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Is this site always this slow?

stop-signs-y1249.58078f6fd08a9d0223c38d308c0208d8.jpg (18.0KiB, 242x242) save_alt

Jesus fuck this is painful, I finally get a chance to access it from my computer after just learning of it but having only had mobile for a week, and now suddenly all the pages are slowing to a crawl compared to what I was seeing on mobile and the downloads are failing left and right

Even just trying to post this was an arduous affair with tons of HTTP errors

Donations went up an extra $100 just for more slowness and errors lol


Yeah wtf is with that? 'Oh the donations are more expensive for this ONE MONTH ONLY due to hardware upgrades' and now they've just stayed up high? I'm usually supportive of the admin because he does this shit and deals with these faggots for free but this is some shady bs happening right now.

Working pretty fine for me. Sometimes around the 14th of each month or so, shitflare, oh I mean "cloudflare", throttles the connection. Like "pay us or else".

I noticed that as well, would take minutes for a single image to load. Seems to be working fine now, however.

They "stayed" up because of Primeleap support, much like how last month was for Fantia support. At least bother reading threads before spouting shit.

It would help if topics had better titles and things like that. This forum isn't great for causal browsing or finding something specific.

You can always go to the feedback & issues thread, made by the admin. Same with the site updates sticky.