideful faggot.

>pretending to be hardcore on internet
Where do you think we are?

Its crypto actually, not pesos or even dollar for example, not that it really matters

Who do artists upload art onto Patreon for? It doesn't need to be about me.

I just find the word "pesos" funny

Wait until the last day or days after the site is suspended, a mysterious last minute donation of exactly the amount required left will appear from the same desperate cuck, Yiff Party might go down for a few days, but someone always donates without fail.

I've stopped using Brave on desktop because of a design decision they made regarding bookmarks that made FreshStart no longer work, but on mobile I still use it; anyway, I'm still gathering up BAT and I might squeal out another $16 or so if the goal isn't quite met at the end. I'd like to minimize the payouts because the fees for crypto-token conversions are stiff compared to the total transfer unless you're transferring over $100 worth at a time.

There has to be a better way to raise revenue...

Everyone, get your girl scout uniforms on, we're going out to sell cookies.

The problem isn't raising money, the problem is the amount of effort isn't worth doing to save this site

Convenience made everyone here lazy. Y'all take the time to steal people's work but then when it takes effort to keep up the archive y'all fail miserably

With how many piss babies and pay piggies live on here, the donation bar should even be needed because everyone should have exceeded the goal 100 times over every month

Y'all are pathetic lol

So we should force the simps to pay their fair share... GOOD. we need to segment the database so the weebs and furries can live in peace.


Might as well just pay creators on patreon if all you're gonna do is make a paywall site for avoiding paywalls

Everyone could acutally use PayPal or a credit card like normal people do on patreon

You should keep weebs with the anthro pirates. If a person steals work from a community primarily made up of individuals, they're a shitty furry and should be subjected to the weebs with cum boxes underneath the poster of their wifu

Not MEEEEEEEEEE but us, comrade.

A properly organized paywall avoiding site can gather the same amount of content while spending much less. People wouldn't have to pay for creators every month when supporters can be staggered to get everything while only paying once every few months.

Here is a problem, how do we create a system that allows for anonymous voting and reward-based scraping/uploading?