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Please don't do false updates

tenor.gif (504.3KiB, 244x144) save_alt

Every time I see normies are updated but it turns out to be schedule updates

Suck it and die faggot cuck needing to watch others digest gay Chinese cartoons for you hahaha


78317872ade3bae4f9535fbe3aa062d6.jpg (12.5KiB, 280x280) save_alt

Hahaha and here we go with the racist comments from people that are here for watching animals bang.

You know you love it, nigger.

i need larolon patreon

HAHAHAHa that's why most of you racist love to watch blacked porn coz your not men enough.

Fuck off, no one gives a shit about this reaction crap but you, samefag.

Dude, just keep in mind that all monday updates are gonna be the schedule post lol

Also, keep track of the number of posts.

yeah will do that from now on

You see the request update button right? Next time don’t press that button, that’s the reason why it keeps fetching schedule updates every week.

D1jbxoPX0AEZnRY.jpg (23.2KiB, 640x723) save_alt

Reaction channel: over 300k subs

>nO oNe giVEs A sHiT aBOuT REacTiOnS sAMefAG

>ANime iS cHiNesE cARtoOnS

300k is pretty shit, especially for no-effort reaction garbage. You're still a retarded samefag, who could just watch this shit when it gets posted on youtube.

You go to hell and you die >>59500

A 300k sub channel is enough to buy you and your whore mother a new house, and why would anyone wait to watch on youtube when it’s months ahead on patreon, you imbecile. Of course I don’t expect you to understand any of this, you have the iq of a potato.

Why would you even watch this shit though?
You fucking cuck lmao

Does your girlfriend's boyfriend play Nintendo Switch with you? :^)

Do you wish you were a zoo creature so you can live out your sick fetish without having to fear PETA all the time? ^_^


Implying I'm a furry, huh? I guess normie fags are such cucks anything even slightly worse has to be the degenerate of our race: furries.


Suck it, cuck boy. You will never get laid but I suppose all the soi has stripped your ambitions away.

Society is just waiting for you to die. There's nothing for you.

Not really, even ones with over a million subs barely make shit off youtube, it's the third party sponsors that pay money. But their success has absolutely fuck all to do with you being one of the sad wretches that consumes their trash-tier lowe effort content to the point they can make a living off posting videos of them watching other videos. Your kind will be the downfall of the human race.

Yes really, do the math you fucking idiot. They have about 10 thousand patreons ranging from $5 to $100 tiers monthly which all stems from their youtube channel. That’s a shit ton of money for so called “trash lowe effort content”.

Sure keep denying that your not here looking at animal genitalia and underage ethots, you disgusting sick freak.

Oooh, 300k subs, that's fucking nothing, there are channels that have more dead-subs than that. Look, even a channel that posts rubbish like this has 2.6 million: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhyU7F2oMbk


You’re like one of those autistic retarded kids who learns a new word on the short bus and repeats it a million times


I'm sorry little samefag zoomer, but samefaggotry has been around since long before your unfortunate daddy shot you out of his dick. Stop samefagging, and you won't have to hear it.

Learn to expand your vocabulary, you dumb sack of shit.

update normies

Learn to stop samefagging.

Get a life weirdo, you’re on here 24/7 commenting on every normies thread. Your only enjoyment in life is talking to anons all day, lol what a sad pathetic existence you live.

When the samefag accuses others of samefagging. The irony.

Tie a noose around your neck and kick the stool.

Aww, the samefag is angry, who's regurgitating stuff now? Lol, with how many times people have told you to kill yourself on here... All because people razz you for not being able to watch shitty anime on your own. Baww harder, narutard.

Welp, see ya. Unlike you I have an actual life, and I don’t have time to reply a hundred times to random anons. Now that you got nobody to talk to anymore, I guess the voices in your head will return again. Try not to hurt or kill anyone psychopath.

Lol, so mad over people calling the reaction content you watch shit.

everybody calm down


And they did false update again :(

No, instead you sit around screaming at people to update this garbage.

lol its happened again AHAHHAHAAHHA


We get it, you like your shitty little anime reactions you fucking weeaboo.

Quit bitching and whining about “false updates”, plenty of us have to deal with our favorite creators not being updated for months on end yet you complain when they don’t get updated in a week.

Cope, bitchboy.

Make sure you sage his threads in future.